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Understanding Ayurveda | The Basics

Liya Cetiner, NLP, Life & Business Coach

Understanding Ayurveda | The Basics

Liya Cetiner, NLP, Life & Business Coach

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11 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Course

    • 2. What is Ayurveda?

    • 3. Vata Dosha

    • 4. Pitta Dosha

    • 5. Kapha Dosha

    • 6. Ayurveda for Coughs and Colds

    • 7. Ayurveda for Digestion

    • 8. Ayurveda for Hair Loss

    • 9. Ayurveda for Healthy Joints

    • 10. Ayurveda for Healthy Skin

    • 11. In Conclusion

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About This Class

Understanding Ayurveda | The Basics

“I believe that for every illness or ailment known to man, that God has a plant out here that will heal it. We just need to keep discovering the properties for natural healing.”

― Vannoy Gentles Fite, Bestselling Author

Ayurveda is the oldest complete system of healthcare as its principles are based on the universal law of nature.

It is a unique, naturalistic approach that depends on the diagnosis of your unique characteristics to achieve a balance between the body, mind and spirit.

Ayurveda is a prevention oriented way of life that treats the root of a disease, not only symptoms. Instead of surgery, synthetic drugs with an endless list of side effects, Ayurveda has a multiple approach to health which incorporates massage, Yoga, meditation, diet, herbal remedies, detoxification and daily routine.

Combined together they create three bio-energies, expressed in terms of Doshas, known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Every physical, mental and emotional process within the human body is controlled by these energies.

Would you like to learn more? Get started now!

I wish you a happy learning!

