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Understanding Upwork: Your Guide To Becoming A Top Rated Freelancer

teacher avatar Ben Knights, Digital Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What Exactly is Upwork?

    • 3. Is it Still Worth Freelancing on Upwork?

    • 4. Setting Up Your Account For Success

    • 5. The 8 Steps to Becoming Top Rated

    • 6. How to Easily Get Good Feedback

    • 7. How to Perfectly Apply to a Job

    • 8. After Upwork: Continuing Relationships With Clients

    • 9. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Whether you want to earn money whilst you travel, earn extra income on the side or just want to quit your 9-5 job, then you should be looking into Upwork. With its huge array of jobs Upwork can quickly become the answer to aspiring freelancers.

Whether you are new to the platform, looking to grow and expand your portfolio, or if you are ready to go full steam and commit to freelancing, then this class is for you. Packed with tips and tactics for anyone who is looking to go full time freelance using Upwork. 

We will walk though:

  • How to set your account up successfully
  • How to introduce yourself to clients
  • How to create the perfect application that demand attention
  • Watch me apply to a job live
  • See freelancers applications, for jobs that I have hired for (I'm also a client on Upwork)
  • How to maintain great relationships with clients, so they keep hiring you!

You'll take away a full understanding of Upwork, what works and most importantly, what doesn't, when applying for jobs.

Upwork is a great platform that opens up a whole world of freelance jobs, each job has the potential to turn into additional work. One of the best tools for turning freelance or making extra money on the side. No cold calling or reaching out to companies without knowing what they want. With Upwork everything is laid out for you, you just need to know the skills of how to stand out. That's what we cover in this class. 



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ben Knights

Digital Content Creator


Ben is a Digital Content Creator. Specializing in video editing, graphic design and animation. He has a wide array of skills in the creative field. 

When Ben isn't working on a new project, you can usually find him exploring Los Angeles.

Follow along with the journey on Instagram instagram.com/itsbenknights or on his website where he showcases his travel and brand videos. 

As well as being an avid content creator Ben is also very passionate about health and nutrition, on this channel you will find courses and trainings covering a wide array of topics form freelance business to creative techniques. 

