Ultimate Video Marketing Agency Business Blueprint | Juan Galvan | Skillshare

Ultimate Video Marketing Agency Business Blueprint

Juan Galvan, Tech Entrepreneur | Marketer

Ultimate Video Marketing Agency Business Blueprint

Juan Galvan, Tech Entrepreneur | Marketer

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24 Lessons (3h)
    • 1. Video Marketing Agency Course Intro

    • 2. Different Types of Marketing Videos

    • 3. The Video Marketing Agency Business Model

    • 4. 2 Main Types of Video Marketing Projects

    • 5. Additional Services You Can Provide

    • 6. Upsell Services Outsourcing Resource

    • 7. Most Common Video Creation Tools

    • 8. Best Video Creation Tool Walkthrough

    • 9. Where To Find Outsourced Video Creators

    • 10. Position Yourself As The Expert Video Creator

    • 11. How To Create A Logo

    • 12. How To Install Wordpress

    • 13. Create Your Video Agency Website

    • 14. Best Places To Find Clients

    • 15. How To Get Clients From Facebook Groups

    • 16. Get Client With These Email Templates

    • 17. Where To Find Email Lists

    • 18. How To Create A Business Email

    • 19. How To Price Your Videos

    • 20. Booking Software Walkthrough

    • 21. How To Keep Track of Your Clients

    • 22. How To Collect Payments

    • 23. How To Deliver Your Video Projects

    • 24. Project Management Tools

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About This Class

How would you like to get paid to create amazingly beautiful videos and have someone else do all the work?

In this course, I walk you through step-by-step exactly how to start a Highly Profitable Video Marketing Agency Business and start getting paid for amazingly beautiful videos that you don't even need to create yourself.

If you're looking for a way to start an online business that you can run from anywhere in the world from your laptop then this is the course for you!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Juan Galvan

Tech Entrepreneur | Marketer


Hi I'm Juan. I've been an entrepreneur since grade school. My background is in the tech space from Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Web Development to Programming. I believe in continuous education with the best of a University Degree without all the downsides of burdensome costs and inefficient methods. I look forward to helping you expand your skillsets.

