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Understanding Facebook's Algorithm

Rebecca Coleman, Social Media Marketing & Veg Food

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9 Videos (12m)
    • An introduction to this course

    • Understanding Facebook's Algorithm: Time

    • How to discover the best time of day to post to your Facebook page

    • Understanding Facebook's Algorithm: Relationships

    • How to discover your most engaging posts

    • Understanding Facebook's Algorithm: Weight or Post Prioritization

    • How Facebook's Algorithm works

    • Takeaways for crafting posts that score well in Facebook's algorithm

    • Summary


About This Class

What you see and what you don't see in your main Facebook feed is determined by Facebook's algorithm. If you are a business owner or you are managing a business page on Facebook, it's imperative that you understand how Facebook's algorithm works. 


You see, when you post to your Facebook Business Page, Facebook only shows that post to less than 10% ( of your audience (or the people who have liked or followed your page). In order for you to reach more of your audience, you need to either pay Facebook (and boost the post) or you need to have a better understanding of how Facebook's algorithm works, to maximize your potential reach. 





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Rebecca Coleman

Social Media Marketing & Veg Food

Hi, I'm Rebecca Coleman, Social Media Marketing Instructor by day, veg-focused foodie by night! 

I have been in the social media space for 10 years, and I make my living as a college instructor, teaching social media marketing. I am also a blogger and a published cookbook author. My cookbook, Aquafabulous!: 100+ Egg-Free Vegan Recipes Using Aquafaba was published in April, 2017. 

I live on Canada's West Coast with my teenage son, and I love to hang out at Farmer's...

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