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1. Introduction: Hi, My name is Ben Nights, and I'm a graphic designer animator on video. Today I'm going to be teaching you how to become a top rated freelancer on up work, using proven tactics that by myself reviews, which is how is able to go from brand new on the upward platform to top rated in just a matter of months. Cover hard, Turn your skills into a serious business model and make a steady income from the upward platform so you can have money name right away. I've been up to travel on work on up work, so the money was never an issue for me whilst I was traveling. We'll talk about some good things to do on things that definitely not do seven things that turn client off the key points that we're going to be covering our one. How do I get positive reviews to How much do we were using matter? Three. I don't set my profile up correctly, said clients want to hire me on four was the best way to introduce myself to clients. You're also going to get to watch over my shoulder as I apply for a job live as an added bonus. I've included two downloadable PDFs going to help set you up for success using these materials. How arms able to become top rated show quickly on the platform. So let's get into it. I'll see you in that. 2. What Exactly is Upwork?: I'm sure you're familiar with out black in some sort of sense. Where that do you have an account on their? Whether you've been freelancing there for a while and he was trying to get at it, operated status were never you. Never heard about it, So we're just gonna breeze through quickly. What up? Like, actually, it's upwind is an online website where clients list their jobs and freelancers can then bid on these jumps. Ah, but says is a kind of middleman between you and the client. They securely store all of the funds for the job, and they take a percentage about total built amount on the network fees. They could be quite steep, cut into your profits. But having that opportunity and the potential to connect with hundreds of clients is definitely worth the cost investment of the fees that what charges but allows you to communicate and submit work with your clients or through their messaging system to make it nice and easy to operate. Virals Teoh voice Call them to message instant messaging to quote previous comments. Their home messaging system is really good. The whole purpose of up work is to serve as that middleman between you and the client 3. Is it Still Worth Freelancing on Upwork?: So a question I get asked a lot is, is even wife freelancing on upright Extell? How do you compete when there are so many other freelance? It is willing to do the same job for a fraction of what you're willing to do the job for. So I think it's definitely still worth freelancing on up because of the wide array of jobs you could potentially apply to get hired for. It's very little services or areas in the world, but you can have such a pool of potential drop. Our friends sat right in front of you on your computer on what you have to do is cleverly in creatively applied to each of those jobs. They're more cold calling clients who are interested in hiring for that particular job, reaching out to companies without marrying a back story of what we're actually looking for . You get to know the client and exactly what they're looking for when you can apply directly to that, and it's only your skills are relevant for that exact job. But then you're already in a really good standing. You never know where that client is going to lead, so it might be in your interest to compete at a lower price range. Now, that being said, I don't always think that's the best strategy. There's lots of freelancers on up work who are going to offer significantly reduced price. What they're gonna try and do is they're gonna be doing that for lots of applications. When they're applying, they're gonna be offering this much lower figure than what you're comfortable offering now , what that means is there gonna be trying to do a lot of jobs in order to make the same amount of money as you are. So they're gonna be rushing jobs They're not gonna be putting in the time and precision you as a freelancer can offer. It is always gonna be someone who's gonna come in and undercut what you're willing to do that job for, and that's OK because there are so many jobs on the platform that you can still apply for. So what I would urge you to do is change the way that you think you're not necessarily competing on price. You're competing on the quality of your work, what you've done a few jobs and you've got reviews and experience and a small port failure behind you. That is what you can show in your application. Do you have to start over delivering, declined and build up that that were of you. Bank on what you have lots and lots of positive reviews Where then you can start to use days reviews towards applying for your next jobs. You can do what I do, and I take a screenshot of my reviews, and I include that in the application. Now, without clients even needing to get to your profile, they can see just how well reviewed you are on now. It's not just a case of having no. Can you offer to get a job? It's about how much you could favour deliver on how much you're proven to have over delivered by your previous feedback. Cover this later in the course. When we talk about continuing relationships, one 4. Setting Up Your Account For Success: Okay, guys, what we're gonna do in this part of the course is we're gonna land how Teoh set up your accounts for success. So we're gonna start with the basic fundamentals of how to craft your account so that you and the best standing to get top rated status as quickly and as efficiently as possible. So we're going to go on touch on the basics of crafting your account in a way that is a attractive Teoh, your potential plants. So I'm here on up work dot com on the main home page on. What we're gonna do is I'm just going to start an account from scratch. I'm gonna walk through the entire process that I would take now, So they're gonna get it to you. So I know they're gonna put in all fast name and last name. All right, So it was you validated our email address. We are going to fill in some basic information here, so as we really talked about, I am a designer video editor. So