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1. Video Marketing Agency Course Intro: welcome to the video marketing agency blueprint. So we have four sections here that we're going to be going over in this course section one is going to be an introduction into the Video Marketing Agency course blueprint. We're going to talk about the different types of marketing videos that you can create for clients on in Section two. We're going to go into the video marketing agency. Business foundations were going to go over the business model, the different tools you're going to need to get set up on, then the two different types of video marketing projects that you're mostly going to be working with. And then I'm also going to show you and walk you through different marketing services that you can also sell to your clients and then have a white label outsourcing company do all the work for you. I'm gonna walk you through that specific resource. It's fantastic where you literally are able to get a client on board for like a video, and then, if you want to up sell them to additional paid ads or s CEO, you can go ahead and do that and then have another company do all the work for you and then we're going to go over the most common video creation tools. I'm gonna walk you through some of the most common ones out there. There's a lot of amount there, and some have a large learning curve, and some are very easy to you. So I walk you through which ones I recommend. And then I'm gonna walk you through the best video creation tool. I'm gonna walk you through how to use this tool and how you're able to create videos within a matter of seconds and then where you can go and actually find outsourced video creator. So you want to make sure that you are most likely not doing the work when you're first getting started. You want to be able to have an outsourcer that's taking care of the work for you so that your focus on bringing clients in the door and then I'm gonna show you how to position yourself as the expert video creator. And then I'm gonna show you how to create a logo, how to install wordpress, and then how to set up your video agency website. And then section three, we're gonna go over how to get clients. I'm gonna show you the best places to get clients how to get clients from Facebook groups. I'm gonna share with you some email templates I'm gonna share with you how to go out and find business. Email this right from different categories, different niches. And then how to create a business email through G suite, Out of price, your videos. I'm gonna walk you through a booking software, and then how you're able to collect your payments from your clients. And then section four, we're going to go through the deliverables. I'm gonna show you how to deliver your website projects. I'm gonna show you a project management tool and several tools that you can use to keep track of your projects. And then I'm gonna provide you with a video marketing agency business agreement. So this is the contract that you consent to your clients whenever you're signing them on for a video project. So I'm excited for you to get started and we'll see you on the next video 2. Different Types of Marketing Videos: all right, so in this video, we're going to go over the different types of marketing video. So let's go right ahead and jump into this. So the 1st 3 types of videos that you're going to be using for, like, marketing purposes for your clients is going to be Number one, the Whiteboard Animation video. This is very, very simple here It's a whiteboard animation video that shows the viewer different static images being drawn out on the screen. So just imagine those videos you've seen that's have like a hand that's writing out other different pictures of different images. Maybe some, you know, some text there, and typically these videos have, like a narration voice over, and there's some kind of story being told. OK, and then you have, like the local business marketing videos, thes videos, air great for like a local business owner to be able to introduce themselves, explain kind of what they do maybe highlights some of their social proof like, Hey, we've helped X, y and Z. We've helped you know, these guys accomplished, you know, X, y and Z, whatever that may be right, and then showcase maybe their facility. Previous work you know, whatever that is. A Sfar as having to do with that local business. A great local business video would be like for a dentist where they can kind of explain a little bit about what they specialize in, how long they've been, you know, a dentist, maybe a little bit of a tour of the facility, the staff, right, things like that and then the animated Explainer video. These are short animated videos that focus in on explaining like a very simple business idea, but in a very compelling way. So what these kind of videos do with the animation and the White board is they make very kind of complex subjects topics very, very easy and simple to understand for the average person. So that's ultimately what they do. OK, so then we have the additional four here, which is kind of like branding videos where this is where you're just not having really any kind of call to action, Let's say, like a Coca Cola video, or maybe like a Pepsi video where there's really no kind of call to action. Is this more kind of letting people know on that they're here, right, that they're there there in the marketplace. And it's really just to kind of build that, you know, branding around. So people know that. Hey, here's my company. You know, this is what we can do. This is how we can help you. But I'm not telling you to buy for me yet because I'm trying to get you to be comfortable and familiar with my brand, right? That's typically what those videos air for, typically at the very top of the funnel, where you're letting people just really know about who you are, what you can dio, but not trying to sell him anything, right? And then we have a virtual sales letter, a V itself, and it's pretty much exactly how it sounds. You're literally using like a slide presentation. You have very simple words, maybe some pictures on there as well. And so just think about liking branding video, right? Ah, branding video has, let's say you know something about the brand. It's talking about what it does, how helps people, but it's not telling anybody Hate. Go here, click here or do this. Now, once people click on that, let's take that ad of that video. Then it can take him toe another page and that has a virtual cells that her. And in that page there with that video there, that's where the actual selling is going to take place, Right? Because the branding is letting people know. Hey, this is what we do. We're here. I just want you to be aware, right? If they're interested in that product or service that click on that they go to that virtual sales letter and that's what does it selling for them So very, very powerful. I'm sure you've attended, like a virtual sales later type of presentation or like a webinar online webinar. Those are kind of similar to each other there, where the whole intention of that video is to get you to buy something to take some sort of action. Okay, so then we have, like, a spokesperson video here. This is where somebody from the business, the company or somebody else that third party type of individual will come in there and basically explain the product of service, the company, the solution, whatever, that may be right. Very simple, nice and easy type of video. And then you have a promotional video. So this is where, like, let's say you have a company, you're working with e commerce company and they just, you know, had a new product that they want to introduce. And you can create very customized, unique videos for those particular products, right? So something is brand new, a new services being introduced, right? These air kind of those promotional videos that are typically one time because you want to let people know. Hey, there's this new product. It's unique. It's super low price in comparison to our competition. Or they're making a video where it's like one time, you know, weekend sale, right for two days on Lee get 20% off, whatever that may be, right, So promo video to very specific. They're typically kind of one time uses. And so that's really how you're going to work with the promotional videos, Okay, and so that's going to be here for the different types of marketing videos, and we'll see you guys on the next one 3. The Video Marketing Agency Business Model: All right, so in this video, we're going to go over the video marketing agency business model. So we're gonna go ahead and jump right into this here and walk you through the entire business model here for starting a video marketing agency business. So, as we can see here, when you're starting out your video marketing agency, you're really going to need five or six things here I have, I believe six things here, but I have listed their five, but it really depends on if you really want it or if its you know, its not necessarily you must have. But here we have the things that we're going to need to get started 30 to $50 to get started here. So you're going to need a domain in a website. A website is free through WordPress, but you got to pay about eight or $9 for a domain on. Then you have hosting through name cheap, which I recommend 5 to $10 a month and then to be able to create a G suite email for your business because you wanted to be at your business dot com, not at Gmail or Yahoo, because you want to be professional, right? You want to make sure that when you're communicating to these business owners right to these businesses, that you are a professional, credible, serious, individual right business that has done this before on your not just somebody who's trying to sell videos from your Gmail account, right? So, as a video marketing agency business owner, your job is to help businesses develop videos that showcase the brand, the products and their services. You don't need any kind of special video editing or video graphic experience because you can outsource all the work, and in this course I'm gonna walk you through several. Resource is that you're going to be able to use eso that once you have a client that is interested in a video, you figure out what exactly they need. And then you go to your white label outsourcing partners, and they create the video for you at a reduced rate, and you essentially make that difference. So typically when you're starting out and you're working with like local businesses and average video is going to be around 500 to 1000 1500 maybe $2000 for a video that you're going to be selling, and then what? You get over to the larger businesses that have higher budgets, you're going to be able to sell them videos in the 3456 even $10,000 range. And, uh, the thing about it is what's really interesting is that often times the perception that a video that you're selling to a larger business with larger budgets is quote unquote better than a video that you're selling to a local business for 500 or 1000 often times. That's not the case. It's all on the perception. It's all because of the fact that the larger client typically has larger budgets, and they're willing to overpay often times right, because they have that kind of budget. So this is essentially what you're going to need, right? A simple websites, and I'm gonna walk you through how to set up your website as well. I've got a whole video on that and then making sure you have your hosting your email, ah, low going to show you how to create a logo as well, and so this is really all you're going to need to get started on then Also, I'm gonna walk you through in another video how to collect payments in kind. So that's gonna be here for this video, and we'll see you guys on the next one. 4. 2 Main Types of Video Marketing Projects: all right, so in this video, we're going to go over the two main types of video project. So let's go right ahead and jump into this. So there's two types of video projects that were typically going to be working with, and Number one is the product demonstration. So this is where you are, effectively demonstrating the benefits of a product, the features, the functionality, how it's used, maybe by somebody that would be like an ideal customer of yours, right? So that they can see it's in their mind themselves using it right. People are most likely to retain information through a video because, right, the video is typically going to be presented audio and visual formats, right? And so these have two videos are great for, like e commerce stores that have products on like Amazon Shopify wool, Commerz, big commerce, all these different types of your e commerce stores that sell products on Facebook, instagram right and all kinds of different niches and categories. So they're great for marketing channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, right? Let's say e Commerce Store has a new product that they just released. A new product Administration video would be the most ideal for that particular business. Now the other one here is the service demonstration. So this is where you're going tohave, let's say, like a spokesperson or a spokesperson from the business, or somebody kind of explaining what the actual service and the benefit it provides. So it typically explains like a problem that the end user is experiencing okay, and then the implications of those problems. And then they provide a solution. Ah, via the actual service that's being presented. So just think about like an attorney, a plumber, a roofer, right? Any type of those local businesses, right? A dentist, maybe even a chiropractor. Rain. So these are great for local and national service based businesses. And when it comes to marketing these videos, it's great for like having them on the website Great for marketing channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. One of the other areas I want you to think about is like dentists, right? Or let's say, chiropractors, where you can create very customized videos for certain procedures. You know, for example, with the dentist they have like Invisalign, they have implants, right, and they're very kind of unique and customized procedures that you can create videos for eso that your client, right, the dentist can actually showcase them on their websites and give them to potential patients that want to get those procedures. OK, so these were going to be the two main types of video projects that you're going to be working with either a product demonstration where it's shown the different features and benefits, right, the functionalities of it, and then the service administration. When you have somebody like a spokesperson talking about the service, the problems that somebody can be going through the implication of those problems and then utilizing their service as the actual bandage as actually the solution to that problem. OK, so that's gonna be here for this video and we'll see you guys in the next one. 5. Additional Services You Can Provide: in this video, we're going to go over additional up sell services that you can provide to your clients once you've already sold them a video. So let's go right ahead to jump into this year. All right, So the additional services that you can provide are going to be a myriad of different services in the online marketing space. So if you look at Web design S e o. Content marketing paid, as you know, through, like, Google or Facebook email, marketing services, digital marketing, just in general, right. The great thing about selling a video toe like a realtor or like a local business, you can sell it to them for a few $100.500 dollars just to kind of get your foot in the door, right To showcase your value. There's been money exchange there, right? And so after that, you can Then up. So your clients additional services such as these here, maybe they ah, have a video that you just created for them. And maybe that a website needs a little bit of updating, right? You can present that. And then later on in this course, I walk you through a resource that you can use for a white label partner, they will essentially be able to do all of the Web design work for you. The CEO work all the paid ads, the marketing, all of that they're going to take care of for you for a small feet each month. And then you're going to be able to mark that up and then sell that You obviously had a different higher price to your clients, right? So you don't got to be doing any of the work yourself. All you got to be doing is presenting the actual service to your client and then selling them on the actual value of the service and then charging them. Ah, little bit of a higher price than what you're going to be paying for the actual service. And this particular service that I'm gonna be recommending to you is fantastic, because what they'll do is actually send off on boarding information from your email on behalf of your actual agency of your company. So it's all completely while able, they're gonna have your, uh, logo on there all of your own branding. So it looks like you're doing this all from your own company. It's fantastic resource, but I just want to share with you. Hear the additional up cells that you can provide to your clients right Once you sell them that video. That's where the relationship begins and actually get started. Because the biggest thing is client acquisition, right? You focusing on bringing new clients in the door. And once you have a client's that has already bought a video from you, that's the best place to go back and actually recommend new services to. So that's going to be here for this video. Just wanted to give you one idea of the different up, so opportunities available once you get a client that you've already provided a video to. So that's going to be here for this video and we'll see you guys in the next one. 6. Upsell Services Outsourcing Resource: All right, So in this video, I'm gonna walk you through dash click. So Dash Clicks here is a white label agency. They essentially do all of the work for you, for us, the execution implementation of your campaigns on. Then you get to essentially work directly with your client. So you sign on a client, which is what I recommend you do, and pretty much all of your different service offerings. You want to be able to have a fundamental understanding of how each particular service works. You know, Facebook ads, Google ads s CEO, video marketing, right. Everything that you're going to be providing to your clients. But you want to try to stay away as much as you can from actually doing the work yourself. Okay, Perhaps if you have a video creation software that you really enjoy working within on, you want to kind of just also create the videos as well as selling the actual videos. You can go ahead and do that, but your time is going to be better spent actually doing the sales right, selling the actual service on, then having somebody else do the implementation so that you can skill a lot quicker and easier. So dash licks here, they allow you to essentially Whitely. Well, I can mention, and I want to show you one of their great tools here. Let's say that you have soldier clients on a video. They're excited. Maybe you created the local video for their business and they're open and ready to do some more marketing rights. Um, additional type of services. So this is where you would come in and be ableto up. So you are services. So let me show you going over here to I believe it's agency tools. So they have instant sites here, and what this does here is a very, very powerful tool. What this does is it allows you to build a website for your clients in a matter of seconds with all their information. So all you would need to do is put in their business, name their address, couple other keywords, and you'll have a site that's ready to go and live. So let me show you here. So they have different plans. They have the lights, which is free, definitely recommend you try this out before you're actually going to be doing any that paid here, but still, regardless, right, you have 100 sites that you can build for 97 a month. So down here, they show you the different costs associated with sending text messages to your prospects, your clients there. So let me go ahead and show you then how we would build a site here. It's very, very easy to work with. So let's go with a single instance site builder. And so here you can see we have the business information on. Then we have the ability to send e mails and SMS after we've built it. So let me show you hear the different niches. So we have the kind of home remodel right, that locksmith painting, roofing, plumbing, towing on some of the great ones here are real estate. Jim's landscaping real estate is actually a fantastic one because they have a lot of, like different showings, different types of properties that they're promoting. So in conjunction with, let's say, working with a real estate agent or broker and being able to create videos for their properties right so they can promote them. You can actually sell them a website as well. And then, after you have sold them different videos and then a websites. You can also go ahead and then sell them like Facebook ads so that they can actually get leads coming in the door. So then you sold them a video. You've sold them a website and you're selling them now. Marketing. And remember this all started with your initial relationship of providing a video that helped him out promote their business may be promoted property, right. And the biggest key thing here is being able to provide value up front, maybe with a small ticket offer. Let's just say you don't charge them. Ah, whole lot for a video. They're just saying, Ah, $100 right? Ah, $100. We call that kind of like a trip wire where you can get them in the door. They are able to get value from your actual services right from the video. They liked that video. Then they're open now to additional services because you guys have already done business. There is the money already been exchanged, so they're more open to additional services. Right? So you could sell the video marketing the websites and then the actual marketing services as well. So let me just show you real quick here how we would set this up. They just go to school to real estate here. So we would go, Let's just say X y z x y z uh, realty. And then we would put 12345 Just a number there. And then we would put Joe at X y z realty dot com. Okay, uh, one thing, uh, board in, put boat in streets. This