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Ultimate Weight Loss and Weight Management Game Plan

teacher avatar Jeremy Belter, Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

33 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Quick Start Plan

    • 3. Game Plan Outline

    • 4. Define You Game Plan

    • 5. Why

    • 6. Accountibility

    • 7. Aerobic Exercise

    • 8. Carbs, Fats, Proteins

    • 9. Dieting Does not Work

    • 10. Eat to Thrive

    • 11. Health and Body Fat

    • 12. Metabolic Training

    • 13. Never Give up

    • 14. Psychology and physiology

    • 15. Quality not Quantity

    • 16. Recovery

    • 17. Support

    • 18. The Empowered Player

    • 19. The Five R’s are Rest, Recover,

    • 20. Visualize your destiny

    • 21. Squats

    • 22. Side Kicks

    • 23. Side Kicks 2

    • 24. Wall Push Up

    • 25. Kick Backs

    • 26. Presses

    • 27. Vsit One leg hold

    • 28. Vsit

    • 29. Cobra

    • 30. One Leg Glute Raise

    • 31. Chair Squat

    • 32. Knee Raises

    • 33. Toe Taps

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About This Class

The Ultimate Weight Management Game Plan is a course about weight loss and weight management using psychology, science, observation and real-world experience from a seasoned personal trainer who has helped countless people lose weight and keep it off. The course is structured in a


simple yet effective way to help you lose weight and keep it off.

Look at everything included in the course:

  • A quick start plan to get started right away
  • 50 tips and concepts to lose weight, and improve your health
  • How to come up with your own plan and vision for your health weight management
  • 10 reasons why people fail and what to do instead
  • Quizzes and other fun work to inspire you to continue when things get challenging
  • Bonuses including example meal plans for weight loss
  • More bonuses including 10 easy exercises that almost anyone can do
  • How to make a vision board, make I am statements, how to set goals
  • Downloadable PDF's, power point, videos, and much more

Who should take this course?

  • Anyone who wants to lose weight
  • Anyone who wants help maintaining their current weight
  • Entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, and moms who struggle with weight loss and are open and willing to go through and complete the course.

Why take this course?

Jeremy Belter B.S. CPT has over 10 years full time personal training experience. After training over 15000 training sessions and helping busy people in the real world lose weight some common obstacles kept appearing. He helps you recognize these problems and gives steps to combat them. Finally, we do not just look at one thing but many different variables to combat the problem so you may never have to worry about weight again.

What are the requirements?

  • The student will need a willingness and open mind to learn, implement, take action, and follow through with the game plan
  • The student will need a pen and paper for notes and a poster board to work on your weight management game plan outline and vision.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Integrate weight management into daily life
  • Decipher nutrition and exercise tips and tricks for weight management
  • Create clear goals and progress towards them
  • Determine the five R words that will help you lose weight and keep if off long term
  • Develop and implement a weight loss plan and weight management plan
  • Execute a quick start plan for fast results
  • Acquire knowledge from a seasoned fitness professional with over 10 years experience and 15000 training sessions
  • Recognize and avoid 10 common mistakes people make when starting weight management program
  • Create a vision board that supports your goals
  • Implement 52 strategies for weight loss and weight management

What is the target audience?

  • Who is this course for? Adults that want to lose weight It is also for the person that struggles to manage weight. Baby boomers, entrepreneurs, moms and busy professionals who want a plan despite a busy lifestyle.
  • Who should not take this course? The person who is already managing their weight easily The person that is not willing to take action and not ready for a change

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jeremy Belter

Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Coach



"Transform your Body, Behavior, and Business with Belter."

As a compassionate entrepreneur, you desire a greater impact and success for all your clients

Give your all to see them succeed and achieve great results.

You care about their well being and progression in pursuit of their goals I get it. I'm the exact same way.

What if the truth is that their transformation starts with yours!

I understand nobody is perfect, but you can transform and you can strive for excellence.