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Liya Cetiner

NLP, Life & Business Coach


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1. Introduction to the Course: are your vet. IQ medicine has supported the health off billions off people for centuries. I read A is a health and wellness protocol Through generations off documented study are vetted. Practitioners have observed cause and effect and human health. The basic premise is that every person is different, so what causes a particular response in 1 may not in another, the same foods environment, stressors and other inputs can cause widely different effects in different people. However, within groupings called dosha and sub groupings, similarities Mayock your as a health protocol. Much of our Vedic medicine focuses on determining the dominant dosha off each person, which is a fairly simple technique. Once, that is, no a person can be told or learned themselves through their own research about the ascribed features, attributes and expressions off their dosha. From there, a person will find out for him or herself what foods and environmental factors they should seek more off and what they should avoid the whole basis off. This is seeking balance because an excess off any dosha Wilco's and imbalance, which is the root off diseases and ill health from an diabetic viewpoint. Restoring balance is the starting point to health and wellness. So in this course we will discuss some common afflictions that have been addressed by our Vedic medicine. These will provide an understanding as to why certain aspects off feel health affect some people more than others and what causes thes diseases and how they can be overcome often mainly, these include dietary means. So with that said, Let's dive in and I wish you a happy learning. 2. What is Ayurveda?: Iron Veda. A brief introduction and guide I read A is considered by many scholars to be the oldest healing science in Sanskrit. IRA better means they're signs off life. Ira Vedic knowledge originated in India more than 5000 years ago and is often called the mother off all healing. It stems from the ancient Vedic culture and was taught for many thousands off years in an oral tradition, from accomplished masters to their die Cipel's. Some of these knowledge was set to print a few thousands years ago, but much of it is inaccessible. The principles off. Many off the natural healing systems now familiar in the West have their roots in Ayurveda , including homeopathy and polarity therapy. So now let's talk about your Constitution and its inner balance. IRB. ETA places great emphasis on prevention and encourages the maintenance off health through close attention to balance in one's life. Right thinking, diet, lifestyle and the use off herbs. Knowledge off ire Veda enables want to understand how to create this balance off body mind and consciousness according to one's own individual constitution, on how to make lifestyle changes to bring about and maintain this balance just as everyone has a unique fingerprint. Each person has a particular pattern off energy, an individual combination off physical, mental and emotional characteristics, which comprises their own constitution. These Constitution is determined at conception by a number of factors and remains the same throughout one's life. Many factors, both internal and external, act upon us to disturb this balance and are reflected as a change in one's constitution from the balanced state. Examples off this emotional and physical stresses include ones emotional state, diet and food choices, seasons and whether physical trauma work and family relationships. Once these factors are understood, one can take appropriate actions to nullify or minimize their effects or eliminate the causes off imbalance and reestablish original constitution. Balance is the natural order. While imbalance is disorder, health is order. Disease is a disorder within the body. There is a constant interaction between order and disorder. When you understand the nature and structure off disorder, you can establish the older next. Let's talk about balancing the three principal energies off the body. Ira Veta identifies three basic types of energy or functional principles that are present in everyone and everything, since there are no single words in English that conveyed these concepts. We use the original Sanskrit words. Thes are vata, peter and copper. These principles can be related to the basic biology off the body. Energy is required to create movement so that fluids and nutrients get to the cells, enabling the body to function. Energy is also required to Mitya belies the nutrients in the cells, and it's called for the lubricate and maintain the structure. Off the cell data is the energy off movement. Peter is the energy off digestion or metabolism, and copper is the energy off lubrication and structure. All people have the qualities of vata, Peter and copper, but one is usually primary, another one is secondary and the third is usually least permanent. The cause off diseases in IRA veda is abused as a lack of proper cellular function due to an excess or deficiency off data. Peter or copper disease can also be caused by the presence off toxins in Eire Veda, body mind and consciousness work together in maintaining balance. They are simply viewed as different faces off one's being to learn how to balance the body , mind and consciousness requires an understanding off. How that are Peter and copper work together, according Toa Ire Vet IQ philosophy. The entire cosmos is an interplay off the energies off the five great elements Space, air, fire, water and Earth. Vata, Peter and copper are combinations and permutations off these five elements that manifest as patterns present in all creation in the physical body. Vata is the subtle energy off movement Peter, the energy off digestion and couple of the energy that forms the body structure. So basically, Vata is the subtle energy associated with movement. Composed off space and air. It governs bracing, blinking muscle and tissue movement, pulsation off the heart and all movements in the cytoplasm and cell membranes in balance of at a promotes creativity and flexibility. Out of balance, Vata produces fear and anxiety. Next is Peter Peter expresses as the body's metabolic system made up off fire and water. It governs digestion, absorption, assimilation, nutrition, metabolism and body temperature. In balance, Peter promotes understanding on intelligence. Out of balance. Peter arouses anger, hatred and jealousy, and the final one is copper. Copper is the energy that forms the body structure. These are bones, muscles, tendons and provides the glue that holds the cells together. formed from Earth and water. Copper supplies the water for all bodily parts and systems. It lubricates joints, which arises. The scheme on maintains immunity in balance, copper is expressed, his love come lis and forgiveness out of balance. It leads to attachment, greet and envy. In summary, Iveta addresses all aspects off life, the body, mind and spirit. It recognizes that each of us is unique, each response differently. Too many aspects off life in each possesses different strengths and weaknesses. 