Understand Project Management 'Earned Value' - A fast and broad how-to | Simon Harris | Skillshare

Understand Project Management 'Earned Value' - A fast and broad how-to

Simon Harris, Seeking common sense for an often irrational world

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12 Videos (1h 9m)
    • L1 evm s1 Welcome and Purpose

    • L2 evm s2 Concept and interupt from WeeTygerBoy

    • L3 evm s3 Concepts of the Whole Project Journey

    • L4 evm s4 linking scope quality and pmbok

    • L5 evm s5 Turning Activities and dependencies into a risk inclusive baseline

    • L6 evm s6 s7 build pv and track KnKn and KnUnk in the gantt

    • L7 evm s8 s9 First look at graphs meaning and formulas

    • L8 evm s10 a scenario its graph and its numbers

    • L9 evm s11 very deep dive into earned value types

    • L10 evm s12 the easy way to remember the formulas

    • L11 evm s14 Exercise and thanks and further offerings

    • L12 Outtake with WeeTygerBoy


About This Class

Earned Value has an undeserved reputation as hard. It is not.

Earned Value is a simple topic whose explanation is often hidden in a forest of initials and whose explanation rarely includes the perspective that makes 'value' a meaningful part of its name.

Because 'Value' is an unintuitive and misleading term when used in most project contexts, and because explanations in initials are hard to understand earned value is seen by many as hard when the real fact is that it is often poorly taught.

SO THIS course places earned value management's explanation in context before we start on the formulas and avoids initials until after the formulas are presented in simple and animated graphically form.

This course is a gentle journey but a comprehensive one that goes beyond exam needs.

  • L1 is Simon's welcome, hello and why this course's coverage is makes earned value easy to learn
  • L2 gives context (and is interrupted by my cat Tyger*)
  • L3 explains creating baselines and earned value's key enabler, 
  • L4 Dips into PMBoK-G activities for setting up Earned Value, 
  • L5 details building a risk inclusive Planned Value (Planned Cost) baseline in Gantt form, 
  • L6 details tracking progress including risks and changes happening that disrupt the baseline, 
  • L7 Explains Earned Value reporting via a slow build-up of a graphical representation 
  • L8 Repeats L6 but with a story and numbers and calculations,
  • L9 Covers ways to recognise when value is earned, often called Earned Value Types', 
  • L10 Focusses on how to remember the formulas, 
  • L11 asks what extra coverage would you like added to the course and 
  • L12 is the outtake from my cat #WeeTygerBoy interrupting during L2.

*Instructional design tells us that people remember the unusual, unexpected or odd. My purpose creating this course is to help you retain (remember) the information I give you​ - thus the unusual is beneficial :-)





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Simon Harris

Seeking common sense for an often irrational world

Hello :)

I'm Simon, I live in Edinburgh Scotland with my wife Lea, daughter Becky and son Toby.

My topic is Project Management...

...which I believe needs to be rethought for most people's real needs most of the time. My passion is to add the common sense that the text books manage to filter out.

BUT you (I) can't turn the tide. The 'text-book' knowledge underpins most professional credentials and it is foundational. So I help folk with both "how to do it for real"...

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