The g... See full profile

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1. Introduction: welcome to the ultimate weight management game plan. Before I get into the nuts and bolts of the program, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have trained over 15,000 training sessions, and I've been in the fitness industry now for over 10 years. I felt countless people lose weight and keep it off. Now let's talk about the specifics. The first thing you're gonna want to do in the weight management program is goal over the quick start plan. After that, you're going to see a power point presentation and specifics with the videos that tell you exactly what to do and how to do it. Now, any program is only as good as the person that's willing to follow it. So what you're gonna need to get started is you're gonna wanna have a note pad to take notes. You're also going to want Teoh have a vision board so that you can do a vision or as you're going along with the program, we'll talk about that section in the future. Finally, you're gonna wanna download the PDS and take the quiz is to make sure that you're getting the knowledge that you need to be able to see the results that you want in terms of losing weight. You're gonna go ahead and follow through by writing down your goals and your I am statements. This is all part of a program. So with all further ado, let's get started with the ultimate weight management game plan. 2. Quick Start Plan: all right, So let's get started with the quick start plan now all the way. Management, I believe, is a life long, sometimes a battle. I want you to see quick results. That's why I developed a quick start plan. The quick start plan is something that anybody can do to introduce weight loss or two manage their weight if they already have lost the way. One of the things that is very underrated is drinking half your body weight in ounces of water. So let me give an example. If I weigh £200 I would drink a hunter palaces of water throughout the day. This is one easy way to go ahead and get started with weight loss. And if you already have lost the weight to stay healthy and to stay out a great way, the next tip that I want to give you is you want to eat your vegetables as your carbs. So one strategy for weight loss is manipulating carbohydrates, and one way to do that toe lawyer carbs is to just eat veggies. The reason that don't happen that you'll lose weight is because the carbohydrates that are in the veggies are lower because they're so tone of nutrients and you'll feel full from the fibre. So eating carbohydrates is a great way to lose weight when they're in the form of veggies and then kind of a limiting the bad couple hydrates getting a food, especially protein and fats now carved, or just one of the macronutrients that are out there. There are two other macronutrients and those air protein and fats. Now protein is great for rejuvenating and for recovery of working out. But also, if you're not working out, it's important to get enough protein. The debate that rages on is how much protein is enough? Well, I heard it best from somebody. If you're just trying to stay healthy, 0.5 times your body weight. So example £200. Just uneasy. Wayto example 2000.5 times 200 would be, um, would be exactly 100 grams of protein per day. So you want to figure that number out. That's for General Health. 0.7 is if you're trying to lose weight and then the recommendations go all the way up to one gram proponent body with Now that is for somebody that is working out more intensely and is in an exercise program. You wanna limit or cut out sugars and bad carbohydrates. That goes without explaining what the bad couple hydrates are. Obviously refined sugar things that come in boxes, things like that. You want to eat more good fats such as almonds and avocados. Good fats are crucial for brain functioning to feeling full, just toe having general health and good health. So good fats come in many forms. But some of the best are like I said, almonds, the coconut oil, avocados, things of that nature. You want to check your approximate calorie needs Now I know there's a lot of absolute there in a lot of places to go. I like swole SW Will l e. Got me to build a fine. This is a free website builder. Find the calorie needs that you need based on your activity level, and there are different options for weight loss on there. It is really important that you are a clark deficit, but not too much. Otherwise, you can have the reverse effect, and nobody wants to be on a weight management or weight loss program that they can maintain . That's not working for them. So you have to figure out what's gonna work for you in terms of lower in your calories 3. Game Plan Outline: the game plan outline. So let's talk about what we need to do in terms of basically an overview of the game Plan Number one is we need to find our game plan now that's gonna differ for different people. If I have somebody that doesn't have any way to Louis, it's gonna be a different goals and different game plan than if I have £100 to lose. So we have to define the game plan. You're gonna want to set yourself up for being prepared for obstacles. I don't know how many people use time is excuse, but I've seen people that are really time strapped that are in great shape and those that have more time and or not in great shoot. So you're gonna want to have a plan that get you prepare for the obstacles that might come in the future. We're gonna look at the psychology and the physiology of phallus and how those two things can actually be used together for long term weight management away it lost. But many times people get him mixed up and then it ends up leading Teoh worse results in the long term. We're gonna talk about how to eat to thrive. You know, it's been, said Ito live, but I like to eat the thrive. Use nutrition to fuel your weight loss to fuel your energy, not just starving yourself or eating too little of calories that you're not getting the nutrients that you need for weight loss long term and for the weight management progression intensity, not progression in insanity. Now this is more for the people that are going to exercise. I really believe in starting out slow and progressing slowly versus jumping into ah fitness program are jumping into fitness where it's super intense right away, especially when you're not ready. And I also a big fan of shorter, more metabolic workouts because these are designed to be able to recover from. There are too many people. I believe that either starting exercise program or even that are more advanced that don't recover appropriately. They don't rejuvenate their body, and then it leads to burn off the tee, and it leads them into a worse situation than when they first be gone. Then we're gonna talk about the five are restore, recover, rest and repair for performance and rejuvenate these. Ours are so important for long term weight loss and weight management. And then finally, you're gonna be in power. I want to empower you or your Leanness for your weight management for the rest of your life . 4. Define You Game Plan: define your game plan. So it's been said to win in life, you have to define what it means for you to win. So for me, my game plan for weight management, for weigh loss for health and fitness might be different than yours. So let's get into the points that are necessary to define your game plan. I think Number one is smart goals, Caesar goals that are written down in a way that is most likely for you to succeed. You want to visualize your future now you want to get support that is necessary for you to see awesome results. Accountability. That can mean several different ways to get accountability could be online. It could be in person. It can be through a coach, a nutritionist, many different ideas that will talk about in a little bit. Define your why definer. Why is crucial for getting results. Defining your why means why are you doing this and what's going to keep you going in the long term? And then finally never give up? So many people have succeeded in lying just because they never gave up. Whether it's business, health, fitness, any self improvement thing, you're gonna need to get tough when the going gets tough. Long term results are important, but they only happen with small, continual actions and habits created that you do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. 