3. Vata Dosha: So now let's talk about Vata in more detail. As we mentioned before. Vata is the energy off movement that provides the essential motion for all bodily processes and is extremely vital for health on an annual basis. Vata is most permanent in the fall and the change of seasons, and these are the most important times to be careful off diet and lifestyle. One purpose off lifestyle considerations is stabilized. This motion voting is very useful. In assisting the vata, individuals effectively grant all this moving energy. A person with vata predominant is blessed with a quick mind, flexibility and creativity. Mentally, they usually grasp concepts quickly, but then forget them just as quickly alert, restless and very active that the people walk, talk and think fast, but are easily for ticked. They tend to have less willpower, confidence, boldness and tolerance for fluctuation than other types and often feel unstable and ungrounded when unbalanced. Vata types may become fearful, nervous and anxious. In the external world, data types tend to earn money quickly and spend it quickly. They are not good planners and, as a consequence, may suffer. Economic car chip vata types have variable appetite and digestion they are often attracted to estrangement foods like salads and raw vegetables. But their constitution is balanced by warm cooked foods and sweet, sour and salty tastes that I reside in the colon as well as the brain years bones joint on skin and vice that the people are more susceptible to diseases involving the air principle , such as emphysema, pneumonia and arthritis. Other common vata disorders include flatulence ticks, twitches, aching joints, dry skin on dry hair, nerve, a disorders, constipation and mental confusion. Vata in the body tends to increase with age, as is exhibited by the trying and wrinkling off the skin. Since the attributes off data are dry, light cold graph Sato Mobile and clear any off these qualities and excess can cause imbalance. Frequent travel, especially by plane. Loud noises, continual stimulation drags. Sugar and alcohol are all the range vata. As that exposure to cold and cold liquids and foods like the wind vata types have a hard time becoming and staying grounded. Routine is difficult but essential. If data is to be lowered and controlled, it is best for vata types to go to bed by 10 p.m. As they need more rest than the other types in general. There people was excessive. Fatah respond most rapidly. Toe worm moist, slightly oily heavy foods, same bus humidifiers and moisture in general are helpful. Daily oil massage before bath or shower is also recommended. Next, let's talk about dietary considerations. General food guidelines for decreasing data include warm, well cooked foods. You should have small meals three or four times a day, and, to me, snackers needed while maintaining a two hour gap between each meal. Regularity in mealtimes is important for vata. Those with that a dominant constitutions do well with Ah one, a port meal such as soups, stews and casseroles. They can use more oil in cooking their foods and then the other two. Dosha is an experience better digestion if they limit their intake. Off row foods. Well cooked oats and rice are good for vata because they are not to drying Ah, when cooked with plenty of water and butter or ghee. While cooked vegetables are best for vata, the occasional salad with a good oily or creamy dressing is all right. When it comes to fruits, fruit should always be eaten by itself on an empty stomach many of other people can satisfy their need for protein by judicious use off dairy products, but can also use eggs, chicken, turkey, fresh fish and Venetian if they wish. Legans are difficult to digest and should be consumed in limited quantity by those trying to pacify vata. The leg ums should be the split type and soaked before cooking. Cooking them with a little oil and spices such as to merrick, cumin, coriander, ginger and garlic will help prevent Fattah from being disturbed. All nuts and seeds are good for vata but are best used as butters or milks. Sesame oil is warming for vata, but all oils are good. All dietary products are good for vata, with hard cheese being eaten sparingly. All spices are good but should not be overused. Vaughters can have half a glass of wine diluted with water during or after a meal. Since what are people tend to be prone to addiction, they should avoid sugar, caffeine and tobacco intensity itself can be intoxicating to vata, so one should seek relaxation and meditation to reduce data. Now let me share with you these general guidelines for balancing bottom you have to keep were keep calm. Avoid cold frozen Oro foods. Avoid extreme cold it warm foods and spices. Keep a regular routine and get plenty off rest. 4. Pitta Dosha: Now let's talk about Peter in detail. Peter is the energy off digestion and mutable reason Peter Types have many off the qualities off fire Fire is hoped, penetrating, sharp and agitating. Similarly, Peter people have warm bodies, penetrating ideas, and sharp intelligence went out of balance. They can become very agitated and short tempered. The Peter body type is one off medium height and build with ratty or cooper skin. They may have many moles and freckles. Their skin is worm unless wrinkle than butter skill. Their hair tend to be silky, and they often experience premature greying or hair loss. Their eyes are off medium size and their conjuring. Tyra is moist, the nose is sharp and the deep tends to be reddish. Those with Peter dominant constitutions have a strong metabolism, good digestion and strong appetites. They like plenty of food and liquids and tend to love hold spices and cold drinks. However, their Constitution is balanced by sweet, bitter and astringent tastes. Peter people sleep is sound and off medium duration. Peter people have lower tolerance for sunlight sheet and hard physical work. Mentally, Peter types are alert and intelligent and have good parts off comprehension However, they are easily agitated and aggressive and turned toward hate, anger and jealousy. When in balance in the external world, Peter people like to be leaders and planners and sick material prosperity. They like to exhibit their wealth and possessions. Peter people tend to have diseases involving the fire principle, such as fevers or inflammatory diseases. Common symptoms include skin rashes, burning sensation, ulceration, fever, inflammation or irritation such as qualities or sore throats. Since