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Ultimate productivity - be the best version of yourself

Emilie Schrevens, Fluent in French and English, life coach

Ultimate productivity - be the best version of yourself

Emilie Schrevens, Fluent in French and English, life coach

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About This Class

If procrastination, lack of motivation or fear of failure are the reasons you can't succeed, then get ready to finish all your projects and stick to your new year resolutions !

Being successful is a choice ! Yes, you read it right, it's a choice. And you're the only one able to change your life. 

In this course you will learn:

  • How to identify the reasons or people that made you fail

  • How to finally get things done by motivating yourself with awesome tricks

  • How to identify good hobbies and time-wasting hobbies

  • How to stop wasting your time by analyzing the way your day goes

Good news, if you're WILLING to become successful, you already made a big step that most people don't do. 

This is a condensed course giving a little bit of information about a lot of subjects on the theme of motivation and productivity

Meet Your Teacher

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Emilie Schrevens

Fluent in French and English, life coach


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1. Introduction video: if you keep on saying this year is gonna be my year in January but end up at the same point in December, then this course is for you. If you failed a lot discourses for you. If you're willing to be a better person and work on yourself, you can succeed. This course will be about a wide variety of subjects fighting why you failed before starting to get things done. Writing goals properly correcting your bad habits. Stop wasting time, ex cetera. This course is designed for students willing to change their life. Be more productive, happier and more successful. You need motivation to follow the scores. I cannot teach you how to find it or magically give it to you. If you came here to learn the secret of success, let me tell you something. There's none. The only one responsible for your success is you. Thank you for watching this introduction video. I hope you're as excited as I am. I don't know if you elect, of course. Don't worry. You have 10 minutes of free content to watch. If the free preview convinced you to take the full course, go ahead and click on enroll. I can't wait to see you become a better person. 2. Lecture 2: Who are you? Before telling you who your instructor is? You need to know who you are. You might be thinking. Come on. I know I am. I don't need a course for that. I don't mean who you are as a person. What you look like or what you believe in. I'm interested in your level of motivation. So tell me, who are you? When was the last time you succeeded? When was the last time you failed? Take a piece of paper and write down. What was your latest success in life? It can be a victory over a bad habit. It could be getting the job you love. We're getting in a at school. I'll do it for me. The last time I succeeded was when my French course was approved and published on you to me and sold well on the first month. My latest failure was being unable to write a better marketing plan and sell more the next month. Now that you have written the recent failure and success, rewind and think of all the failures and successes you had for the last 12 months. On the bottom of the page, write down what you last year. Goals were So what does your paper look like? This is what my paper looks like. These are the goals that I set myself in 2016. And this is what I got done. I personally think I've succeeded in 2015. My paper would probably look like a massive mess, and I could never see I made this year successful one keep this paper closes. You're taking the course. Okay, so that paper you wrote will tell you who you are in terms of motivation. We're done with defining who you are in the next lecture. I'll tell you who I am. And what were my failures and successes in life? 3. Lecture 3: Who am I? My name is Emily. I often righted the English Way. I was born in Brussels, Belgium, and I currently live in the south side of bottom in a city between Brussels and the French border. Most of my close family, members of French and English speakers, I told myself English at nine and attended a British college in North Yorkshire. In my teenage years, I love learning and sharing what I know. Before becoming an instructor, I had a YouTube channel where I was posting translation of American hip hop songs. Due to the new lows about copyright, I had to stop. But my patient that teach never stopped. You might be wondering, Emily, you're 22. Why do you think you can teach me out of accomplish my goals? Why do you think you can teach me life? Well, let me tell you, I'm a pro at this. This is the promise I made myself in December 2016. After failing my goals in 2012 2013 2014 and 2015. Emily, you will lose some weight, get a job, be nicer to people, read books and create courses online. Well, in January, I lost £15 in April, I got a job. In June, I published my first course in August. I published my second course in October. I published my third course. Living in the south side of Belgium can