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Understanding SEO concepts and performing SEO Audit using free tools

teacher avatar Mohanrajan Guha rajan

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

24 Lessons (2h 55m)
    • 1. Course Introduction and topics of coverage

    • 2. What is Search Engine Optimization?

    • 3. How does Search Engine Work?

    • 4. What is digital marketing & its link with SEO?

    • 5. Search Engine Optimization vs Search Engine Marketing

    • 6. Types of SEO

    • 7. SEO Techniques - Technical, ON Page and OFF Pages SEO

    • 8. Technical SEO

    • 9. Technical SEO - What is https?

    • 10. Technical SEO - What is https (contd).

    • 11. Technical SEO - Importance of Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml

    • 12. Technical SEO - Importance of Robots.txt and sitemap.xml

    • 13. Technical SEO - using Google Search Console

    • 14. Technical SEO - GZIP compression - Making you website faster

    • 15. Technical SEO - GZIP Compression (Contd) - Making your website faster

    • 16. Technical SEO - Mobilefriendly approach plays a critical role

    • 17. Understanding ON-PAGE SEO

    • 18. ON-PAGE SEO - Keywords

    • 19. OFF PAGE SEO

    • 20. Overview of Google Algoritms in SEO

    • 21. Importance of Backlinks in SEO

    • 22. SEO Audit and how to perform?

    • 23. Free SEO Audit tools - Part 1

    • 24. Free SEO Audit - Part 2

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About This Class

Any business, however small or large need to have a webpresence. By webpresence it includes website. Having website alone would not provide desired results. To drive more organic traffic to website, the website has to be ranked high by search engine. This is where Search Engine Optimization, known as SEO plays a critical role.

Further, these days and more particularly with travel restrictions, business extensively uses Digital marketing.  Understanding SEO and thereby improving business website search result will drive more organic traffic to website. Naturally SEO, make digital marketing easy and effective.

While, one can address SEO technique while building website, but generally webdeveloper may not be knowledgeable with SEO technique, so one need to dependent on SEO consultants, who also understand the technical aspects of webdevelopment, which is generally rare to find as well.

At the same time, if a  website is already hosted or if its just hosted, theb  better to perform and SEO Audit to validate whether is satisfy the SEO requirement and rules, but this audit one can them improve the website for better earch engine results. SEO Audit are also popularly known as health check of a website

This is unique course which covers SEO essentials and performing SEO Audit using some of the free tool. The topics covered in this course are:

•What is SEO?.

•How Search Engine works?

•Digital Marketing(brief overview) and SEO

•SEO and SEM.

•Type of SEO.

•Type of SEO technique – user prespective.

•Technical SEO.

•On-Page SEO

•Off-Page SEO

•Links in SEO.

•SEO Audit.

Happy Learning!!

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Guha Rajan

Having over 25 + years of IT industry experience  (Product development, Consulting & Training).

His last engagement was with Oracle India (initially with consulting  and then with Oracle university) , which was for more than 12 years. Prior to this, had worked with Cap Gemini (formerly iGate Global Solution), GE to name a few.

Had managed projects and programs  in Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Intelligence implementations  in the range of  3000 man days with revenue about 6mil US$ per year. These projects are on industry domains, such as  Oil and Gas, Process Manufacturing, Hi-Tech Retail & Telecom across the globe.

Was awarded with "pace setter" , "best managed " project awards in recogniti... See full profile