the attributes off Peter are oily hoat, light mobile dispersing and liquid on excess off any off, this qualities aggravates. Beat up. Summer is a time off heat. The Peter season. Sunburn, poison ivy, creaky heat and short tempers are common for Peter. These kinds of Peter disorders tend to come down as the weather gets cooler. Their diet and lifestyle changes emphasize coolness. Cool foods, avoidance off chiles and spices especially difficult for new Mexicans on cool climates. People was excessive. Peter need to exercise at the coolest part off the day. Dietary considerations. General food guidelines for pacifying Peter include avoiding sour, salty and pungent food. Vegetarianism is best for Peter people, and they should refrain from eating meat, eggs, alcohol and salt to help come their natural aggressiveness and compulsiveness. It has been official to incorporate sweet cooling and beater foods and tastes into their diets. Barley, rice, oat and wheat are good grains for Peter. Dominant individuals and vegetables should form a substantial part off their diet. Tomatoes, radishes, chilies, garlic and raw onions should all be avoided. In fact, any vegetable that is too sour or hope will aggravate Peter, but most other vegetables will help to calm it. Bacon radishes are clean sink for the lever when Peter is in balance but should be avoided otherwise. Salads and raw vegetables are good for Peter types in the spring. On summer, as are any sweet fruits, sour fruits should be avoided with the exception off limes that can be used sparingly. Animal foods, especially seafood and eggs, should only be taken in moderation by Peter Types Chicken, turkey rabbit and vanish in our all right, all legumes except red and yellow lentils are good in small amounts, with black lentils, chickpeas and monk beans being the best. Most nuts and seeds have too much oil and are heating or pita. However, coconut is cooling, and sunflower and pumpkin seeds are all right. Occasionally, small amounts of coconut, olive and sunflower oils are also good for Peter. Sweet dairy products are good on this. Include milk, unsalted butter, ghee and soft unsalted cheeses. Yogurt can be used if it is blended with spices, a little sweetener and water. In fact, Peter people can use a sweetener better than the other two doses. Because it relieves Peter, however, they should avoid. Hold spices using cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, fennel and, to merrick, predominantly with small amounts off cumin and black pepper. Coffee, alcohol and tobacco should be completely avoided, although the occasional beer may be relaxing for repeated person. Black tea may also be used occasionally with a little milk and a bunch of Cardamone. So here are general guidelines for balancing Peter. Avoid excessive heat, avoid excessive oil, avoid excessive steam, limit salt intake it cooling non spicy foods. Exercise during the cooler part off the day 5. Kapha Dosha: on the last one is copper. The energy off lubrication cuppa types up, blessed with strength, endurance and stamina. In balance, they tend to have sweet, loving dispositions on be stable and grounded. Their skin is oily and smooth. Physically, couple people may gain weight easily and have a slow metabolism. They tend to show exercise. They have big skin on their bodies, and muscles are well developed. Their eyes are large and attractive, with thick, long, luscious and browse. Perspiration is moderate, sleep is deep and prolonged. Couple types are attracted to sweet, salty and oily foods, but their constitutions are most balanced by bitter, astringent and pungent tastes. Psychologically, couple people turned to become tolerant and forgiving. However, they may become lethargic. While they may be slow to comprehend, their long term memory is excellent when out of balance couples tend to experience greet and the attachment and possessiveness in the external World Cup, a tendencies toward grounded nous, stability and attachment helped them to earn and hold on to money. They are more likely to have diseases connected to the water principle, such as flu. Seniors convention on other diseases involving Nucor's sluggishness, excess weight, diabetes, water attention and headaches are also common. Copper can become more aggravated as the moon gets full because there is a tendency for water attention at that time. Winter is the time off. Greatest couple accumulation on following the cup of balancing. Dietary and lifestyle changes are most important during that season. Now let's look at dietary considerations. Dietary guidelines for copper people stress bitter, astringent and pungent tastes. They actually need foods that will invigorate their minds while limiting their overall consumption off boot. They should avoid daily products and fats off any kind, especially on fried and greasy foods. Those with couple dominant constitutions need less green than Peter off vata constitutions with back wheat and millet, more heating being optimal grains for them. Ah, followed by barely rice and corn. Roasted or dry cooked grains are best. All vegetables are good for copper, but one should emphasize leafy greens and vegetables grown above ground more than root vegetables while avoiding very sweet, sour or juicy vegetables. Generally, couple people can eat raw vegetables, although steamed or stir fright are easier to digest. Very sweet or sour fruits should be avoided, with the more stringent and drying foods being preferable, such as apples, apricots, cranberries, mangoes, peaches and piers. Onley readily do. Couple people need animal foods, and when they do, it should be dry cooked, baked, roasted, broiled and never fright. They could eat chicken, eggs, rabid seafood and venison as their bodies do not require large amounts off protein. They also should not over eat leg ums, although these are better for them than meat because off the lack of fat. Black beans, monk beans, pinto beans and red lentils are best for Kappa types. There have equalities off nuts, and seats aggravate copper, as does the oil in them. Occasional sunflower and pumpkin seeds are all right all month. Corn, safflower or sunflower oils can be used in small amounts as well. The same holds true for dairy products. In general, a couple people should avoid the heavy cooling sweet qualities off very a little gear for cooking and some consumption off goats. Milk is good for couple types, since couple people should avoid sweets, the only sweetener they should use Israel honey, which is heating. However, they can use all spices except for salt. But ginger and garlic is best for them. A person who's dominant Dosha is Cupper and who has very little influence from the other two doses can benefit from the occasional use off stimulants such as coffee and tea. They are also not is harmed by tobacco and hardly girl. However, they