come with some risks. So I cut ties with bad people around me and got happier. I started reading more books and felt better with the new me that successful me. The only reason why I got successful and motivated is because I learned, like the hard way. You don't have to learn the hard way. You can just learn from the ones who learn before you. I'm super happy to have you as a student. If you have any questions about me or my past, feel free to ask. 4. Lecture 4: what is stopping you that you wrote down all the things you failed recently? You can understand the importance of writing things down. Writing down a failure gives you the opportunity to analyze it. Let me set an example for you in 2017. I'd promised myself I would quit smoking, but I didnt. By looking at this example, we can no vital information. For 12 months, that person kept smoking for 12 months. That person tried to quit smoking but failed or the person didn't even try. We can pull a few facts from the statement of failure. Whatever this person was doing to stop smoking was not working at all. There could be many reasons your pressure, strong addiction to do genetics and more. Think about it. Pretend this person is your friend and you need to convince him or her to quit smoking. Take a piece of paper, pulls the video and think about it right. At least two reasons why your friend should stop smoking. Are you done? Most of you will probably say, Hey, smoking is expensive. You could save a lot of money by not smoking. All this money could be invested or spent for holidays. Hey, smoking is bad for your health. You will die if you keep smoking. If you answered Hey, you will win a battle against yourself. If you quit smoking and you will stick to your words, then you congrats. You're in the right state of mind. If you wrote another answer, feel free to share with us in the discussion section. Time to do that for your failure. You might feel uncomfortable or bad while doing it. But don't worry, you will never know that feeling of failure ever again. Once you pick the right habits, go back to that list of failures and pick the biggest one. Start answering the following questions. Take your time. It's OK if it takes you over an hour to answer everything. You can even take the whole day to do it. The more you write down, the better we can analyze it. Why did you fail? Is there anyone that tried to stop you from accomplishing your goals? Is there any physical object has stopped you from accomplishing your goals? How did your friends and family react when they realized you failed? Did you fail on purpose? Were you scared of change mint. What was your motivation to succeed? Where did that motivation go when you tried to reach your goals? Where is that motivation? Now that you know, you failed. What was your method? To reach your goal? What happens? Did you change? Why do you think it didn't work? That you have all these questions answered? You can realize the importance of taking the time to write things down and analyzing them. Do that for every time you think you need to understand why you failed. It will help you. In the next lecture, we will talk about the source of motivation. 5. Lecture 5: lecture. Five. Yes, you can. When I was starting Psychologic University in 2014 I had a crazy teacher. You know, the one that thinks teaching is like playing a drum apart in front of an audience and renting and students that didn't do anything wrong. While one day she said something that hit me really hard. It was Monday morning, 8 a.m. And half of the students skipped class. The teacher noticed that how the auditorium was empty and said, Do you know why you're here? You're here because this morning you woke up and that little voice in your head told you to stay in bed. But you didn't listen. You got up and went to class. Some people listen to that voice and they're not here right now. They're the weak ones. After she said that, I never looked at her the same way we'll have that. A little voice that says, Ah, five more minutes or I'll do my homework Leader and learning not to listen to that boys is the first step to success. You might be thinking Well, that little voice is everything to me. It's my gut feeling, my intuition, my life would be a mess. If I don't listen to it, you're half right. That little voice also helps you in new situations where you don't know what to do. But it also puts you in trouble by suggesting you to do bad stuff like oversleeping, lying or breaking rules. You need to focus on the good things that you hear in your head. Listen to gut feelings, but not lazy commands. You might ask. Well, what if I want to skip work out Because I'm tired. It's Is it bad? What if I want to believe in your games? Because it's my passion, but it takes a lot of my time. You need to think about the middle choice. You want to skip work out because you had a tiring day? Why not do a little less exercised? Unusual. That way you will be dead tired, and you still did a little bit of sport. You want to finish that game you love so bad. Set a timer or play after you did your work of the day and your tours. I love gaming. Let me tell you how I did it. I love to please skyrim because basically, this game is amazing. It never ants. I could spend a whole week playing it and that finished a game. So what I do was