that's the category that I'm gonna choose here. As you can see, their categories of quite vast to pick the one that is most relevant to the skills that you currently haps Mitt, we're going to design and creative so I can do animation. I do. Art and illustration. Graphics and design and video production will be in my last month. What skills do you offer? Clients. So I was gonna type in some skills and what they're gonna do is they're gonna offer some suggestions that they think are relevant to what you're trying to say. So I talked in branding. They've got branding as it is or branding strategy. I'm gonna go for branding, Select the daily creative suite tonight. I'm gonna enter in a few more skills that I have. So these skills, they're going to be the top skills that clients see the you currently offer on. Do you want to do anywhere between three and 10? And that's kind of what I recommend. So I'm feeling pretty confident with ones that I've typed in next going to ask, What is your experience level entry level starting to build experience in my field of work ? Intermediate. A few years of professional experience in my field or experts many years of professional experience doing complex projects. So what I'm gonna do for me personally. I'm going to select the expert as I've had many years of professional experience in my industry. But you would have to select whichever one is relevant to you. Now. The reason this is important that you don't just automatically put expert is expert tends to put you in a different price bracket. So how it works is when potential clients submit a job. They choose what bracket they want to hire from where that's from the entry level pool, the intermediate level. Who will the expert never pulled. Entry level pool tends to be lower paid jobs, which is essential. They're building up your poor failure. So even though my experience level for this is in the expert, I will select the expert. But if we were building up my port failure on my count from scratch, we would select expert. But we would still apply to entry level jobs. So it's important to know the difference between why you would select entry level. Even if you felt you were in the intermediate field, I'm just gonna go ahead and select. Expect now say can continue its now we're gonna add a photo. Now the boat is going to be seen by your client. So it's important that you use a professional freighter doesn't have to be professionally taken, but asked Look professional, so it wouldn't be necessarily a selfie when you take a selfie, the angle and the weighed front facing camera, um, bones tend to work because it gives a little bit walked your face. So just have someone take a photo of your face. So that's where the bone or with the camera. It doesn't matter. Just have someone take a fatal off your face, preferably against a white background. So I've actually got one saved. I tend to use quite a lots on which is this one here? It's quite old now, such, but we can't. A new one is gonna expanded over the second my face we're gonna save right now, we're going to choose a professional title. Now, this is important because this is gonna be the title of your profile on what clients will see. So it has to be a good enough title that it catches someone's eye on, has to be relevant to the skills that you currently offering. So what I'm going to type in is creative designer on video editor. So here's how I would type. In my view, this is one that I've used in the past. It's a little bit modified now just because I've put some more relevant experience. But this is a good example. So I took out my name or my job is on my experience in this job here, I talking a little bit about what I can do on a little bit about what my in depth knowledge is kind of just to give them a little bit more of a native. You see, when you're looking at your baby, the first, maybe three or four paragraphs are going to show the rest. It's kind of hidden by on expandable car sell that clients need to collective you more to see. Your whole Eva view is really important that you get the bulk and meat of your information in the first couple of paragraphs that who you are, what you could do, you experience on what you really get. So now I talk about the skills that I have on what services I'm able to offer, and that would be anything from the Lego design business card creation photo retouching, background removal, color correction and so on and so on. I then talk about how you could have a look at the videos and animation that I've edited, directed or produced. We can have a look at my baby, a channel where which I linked to in a product sexual blow. I then finish by saying, No job is too small for me to tackle on. I look forward to working with you. So it just a nice little way to close off the A review directly address the client without calling them a client or without calling them sir or madam. Just a nice little positive reinforcement that no job is too small, because we want to let clients know that no matter how pick their jobs are that they feel important. If their job is a $20 job $2000 job, it doesn't matter. We want them to feel important from start to finish, because that leads to great reviews on reviews on up work. I wanted the most powerful thing that we can have other than being a top rated freelancer. Moving on, we're gonna talk, asks us for education. So you don't think the plus. And it's just gonna ask us our school dates attended degree, area of study on a description. They just keep things nice and quick. I'm gonna type in a brief description of what I actually studied. So in this description, Doctor gives you a kind of a chance to show up what you learned at your school, whether that was a degree or a master's or whatever school you went to. Even if you didn't do a degree, put your whatever qualifications you have in your country for your high school or your secondary school on. Fill out that information as much as possible. Use bullet points. Use this opportunity to talk down as much information as you can. Think of why that was. Get another reason we do that. Excuse when someone's flicking through your up where profile, they're gonna want to see as much information as possible, even if they don't read it. Just having that bulk quantity there makes you look like a more