Ultimate guide to purchasing your first investment property | Gal Biller | Skillshare

Ultimate guide to purchasing your first investment property

Gal Biller, Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur

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29 Videos (1h 55m)
    • Introduction

    • The concept of investing, passive income and freedom of time and place

    • The importance of real estate investing

    • Exercise: Goals

    • Planning Intro

    • The type of property to look for

    • How to identify a good market to invest in- Location, Location, Location!

    • How to Build an effective plan

    • Exercise: Planning

    • Research part 1 Intro

    • How to start market research

    • Researching using examples

    • Exercise: Research Part 1

    • Getting access to money Intro

    • The importance of Leverage

    • Getting pre-qualified and pre-approved for a mortgage

    • Exercise: Getting access to money

    • Research part 2 Intro

    • Neighborhood Analysis

    • How to calculate a high yield property

    • Comparative Market Analysis

    • Exercise: Research Part 2

    • Going for it Intro

    • Choosing your property

    • Closing the deal

    • Course Recap

    • Extra Materials: Financing Options

    • Extra Materials: Investment Strategies

    • Extra Materials: Q & A


About This Class

Wouldn’t you want to earn income while you sleep? Wouldn’t you want more freedom and time to spend with your loved ones and go on vacation as you wish? It seems silly to only get paid when you’re physically at your desk doesn’t it?

Real estate investing is one way you can achieve this freedom (and in my opinion it’s the best way!) and in this course I’ll show you how to get started with it.

Ever since I have known myself I couldn’t accept the concept of selling my time and giving up my freedom and that’s why I started investing 10 years ago, which I do full time today. It was hard for me to make the first move but I’m happy I did and I have never looked back, it was so worth it. I enjoy teaching this concept to the people around me and I believe that this is the future and that’s why I created this course.

This is an easy to understand, step by step guide on “how to” complete your first real estate transaction successfully.

This efficient course is designed to teach you, as a first-time investor, how to buy residential rental properties near or out of state for long-term investment in yielding real estate. It includes everything you need to know in order to purchase your first property in less than 2 hours.

Complete your first real estate transaction:

  • Build an effective plan
  • Analyze the market
  • Identify a high yielding property
  • Evaluate the market value of the property

Identify a good real estate investment and make a decision in minutes

I designed this real estate investment course to be easily understood by absolute beginners.

You´ll be able to work alongside with me through examples and exercises and gain the confidence you need to complete your first transaction successfully.

This course is built in a way that you have to complete one step in order to move on to the next and in every section I’ll go over a different topic in the order it has to be completed. Some of the topics that I’ll cover are: Why real estate investing is the best investment, what to look for in an investment property, what type of market to invest in, what neighborhood to choose, how to get finance, how to pick the property and how to close the deal.

Who this course is for:

  • Someone who wants to purchase their first residential rental property in the US (first time investors)
  • Someone who wants to plan for the future, grow wealth and receive passive income
  • Someone who has saved money and wants to invest it in a property that will produce rental income
  • Someone who wants a safety net for retirement and receive steady monthly income
  • Someone who is looking for a practical guide to purchase a property and wants get as much info in the least amount of time and with the least amount of investment

This course is not for:

  • Someone who is looking to develop, flip or wholesale property
  • Someone who is looking to purchase commercial property





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Gal Biller

Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur

I’m a real estate investor and entrepreneur. I have been investing for over 10 years in which I have acquired several rental properties. 

I started my first business at the age of 20 and hold a degree in economics and business. I have worked in the past as an economist at an investment house and in business development at a large online marketing company. I have always known that I want to live a specific lifestyle- one in which I can work from wherever and whenever I want a...

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