is make this up here and then we wanna put in, Let's say, Seattle, Washington, 98001 Okay, put barb bowlers. Put Joe Smith. Okay? And let's see if this can pull up here. So, Joe Smith, not we're ready to go here. And we have this real estate. We go here, build insight. So now this is going to take a matter of seconds on. It should be ready to go. Okay, so it's cute. Typically takes about 20 seconds or so on, and so they should pull up here within a matter of seconds. Then you see if I can Let's go to active. Looks good. In my instance sites. Here we go. So it's ready to go so now we can preview here. We can pull this up on. It. Shows us all of three different viewing capabilities here with desktop tablet and then a cellphone. Let's go to the death stop here. I mean, this is a really nice website here because it's done for you. You don't have to do anything literally. Just put in your client's information and it's already built, right. I've got a very nice image here, that kind of video image there. And then you have the ability to add in the properties here. The clients is has a very nice looking website that's done for them, right? I mean, it's just a fantastic site. So this is all ready to go here. You can easily sell these websites for hundreds of dollars, even thousands of dollars for these particular websites that are done for you, right? You literally just click a few buttons and they're ready to go for your clients on. Then you can sell them on these particular websites for like I mentioned several 100 or even several thousands, depending on Thebe budget of your clients, right? Maybe they have a little bit of, you know, budget to play with, and they want to be able to be able to get leads coming in the door so that they get close and deals and then get additional revenue coming in so that they can invest more with you. So that's where we would take them to the paid ads. So let's go over here now to the Facebook ads that weekend also, So your particular client. So let's go to my agency. Let's go to fulfillment. Okay, great. So what this does here is a shows you the different types of service packages here and then your cost. So, for example, here, let's look at the Facebook ads, which would make the most sense here. So for the Facebook ads, it's 4 99 a month. Okay, so $500 a month Pleiss a $350 set up fee. So you would pay this to get the campaign set up, and they typically take about two weeks to get everything on board it. It's actually pretty neat, because what they'll do is they'll send your client a email from your email address on it will be completely white label. Say hey, here is the on boarding documents. We need you to fill out some information, answer some questions so we can get your campaign up and running. So it really allows you to present yourself like a very high end type of marketing agency. Video marketing agency, right that eyes sophisticated on is really professional and serious. So this is the plan most likely you're going to be starting out with because it has up to $3000 a month for ad spend. Typically, when you do about $1000 a month for ads, you should be pretty good. He should be able to have your client get 2030 up to 40 50 leads per month. Because I really see it leads. You're pretty easy to come by eso. This is essentially how you would be able to look at the different plans here and be able to also again be able to provide full marketing services to your clients, and not only with just the videos that you're creating for them, but it's about really providing as much value as possible and selling your client as many services as possible because it's in their best interest. You're helping them out. Yes, you're getting paid your obviously getting paid from the client there for your services. But ultimately the benefit of your services far outweighs how much are actually charging them right? So significant value. They're so highly recommend this one here. You have also additional other services here. Let's go to hopes. Not there. Let's go back. Can it exit this? So let's just go back and look at all the different types services. So they have S CEO here they have Google and Bing ads that have funnel building. Let's say your clients wants to just have a funnel built right. You can do that as well. Web design If they want to customize website that is unique and different out there, they can go ahead and do that as well. Social media posting that say they wanted to just have, like, post on their Facebook with their instagram on their business page right and just kind of show that they're active, right? That would be an additional services well content marketing content creation called tracking. So again, this is a great platform here. Ah, great white label service that you can use in conjunction with your video marketing services that you're selling, right? You sell your client a video that's promoting a property and me their business. They're happy. They're excited with it. And then now that leaves the door open for you to come in and say, Hey, by the way, Hey, have you tried doing X? Have you tried generating leads through Facebook? Or would you like a professionally made website that can really set you apart and differentiate yourself from your competition? Right so highly recommend you check out dash clicks. It's free to sign up. There's no charge. You only pay when you actually are going to be signing up for the services. Once again, highly recommend Dash clicks here and we'll see you guys on the next one. 7. Most Common Video Creation Tools: in this video, we're going to go over the most common video creation tools, so let's go right ahead and jump into this here. Now. There are ton of video creation tools out there. I mean, I'm sure you know of the most common ones out there. Adobe, maybe film aura. Kind of the most common ones that air known out there. That the largest kind of name brand right. However, there's a ton of other video creation software's out there that I recommend. The number one that I recommend is in video, and it's recommended based off its ease of use, quality, pricing and support. I have a video walk through in this court's where I walk you through. How to create a video in less than 30 seconds, Walk you through the platform. You can sign up for free. I allow you to create videos for free without having to be a paid customer, but you get a ton of other benefits from actually being a page description user. But that is going to be a great source for you to be able to create a fantastic high quality looking video in a matter of seconds and maybe you want to be able to sell to your clients at a very low discounted price. Let's say you have a real estate agent, right? And they say, Hey, you know, I'm looking for a video. I don't really have very much of a budget. You can go and create a super simple and easy video that looks super high quality in a matter of seconds and then send it over to your Realtor client. And they're going to think that it's his unique video that's custom to them and that maybe it took you, you know, hundreds of hours to create when really just took you a matter of seconds to build. And so what you can do is if you got clients that air, wanting to get videos don't have a large budget, you can sell it to them for $5100 because it's going to take you 30 seconds, 20 seconds to create these videos. And as I mentioned, I have a walk through of in video, the platform to show you how simple and easy it is to create those video. So here the other video platforms here that you can use so camped Asia. That's what I'm actually using right now to record this video. This is great for, like doing screen capture Camp Tasia. Okay, uh, and it's good for creating kind of customer unique videos, but it doesn't have a lot of different features and functionalities that, like, let's say, a adobe would have. But if you're trying to do, like simple editing trend, do screen capture camp Tasia is great for that platoon. This is a great tool as well for making high quality videos. However, it's a bit high as faras the pricing for the average user, but they still create very high quality explainer videos as well Adobe here, probably the one that you know of the most. That's the leader in the space. There is a huge and learning curve with the dhobi. I mean, they have, like Adobe Visual editor, Adobe Creation and all these different tools that are associated with adobe and video editing and creation. And there's just so much to learn huge learning curb. I wouldn't recommend that if you're a beginner, I would recommend going through, like in the video, where you can create a video in a matter of seconds, right very nice, unique, high quality video. So then we have, like Phil, Maura, Phil Morris, pretty good as well. They also have a high learning curve because it's similar to like Adobe on. The price is actually quite reasonable, but you need to go in there and actually play around that quite a bit to fully understand it. You know, when you have a software service, like in a video, where it's literally 22345 clicks and you have a video done for you. I mean, that's the most bang for the buck there because you don't want to spend a lot of time trying to go and learn all these different Softwares. You want to take one that is very simple to use, and you can create a video in 5 to 10 clicks 30 seconds and that you can sell for $1500 right? This is if you want to get kind of people your foot in the door kind of projects right where you're working with somebody who doesn't have a large budget. So then we have the ANA maker. This is a great tool for high quality videos as well, but it is a bit pricey, so I definitely want you to take a look at that on. Then we have an EMOTO. This is also a great tool here. But again, this is actually a little bit higher in price. And I don't typically recommend products that are going to be, like over $50.100 dollars, because it doesn't make sense for the average user, right? You want something in the 10 15 maybe $20 a month. So again, I mentioned Adobe like film aura. They have huge learning curves. You have to go and learn all the intricacies. All the different unique tricks toe actually learn how to become proficient in adobe. So you want to make sure when you're selecting a video platform, ease of use, right user friendly, high quality videos has great support. And, you know it doesn't cost you a ton faras a monthly fee so highly recommend you check out in video. I'm going to provide a link for you to go and sign up for free. But this is going to be like your most common video creation tools. You're more than welcome to check out all the different tools on here. But as I mentioned, I've played around with all these other ones here for the most part and based off my research and kind of what I've seen in video is going to be your best bet. If you're just starting out and you want to create videos in a matter of seconds. OK, so that's gonna be here for this video, and we'll see you guys in the next one. 8. Best Video Creation Tool Walkthrough: All right, So in this video, we're gonna go over in video, and this is the video creation platform that I recommend because of the costs, because ease of use, just how simple it is, and then the quality of videos. It's very, very simple and easy for you to be able to come in here and create a video for, like, Facebook ad instagram ad a very nice video for, like, real estate e commerce. So, as you can see here, the monthly cost is $20 a month. If you're gonna go on a monthly plan, if you're doing it all where you're paying yearly, it goes down to $10 a month. And so what you can do is just sign up for a free account. I'm gonna have a link in the course where you can sign up for a free account and you have the ability here to create free videos. Three only thing about it is that you're obviously not going toe. Have Theobald cities come and look at the premium stock videos and then the additional features and benefits here, but really, really easy for you to sign up and just start playing around with the actual platform and see how easy it is. This is where you can come in here and you can start creating videos because you're going to see just how many templates are already done for you, where all you literally have to do is just change up some words, and you will have done for you videos that you can actually provide to your potential clients at a very low cost. So just think about this video here being kind of like a foot in the door where you so somebody a video for 30 40 $50 it takes you 5 10 minutes to create right. And you can actually do that very easily because all you got to do is come in here and change up the words right for Let's say, if it's a real estates type of video or maybe e commerce, change out the images, the words, and now you have a video that you can sell to your clients for several 100 several thousands. But if you want to be able to use this as a foot in the door tool, you can use that as well to may be sell, Um, a video for lower costs up front, maybe 40 $50 maybe. Like an intro video, right? And then from there, when she build that trust, you can then sell them additional marketing, additional high quality videos at a higher price point. Just letting them know. Hey, listen, we have a special for our first time clients. It's going to be 40 $5100 for a video, right? So just some ideas for you to be able to utilised when you're looking to present your clients with different offers. So here is the in video platform. You have two different sections here. What, really? Three. Okay, you have the I want to convert an article or video on, then allows you to put in different articles, contents, headlines, script, all that stuff there. And then we have where you can come in and actually play around with some other pre made templates. We're pretty much already done for you. You just change out some of the different content in there as far as the words, and it'll be super using simple for you to create a video with their pre made templates. And then we have number three here. This is for if you're a pro video editor and you want to start from scratch, you want to do things a little bit differently there. So let's go to the 1st 1 here, okay? And what? I want to do it. I want to duplicate this so we can keep our place here. And let's just go to number one here. Okay? So we're going to select now one of these templates. Okay, let's select this one here. This is a video template for a business. It looks like here and then we're going to go ahead and start with this one here. So here, you're going to add, Let's say, X Y Z business consulting. How would you? I like to work with a business that can help you or you help your business get to the next level, right? Something like that. Simple. You can put in your UL down here is Well, let's say X y Z or website dot com. You can upload any videos in there. Okay, so from here, we literally go to next. Okay, so this is actually going to be creating the video here for us. And so What we can do is we can see that we have different sections here, that it's broken down two. Okay. And we can change this into a headline, a story, or if you want to change us into quotes, what will do it will change it until Coke Down here, you can see the culture added. There, you can put into a question. You see, there's a question mark there, and you can take different bits and pieces here. Let's say you wanted to grab this one here. Uh, drag it in there. Okay. So you could just literally change things around. You can see here. It's a different story blocks, different kind of videos, samples that you can use to put in here that you're going to have access to as well. So we can see this one. Here is Ah, sixth portion video. Okay. Part of the video there has the X Y Z consulting, and then down here. Let's say this is just a story here. We can preview this. Okay, nice and simple. So these videos here, just super simple to create, and then you would go to preview and export it Say we were done here, Okay? And then we can go to continue editing or export video. But it's that simple. I mean, the words here, you literally could just change them by going to edits. And I Let's say you wanted to change the content here. I mean, it's simple where you can just come in here and say, um, what would that do for your business? Safe? Okay, so then it's added in here. You can move this around, right? So a super simple tool here to allow you to create instant videos on demand, depending on the area that you're focused on, right? If you're maybe working with agents, maybe you're working with e commerce stores. You want to focus on specific projects rights that you actually have, You know, specific products that you're working with. Here are images now where you can just grab some images and you want to add in here is well , so ah, lot of different things you could do here. So now let's go back. And I want to show you how you can create videos through pre made templates. Okay, this probably going to be the easiest one here to work with. So you see here. There's a lot of different templates here that are already set up for, like, Instagram ads. Facebook adds quotes. I kind of like Camba. If you've played around with Camba Tool where you can create different graphics, it's kind of similar layout. That's okay. So let's just go. Let me see here. I want to go to a simple one here. This is go through this one here. So this is a video here typically gonna be for, like, instagram or Facebook ads. Okay. And then it has a little quote here, and then you can add a logo Here is well, and then you can put obviously the individual who, you know, wrote that quote or came up with that quote. So we go to video Eddie here. We could trim the video. We can crop the video. We can change the playback speed. Let's go right in here. So we want to change this. We can change literally. Right here. Uh, does that make you feel right? I mean, just I'm just playing around with the here, but I just want to show you how simple and easy this is. Here we go to textile. We can change the font. We can go to colors down here, cheese, a text color, the box color. So there's a lot of different things you can do here. You can use animation, and then it's just a simple is going to preview in export, and then you can have video created right there and then. So I highly recommend that if you're going to be working with, like, agents, e commerce stores, willing and kind of business out there on that, you can I may be creative video for them through in video here I really short, nice and sweet and simple that maybe takes you have 10 minutes to create on and you'll be able to show it to them and say, Hey, you know, I made this quick video for you and they probably going to be thinking that it cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars to make right to create. But it's nice and easy and simple for you to be able to create this and show them the kind of work that you're able to do right and at a very low cost, because for you, it just maybe took you 10 minutes a few clicks and you had a very nice video. So that's gonna be here for this video I wanted to share with you in video here. This platform, this tool is just amazing how easy and simple it is to create videos and definitely feel you should be take advantage of this year. So that's going to be here, and we'll see you guys on the next one. 9. Where To Find Outsourced Video Creators: All right, So in this video, I'm gonna walk through where you confined outsourcers toe, actually do the video creation work for you. So you so the actual videos you actually sell the service writes on, then you have somebody else create the videos for you has the experience that has a knowledge. The track record, right? The case studies. You know, all the different examples, right? And so this allows you to leverage somebody else's work so that you can actually be focused primarily on the biggest and most important thing you should be doing, which is bringing new clients in the door, right, having somebody else doing actual video creation for you. So if you look here and you typing just video into fiber here, you're gonna find a lot of different examples here of different service providers that can create different types of videos for you. And so let's say we wanted to get, like, an explainer video here, okay? And then we would like to break this down. I like to break it down to those that are actually have a good kind of Ah, good metric. So let's go to top rated and then level two. Those are gonna be the best and most highest rated for the most part. Okay, so this one here, top rated. Let's take a look at this one here. $80 king. So this person also does they do. So everything here that's gonna be included is going to be a stripped a voiceover high definition and then edits So 32nd video, Then we have a 62nd video and then a 92nd video, okay, And then the shows the words here and these videos here can easily be sold for several hundreds, even thousands. I mean, you think about a lot of the videos that you watch on TV, maybe even online for different products promotions. Ah, lot of large brands. Just because they have the budgets will pay 1000 thousands of dollars for a simple video that somebody can create on fiber for 40 5100 bucks if that. Okay, so that's the great thing about fibers. You get world class top talent and then at a fraction of the actual cost. So this guy here is from Colombia, and he is creating very, very nice videos here and is doing it for very, very low priced in comparison to what you can actually sell to your clients for here. We can look at here's reviews. Okay, Exceptional. All five stars. This is somebody here who I would essentially look to reach out to and ask him more about what kind of videos he does. It looks like it's pretty much going to be the white board videos here, explainer videos, But he includes everything the strip, the voice over, all the different edit. So you could be working with your clients and then, you know, they can tell you. Okay? I wanted to say this. I wanted to look like this. And then obviously you're working with the seller here on fiber, and they are essentially doing all the edits for you. So it's a great way for you to just be working on getting new clients, right? And then managing clients and then obviously down the road, hiring somebody, bringing somebody in the door to actually manage the clients. But your number one focuses on bringing on new clients. So let's look at some more examples here. So we got this