planning gaming hours. This is what I tell myself, Emily, if you work and get this this and this done, then you complete squiring with the time you have left, the faster I get things done, the longer I can play. You need to think about the middle choice, but never picked a middle option. And when you're in bed, don't tell yourself five more minutes. Just get up and get things done. It it will actually get worse. If you stay about five more minutes and five more minutes and five more minutes, it will be harder to get up in the next lecture. We'll talk about the two steps to start getting things done. 6. Lecture 6: the two steps to get started, and this lecture will talk about how to get things done. We'll do it in two steps. First step is writing your own file. Yes, you heard me correctly. You are now working for the Reacher Goals Police, and you must analyze yourself. This fire will be a personal record. I have made a template so you don't have to build a whole document from scratch. You condone low despite all the resources section right here. Here's what you'll need to fill that report door. You don't have to make it public, but it's always better to compare with other people so they can give feedback. Okay, let's focus on that report. You need to write down who wrote the report. It can be you or someone close to you. Your first name, your last name, your age, your level of motivation. Right now, from 1 to 10 your latest failure. You have known skills. You're known flaws, your current goals and the actions will take to reach those goals. Please post this video while you're working on that tile or a come back. As soon as you're done working, take your time. Work on yourself is the most important thing 7. Lecture 7: become Moto and a mentor. The second step will be to pick a moto and a mentor. So you start looking for a mentor. I'll tell you how I did it. I picked Roman philosopher Seneca. I picked him because he wrote really interesting quotes in on the shortness of Life. It's a really short book. I recommend you to read it. It will easily find it for free online, Seneca said. It's not that we have so little time, but that we waste much of it. And that gave me motivation because I'm the kind of person who wastes a lot of time. Wasting time was my big problem. I was spending hours watching TV shows, watching videos on the Internet, playing stupid games and working on project that I knew I'd never finished. I've picked my mentor and uses quotes as my moto. Now where you going to pick it can be anyone really inspiring you someone from your family history figure or even the religious figure. As long as it gives you motivation, you're good. I've seen so many people saying I got rich famous were inspired things to my faith and God that I figured I could do anything if I had something to believe in, and so can you. You have to adapt everything around you to motivate you. This was my screen saver when I was working on my first scores. Feel free to Don't load it and use it on your computer. This is my current screen saver. It's basically a Microsoft Windows asking me if I really want to quit, and the first option is no. The second option is no, because I can't quit. If your mentor is a fitness guru, that's fine. If it's a musician, that's fine as well. Your mentor can even be Batman. If that really motivates you, take time to work on yourself, and you'll quickly understand how important it is. 8. Lecture 8: section to act clean around you. Could you find three treasure chests hidden in a pile of cars? No, probably not. So what do you do? Do you clean up the whole pile until you find the treasures or organized that pile? So you make sure you find old things you need next time you searched through it. If you need to work on something, don't get distracted by stuff piled up around you. Off course will do it by steps, and you absolutely need to find the things that works for you. Is it putting sticky notes everywhere, Writing down where your stuff is When cleaning up, you'll probably figure out what works for you. Also, you need to start applying what I call the prehistory cruel in prehistory times. When our ancestors were building a house, they separated it in similar ways. First, that was living room dedicated to living the kitchen or the eating room, the stable or the farm and some houses even had a trash zone, the hole where they put whatever they wanted to get rid of. As a human, you'd never consider eating or making dinner into stable, because it's not the purpose of the room, and it's pretty gross. That's what you need to do with the rooms in your house. The living room is for watching TV, welcoming guests playing video games. Exeter. The kitchen is for cooking and eating. Don't eat in front of the TV. Don't watch series on your computer in bed do things you're supposed to do in the room you're in. It's the start of our discipline program. If your bedroom is big enough to have a desk and you work zone in it, just remind yourself that this room is a workspace with the bed. It's not a bedroom anymore. It's where you work and sleep after work. Don't use your laptop anywhere else than in your work space on the train or in a hotel room . It will help you get in the right set of mine. You walk into a bedroom, you have to work to do you do it and then you