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Ultimate Instagram Stories Strategies to Promote Your Blog and Business

teacher avatar Laurie Wang, Digital Marketing Instructor and Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Welcome and Introduction to the Course!

    • 2. Here is Your Class Project!

    • 3. Why You Need to Be Using instagram Stories

    • 4. Developing Your Instagram Stories Strategy

    • 5. Creating Beautiful Instagram Stories Content

    • 6. Help Your Instagram Stories Get Discovered

    • 7. Driving Traffic from Instagram Stories to Website

    • 8. Selling Products and Services on Instagram Stories

    • 9. Using Instagram Stories Highlights

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About This Class

Although it’s not completely new, many people do not know how to use Instagram Stories to effectively get more followers, drive traffic to their websites, and sell more product and services in their business and personal projects. Yes, you can do all of this with the fun and effective Instagram Stories!

In this course, I’ll be covering hacks and tricks in creating success and results using Instagram Stories:

  • Why your blog and brand need to use Instagram Stories today
  • How to develop your Instagram Stories strategy
  • How to create beautiful and stunning Instagram Stories content
  • How to make sure that Instagram users can discover your Instagram Stories content
  • How to drive traffic from Instagram Stories to your website
  • How to sell your product and services on Instagram Stories
  • How to use Instagram Stories Highlights and why this will help you grow followers

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Laurie Wang

Digital Marketing Instructor and Teacher


Hi, my name is Laurie Wang. I'm a digital marketing consultant, trainer, Skillshare instructor, and public speaker living in London, United Kingdom.

Through my digital marketing & social media training company & Instagram, I help to inspire more experiences in people's lives from new perspectives, opening their eyes to the wonder and vastness of what is possible. My work has appeared in Elite Daily, Metro London, Fast Company, and Women 2.0.

I also set up my digital marketing consultancy training and helping small businesses grow online after a successful career at Ogilvy & Mather, one of the largest digital advertising agency in the world. Previously, I have worked with brands such as IBM, Anglo American, Sage, Google, and more.