one here. This is a little bit more expensive video here so you could take a look at these, but I wouldn't recommend it for just starting out. If you're just starting out, I would recommend looking at the video. Is that a little bit more simpler and easier? Because you got to think about this. Perception is reality. So if you have the perception of a, you know, $1000 or maybe 5 10 $20,000 video, but it only cost you 50 bucks 100 bucks, right? I mean, that's the huge deal there. The leverage point is that you get to so your client this very nice, well done video. And they could probably be thinking, you know, that cost you thousands of dollars or hundreds or whatever rain. But really, you're having somebody else do other work for you. So here's a good one. Here is well, $40 for a explainer video here in 24 hours. This take a look at this one here. Okay, so it's a simple explainer video here. That's great. So it's two d animations. $40. Okay, 60 90. So this guy here has great experiences. Well, good feedback. Okay, So this guy here has a 3.7, for whatever reason, but for the most part here looks like he's getting some great feedback and he doesn't amazing job. So here's another person that I would reach out to okay, and then coming down here looking at difference that we can also potentially use here is a explainer. Video here is well, and so there's all different types of videos that we can use that's even go to It's got a promo video here so we can look at it like different types of promotions for, like, YouTube or maybe a Facebook ad, maybe a unique product or whatever that may be here. There's a lot of different videos that could be created here. So here's a travel promo video. Okay. Yep. So this guy will essentially create a different type of video that is, like, centered around a particular topic and then take bits and pieces from various video samples and then compile them together. Okay, so this guy believe it's $50 for 30 seconds. Ah, 100 for 60. And then this, I guess, includes some additional features there. So again, I highly recommend you come in here. You look at the different example If you reach out to people, you asked them. Hey, you know I'm interested in your services. Do you have any examples that you can show me or send me that you have made me on YouTube or a portfolio that I can look at? Some of them have a portfolio here, but it's typically just a couple. I like to get a good sample size 4 to 5 different videos, kind of really good ideas for us there. Examples. So when you come back over here to fiber, all you really need to do is type in video, marketing or video. Let's go product even have been product, video or spokesperson. Here. We can do a spokesperson video Here. Come Okay. And so here we have somebody that is like, let's say, a doctor or essentially portraying themselves as a authority figure, right? A doctor, an attorney, a newscaster of journalists, whatever. That may be right. And they could be talking about Hey, you know, breaking news or our company does X y Z right? A video spokesperson for that company. Let's say maybe you have a particular business that would like to have a video created as like a spokesperson in their talking about their brand, their product or service benefit that it provides to their clients. That's another area as well. And so here you can see you have this individual here. She's actually behind a screen there and then you can have your logo there. And then she's talking in a little bit about the business. The benefits, right, all the different features. And it's into the just a spokesperson for the brand, right? And so these videos here far so $40 for a 50 word script Official high definition video. 50 words 150. So again, I mean, these are very inexpensive. And when you can show a client this type of video, you can easily sell this to your clients for several hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, right, so really, really important here for you to come in here and find out. You know, what kind of video does your client want? What makes the most sense for their business, and often times it's as simple as a animated whiteboard video right where it explains, in a very simple way, what exactly the products the service, the company, the business does right the benefits it provides to the actual and customer. Okay, so coming over here now to upward. Okay, up work is another platform as well, where you can find all kinds of workers. Let me just say that with up work, you have people in all different types of ranges. Okay? People that are highly experienced people that are not very experienced at all. And so you're going to get a big range. So one of the reasons why I like going to fiber ah, lot of times for like, specific things is because people already have specific gigs where jobs, right that are already set up specifically for what I'm looking for. So as I mentioned, when I'm going over here to fiber, if I want a spokesperson video created I mean, I know exactly how much is going to cost. What? I'm going to need all the different details coming over here. You can find some great people, but you have to go through like a interview process. You need to look for people that fit the criteria. You need to look for people that I know exactly what you're looking for. You have explain it to them. so often times what I'll do. I'll come over here and kind of get an idea as faras the pricing. So what I'd like to do is go type in here video marketing and then for the U. S. Only you can leave that worldwide, and I like to go to 90% at least $100 earned. OK, And then, uh, let's say at least at least one hour. Okay. And then we'll see what brings up here. Okay, so we have some video creation guys here 100 hour, 15 hour, 58 I were so four videos. This is something where, unless you have, like, a larger budget, let's say your client test told you, Okay, I want a very customize video, and my budget is going to be 3500 or 2000 right? That's where you can come in here to up work and find different people to create different videos because you're going to find people that are going to be charging 50 60 70 bucks an hour where you can go over here to fiber in having video created for you for $40 right? A very high quality video and you don't need to explain to your clients everything that you need, right? All these different things, they already have the template, the formula. You just got to tell them what to include in the video, right? So the up work here, a definite recommend. You check this out when you have maybe higher end clients that have a larger budgets to play with. Okay. But I still would recommend you come in here, maybe take a look. Some people see kind of what their offerings are, because ultimately you want to try to get your videos right as low and cost from your actual outsourcer, so that you can sell that to your customer, right at a nice profit. Let's say you cost you $100 for the video from somebody here on fiber and you can sell it to your clients for $500,000. Right? So you want to make sure you have enough there to play with so that you can make a good profit, but you should be able to if you're just coming on here and fiber and finding the right kind of people, So that's gonna be here for this video have the recommended You come into fiber. There's people on here who can create all different types of videos very inexpensive and allow you to focus on what is the most important area, which is the actual bringing on new clients. So that's going to be here, and we'll see you on the next one. 10. Position Yourself As The Expert Video Creator: all right. So in the previous videos, we talked about how you can find on outsourcing company or somebody that is an outsourcer on fiber or up work that can actually create the videos for you that has the experience that has a background so that you can focus primarily on bringing clients in the door. Right. So now I'm gonna walk you through how you can use these particular outsourcers ous faras their portfolio to essentially add onto your website and to use as your portfolio so you can have instant credibility and be seen as the experts in the video creation arena. So let's say somebody comes to you and they say, Hey, yes, you know, I'm looking for a video. Do you have any previous work that I can look at? You can let him know. Hey, you know, I'm glad you asked you, you know, we actually do have some of our previous work on our website and where you get that work right? That portfolio is from these individuals here because your whole pitch your whole I guess message to these individuals is Hey, I'm looking to create different videos of different clients. I wanted to see if I can use some of your work on my website so I can have it as a portfolio for my customers to be able to look at so they can see the work and then be able to partner with you to actually have the work done and implemented on. Right. So it's a win win scenario. Your particular clients get high quality videos from you and you get to get high quality videos from your outsourcer. And you get to use that outsourcers portfolio of videos as your own to be able to present to prospective clients. Right? So what you can do here is I would say go to this is go down here. Just go to like a white board explainer video here. Okay, so we would go to to be It's just good of this simple one here, Okay? And this guy has a lot of great examples here. Oh, this is a very nice video here. Okay? So you can reach out to these individuals here and let them know. Hey, listen, I wanted to see if I can use some of your portfolio as far as the videos on my websites so that I can present to my clients. And then I can have you do the actual work, the implementation so they can get an idea of how the work looks right, how the videos look. And so these guys, there's no reason for them to tell. You know it's in their best interest because the more business that you can get and bring to them right, the more money they're going to make, the more money you're going to make. So ultimately, it's a win win scenario. Ah, lot of people that are really good at the design side of things. The analytical side of things aren't necessarily very good at selling and positioning their services right there extremely good at what they do. But they have a hard time really conveying and explained the value right. And so that's where you can come in and let them know. Hey, listen, I'll essentially sell this. You'll do the work. I just need to have a little bit of access to your portfolio so I can use on my website. Okay, so you could take these videos and put him on your site and mention Hey, you know what this is some of our previous work. These are some of our examples, right? X y z We did this. We did that. You obviously as an individual didn't create these videos. That's not the point. You, as an organization as a company, right as a business, are partnering with this individual here, and you're leveraging their work, their portfolio to get clients. I mean, this happens all the time in the business space. In the business world, everybody is always leveraging each other their previous work and collaborating and building the strategic partnerships right, because it's a win win scenario for all parties. So that's essentially how I would go about reaching out to those individuals, letting them know if we can use your portfolio will be able to bring you, ah, lot more clients on and more projects might more work. And you don't necessarily need toe work with this individual. You go and you pick out okay, these the kind of videos that I want to work with, and you don't necessarily always need to work with this individual here. You can go and contact through the four other guys and have kind of like a diverse type of portfolio and that your client Oh, yeah, we can create all different types of videos and then whatever kind of style they want Then hey, you can go and actually place the order here with your fiber guy here, the outsourcer, and they can make the video for us. So that's how you're going to be able to from day one be seen and position yourself as the expert, the authority Video Creation agency. Okay, by being able to leverage other people's work and you be able to just position yourself as the individual that can help them creative video, bringing to life with their ideas, right there different products, they're different services. So that's essentially your role in how you can really position yourself as the expert here . So, uh, that's gonna be here for this video, and we'll see you on the next one 11. How To Create A Logo: a one here in this video. I'm gonna walk you through how to create a logo and his little It's 10 minutes. Now. This video may go over a bit over 10 minutes, but I just wanted to kind of give you an idea as far as how to create a logo. Super simple way to go about doing that and couple three ways that you can go about doing that as well. So there's a lot of their from ways for you to get a little creative. You can either purchase a logo like fiber or like 99 designs. But I want to walk you through and just jump right into this video here, walk you through exactly how to create a local here. I'm nice and simple, so let's go ahead and jump in here. All right, So the first resource that I want to share with you here is Canberra. Now, this is a free resource. You don't have to pay your anything like that. However, they do have some paid features on here, but just coming to going up here at the very top. You can see they have different logo design templates for different types of categories food and drink computer education on literally. All you would do is just click on the logo when they would pop right up there. So let's go. To undo that, I want to show you kind of an example of what I would like to do and how I would go about it here. So let's go down here. I'd like a logo here. Where's it at? Thistle. Not here. Okay, so this is a really good logo kind of template, because I can use this in a lot of different ways. I don't even need this up here. This little gorilla there in this guy here we could put let's say I had, you know, some sort of, like a marketing agency or something like that. I would put like, uh, say ABC marketing doesn't matter what kind of business you have, but I just want to give you an idea here. Excuse me. An idea here. Uh, ABC marketing. Okay. And then we go to the different size here. 88. Let's go. About 42 perfect ABC marketing so that it matches the bottom. Okay. And then down here, we can put ABC marketing uh, put like number one. Best marketing company. Number one marketing company. Just something like this, right? Going down here, going to 10 Something like that. Or let's say you wanted to do like, um ABC Digital. Yeah. And then you can put Thea move this down here. You want to put like, ABC Digital marketing, You can either make this appear the actual top text here, smaller or larger, and put like digital marketing here. Let's say you wanted to put marketing ABC, um and then put a put a brand here. ABC, um, brand. There you go in the ABC brand Digital marketing nice and simple here. But really, it's wanted to kind of give you an example of here and then also kind of walk you through the different functions here. So, as you can see just a simple little tweak here to this particular local template, I was able to create a nice and symbol logo. I mean, I can change the colors here that say, I wanted to change this yellow too blue, right? ABC brand digital marketing wanna make this larger? Here we can go to 12 boom ABC brand digital marketing and that simple. You have a logo so you can come up here and they have spacing. You want justice facing? They're coming up here is Well, if you want to add some bullet points, I want upper case and lower case. You wanna indented issue want Teoh a line this in the middle and then this is a text color here. And then for some of these, they already have bowled. So I'm right here. If you wanted to bold that as well, that's where you would go and then if you wanted to change the front. They have a lot of different forint eras Well, so you can change this nice and easy. Typically, if I'm using, like, a template, I'm going to keep the right kind of fun. You know, the simple kind of fund on and keep it that way on. Also, one of the things that you can do up here is well, is do the transparency and that allows you to get lighter or darker. So if you wanted to do that as well. Okay. Uh, so let's see here now. If you wanted to add like, a background, let's say we wanted to go back ground, and you wanted to maybe add, like, a white background or kind of a unique background. We can go to this and then boom. So we have that kind of background there, and then, if you want it even change this, Move this to middle right there. Okay? ABC brand. You can have any kind of background that you wanted to have. Um, this one here, she had that look tell it changes on. So if I had something like this, I would probably change this to White. And then I would change the text to Blue. You notice how that's different there. So you can really come in here and play around with the logo maker here on Canada. Nice and simple. It's probably my favorite tool to use if I'm creating, like, a quick, simple logo, maybe for like, something I'm doing as far as, like, an affiliate project or whatever, but highly recommend you come in here and take a look at the templates here and just how easy and simple it is to create a logo. Another logo maker that I wanted to share with you. Is that free local design here? This is also a great great tool. So let's say you wanted to create a quick local here, ABC brand. And then, as you can see, this automatically shows up here in the actual logo. So let's say I want to be like that ABC brand And so you wanted to pick the category here. Let's say that we wanted to do business and consulting received. They have a marketing one here. Okay, I'm not seeing marketing, So let's go to business and consulting and then get started. And so what this is going to do is its intelligent enough to be able to give this different types of designs that makes sense for that particular category. So that's going to get started here. And so what we can do here than this pick like a sample logo that they have a Sfar, the template that we can use to start working with eso? Let's see here. I actually kind of like this one here is just nice and simple. Um, it's it's even click on that right there. Boom. Nice and simple. And so you have the ability to edit thes here. Okay, different colors. You want to change the color there for here. You know, I would just put, um What is a company? ABC Bone. Okay. And we wanted to change that. Maybe see, Brand or ABC Digital marketing. Okay. And then you can move this around. You can change the alignment here. Spacey, um, you can change the different colors. Here is Well, here's a different types of text. Typically, these guys will have different types of Texas. Well, been in comparison to like the can va. What's still I mean, these guys have a good amount of Texas. Well, you could change it so that right there, you can add it shape. There's different shapes here. Different icons so highly recommend you come in and play with this tool here as well. But there's a reason why you should go out and actually pay for logo. If you want something that nice and simple, nice and quick because remember, down the road, you can always have it. Have somebody you know, create 14 year or you pay somebody you know, a good amount to actually build a really high and local for you. Eso Here's one of my favorites tools here as well. So let's say I wanted to put ABC marketing. This is the place that dot net promoter. Let's go. And let's say we wanted to make this forward, not consulting. But is their marketing here? No, there is not. Let's go with that. And so kind of similar to the free local design here. This one pulls up some example Logo's that would make sense for So this is like we don't even really need to do any designing here. We can literally click on one of these and boom, we're ready to go. Ready made logo design. Um, it is actually one of my most favorite tools here. Eso even something like this right where? I mean, the logo is done for you. And I believe this one is, um, priced at $39. I think it is. I'm not 100% sure it's been a while. You also have a subscription model. But I mean this this tool is totally, totally worth it here. So then you would put ABC marketing You would even change that. You can delete this here. Um, let me go doing in this. Let's go right here. Okay. If you want include that No. Remove that and then your tagline, You know, whatever that would be here from the number one. OK, so there you go. So we need to be able to actually sign up for an account actually to mess with this year. I'm not going to go ahead and actually sign up here because I'm really just kind of giving you some examples here to get started here. But I highly recommend you know, the tools here if you want to make it free logo, the candle heaters and number one. I mean, this is nice, simple. It's free. And it does take a little bit of creativity. Sometimes if you wanna have something that's unique or different, I, like this one is as well here. That's a nice morning. You can easily update this one to be marketing or whatever, But this one here I love because it just completely creates the logo for you. And it already, you know, designs everything where you can just literally put your name there and then, like right here that I mean, it is just rate. So I highly recommend you play with this tool here. Let me know if you have any questions on below and we'll see you guys in the next one 12. How To Install Wordpress: All right. So we've already purchased our domain here. My bear marketing dot online. I have bought this just, for example, purposes to walk you through the whole WordPress and domain installation here. So first thing we're going to do after we buy the domain is we're gonna go to manage, right? And we already have our hosting set up with name Chief as well. Eso Let's go ahead and go to manage here. And then we're gonna go to name servers right here. We're gonna go to name cheap Web hosting DNS. OK, we're gonna select that check. Mark. There you can. All right. So now we're gonna go to the C panel here with Main Cheap. And you should have got this information as far as the logging details with your purchase of the actual hosting. Okay, so now type in. Ask yourself. This is what's going