really don't need alcohol it all. If they elect to use alcohol, one is their best choice. So here are some general guidelines for balancing kappa. Get plenty off exercise. Avoid heavy foods, keep active. Avoid dairy. Avoid ice food or drinks. Very your routine. Avoid fatty oil, foods it light dry foot and do not have daytime naps. Remember that your progress towards balance and health is proportional to how well you stick to the guidelines off diet and lifestyle. Old habits sometimes die heart, and your chances may be very gradual. But to achieve progress, the chances need to be made. Remember, you are in charge off your own rate off change 6. Ayurveda for Coughs and Colds: I read a for cuffs and colds, Coughs and colds can almost be expected when the Kappa dosha is aggravated. An imbalance off copper will result in excessive production off workers with a high chance off it affecting components off the respiratory organs such as the scene is's throat and nose. These excess makers create an environment ideal for the growth off viruses and bacteria, paving the way for infection. Persistent rainy weather, ingesting cold water and cold food can aggravate Kappa Tosha. Other lifestyle habits that aggravate copper are excessive sleeping during daytime, frequent traveling and living in dusty or polluted areas. The good thing is that you do not have to rely on appeals and medicine to feel relief from the symptoms off cuffs and cold. Here are some off the energetic methods to get rid off aggravating symptoms. Take us to gallus extract. Astra Gallus works wonders in boosting natural immunity. In a study published in the journal Fighter Therapy Research, it was documented that Astra Gallus extract is capable off activating the body's immune cells within 24 hours. Taking extra gallus extract at vulnerable times boosts your immune system to help you fight against coughs and cold. Then it light and clear foods, warm water teas. And both are examples off foods that you should be consuming to help your body off fight colds. It is also good to eat kale book toy and leaks. These vegetables become transparent when they're thoroughly cooked. Avoid foods that are heavy, thick intents. These are harder to digest, which is something that can slower, mutable ism that a capital OSHA does not need. Other foods to avoid for the same reason are sugar laden breads, cold and frozen foods, and dry and raw foods. Take ginger team Ginger is a common go to herb in Eire Vedic Medicine for relieving the symptoms off vomiting and nausea. It has also proven effective as a cold remedy. The punch in nature off ginger is beneficial for reducing the Kappa Dosha, whose imbalance leads to the excessive production off mucus. Thus, the balancing properties of ginger will help relieve coughs and colds. However, if you are taking anti coagulant appeals like aspirin or warfarin, you should not take ginger because it also acts as a blood thinner. If you're on any similar medications, consult a physician before taking any ginger remedies next. Gargle with salt water gargling with salt Water is an effective way off, reducing populations off funky and bacteria that are present in your throat. It also temporarily relieves sore and itchy throat. To do these, mix one health teaspoon off salt with one cup off warm water. The results of a study posted in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine confirmed that gargling with a saltwater solution for three times a day reduces the occurrence off coughs and colds, then drink hot water. Drinking hot water helps flush out the toxins from your body while also keeping you well hydrated. It also helps mobilize congestion. What water hydrates and excites your markets? Membranes to losing condition on. Make it easier for you to expel it at the earliest. Sign off a cold start sipping hot water right away on then the last one is take clove T. Clough T is a flavorful beverage that works efficiently in in treating cuffs and the common cold. The active properties in clubs act as expectorant. They are also an anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and anti vital herb. Instead of making a T, you can choose to suck three club, but at the same time. Do this until the clubs no longer have any flavor. You can do this as often as you want. 7. Ayurveda for Digestion: I read a for digestion. Every person's uniqueness is not only expressed in outward appearance, it can also be felt from deep within. Since each of us varies in bodily chemical composition, the same thing can also be set off our digestive type. Knowing our individual digestive type will help us determine what foods benefit our health and those that do not and which may even negatively affect our well being. There are four our Vedic digestive types on the 1st 1 is irregular digestion, which is also called Vision Agni. This type of digestive system is very unpredictable. There are times when you feel completely satisfied after a meal and you don't experience any digestive problems. There are also times when, after eating you feel so bloated. You find it hard to concentrate on your tasks. These kind of digestive system is associated with Fatah or the wind dosha. The unpredictability off the wind element affects thes digestive system fish amok. Me is prone to experiencing bloating, gas and constipation. However, there are also times when their bowl movements are lose. If you think you have this kind of digestive system, vata pacifying diet will work best for you. it is highly advisable to stick to grounding and warming foods. These foods include root vegetables and healthy sources off fats. Cold and raw foods such as salads and smoothies are best avoided. Sharp digestion. Teacher Agni With this kind of digestive system, your digestive fire is one that burns very brightly. You may often find yourself running to the toilet after every meal. This usually a cures after you eat onion, spices, garlic and night shades. The internal flame for this kind of digestive system is too strong, so so strong that it has a tendency to secrete excessive amounts of stomach asset in terms the person is at risk off suffering from heartburn, ulcer and hyper acidity. A sharp digestive system is associated with pita, which is a fire dosha. This increases the tendency to feel irritable if you don't get to eat on time. Aside from heart burns and hyper acidity, you are also more likely to experience lose stools to balance thes and any other negative effects, often excess. Peter Dosha It is best that you adhere to a Peter pacifying diet. It's more off those foods that have hydrating and cooling properties. Perfect examples off These are juicy fruits, green leafy vegetables and cleans ing her. Avoid eating spicy and pungent tasting foods. Instead, it garlic, onion and kind sparingly because these will only further ignite your inner digestive