Ultra Fast Podcast Setup in 2019

Philip 'dm' Campbell, Decentralised Your Life

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9 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. what we will be learning

    • 2. podcasting hardware choices

    • 3. remote audio interview with zencastr

    • 4. local podcast setup with audio hijack

    • 5. centralized hosting with anchor.fm

    • 6. decentralized hosting with dsound.audio

    • 7. social sharing with headliner.app

    • 8. embedding to wordpress and other hosts

    • 9. thanks for watching, review and feedback!


About This Class


you want to start a podcast and you don't want to wait!

well this is the course for you, with super fast advice you can watch over lunchtime (49 minutes!)

covering some hardware to buy, remote interviews, local software, centralized free hosting for your podcast and automated distribution to itunes and other hosts and even how to host your audio on a decentralized blockchain (steem) where you can get rewarded for your content in a crypto currency as well -- no other course on skillshare offers this.

  • software, hardware, centralised hosting, decentralised hosting and income!
  • what are my hardware choices you suggest?
  • recording a podcast REMOTE with zencastr
  • recording a podcast LOCAL with audio hijack (mac)
  • CENTRALISED hosting and distribution of your podcast easily in the cloud with anchor.fm
  • DECENTRALISED (blockchain) hosting of your podcast with http://dsound.audio and IPFS (steem blockchain) (temporary!)
  • making video version with graphic equaliser / headliner.app for embedding into blog
  • using smart podcast player with your wordpress blog for embedding

i've even thrown in a little bonus of making videos from your audio on youtube using headliner app for those that want to do outreach from blogs and social media websites.


let's get you podcasting in 2019.