5. Why : make a strong why you're why statement should be something that is motivating to you. It must be really yours. You know, I've heard so many times that people go into their careers because their parents wanted them to, or because that's what they thought was best. But it really wasn't there, why it wasn't really in line with their values. So I think that people should focus their why statement around their values. One of the reasons that I stay healthy and fit us for my family, for my God, for what I dio in terms off my profession and for you, it might be much different. It might be because you had a history off problems with heart disease or whatever the reason is. But make sure the Y statements are strong and motivating for you. And I'm not talking about motivating. Short term has to be something that's really inspiring to you must focus on the rewards and the pain. So it's been said that their only two reasons why people do things and that's because off getting a reward, we're getting out of pain. So a lot of times, what I see happening is people want to get out of pain, and then after they get out of the pain, they kind of go back and they fall back into that pain. For example, weight loss is a great a great reason why people will will lose the weight. But then they're like, Oh, I'm happy where I'm at And then they don't set up a reward system for the future. So after you get out of pain and you've seen great results, next is what are the rewards that can happen if you if and when you continue this journey in a positive way, be positive. So focus on the results that you've had and focus on the future in a positive way. And then ask yourself big questions. Think big. Ask yourselves questions like what would happen happen if I focused on my health and fitness, and I increased my health and fitness for the rest of my life or something to that nature where you're really Keenan upon the results that you want for the rest of your life. You know gradual progression in your health can make huge impact long term. Too many people focus on just the short term results and not what can happen over a long period of time if they keep up with their health and their wellness in their fitness. 6. Accountibility: so a key positive factor for losing weight and keep it off. In fact, many have said it's the most important thing in a weight management program. Even if the program is subpar is accountability. So let's talk about accountability. Accountability means coaching. Ah, good coach will hold you accountable. Sure, they may be friendly, but really, they want to make sure that you are focused on getting the results that you want. So get some coaching. Whether that's online, invest in it. Use money however you need to do to get the results that you want. Sometimes that could be a good motivator to is just investing in a program where you have to show up, use a group dynamic. I know that many people love group training now. I don't believe in these big, huge boot camps as much as I believe in small group training, so find a place where you can get group training and that doesn't have to be through fitness. Training alone can also be on a weight management program in your local community, said Rewards for yourself. Now I know imagine this, but it bears repeating. You have to make it fun and you have to give yourself Rivas rewards for the results that you have. In fact, my video person is lost £50 she has, I believe, set up different rewards for herself as she keeps losing the way. And that's really important because it can get tough. The longer the closer you get to your goal, the harder it gets to get there, but also the more fun you can make it. And I believe in celebrating success. And that's what I mean by setting rewards. Give yourself negative reinforcement and positive. So if you don't reach a goal by X date, maybe you give money to a charity that you really don't want to give money to. Um, it's still a positive in terms of giving that money, but it will definitely motivate you to get the results that you want, and they can be set up in different ways. You have to decide that for yourself. People are different in terms of the rewards and negative reinforcement. You have to know what works best for you and how to do that, and then finally focus on your progress. So many times people focus on what they haven't done. I would rather people focus on what they have done. So maybe they haven't lost £100. They wanna Lewis, but they've lost 20. Well, that's great. You're not headed in the direction that you were headed gaining weight every year. So focus on the positive rewards and the positive results that you've had so far, and that will keep spurring you on to do more to be better. 7. Aerobic Exercise: now there are different energy systems, and I won't go into great detail. But aerobic exercise, I think, is fine. But I think it's already accomplished in metabolic training. So if you're doing metabolic training and you've already done enough aerobic exercise to have an aerobic base, you can really get a lot done through the metabolic training bulls and aerobically and a roller clear too much can lead to decrease metabolism. And what I mean by that is, if I'm a marathon runner, I constantly need to be doing ah lot of exercise to keep the weight off with metabolic training. And if you're more like an athlete like a sprinter, I'm not saying that you should go and spread because I could be dangerous if you're a beginner. But the point is, the stronger you get. The higher metabolism is because you don't lean muscle tissue and lean muscle tissue really does help the metabolism, Ron, even when you're not exercising. Like I said, too much aerobic exercise can lose muscle. The body adapts to it, and that sounds good. But what happens is you need more of the same stimulus toe have the results, whereas with metabolic training and a lot of animals training. What you're doing is your making it. So the body adapts but then rejuvenates, and we're gonna talk about that in the future. How to rejuvenate from high intensity exercise from weight training from resistance training, sometimes light aerobic exercise or even moderate or other exercise may not be enough to elicit body composition. Changes really have to challenge the body if you're using exercise Teoh with your weight management. And again we don't have to use exercise for weight management. But I've never seen anybody that's really strong and lean without at least way training or some form anaerobic activities. It takes longer, so I know people that competed triathletes. They will train from 10 to 20 hours a week or myself. I only train between five and 20 minutes, usually on average three times a week, and I rarely go about that unless I'm playing a sport. Ah, lot of other issues you can Google. There are people out there that talk about the detriment, a long term moderate aerobic exercise, and I'm not talking about here and there. I'm talking about constant aerobic moderate exercise. Done daily are too often doctor else ears is one on there's there, several others. You can just google the effects of long term moderate aerobic exercise. You Congar the effects of doing too much exercise, and you'll find AH, lot of problems