well rounded freelancer. So now here is just gonna be where you and your employment, whether you've had 100 jobs with one job, get at least 3 to 4 and there is always good for clients to see that you have had different jobs, freelance jobs, corporate based jobs or self employed jobs. It doesn't matter. Just put them in here, so I'm gonna do mine. So once we've filled this out as much as we can, I've just been a super quick, super Ralf little description about me being a full time freelance. So it is a very good obviously. I know. So you would really take some time. She feel this out. If you have any kind of online CB or online resume, that's you can just copy in pace, and that's tasted fine. So when we're done, we could have a click saving add more and we can continue adding our employment. Or we can just finish up and hit, save for the employment section. And next up is our English proficiency. So we have a few different options, so may obviously I'm native or bilingual, so I would select this one. Don't worry. If you are not native, will bite bilingual, you can often get higher hired if you are fluent conversational. However, if you are only basic in English proficiency, I would suggest trying Teoh get back to get better at it. Study at lifting a course on it on. Did you just want to be in that conversation packages because it is going to show in your profile on? Clients aren't always inclined to hire people whose native language is basic. If the client themselves are English speakers, which the majority of them off at least move up into the conversation of bracket because that is going to give you a better opportunity to work with more clients because they are going to want to be able to communicate effectively. If you are a native or bilingual like meat, you just hit okay for that one. Now an important part is setting your hourly rates right here up work states where that is , and that is 20% each drop that you do that is under $500 for one client. They're going to take 20% so I know that is a little bit steep. But it's OK because without up where we wouldn't have access to apply to women, the different jobs and now itself his wife 20%. So it took me a while to swallow that pill. Once you understand that it's a small price to pay for the potential to connect with all of those clients. You realize that it balances out in the end, So we're going to set our hourly rate for me. I'm just gonna be $25 an hour for the hourly rate. They're gonna take $5 for me. Personally, I don't like to do hourly based jobs. Are United do project based jobs? Because for me, one of the biggest things about being freelance words the ability to stop trading specifically trading my hours for dollars. So I wasn't limited to the 9 to 5 type of drop routine. I kid freelance and set my own price for a project. I knew what I was gonna get at the end of that project if I did it faster than what I thought it would take. Where you been slow? It didn't matter. It was at a dollar and mountain at the end of that project. So I try and stay away from hourly rate jobs. I have done them in the past, but I prefer fixed based jobs where you set your own price on your restricted to set an hourly rate, and you don't have to be monitored the entire time. But for this family 25 your availability indication, How many hours do we have? So I'm gonna put less than 30 hours. What type of projects are you interested in? This one doesn't affect how or when we are going to spend your profile to clients. So I'm going with a basic longer and short stand projects. Then it's gonna asked for your address. So I wanna talk my address and then once we're done with that breaking hit, continue. All right, so here we are. We are at the screen where we can submit applications up work. Have we have a chance to get back on any of that information? So what that means is, once we filled everything out as best as we can, we submit it to a bug. If they're happy with everything, if they don't believe you're lying about anything, go. If they have any issues with somebody put on your profile, they were rejected. But normally they're just gonna a prefect within 24 hours a day. State 5. The 8 Steps to Becoming Top Rated: So what we're gonna talk about in this part of the course is the eight steps that are crucial to becoming a top rated freelancer on up work. So the first part is a current to job success score of 90% or higher. So that means you need to have 90% of positive comments. Reviews Satisfaction as a freelancer from clients when they endure contract. Your first higher on up work has to have been more than 90 days ago, so you need to have been on up work on hired for 90 days before you can even get that operated batch. You also need to have maintained of rising talent status or a job success score of at least 90% for at least 13 of the last 16 weeks. So a little bit complicated in that one, because we've already got the 1st 1 which is a kind job success score of 90% or higher. If you don't have that quite yet, you need to maintain JAL rising talent status 13 of the last 16 weeks. In simple terms, you need to have had a rising talent batch or a 90% drop success score the last three of the four weeks of the current month. Number four is you need to have 100% complete profile profile picture location, job availability, job description, previous work reviews, just 100% complete profile. So this next one is often the most difficult. And it was the one that took me the longest. You need to have a 12 month earning of at least $1000. So what that means is, in the last year, you need to have at least 1000 full dollars from your jobs that wives on a black. Now that could be quite difficult. If you're doing the lower jobs to build up your portfolio to build up your you're refusing to get that higher job success score, take a little bit of time. And that's why it could be sometimes a longer process to becoming cooperated. Because this is one of the most crucial ones you need to have, at least on earnings off $1000 in the past year. Moving on the next step is to have an up to date availability. This kind of ties back in with our fourth point of having 100% complete profile. But in upstate availability just means there you do update your availability. You can't just leave it as available on not be applying