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1. Course Introduction and topics of coverage: A warm welcome to the course on understanding concepts and performing SEO audits. Any business these days, how are small or big? Going to have a website? Could be a e-commerce site or any other website as well. So that is kind of web presence is essential these days for any business. But add up to this, in the last few years, business extensively use digital marketing as well. So digital marketing is something when you use the web to promote your product or services. It's called digital marketing in a nutshell. And that too. And so much of issues around COVID and travel restrictions and digital marketing is gaining more significant these days. So naturally, understanding SEO and thereby improving business website search results drive organic traffic to the website. So meaning like we need to perform webs. Any kind of a search for your website in is available in the top of the pages on the search results. Then naturally, it is going to drive traffic to the website on there by business as well. So naturally, the SEO search engine optimization makes digital marketing much more effective as well. This unique course, which covers SEO concept and performing SEO audit using some of the free tools which are available. So this could be our website if you're new, if you're just launched a website, or particularly if the website is pretty wall, then you can perform the SEO audit to check whether you satisfy, satisfy your website, satisfies the rules of the game so that your website, the website is in the top of the search results. So this unique course covers what is an SEO and they need covers how an SEO engine, search engine works. Then we cover up, I'll be covering digital marketing, how it is linked to SEO. Then we'll get into search engine optimization and the concept of search engine marketing as well. And then types of SEO. Something which people try to gain, take advantage of SEO. So we'll look at that like something called as black hat, which is not to be done that we cover in the types of SEO. And then types of SEO techniques from the user perspective, then technical SEO. So and then on-page SEO, off-page. So these are the concepts. So we'll be getting into the technical SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO links in a civil. So once you have appropriate links with your website, if they are, there are something called juicy links so that those are good links if you have with your, on your website that will add up to the weightage of your website. So we'll be looking at that. Then. Finally, after covering the concepts, we'll cover how to perform the SEO audit. So these days, you do have some of the free tool, freely available web tools through which you can perform the SEO audit as well. So we'll look at that as well. And finally, a word about me. I'll be the course instructor for this course. My name is cohesion. I have over 25 years of experience in IT that's in product development, consulting and training have worked in G G CAP, Gemini, Oracle consulting and education line of business regarding my education background and MATLAB engineering and NB and a certified PMP since year 2007, have designed, develop courses in happy projects, then software project management using MS Project and managing projects using Oracle, Primavera, Internet of Things, and so many others as well. So once you have registered in the course, see you inside the course. Tanks and cheers. Have a good day. 2. What is Search Engine Optimization?: So let's now look at what is, and so what's an SCO? From a definition perspective? It is the search engine optimization is a practice of optimizing our pay, our website to increase the quantity and quality of traffic from search engines, organic result. So at some point of time, each and every one of us would have used, I mean, since last decade, last ten years, he would have used Google's search engine. You type something which you want to know more about. You want to buy something or you want to know a particular product. You go into, get into Google and type the particular information you want. And then Google will fetch data cells. And in matter of, if you look at it, matter of few seconds, it gives a bar. Whatever the counter test, maybe in some case our mill Millions. It can fetch the records with number of pages. And initially it'll throw up all the advertisements. In the sense these are paid ones, which gets popped up by Google because the particular vendor would have paid Google's. So that has an advertisement so that it pops up in the search result. So this will come on the top. And the bottom is what we call it as the organic 1. So this is not, you don't have a lector ED prefixed before this beginner's guide for AC, because he looked at it. We had typed in a zoo and it has matched with this one. And this has picked, I mean, this has come on the search results. So ideally, because it is at the top of the search results, any user is pound to click that particular search result 90% he click this. If it is hyperactive RF or tests. Maybe in the first page, on the second page. He might not go beyond that. Maybe in the first page, uttermost in the second page of the search results, he will to get the information. So this is where minimally searches perform. I mean, if you're an owner of a webpage or a BIP side, you always wanted to have that the search results within the first, second, or third page based on the search criteria you want to always have. Because once that happens, maybe in the first page or the second page, then there is every likelihood of you making a business with the US. So that is where the search engine optimization is very critical. So as a matter of fact that there's just not enough. You create a website. Yell vape presents as very important these days, our prisons or any business, how small or how or be on even for personal branding as such, you would like to have a website so that the world knows about you. If you don't know about you, in case you want to have your personal branding done, porifera, fear into business. You want to have a website. I'm assuming you sell something, use your selling laptops or computers are for that matter, you are developing some mobile application. So the customer goes and types mobile application development on the Google search engine, you'd always wanted to be listed on the first few pages, maybe the if not in the first page. The first page is highly Nanking. I mean, organically, I'm not talking about advertisement because once you see these kinds of ads, this is going to cost you, I mean, you need to pay Google a certain amount. So I'm talking about organically getting the research. So if you're into the some kind of development, mobile development, then once they type in the mobile development software or mobile application development, ideally, you require that to be available your website to be listed in the first few pages status where the search engine optimization has its own rules. And if it's satisfied those rules, you are likely to have a higher ranking if you don't satisfy that rules. Yes, it's going to, your page is going to be at the last and you don't get an organic traffic to your website. So unless you go out and say that, Hey, I'm into the mobile development of applications. People across the world, I mean, who are unknown to you might not know about your development capabilities are, they may not know you are into the mobile application development. So that is where weather, website developer or a website owner or a vendor who has a website and search engine optimization plays a critical part. So the benefits are obvious. So it's going to be a few come in the top pages. It's free. Passive traffic to your website month after month. So how does it work? Search engines are like library for digitally, instead of storing copies of book, It's just like library sort of storing the entire book it stores. The webpage is critical information of even it will not store the entire page. It will store the critical information like description of the webpage, which is called as the metadata of the page. So those are indexed and stored by the inside the Google server. So that gets retrieved when you perform a search. And how does it do that? It has an algorithm or a computer program, my main computer program called an unguarded them and datas call and it performs this such so many factors. Oneness of course, the keywords. Again, this is just keyword is one, just one parameter. Relevance usability. How relevant is that to the search? More importantly, last one, because there are a number of factors, expertise and quality of the sources. Sources, meaning your webpage without any errors. The errors should be as much as possible. Minimum. Again, it's not just one time. I mean, you can't expect your website in the top of the pages in macrophage cannot happen ordinate or it cannot happen in few days. This task has asked to be continuous. It's going, it'll take time. Though. You might not hit the top of the search list, but you will be at our, at least maybe at some page which is close to the top, even that generates enormous amount of traffic and that generates business. So in a nutshell, I hope you have a clarity as what SEO is all about. Thank you. Stay tuned. 3. How does Search Engine Work?: Let us now look at the how the search engines work with Google or Yahoo, how it works, we look at that. So this is in a nutshell, how it works. First, there's the first step a, you get into Google and type some information. Suppose you want to search all the hotels. At noon. You type in water, it's a new arc. So actually that is behind the scene works. Which happens when a website is created in the, hosted, in the Internet. These, there is a spider artist called the bot, which will run through the entire, entire network whenever a website is created. And that sometimes takes time for the spider to crawl across the web and it needs to discover your website first. So that is when there are techniques, we will see that. I mean, if you want to ensure that your website is caught up by the spider quickly, there are methods which you need to adopt. We'll see that. So otherwise, yeah, if it needs to do it on your own, need me to recognize your website. It is going to take some time. So the spider or a bot get into the website and there are parameters, will see that and that it needs recognized. So that is the first step. The crawlers is the first step. I mean, all the search intent does this. So crawler has to get into the identify your website. And then I, it looks for the titles, keywords, descriptions. So these are important to be ranked up. You need to have appropriate usage of keywords. You should have appropriate description tags. And again, the point to notice description tags for each of your pages. It's not for the website. It's what each of the pages you need to have, the description tags as such. And at that stage, indexing happens. Indexing in the sense depending on, as I said, depending on the keywords and description tags, the indexing happened. And once it is index, and then only depending on the ranking you have. And again, the banking takes time. It cannot happen overnight, it cannot happen in few days time and could well takeover months, maybe even years. Also. Bad guy if it is a product of a well-known company like say for example, maybe Google are. Microsoft Power article, the indexing will be faster because, because it is a known entity across the globe, index, indexing happens faster. And that is where the banking will happen faster. So that is where you'll find. Similarly, essentially are searching for a new R. Maybe reputed well-known hotel brand will be listed on the top of your search list. And maybe the unknown waters which doesn't being searched are which doesn't have a traffic, will be and maybe at the 10 or a 100 Of page. So unless you give the specific name of the hotel, it may be down at the 100 page. So the point to notice, the first stage is the process which needs to identify your website and then happens the indexing based on keywords, titles. And that is indexed and they have a separate algorithm are maybe database on which this store it. So that when someone asks for that information based on the ranking, it displays that information. So that's in a nutshell. So we will get into a little bit tough detailing. So first step is corral. The search engine centaur. This is behind the screen. This doesn't happen offline. It happens offline. The sense like, if you're even not using the search engine, the search intense or the web crawlers spiders to review the website. Content, pair tensions to the new website under the existing content that has been recently changed. And this is where this is in our control. I'm Indy. Website owner has the control of sitemaps. Robot text. What is the sitemap? What does a robot texts will see that. But these are important concepts. So you need to have your appropriate sitemap, appropriate robot text in your web server. So that the crawler recognize a stem and it processes, process and makes an index out of it. So the next step is the index. Once your website has been crawled, the search engine need to design, organize how the how to organize the information they index process is when data view the website data for positive and negative ranking, the positive vendors, positive ranking happens. Then our picnics, like they're Me Too many people, if many of the website has associated links, part as backlinks, then yeah, it is ranked generally rank high. And that is where when I post indexing, you have the rank. So during the indexing process, the search engines start making decision on where to display the specific content on the search in, in this LP. So this is all happens offline as well. So once this is done, your website, It's all indexed. And if you have a top plan, so whenever you say, Hey, I want a new job. And if you are on the top, the particular hotel is on the top of the rank. In the first page, it might be listed. So that this man, when you the first few pages, the business, the particular business portal, will get lot of traffic. The objective of any business are an SEO expert is to have the website in the top pages of the search result. So so that is how in a nutshell, the, the search engine works. And when you search something, something, the search engine results page displays all the results, whatever us search for page by page, the first page will have all the top-ranking website. And maybe if there isn't our basement for that specific provided by that specific vendor, that will be listed by the Google. Because that the vendor makes a payment that is listed on the top, maybe in the first page itself. But Ulam, something mentioned as AD, AD will be there. And then that'll be followed by the URL link, particularly if it is a kind of a paid service with Google. So that's in a nutshell as how the search engine works. Thank you. 4. What is digital marketing & its link with SEO?: Let's now look at how SC Wu influences digital marketing. So what's digital marketing? So before that, what does actually marketing itself? So promoting and selling of products, services through various ways. It could be like advertising, promotions, events, road shows, and many more data earlier, yeah, it was physically done. Meaning like advertisement, naturally, menu elaborate on the some magazines. Promotions are roadshow, you show the product with the public. You do it in a physical way, or it could be through the mail. Assess well, postal postal males used to happen earlier days. So that's marketing. Digital marketing is just marketing using digital tools. So probably like if you look at email, it's more than a couple of decades old. Emails. I mean, it started since late 90s or early 2000 is what everyone, almost everyone had emails to our e-mail account for that matter, YouTube. So this is just to know, last 10, 15 years, this has chest wound. Right from my think about from 2010 onwards, a start at 10. 