that can arise from other professionals that agree with me. Now there are others that disagree, so you have to make that decision for yourself. If you want to run marathons and that's something you do, that's something that you have to do. They need to figure out how to manage your weight based on that. 8. Carbs, Fats, Proteins: carbs, fats and proteins. Let's get more in depth with those carbs and proteins. Air four calories programs so everyone graham off a carb or one gram of a protein is four calories. This is not good or bad. It just Is this the science? One gram of fat is nine calories per gram. It's not good or bad. It's just the science. Okay, however, you want to be aware of it because ah fats tend tohave fats will have more calories per gram. Fats and protein are essential. Carbs are nine essential. That does not mean that they're bad. Car manipulation is one way for weight loss and weight management. Okay, that doesn't mean that we do know carps. That is not necessarily a good thing. Good fats are great, and under used protein is used to build muscle. It's important to note that carbs carbs are the preferred source of energy. Many tar times, though carbs can be high. And while we're talking about is the bad carbohydrates, I think people forget that Ah, many times the veggies and fruits are carbohydrates. They're free veggies that have some protein in but not high amounts. Veggies are definitely the best for carbohydrates, so here are three things that I want everybody to think about with. Nutrition is eat more veggies, get enough protein and get enough good fats. That's about as general as you can get, but it's also very effective. You want to be a clerk deficit, but you don't want to be at a high Clark deficit. Do you want to focus on good, healthy nutrition's where the most of your food is going to come from? Um, those sources. Good carbohydrates, fats, good fats and protein, preferably from the best sources as well. Now the debate is how much protein is enough, and I have read and heard from other people. 0.5 toe one is kind of the protein range, depending upon what you're trying to dio. So 0.5 grams is for General Health 0.7, and you know 0.8 kind of that range per per body weight Proponent. Body weight is for, um, is for weight loss and weight management, and then one gram is if you're really trying to build lean muscle tissue and you're you're working out. So that's kind of the general rule of thumb. Now that's from somebody else, Not not from me, but I think it's, Ah, think it's a good guideline 0.5 toe, one gram, depending upon your goals. 9. Dieting Does not Work: So I've never really believed in dieting as the word is used, because when I think of dieting, I don't know about you. But I think about fat dieting. Instead. I think about nutrition and how to feed the body So this section dieting does not work. Our metabolism is more than just calories in calories. Ella. I think it's calories in calories out it is our macronutrients, or micro nutrients, and basically it all revolves around our hormones. Exercising more and leading eating less is not a good mantra, and the reason for that is I understand what people are trying to say, but how much exercise and how little eating that actually can be a recipe for disaster when you just keep exercising more and then just keep eating less, that will not work long term. We must focus on our quality and quantity of food, not one of the other. I think there are different viewpoints on that where people will say, Okay, let's just eat healthy. But then they're not getting enough quantity of food. Maybe, and then maybe they say, Well, let's just focus on the quantity all let's eat 1000 calories of sugar Well, that's not a good idea, either. Um, 1000 calories of one thing is not a good idea, no matter what. So the point is is that we want to focus on both the quality and the quantity, individual differences. You know, you go to different countries and you go to different cultures. People eat differently. What we need to realize is what we can and can't do long term to have the results that we want. You know, I have some fitness competitor friends, and I can guarantee you one thing. I'm not gonna eat like them. That's not my lifestyle. It's not my goals. However, I probably more like them and maybe somebody watching watching this right now. So the point is, is, you've gotta figure out what fits into your lifestyle. You gotta fit what fits into your moral compass. And I believe that all types of ways can work from being a vegan all the way to paleo, which are two totally difference. However, you never want to get rid off one food group carbs, protein fats. In my opinion, some general principles apply. So and I stayed of this before, we want to get enough water. We want to get enough calories, protein carbs and fats. And what that means is focused on again both the quality and the quantity of our food. And again, I go back to the rule of 70 90. Like I talked about eat healthy 70 to 90% of the time, the foods that are gonna help you with your rules and then use the other ones to the other foods to go ahead and and feel like you're not on a diet to feel like you're getting somewhat of a reward that you got to know yourself and know what's gonna work best for you when it comes to eating and nutrition. 10. Eat to Thrive: So let's talk more about nutrition. Eat to thrive is what I like to say. Let people say Ito live. That's just the basic of human survival. There are lots of people that are eating that are alive, but instead how many people are eating to thrive? Now when I see to thrive, that doesn't mean that you can't have fun in your life. That you can eat what you want might mean more moderation and what you want. But you can definitely have any types of foods, so there are three types of food. Carbs, protein and fats. However, there are bad carbs and bad fats, and we want to focus on getting enough of each, but not too much so that our caloric needs are going way over. And that's something that you need to find out for yourself. Bad dieting never works so bad. Dieting is very interesting because it gives you such fast results, and then people get compliments and they think they're doing well. But the truth, the matter is there really not there, really causing havoc on their hormones, and they're just causing lots of problems with their metabolism and their organs. So when you do a nutrition plan, it should be something that you can do for the rest of your life. Now there might be some changes that you need to dio long term, but I do not believe in restrictive dieting for the long term, especially nutrient calories. Feel the body. So a lot of people just focus on one or the other. We're like all need a ton of veggies and that's it. I'm gonna get a ton of nutrients. Well, that doesn't necessarily number one. You're probably not getting all the nutrients because calories the macronutrients from protein and fats are not being assumed. So you want to focus on the nutrients, but also on a micro and the macro nutrients, not just one of you. And you also want to focus on calories. If you're trying to lose weight, you want to be a slight Count Clark restriction. You want to eat for energy. You want to eat for your performance, and you want to eat for your metabolism. Now I realize we want to eat for fun, and when I do all these other things, too and I can be done, but at some point you have to decide. Maybe not right now. Maybe not till I can figure out how toe get to await that. I want to be at that. I could do these other things. You have to know yourself and make sure that you're focused on the results that you're having. And if you do get stock to gain some weight back, just go ahead and go back to the basics. What are the things that we need? I believe in the rule of 70 to 90 