sleep. He went to the kitchen. Then you're in a creative set of mind for cooking or just putting things in a microwave to see what it does. If you walk into the living room, you're either year to watch TV, play a game or do family activities. Each room has a purpose. That's why we limit rooms with walls. If you live in a small house or a flat, make sure you set limits to it can be, in a different way the color of the room, the floor color or simply by drawing a line on the floor. Once you've decided which room is your workspace, clean it up completely. Sell or give what you don't need. Sword. What you need to make sure you'll know where it is. Next time you need it. Cleaning up around you will motivate you because you'll feel like working in a new shiny environment. Do things little by little. You can start by cleaning up a soon as you're done with something. You just finished your coffee, washed a cup or put it in the dishwasher. Don't live it in your room forever. Take a little steps. Spend the whole day cleaning your room. You'll be happy with the results in the next lecture. We'll talk about cleaning your computer 9. Lecture 9: clean your computer, working on the messy computer will slow you down. That's why it's important to clean up your files once in a while. If you haven't already. Don't know the cleaning program on your computer and run it once a week. I personally use clean up. It'll clear to files you don't need, such as your browser cache. Search for the software's with the best rating and read the description to see which southward fits your needs the most. Stick to that software and use it once a week. Now that your initial cleanup is done, you can start cleaning your own. Filed manually. Open your file Explorer and start cleaning up your downloads that don't loads files on your computer or usually the messiest separate things, depending on your subject or their file type. Create folders with logic names and start sorting. Delete whatever you don't need any more. Here's a few rules I created for myself about storing files on my computer. If it'll Netflix, don't don't load the episodes just for a sake of being able to watch them offline. Don't don't load any files illegally. You could end up with an infected computer and loose file and your work and to your been once a week, uninstall any self where you haven't used in the last 12 months. Or at least consider Unext telling them if you don't need them. If you're running out of disk space, consider using Google Drive to store your known personal files. If you're running out of this space after completely cleaning your computer by an external drive, you will find some at $100. What up to a terabyte of storage. If you don't know the file stored immediately where it should be, don't leave it in the download section forever. That concludes my list of recommendations and the next lecture. We'll talk about getting the APS that you need to work better. 10. Lecture 10: get what you need, all right? Your computer is not cleaned up. Everything is where it's supposed to be. You can start adding APS, extensions and other Softwares that will improve your productivity. I'll give you a challenge today. You need to find one computer app, website or extension to increase your productivity. To find extensions, just open your browser and search for your browser name extensions. Given our of your time to search for the productivity app, where extension that fits the most of your needs, I'll tell you about the extensions that I use. Focus is a chrome extension that I have used for over a year. It looks like this Ever start focusing button and below what you can write, the things that you need to get done and move them up and down. You have a little night button 2 to 2 collars to dark blue on the side. You have a work log that will fill up with the things that you got done. For example, I said, Walk the dog is the thing to do. I hit the store focusing button timer start. I had start next to the goal, I wrote. I'll go walk the dog, and when I come back, I hit. Finish that goal named Walk. The dog is not considered done, and the settings you can decide the websites to block. While you're working to know the names of the websites you waste your time on, I suggest you to the load. The extension time stats. You'll be pretty amazed by D analysis. It does. I suggest you set the timer 10 minutes on the first week using this app. Work and stay focused for 10 minutes, then relax for two minutes. Add five minutes each week until you can focus for 50 minutes. All right, I explain you the idea of getting motivated by absent extensions. Now I'll talk about the importance of using the things you know make you motivated. If it's a movie sequence, would be quotes. Make a playlist out of it. Your favorite rapper Makeup latest out of her hiss. Most bumping of Jams. Take all the digital things that motivate you and make a compilation out of it. You can use Virtual D. J to make a long makes or your media player to create a musical playlist. We will talk about the importance of music in the few lectures, but you need to create your Blais leads to success 11. Lecture 11: how to set goals. Well, you know what you want to do. You have written your previous failures, and now you have new goals. How do you said Gold's properly? You