12 is what Google took over YouTube. From the non yes. Earlier, yeah. Yeah. One thing is e-mail and there is also something called as blocking. You would have heard of locking. So earlier it was a text block and YouTube became a video blocks became very common. In the last, maybe about 56 years. Social media like LinkedIn or Facebook. Facebook is more than adequate world. So all this are used as digital marketing, are towards digital branding as well. And additionally, you have website, was again almost more than two decades old. But what had happened, emails plus a combination of YouTube and social media, is what is being. Plus the website makes it more attractive as far as digital marketing is concerned. So ultimately, digital marketing is just marketing using these digital tools, which is of course, it needs to be web-based. All these, all these are based on wave was about, if you say. Twenty-five years back. This was not present and all was done through a physical means. Maybe true. Even for tests through post? Yes. The letter is physically the paper needs to be physically sent. Let us all this all these trees, emails are YouTube's website. It's all kind of virtual presenters there somewhere, but it is not physically available outside, for that matter, outside the computer or laptop or mobile phones. So this is where digital marketing is all about. So and how SEO, SEO is supposed to be part of digital marketing. So making my website, just making any business person, particularly small businessman, think that once you make a website, then u is reachable to everyone across the globe. Yes, no doubt it's reachable across the globe. Your French might know about it. Maybe those who are close to the business. No support. You have a website which gives all the details about your products or maybe your expertise. They know about it, but unfortunately the world does not know about it outside world. So that is where the search engine plays a critical role. So the ultimate objective of the, any website is to be listed on the search engine result because everyone goes into the search engine and type in some detail. Suppose I wanted to know about different Internet of Things causes. Somewhere I go into the Google search engine and type four. Maybe about the online courses on IoT, then it is going to list out all the courses available. And the popular ones are the, are whichever Google ranks Empire will be in the first page. So the ultimate objective of the search engine optimization is to have the website listed on the top. So search engine optimization performs this in the sense like having the web pages listed on the top of the search results. So search engine SEO, there is always a confusion. Like people tend to take digital marketing as search engine optimization. No, sir. It is actually search engine optimization is parked of digital marketing. Many times. Folks with just digital marketing alone tried to enter the SEO, feel that a little bit challenging as well because it requires the SEO requires technical knowledge as how the web works and various other, we'll see that there are various different types of SEO. Different techniques are there. So on this requires a little bit of technical skills as well. If you really want FOR concert and who calls himself as an SEO professional, needs to be, he needs to have the technical skills aspect. So we will see that as we progress in this course. Thank you. 5. Search Engine Optimization vs Search Engine Marketing: Let's now get into the difference between the search engine optimization was a search engine marketing. The search engine marketing, which is popularly known as or called as a CM, uses paid strategies to appear in the search. Bennis, the SEO is an organic, organic strategy to appear in the search organic strategy, meaning if the terms and conditions of the Google is satisfied, you have all the appropriate backlink. The contents are appropriate. The more the vistas happen, yes, naturally. That means the website. As good traffic. Naturally, it will appear on the top in the search search engine results. Top pitch. Man is, I mean, sometimes companies use marketing strategy, which is page strategy to appear in the search. And then you would have seen in the, when you do a Google search, some of them will have the word ED appended to it, and we saw that earlier as well. So that is the technique of SEM, search engine marketing. Search engine marketing relates to any tactics that helps to get attention by appearing on the search engine pages. So of course, the organic strategy is going to take time. I'm in this has gone, is gone higher and higher. Since the year 2000 is where all the browsers got popular, websites become popular. And 2005 or six onwards is where you had the search being Google being used for searches. So that's where, I mean the for any website or any business which has a website to rank higher, it may take months, or it might even take years. Again, you have to keep on It's an ongoing process. The website maintenance is an ongoing process. You need to update. You need to make the content more and more interesting. You need to ensure that visitors keep visiting your pages. You need to have subscribers. You need to write blog. You need to have use the marketing, various marketing techniques. You need to have. Maybe you need to use Facebook, all the main social marketing. Techniques you need to use. So the arm, the point here is the organic strategy is we'll take time, whereas the paid strategy, yes, you can, can happen almost instantaneously. So the similarities, if you look, helps to, helps your brand appear in the search pages, drive more traffic, require knowing your audience keyword search. So all of these, these are the common ones between the ACM and the search engine optimization as well there. So what if you look at the difference? We look at the difference before that. Yeah. So whenever you see yeti or here or here, that means these are paid ones you have. And whereas these are based on the ACO, these are the SEMs. So why search engines? Optimization is organic? The other one is paid. So different, just so search results has ADD. So these are organic. So you pay nothing. Whereas here you will see BPC. We see that what is a PPC? That is the numerator click happens, then it'll be charged. Shown to select a target audience shown to everyone, if you make y the differences that your business might cater to a certain geography. So it doesn't really make sense to have this SEM to folks who search on particular topic across. Hello, maybe the company is focusing just on ECR, Asia Pacific alone then yes, the search, the advertisement can appear just in the audience. Who does the browsing from the APAC region. This is immediate because you have a separate deal with the Google for ads to appear. The results can be immediately, it takes time. And this is good for testing. You can probably plan out your testing. Maybe we're rolling out a new product. Maybe region ways you can focus on one region, see how it goes. And if you're not satisfied with that press specific result, you don't need to opt for search engine market marketing. Another region, probably the other region works fine. You need to maybe fine tune for the the other region where it is not doing well. So good for testing. Whereas this one, the organic approach, a CMO is not so provides value. That's what I said. Value over time. It takes time. The contents. It's an ongoing process. That test where gone are the days when you have the website then? Yeah. It means okay, you have a website that time gone are the days. Now these days you need to keep updating the website, make it more and more interesting so that visitors appear to your visit, your page. But ensure that it is legally done. So you need to use the legal techniques so that you don't bypass our overrule the Google search terms and condition. If you do, yes, you might even be thrown out of the search results. So that's the difference between the SEO and SEM. The other one is Pip. Per-click search engine marketing is often considered as a part of marketing, such marketing, part of digital marketing as well. So search margin, that is paid tactics to gain visibility in the search engine results page. This strategy is often referred to paid search or pay per-click marketing. Google ads, so yearly or Google edge. And if you're doing, um, and bought more than a decade back, 10, 15 years when Google introduced. Still these days you can use in the website or in the human body. It's quite common in the blocks wherein you have the Google Ads him but at so apart from that means there are some people clicks on that link. You'll get paid for it. So if your website is popular or if you're Bu, blog is popular, there is every chance of someone clicking on the Google acts links so that this paper click. When you use those words, they see customers. The top of this, as far as the Google search, you can use them in the blocks as well. The brands. Suppose for example, suppose I have a blog and I use Google AdWords, then probably Google will feed this advertisement. So what happens is Google in turn has an kind of an agreement between the both what the parties, because I have in my blog, I use Google lag. So if there are, say for example, if there's just $1, just giving an example, $1 is what is the money for? Click happens. That means maybe it'll shut up or $0.05 with the blogger. And maybe it will charge a value to the the brand as well. Maybe charges $1 on $1.5, which is appropriate. It recharged the brand. Warner SQL. It, it'll retain some money in Google, retain some money for their operations, for their whatever, for their margins. And then some amount of money is paid to the blogging community as well. So it's a painter for her tri-party agreement reached. Google will have as far as the pay-per-click strategy is concerned. So that's about the difference between between the SEO and SEM. Thank you. 6. Types of SEO: Welcome back. Let's now look at the types of search engine optimization. So basically, if you look at it, you have three types of search engine optimization. The first one and the most important one is the technical. I mean MTD technical. I mean, I would say two parts. One is that the search engine has to crawl and index your website. And the website owner or the generally it is called as webmaster. Who manages the website. They need to aid the ACOs that has the search engine in crawling and indexing, they got to ensure that it crawls faster and indexing is better. So there are many parameters around the technical SEO you need to enhance the more and more the webmasters or the developers are, the folks who adhere to that or techniques. Then I'm in the search engines, crawling will be seamless, effective, and indexing will be faster. And thereby, you will see the vector search results for your website. So the technical S1. And the point is, if you look at technical on-page and off-page of pages, will take a longer time. But where as technical. As you build the website, the focus should be on the technical SEO and as well as the on-page. So whatever is the content as the king. So whatever is the content, you need to ensure that the contents are interesting and the same time, ensure the appropriate formatting on the header, the titles, the Meta tags, which means that description page descriptions are focused so that your page, because the website, as I'm repeating, again, the search engine looks for the pages rather than the website, so ensure you have appropriate titles, head AS in place. And then of course the page description, because few, if you, whenever the search results comes through, you will see the description page description gets displayed as well. So page description amine, it will not be visible to the on-page search engine. It gets to be displayed whenever the searching happens. The off-page, the offline promotion. I mean, it can happen, the building can happen or the basically this is for the ranking, the website or the webpages. It is going to take time. You need to have appropriate backlinks. Backlink meaning some if you are having a blog or your product, whatever you're selling, there should be some kind of bang backlink or a meaning. Your website should have linked from a different website. And that needs to be if it is attached a reputed website which has a standing glute standing, yes. You will have your own webpage, will have higher weightage when it when it, when the search happens. If it is not him in the back, the website from which the link originates is not of a standard website, then ranking doesn't matter. So if you're going to buy backlinks, that might not Soviet purpose. And it is also illegal as well as far as the search engines are concerned. So there are three types. One is technical on page, which has to happen as you develop an off-page yes. As you progress because that is where the ranking of the pages happen. The off-page is also critical for better search results of your website. So as far as the on-page is concern, this is what you need to focus on. We look at the, each one of them and some of them might be a part of the technical aspects. For example, if you look at the SSL HTTP URL structure, all this could be a part of your technical SEO. So basically like keyword optimization, meta-description, interlinking, title tags, header tags. All these are on-page and the top and off-page back linking. Very important. And the local issue was supposed to figure out if your website is for a retail store based on a local in a local city, then local SEO plays an important role that is making your website ensure that appropriate coverage is given in the written the local population so that they can visit the webpage. That's the local SEO of all of them. Backlink plays an important role as far as the off page. Oh, so stay tuned. We'll go into each one of them starting with the technical SEO, which is very critical. There are various parameters in technical. I see row one needs to focus, a webmaster needs to focus so that the crawling and indexing of the search engine picks that website and ranks it accordingly. Thank you. Stay tuned. 