fire. Next, slow digestion. Monda Agony. These digestive system is generally sluggish. After eating a meal, you will find yourself still feeling full even after six hours or more. Does this mean you have a healthy weight since you are not prone to eat frequently? Unfortunately, no. People with these kind of digestive system are mostly carrying more weight than they would like or then is healthy. They keep on gaining weight, even though they are not eating that much. After eating a large meal, you may feel sleepy and then those off. This kind of digestive system is associated with having excessive amount of copper, which is a water dosha. You feel heavy and dense. People with a sluggish digestive system are more likely to experience having stickiest to and appetite. It is best to follow the couple pacifying diet. If you have this kind of digestive system, it non starchy vegetables that are steamed and up different kinds of spices stay away from sugar fried foods and dairy. Since you have a slow digestion, avoid eating large amounts of protein and number four balanced digestion. Summer ogni Having this kind of digestion means you don't have any digestive issues at all . Whoa, right. You can eat your meals without having to worry about experiencing bloating, gas or hyper acidity later on. You regularly have one or two bowel movements in a day. You don't experience constipation or lose stools. People was this kind of digestive system half shiny eyes, radiant skin and are energetic. Maintained these kind of digestive health by following the proper diet recommended for each season in summer consumed Peter Pacifying Foods. If it is winter and spring it more cuppa, pacifying foods and if it is full season sick to foods that are good for vata dosha. Next, optimize your digestive system. Was these spices I Romantic diet emphasizes the inclusion off spices which wants to use, and whether to use them liberally or sparingly in your diet will depend on your digestive type. Some spices are commonly used in Eire. Better for improving digestive health. Off old Dorsch is these are cumin, fennel, ginger, cardamom and coriander. The habit of chewing the spices after a meal has been deeply inculcated in Indian culture. If you go to India, you will often see balls off Faneuil seats and the door often Indian restaurant. They encouraged their customers to choose some off these fennel seeds after eating or before the exit. The restaurant. Several studies have already proven their benefits off thes five spices. Some of these benefits are improved. Pancreatic enzyme activity prevent bloating and gas. Improved metabolism off fats and sugar. Um, act as free radical antioxidant. Help. Maintain healthy weight. Promote better got health. Promote faster elimination off wastes. Studies also show that thes five spices work wonders in treating the underlying cause off digestive problems. They have also Bean von, Effective in simply are stimulating the body's ability to digest. They improve fat and sugar metabolism by increasing the production off bile assets. The same group off spices also improves their flow off pancreatic enzymes. These spices contain active properties that work harmoniously with the body's natural digestive intelligence. They help improve a digestive function by creating an environment conducive to the growth off good bacteria while boosting intestinal functions. Ginger, in particular, is known for increasing the population off good microbes in our cat 8. Ayurveda for Hair Loss: I read a for hair loss. The covers off hair loss may very from one person to another, some cases off hair loss. Secure as a complication off a disease. It can also be due to the side effect off medications. Other causes off halos are chronic and excessive stress, acute illnesses, Tyrod problems, high fever and sudden weight loss. Hormone related halo secures when here follicles become increasingly sensitive to male hormones. Related reason can be an increased number off male hormone receptors that are located in the hair follicles. These factors have bean inherited and are linked to the Peter Constitution. Dietary effects. The first step in treating hair loss is to identify its underlying calls. In most cases, unhealthy lifestyle coupled with hair Editori factors trigger the onset off hair loss. If you think you have bean eating too many foods that contribute to an excess or imbalance off pita, start eliminating or minimizing them in iron Medic medicine. Hot climatic condition result in increased Peter Dosha in the body. Other reasons that trigger and increase off Peter Dosha include excessive intake off Holt and sharp foods, alcohol, coffee, tea and meat over consumption off spicy and salty foods can also trigger the same effort in the body eating foods that are high in oil sodium. Greece and asset will also exacerbate the Peter composition in the body. So balance your Peter Dosha. It is best to balance Peter with the help of Peter balancing herbs such as asparagus and other bitter vegetables. Don't forget the importance off eating foods that promote healthy hair grows Your daily diet must include excellent hair. Foods it more green leafy vegetables such as kill arugula. Call it greens. Mustard greens and chart include sweet juicy fruits and fresh cheese, milk, almonds, fresh coconut, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and whole grains. There are some are vetted herbs that can help you re grow your hair or slow the rate off laws. These are a cleat, a pro starter. This is known as one off the best herbs for treating here. Lost. Its active components are claimed to be even are capable of reversing hair loss. This herb also prevents the hair from grain. It can be ingested or applied externally as an oil. A paste made from its leaves can be applied to the scalp in order to promote hair growth. When you apply the paste into your scalp, leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it off with clean water. The dried form off this herb can be mixed with a warm water. Once it cools, it can also be applied to the scalp in order to strengthen the hair follicles. Next. Indian Gooseberry. These herb contains a plethora off antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. It is also a vitamin C powerhouse. This herb acts as a hair tonic and conditioner. Its strengths your hair and prevent it from graying When used regularly, it can also prevent dandruff. You can make a hair pack off Indian gooseberry powder mixed with brahmi powder. Hannah and Kurt applied to your hair and leave it there for up to two minutes, then greens with clean water. Next, Sentelle Asiatica, The's herb is famous not only for its ability to promote healthy hair. It is also popular for its brain tonic effects. It announces memory, concentration, intelligence and alertness. It is also beneficial for skin. The oil off these herbs will serve as a wonderful massage oil. A scalp massage can greatly energized the hair follicles while improving blood flow in the head. Trajan when mixed with skirt. It can also be used as hair packed for a dangerous remedy. Makes the oil off this her who is lemon juice and then apply onto your scalp. Finally, that is name Name has long been recognised is a wonder herb for treating hair loss and skin problems. Using name on the regular basis will help strengthen the roots of the hair. It can also promote better blood circulation to the scalp. I mean, can also be used for treating lies and done draft. A great thing about name is that it helps fight against the damaging effect off excessive sebum, examiner and psoriasis. At the same time, it also promotes healthy hair growth. 