because of what he's gonna do is thinking Remove your status, Andi. They are going to change your availability for you to unavailable or busy on other jobs. So if you are currently busy on other jobs, just change it to busy on our jobs. That way you'll protect your rising talent status. Or, if you are operating already and it is watching this course, Justo had to maintain your top voted status. That's how you did. You just change your up to date availability. The next step is on account in good accounts standing so no recent account holds. So basically no derogatory remarks against you in a really negative marks. Nothing now has had to step in and sorts out. Otherwise, that's gonna ruin your chance off becoming top rated on the final step to becoming talk grated on up. Where is to have activity on up work in the past three months? So whether that's dating, profile or completing a job or just applying to jobs, just need to be active on the platform. Once you have all of those eight steps, you're in a very good position up like they deem your account is a top rated account at all of the packs that come along with that, that we've been talking about me on their about their kids. 6. How to Easily Get Good Feedback: So how much does feedback really matter now? I would argue that feedback is one of the most important factors for getting hard on up work. Similarly, you buying something on Amazon client to love, to know how you have performed for previous clients were going to go over a few things that you can do to make sure that you get a best feedback possible as what is the exact message that I like Descend declined toe. Ask them for a five star rating. We're even gonna have a locate some of the upward profiles that have applied to some of my jobs that I was whoring for what their applications and that feedback says about there. So this is the formula that I used to ensure that I get good feedback one over performed over deliver on the work. The promise something that I like to do is if I'm going to be doing a logo design, for example, for clients and they pay me for just one logo. Why let's do is that I gave him a choice of three Legos on May choose which one they most to reply, reply on. Reply the past EECOM reply the better. Clients always love fast, replies three address all on every single concern that they might have along the road. You know what's gonna happen in this job better than may do. And if they have questions, is time to explain what the process is and bore asked for it. Don't be afraid to ask for good feedback. Otherwise the client might forget TV feedback at all. If you've done the 1st 3 things here, then you should have no problem asking book Good feedback. This is why I say to ask Price to leave me a vibe star of you want to? The job is complete it. I've included this text in the course descriptions. You could just copy and paste it from that. Hey, Clinton. It's been a great experience weapon with you. I just wanted to shoot you a quick message to make sure that you're happy with everything. If you are going to be able to do me a huge favor when you bend the contract, you please need me a five star review and just a short sentence about the experience working with me on this project. It just enables me to keep working on up where I'm working on great projects like this one , and that's it. I make it sound quick and easy, and pretty much every time they say yes, I need me a great review. So these are a few people who applied to a previous jump of mine. It was to help me run some Facebook ants for previous business. So here we get some really good information. We can see Eva here. We can see what their job successes we can see. What up work deems them is the best match for us. We can see what they're will offer is for them. We can see their location. We can see how much money they bands on a work when we can see a snippet off their cover letter, I said, Let's jump into this cover letter and see what we think. So if we start here and we read his description, it starts growing. He addressed me by name. He put a smiley face on it, so it's a really know stopped. So we start really in. I've carefully going through your job description and would love to come over boards and assist your plant. What's selling company with my best services. You're not getting any sales when your existing Facebook ads campaigns because you may have missed one of the essential points for successful Facebook ad campaigns. Now the reason that it is a very good application is because, obviously, the English the grandma is not. It is incorrect, which is immediately putting me off as a client. And I don't really want to communicate with somebody you can't communicate across to me, especially when the job consists of a communication adamant to a mainly English speaking audience. So obviously, that's why this one isn't so good and widen and a part of this person, because I didn't think that English was was kind of good enough for this type of jobs. So it really goes to show just how important it is to have good English speaking skills. Read of your application a few times to make sure there aren't any evidence there. I can say, Let's have a look a round. So this is a relatively dudes application. I personally don't really like her address. Mayes. Hi, client money is there. It does show it's been it would have taken two seconds just in there this after kind of reading through it, it reads like a copy and paste job. I don't think there's much in that that's related. Teoh what my job person was, which the fast one. I live in as much in there that related to the job offering that I was whoring for. It's just a copy paste, a cover letter, which is an immediate off for me. I like there to be some relevance to my job on to see some connections there, to see if they read the description of my job and to see that they are ableto meet the demands will harm for which is why I always add questions when I'm hiring for a job so we can see at the very top just up here to confirm that the drop description police state a bunch of upset for these ants. So they have to read the application to answer these questions. So Norma, relatively strong application includes, um, links the previous work, which is excellent, which we definitely want to be seeing. Matt Hey asked