7. SEO Techniques - Technical, ON Page and OFF Pages SEO: Welcome back. Let's now look at the on-page SEO basics. So we earlier looked at the technical SEO basics. Let's now look at the on-page one. So soon as the definition goes. On-page SEO called anon, if it includes things like the site structure, content, and speed optimization. The speed optimization is not about the soloist speed on any of the hardware specification. Because if you have content on powerful mission, yes, naturally that, so we'll feed the requestor in a faster way. It doesn't represent that the on-page SEO your content. So your content, say for example, some of the fonts you use can always be, some of the artistic fonts can be procured and used in your pitch. But then that is going to cost you the speed loading. That kind of text will be slower. And naturally the ranking will get lawyer as well. So you need to because content as far as the websites are, as far as concern, it is the content which is the king. So that is fair. The on-page SEO is important, not only that, yes, you need to use the fonts which is easily available, which can be quickly loaded on your webpage. So there are two parts. One is optimizing the actual content. The other oneness, the page properties like page title, page headings, page descriptions, those things optimize your page. And based on that, the search engine results will be as far as your webpage can get a higher ranking. So optimizing the actual content. As if you're getting into the carrier of SEO, you will come across this word Yeti. And it stands for expertise, authoritative, Authoritative illness, and trustworthiness. So as you build this, I'm a naturally. Once you build this, naturally, you are going to get more visitor. See this actually, if you look at it, it links with the business. Suppose any kind of you're into any business. Any business naturally when you build a business is you have expertise or that specific. A product and you offer that as business. So people visit your website if they are confident that you have the expertise, you in the sense you or your company has the appropriate expertise and authoritative DNS and trustworthiness. Naturally, they're going to be more visitors and vice versa as well. And when there are more visitors, naturally, Google will have a rank higher. So one of the common approaches, as far as I've seen, picking up blogging. If you have the expertise, you discuss in the blocks, maybe you can use. You have your own blog externally and have a links. So that is where it is going to be even advantages having backlinks from your blog to the website, or you use LinkedIn and then refer that page from the website. So wherever it is, the advantages that will assert your expertise when you write blocks and you can also have links back. That's where they're going to be. More links are, for that matter, even more better is if a third party is going to link to your website blocks, naturally, you're going to get a higher ranking. So expertise, authoritative, and trustworthiness are critical parameters. And whatever I discussed always puts premium high-quality contents wants to make sure the high-quality contents are rewarded with better ranking inside that create low-quality content and get less visibly that is natural. So you need to have a website clearly indicates that it provides you with expertise, attractiveness, and trustworthiness. So clear relationship between Google considers high-quality content and appears in the search results. So content is king as far as AC is concerned. So some footprint 15 years before, if you take blogging, again, they use say, for blogging content is king. But these days, yeah, you have V block, that is a video blog. After YouTube has really taken up, people prefer a video-based block, which is European rather than a takes place block. These days there are different categories there as well. Maybe something like would be on the political side, some could be on the technical side. There could be variation. So you can always, again, if it's an YouTube blog as well, you can link it back to the website so that you get visitors from YouTube into your website. So Google goes by this mission, and that is where they have been highly successful to provide users with high-quality results so that they come back and make more such as these days it has become synonymous. Any such just go to Google, 95 to 98. Percent of the people go to Google to do any kind of such. Next come, the optimization of the page. This is just the structure. This also important oneness. Ensure that you have always hit us in one that does the title. Then you have the keywords. You have. The metallics are called Les, Meta tags, which is basically the description of the page. You have the Meta tags and appropriate keywords are used, and then sub-headings are true. The hedge one is the highest one as far as the header, h1, H2 is the next one. Generally, you will have had to hit six internal links. External links. Even with off-page internal links. Yeah, it is exclusively for the on-page. But if you look at the external link, it is more related to off-page rather than the on pin. Suppose if you are through your expertise, are different. Blog on a different website refers to your website that is through the external link because taxes are paid, you're not doing something on your page. You are doing an external agency or an external website is linking to your page on alternatively, if you're doing an external link, then yes, that website, the other website could be benefited. So comment as far as sphere doing on the blogs are someone has commented on your blog and your website gets referenced mobile-friendly. And of course, the speed, as I said, in chat, that you are paid loads faster. So we might need to use, maybe ensure that if you have one MB, you can always tweak it when I'm b of picture or an image can be always tweaked it to me, made as a 100 KB are 10 KB. You'll see some of the website, particularly when you are applying to something they always say the whips, the image side of the photograph to be uploaded should be less than 20 KB. So you need to tweak your photos so that it has size becomes less than. So critical. On page parameters, page title, page description, which is called as the Meta description, short summary of the page, not visible on the page content, but on the search results. You will get any any of the search you'll see, you'll get a description, but the description may not be available on the website. So that is paid description main headings. Besides the page title and other important, SEO is the main page heading. H1, subheadings in H2, H3. So support the heading internal linking. So all the page should be a link. You can our time in. Suppose you will never have kinda hit NPH, which is not easily visible through the links. It's going to be difficult to fetch this page unless the search result provides you with the page. So this is a poor internal linking. This is as far as the on-page is concerned because otherwise VC could linking, yes. You have ABCD. But Beijing, first two. I mean homepage, PGA refers here, PT also here, PhD, PhD, all interlinked. So that is where interlinks are important as far as the internal linking is concerned, you shouldn't have a kind of a page which is very difficult to access. External linking. It's more of the offside are off page rather than on pitch. So the external linking from maybe from your website to a different website or vice versa. So linked linking, pointing to page outside your website on different domain that links to external and receives the link. It's a backlink. So kind of add links to an external link. And for a website that receives the link, It's a pangolin that the EAB will see that as we get into the off-page SEO, we'll see that in detail. So this is about the on-page SEO. Thank you. Stay tuned. 8. Technical SEO : Welcome back. Let's now look at the technical SEO basics. So there are a number of what to say. I'm in kind of a parameters which needs to be focused on so that the SEO crawling engine happens and your pH is getting indexed appropriately. So the first oneness, the URL structure. One needs to have a good domain name. Design, a site structure that is easy. And you should optimize your URL as well. Normally, it needs to be from six to eight characters. It should be, one should easily remember it. Hip, maybe as catchy as possible. So that just when you say that, say that whatever the word one person is able to recognize instead of looking at the full text of it. And then you start URL when if they want to visit that website. So not just the character and don't use preferably don't use underscore hype iPhone. So these old days when you want to convey that across orally and could get missed. And that is where the structure plays an important role. So these are called slugs and our permalink. To confuse fewer getting into the amino acid carrier if you are getting into the SEO. So this could be a question, What's a slug or a permalink? So it's basically the URL structure. You are a link of that page. That's called the slack, all the Palmer links. What page is all about? So, and again, we'll see that, I mean, you need to, even the fulfilling needs to be unique. So easy to remember. I mean, if you take these two, that is from a website example.com, three goes into 343, BG and page dot HTML. So instead of that, so in case if this page dot HTML is all about what is a seawall of that page is going to describe that, then. Yes, you need to have what is an ACO that way? I mean, you are not just the title, not just the header, even the URL link. So the crawling engine recognizes much more easier. You have the URL link itself in such a fashion. I'm in such a way. What is SEO? So it's kind of Ensuring that you are making it doubly strong. Not just with the title, not just for the hitters. You are ensuring that the URL is also 0. What does that going to be? The content of the page? So naturally, you have more opportunity to have your page listed on the top. So point to note here is ensure that snot more than six to eight characters. Number 1, that STR or whatever is your domain. No hyphens. That is important, Anna as well. And if you get into the after domain when you want to design the pages, ensure that page name, that entire URL defining page has also what this almost there in the title. It should almost sync with this pipette so you may not make, or sometimes the title could be much bigger. So ensure that you cannot have such a big name and the page, but you can ensure that at least it is it mimics your actual page or I actual content of the page so that the crawling, indexing, you are enhancing your ranking. On the, whenever the search engine ranks you, you have more, say more opportunity for your website to be listed high on the search results. So that's support URL. So you need to focus on that. So again, the answer, whatever we discussed, which is the better one. The first example is a bad URL and the second one is an SEO friendly URL. So that's about the URL structure. Then the page not found. So you will, I mean, if you're coming from a little bit of a technical background, each page, you have an URL. And sometimes due to your further developed menu or to your prop, that page does not part of the website, but still somewhere that has referenced back. So mandate go to that link. Yes. In a dignified way you choose, say that this page is not available. Maybe you give the reasons or you say unfortunately Yolanda to that place. Your page is not available and ensure that people are inside your website. That will ensure that your wr is inside the ER webpage. They don't leave the webpage. So once the leader webpage, again, as per the sum of the predictions, like once they leave the webpage, 10 to 20 percent of the time, the visitor, don't. We sit back, leave the page in the sense because this one, there's no information, it shows page not found. So they may not be interested to go back and then check what is the URL, so ensure that they are inside the website itself. So just to give an example, as the page not found, I have all the links and all the links will bring up a different page. For example, if I go to the Apple about tense, it's going to bring in my detailed support me. Suppose for example, by chance, some bare year earlier, I had a page by name ABC are for that matter, ACO. And later I have remote ID or something happened. So this page is not at all then. And if the user comes to this one saying that under apart, SEE, then it should say that, sorry, this page is not available. The point here is me. I'm ensured that the vista is inside my website. He has not left the website, so probably you would still be interested to look out for the other services as well. So that is critical. I mean, search engines generally look for this aspect. So we might not know what the search engine looks, but these are the high priority one. So you have the page not found that is called as, which is called as Pos 0 for that enabled within your website. And you communicate back to the user that a this page is not available. So these are the two parameters from a technical SEO perspective. We will discuss further. Thank you. 9. Technical SEO - What is https?: Welcome back. Let's now look at another parameter which is important in the SEO, search engine optimization, which is called as history TPS. So this actually, in the last few years, it is becoming more prominent to have a side enabled for HTTP. Yes. Let's see TPS compared to HTTP. In fact, some a year before, around book 2015 or 2016 is what they started pushing for HTTPS. And then Google also said like, they are going to, when you use the Google Chrome, they are going to warn you saying that this is secure or not secure site. So if you are a site owner, they came out with such a notification saying that Google will show security warning on HTTP. If your site is something like and something like http, then it will show that wanting you will see that when you are in the site, one of the important, most important or more critical oneness in encryption, encryption of the messages. Particularly if you have a confidential information on the Internet, it could be tapped, particularly the user ID are the password that needs to be encrypted. So earlier, I mean, maybe about a decade or more back. Even the database they use to store password as such without encrypting. Encrypting meaning like, if you have a password, say a, B, C, D, it should not be saved as a, B, C, D, E should have some logic, some random logic and intraday XXXX, 1, 1, 1, and that should correspond to ABCD. So encryption is one of the critical one as far as HTTP is concerned. So if you look at the different HTTP, the website should begin with CTP. Yes. Whereas it will begin with his GTP. And then it uses port 80 for communication. Https uses 14443. Nasa set HTTP is considered unsecure. Has your GPS is more secure, particularly if you're using user ID password or something like pin, you want to use our credit card, you're using online. It is always advisable to look for Hester GPS site and the fetus HTTP. And don't use it, you're not supposed to use it. As GPS works. These are a little bit technical works on application layer HTTPS. It's all related to the network layerings. So this relates to transport layer. And this is important encryption because now hacking as become saw very common these days on the net, that test read the website are supposed to have institutions, particularly the last five to ten years, very, very common to use credit cards on the Internet site. So encryption is absent in HTTP, whereas it is present in HTTPS site. An SSL certificate, ssl read SSDT does not. So naturally this and secure and secure. The point to note here is your website naturally, when a search engine looks for a website with just history p, then it'll, if there is another site we just saw in history, TPS, when you are searching for some detail, naturally helicity ps will have listed about Dan HTTP, even though you might not use a credit card in your website. But if you have a website as a street EPS, naturally, that particular website in the search result that will have higher priority, r will be listed Ahead of Hetchy pill. So it is always recommended to have HTTPS even though you might not be using for any financial transaction. And on top of it, google will have, you will have seen a lock symbol on the browser. When do you use HTTPS site? That as an SVP to say not secure site. So we'll see that. So I'm in for the person who is browsing HTTPS will give more confidence and compiled to HTTP, even though he might not be. I'm using that for any of the financial transactions. Actually, if you want to make one trip site into HTTPS, There's a casted version, but recently, I mean, there are free versions too. So we'll look at this. That is our HTTPS. In what to show that you've got to get into this and you can, if you have a technical skills, you can enable this one, HTTPS for your website, you can enable it. And then naturally the website becomes as GPS of course, with this, it is free. Otherwise, most of the hosting service provider, or for that matter, your domain registrar might provide a history GPS enabling provisioning, but then that is the costed for that. And this one I found out at tests, free of cost. In fact, I have enabled for my own site. I will show that to you in the subsequent presentation. Thank you. Stay tuned. 