9. Ayurveda for Healthy Joints: a joint is what connects the two bones. Together. These joints enable you to bench elbows and knees. It is also what makes bending and wiggling your hips possible. If something goes wrong with your joints, you will start to have difficulty making certain movements. Joint problems will vary from one suffer to another. Some cases off joint problems can cause mild to moderate pain. Others suffer from severe pain so extreme that it becomes an agony for them to move and affected area off their body for quality off life. In freedom from pain, it is important to keep the joints as healthy and as free from any illness as possible. In our Vedic medicine illness, off the joints are classified into two types. These are joint pain caused by poor nutrition. That's the 1st 1 on the 2nd 1 joint problems caused by accumulation off boxes. So when it comes to the 1st 1 poor nutrition least a low bone density and joint weakness, if not remedied promptly, this can lead to reduced mobility. As the body is not getting the nutrients that it needs. It will continue to the generate as time goes by when it comes to the second type. If your body has too many Alma, which is our Vedic, turn for toxins in the body. As a product off incomplete digestion, your joints will become heavy and stiff. If this toxins remain in your joints for a longer period of time, you are more likely to suffer from its painful swelling. When cold weather arrives, your pain and discomfort will worsen. Further are vetted. Practitioners believe that joint problems can also be triggered by an imbalance off. The dosh is these can be access Vata, having too much batter causes triteness and roughness. This can result in dry and poorly lubricated joints on the protective tissues in the joints will be adversely affected. When this secures, the joints will become painful to move other expressions off. Fatter in balance, our austra arthritis, osteoporosis and bone deformity. The Sap Tosha Off data, which is called Guyana Vata, plays a role in the body's nerve impulses and circulation for freedom from joint related problems. It is equally important to keep my eye on Nevada in balance. By doing so, a person's metal bullies in circulation and body's ability to absorb and nutrients will all function well when it comes to excess, Peter and excess off Peter will manifest as hot and inflamed joints. This is common among individuals with goat. Another sign off excess Peter is a person becoming very hold headed. Um, if this is the case, it a hot car is drinking alcohol, coffee and consuming red meat should be reduced or avoided when it comes to excess cuppa, swollen joints can signify an excess off copper in the body. This joint problem is often a companion with stiffness. It occurs as a result off toxins or alma building up in the joints. In order to experience relief from this condition, the removal off toxins must first be prioritized. Now let's talk about Alma in the joints. One complicated condition that arises as a result off AM a build up in the joints is arthritis. Due to the accumulation off toxins, the immune system becomes confused. Consequently, it attacks the joints itself, resulting in painful and swollen joints. This is the case off having access couple Peter and Alma. Before you ingest any oil for your joints, make sure to remove the toxin build ups first. Otherwise, you are only feeding the joints more toxins instead of reducing them. The first step off a treatment plan where couple or Peter imbalance is the corporate is to undergo and reducing regiment. These entails eating specific curbs that promote fasting and other foods that stimulated detoxification process off the body. Joint problems from vata imbalance. If the person on Lee has battled during problems, direct oil treatment can be done right away because there is no build up of toxins and the problem will directly be a lack off lubrication. People with predominantly fatter constitution are more prone toe experiencing joint problems, being 60 years old and above, which means the vata stage of life increases the likelihood of having joint problems. Those living in places which have high altitude, which is a vata climate, also face a higher risk of suffering from joint health issues, exposing oneself to too much stress. Ingesting a plate off caffeine, sleeping too little and traveling a lot are living a vata exacerbating lifestyle. So here are some lifestyle tips for joint pain relief caused by vata. Excess people was joined problems. Our advice to stick to a Fatah pacifying diet using these guidelines, make sure to include all six tastes in your daily diet. These tastes are pungent, sweet, bitter, sour, salty and a strident. But on lee, eat a small amount off penchant, astringent and bitter tasting foods. Otherwise, your body's dryness and roughness will access er bait. Eat more foods that help pacify the vata examples off. These are quinoa cameras and try cooked this in water and at some G to eat. Incorporate organic vegetables. Sweet organic and juicy fruits into your diet. Consume high calcium vegetable foods on a regular basis. Flavour days with cumin, fenugreek to merrick on ginger, caffeinated beverages and other acidic foods should be avoided. It is also equally important to seek the vata pacifying routines such as the following. Go to bed before 10 p.m. And wake up before 6 a.m. Your main meal should be eaten close to me. Day its ally idea early in the evening, engaged in mild exercise for at least 30 minutes per day. Take time for meditation in order to dissipate 10. Ayurveda for Healthy Skin: I read a for healthy skin. I read a emphasizes three ways off healthy skin. These are nourish, cleans and moisturizes. It may seem like a regular S O P standard operating procedure for a beauty regimen, but the typical Western method is not the iron bed away. Instead of using commercial beauty soaps and other skincare products, achieving healthy skin there are better way is a lot different. So instead of feeling your bathroom with skin care products