probably usually said goes like this. I need to get this done by this day, just like school assignments. Have you tried setting goals with more depth? Finish Matt Homework by four PM with my brother. Seems a little better, doesn't it? Write a new chapter from the main character's perspective. Also sounds better because you know more deeply what you need to do. Always set your goals like this thing to get done. Who you'll do it with If you're alone, just add by myself like a champion. How you will do it even stupid things like the color of your text. Not always necessary, but useful depending on your task, the time, the hour or day you need to get it done for most importantly, write down. Why you need to do it because you're a champion is a valid reason. Set. That goal we talked about in the previous lecture in a New Way finished issued M accords by January 2018 like champion because I need to stop being ill. Easy human. That's how you said your goals. Like a successful person. In the next lecture, we'll talk about tracking your progress. 12. Lecture 12: track your progress, you have a goal in mind. You need to accomplish it and also and more importantly, track your progress when you order something online. Sometimes you get a tracking number, and you can follow your package from the country of the center to your home address. Exact same thing for your goals. Here's the general way Tracking systems work with a package. First, your packages and preparation. You just ordered it, then your package has been sent. Then the package has left the centers country. Then your package best custom controls. Then the package arrived in your home country, and finally, the package has been delivered to your address. Tracking your progress works the same way you know where your starting and you know what's the final go? You know, there are steps between the beginning and the finish line. The hardest part of working on the project is getting started. Once you started, you will feel bad if you give up so you'll keep working. Motivation will flow if you use the same system. So this is how your trucking should go. OK, I started my project. Let's go. It's just the beginning, but I'm closer to the next step. It's hard, but I'm almost out finished. I can't give up now. I made half of the work. I'm so close to completing that goal. I am not giving up now. Yes, I made it. You need to keep track of your progress. It can be in a document on your computer or in a notebook. You will carry around with you, right? Everything from the smallest thing. Learning how to make coffee to the biggest thing ever. You just met your mental randomly in the street and she he gave you a motivational speech. In this document or notebook, you need to write the date. Your little inspiring quote that we talked about earlier and your accomplishment of the day don't focus on the positive things. Only you also must write down every time you waste energy time or you do something stupid or unrelated to your work. Separate the page into on one side will be the positive yet aside will be for the negative . Try to keep the positive column or field in a negative one. And the next lecture we'll talk about coffee and bad habits. 13. Lecture 13: coffee and bad habits. If you're trying to be more productive, you might feel tempted to drink coffee or energy drinks. Maybe a little too much. While coffee and energy drinks will help you be awake a little longer than usual, it will not give you motivation. Drinks containing high levels of sugar will give you a little energy kick, but I will not get your motivation higher or make you work faster. The only beverage you can consume to increase your focus and energy is water. Water is the only thing you should be drinking while working and that progress journal we talked about earlier. You can also write down homage cups of coffee you drink per day, or how many cans of energy drink you drink. If you're trying to quit smoking, you can also write the number of cigarettes you smoked and who you smoke them with. If you realize that you smoke more when taking breaks with a specific coworker, try not to take breaks together and see if you still smoke as much. This little journal can be very useful. You can use it to write down any bad habits you have. If you feel like quitting a bad habit. Cold turkey. You can try to do that, but it's easier to write down your progress in the journal we talked about. Then try how good or how bad you're doing. You don't have to quit your habit in a day. You can do it step by step. Whatever the habit, you're trying to quit. Discipline and motivation already Onley Riel Methods to succeed. If you really want to quit a bad habit, you will succeed. Don't get me wrong. I know addiction is a real problem and it can get in the way. That's why you need to do things step by step. Getting professional help will help you succeeding. Taking your addiction. It's up to you if you want to hire a coach or talk to your doctor. If you're not sure on how to kick your addiction, as you just you seek professional help in the next lecture, we'll talk about the importance of music 14. Lecture 14: the importance of music music is sometimes the only thing missing. To get you motivated, you need to create playlists in order to set your mind to the work you're about