to give us the https up here, which is important for the security security issues there. So we want to make sure that we are following the SSL certificate instructions here in adding that to our website. So we're gonna go here to the name cheap SSL. Okay. And then we're gonna go down here. We're gonna find the domain, and we're gonna go install, okay? Yes. For place Install. Okay. And then we want to go down here, and we want to go to move that over to the actual https redirect, which is gonna be the fording. So whenever somebody types in the website and maybe it's http, it's gonna get automatically forwarded to the other one there, which is the https. Okay, So they were going to go home here, and we're going to give it a little bit about 3 to 5 minutes, and then we're going to go down to the WordPress installation. All right, so now what we want to do is we want to choose our domain here in the drop down, and then we want to choose the http or https, Okay. Now, we just installed the certificate, and for whatever reason, if it's a little bit of a delay, we can just go with the non https, okay? And then what will happen is because we selected the redirect. It's gonna redirect to the H T T. P s automatically whenever that gets installed. Okay, so let's go ahead and go down here. That's make sure you save this in a safe place. You're going to get, uh, the installation information emailed to you, but, uh, I want to make sure you actually keep this somewhere else as well. So we'll see here for the password. This Just generate this random boom. Okay, go hide. All right, so then we want to go down here, and we wanna put our email here to make sure that we're gonna get emailed the information of this log in here. So let's go to install. Okay? It's gonna take a little bit here. Okay? So it's been installed here, and this is what we would use here toe log in to the actual website. So if we ever want to log into this WordPress, I we're going to go here. Okay, So let's go here. Okay. So it's not private. So you're going to get this from time to time, which means that we need to wait until the https is properly redirected. So don't worry about that. I just wanted to make sure that you had an understanding of how to install wordpress on your website so we can get ready now to install the click funnels website 13. Create Your Video Agency Website: All right, So in this video, we're gonna walk through how to create your video marketing agency website. So I've installed WordPress here on the domain, and I have another video where I walk you through How to install WordPress. It's gonna be the best platform that you used for creating your web sites for your agency there. So one of the first things you're going to want to do is go to plug ins on you want to download the Astra Starter sites actual plug in here. Okay. I want to make sure you download that and then you're going to go toe appearance is OK, and you're going to go down to Astra Starter sites. Okay, And then once you click on that, what's gonna happen is it's gonna pull up different templates that they already have, you know, set up for you to be able to use. Some are paid, but some are free. We're going to use the free ones here. So these are very nice looking templates that we can use and no cost toe. So and not only that, the templates are super easy to edit and to modify because we're going to be using the L A . Mentor editing software. So let's go here. Let's go free. And we want to look for a free type of template in here that we can use for our agency. Here's one for real estates. Obviously, we're looking for, like, a marketing agency. One here. Here's a growth marketer. Okay, so we don't have any in here. That are for let me see if we can coming down here and see if here's an agency right here. So we would use something like this where you could literally just change all the different images, the wording, but this is nice and simple. So let's go ahead and import this. I'm gonna show you how easy this is, literally just clicking a button and the entire website is going to be loaded on here, okay? And then we're going to use the elemental or to be able to edit the website from here, the actual top screen. So let me show you here after this gets installed. All right, So the site is complete here is go to done. And let's take a look at this year. So now we're going to go to edit with l a mentor appeared is a little section here where we clicked on and then we're going to go to got it. And so now this is how we're going to edit the website. Very nice and simple. We have all these different areas in here we can put in our portfolio. Remember that you're going to be getting the portfolio from different outsourcers or white label companies from, like, Fiverr off work or even going to different businesses, right? Video marketing agencies, that already kind of been the space that would be open to partnering with you and where you could use some of their previous work right to put on your website. Here's a perfect example here. I mean, this website would be literally just easy for you to just come in here and just add a little bit of your own work. I mean, these images can all be kept right. You got videos already here. You got, like, a marketing kind of feel agency kind of feel, so not very much that you're going to need to edit in here. Obviously changed under this change. You know, some of the clients there, and then just obviously, if you're gonna be a solo individual here running the agency, Put in your information there, and then everything here can be updated and changed as well on. So let's say you wanted to change this. We hope businesses create amazing Lee. Uh, beautiful videos. Write something just nice and simple like that. Okay, great. Uh, and then we can have right in here. We want to change this. We can't creates videos that help you sell your products and services. Okay. And we change this up here appear if you want to change, like the logo. I mean, it's all kind of very nice and simple for you to edit in here. You want to change the color schemes, right? And you can do that as well. Just gotta literally click on each section here. Okay? How can we help you? You can change this, right? If you want to add in your own maybe a little Icahn in here. But this is a simple website that you can come in here now and edit to your own liking for your own business, mentioning what you do as far as the video creation and literally all you need to do is just come in here and edit those particular sections because you don't really need to do too much to the actual website because it already structured properly laid out the way it should be. You have your menu up here. Maybe you just want to change some, you know, color schemes. Right? Maybe something that simple is that obviously changing the Texan here. So what does actually does? Let me even go back. What this does is it creates all the different pages already for you. So the home contact Privacy Policy Services. So let me show you that. So this is how it looks so again, you can literally just use these images, this particular templates, and just change out some of the things in here, right? So that it's talking about your particular business. So here's a done for you website that you can come in here and literally just click on the section edited to your own liking. For your own information on Babel Toe have a video marketing agency website up and running within a matter of minutes. So that's gonna be here for this video, and we'll see you guys on the next one 14. Best Places To Find Clients: All right, So in this video, I'm gonna walk you through some of the best places that you can find clients for your video marketing agency. So the 1st 1 here that I'm gonna go over is yellow pages dot com. Now, this is a website here that it's fantastic for generating new clients because these particular clients are a little bit more old school. They haven't yet essentially upgraded or stepped up their game in the digital space. So they're open typically to new technology and especially videos that are very high quality with maybe like a spokesperson, perhaps like a video explainer, maybe even being able to take some pictures of, Let's say, like a contractor, right, that does remodeling, being able to take different pictures of previous projects and having somebody creative video of those particular projects, even though they're just images. But they can make very, very nice videos with just images. But being in with the showcase, the product, the service, maybe even having ah spokesperson, whatever that maybe would make the most sense. So let's come in here. Let's look at even a dentist, OK in the Seattle Washington area on, and we can't even create a video for a local dentist and maybe have them walk through in the video like a whiteboard explainer about the benefits of Visit Line or the benefits of a dental implants or the benefits of teeth cleaning or just some kind of simple branding video that works extremely well for, like Facebook campaign, or having it just on their website so that when somebody lands on their website, it provides a lot of credibility and trust. So coming down here, we can see these folks here actually are paying for ads, so we know that these guys are interested in getting new business. The's folks as well as here you can see down here, says Add. So let's click on this one here and let's check out this individual's website. Okay, so it doesn't even look like they have a website. Interesting. Okay, they knew. Yeah, and this looks like a very old website here that I think even Ah, y p dot com. Okay, No. So a lot of times will happen is the y p dot com will actually build ah websites for you. This one looks to be like my debt. So let's, uh you see if I can just copy this and see if this is an actual website or this, like a funky u R l here looks kind of weird to see if I can just go to their Okay, so that's the U R L Right there. Perfect. Okay, the website isn't too bad. They got videos here. Okay, so they actually had some pretty good videos here, so this is fantastic, right? So this is the kind of videos that are great for, like, dentists in the local space. But you can also help them create other types of explainer videos. Maybe some previous work that they've done with different clients. Maybe just on pictures that you can use s so that you can also create a video and just kind of more like a branding videos. Thes air. Great. Just for like, these local businesses. These guys obviously know what they're doing here to get some great videos. So let's look at some other examples here. Let's go back on. And that's really on there. Honestly, to see a dentist that actually has pre made videos. It's a very unique there, because not very many of these dentists will have, like videos already created for them. So let's look at this guy here. Linda, Something here. Okay, so we could just take a look at here right out of the gate. This is a very old website, so we can number one. We can look to sell them a video, right? Video marketing, and then also a local websites. Potentially nice and simple website. That would be a whole lot better than what they got here. They don't have any videos goto about. Okay? All right. So I'm sure this individual here, this gal does, you know, extremely good work. But her website, unfortunately doesn't convey that doesn't portray her as somebody who is a very experienced professional whose authoritative, credible on just a simple website here would make her look a lot more credible and especially if it had videos. So this is somebody that would reach out to as a potential lead here for video marketing, being able to create, like a video for the branding or maybe some kind of educational videos. As you saw in the previous example, educational videos are actually very good as well. To help educate the actual user base right so a dentist, or like a very specialized insist that deals with, like, implants and visit line. Right? Those are gonna be great to be able to explain to the end user how those work the entire process of them on. So it is definitely a great opportunity. So let's go back over here and see if we can find some other examples. Uh, let's see the ones that are actually paying. So this individual here is paying as well. Okay, so this website isn't too bad, but it looks still like it was created by y p dot com. I think it is content. Okay, Yeah, it's a very looks like a very old website here, but still, I mean, it gets the job done and you can see here there's no videos. Ah, lot of the dentist's. You're going to come across. Ah, lot of the home remodeling companies. All different types of local businesses are typically not going toe. Have a video for their business, and that's where you can come in and add a tremendous amount of value for them. Toe have videos on their website that explains their service that shows that they're credible, right that they're experienced, and so it just adds a whole another element. So I would come into the white dot com a would look at, you know, all different types of home remodeling companies I would look at, you know, plumbers, dentists, you know, maybe even attorneys writes all different types of companies that would make the most sense . Okay for local business that would benefit from having a video. Okay, And again, these videos here, you can sell to your clients for $500 right? Perhaps. Maybe it's a foot in the door. You'll be able to sell them a nice video that's really represents their brand. Perhaps the video is a great video that can be used in your promotions for Facebook ads, right? So you sell them a video on, then they love the video. It's fantastic. And you say, Hey, you know, we can actually use this video to generate more patients through Facebook. At's right, And so that's how you're able toe up cell. You're multiple services by providing value first right, providing that service of that video. That's high quality. They love it. You know. Money's been exchanged, and so now they know like and trust you, and it's a lot easier for you to up sell different services. So the other example here that I want to show you Let's go back over here, okay? And so the other example is going to be the real estate agents. So agents are going to be a great source for you to go after. Because with real estate agents, these folks are constantly promoting different properties they're working with. The buyers are working with sellers, so it would be a tremendous benefit for them to be able to have these very unique, customized videos created for them, right for the properties, because let's say even it costs them a few $100 for a video from you, right? Or a couple $100 Whatever that may be. They're going to get a commission typically in the tens of thousands of dollars, so they would be willing to invest right several hundreds of dollars, even $500 for a video that will net them tens of thousands in commission. Right? So real estate agents are a great source, and how you can find these is literally whatever area you're in here. If you're in the U. S. So she put in Brill Estate agents in Washington state. So this is where I'm out here, okay? And I go down here and I go to Realtor, okay? And so here, automatically, I have a tone of real estate agents that I can target have their emails right here. So I would target and message these individuals and let them know that hey, you specialize in video creation. Here's some examples that you've had previously. Perhaps you could go and go to Fiverr and look for individuals that have experience creating real estate videos and show him some of your work right and then be able to sell them videos for all their properties, but then also sell them on a website. Okay, because a lot of times these folks don't have their own websites and you can easily create that website we went through in a previous video within a matter of seconds. So it's just a win win scenario for you. End the client. So we've gone over the y p dot com just a general kind of search online for local businesses on then we've gone through for the real estate agents and then I want to show you another one. That makes ah lot of sense as well for video creation, and that's going to be e commerce stores. So e commerce stores. These folks typically have a lot of it from products, right? And so the best kind of videos for them are like product demonstrations. Okay, and then you can have a different videos created for Facebook ads, Instagram ads. And again, this is where you can come in at a value upfront, provide a video and then be ableto up. So Thea, actual marketing services. So let's go over here. Okay? And here's a website. It's store leads, Doc. A PP got app. Okay. And what these guys do here is they can't provide you with Leeds for e commerce stores, so you can see here they have a database of 43,000 big commerce domains 121,000 magenta total means almost 900,000 Shopify and just under 10,000 square space or square online stores. So these are all different platforms that host e commerce stores. So when you can come in here and get access to the store owners, the stores These are great candidates for you to be able to reach out to and to create videos and then up sell them to actual paid advertising. Now, along with this particular data over here, they also have their contact information here. So they have Facebook, Twitter, all their social, their phone number, the email address. So you'll have access to all of that information here from these particular stores. Right? So you can do it like a cold email campaign. You can cold call these businesses, whatever that may be. Rank. Here's another platform here. Global Shop list dot com Here's another platform that you can come in here and look up different stores. Different types of, you know, Shopify stores that could be potential clients. And then we have built with this is another one here where you can look at Okay, what are all of the websites built with Shopify or built with big commerce or Woo Commerz? Whatever that maybe it's definitely going to be something where you're gonna have access to all of these stores and in all of their content information. I think you got to pay for this one as well. So you have to 95. So this may be is a little bit more expensive here. Okay, But it's still an opportunity for you to come in here. Here is a nerdy data platform as well. I believe these guys are similar to the other ones where you can look to find all the Shopify stores on, then find their email addresses here. Right, That show you here? I'm not sure what the cost us for this one here. Pricing. OK, so 1 15 month or you could just literally go to up work. Okay, so let me just go up here to upward dot com, okay? And then we'll go to up work here, okay? And then we'll typing. So let's say lead a scraper, okay? And then we can have somebody come in here and let's say go 19 up. Uh, the matter of the dollar amount there, so one hours billed at least at least $100. Okay. Fantastic. And so now you have some leads scrapers here where you can tell them. Hey, I want you to go and find me all the Shopify stores in the sporting goods section or all of the Shopify stores that sell cat products or so dog products, whatever that may be, that criteria. And you can have these individuals here our pool, that particular data and put it in a spreadsheet will give you the name store websites, all their different contact information so you can put into on actual email campaign cold call or doing any kind of outreach that you would prefer to do their looks like this individual here, um, was unfortunately doing some work there. It wasn't supposed to be. But for the most part here, you want to be just looking for people that have good experience, have a good track record and can easily go and pull data from different online sources. There is a lot of different online sources, but you can easily come in here hire somebody to find you the right type of individuals that put him in a spreadsheet. And typically the contacts are, I would say, anywhere between, like, 10 cents toe like 25 cents per contact so highly recommend you come in here, check this out again. The three types of main type of businesses that I would recommend you target are the local businesses that have like a service based business. And then the real estate agents, okay. And then, like Shopify or e commerce stores. Okay, there's a ton of other businesses out there to target, but far is low hanging fruit. Those to make the most sense. OK, so that's gonna be here for this video, and we'll see you on the next one. 15. How To Get Clients From Facebook Groups: All right, So in this video, we're going to go over how to find clients how to get clients through Facebook groups. So I'm here on a networking business professionals Facebook group here in my local area. I'm in the Seattle area. So what you could do here is joined these local groups and come in here and post different ads or different things that you want to post in here about your video marketing services. You can see here some people have different types of post here. This guy here is posting some information about an open house. This guy would be a good person that I would reach out to because they're most likely an agent or a broker toe help with their video creation. So down here we have some additional post. So this guy here, he's looking for a web designer. So this is a lead here. If you wanted to, let's say, sell them a website along with a video, right? Maybe you get them to, you know, have a website set up first. And you can do that even though you are a video marketing agency. But since you have a partner that you work with that can also do a lot of the different marketing services for you. You can sell all your different clients, right? Marketing services, paid ads, you know, actual video creation, you know, Web design. So because you have the ability to have somebody else do that work for you and you just sell, it just opens up a lot of opportunities. So this got here, I would contact them and let him know. Hey, listen, you know, we specialize in creating videos for businesses, but we also work within, ah, Web design, paid ads, all those different things. And so I would look to find out. You know what? They're really actually looking for. What kind of website? All these have been. Think So here's a lead here. That is perfect contact. I here's one about who owes isn't the now which I don't know what this is here. Just maybe some sort of like some promoter or something like