that you bought from the store shelves, check your kitchen. See if you've got the right herbs, legends and flowers and needed for the are vetted healthy skin without the side effects. Our verdict. Beauty is not just superficial. You need to cultivate an inner balance for the genuinely beautiful skin inside and out. One way to do this is to first determine your skin type In Eire Veda. There are three different types of skin bath, a skin, peter skin and cup of skin that a skin characterized by dry, delicate, thin, yet cool to the touch. It is highly sensitive to weather conditions. This skin type is easily dehydrated. Dry, windy weather can bring about negative effect to the skin type. These type of skin is more prone to premature aging. If data is out of balance, the skin type has high tendency to become rough. Flocke and try next is Peter Skin, Peter Skin. Characterized by soft fear and warm skin, it is a bit thicker than vata skin. The skin type is more vulnerable to freckles. The skin type usually has plenty off most to when imbalanced Peter Skin will have acne, san sports or crashes. And finally there is couple skin. The skin type has all the qualities off Earth's and water. It is soft coup thick, oily, pale and more tolerant to the race off the sun. It is less susceptible to the adverse FX off aging, but this skin type is prone to having a dark complexion, excess oil, pimples, blackheads and enlarged pores. So now let's have a look at skincare tips for your type of skin. If you have a couple of skin, then here we have the couple skin care, since couple skin is more oily and think it is more likely to accumulate dirt and toxins beneath it. This is why a detox region are must be done on a regular basis. Internal and external detoxification is required to ensure better skin health. An external detox can be done through scrubbing the skin using Been to knead clay Herbal formulations should be used to detoxify the skin from within. Deep fried foods and sugar laden foods and beverages must be avoided at all times. Treat yourself to a warm oil massage every day. For improved circulation. Choose organic fruits and vegetables. This is important to minimize ingesting more toxins that are otherwise. It in a long who is in organic products. Exfoliating with a mud mask is beneficial. Ideally, do this at least once a week. Exploit the benefits off. Warming spices make it a habit to add them to your daily diet. These warming spices help stoke your digestive fire, helping to prevent toxin accumulation in the body. Next, Vata skincare people was Votto skin type must use skincare products that are highly notary . Examples of these are skincare products that contain essential oils and or herbs. The natural nourishing elements found in essential oils and herbs work best in rehydrating the vata skill. They also have active compounds that helped delay the onset off wrinkles and other signs off aging. Do not forget the importance off sticking to your daily sleep and wake times Cato. Avoid skipping meals and exercise regularly. These are crucial lifestyle habits that promotes a holistic approach to keeping the skin and overall health functioning at an optimal level. Next, it more leaf, agrees whole grains and drink organic milk. Make sure to keep your body while hydrated by drinking lukewarm water. In addition to lukewarm water, it is off benefit To consume sweet, juicy fruits from time to time, use olive oil or ghee in your daily cooking for improved lubrication. Undergoing a warm oil massage is also very beneficial to avert a skin care regimen. And finally, let's talk about Peter Skin care. Peter Skin needs to be taken care off by the use off cooling and nurturing skin care products. The skin type needs to be well protected against the race off the sun. Skincare treatments that require turning off seeming for a longer period of time must be avoided. I read a curbs that protect the skin from photosensitivity must be used. The use off synthetic skin care cosmetics must be strongly avoided. Peter's sensitive skin can be easily damaged by the chemicals found in these synthetic skin care products. Since Peter Skin already has a hold constitution, it must steer clear off hot and spicy foods. Otherwise, it will worsen the theory constitution and cause skin breakouts. It is good to consume. Sweet and juicy fruits went undergoing massage. Make use off cooling herbal massage oils. When cooking, Adan, fennel look arise and other cooling spices will be off benefit. Don't forget your protective clothing went exposing yourself to the sun. Now let's look at important tips for all skin types. This are the general tapes. It is highly recommended that people eat whole healthy foods, whatever their skin type. Maybe stay away from fried foods. Refined sugar sold seafood, red meat, fatty and processed foods. Exercising five times a week is also important for achieving healthy skin. When exercising, it has been official to allow sweat to form along the spine and under the arms. This is because sweating is beneficial for releasing talks. Is coming the senses and in improving their circulation, Sleep is another indispensable factor off having healthy skin out. Hearing to a regular sleep schedule is imperative for all health, including the skin. Ideally, an individual should sleep and wake up at the same time every day 11. In Conclusion: congratulations. We've reached the end off this course. In summary, I would say there are many health and medicine doctrines or protocols that have served different societies for centuries. Many off these have been ignored, all suppressed by many practitioners off Western medicine, as they did not conform to their narrow view off health and disease, either in diagnosis or treatment. More and more people are seeking answers to their health issues, where traditional or western or modern medicine has failed to properly resolve those problems. For some of those, their treatment has been no cure a tall and left them feeling worse than when they have started. So in the in this age, off enlightment, where masses off information is out there at our fingertips, many people start seeking to find alternative, menacing or, you know, alternative, proactive choices to maintain and improve their health before any problems arise. It is almost impossible to not be excited by the possibilities that learning about the principles off our Vedic medicine provides simply knowing your own dominant dosha and following their dietary recommendations, for it will be a huge step up in health for most people. A little learning beyond that about all three main notions and how an imbalance off any can cause discomfort. Ill health and disease will provide a blueprint that, if followed, will provide the best possible foundation for health and wellness. So I hope you enjoyed thes course, and I wish you good luck.