Understand Blockchain Using Design Thinking | Damanick Dantes, CMT | Skillshare

Understand Blockchain Using Design Thinking

Damanick Dantes, CMT, Macro Trader at Dantes Outlook

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6 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Welcome to Design Thinking for Blockchain

    • 2. Design Thinking

    • 3. Blockchain

    • 4. Empathy

    • 5. Digital Twin

    • 6. Crypto Financial Market


About This Class

Design is no longer an afterthought. Entrepreneurs are building future systems using design thinking. This is the first step in building user-centric blockchain solutions. In this course we will outline the phases of design thinking and the advantage of building systems that address actual user needs. It begins with defining blockchain as a framework for innovation. We will walk through the process of research, idea creation and testing digital solutions. The course concludes with a focus on scaling ideas with a project on improving the crypto financial system. This class is built for a community of creators, entrepreneurs and investors that will benefit from a problem-solving mindset. Students will gain a practical understanding of blockchain using a design road-map to launch new ideas.   

  • Learn and Apply Design Thinking to Blockchain
  • Understand the concept of Empathy
  • Define Real Problems and Prioritize Solutions
  • Build Systems By Users For Users
  • Create Ecosystems and Improve the Crypto Financial Market

Student resources for understanding blockchain and design thinking:

-- Harvard Business Review: The Truth About Blockchain and connection to the Internet Framework

-- CoinDesk: Why Use a Blockchain? Exploring the Use-Case

-- Omega One: Smarter Way to Trade Cryptocurrencies -- White Paper





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Damanick Dantes, CMT

Macro Trader at Dantes Outlook

Hi, I'm Damanick Dantes, owner of Dantes Outlook. This channel offers classes on trading for beginners and also explores techniques to boost productivity and mindfulness. Over the past few years, I've learned that the hardest part of trading is the ability to properly execute a plan and manage risk. With all of the market noise, it's easy to develop anxiety as a trader, which contributes to a significant decrease in productivity.

So, traders must master the soft skills too...

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