to do. I have four remain activities during the day, getting prepared before work and physically going to work by foot, working on my courses, using my computer, working out and gaming. Have a playlist for each of these activities. I'll help you create your own playlist and play tricks on your own mind so you can work efficiently. You need to gather, Ah, lot of songs that motivate you, but they need to be different in some way, so you'll easily separate them into different playlists. Here's an example of my playlist. Before going to work, Travis got the prayer. Travis Scott Skyfall Dr A. Scott. I can tell Travis Scott, Brief Love, Kanye West, Travis Scott and more. Since City, the playlist lasts long enough to have music for my whole walk to work, and the music motivates me. Once I'm back from work, I'll start working on my courses, and I also have a full playlist for that. It's mostly made of rap songs and catchy tunes. Your playlist can be made of music that you like TV show theme songs or even the soundtrack of your favorite movie or game. It has to be music that you deeply love and you can never get sick of. If you're looking for work out music compilations, you'll find a boatload of these on you, too. They can be 10 2030 minutes long, sometimes two hours. If you're looking for music from video games that can also be easily found on YouTube, there's a few rules to respect. If you want to play Listrik toe work, don't use a playlist for another thing than its original purpose. Don't use a workout playlist for gaming. Don't use the gaming playlist. One. Working on Your Computer Exit Trip Sooner or later you'll notice that your brain gets used to a certain music, going with a certain type of activity. When I randomly play music on my computer and it starts playing a song for my gaming playlist, my brain goes Nope, that's a Minecraft music. Skip it. It's not the right time. Keep working. That's why you should always stick to your playlist and trying not to listen to music randomly stored on your computer. Every time you practice an activity, you have a place for keep playing the same music. Your brain will get used to it and you'll be motivated. Also pick artists that you find motivating. Check the resource section to see how to create playlists. Using the Windows Media Player into next lecture, we will talk about your hobbies and how to differentiate a time wasting hobby and a good hobby. 15. Lecture 15: is your hobby worth it? Your hobby is the activity outside work of school that you do the most. If you spend most of your free time on Facebook, then you're wasting a lot of time still browsing through your feet. Even though you've seen everything yet you're wasting time used a browser extension that we talked about time stats to check home much time you're wasting on Facebook. If you reply to your message is, then you're done except wasting time. There's nothing left to do. Same thing goes for all social media platforms. Don't waste time if you did what you had to do. If you go to the gym, play any type of sport or spend time reading a book or getting educated that don't worry, it's not wasted time. Working on yourself is as important as working to make a living. Don't overdo it off course. Always listen to your coach. And don't go for a drink after your sport session. You'll just gain the calories you lost, and you'll never have the time back. If you're a big gaming fan like me, you're probably thinking what gaming is. Alright, isn't it? It's not time wasted Well, let me give you an idea of what games are really a waste of time. It's a type of games that have no real ending that make you look at your phone or computer , even if it's soft and forces you to share whatever items to your friend play. Exit trip. I was a big fan of Citi Field. You probably heard of it. I played for about a year on Facebook, and then it was announced that the game would be available anymore. Indeed, the game stopped working and the pages related to it disappeared. My whole city was gone. What was left? Nothing. Do I regret playing? No, Actually had fun. Do I feel like I wasted my time? Yes, because it's the truth. Here's another game. I love playing Minecraft. To be honest, this game is genius, but it never ends well. Technically it does. You can finish the game, but that's not what the players are interested in. When I started playing, I was amazed. I sucked at it. I bought a guy to play better and I got better. But I was playing way too much. I was not in control anymore. Once I finished a building project that was working on while I stopped playing because it had no meaning anymore. Gaming is fantastic, but it can also be a waste of time, especially if you play games that were designed for the phone or a social media platforms. These are the worst because not only does it send notifications all the time, it's sometimes forces you to involve your friends and so accessible you'll be tempted to play every time your board. You need to take notes of how much time you spend on gaming or any other activity that is not sport. There's a lot of ways to waste your time and your money watching TV, Watching YouTube videos You didn't plan toe watch initially hanging out with people you don't appreciate drinking and partying, hanging out in general, browsing online for an hour