eating healthy 70 to 90% of the time healthy foods and then doing the other foods that you don't consider healthy the other 10 to 30% of the time . I think that's a great way to live. It gives you moderation. One thing that I want to talk about before I finish up here, though, is alcohol does have seven calories per gram, and it doesn't. It's not necessary for life, so that's an important key factor to keep in mind. The other ones fat has nine calories, carbs have four and protein have four calories per gram, so make sure that you're doing that one thing that people do when they first start with me as they tracked their foods. Now, not to be judgmental or not, but to look at it and see what are some easy changes that could be made. So in test different foods that you would consider to be healthy and that will help you on your journey toe weight loss. And again, there's three principles you know, veggies. Get enough protein and get enough fats. 11. Health and Body Fat: So I'm gonna reiterate this point when it comes to exercise, nutrition, weight, loss of weight management, health and body fat percentage. Not your being. My so b m I can lie. I think I mentioned in one of my other videos that b m I measures your weight and height and then it compares it on, and it takes your being my based on those two principles. Problem with that is, if you have a lot of lean muscle tissue, so this is gonna be particularly beneficial to somebody that is bigger. Bone structure naturally has more muscle. That person isn't going to ever be at a light B m I. What I mean by that is you want to maximize your muscle and minimize your fat, especially if you're using exercise and fitness. If you're not, then this won't apply as much to you being Lena's kid. So again reiterating the point muscle to fat ratio is so important. However, there's a certain amount of body fat that is needed on our body. Some people, they're like, Oh, I want to lose my last £10. Well, maybe they don't have £10 to lose. Maybe that body fat percentage the last £10 is crucial to their health, and staying really lean can be a detriment to their help. And if that's the case, we don't need to lose the weight anymore again. Focus on how you feel your health and your lifestyle, and everything else will fall in place. Losing weight is easy. Changing bodies. Composition for life is much more challenging. So and that's kind of what happens with fad dieting as people will. There's even a diet out there that was found to be very harmful. It's no longer sold, but they would eat like 1000 calories or less, sometimes as low as 500 I believe. And there were all sorts of health problems. People are losing weight like crazy, but what happens in the long run? What happens is your metabolism actually lowers, and then you go back to a sustainable eating style that you're gonna live and not die, and then you end up gaining weight back and you lose muscle. In the process, you lost muscle. When you're losing the weight, it it just ends up being a metabolic nightmare. So you want to avoid that you want to do something that is sustainable for life. That means a slight Clark reduction. That means exercise that is manageable for you with gradual improvements. One thing that it has even just a whole other study is how people what people say their psychology behind weight management of weight loss. I hear so many times that people call themselves things like fat or they, you know, they look at themselves and they don't like what they see in the mirror, and I can understand that that's fine. But then see yourself in the future and tell yourself the positive things. Psychology is really important that you positively reinforce what you're doing, not focused on the negative, not focusing on the fact you haven't lost. Instead, focus on the £50 you have lost or £20 or £10 or whatever it may be. Be strong as possible and be more like an athlete. I'm a big fan of trying to emulate others that are where I want to be now. For you. That might be somebody that's not a professional or college athlete, but maybe it's somebody that's more fit, more healthy, emulate somebody that you look up to and focus on their results, find out what they're doing. Much of what I've talked about already is what they're doing. Focus on managing your way for the rest of life and really just being healthy so that you lose the weight. 12. Metabolic Training: I'm gonna talk about metabolic training, so I will admit I'm definitely biased. I believe in doing metabolic training. I believe in weight training. I believe in short workouts with gradual progression intensity over a long period of time versus moderate aerobic exercise. Now you see at the gym all the time, so you want to combine strength, speed, power in conditioning. They're quick. They're like 5 to 30 minutes in length. It keeps the metabolism raised. It focuses on sparing lean muscle tissue or, increasingly, muscle tissue. It's great for time strapped individuals, I'm sure, like many of you watching this, it's great for the over exerciser as well. I won't go into specifics. But when somebody is exercising Aton and they cut back to metabolic training, they find that they increase the intensity pretty quickly, dramatically after they recover, and they find that they can get better results in less time, especially when it comes to weight management and weight loss. Now, one caveat here is if somebody is, it has, like 10 15 £20 of muscle to gain, and they gain that and they lose £20 of fat. They're not gonna lose any weight, but their body is going to be healthier. We're gonna morley muscle tissue and their body is gonna be leaner. So I really believe and hope that our society is moving more towards Leanness. Now, if you're not gonna exercise, this doesn't really apply free to you the same way. But a lot of times when somebody has a lot of lean muscle tissue, it can seem like they're overweight. But what's important is your pant sizes, your stomach, your body fat percentage and how you feel. I can't stress that enough. How you feel is really the key. It gets you better results in less time like I mentioned. And you focus on doing more reps, sets, weights and so on. Not focused on exercising more because who wants to exercise More, especially the results may have an impact on your health, and it may have an impact on how you feel long term, So metabolic training is awesome. One thing to remember, though, is if you're just starting out or if you're severely overweight, you're gonna want to start out by doing some light walking or some light exercise, and I have a bonus for you. I'm going to show you some of the exercises that most people can do in the future. In one of the modules 13. Never Give up: almost every success story that you've ever heard. They had an opportunity to give up, and that is one of the biggest keys till weight managing away loss. Never give up her serve ear INTs will make up for a lack of a lot of things. So when times get tough, let's say that you're on your weight loss and weight management journey. Let's see, you've lost £20 all of a sudden life gets t on. You got you gained 10 more pounds. Well, just start over and go back and then never give up. If you focus on the long term and you focus on not giving up, you will get the results you want. Slow and steady wins the race. Everyone knows the story of the tortoise and the hare. Now I have a quick start plan in place for you, but that only goes so far. It does no good if you do a quick start and fast plan if you go back and forth back and forth. A great example of this is yo yo dieting Yo yo. Dieting does not work long term. There's so many fad diets. Are there so many fads in terms of fitness and weight loss that don't stand the test of time. Or many times people will start on away management program, maybe see a