that. Okay, this is for a landscaping company. I was so contact them to see if they would like to have a video created, right? So these air free leads here in your local area that you can have to contact people. Ah, that's see here. I think these guys here are an attorney. No, there. Ah, Photographer. Okay, so this would be another lead here. So then, once you exhaust kind of your local groups here where you're contacting people, your firm in question people, another great areas to go into the groups. You can just go into your Facebook search bar up here and typing real estate agents. Okay, You will see here a bunch of different groups that will pop up. So this is realistic marketing and conversion mastery. So this is more or less for, like, marketers and also real estate agents that are looking to learn how to generate leads for themselves. So this would be a fantastic group for you to come in here and join because you can network with other agents. You can let them know that you provide videos, marketing services, all those different things, and very few marketing agencies out there actually provide video. So that's a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition. You know, most of time, most marketing agencies will provide, like, web design paid ad services, but very few actually focused in on the video side, so that could be a unique differentiator for you on be able to help you stand out from your competition. So we have different groups here are real estate professionals. This would be another one here because you know that these have all of the real estate individual. So all of the agents that brokers writes all those different people in there that would make the most sense for you to be able to contact. Here's an agent mastermind perfect in here real estate agents, brokers, agents. So I would come in here and join all these different groups and start contacting people messaging, even posting different material on the actual group. Maybe some value posts, right? Whatever that may be, where you have direct access to your ideal type of clients. So typing over here is, well, real estate marketing. I hear some more different groups you can join. You most likely want to stay away from, like the real estate investors, because those you're not gonna be typically your most ideal fit. But the agents are going to be your most ideal fit there. So now we check out e commerce, so typing any commerce into your search bar here, you can see there's a lot of different groups. These are all perfect as well, because you're gonna have people in there that are just starting out with e commerce. Maybe they have a Shopify store that have some products. They need some videos for their Facebook ads there. Instagram ads and or even those that have a little bit of success already have been in the game for a while. They have a lot of products or selling a good amount, and they need some additional video. So these are also going to be a great resource for you to be able to come in here. Join these groups, right? Start networking with people asking questions. So one of the things that you can do is you can start d m ing people and adding them as friends and let them know. Hey, listen, you know, I specialize in video marketing. I've specializing trading videos. Do you or anybody that you know have any type of need for explainer videos or product videos that you know, right so you can go about it that way as well. And perhaps they may say, you know, Actually, I don't have a need, but I know somebody else that may have a need. And then you can work out some kind of referral fee there. So once you really understand that the videos can be created at a very low cost and can be up sold to several hundreds, even thousands of dollars, I mean, you're going to be able to provide the videos, is almost like a foot in the door so that you can build that trust that credibility with the clients and then be able to do additional videos, additional projects with the marketing side and paid ad side of things as well. So that's gonna be here for this video and we'll see you guys in the next one. 16. Get Client With These Email Templates: All right, So in this video, I'm gonna walk you through some email templates that you can use to reach out to businesses to be able to pitch your video marketing services. So number one here, It's really just talking to any type of business on. And keep in mind that the more specific that you can get, you know? So let's that you're targeting no other state agents or you're targeting e commerce businesses or local businesses. Let's say, a plumber or a dentist or a chiropractor, those types of businesses that you can get very specific with or going to allow you to have a lot more responses because when you can candor your message to those individuals, right, it's a lot more personal, and you're going to get a lot more responses. So I'm gonna show you three different templates. That number one here is going to be general Number two is going to be directly towards agents, and then the 3rd 1 is going to be actually targeting e commerce store. So let's go over number one here. So number one we have Hey, Bob came across X y Z business and love what you stand for or you can say level you guys are doing in the space, whatever that may be. My name is Juan, and we specialize in creating explainer and product videos that help our Klein's so more products and services. We're currently looking for additional partners to help through the same. You can take a look at our previous work here. Now, this is one of the most important parts here is being able to reference your portfolio. And remember, you're getting this portfolio from your white label partners. You've gone to fiber. You've gone toe up work you've gone to on, you know, then a little bit of research online through Google to find white label partners that can actually create videos for you because your main focus is to get clients in the door and have others doing the work for you. So you already have a portfolio that you can work with. And that was where you're gonna put this into a link, maybe to like a Google doc or a Google drive or whatever. Ah, and then you can have the work being referenced here. Okay, a link right there. Very, very important. And then we have the call to action here. Very, very important. You always want to have a call to action in your emails to have them respond or come back with you know what sounds great. I'm just not interested or whatever that may be. But you always want to let them know that there is a next step. So here is I'm not asking them if hey, do you or can you? Or maybe or probably it's very specific. It's like, Hey, when is a good time for a quick chat this week or next? Right, So very, very important There. All right, Number two. Here we have the email template to real estate agents. So this one is where you say, Hey, Bob came across your profile on realtor dot com My name, this one and we specializing creating videos for agents that have helped with branding and selling more houses. What we can put, um, that that have that have helped that for agents to help that Well, you can put this here you can leave this year. It all depends on how you want to phrase that you could say we specialize in creating videos for agents to help them sell more houses to help them with their branding and selling more houses, whatever that may be ranked. We're currently looking for additional agents. Toe help. Do the same. You can take a look at our previous work here. Now, when you're talking to, like, specific businesses, I would try toe have in here actual videos of other agents or real estate related video so that they can see that you've done that kind of work before. Right? Because if you're targeting agents and you have videos in there for, like, you know, explainer videos about software products, it's not going to make sense, right? It's not going to be related. It's not going to be in the same field. So you want to make sure that they can see videos, you know, portfolio videos that have to do with their particular area of expertise. Okay, so coming down here to number three we have This is for e commerce. Okay, So same subject line here. Hey, Bob came across X y z business and live what you're doing in the space. My name is Swan, and we specialize in creating videos for e commerce businesses that help work lined sell more products. So then we're letting them know. Hey, we're currently looking for additional e commerce businesses. Toe help. Do the same again here which your previous work you wanna have, maybe product demonstration videos in here. Different explainer videos of different products may be highlighting a specific product in the functions and features of that particular product. You want to make it so that it's related to e commerce, right? And again here. We always wanna have a call to action. Now just think about sending an email like this to any commerce business or toe an agent, right? It's not exactly 100% personalized, however, it is allowing you to stand out from, ah lot of the competition out there. I mean, I get a ton of emails every single day from different marketing companies. In a lot of times, what people get wrong with email is there trying to talk about their product, their service. This is what we do. This is how we can do it. All this stuff they're talking about themselves right, and there is nothing in the actual email that talks about the benefit to the actual customer. The clients right. You can see that. Everything I'm saying here is very short and concise specific, and it's to the benefit of the actual end clients. Okay? Because firstly, what I'm doing is I'm complimenting them, and then I am just letting them know Hate. My name is Swan, and we specialize in creating videos for your types of businesses that have helped our clients sell more products. Okay, Now we're currently looking for additional partners, right? Additional e commerce businesses toe help. Do the same. So you're stating here, this is the result. Okay, my name is X, and we specialize in doing X Y Z that have helped get X y Z benefits. Okay, So very, very important here. You are not going to see very many emails like this because most emails are just talking about themselves, their product or service in, You know, all these different great things they've done, but there's no benefit to the user. I mean, I've been doing email marketing for several years, so I know what it takes to get somebody's attention and to stand out from the crowd, especially with myself getting a ton of emails from people every single day. trying to pitch me their marketing services when there's, you know, all this long copy. Not about me. What I care about and why I should be interested in responding and, you know, actually getting more information. Right? So very, very important here. Your e mails, You want to make sure that you're very, very short, you're concise, right? But you're letting them know exactly what you do. And then the benefit that you can provide to them, that your product does write as quickly as possible. So very, very important here. So that's gonna be here for this video. These are three templates. You can go ahead and use, and we'll go ahead and see you on the next one. 17. Where To Find Email Lists: All right, So in this video, I'm gonna walk you through where you confined email lists that you can use to actually reach out to business owners. Right? So the very first source here that I want to share with you is fiber dot com. Now, this is a website here that you can have a different tasks done for as Lois $5. And what you can do is come in here and sign up for an account and typing lead scraping. And then you're going to see a bunch of different service providers here that can actually scrape leads for you on different websites. So why P dot con Home advisor, I believe also like realtor dot com. Different sites that have business owners information, essentially. So let's go to over here. Let's go to level two so we can make sure that we're only working with or looking at those that have a good track record of success. So we got this individual here. They will scrape Google maps for business emails. Let's go over here. Take a look at this here. So what they'll do is they'll create a specific code or kind of like a piece of script. Okay, Very technical. But what they'll do is they'll go to a specific area and then they'll look to find the phone number, email, the address, all of that. Great information. So this is an example here. We got title here with businesses, Telephone website, email. Right. So I'm depending on who you're looking to target, right? Just come in here to fiber. Look at different scraping individuals here. This guy here will scrape yellow pages and link, then, uh, let's see here. Some of these folks will also be able to scrape like y p dot com, right, Yellow pages, data mining. So make sure when you're coming in here, you look for those that have good reviews, right? Good track record and the control, you know, previous work. So the next place that I want to show you, it's kind of a secret website that I want to share with you because it's really, really powerful. Okay, it allows you to, essentially by email lists that are pretty set up pre made, and you can find them in a variety of different niches. So the website is US companies list dot com. So you're going to come in here You're gonna look at Here's an example. Spreadsheet here with the business name, email, category, website information there. Okay, so that's exactly this we can look at. So we have the US email database here. One of these areas here they have. Okay, here we go. Here is all the different niches. Okay? The industry's you want to be able to go after, so you have attorneys. Accountants, right. Restaurants would be also a good needs to target. You want to think about different businesses that it would make sense for for videos, for branding, for products or services, right. Beauty salons is well attaining. Uh, let's see here. Toy shops, potentially obviously here, agents and brokers, perhaps a physical therapist. Photographer? Yes, Um, maybe movers, But just come in here and look at the different. You know, industry is a different nations here by the categories. And the great thing is, you can narrow this down to title, right? So with the small to medium sized businesses, you're most likely gonna want to target the owner. Or perhaps like a marketing manager. Marketing director. So you have a great resource here now where you can come in here and contact these folks and say, Hey, I want you to find me off the attorneys in my area that, you know, provide this type of legal advice or work, whatever, Right? And then I want you to find me all their contact information. So what they'll do is, though, build a customized spreadsheet. Or you could just buy lists or that they have set up Okay on. Then. That's how you're going to be able to email these individuals about your video marketing services. So I highly recommend you check this out here. US Companies list dot com A great great resource for you to find business emails Teoh outreach to. So that's gonna be here for this video and we'll see you on the next one next. 18. How To Create A Business Email: a one here and in this video, I want to show you how to easily create a business email for your business. So now, before we get started here, make sure that your lichens describe so you get notified when new videos are uploaded. So let's go right ahead and jump in the number one platform that I recommend that you use for setting up your business email. It's going to be G suite, very inexpensive and very easy to set up. So I'm gonna walk you through step by step, how we do this. So the first thing that I want to show you here is the pricing. The best one here that you're going to use if you're just starting out is going to be the basic here. $6 a month. You get that, the business email you get videoconferencing, team messaging calendars, 30 gigs of storage on that, you get supports and you get different security and administration controls, which is totally, totally worth it. So you also get a 14 day free trial, highly recommend you set up. I'm gonna go ahead and walk you through how to get this rolling. So first thing we're gonna do here is going to go to G suite dot google dot com and then we're gonna go to get started, Okay? And then we want to put in the business name here. Just put ABC company, And then if you want to put just you or 2 to 9 employees, that painting on how many employees you have, so we'll go there. Just you next one of putting your first name. I'm a poor Kwan Galvin. Put my email address. Wanna wonder von dot com Next on. Then you put Yes, I have one I can use. Now. If you don't have a domain and you want to purchase one, you can go ahead and do it through them. But I highly recommend that you go and purchase. I don't main through name cheap. Very easy. Very simple to set up. So 10 x, your client's dot com next. Okay, great. And then we're gonna go to next, and then this is where we're going to create our user names. So we're going to go to, um, let's go one at whatever are you? Earl is there and then password. Want to set a password? Okay. I'm not a robot. Let's go to We got a do this year real quick. I agree and continue. We're going to need it. Verify the domain, and I'm gonna show you how to do that as well. Okay, so this is where we need to select the flexible plan or the annual plan. Flexible plan is going to be the best. Now, with this page, you need to enter your credit card information. I'm gonna go ahead and do that real quick. All right? So we submitted our payment information, and we're ready to go to the next step. So this is where we're going to verify our domain and set up our MX records. Now, when you're verifying your domain, I recommend the quickest and easiest way to set this up is to add a TX to record. I'm gonna show you how to do that. So I want to make sure that you have name cheap hosting set up, and I'm gonna show you where you're going to add that particular txt record. So we want Teoh go down here and go toe. I have successfully logged into your C panel. Whenever you get hosting with name cheap, you're going to get an email on. They're going to provide you with the longing details to your name cheap hosting. And then from there, you're going to go to yours own editor, and then you're going to add the record. I'm gonna show you how to do that. So it's telling you here to go to the particular name. Cheap hosting, See panel. Okay, great. And then you're going to get this particular Google Side verification code, and you're going to want to add this as a record and let me show you how you would go about doing that. So we're here in the sea panel and you want to go to zone editor? All right, in your c panel from my name. Cheap. All right, so we're here at the tenants, your clients zone editor, and we want to add this code here. Now, this is a previous Kodi was added, So we're gonna go ahead and add in the new one. We're going to copy. That's we're going to save here. Okay, great. So let's see if this registers verify domain and set up. Now, this is going to take a while to load up, but that's the process that you're going to go now I'm gonna show you now what you're going to do next, which is add the MX records. Now, this is really important because it's going to tie your G suite email to your particular hosting. So let me show you how you're going to set that up here. So here in the Zone editor, we've added a TXT record and we want to go to MX record, and you're going to want to add these particular codes here as well. It's the priority one. Party five. Now, you could easily find these MX records literally by just going to Google. If we go to, uh, Google MX records, there we go. So you can easily just copy these here. But those are the ones that are going to go in the particular see panel here, right? You're gonna go to the MX toe, add on these particular MX records, and then you want to go to the txt and verify the domain down here. So that's essentially how you're going to want to get that set up, and then you're going to go to back to your domains. Here. This is has me digital, but you're going to want to make sure that you're selecting name cheap Web hosting DNS so that it propagates properly there. So that's essentially the process there for you to be able to create a business email for your particular business through G Suite. Only $6 a month highly, highly recommend. So that's it for this video here and was singing on the next one Thanks. 19. How To Price Your Videos: All right, so in this video, we're gonna go over pricing and packaging. So what price do you actually charge your potential clients, right that want a video, right? That once video created specifically for them for their business, for product, whatever that may be right. And what I want to do is I want to show you two different options here. I'm gonna show you two different types of videos and how we're going to go about pricing them. Number one is the standard type of video. Let's say you have, like, an animation or a whiteboard video or a product video, something very kind of specific and already tailored to that individuals area, niche or business, right? And then we have a very custom unique on kind of out of the box type of video where they're going to need some scripting real deep custom is ations right, different types of elements, and that's going to be a little bit more pricier. And when it comes to quality, there really isn't any big difference here because you can have a video that somebody pays 10,004 right, and you can actually have it created for you for a few $100 charge somebody you know, $2000. So it really all comes down to the budget of your client, right? Because if you're working with businesses that have 5 $10,000 for a video budget, right, that's going to be where you're going to charge them higher. But if you know it's a small business, local business, maybe a real estate agent, you're not going to charge them thousands and thousands of dollars. So what I want to do now is go to my computer and show you walk you through the two different types of videos and see if you can really understand that difference here between a video that is for sale for like a few $100.50 dollars $100 versus somebody who's selling videos for 5 10 25,000 So let's go right ahead and jump into this year, all right, so I'm here at Clutch Dot Co. And this is a very nice website here that you can use to come in here and look for vendors , right white label partners and kind of get an idea as faras what other people are doing as far as the video marketing space. How much are they charging? What's the average project size and then the quality of the videos. So what I've done here is I went in here and I looked at the top video production companies . And one of the key things that I want you to take a look at is the pricing year. So these individual companies here are charging 25 you know, $35,000 per video project. And when you take a look at the actual videos, there really isn't very much of a difference between a video that you can find on fiber for a few $100.100 dollars or so, even less than that, versus the videos that these guys air creating that air charging 10 15 $25,000 per video. Because it's all around perception, right? Perception is reality, and you want to be able to I understand. Okay, what are the big guys out there charging so that you can get an idea of what you can also charge as well? Now I'm sure these are all very unique and custom type of videos, but you know it's not going to be very difficult for these guys if they've worked already with, like, you know, here storage companies, they already have a template that they can use to create that video. And they're going to be charging people $25,000 for this video that they already have a template for. And they just gotta change around, you know, the business information. So if we look at some of these folks your 25. 