10. Technical SEO - What is https (contd).: So this is, I have my own say, which, which is this one necessity of TPS source into the switch duty peers, you will have a lock symbol or here. So when you click on that, it is connections is secure, your information buzzword is private. Win 10 under site certificate is valid. So I have enabled HTTPS. This one. And if you look at my, this is a kind of development side, may want development side. So if you look at here, you are in oneness that you can enable HTTPS only if you are, if you have registered domain. If you don't have our domain registered, you cannot enable HTTPS. So that's red. This is just my development side. So I have not enabled and it'll show or any of the history FTP site, which is not HTTPS. We'll have this not secure, but we should not enter any sensitive information on this site. So that's what Google came out with this kind of messaging. The last few are statistically precise from 2017 onwards. Before that, they didn't have the structure enabled, secured and unsecured, having locking case of HTTPS site. And in case of HTTP, it is not secured. And as I said, during the search history, GPS site have will have a higher priority when the results are shown. So you can actually enable it much more easily if you're technically skilled. Yes, you can do this with search bar. So my filmmaker may software running on Apache and then on Centers system. So naturally it will show you how to perform The installed the steps. I'll their son, if you need to get into the shell prompt of you are I mean the Linux machine and then execute these commands so that the certificate would be enabled. And once certificates are enable, yes, you need to make appropriate provisioning in the yard or website also to ensure that it recognizes as GDP. So this door, this is out of preview of this course of SEO. Unless you want to build a website on your own, then you need to take, are actually a different course to build a website on your own. Otherwise, the point I'm trying to convey is that hetero DPS are the security of the website has a paramount important these days in the last few years, particularly with all kinds of hacking around the net happening, you need to have your website enabled for HTTPS. Thank you. 11. Technical SEO - Importance of Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml: Now let us look at two critical files which help you in the optimization of the website for the search engine, our oneness that robot.txt and sitemap XML. These two files are critical for your website. That is, once you are and development is completed, I mean, the website is ready to go. Yeah, that time need to ensure that the robot.txt and sitemap dot xml, particularly sitemap dot XML is used by the search engine and you made some other website might have sitemap dot HTML with faulty users if they wanted to know. Because if there are internally for test linked with hundreds or thousands or different pages, then sitemap dot HTML Mixins because the user will not know under bad to search a particular information. So in that case, the sitemap dot html would be useful for the user and similarly for the search engines. If they are going to have these many pages, even otherwise, even if it's a site is a simple site. You can make sitemap dot HTML and then you can present it to the Google Search Console saying that, hey, I have a new site. I'm in. The Google search engine needs to search my site and make necessary provision for indexing my site. So these two sides are important. One is that you can manually create them are otherwise known as a tool, online tool, which makes our tasks simple, is XML sitemap generator.org, map, create robot.txt, sitemap dot XML, sitemap dot HTML. So you need to upload it accordingly so that the search engine can look for the files and index your website. So I mean, from a definition perspective, why did OAT dot txt file is important? Is also known as the robot exclusion protocol or standard text file that tells the vapor robot are the spider, we may call it sometimes the whip spider program. Which crawls into the website to which one, which is to be excluded. Or maybe if you can tell the robot the pages, they should not crawl. If you have some kind of sensitive information, most of the times you have some kind of a login information, it's not necessary to crawl into that website. Are some sensitive information. You don't want to crawl it, then you can make exclusions. You can make exclusions and allow only. Whichever all the pages you want to allow for crawling, you can have that. Let's say a search engine suborder. We said before it was the target page. It will check for the robots.txt for instructions. So if you have that, you're pasting the spider at the search engine, crawling engine. To leave all the pages from calling and concentrate only on which you wish to crawl. This is particularly important, yeah. If you have a hundreds and thousands of pages, yes. We ensure that robots.txt is that even other ways it's always advisable to have a robot.txt if you have that, yes, search engines will give you an appropriate priority when compared to its website, which does a nap robot.txt. So this is for the exclusion part. As I said, if you have a confidential side, you are not bothered about the I mean, the search engine discovering your page, then in your robot.txt, you just have this command disallow blocking all the crawlers from the content. So the only difference if you see is that this one, but blocking all they were powerless from the content and allowing all crawlers to access all of the content? I mean, there is nothing to disallow everything. Yes. Allowed. In the second case. The first case, all the webpages are disallowed. The other oneness, the Sitemaps, sitemaps dot xml in simple term XML, sitemap is a list of your website URLs, taxes that roadmap Patel such in the content available, how to reach, reach it. So you might have some kind of tree structure. Now, website, maybe the navigation. So that is the website, maybe an HTML format in the XML format, this is for my own website, and this is my sitemap. And I need to, as I said, you need to, normally the search engine will, on its own, will index the only webpages, but that can take time. So instead of waiting for the search engine to discover that may take a month or so, whatever, depending upon the frequency they have designed it. So instead of that, you can enforce that. Google, you can get to get into the Google Search Console and present the sitemap XML for your website, then yes, it will be indexed quickly drained. So that is what is the notice all apart too quickly and shelter site is to be indexed. One can use Google Search Console and submit the sitemap, not XML currIndex quickly. So these two finds, oneness, the report texts and the sitemap dot xml are the critical ones. And particularly if you want heavier page ranked haha, when you need to ensure that these two are available for your website and H should be in the folder off your website in the Linux box. I'll show you in the subsequent presentation. Thank you. Stay tuned. 12. Technical SEO - Importance of Robots.txt and sitemap.xml: This is the website I was I was presenting in the earlier presentation that you can use this side to create the robot.txt and the sitemap dot xml or HTML. Either. You can do it on your own. I feel feel that if you're not comfortable, you can generate it online. All you need to do is write this on and the XML site generator with the HTTP address and then need to create, you can download it. And then you can then place it in the website as appropriate. So it's possible that way. You can have a plug-in. For example, you can have a plugin having WordPress site. You can even have a plugin which will automatically create. Suppose that will be beneficial, particularly when you're going to frequently add pages. Then the sitemap, my change. In that case, the WordPress plugin will be beneficial. You can have a plug-in so that it generates the sitemap dot xml from time to time. So either ways you can do it online generator, onetime generator are, you can have the plugin enabled if you're using the WordPress website, then you can have the plug-in installed. So now I'm in just four. I mean, it is said to be in that particular I'm using WordPress. So in our Apache and that test where it needs to be unbounded. What WHO? Amal. And if you look at Newham, whatever was generator, you have the robot dot TXT and sitemap dot xml. So these needs to be placed or here in the root folder. Then you have the WordPress install. In case if you're using the WordPress site or whichever is the root folder in the web server you need to play so that the crawling engine will recognize that website and looks for robot.txt are the sitemap dot xml. So what's the enabling it towards the fraud? Faster crawling and indexing the website. So these are the two important. Whenever you have a website, ensure that you have a robot.txt and sitemap dot xml. The search engines will look for these two files and thereby your website will be index quickly. And if there are any errors, that'll be reported as well, that is where you need to use the Google Search Console. You need to use that. And you've got to present the sitemap dot eczema. So that's our more vortex and sitemap dot xml. Thank you. 13. Technical SEO - using Google Search Console: So in the last presentation we saw about the sitemap XML. So I set up are you can use the Google Search Console to present the sitemap XML of your website so that the indexing can happen faster. And if there are any issues, yeah, Google can report it as well. So you can get into search google.com, this will come up and improve your performance on Google Search. Google search tools reports helps you to measure your site. Such traffic performance fix issues and make your psi shine in Google search results. So that's the advantage because I mean, if you look at the web, 90 to 95 percent of the searches happened through Google these days rather than the explorer related one that is Internet Explorer related 1 bingo. A Google search is when you do a search. It is these days it is common always to go to Google and do a search. So the first one is to start, yeah, you need to have a Google account and then login to that. So once you have locked in this, how it looks like. Again, initially, I mean, I have already added my website, otherwise, you need to go to add properties and then go through the screenshot, I mean screens to add the appropriate a website which you all do have all this indexing to be done and check your performance. So once this is added, the property of the website is added. And then you can submit the Sitemaps of your wishes generated, get into the sitemap. I have already submitted. The sitemap. Value can find the sitemap or tests here. Other ways already have already submitted and it has discovered as well, I need to showing the status a success. So otherwise you need to give the location of your sitemap once you type it, you submitted. And then Google will take over from that. Particularly that needs to be a success indicated here. Maybe you can turn out to Yara because of there are some issues with the sitemap XML it could turn out to be. So you need to ensure that to happen. Once that is done, it may take a few days time. If you look at it, it says Last rep date is April. So it might take few more days to Google search engine to read your sitemap XML. So if you're not doing it may take months together for your Website to be indexed by Google. So it is always advisable like go to Google Search Console and submit your sitemap XML. So once that is done, my men, once and our few weeks you can check your performance, how it is performing. How many impressions? It is relatively a new website, which I am created using the WordPress. And I have optimized, I have used the search engine techniques that try. And you may see and show you like when you get into coverage, you will see the valid ones. Say this is the time when I moved into the WordPress site and the supine actually from March Yan downwards I've started using and use the search engine techniques and have passion. My sitemap, XML, that's where like the number of pages, such as search engine, because search engine, Google search engine is presenting my website web pages and the number of impressions is going up. So it might take some more time before it goes up. So you have to look at this valid and then you have excluded as well. And one more thing is look at the mobile usability. This will come as we progress. The site needs to be mobile friendly. So it has been made mobile friendly, that is where it increases. So so that's support. Using the Google search engine oneness that point number 1, you need to add the properties. Go and add properties if you're, if you're new, if you're not use the Google Search Console, you need to add. And one, that is then you need to ensure that the sitemap is submitted. Once the sitemap is submitted, it will show you about the discovery URL, maybe few days it will take. And it'll show you which are all the discovered you and the status will turn success. So once that does then maybe once in a week are few weeks checkout. What the impressions, whether it will slowly increase. You can monitor the performance as well. So that's abort. The Google Search Console on which you need to submit the sitemap XML is advisable to do it. Instead of just leaving it for Google itself to discover your website. Thank you. 14. Technical SEO - GZIP compression - Making you website faster: Let's now look at another parameter which could potentially impact your website, which is related to the loading of the website. And then it'll subsequently impact you are deleting as well. If a slow websites is slowly, very tedious and discrete the user from getting into the site. So one of the techniques which is generally used is that generally used to start a G compression technique. So decompression is a technology that complex data files before it is sent into the user browser. So that is what is the G compression. So this reduces the file download, download time, which makes your website faster. So the meaning is it uses the compression technique to send the files, whatever files you have, you have a PHP file or HTML file. The center in a compressed format so that from the server it has to come to the browser. And so because it's a compressed file, so say for example, you have a site with about a 100 and B. And our page of 20 MB could be compressed to maybe phi m b. In that case, the transfer speed will be faster on the Internet. So once the compressed data arrives, all the modern browser automatically unzips the compressed files and displays them. So look and feel doesn't change using the decompression techniques. So for your website that needs to be enabled and whenever there is a kind of a technical audited perform, then you need to look out for whether the website has enabled the G compression. So there are ways to enable it. I'll just outline that. So if you have a technical skill, then it will be pretty useful as well. So the first step is to check for whether the deflate technique is enabled any observer. So to do that, yeah, You've got to get into the shell script, that is a Linux shell square upon which your help Australia or website. And then the HTTPD in my case, otherwise, you need to have this command, the Apache CTL command. So my case, yeah, this is what I have to use. And you need to find for deflate, deflate module, this shadow. So notice already that means that a shot that has enabled. So if that is enabled, then yes, the silver is enabled to send the compressed data to the browser. Once that is done, you need to check the this file which is available in this folder, VDC, ISD, VD, and to me. All right. From none to allow. All right. All and then you need to make ad has UTI address. There's this file. Let me get into changed three, var, www dot HTML. So get into this side and ls minus l HT access. So this would be generally a hidden file. And this is an additional entries need to be made on the on this file. So these are Aldi, because if you look at it, we use this module, module deflate. And this entry needs to be made so that whenever on the browser venue, type in the address, the server will send. The information may be the HTML information RBA, PHP file in a compressed one. And they add the browser and yeah, it's again unzip and then displayed on the screen. So It's quite because in that case, yes, your website is going to load faster. That is going to attract the customer as well as law website, slow loading will make the user uninterested, not only the user, even the SEO search engine will rank those websites which are enabled for G zip compression techniques. Thank you. Stay tuned. 