little bit of results and then just stop. So don't be that person. Please continue and get to where you want to go by focusing on the long term and slow and study results get better every day. Do something towards your health and wellness every day, whatever that may be for you learn from your failures and celebrate your success is so if you've done different programs in the past and you haven't had the success you wanted, what did work focus on that and then get rid of what didn't work? You know, one thing that I see many times is that people talk negatively to themselves. You want to change that. You want to visualize the future and talked yourself in a positive way. Instead of saying I am fat, say I am getting leaner. I am getting thinner. I am seeing results I want I am losing £10 things like that. Adversity happens to us all the ones that overcome the challenges succeed for everybody. Listening to this the person that decides when they hit an obstacle. When they have adversity, a person that decides to keep going, we'll have the best results, so never give up. 14. Psychology and physiology: the psychology and physiology off the healthy and fit. So I want to tell you a little story about myself and other clients. They maybe have lost weight, but they did it by exercising a lot. And what I mean by a lot is they started doing maybe long distance running or a ton of aerobic exercise, and they felt good psychologically. And the reason for that is because they get a lot of compliments, and it just feels good to ST a goal. The problem was, is they didn't realize that physiology they weren't recovering enough or well enough. They weren't. They were not eating enough food to get the nutrients that they need. This is just an example. Their physiological state. If they really took a little look at it, maybe they weren't sleeping enough. So the goal isn't just weight loss and weight management. It's also being healthy. And when it comes to being healthy, that means recovery and rest, stress reduction and stress manager in deciding between the two. If you're losing weight, you should never do it in a way that is a detriment to your health. So, for example, I go on a fad diet. I won't name any names, but let's say that I'm only eating Ah, 1000 calories a day. Of course you're gonna lose weight, But are you going to manage that? Wait forever isn't something that's healthy for you, so we want to be a slight clerk deficit. But we don't want to do anything dramatic that's going to sacrifice our health. And that's the difference between the psychology and physiology of the healthy and fit. You wanna have both things happening where you're psychologically in a good place, but also physiologically in a good place. You don't want to have a disconnect there. Now let's get into some other things that I believe could be used for psychology and physiology of the healthy and fit. Number one. Metabolic training Number two Limited moderate aerobic exercise. You see this all the time in the gym where people will just exercise and exercise and exercise doing aerobic exercise, and they don't see the results they want. And there's a lot of reasons for that. Hopefully, you have learned some of them already, and we'll talk about more. End up quality is more important than quantity on that same lines. So you want to focus on improvement and exercise intensity, not to just how much body fat percentage not be. Am I so? This is a way management course, and losing weight is the goal and managing the weight of the goal. I've been told that I am overweight. Many times might be in my standards. And if you're familiar with exercise and weight training, the reason for that is because lean muscle tissue it doesn't weigh more. But it's more dense. And so you want to focus on what is a good way for you, not through being my butt body fat percentage, percentage of muscle to fat ratio. Progress slowly. So when you progress, you want to make sure, especially when it comes to exercise. You want to make sure you do start out slow. Maybe it means just walking at first. Maybe it means light exercise, and one thing about this program is I have 10 easy exercises that you can dio that are for basically anybody recovery. One of the most misunderstood things in especially fitness is recovery. People want those great workouts and they want to be pushed. A problem with that is if your body is not ready for it or your body's not recovering from right. We'll talk about that a little bit in the future here. But recovery is so important, and the best way to test recovery is am I improving? And how do I feel? Am I improving and how do I feel? And along those lines, less is more. I would rather somebody workout twice a week with Burke, Russian for the rest of their lives and somebody that maybe we're except 6 to 10 hours a week doing modern aerobic exercise and then just keeps increasing the time and burns out. 15. Quality not Quantity: So let's talk more about exercise and fitness quality, not quantity. So metabolic training is focused on progressive exercise. What that means is, if day one you're doing a plank, but then 90 days from now, you could do a full push up. That's a dramatic improvement in your exercise selection and ability. So that's what you want to do is focus on progressive exercise, focus on better movements. What that means is, if you can't do a proper squad, maybe your form is bad. You want to improve Hall, you're moving, and that will help your results focused on power increase. So the reason that I love time based intervals and keeping the workout short because power keeps increasing if I take the sprinter and the marathon runner sprinters gonna have more power. And the reason for that is is because he's going really fast. But it's for short amount of time. Now the marathon runner goes for a long time, but they're going moderately fast for a very long time. And remember, back to science in high school, power really has to do with the time component as well, so keeping the time consistent means that you can increase power pretty pretty easily at first because the intensity can keep improving. Now, if you've been working out for years, increasing power can be almost impossible. But again, the shorter workouts makes it that the time component is constant and you can increase power more easily that way, much more challenging to burn out. If I do 2 to 3, even high intensity workouts per week and I'm recovering and I'm doing all the other things , you're gonna be able to recover so that not to burn out. Whereas if I exercise more often, even ifit's moderately. The chance of burnout is at a much, much higher rate, in my opinion and from what I've experienced. At one point I started to run long distances and I could really feel, and I was doing mawr exercise not more intense, but I was doing more exercise and it ended up really fatiguing me and burning me out. So you have to decide what's gonna be best for you when it comes to that, everyone can challenge themselves for a short time, So if you focus on, let's say a 20 minute workout and then you start on your just walking well, an easy way to increase the intensities. Start to walk faster, but keep that 20 minutes the same. You can get a lot done in 20 minutes. Maybe not at first. Let's say £100 overweight and you walk for 20 minutes and you can barely finish it. And let's say, a year from now, you can walk 20 minutes, and I don't know what time it is, but let's say you can do it and it's easy. I guarantee your body will adapt to that. And that's really how quality is really the key when it comes to fitness and exercise. 