25 5000 and what I've done is I picked out one of these guys here that has a minimum of $5000 OK, per video. And I believe it was Ah, this. No, not this one. Here. Um, Okay. This guy here, why draw? And so what these guys do is they create different videos for what kind of businesses do they work with? Okay, so they worked with the businesses in the mid market, small to medium enterprise as well. Do they focus? Okay, so they've worked with big companies here. Amazon, Oracle, Disney, Google, Dell. And as you can see here, these videos are not anything special. They're just kind of simple, you know, animation videos. Here. Here's a pretty good video here that I'm sure you know, somebody needed to go on set. But these are all just really simple animation that heels, right? And they're charging a minimum of five caper video. Okay, so what I want to do now is go ahead and show you the videos that these guys have created. I'm here on the website. Why storing? And you can look at some of these videos here that are just super simple. I mean, we'll just go ahead and, uh, see if we can pull it this one here. So just a simple explainer here. Whiteboard, animation video. And these guys were charging $5000 per video minimum, right? And so now that you've seen these videos here, and you can check these guys out wide draw dot com and see their quality I mean, the quality here is just, you know, nice and simple. It's not anything crazy out of the box. But I'm sure what gets them a lot of their clients and referrals is because they've worked with these big names. And remember, when I mentioned perception is reality a company that eyes a large company, you know, Amazon, Microsoft, Google they have larger budgets. And so the video that you create that you sell to these larger companies can be the exact same video that you sell a local business or India Realtor e commerce business for thousands less. Okay, because they have larger budgets. A local business maybe has 500,000. Maybe a couple grand, right? But when you start coming into minimum hate five K, even though the quality is pretty much the same, that's where you have the biggest differentiator there where you can work with these larger businesses. Oftentimes it takes a little bit longer for the deals. The clothes right. There's more of a lead time, more negotiation, more paperwork involved. And so you know, that's why it takes a little bit longer. But they're always willing to pay more because there are large company and they have higher budgets. But when starting out, I definitely recommend that you focused on kind of template ID videos, explainer videos like these. And then if you want to do anything customized, I definitely feel that you should be charging, you know, several 1000 at least, and we'll walk through an example and I'll show you kind of what you should be charging here. But let me go ahead and show you now some fiber examples and you'll notice that the videos are pretty much similar, if not better than these. So went over here. I checked out this person here so they'll create to the explainer animated videos. Okay. Pretty similar to what we just saw here. Their average is 1 20 then their minimum is 85 they will include that. See here. So music, background music back on imagery in their premium, though, actually right on and use their own scripts and create a script for you. So 150 for the premium. Here, let's go to this other one here. So these guys are charging 95 1 85 to 75 would be like the most you would pay for this. And you could sell this for 500,000 You know, even 1502 grand coming over here to these guys. Now, this is a little bit more, I guess high quality, because these guys have a lot of great experience here, so just take a look at this real quick. I mean, that's some really great work, their high quality kind of unique, like rendering three d rendering. So this guy here, I mean, he's charging 550. So I would say like a really good video here would be 40 seconds. And you could charge your clients. I mean, 5 10,000 for this kind of video here because it's a very unique kind of custom video that this guy can create from scratch. And so this is where you would want to go to this individual and said, Hey, I have a client. They're wanting to create a very unique custom video, and they want to showcase their product on. And they wanted to be kind of in three D rendering make a little very, very nice. And the three D rendering is like this here. Where is it at? I want to show you. Make sure you understand that. So, uh, I mean, look at this quality here is just amazing quality. The three D rendering is like like this ray here for, like, a product, right? Like three d rendering. I mean, that is just amazing for, like, an e commerce store, right? And those types of businesses will pay, you know good amounts. But if they want a very nice high quality type of video here product video with, like, three D renderings, all that great stuff, then it's going to cost him, you know, several thousands of dollars. And this guy, somebody that I would highly recommend. You know, I do want to say I have not used in, But if somebody is a fiber pro, which means it had to going through several testing fiber does like a complete interview with them. They look at all their past references, and so they are actually vetted. So if somebody here is a fiber pro, they've gone through quite a bit of a vetting process and he has your perfect score for 12 projects. You could just tell this guy's quality. Here is just top notch, right very, very high quality. Here. You can look at some of the examples Here's faras through the recommendations reviews. So we look at it another one here. So this is one that's, you know, pretty similar to the one that these guys here are doing. Okay, well, actually, it's similar, but it doesn't have the actual color, so just think about this one here thes actually have color. And the one here is a simple black and white one. Here's a little bit of color here, right? And so these guys are doing it for 30. 65 100. So let's go over here. Just typing whiteboard. See, we're going to pull that up here. Um, White Board explainer. Okay, so this guy here, this is pretty similar. This is pretty similar as well where they're, like, drawing it by hand where you can see that. Okay, so let's look at these guys as well. So this is another one here, so Ah, $100. 180 rights And these videos, there's not very much of a difference here between what these guys were doing here. Here's another one here. This was probably the most similar to these guys here. Okay? And these guys are charging okay to 73 95. So you may be thinking, Hey, you know, Whoa. These guys, they're only charging a few $100 right? You know, to 70. Premium 500. And they may be even selling these 456 $10,000 per video. Right? Because this video is probably the most closest to the videos that these guys are doing here. And when they have an average, you know, project, that's a minimum of $5000. I mean, they're making a tremendous amount of margin there. Right? So one of the things that I really just want you to keep in mind is that if a client that wants a very custom very kind of, you know, out of the box, you know, unique custom scripting all this stuff that you do a custom project with them. OK? And I'm gonna show you here in this video how you should price that How you should go about it. Okay, so videos like these I mean, you could sell to your clients all day long for $2,002,000. But once you started getting until, like, 345 $10,000 those are going to be very customer. Unique videos. And where I would go to someone like this individual here is actually very good, because I can just tell from the quality here on this qualities quite similar to this. It be interesting if these guys are even using this individual here to make the videos right. I'd be interesting to look out, but the ones that I would recommend is faras like, very high quality. The very highest quality that I've noticed. Just off looking at these videos here would be this individual here. I mean, you could just tell. This guy has a lot of experience. He understands how to do three D rendering, rendering the different products. And there's a reason why he's a fiver pro and premium here. So this is where you know, if somebody wanted a 32nd video, you know, I definitely go to this guy and have him created video that you could, you know, buy for 1000 year 9 50 then sell to your client for 567 $10,000 Right? But I would only use this type of individual here to create videos, right? That's a little bit higher quality for clients that have larger budgets. If you ask the client hate, you know, Do you have a budget set aside or what's your budget for this video project? I mean, they say, you know, 3000 4000. Whatever that maybe I would go directly to this person here. And I would mention, Hey, you know, this is what my client is looking for. This isn't that and giving them the details and then charge your client based off of different metrics. And I'm gonna show you that in this video here later. But, you know, working with local businesses when they just need a simple white board or maybe a simple product type of video, you can create those videos yourself through, like a software in video. Or you can go here and have someone create a video for you for 40 50 100 bucks, right, and then sell it to your client for a few 100. So that's what I recommend when you're looking for outsourcers to create the videos for you . All right, so one of the most important things you have to keep in mind when you're working with clients is asking about their budget. What budget they have set aside for this video project. Because if they don't know how much they're willing to spend or have allocated for this particular video, then it's going to be quite difficult for you to really understand the best, you know, recommendation for them, right? the best kind of video that you can recommend for them. However, for most businesses, I just want to kind of give you an idea for most kind of local businesses. Realtors maybe start up e commerce businesses in a local plumbing, you know, whatever that may be. In the kind of local space for small to medium sized business, You are typically going to, you know, sell these guys videos for 502,500. And that's going to be kind of your sweet spot here when you're working with those kind of businesses. Now, when somebody tells you, Hey, you know we actually have a budget of 4000 3000 you know, 4 5000 whatever that may be. And that's typically somebody who has a larger business. Maybe you're working with somebody who has, you know, larger budget allocated. Or maybe in like, an e commerce business that, you know, has you know, some sales. They're making good money, but they need a video, the showcase, all the different types of products. Or maybe they just created a brand new product that they want to be able to promote. So it's going to very quite a bit with the different clients that you're working with. That's why it's always important to ask. Hey, do you have a budget set aside? Okay. And so when you're working with very custom projects, this is what you want to do. Here is faras laying out the pricing, and I'm gonna have an agreement for you that you can use for your video creation projects. But I would lay it out in the actual agreement. Hey, this is how much is going to be for a set up cost. This is how much is going to be for scripting, for the voiceover and music for the design and building the customization right? And so you should be charging anywhere between 3,504,000 you know, plus rain for these customized videos, right, Because it's higher value for your clients. They understand that it's going to cost them. So that's why it's important that once you hit a certain threshold here, you let them know that it's going to be X y Z that you're going to be needing to get this project kicked off, and it's going to be these thousands of dollars because you want to make sure that you're not under charging clients, especially if they tell you. Hey, we have a budget allocated for this for 5000. Well, I'm going to get his closest possible to that 5000 you know, as I can write, because that's what they've budgeted. That's how much they have. So I'm gonna make sure I'm pricing, you know, accordingly. Now, another thing that keep in mind is that if you're doing a video for, like, 500 maybe $1000 it's not really necessary to do 50 50 right where you're doing 50 up front and 50 on the back end. But with these larger projects that are in the several thousands of dollars, right, you want to do a 50 50. It puts, you know, a little bit of risk on your end and a little bit of risk on there. And and it just allows your client to feel comfortable working with you, knowing that you stand behind your work and that you're not going to collect the additional payment until you've completed on urine of the bargain and you delivered, you know, high quality video. So that's going to be here for pricing and packaging, and we'll see you guys on the next one 20. Booking Software Walkthrough: All right, so let's go ahead and go over, Cal. Only here. This is a call booking software that is very important for your agency. If you're gonna be getting folks on a phone call and driving them through your sales funnel and your whole cells process, there is very important that you have a call scheduling software so that it's able to convey that professionalism that you're serious business, right? You're taking your business serious and that, you know, you want to avoid that back and forth of Hey, when is a good time for you when it's a good time for me here, you available at this time? It's just like a to make things easier for the both of us. You can go ahead and schedule a call on my calendar booking here, and we can get together when you actually earliest convenience rank. And another thing that you could do what this is allows you to add some questions in there to kind of pre qualify prospect. So let me just go over here and show you some of the options. This is free. Um, the only thing is that it's gonna have a limited amount of questions that you're gonna be able to have in there. But still, the free option is still a good option for you. So let's go to the different features here that have in the different packages so you can see most likely would be built annually. So Okay. All right. So the basic here, right, you get to integrate with your calendar. This is making sure that you have, like, your own G suite that integrates with your email, right? Schedule unlimited events, Okay. And so you're only allowed to have one type of event here, So move over this when I walked through the actual calendar there. So okay. And so you can have your personalized count only link. So, uh, just like this year, whenever you have a calendar set up and you're ready to go in, you may be sending within an email or through any type of prospecting to Facebook, lengthen or whatever. Maybe you're gonna have your own actual link here that you can send the prospects on. Then they'll be able to schedule a 15 20. Whatever. How many minutes you want to call to be? I typically like to do about 25 30 minutes and often times it will go over, or sometimes it will be less of it. You know, the prospect isn't a good fit and that so here, you can remove the county branding. If you have the paid this free version here, I mean, it's it's it's going to be the best thing for you if you're just starting out. So let me just look, I log in here and I'm gonna show you how this all looks. Okay, so let's get this done here. All right? So you have the ability to change these up. So let's go to the 30 many one here. Right. You have the different meetings that you can set up here, So let's go to at it. Okay? And you go the invite t questions. This is where you can add questions. So I'm here. You can put in, make it required. You can put in Let's say, what is your monthly advertising budget, and then you can have this be check marks so you could have 1000 to for 99 then that something like this a grew applying. Okay, we're going to add in the 99 plus Okay, so it's going to save, and so we can look at this very, very easily here. Soto view Live link, OK? Huh? Okay. I see what it was. So we need toe actually. Have this activated. So the scene of this looks OK? Great. So now people can come here and they could schedule a time. Okay, I'd say here. Okay. And then here you see the monthly advertising budget, right? So basically what this does is it allows you to really get an idea as faras what the prospect has as far as their advertising budget. Ask any other questions, Faras what are the problems you have are now with your business? Are you currently doing any type of online marketing? So it's really allowing me to get a good understanding of that business on were there at as far as your current situation. Okay, so, I mean, go over here, some of these other areas. So you get the questions here. You can add those in there. Okay, here's the notifications. Right. You can actually even personalize an email here because oftentimes the email it just says, Hey, your bookings confirmed. You can actually personalize this and put some other stuff in here like a but look at you gotta upgrade to do this. So we've never done this before as far as the personalization. So there's just some different perks from being able to actually have free account versus actual paid accountants $10 a month. Very inexpensive, but definitely not a necessity there. Okay, so let's go ahead and hide this up here. But one quick thing there, if you're just starting out right, use this type of set up. But the way that we like to run our business is that we like to have things where right after they book a call, we send them out in email. That is personalized. Says he thinks, really appreciate you taking the time, you know, to really book a call with us and to discussing of your business. This is how you know the call is going to go. This is what to expect. So we have those two Yunos in between that go out on the day of the booking and then the day of the actual call right eso whenever they both to get an email whenever actual call is , they get another email so, I mean, it's really important to do that. But again, if you're just starting on, may be your budget isn't isn't going to allow you to go with this free set up here and maybe send those personalize emails manually. OK, so ah, school of the confirmation page here. Okay, this is all for the premium. Let me go. And I want to show you hear some of the advanced areas, so let's go to so cancel here, okay? And I believe it's up here. Okay, 30 minutes. This is the link. Okay, here we go. So this means that people can both things out 60 days, you know, out. And I don't like that. What you want to do is you don't want to book people out true far out, because then people can forget. And it's just and I don't like to put this out more than, like, 11 days. You can put in the 15 but I like to do 11. Okay, So that means that people cannot book out past 11 days, okay? And I don't like to also have me be available all the time, so I'll come in here, and I will putting in like, see here. And you can add different intervals so you can put, like 9 to 5. Here. Let's go to Gerald eight to say this is 11. Okay, 11 a.m. Maybe you have 12. 