[Unchained Masterclass - Step 2 ] How To Get And Setup Domain & Hosting For Your WordPress Website | Radu Vladislav | Skillshare

[Unchained Masterclass - Step 2 ] How To Get And Setup Domain & Hosting For Your WordPress Website

Radu Vladislav, Online-business owner. Digital nomad.

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6 Videos (31m)
    • Step 2: Intro

    • What is a domain name and how to buy one?

    • Setup a professional e-mail address

    • How to get and setup hosting for your website

    • How to install WordPress?

    • Creating your business Logo


About This Class

Step 2 comes as the natural continuation of Step 1 - Selecting your Niche. If you haven't done so already, I recommend you to watch [Unchained Masterclass Step 1].

After going through Step 2, you will have all the necessary knowledge to setup the technical infrastructure for your WordPress website.

Don't worry, it's not difficult, you don't need any previous IT experience. 

I've created the videos in a "replicate-what-you-see" manner. Just copy what you see in the videos and you will get there.

At the end of the step you will know:

  • How to purchase a custom domain name
  • How to setup a professional e-mail address related to your domain name
  • How to purchase and setup a hosting service
  • How to install the WordPress interface
  • How to create your logo





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Radu Vladislav

Online-business owner. Digital nomad.

My mission is to help others achieve financial freedom by becoming online-business owners.

I am an online entrepreneur, founder of multiple high-paying blogging businesses and I will be teaching you exactly how you can turn e-commerce blogging into a career.

This income stream has allowed me to quit my corporate job and build a life of full-time travel without ever worrying about the next paycheck.

The days when we were stuck in a cubicle from "nine to five" are...

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