15. Technical SEO - GZIP Compression (Contd) - Making your website faster: So these days, the other parameters, which is critical as far as the ACA ratings are concerned, you get a high rating if the website has mobile friendliness. And last term maybe in just about a decade, particularly after smartphones became in usage, became highly used. With Internet and Internet cost coming down. Internet, meaning the Internet connectivity prices dropping down. The website needs to be mobile friendly. Mobile friendly in the sense it needs to be responsive. Responsive in the sense, if you had designed a website just for a browser, it may not necessarily be. It cannot be or need not be necessarily be user-friendly when you use a mobile. So let's assume a person is users using a mobile device to browse our website. And if it is not wrong bile friendly by the mobile friendly, this is a common term used to refer it. Responsiveness. The site is responsive, meaning if someone uses our browser, it needs to display the content in certain format. And in case if they are going to use our TAM, then it needs to be in a certain format. And then if it is going to be a mobile device because mobile device screens are small, then in that case, it needs to be designed to display data in the slightly adjusted format. The format is not going to change. Then, yes, for this, if a website is designed to use one link for our browser desktop, then this might look, actually are not user friendly. So you need to have a website which is mobile friendly, and that is where the SEO search engine identifies. Yeah, This site is mobile friendly. Yes, naturally it will have a higher priority while listing that website. The next one is this. We have seen the speed of loading. There are a number of parameters, speed of the Internet that you can't help it. The owner of the website cannot help it. Location of the web server. This is critical because nowadays what's happening is for company is quite huge. What they do is they will have the website I'm in the hosted. A different location may be for test. If a person is browsing from APAC region, that is Asia Pacific region, they would have posted their website in the web server located in the APAC region. If it is Europe, then in the Europe region if for tests in the Americas, then in the US region so that depending upon the location, the contents will be from that particular regional solar. And again, the hosting service provider IS important who has got was built up Reputation nor the air. Naturally, it would cost higher when you host in their server. But The trade-off educators that you might get a better speed with AKS service provider who has a reputable name in this industry. And the plugins, if you are particularly using the WordPress in the website, different plugins you use substantially impact the speed of the website loading. Finally, the last point is, yeah, this is in your hand. You got to enable the Z, z, Z compression technique. You need to have that enabled so that the data is sent in the zip format. The browser will unzip it and display the website information. And it will not have any impact on the quality of the images or the contents. And finally, redirects. Redirects away. To forward a person from a URL that may temporarily or permanently be accessible to another URL. I will not say this one. Kinda fun. Some of the, sometimes they say ISI was if you're not having a problem because naturally the page we'll know in case if you're not doing it, proper. Redirect, say for example, you have if there is an acquisition company a, company B, then yeah, company website need to be redirected. I'm in leather, it's vice versa. Company acquires company B. Company B is nonexistent. So naturally, wherever the traffic comes through, to be naturally, it needs to be redirected to yea. So if that doesn't happen, then it is a and confusion for the user. So there are different techniques. 300, one direct moved permanently, particularly when there is acquisition happened, some company acquires another company, yes, The company which goes out of business, probably you need to have a redirect moved temporarily when probably you have some issues with particular website posted, then yes. Needs to be that need to be redirect, which redirects the user to a different location. And three, not three is for other conditions, business conditions which might happen. So in a nutshell, these are the technical SEO's. So many you do an RNA that is going to be an SEO audit. All these parameters will be checked. And of course, the SEO itself will check for these conditions and whichever the website satisfies, then naturally it has to be this website well, go up in priority or the period of time. That is when you do a search, it goes up in priority. Depending upon the searches the user makes and the Meta descriptions we just made in the website. And so many other factors, the the loading loading factors, the mobile friendliness. So many factors are considered by the SE was so that it appropriately ranks the webpages in the browsing result, but not the closing recently SEO results. So thank you. Stay tuned. 16. Technical SEO - Mobilefriendly approach plays a critical role: Let me quickly demonstrate the responsiveness when IT website, when it needs to be viewed from a mobile device. Let's see how it looks like. So now of course, you see the screen on my laptop and two-fold screen. So what is happening? What will happen is actually with the mobile site dive in. We knew because on the top you have the minuss. So when the screen is going to be smaller than naturally, all the switches on the top, we'll get kinda sandwiched. And it'll look, I'm an awkward if you have not made it responsive. So what I'll do is just for understanding purpose. Suppose if I move it, if I say as far as these are our screen could be for a tab, there is no changes, no changes, no changes. But once it comes to mobile size, you have the menu changing or here, you have an icon. It's kinda of that is what the menu is going to looked like. So you're not have the actual menu which you see in the desktop and even the screen and get slightly modified earlier. If you see that, you'll see all the four and business web services being displayed. When you see on the desktop or a laptop, Mac now, it gets adjusted. So that way it becomes more presentable when even if, if you look through the mobile phone, spell. So it will automatically adjust menu, view it on the browser irrespective of whether it is a procedure used in the desktop or from the mobile phone. And the screen is set to be responsive. So these days, more and more people are getting used to the mobile phone for browsing. The website needs to be mobile friendly. Why is called as responsiveness of the website. And if your website is, has that responsiveness, yes, the search engine will pull that while syntaxin, they will check for responsiveness. And if it is So naturally, and that'll have higher priority while displaying the display results in the search engine. Thank you. Stay tuned. 17. Understanding ON-PAGE SEO: Let us now look at the types of SEO techniques. So earlier, we saw about the types of SEO as such, resolve or the technical SEO. The on-page and off-page. Now we'll see the SEO technique itself here also you have three techniques. One is white, white hat, the other oneness in black hat, the name itself indicates being a black. It's not good. Why is supposed to be good? And gray is kind of a middle path between the white and the black. So what does a white hat SEO? The term white hat SEO refers to the SEO tactics that are inline. Inline with the terms and conditions are the major search engines, including Google, inline with the search engine, meaning you need to follow the technical SEO guidelines. If you have followed that, the on-page, off-page, you are following all the guidelines because the technical SEO also there's going to be like something like sitemap. And then you need to have robot tag's content optimization, having the key, key words, key phrases, having the header links. So if you are going to adhere to whatever Google any of the search engine is looking for. And of course, your content has to be an effective content, uninteresting content at distinctive and unique content not be copied. So Hall, this will not know the clear terms and condition, but generally this is a kind of more would you, you get. So in case of white hat, SEO should be in line with the terms and conditions of the major search engines. So basically, if you are adhering to that, if you're following that, yes. You have a higher ranking in the search engine results page, SEO, known as SERP. So if you are getting into the SEO, feel this upon commonly therefore term you CRP, CRP, a search engine, the Sell page. So quality, as I said, quality of the content services, fast loading. That is where you use all this sitemap. Not just the sitemap, that is for the indexing purpose and loading purpose. You may use some compression techniques. We'll see that. Mobile friendliness because now these days, I'm in 90% of the processing happens through mobile. So your website to be mobile friendly and Meta tags, that is the description keywords. And easy to navigate with the appropriate internal linking. Without linking, generally you need to have unique can't have stand-alone page somewhere. Particularly this is a reference. If your, if your website too, so very huge. Maybe you feel with the pH has hundreds and hundreds of pages. You always find it. It is difficult to find out a particular page. Particularly you would have come across maybe a banking site. You will not know where to find which one. Suppose you want to download a form. Yeah. You're not able to directly CTO at and find out that the form is uploaded. So let us where the sitemap, the HTML1 will help the user. So it needs to be easy to navigate without being educated by someone. So in a nutshell, this is all provided here. Lemon content will label images, links, reference, good spelling and grammar, standard HTML, unique and 11, a page titles, headers. Each page had need to have a header tag, H1 that we just see, prominent header tag. So that's why it had, which is basically like you accept, you make sure that the website has to all the terms and condition. On the other hand, you also have a black hat against guidelines or the search engine duplicate content. Invisible text and keywords. For example, Internet of Things could be like prominent topic these days. So probably you just disguise the page so that the text are not visible. You still key in Internet of Things. For that matter, machine learning, which is not visible, the content might be different, but because the search engine looks for the key texts, you make it invisible. So and again, links from, you shouldn't post chase. Links from, from sites are non-relevant content, you're not supposed to do it. The old term does black hat. So basically duplicate content, inaccessible text. So just to ensure that you are ranking goes higher, the actual searching happens. But what likely will happen is if the Google finds it out through some means, then yeah, the site could be blacklisted. Men, you may not be available in the search engine searching. I'm in search engine ranking page assets. So black hack needs to be avoided. And there is other one. They had tried to kind of tweak the black hat with a moderation, maybe purchase links, buying follower. So I'll not advisable. Yes. In case you could be blacklisted for this. Also, you never know. So ideally you need to be on the white hat. Yes, your technique unique to one to use for building up the website and having the website ranking higher. So all this, the point to note, Harish, the SEO optimization technique is an ongoing process. It's going to take its own time. So people adopt shortcuts. That's where the black cat they tied to do with Black Hat SEO. Seo. But then yeah, some point of time you need to pay the price for it. So ACO, as I said, it's an ongoing process. The improvements are going to be ongoing process with your website and it is going to take time and effort to have your webpage ranked higher. Turnover searching is not. So that's about the SEO techniques. Thank you. 18. ON-PAGE SEO - Keywords: There is a lot of discussion on keywords. In your website. You need to use keywords appropriately so that I'm in, in the search engine results when there is a surge happens, because you have used keywords as appropriately, you have a higher chances of getting that In your website being picked in the search engine results page. I would say like, don't focus too much on the keywords, but the focus should be on the contents. You need to have appropriate blogs, you need to focus on the social marketing, social website marketing. So at the same time, yeah, you need to maybe think about what could be the keyword which could be potentially fit you appropriate research. The simplest oneness, there are lots and lots of tools which you could use to identify the keywords. Google itself, like we need to kinda search, I say IoT. As such. These are the various because these are the popular searches which has happened so naturally, yeah, you quote appropriately in your website, have something like IoT based projects, IoT applications, those can be used. In addition to this. There is one more thing, like when you do a search of that at the bottom as well. Related searches. So IoT projects, IoT application is definitely a keyword. So probably in your website as later to IoT, you need to have keywords as IoT projects or IoT technologies are the definition. So these are the things which Google themselves. These are of course, free tools. There are many free tools. One of them is, of course the keyword tool I0. This is supposed to be a free tool as such. So there are a lot and lot of free tools which are available. And as I said, the focus should be on the content. Additionally, you can use look at the key words which can be used in building content and use them as appropriately in your content so that it fetches the organic results whenever the search happens. Thank you. 19. OFF PAGE SEO: Let's now look at the off-page SEO topics. Of all of them, like we saw technical on-page. And the last one is the offbeat of the restricted to when you compare. The off-page of page requires time and effort. And patients as well because the technical as well as the on-page is under your control. I mean, who is the website owner? It is in their control. They can do it. I mean, if there are any issues, they can always resolve it. But off-page, it is. More of the other people are other website or the other website owners to take note of your web website and they should appreciate your whatever is the content provider. And that's where we are. Ranking is supposed to rise aspect. So off-base everything that happens directly on