Understanding Depth of Field | Jeff Scolnick | Skillshare
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    • Inro to Depth of Filed

    • Understanding Depth of Field


About This Class


These classes are a follow up of my first set of classes entitled "Using Your DSLR Camera to Create Impressive Photos."

You will learn how to further your photographic experience by learning about depth of field. Depth of field is an important part of creating impressive photos. Depth of field gives your photos a sense of dimension.

I show examples of my work which utilize depth of field and I discuss what depth of field is.

If you're looking to get the most out of your DSLR these lesson will help you to obtain professional looking photos.





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Jeff Scolnick

Creative Photographer & Graphic Designer

I'm a professional photographer with 35 years of experience. My experience includes:photojournalism, studio photography,portraits,social events and pet photography.

I've studied photography and graphic design at Wayne State University, The new England School of Photography and The International Academy of Technology and Design.

I own my company, JJS Designs in Detroit, Michigan. I work with individuals and small business owners and create innovative graphic and photographic wor...

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