16. Recovery: now. Recovery is not just for the person that's exercising. It is for the person that's trying to lose weight and manage their weight. In fact, I got one story one of my clients that recently was able to, uh, retired from her job, and she found that she's sleeping better. And she had struggled to lose a pant size that she wanted to. And guess what happened as soon as she quit her job about a month or two later, she sleeping better. She is able to eat better because she's sleeping better and not having the same stress stress does cause issues with you. Feel hungry when you're really not. And guess what happened. She lost a pant size. So the reason that that happens is because our hormones need to be balanced and our hormones need to be balanced on one of the most crucial thing is recovery, and in those things, number one sleep. Most professionals and most people that studies sleep realize that we need 7 to 9 hours. In fact, I heard of one study or athletes slept. Most of the athletes studied slept 10 hours or more. All except for like one or two, and they're some of the most fit and healthy athletes on the planet, So sleep is crucial. Naps are agree. Putting in a nap during the day. If that's something you can dio is one of the most beneficial things that I've had my clients do if they're able to, and I understand that everybody can. I think that sometimes we're a badge of courage with work and how much we work. But I question that I ask yourself, How well are you working when you are working, How much energy do you have? And sleep is one of the key components to to weigh loss way management. So focus on that and you will see great results. Obviously, nutrition. So nutrition. There are lots of different ways to eat, but I'm gonna talk about a few that are techniques that have helped people lose weight. One is car manipulation or car production, getting rid of the bad carbohydrates, focusing on mainly veggies and fruits. Another one is just caloric reduction, just focusing on eating less of whatever it is that you're eating. Another one is to do intermittent fasting. I'm not gonna go into the details of that but some people have fallen great results with that. I think there needs to be more studies on that because it's not been necessarily a long term thing that people have looked at. Another one is to increase fats and protein. And then, like I said, decreasing the carbohydrates. They're all different styles of eating. But in general, when I see people that struggle with their way, carbohydrates tend to be higher. Protein tends to be a little bit low, and fats tend to be a little bit low. That's just a generalized statement. You have to find out what's gonna bet work best for you. There are some definitely truths behind. Nutrition number one. Get enough veggies number to get enough protein number three. Get enough fats. You want to do your own research on that because everybody's a little bit different. You mean when he was a tracking app or something of that nature to do that form rolling. If you are exercising, even if you're not full, rolling is a great way to Rio to kind of get the knots out of your body if you will ban stretching, and it's part of my bonus that I show some of that and then rest. And what I mean by rest is just relaxation, getting away, vacations, doing stuff that rejuvenate to, You know, for some people arrest full thing can be something that might be intense for something somebody else. You wanna have fun but life. And then finally, prayer, meditation and so on. So and what I mean by prayer and meditation is just taking time for me. It happens to be God, but for a lot of people, that can be whatever it is that you want to meditate on, whatever it is that you want to do to relax, really bring down here your blood pressure and just make it so that you can recover from life's challenging and stressful situations. 17. Support: receiving and asking for support. As a fitness professional, I have seen this is being one of the biggest problems with people's results, especially with those that air closest to to you or to the person that's trying to lose weight and manage their weight. People unintentionally self sabotage results. So when you get support, you want to use your family and friends. But be aware of those that are holding you back, and if that's happening, show them. Prove to them that you can do it even though they might be subconsciously, not intentionally, but they are holding you back. Prove them wrong. He was professionals there, so many service providers online all over the place where you can get help. But make sure you do your research and you find people that are aligned with your goals and that aren't doing anything that is crazy. For example, a starvation diet. I won't I won't name names, but there are plenty of fat diets that are all there. You don't want to stay away from that. Focus on science. Focus on the results that you want by using scientifically based ways of losing weight and managing your weight use technology, Facebook, social media. There are different goal setting websites, all sorts of different ways that you can get support from people that are trying to do what you want, todo. But you also want to get support from people that are already there. Sometimes it is most beneficial. If you get support from somebody that's already where you want to be versus somebody that's kind of stuck where you want to be, they might give you moral support. But if everybody is in the same boat, they might also hold you back. So focus on those that can help you really empower you to get you the results that you were looking for and then find the people that are going to help you stay there, use those that don't want you to succeed. I mentioned this in the past. They're going to be people that holds you back. They're gonna be nay Sayers. And as young people say, they're gonna be haters. So the haters and the people that holds you back what you want to dio is proved to them. You're going to do this once and for all. Sometimes it might be because you've tried things in the past and never really followed through. Well, this is the time. Now is the time for you to see results and then finally use God or a higher power or your best self. What I mean by that is, first of all, it goes by your belief system. So it has to be. For some people, it's a specific God. For some people, it's just a higher power, and for some it's just I want to be the best human being that I could be. That's like the superhuman person. So visualize yourself in being the best that you can be, and then go ahead and use that talk to that person, see how that person has results and goal and go after it and take action. Reminder that no matter what, no matter how somebody treats you, the biggest focus is that you're taking action on the results that you want the goals that you have set. The vision board that you've made 18. The Empowered Player: the empowered player. So you know, I love sports analogies and I think life is a game, and I think life is a game that should be played at your highest level. So you need to become your own fitness weight management coach. I'm not telling you to Teoh, not hire people, but you really need to take responsibility and be your own coach. Beer. Best cheerleader for getting the results that you want. You deserve it. You can do it Progress for the rest of your life. Now, once you get to a certain weight, work on maintaining it and I'm not talking about five or £10 here, you know that's okay. Sometimes losing we should never lose weight at the expense of our health. And so many people do that. They they focus on too much restriction or they go on Ah, you know, ah, cleanse or whatever. And they're not getting the nutrients that they need. Or and nutrients don't just mean micro nutrients. You could be getting a lot of micronutrients, but not getting enough macronutrients. You're not getting enough protein or fats or carbohydrates or whatever it may be. Just not getting enough food in general, kaizen constant and never ending improvement. If we all would take that with our our weight and our fitness or weight management and and our lives, I think that our world would be such a great place. Coach yourself for life. Love yourself in your achievements again. I can't reiterate enough. Be happy with where you're at, but it's okay to want more and want better again in this case to want to be better. 