your lesson, directly on your website. So you doesn't happen directly, meaning like the control from urine is pretty less as far as the off-page SEO is concerned. So it has more to do with the external world. A link me, link building social media and local SEO. Local SEO is building up a local business. Yes. Kind of an advertisement ensures that you take care of the local SEO bank. So all this gestural diagram which shows the website being linked across. So you might be an expert in a particular field and probably you refer to a related field. I mean, that is where I said the webpage linking is more common, particularly when you do blogging and if you are an expert. And then probably you tried to link it across and yeah, it could be happened with the products as well. In product says, well, you try to link up, integrate with other products and you link up with other website. So in products also it can happen. But for a newbie, yes, it could happen for the blogging, but logging, not necessarily a newbie or the period of time. That is where you show your expertise for the field or all field in gender. So the offbeat, the links. The links could be either way. The pack backlink is, happens. You are, it could be you link the other side. So what's a backlink is a link that points from one domain to another. For website that links out, it's called the outbound link. And for a website that receives it's called the inbound. An inbound link is generally referred as the backlink. Generally that is referred as the backlink. So this is kind of pictorial representation battling acts as a work of trust. And this is taken into account back Google algorithm during the ranking process. I can just quote An example. Like when I was doing blogging, I'm in, I do blogging as well. I had done a kind of log right up on the cybercrimes. I mean, the credit card are the bang, bang, pushing, pushing, pushing this. And they will say like sometimes. And they say your account is compromised and you need to log into your website. You will get an email from some battles and they will refer to URL. Back to URL might not be a bank. Url. It could be some in the article somewhere. And ask you to share all the user ID password. That is called as pushing. You, you would have had fishing. This is fishing. Ph Hi, I'm pushing. I'm in They tried to get information from you. So what happened was when I was blogging I'm in, I had preferred, wrote an article about this one. How you could be deceived. Ordinary man who am and a layman who is not technically skilled, can be received through this e-mails with a link which is pointing to imitate us, come from a bank, but it is, and our website, the URL link will not go to the bank. It will be taking you somewhere, an artificial website where they will try to get out all the information. So when I wrote that blog, yes, somehow the particular bang saw that and they had linked that my article in their bank side. That way, yes, my logging, because it comes from a trusted bang, I had a good link. In fact, my traffic went up by blocking traffic went up. So that is where all this back linking will be very critical for the visitors to visit your webpage. So what's a good link? Link added by a webmaster from a reputed link coming from a related website and a reputed website, a well-known website. Yes, I test adds value and swatter to stress to it because it's Islamic bank distrust strip. So that's where it comes. You have a higher weightage. When Google gives that Haraway teach, your webpage ranking is going to go up. So link that adds additional value to the users of that website. Any links that don't fall in number considered as a back battling particularly, there are people who tried to buy out links, unrelated links. That doesn't really add value to the page results, search page results. So it should be a good link. That is where I said it is going to take time and effort to build these kind of an off-site SEO. So the off-site SEO takes time and effort. Patients is critical. So it might take months. In some cases it may takes years to. So natural link building. The safest way to improve. As I said, we are content is critical given the content and the best possible way. Yes, naturally that is going to be linked back some bad. And that is where your pH value goes up. It leads to more traffic. Naturally, yes, you will get higher ranking in the Google search aspect. So that's about the off-page SEO. Thank you. Stay tuned. 20. Overview of Google Algoritms in SEO: Welcome back. So earlier we were discussing about how the Google search engine works. So it has a set of algorithms which looks at the pages and looks for it its contents before you indexing them and then post indexing them. Yes, it presents in the search results. So let us discuss them in. There are many algorithms critical. One of them, there are eight around eight. The first one, niche Panda, which is two, just to check duplicate and user generated spam or keyword stuffing. So this all we saw earlier while discussing with the black hat techniques. So just tough the, I mean, just merge with the background, white background and have even the key words in text color as white, so that becomes invisible. So these kinds of algorithms can track those and then it can remove from the ranking. So the first one is panda, which looks for duplicate. Again raised the content, which means you have tried to copy something. And you try to be the owner of the content, which is actually that is not the case. It can find out, these algorithms can find out. Then pen green with spammy are irrelevant links. Irrelevant lynxes that if you buy links, unrelated links, just to have backlinks so there are to gain advantage. So this algorithm will look for that pen green hummingbird keyword again, keyword stuffing, low-quality, ponder, and humming. Hummingbird work in tandem to identify all this keyword stuffing, low-quality content, moving, I mean, this is pretty late. By Google. I mean, since 2015, Google, I mean, the mobiles mock phone As become the order of the day. I mean everyone. But 90 percent of the population uses the mobile to browse the any of the website. So if the website lacks the mobile compatibility, then yeah, you'll not be ranked higher. So same website should be able to capture the users. Whether they're from desktop, are from mobile, are from tabs. The same website should automatically adjust to display the information. And that is known as the recollect correctly. That is known as responsiveness. Responsiveness of the website to adjust depending upon the ways in which oneness viewing. So there is a mobile SEO algorithm which checks for that aspect. And then you have rank brain, lack of specific query lesson, lemons, shallow content, poor user experience for test, not a crack them. Then discern track, rank, brain than medics. You a U a, the authority, fitness and trustworthiness. We saw that as well. Expertise and trustworthiness. So particularly if you are getting a backlink from Bell known website, yes. Then rank the specific webpage higher. And then comes bird. Poorly written content, lack of focus, lack of context. So then, but we'll identify and finally the core updates. This suggests two supplementary algorithm which tries to keep track of everything in place. So this is just further information just to get an idea that there are many algorithms will need to work in tandem because they are going to be millions and millions of Peter's. So how do we know which page should come first? I mean, when you do any kind of search holders, different search results should come on the first page, which should come on the second page, what should come on the third page? It even goes hundreds and thousands of pages for any searches. Naturally, any user will not go beyond if you look at it. Based on everyone's experience, we may not go beyond maybe three or four pages. Probably you will query the query and find out. Then it'll different set of pages may come. So otherwise, yeah, generally uses goes up to four phi r max, 10 pages Max. Beyond that, they might not go. So how does that is where the Google search algorithm has to work together and produce the search engine result page. So let's talk about the major Google search algorithm. Just to have an idea that there are algorithms which need works at the background while crawling process and having the website index. Thank you. 21. Importance of Backlinks in SEO: Let's now look at the backlinks. And the PageRank's. The more the backlinks your page and that is the way page rank is supposed to go high. So the value of backlinks. Search engines like Google consider the quality and quantity of inbound links is a measure of value of the website. So more backlinks a website is having, then it is considered to be like. So it's considered to be an expertise, authoritative niche, and trustworthiness. So that is where you get a higher page ranking. So again, if you look at it, high-value links. So we'll see the high-value links, why it is. So high-value links can make your site more in the list in the search results. There are two types of, again, the two types of backlinks to follow and nofollow. So what is a to follow links? So blue for law is simply is a default link. I mean, when you feel comfortable with Hester team model, then when you want to refer to any any of the website. So any of the websites have, for example, here. If you go get into the browser page display will show like this. But then if you look at the code behind it, there'll be a reference, something like this, which is the heterotroph pack will be there associated which points to the soul. When you click on this, it'll take you to the link page. So normally do follow is simply the default state of the link. So which means somebody, I mean, some website refers to your page. Normally it's tend to be a to follow. So if there are more links, naturally when more links, irrespective of the now Google search engine results, normally you, your page might get more and more traffic. And add to this. What Google does is Google. Through their algorithm, they've fine whether your website as more default or do follow links. If they have more to follow, then naturally yes, you are ranking will go up. So how do we do follow link affect the site ranking? The search engine? Bots crawl the web through the to follow link, registering who is linking to who. These Relationship pass a type of authority that SEO Pro's called link juice from one site to another. And this is, this is what is important. The high-value, I said high value for HIV. I evaluate reputable site with a high rank links to you. Then it considers your page to be also a reputable site. So for example, maybe from the linkage from somewhere from a banking site are well-known government site or even a corporate site. A well-known corporate linking DR website as higher value rather than an unknown company. So naturally, because it's a kind of a third party who has almost like said that, hey, I have validated this page. So because the third party is a highly ranked website, naturally your ranks go. Suppose so, if it is the third party is not that reputable, then yes, Sterling's might not get that value. So I think I pulled this earlier. I mean, I used to do a blogging and in fact, one of the, for the, I wrote an article on cybersecurity and one of the banks was interested in that, and in fact, they promoted that my write-up in their bank website. So naturally, I want a period of few months, I found my block traffic increase and as well as the PageRank, PageRank slowly started increasing as well because it is from our bank site. So that's where the two follow links gives you, I mean, gives a website more weightage, so on. Once you have more weightage, naturally, when there is a search, it'll be listed on the that particular page is going to be listed on the top. So as I said, this can improve your ranking in the search engine results. So that's about to follow. Pointer embarrass. Generally to follow is by default. It happens by default most of the links, if you see, it's just going to be to follow unless yeah, if that is the company doesn't want to give any kind of weight age and they don't want to promote you, then they might go for a nofollow. So there could be other reasons also, we'll see that. So what is a nofollow links? The average, as I said, I mean, most of them by default it's going to be to follow. And four, from the webpage we paid you not know whether it's to follow or nofollow. Unless you get into the court. The court which works on the background. For a common user who interacts with the website, they will not know whether it is due follow, or nofollow. So in case of nofollow, this is what they're supposed to be there in the Court. Br rel nofollow will be there. Example if you see this one, twitter.com or here, and then the HF, HF will have hedge roughest the history behind the webpage wherein they wanted to take you to a different webpage, something like Google announced will be a link. So when you go and you get finger-pointing there and then you click on that. It takes you to a different page. So it have no follow. So what is missing here? So no follow. That should be the additional one. What happens in nofollow is that the search engines will not cone this cone dish and waved up for third party website as included the class as nofollow, then the search engine will not consider it as R as I juice link. The question now comes due nofollow links hold any value. Of course it does. To an extent it's still could improve the perfect. It would increase the traffic. Anywhere you reference it, it increases the traffic, but only thing is you might not far now you might not get what to say. Pagerank may not improve because it's CA, doesn't consider nofollow links or juice link. But as you have more traffic naturally someone referred and decor do follow link. So as I said, the Google, as I said, I mean, one thing to notice, nofollow links plus 2 falling to happen in a website. But then if it is going to be just all do follow the link, then it is going to be dangerous as well. Because as we discussed earlier, google has algorithms which lung and the background towards indexing. So, so if there are all the links are only to follow links that you have some Two 100 links and all the 200 is all do follow links. The algorithm, the Google SEO pin when update algorithm recognizes it as something like something suspicious because there are 200 links, all the 200 links being all do follow. So maybe purchasing links. If you remember correctly, purchasing links isn't illegal. It's actually legal. That, that is a kind of a black hat strategy. You are not supposed to purchase links to boost your SEO ranking. So, so I mean, any website should always have an ideal mix off. No follow and do follow links. So that's how bored do follow and nofollow links. So I mean, point and I'm inclined to notice that generally by default, desperately to follow. But if a seawall is in wild and some are still some more, I mean, if some kind of unknown side and still like the article. So you don't want to really promote the website, then naturally better to go for a no follow link rather than to follow Lee. Thank you. 22. SEO Audit and how to perform?: Let's now get into the SEO audit. So you only we discussed about the technical ESU, what it what is needed, and there are framework behind it, like sitemap, robots, dot txt. Then we saw up or the mobile pages, how Website should cater to the desktop, mobile pages. And so many other things that are, I think about close to eight different parameters we saw. And then On-page about the content, about the headings, about the links, backlink as far as the pages concern. And so many of them we had looked. So how do we go about checking website on all this technical on-page, off-page that does for the SEO complaints. So this is where is