and ending up by nothing. If you're not trying to tell a part of good and the bad hobby used its role. You're busy doing something and us yourself, even for one second what you're doing here. Why you're doing this, then you're wasting your time. You need to ask yourself if it's worth it. In the next lecture, we'll talk about how time wasted is energy wasted 16. Lecture 16: Section four. Stop wasting your time. Time wasted Is energy wasted being bored, doing nothing or hanging out with people? Wasting your time is draining your energy. You need this energy. You cannot afford to waste it or let other people waste it for you. In this section, we'll learn toe act instead of suffered the energy that other people join out of you. Here's a few rules I created to myself when I meet new people to avoid negativity and bad influence. If they're always talking about themselves, walk Oy. If they're addicted to alcohol, drugs or any illegal substance, stay away. And don't be friend, a close friend of the person, either. If they spend time watching stupid TV shows, that's a big no no. If they always call you to hang out but treat you as a side friend or just call you to show you off, walk away. If they have zero respect for your work or the work of other people, walk away. If they're not ready to see you walk away because you're wasting your time, let go of that person. Sometimes you will be alone because you decided to stop hanging out with people wasting your time and energy, and that's totally fine. You need to make new friends, people who inspire you people You wanna work with, people who encourage you to do things you can't get away from the bad life. If you stay with the bad people, hang out with ambitious people. Exchange your past experiences. You can't even talk about it with me and private messaging or with other students. Don't openly mention people's name. Obviously, let's keep it respectful in the next lecture will talk about thinking about how you spend your time. 17. Lecture 17: think about how you spend your time when something fails in the business industry. Marketing team meets and start focusing on what didn't work and who messed up. If you have that gut feeling, does your failing It's simple. The way you spend your time is not working and you're responsible for that. Carry a notebook for a whole week and write down everything you do every day of the week. A 30 minute coffee break talking with a co worker about his her lost cats for an hour, watching puppy videos, again helping your friend moving out. Exeter. The smallest cigarette break has to be in that notebook, too. Every little thing you do, you must write it down, analyze how you spend your time, and you easily see what's wrong. You also see who makes you waste your time. Sometimes you waste time because we can't say no to other people. In the next lecture, we'll talk about the importance of reading and learning every day 18. Lecture 18: take a break. Working all day every day does not mean a thing. If you don't take a break as a reward, spend a day at the zoo at the park, which your family do something Every person coming with you will enjoy. It's your sabbatical day. You can go to concerts, go to the restaurant, play video games extra. I'm a Christian, and some of us observe Sunday as a sabbatical day, the day God supposedly took a nap after creating the whole planet Earth one day off. The week is your sabbatical day. It's your date. You're not working on being a better you you're living with the better. You for a day until you become that better you 19. Lecture 19: Who are you now? If you have finished his course in less than 24 hours, then you're not a new person. And you did not take my advice off working on one concept to date. You're not ready it. You have finished his course in two weeks. A month or more than great. You took your time and you're probably doing better than students who rushed through. Take that piece of paper you wrote during the first section. The one that list all your past failures and successes. This has anything changed? Yes. You are a better person. You made the choice to succeed. Congrats. You're now ready to work on your projects. Let us know how you're doing using D communication tools you did me offers. If this course helped you in any way, please consider spending a few minutes writing a review about it. Reviews are important. They helped me decide what I should do about my course. And if there's anything I should make better 20. Lecture 20: 10 life rules I use every day. Here's 10 life rules to be better. You one. If you messed up, admit it. Take responsibility for your mistakes. Always be honest. If you think something is wrong, say it. If you did something wrong, say it and fix it. Three. Talk about your mistakes in front of the mirror. Schools yourself and get over it for learn something new every day. Five. Say thank you instead of sorry. Thanks for you Patience instead of sorry for being late. Six. Failing once is OK. Failing twice is a choice seven. Trying not to rely on technology. Use your own memory. Eight. Don't spend money on something if you can picture it perfectly in your house. Nine. If you fall in love, spend money on traveling, not diamond rings. 10. Don't share on Facebook to change things. Get up and change things because you can