19. The Five R’s are Rest, Recover,: muscle tissue. Let's get into the five. Ours. The five ours are rest, recover, repair, refuel and restore. What does that mean? So here are some examples of ways to use the five ours band. Stretching is a great way to get some get some strength and flexibility and mobility, and I like certain kinds of bands. They have to be thick enough, not the therapy bands that you use in physical therapy that a person would use in physical therapy. Mile fashion release. Ah, that's basically form rolling baseball tennis ball work to help the body recover so that you can exercise again. But even if you don't, this is just a great way to relax and get rid of the knots in the muscle. If you will sleep. Sleep is probably one of the most underrated things for long term weight management. There have been several studies now that have indicated that if people sleep less than six hours, the chance of being overweight is dramatically higher than if somebody sleep 78 hours or more. To a certain extent, I don't think we need 12 hours asleep if you're not a professional athlete. Um, but I do think that we need more sleep in general and I think studies air indicating that we're getting less sleep as a society. Overall, we need to eat and eat well for recovery, whether that means you recover from the stress of life or if you're recovering from exercise or anything in between prayer and meditation. Some people like to visualize and meditate. Some people like toe use prayer and their ways of recovery because, you know, sometimes there are things that we can control, and we need to control those things. And we need to do our best at controlling those things like our our weight management. But there are some things we cannot control. And then then we need these things to help us through these things and other people on whatever you need to be able to succeed at lowering how we react to stress because everyone has stress. Alleys laugh when somebody says I have a ton of stress. Well, everyone has, Ah has stress. It's how you manage that. There could be two people of the same jobs. One's gonna live forever, being a great weight and be healthy beef it be happy and another one is going to get the same job and really hate their life and be stressed. And and that is one thing that can really cause problems is when you're stressed constantly from whatever. Ah, it can really make you gain weight or, in some cases, lose weight. Lose lean muscle tissue. Ah, in a negative way because it affects your metabolism basically in a negative way. Walking is such a great way get own in nature. Now I live in Wisconsin, so that could be an issue in the winter time. But figure out what works best for you. I like to do what I like to call strength stretching and in fact, I I don't necessarily practice the yoga. But I do practise strength, stretching and, ah, one of my next programs, maybe something that includes string stretching for Christians, where they can meditate on the Bible or whatever they want. Teoh workout in a similar fashion to yoga, but with a different spiritual component, then stress management. However, you need to manage stress, and there are definite definitely nutritional supplements that are out there. But I'll let you take care of that with dietitian or nutritionist, and there are There are ways to help with that. You really want to find out if you're deficient. So blood work things of that nature could be very helpful for that. I'm actually finally getting back to the doctor in doing some blood work to see if and it's somebody that is holistic in nature, So they're gonna look at ah. 20. Visualize your destiny: visualize your destiny. Visualize your destiny means that you want to see yourself as in the future. Now, if you already at a good weight and you're happy with that, you want to visualize some other goal that will keep you at the weight that you're at. Maybe it means a fitness school. Maybe it means something that you haven't done with your with your fitness level. So you want to see the results that you want Now, the best way to do that, or one way to do that is through hypnosis and visualization. There are plenty of free resource is throughout the Internet not to utilize for you to see those results. You could also hire somebody. Ah, hypnotist, professionally trained hypnotist. That is not my forte, but I have used it. And do you use it for many areas of my life? How now there's one thing to keep in mind with visualization hypnosis. If you don't believe you can achieve it, it doesn't matter what you do. Also, if it goes against your moral cold, you can't. You can't do that as well. So if for some reason that you don't think you can or you will not, or you're focused on how you can't lose the weight and keep it off. It won't work. It won't be a benefit for you when you visualize your destiny, you want to focus on the positive things that are going to happen when you visualize yourself with weight and staying at the weight that you want to be focused on the positive things that will happen, not the negative things. For example, a lot of people will say I won't be the same person. Um, people that are fitter, arrogant things like that are not the cuse you want to tell yourself when you visualize your destiny. Like I said, act is the way it is already happening. You want to act as if is a word that is used in psychology. Act as if you are £50 lighter. Act as if you are in the best shape of your life. Act is if you are a stealthy as you can be, you want to make it fun. So set yourself up for some good rewards when you reach your goals, preferably non food related. So, for example, let's say I do lose. Let's say I lose £10 to my goal of getting to 50 every £10 every time you lose £10 set yourself up with going to a spa, going to a movie, doing something that you enjoy. Make it fun. Have fun. Create your wife statement. We talked about this and other in the past. Creating your wise statements should be I am getting in the best shape of my life where I am losing the £50. Because this this and this this is gonna be different for everybody else. I highly recommend that you look at people that have managed their weight their whole lives or somebody that is where you want to be. And why are they doing it? And make that your wife's statement? Why are you doing this? And then finally, you're gonna want to get a vision board and you're gonna want to create a vision board that is realistic for you with health, fitness, wellness, nutrition, all these things. What foods do you want any. What foods do you want to stay away from? How do you want to look now if you or somebody that is not a fitness professional are not a professional athlete. It's gonna be really challenging toe. Visualize yourself being like a professional athlete, for example. Instead, find somebody that is more realistic but also challenging for you to reach when it comes to your visualization board. 21. Squats: 22. Side Kicks: 23. Side Kicks 2: 24. Wall Push Up: good. Back up a little bit. 25. Kick Backs: 26. Presses: 27. Vsit One leg hold: 28. Vsit: 29. Cobra: 30. One Leg Glute Raise: 31. Chair Squat: 32. Knee Raises: that. Put your hands over head. How did you can reach for the sky? 33. Toe Taps: go ahead. Toe taps. No arms to the side, Like this street. Oh, look overhead. No, almost like a jumping Jack moving your arms with the legs as they go off. Yep, that's fine.