the confusion? And that is where that process is called the audit. So an SEO audit is a process of analyzing how well your web presence relates to best practices. Because our ultimate goal is to ensure that you are website or a web page is available. For the Google search engine to provide the results. Page results gets displayed based on the keyword searches. So that's the objective and it should come Monday. And again, depending on the PageRank, so many other things, it should be on the top of the list. So I CBO audit performed whether all the best practices which is required for the website to be ranked by Google are any of the search engines. So that the webpage is presented in the results. So it's a first step in creating an implementing plan that will be in measurable results. So basically, if you look at it, it needs to look at the technical SEO issues, website structure on page, then potential of page problems, improvements, user experience. User experience? Yes, most of them, if you look at it, there'll be always overlapping user experience. Yeah, you have a website like hundreds And thousands of pages, then it should be all the hundreds. I mean, should be easier for any of the user who comes into the website. They should not. It should be because to access the website, generally, unless it's kind of a banking or some site, you might have some training, some YouTube videos, but the others might not have. So naturally. It should be so intuitive in such a way that the user does not feel the field disconnect while browsing the website. It should be in a such a way that he's able to visit. Each and every corner of the website as per his wish. So that is where if you look at it, the user experience and websites structure may correlate with one another. I mean, it should, both of them should work in tandem. And again, content gaps, opportunities. Meaning like when you do an SEO audit beyond I mean as an SEO concert and for that matter, should be how maybe the business business on our purchase you for an SEO audit. Because you are, you should be generally if you look at it, the ACO person and digital marketing person go hand in hand. So this guy's needs to be technically knowledgeable. And apart from being, have functional experience behind the marketing aspects of digital marketing, they should also be an ACO person. And they should know like, what are the opportunities available which the competitor is taking care? And probably in the individual, which probably the newbie are, another owner might not have looked into it. So you should have knowledge. A person should have knowledge on the opportunities, particularly knowing about how the other competitor is using the web towards marketing his product are himself. Yeah, that's what I told earlier, competitive market insight. So it should ideally be not just technically knowledgeable on the ECO site, but also have, need to have good knowledge on the functional side of the business, the marketing aspects as well. So SEO audit in a nutshell, is a process of analyzing how well your web presence relates to the best practices so that the the engine search engine fetches the pitch and presented in an appropriate way. For the user. It should be on the top of the search results as well. And then, yes, the other MACOS. Ultimately, when you have backlinks, you might use the social media like the YouTube are Facebook, ultimately the Ikhwan day because of backlinks, if you have any, I mean, if you have blogs or if you have write-ups in the LinkedIn SEO, all that could involve backlink into our website. Ultimately, they're more backlinks, which is legitimate, and it comes from a reputed site. Normally the page ranking is going to go up. And naturally, the results, the search results will be in the top pages of the Google search. So it's basically, if you look at it, it's a kind of health checks of the website, kind of a technical term. If you have an ERP system, people used to do a health check because the database is fragment that there could be challenged. So ideally, SEO audit is a kind of a health check of your website. So it should be comprehensive, easy to understand by a non-technical person are the business owner. It should cover both structural component, content component affecting the SEO visibility. Recommendation should be actionable. Just audit is not enough. This needs to be implemented because there's a correction is going to be there. Just ASU audit alone will not serve the purpose. There could be changes required on the webpages are the website that needs to be implemented. And that is going to of course, involve cost and effort as well. So that is SEO audit. The next question is, how do we go about whether it's manual? Are tools use tools, automated tools. Earlier days that is abort, maybe about 78 years back. It's more of a manual, very, very few two tools that are available. And that was even those tools was having huge cast, a small website, Warner. What's not in a position to use these tools, automated load, but now many of them provides free tools. So I feel small businessman, Are, you feel are catering to a small business or developing small business website. Then you can use the free SEO tools to analyze. We'll see that in the demonstration oneness AC1 laser shot me. And then you see your fruit free tools. That are free tools. Then you have spot B0.com does all this, is free tools. They have a paid version and they have a free one as well of how all of them listed there, some top because this was much easier. The other one probably requires a registration as well. And Google also recently come out with something called rich results. So whether we'll see that as well, they have introduced a beta version of rich results. We see that. Point to note here, S and Google, these tools, whatever, if you run, it'll say sitemap is present or not, but it will not submit to the Google Search Console. So that is a separate task. And looking at Google's search analytics, It's also important task of any SEO. So that is when I have provided this as a note, because with these tools, you cannot access site will not get into the Google Search Console. So it is for the SEO person are for the business owner of the website to get into the Google Search Console and read the information provided over there. So we will look at these tool. How, what are the features available in this tool? How easy, hard are they to use? So then go Stay tuned. 23. Free SEO Audit tools - Part 1: Okay, let's now look at the automated tool, the SEO analyzer tool. So this website, SEO analyzer.me. One good thing is about this website. What the SEO analyzer is that many of them will have various costed options. So this website, I didn't find any of them. It's not doesn't look like a custard one. And it was much easier as well just to give the URL link of the website, then it'll give all the details. So unlimited analysis and unlimited of the most powerful servers, in-depth reviews. So so I found this one to be much impressive when compared to other one because the other one, yes, they have costed options and they have free options as well. So once you type in the address, get to review. You should provide you with the review results. And generally, I mean, I have earlier reviewed, so that's where it has given me the score as felt 69, anything it is said anything about 70, menu get. As far as I see you on laser, it's supposed to be a good score. So anything below 40? Yes. Definitely needs improvement. That is one part affect. The other part is sometimes yeah. It looks, could be some strange. Some of them, these all the SEO analysis sometimes overlook some of them you might have implemented in the website. But again, as you know, all this works on some algorithm on a computer program behind the screen when you provide the website details. So these computer programs, which analyzes the website, may have might have looked something. So that's where I'd like. Some of them might not be that. So if we quickly look at it, yes, title tag, Meta description, those are important. So the first prominent one as well as an if you look at it, if you recollect what I mean, is it related to technical or is it related to the on-page SEO off-page, you recollect correctly the title tags and Meta description is related to the on-page. So headings. So all these are looking right. I mean, this recently one added one pig. Ultimately, if you look at recollect ultimate just so positive the image doesn't load for any reason there should be an appropriate description for it. So that is what this all keywords looks okay. An HTML decompression. Your website is compressed from here, I mean one MOOC, 110 KV, two, so that is enabled. So this is one of the most important thing. I can speed up your website loading aspect. So sitemap, it has a sitemap in this one, this folder, and it has data about ticks also, the sitemap is what it says it is available. So this again, you need to present it to the Google Search Console so that the indexing is faster. If you just leave it in the Soviet itself, sitemap XML, then Google might take its own time, may be few weeks, are maybe few months on which index your website. So others embedded object I fame domain registration. All are fine index pages this web. Sometimes it looks because my pages are already indexed and because I have submitted in the Google search engine, so it says it is not there. Probably, we do not know what is the algorithm behind it. Maybe they are looking for some other apart from Google recognizing, maybe they are looking for how long it has been index some logic behind that so which we are not aware. So at least, I mean this an indicator, at least if you're confident because I'm confident because I am submitted my sitemap XML. Xml, which is required for indexing into the, you will have recollected earlier when a short that the search Google console, I have already submitted backlink. Yes, not many will be there. So it's referred 0 backlink. Favicon is the image custom page load time? Yes. This again, mainly depends. Mostly on the web server. Yes. The best men again, depends on the cost. So customer at the center, I've used the article free tire. In fact, I have not used any of the or the service provider for hosting my website. I am posted on the Oracle free tire Linux machine itself. So maybe if you are using any of the hosting service provider, would be faster. The best one could be faster. But always the four seconds is okay. It's not something bad for a small business. So you can go through this e-mail address. It's not a big issue. Yeah. This is true. It's spamming. They say you are male. Heidi, RER, males could be spammed by someone. So it is always better to provide a farm based messaging instead of direct, this one. Direct mail, I would have provided my mail address strophe that you should provide the form, momentum, friendliness. And again, this is what if you look at my mobile, I have also demonstrated how may menu from our text-based one, it moves into an icon-based one earlier. So but it says it's not available. So I mean, some of the things you need to be confident if you're taken care. Well and good. If not, this is an indicator. Whether it is, there are not. So this one, as I said, anything, close our own 70, your website is good enough. Improving further could be a little dicey difficult. Though even though it's one contact is not possible. It's possible. But for a small website, yes, 70 plus ion in that range is good. Anything in the forties and fifties, that is many low hanging fruit as far as maybe you will not have put the site, ma'am, are the report tags or the mobile compiled compatibility is not that title tags and Meta descriptions are not dead. So these are much more easier. Again, this title times how to create meta-description, how to create for that. Yeah, that's where the developers, I have here, a WordPress developer, you know how to achieve the title tags and Meta descriptions. So it's beyond scope to get into those details. So this is as far as the ESU Analisa, this iPhone, yeah, pretty good tool for anyone who just wanted to any kind of SEO analysis for a website, assuming website owner, someone has created and probably wants to check whether it's website is good for the SEO search engine. The ideal thing is to produce, to run this report all here and then have a one-on-one discussion. Probably you need to cross verify. I mean, if you had a technical person get into the data, such Console, Google Search Console, check the weather, they have checked the sitemap XML is prison. He submitted. If current, you need to submit whether the mobile friendliness is that whether Pakistan, all this, yeah, you need to work with then with the developers and the developer on the website and the website owner. So all this can be, you can improve upon and ensure that the website is available for the search engine. Thank you. Stay tuned. 24. Free SEO Audit - Part 2: This one is another SEO analysis, our SEO audit tool. You can perform the SEO analysis of websites. So this will require registration and if you look at the results, so Plans and Pricing, so free. So the premium, maximum number of pages to be crawled. So basically for a small business, this is more than enough the basic. So let's, I'm already done it. So niches. But otherwise, when you perform all this analysis, yeah, I could pick up our Tom anywhere between five to ten minutes for the analysis to go through. And then it will present you with the detail analysis. So this I have already done. So I mean, most of them provide almost the same information, so it's almost rinsing. I'm in the earlier one also I got about close to 70. And here also it is about 68% to this you could use are the other tool. You could also use all these links are there in the references section and a notepad I have uploaded so you can download that as well. This is another SEO audit tool, spot GPIO. It requires registration. So I have already registered, get into the projects and view complete analysis. So this will give you all the details. So then you can work on. But here I am not seen any kind of ranking or here, whereas the others, you have a ranking. So you put US, I mean, if you wanted to do an ACO analysis, yeah, just one tool is enough, but do you want to cross verified with other tools? You could do that as well. Normally, I tried to use the first tool that has more than enough. But if you want, if we cross verify, and check the results with others, then you could use the others aspect. There is one more, which is the nine show you quickly. You could use this one as well. So this is from Google. So just to check the data structures in the website. So the pages eligible for rich results, meaning like, yeah, you are eligible for the search engine. Kind of search engine analysis. Your website might not have many of the issues, no loading issues. So you could just use these tools to just because manually checking is fine. But then you could use these automator or these automated tool to ensure that your website is up to the expectation of the search engines, particularly like Google. Yeah, If there are any issues, try to improve upon them. And then you could reorder, do a performer rewarded, and then check whether it is taken care? Sometimes, yeah, as I said, like the mobile in the first first SEO audit, it's not mobile friendly, but my website is mobile-friendly. That's okay. Sometimes all these programs, they would have checked something. We're just not there in my website and they might report. So some of them, some of the parameters you need to manually confirm with the technical team or with the theoretic technical person. Yeah, you need to analyze that specific website and see whether it is available. Are all these award it is just a start point. And then you need to walk up, walk on the website to improve upon them. Thank you.