Ultimate Instagram Stories Strategies to Promote Your Blog and Business | Laurie Wang | Skillshare

Ultimate Instagram Stories Strategies to Promote Your Blog and Business

Laurie Wang, Social Media Marketing Coach & Blogger

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9 Videos (35m)
    • Welcome to the Course!

    • Your Class Project

    • Why You Need to Be Using instagram Stories

    • Developing Your Instagram Stories Strategy

    • Creating Beautiful Instagram Stories Content

    • Help Your Instagram Stories Get Discovered

    • Driving Traffic from Instagram Stories to Website

    • Selling Products and Services on Instagram Stories

    • Using Instagram Stories Highlights

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About This Class

Although it’s not completely new, many people do not know how to use Instagram Stories to effectively get more followers, drive traffic to their websites, and sell more product and services in their business and personal projects. Yes, you can do all of this with the fun and effective Instagram Stories!

In this course, I’ll be covering hacks and tricks in creating success and results using Instagram Stories:

  • Why your blog and brand need to use Instagram Stories today
  • How to develop your Instagram Stories strategy
  • How to create beautiful and stunning Instagram Stories content
  • How to make sure that Instagram users can discover your Instagram Stories content
  • How to drive traffic from Instagram Stories to your website
  • How to sell your product and services on Instagram Stories
  • How to use Instagram Stories Highlights and why this will help you grow followers





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Laurie Wang

Social Media Marketing Coach & Blogger

Hi, my name is Laurie Wang. I'm a digital marketing consultant, trainer, Skillshare instructor, and public speaker living in London, United Kingdom.

Through my lifestyle and travel blog New Yorker Meets London & Instagram, I help to inspire more experiences in people's lives from new perspectives, opening their eyes to the wonder and vastness of what is possible. My work has appeared in Elite Daily, Metro London, Fast Company, and Women 2.0.

I also set up ...

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