me to share details, which I figure out, sir, it's a good way to show that he's keen, but a little bit off putting to decline because I haven't chosen this passenger. I don't want to give him any information. I making information from him and then the bottom 1,000,000,000. He includes some images, some examine documents, is toe staff, and he's made on Facebook at, So we'll know where on the project could be a lot, but it needs more personalized if you ask me. So we're gonna do. We gonna look at one more look at Christopher, so he got a best match badge, and he also has 100% job success on it. Looks like he's got a good amount. Is what a number of jobs we have 100% on 18 drug. That's that's pretty impressive. So Christopher answers my questions here, which is really great, but he's honest because I do ask if he has knowledge of indoor plants, block pots or interior design. Andi does say that his plant knowledge is somewhat limited, but he's happy to learn again. It just went above and beyond onto this question. So hey says hi, I have to say, I'm glad to see their people adept using Facebook cats. You are a rat breed that in itself makes me want to work with you, although I do not have the biggest hands on experience with Facebook and my partner is a specialist in the area, and I would be working on this with her to fill any gaps in my knowledge. So basically what Crystal fairies said he's he doesn't have much Facebook ads experience, but his problem does on. He wanted to work with his partner to do my job. I didn't think in my nothing less sexy, but when it's reply on, it's nice to see that kind of honesty in here didn't have to admit that on. But I did have some communication with Christopher because he did seem really genuine and he did seem like he was ready, toe learn and help that he would 100% open deliver. So I thought that was was really good does then go on to state that due to the experience camp, he would like to offer a trial, so I would have paid him and I saw these happy with the results. Now this is a very good strategy. You just working for free, essentially so Kleinheinz you you can their favorite deliver because they're basically paying, You know, thinks if you just do the job well, you're over delivery because they're not paying you. And if you do a good job with men definitely gonna hire you and it's a very good way off building up a relationship. The client I personally have not done any free work on up like I have in the real world. When I work with lots of clients, I often pitch free work to get paid work and build up a successful relationship decline. And that's what Christopher did here. That was really good. So that's what makes his application differently. Is honest. He's enthusiastic. He's kind of makes it a lighthearted Jake, and it doesn't look like it was copy and pasted it. It found Thank you with Genuine and Matt really resonated with me as a client. So I had. This has been really helpful, going through a few applications that I received when I was applying for a job. Kind of seeing what was really good wasn't so good at what I thought resonated with myself 7. How to Perfectly Apply to a Job: Now we're gonna look at how to create a great application for a job basing this off. But what we have already learned on what we know about the best way to address and send a proposal to a client. So we're gonna focus on good English. We're gonna make sure that we can actually accomplish the job. We're gonna make sure that our skills relevant. We're gonna make sure that we acknowledge the job in the proposal. Potentially the most important part. Two. Here I am, in the search section of up work, and I just sat video editor. So that's just a standard such that I would have done in the past on we've got a few different options that up work is providing us for video editor. I like the sound of drone video, uh, like budgets and verified. They've spent a lot of money. They have spent 7000 plus dollars that basically us, which is great on day, obviously doing a super low one because they wanted to test. So I left the test runs because it always leads to really good relationships with clients in the future, especially if they've spent a high amount on work. So let's have a look of these guys. So we're gonna read the description that I'm gonna scan Everett Koop. So I read over it. I think it's good to see how much they spend a bit here. Hourly rate, that they paid the skills and expertise that they think irrelevant to this job. So I think we'll submit a proposal for this job. And I want to spend this one more time. Here's something I really like to do. I like to you copy the description on Teoh paste it in my letter section just so I can reference it as I'm typing. So what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna think off a reply that is relevant to this kind of on the spot on, But I'm gonna fall support through it, and then we're gonna break it down. Once I finished typing it for you guys. This, I think, is a really nice application. I think if I had a little bit longer, I mean, I could find trained a little bit, but for the purpose of this, I think will break this down and see what's good. Maybe what could be improved as we go forwards so immediately. I acknowledged that I am a fan of drones, which caused straight to there to their job, where it's a job about drone footage to make a train video for them. I then talk about that. I'm a professional drone pilot as well as an experienced cameraman editor editor. So just to reference my skill, settle a bit more to give me a bit of credibility. Lots of upward freelances like bombard this cover letter with their experience. What they can do that they treated like into CB or resume. That's what you pray for. A peaceful and addressed it that's gonna go straight to your profile. I think the cover letter condensed to what you can do for this particular job is your chance to speak directly to the clients. I then asked a question about their job. Even if you don't have a question about the job, try and think of one. It just makes it look like you are already engaging, and you're already thinking of ideas to improve its and just think of any question. Is this relevant? Then that's then that's totally fine. I think having a question in that is always great, so