30 to 3 p.m. And so you have different intervals there so that you can actually have different windows, right? That you're not able to have appointments. It actually allows you to look like your little bit busy. Right? And you're not just overly available. Um, so it adds a little bit of, ah, scarcity there. Urgency to Hey, you know what? I don't have very many slots open, but I am busy. Right? Okay, let's go to the advanced here. So this is where you want to change the increments. So I would say that you have increments of 60 minutes. Okay. Just give you a little bit of time. Prepare for the calls. I'm even throwing 25 30 minutes long. You're not going to have calls that are, like, right after each other as faras, Like, five minutes where maybe you need to take 15 minutes or so and prepare. Obviously, you want to look at the company's information companies business have a little bit of understanding of who they are, what they do and how you guys can potentially help them. You can Okay, use this setting to prevent Last minute. Okay. So basically, I would put 24 hours. This needs that nobody can book a call right away. It has to be at least 24 hour window. So then you go to save, okay? And so that's really it on, then you go. Let's go back over here. So now this is the only one here that's active. Meeting with the free one. You can only have one of these activated time. So basically, whenever somebody wants a book, a call, you send them to this link right here. Okay. Through this, this is doing. And so you could put this in your email. You can put this in your all your marketing material where you're sending people to schedule a call. This is where they need to go. And as soon as it book call here, they're going to get an email confirmation. Right? That says, Hey, you're calls booked and it automatically as to the calendar. So let me know if you have any questions on this, but this is how you're gonna set up the camera only booking software 21. How To Keep Track of Your Clients: All right. So I'm gonna go over a crm here that I started out using when I first got rolling with my agency here, and it's a free CRM. It's unsightly dot com. It's actually really, really good. They actually have a free account that you can have. I think it's up to Gosh, I think it's like 5000 or 2000 leaves you can put in here so they have their paid plans here than they have free. Now, one of the things that I recommend because I think you're gonna be limited to about 2000 users and leads that you can put in there is that you have your Google sheets, right? And you have, like, your list when you're doing like cold email, right? You have that in there and that you're transferring hot leads that have responded to you that I've had, you know, any kind of interaction with you that said, yes, I'm interested. Tell me more, right. And that's where you would want to move them into the CRM right. But just remember, you're only gonna have about 2500 of the actual records that you can put in their leads you can put in there, so just make sure the only put people into the Sierra Room that you're actually working with us. Faras are in your process, right in your funnel. I'm gonna go ahead and log in, and I'm gonna show you some of the great things that you can do here for what they offer in their free package Here. It's just insane. A Zara's using any other type of serum out there in the marketplace for free. So let's go ahead and jump right in here. So we're here on the dashboard, and as you can see here on the left hand side, we have home tasks, contacts, organizations, leads, opportunities, projects. And this is just for, like, e mails if you want to send emails to hear. But I haven't used this, so I cannot recommend that. But I want to show you just how easy and simple this is here. So we go to tasks, K. This is from when actually first started in my agency Gosh, almost two years ago there, and I want to show you on the great thing here that we can do with this software I see around here So, basically, what you can do is you can set daily tasks in here, right? And essentially whenever you complete it here. So just for example, follow up, right? Follow up. Video analysis. Whenever we're complete with that on the daily task, we just click on that, and we essentially have completed that task. Okay? And here we can see the dates and how we would add a task as we would go to new. Okay, let's say follow up. Okay. Signed to me, let's say we wanted to follow up on Monday the 15th right here. We put some more information, and then we would essentially put here some notes. That's a follow up on last or follow up on email. Okay. And let's go to save so every day, right? It's if you put the date on their right for, you know, today, tomorrow, whatever it's going to show you, you know, when these follow ups are four, right, the exact date. So if you can see here Tuesday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Wednesday, right, Thursday. Um, and then after you're done right, you just literally click on the task, right? It's done, you know. Here we go. Right. This is this is the actual one that's coming up for next week that we just created. So, you know, we essentially mark this task complete here. What? Once we're done here, and so this is essentially where you're gonna put all your daily tasks and you're gonna wake up every morning and you're gonna be able to see Okay, so I need to follow up with so and so I need to follow up with this individual. I need to send out this email. All right. So this is how you're essentially gonna be able to see all your tasks on a daily basis, where you're gonna have all your father whips, right? For all your leads, you're going to see exactly who is in the pipeline. So nothing falls through the cracks, right? I remember for a long time I was doing just kind of Google sheets, right? Google docks to I'll be able to put in Leeds and, you know, figure out where they were in the process. But a lot of the leads were falling in through the cracks, right? But I started using this and a lot of the leads. Actually, you know, we started closing and actually getting some traction because I started to see where everything was. Okay, So very, very important here. So contacts. Okay. Ah, here's are essentially all the contacts within each organization. Okay? And here are the different organization. So how you would go about this is you would add in, Let's say, an organization. Let's say ABC company. Okay, Then we put a phone number. 123 456 79. Okay, let's go to our website dot com. Right? And then if one put the address. Okay, so this is essentially what we would do then is then go to save. OK, so now let's say we wanted to connect an individual as the owner of this business year of this organization. Right? We would go down here, we would go to add new contacts, right? We put in John Doe. Okay. Did say owner. Okay, but it is email address, right? And then we would go to save, okay. And so now we know that this individual is tied to this organization, so let's go to organizations. Is Goto ABC? Okay? ABC Company. All right, So we see now that I own this particular organization right, if you wanna have, You know, multiple people in here and I think the free ones on Lee able to have two people on here within the organization so we can see here. John Doe is the owner. Okay. And then let me just walk you through these sections in here. So history, this is essentially all the different notes that are gonna show up in here that you actually made and did here. We're gonna have any of the emails related to them. Are any people in there as well? Here's the note. So let's say we wanted to put in some notes in here. Let's say consultation call notes. Right. I spoke with John, and it sounds like he is looking to move forward early next week. Okay. And then I had no Okay, So now, right. We can go into this organization at any given time and see what the history is. Okay. Consultation. Call notes. Right. I spoke with John. Sounds like he was looking to move forward the next week. So it's a way to get very, very organized with all your notes. All your information, right? Date created here. We can see who it was created by This is such a great tool here and it's free. I think it's up to 2000 different accounts you can put in here. So it's just huge, huge value here. So let's go back here and I want to show you. So there's no if there's files. If you want to attach them, here's tasks. Let's say we wanted to put in an individual task, right? Just for this organization. That's a follow up on presentation. Okay. And let's say we wanted to have that be on the 16th. Okay, Um and then you follow up on presentation from last week. Okay? Save. All right. So now we have this task in here, right for next week. Now, this is going to show up in our tasks for upcoming for next week. Right? So this is a great way for us to be able to come in here and add organizations right? And then have individuals tied to each organization, right? It's just a great way, As you can see here we have this out. This follow appear now. Follow a presentation right for Wednesday, May 16. So whenever we were to complete this right we would just go to complete tasking. Boom, Right, We would be done. So this is a phenomenal, phenomenal tour here. Highly recommend you sign up for a free account here. So now let's go to Leeds. This is really where if you want to come in here and let's say you have people that you've talked to if you want to add those in here, this would be great as well. Andan, you can tagged in here. So as you can see here, we had some that were attacked that we got through Craigslist through our email campaign through some web design partners that we were working with. So this is where you want to add individual leads. And then once they're like in the actual process where you've spoke to them, they're interested. Maybe you've done a presentation, then you can Adam in as an organization. So this would be the best way for you to put in names in here, right of leads that you're trying to reach out to. Okay. Okay, so this is the opportunities and let me show you. So it's going to edit this opportunity now. One of the great things you can do is once you have an organization right set up and let's say you spoke to them and they have, you know, decided to get on the quality. The book to call you can set up a actual sales process for you with different steps. So the way we had it is you had a discovery form application. We had a video analysis and follow phone close. Okay. And maybe for you. If you want to do like, let's say, three steps, you're when you have the initial phone call booking and then the presentation and then the clothes, Or maybe even where you have a initial phone call, right? Kind of a consultation initial phone call. Then you do a presentation, then you have the close. So it's up to you how this is one of the great things here because you can move this actual organization into different steps. So let's say they are in the video analysis that Bryant and then we go to save Okay, so now they're in the video analysis stage here, okay? And we can move them in and out of the actual stages. Now, as we can see here, this opportunity here has changed from the Discovery Form application to video analysis, right so you can actually go on. There's quite a bit of videos. I don't want to get this video to be too long, but there's quite a bit of videos on YouTube. It can walk you through step by step, how to make a conversion funnel here so you can have different steps and see where everybody is within your fun. Okay, so want to get and give you guys a overview of this software here serum? Because it's free and it's just fantastic. I mean, it's just insane. How many great features here? Now let's go to projects now. Projects here. This is essentially where you would have all projects if you wanted to kind of maintain Here, have this bigger project management. Okay, in here and talk about kind of, let's say, like a Facebook ad project for a client. You click on this and then put in history in here information write notes, you know, currently adding, um, you know, currently setting up account, maybe have, you know, adds been running for a couple weeks, you know, whatever it is, if you're just starting out and you want to make things very simple. I definitely recommend that you use his projects set up in here because it's really easy to convert one of these opportunities into a project. So let's say we were too. It's a convert project, OK? And we would convert this into a Let's say Facebook ads. Okay. And, um, you know, we can put in here. There's a reason for winning. You can we can modify that. So we would convert this into a project now. OK, so it's go to projects. So now you can see. Where is it? That's OK. Here we go. Facebook ads. I would change this. I would edit this. Facebook ads four solar. Okay. Um, three D. Okay, so now we can see this project in here. Facebook ads for Solar three D. We would have all the history of the notes you want to put in here. Let's say, um, you know, five 16 starting Facebook guides campaign. Okay, Got information from client and oh, is ready to go for next week. Start on Tuesday, right? Whatever. Just to make sure that you are on top of things here. Okay, So there you go. So Then when you go into this project now you know exactly what it's about. K, the history here. And then you can see all of the notes in here. Right? Files, right. Any files you want to attach? Milestones, Anything you've done, it's insane. The amount of value and stuff you can do with that that will save you so many headaches. Because I'm telling you, I had so many things fall through the cracks, right? Somebody leads somebody. Opportunities that I was, you know, being in my head against the wall. And finally, when I came across the software, I started using it until I found something else. We use sales flair now that I think it's like 35 $40 a month, but it just has a whole lot more features. But this for just starting out all of the benefits, all the features of this house for you to get started tohave leads toe, you know, work with your Sitaram and work when maybe you say a business partner is going to be a killer deal for you, right? So I just wanted to share this with you. Hopefully you guys can take advantage of this 22. How To Collect Payments: all right, so let's talk about accepting payments. Now. There's a model, different payment systems out there, a lot of different payment platforms, right that you can use. I like to use wave. Absolutely. That's works very, very well. It's very easy, and it's actually free. I've used QuickBooks where you can actually use that obviously, yes, accounting software, but also to send invoices, process credit card payments. There is pay funnels, there's stripe. There is also pay Pau one of the things to keep in mind when pay power had people for quite some time. But if you're just starting on a new PayPal account, they are more focused on the product type of business. So winds up happening is, if you're getting a lot of, ah, a lot of income lot of funds coming in the door in your accounts. Brand new, though, actually placed a hold on those funds. And so it's kind of a pain in the neck to deal with pay power when running an agency. So I just wanted you to be aware I would recommend way that's right out of the gate, so let's go ahead and get this set up here. That's a creative free account. It's gonna be some test here. So want ads? Says me. Okay. All right. And so this is where you would essentially put in the name of your business. Very, very simple. You just one of the show this to you here, for your own example. So let's say here, let's go to my bear marketing. Right? We do Advertising. Okay, lets go. Okay. Takes a second here to load up. Get paid for your work. Okay? And so now this is very, very simple. So now all you need to do is going in here and adding the logo. Um, whenever you get that set up right of my bear marketing, you'd adding a customer, and you would essentially either want to send them an inborn. So let's say we wanted to Let's go invoice 100. It's just set this up here. In the example are you went out of your local one here. Ah, you want to have your company in here? Let's say ABC streets are on 123 a. B. C. Street. And, um, let's say I have never land. Okay? And let's goes Obama phone, if you will to aids. Okay, where you put your website? It was mine there. Marketing and online. Okay. They okay, so that's right there. And we have our local in there, and then we put in our customer, so we want to put in. Uh, let's say, John, can it put Dentist one email. John. Dentist. This but John had Gmail own. Okay? And then it's on John. Go. Okay. Symbol. Right. And so we put in here Facebook marketing and then poor, like Facebook market is among one, and we would put $100 okay? And so then we would go to you can either do save and send as actual invoice or saving record payment. Now saving record payment. This allows you to actually process a credit card. And you would charge a credit card here and you would need the card number, right? All this information here and then you should be good to go. Then process. Okay? Or you could just simply send this as an invoice and let's go down here. So obviously you'd have your logo in here, and this is how this would look. And so you would send this send invoice one. It says me and then you put Hi, dawn. Here is your voice looking for to working with you. Okay. I want I want to send this to myself. Also is a copy has been preview. Awesome. And so this is how it would look. They would get an email and they would say, Here is your invoice and they could pay with your credit card here or pay with their bank. And then it has the company information here. Right? So very, very professional. That's how you would get paid so highly Recommend you use the wave aps here to collect payment, as I mentioned there, someone different payment systems out there. But stripe is probably the second best I would recommend. But as far as the top here, that this is free, right? It's going to be way that's there. Also, some features in here you can use for accounting as well. So let me know if you have any questions on this seeing on the next one 23. How To Deliver Your Video Projects: All right, so in this video, we're going to talk about delivering the video. So you've already had a client sign up? They are no interested in actually getting a video from you. And then you've completed the video and now you're ready to deliver it. So let's go right ahead on jump into that process here. So after the video has been created, which want to do, send them over a file link right through, like, let's say, Google drive or like, a Dropbox link, OK? And one of the key things that it's really important for you to keep in mind is that you want to let your client know that they're going toe have up to three revisions. Because if you don't do this right that you're going tohave, clients come back to you. Ah, year down the road, talking about Hey, you know, can you revise this for me? Can you add this? Can you take this away or even for months down the road, right. They're going to want to maybe edits or, you know, fix some, whatever that may be right. And you don't want to do that. You want to make sure let them know. Hey, so this is going to be the video here. You're going to have up to three revisions. And then after that, if you want to have something modified, it's going to be X dollars an hour. Okay. Very, very important. There. You want to set this up in the very beginning? I'm telling you, it's just really going to save you a lot of time and headache. Okay. Now, the other thing is, if you're doing like, a very unique custom video that you're charging right several thousands of dollars for the higher and kind of videos with the higher and type of clients you want to try to send them At least three different types of options may be different color schemes with different background music. Right? Something like that's where you give them three options. Hey, which one of these three do you like best? Because if you don't and you come back with a video and maybe they don't like it and then they're like, you know, I don't really like this, you know, But then they don't really know exactly what they should change or what you should change, right? It just leaves a huge window for them to be able to say, You know, I'm just not feeling it. I'm not feeling the vibe on. Then you're not really going to know where to go from there. Right? But if you give them three options and say, Hey, we put together three different options here. Three different color schemes, three different background music. You know, whatever that may be. Which one of these three do you like best, right? Then you have something toe work within. Okay, they like this, but they want this to be in this color, right? It's going to save you a ton of time. And remember, you want to be able to focus as much as possible on giving new clients and not spending time working with them and making sure that you're just, you know, bringing clients in the door. And you're having somebody else, for the most part, doing all the work for you. Okay, so this is what I recommend when you're delivering the video. Remember Onley letting them know that they have up to three revisions. If you're doing, like a local business, maybe a realtor, maybe a product demonstration, whatever that may be, but for the higher end videos I like to do, perhaps, you know, three different videos and three different kind of different backgrounds color schemes, background music and say, Which one of these do you like best? Okay, so that's gonna be here for this video, and we'll see you guys on the next one. 24. Project Management Tools: a one here. And in this video, I'm gonna show with you a couple project management tools that you can use for yourself so that you can properly keep tracking your projects. And so let's go right ahead and jump into this year. So this is the 1st 1 here. Asana. Now this is free to sign up, but there are some limitations. For example, if you want to add your client to a project, I believe there is a upgrade you need to do. But it's good for like, for your own self. If you want to keep tracking your projects, you want to keep track of your tasks. They integrate very nicely with your Google calendar and our calendar, whatever it is that you're using. So this is a very simple and easy platform. Here's for us. For project management. You can see here super easy to work with. Ah, highly recommend that you play around with this. They have the cam bon type of layouts, and also the list on DSO highly recommend you check this out. Here it is free, but if you do want to add the ability to give your clients access to a project that you're working on and have them communicate with. Yet through their project there it is going to be an upgrade. The other one here that is completely free. And you can actually adding your client to navigate and communicate within the project group. Here is the free cap. This is a very nice type of platform because it's free and also the layout is very nicely. You can see here there's a task list that you can use. There's a Kam bam boarding here. Their sub tasks right. And you can have your client in here asking questions. You can let them know. Hey, we're on face three of the project or hey, your project is set to come through and be completed on X date. So highly recommend that you utilize one of these. If I'm recommending one to you, that is going to be the best. If you're just starting out, you don't really have very much money to invest. Use free camp because they have a lot of different features here that are free on and you don't need to actually pay for it unless you want to upgrade and get more features. But those teachers are not really necessary for you to get started. So just wanted to create this quick video here to walk you through a couple project management system tools here. And once again, if you're just starting out, don't have any real money to invest highly recommend using free to camp here. So that's gonna be here for this video and we'll see you on the next one. Thanks.