as where it's reviewing this, we always look for spelling Harris. I then address a second point from their descriptions. A music is no problem where they speak about music. I say it's no problem. And I have the answer for that question about music, saying I have a huge debris off stop music on. Then I say, Even if you don't like fast choice, I consent may be different samples again. What we're trying to do is we're just trying to be as direct to their job description as possible when we just want toe completely break down their job description on just answer it just basically pretended questions on Answer those questions. I then address their final point of the 48 hour turnaround time, and I just say, 40 hour turnaround time is notebook. I'm looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully a weapon with you sink kind regards then, and that's it. That's exactly how I would I would say the only thing that I would do differently is I would include some links to some dream videos that I have made in the past, even though it's, you know, I'm not filming the footage. I'm really stitching it together. I would still in created just to shave back, that I have comfortable editing drone footage. So just once again, building up credibility. So I hope that was helpful, You guys and I see you in the final video. 8. After Upwork: Continuing Relationships With Clients: I would like you to stay working on that platform, and that's obviously because they want to keep earning a slice of your jobs. But what I found is a lot of clients, especially if they're close to where you're living or working. They want to meet. They want to get to know you, and they want to hire you outside of the confines of upward. They want to cool. You want text, you don't email. You want to speak to you about jobs, maybe even want to show you that job. They didn't want to have to get back to using a piece of software. Even there it is pretty unrestricted. Clients sometimes can feel like it is a bit of a restricted platform on. They want the freedom of meeting you in person, calling you, texting, you emailing if they want to move away from the restrictions that up work may provide. Now it's not gonna happen it fast. It's only gonna happen what you've had a proven relationship with clients. This goes to show just how important it is. I have great relationships with you're upward clients because you never know how much work they're going to need is personally happen to me a couple of times where I've done one small, lower paying job for a client. And there were so totally impressed that they when they had another job down the line that was bigger in scale. They knew me. They trusted me to be immediately hired me for that job. There was actually no application needed, no thinking. They're using my connects on up where? Just a straight higher from that job. Now one of the examples was I was hired to do a super simple gym logo. It was a logo for a jumped on. I did this. Lego wasn't very much. I think they paid something around the $60 mark for next one logo. Once they have this logo, loved it. They made a few changes because I wanted to impress them. I love them to make his many changes to it as they wanted, because again, I wanted Teoh over deliver. If this was a climate I've been working with for many years, I would restrict them to a certain number of revisions. However, because this was someone I was trying to impress, I wanted that future business. What I did is I love him, have virtually unlimited access to me once I have done on that. And there was super impressed with that Jim Lego when they needed a series of videos making for that gym classes. That new equipment they hired me to produce at it create these videos for them, which was a significant amount of money, far more than just the leg. However, if I hadn't impressed them on over delivered on the Lego, I never would have gotten their repeat business. So it goes to show just how important having those relationships nattering them over delivering clients is not only that, but you can feel comfortable when it comes to the end off the upward contract. You can ask them for a positive review on you can just say something along the lines of head. Thank you so much for a great job. I really enjoyed working on this. Would it be possible for you to take two seconds just to leave me a good five star review? All that helps is for me to continue to work, continue to do the work on the platform that I love, working with great clients like yourself, something as simple as that. If you make it sound easy and genuine. That's what I found to be the best way to get good reviews from clients. And then again, that that goes into nattering your current clients. Let's that full cycle that goes back and forth spit actually hire from up work for myself for set jobs that I have. What I tend to do is I have a lower paying job, Andi. It might be a small section of the rial job that I'm hiring for. I I test at a few different freelances and I see the ones that are gonna over deliver on a smaller budget because then I know in the back of my mind if they deliver on that small paying job. But then I can feel confident as a client that they're gonna even deliver when the budget is much larger. 9. Final Thoughts: you've reached the end of this course. I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank you for taking the time to go through this training Siri's. I hope that you found it useful and have taken away some useful actionable information. So we've covered the basics of up work. How to set your account up correctly. Eight steps to becoming cooperated pound To get good feedback from clients. The best way to apply for a job on how to continue relationships with your clients definitely comforted a lot. So if you do have any questions, the best way to get in touch with me is by leaving a comment in the discussion area. Your project for this cause is to use and fill out the downloadable PDFs, the advertised for this course. Once you've done that, share them with our community to help and inspire others. I hope you've enjoyed this course. If you have a moment, let me know when you enjoyed or what you think could be improved for future forces. And lastly, don't forget to follow May, so you get notified when I publish new classes