I'm currently... See full profile

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1. Welcome and Introduction to the Course!: Hi there. In this course, in just less than one hour, you will learn how to use Instagram stories to help you boost your performance on Instagram and help you grow your following, increase traffic to your website and also help you sell more products and services to customers and clients. Hi there. I'm Lori Wayne, and I'm an award winning digital strategies based in London. Now, you may have come across my other courses on Skillshare, like for example, how to start blogging for beginners, or perhaps how to grow your first 10000 Instagram. All the ways you can find on my Skillshare profile. In this course, I want to teach you how to use the top tricks and shortcuts to help you increase your visibility on Instagram by leveraging income stories in the right way. So you will learn how to create stunning and beautiful Instagram stories content by using some my top tools and tricks, you gotta learn how to make sure Instagram users can actually discover your content on Instagram stories. And by using the right features and strategies behind this as well. One of the things I GET request to the most is how to drive traffic from Instagram into your own website and also your landing pages. Well, in this part, I will also show you how to use Instagram stories to drive visitors to go visit your website and landing pages, see how he sell more products and services. And last but not least, I will also show you how to use your income stories highlights, set your followers, can actually find your content in the right places and also help you increase your growth and engagement on Instagram. I commonly see in the course and share these with you. Let's dive in. 2. Here is Your Class Project!: All right guys. So for the class project, now in this class project, I want you to sharing at least three Instagram stories on your profile. And also taking a screenshot of these and share them here with other students in the class. And I want you to be commenting and also seeing what others have created to make sure you give some feedback to each other. And I'll be looking at some of these as well. So have fun and happy creating. 3. Why You Need to Be Using instagram Stories: Hi, everyone. Welcome to how to use in scum stories for your blawg and creative business. I'm really looking forward to sharing some of the tips with you in this course on how to leverage in scum stories to get your profile seen on instagram. Grow your following on also increased the conversions on your blawg and your creative business on making more sales. So let's get started. So my name is Laurie Wang. If you have taken my previous courses before, the likes of blogging for beginners or how to block make money and also you can see some other social media fundamental courses, you might have been on my instagram profile course where you can create a killer in scum pro fall. I highly recommend checking that one out as well, but in this course were entirely focusing on instagram stories. I really hope that you guys take away some of these tips and apply to what you do and a day basis. So I'm addition, marking strategise and social media trainer based in London and you can't she find me on Instagram at I am Laurie Wang. So that's at I am and then Laurie Wang. It's my name other for the CA 19. We guys on Instagram as well. So why Instagram stories? Well, they're quite a few reasons why Right now, this is one the hottest areas to actually jump on Instagram to make the most of this feature. So first of all, there are over 100 million people using INSTAGRAM stories daily and that's only going to increase more, more as well. See that instagram is not the most popular social media platform being downloaded. And that's two times those of Snapchat users. Because Snapchat, as you guys would know for those who used it before, is very similar to how instagram stories function. You take a snap and you share with your audience. However, instagram give you a lot more features to actually get yourself found on this platform where snapshot is lot more less discovery being made. So actually you're beating the competition by using instagram stories vs Snapchat or you can use them both the same time. But my suggestion is to get started on instagram stories first. Andi is the focus of 2018. Well, I mean by that is ever since the new feature rolled out every single person and brand had been trying to use it in different, innovative ways, which I will go through the rest of this course so you can see how you can apply those in your stories as well and free Tashi leverage that on your personal and business branding will be highly beneficial. So first of all, in instagram stories of the moment, what we can see is that across instagram and especially in personal brand it, um, newsfeed profiles. You have now very much lower reach with the cars to algorithm tweaks on instagram. So previously, for someone who may have had, let's say, on average 100 likes on their photos and multiple comments, let's say 20 comments all sudden. They're seeing a lot less likes and lot less comments because, ah, law, their users are not able to see their content ones being shared, just like on Facebook. When you have an algorithm change Olsen the reaches lot lower because obviously, social media platforms wanting to pay for ads to actually reach more audiences, even those who have follows you already so in scrums stories is definitely a way to go around that, and I will go through that in terms of how to do it. Secondly, the stories help you to stay in touch with your followers. Now. Law times we go through our day either as a business or is a personal brand or a blogger, and you might not always have the right type of content that you want to share on your feet straight away. So it's not something that you feel like qualifies as a high quality content, but rather they might be throwaway content like a little snapshot of your new socks or something like that. Um, and with that content, because she share with your followers in Instagram story because the story was disappear in 24 hours anyway and is very much on the go is no supposed to be perfect. It's supposed to be riel and connecting you to your followers on what you do on the personal level. So think that that is actually quite useful for you to use your throwaway content in the very innovative way now using all the features or actually help you get found. The reason for that is Instagram like to reward his users by those who use the most features available and therefore the algorithm can optimize this piece of content to ensure that the right audience sees it because at the end of day, even though there was algorithm change. The reason for that change is that Instagram wants his audience to actually see the content that's relevant to them. So it's not meant to be harmful or, you know, on useful in any way. But rather this feature is there to help the platform become more more accurate and more relevant to those who are enjoying the concept. So by you. Using older features available in inscribed stories not only will help you to get your stories get seen by more people, but also help you to get your profile on Instagram to be seen by more people as well. And lastly, like I mentioned earlier, what Instagram story does is allowing to share that authentic version of you and your everyday life in your business and your personal life. And what that does is again that connects you in the human level with your audience, as we all say these days, you know, business were personal branding no longer about B two C or B two b, but rather about human to human h two h So Instagram story really allow you to have that opportunity to do that with your audience? There's no need to be thinking about how to be perfect. Um, again, every single brand and personal brands out there and bloggers have done this. So there are multiple type of things that you can actually share, that I will go through with you in terms of content pillars that you can share with your audience to connect with them. And they expect your content to be on the go to be in perfect in many ways, on again. That's why so attractive versus those on the feet on the interim feed or you're seeing beautiful and well curated folios on again. Those two together can work really well because then you can create a storyboard behind those beautiful feed that you're currently curating. We're sharing and remember that you can add as many as you wish. So this really gives you that creative outlet that you want to have in terms of sharing different type of content on you can add as many as you wish and again, this gives you that on limited opportunity to really share the content that's relevant to your audience. Who will really like to come back for more? It will certainly help you get discovered because there's a lot of ways on instagram where people are searching through content on one. The ways that will go through later is looking at how to use hashtags and location tax to get your content seen on potentially even amplify your content for free. It sounds really good, right? So here's what you can do with instagram stories. You can actually drive traffic from Instagram back to your website, and there are multiple ways of doing this. But I will show you two different ways for those who are currently 10,000 followers or more , and for those who are 10,000 followers or less on both are very effective. So here's what you can do with instagram stories. You can drive traffic from instagram to your website in multiple ways, so the first type is the business account. Users with 10,000 plus followers can actually at links through instagram. Stories on people who swipe up from that story would then be led to the exact landing page or webpage that the business account would like to to point their users to, and the other way is you can then actually share affiliate links, product and services and landing pages that you want to drive them to actually create that sale. 4. Developing Your Instagram Stories Strategy: now I hope I got you excited about the possibility in scum stories and that it's time to create your instagram stories to help you develop your game plan on instagram, And this is key in helping you to get more followers, create more sales. So let's get started now. Here are some of the goals that you need to think about for using instagram stories for your brand. For example, if you want to showcase your knowledge, you can create a how to video to teach your followers how to do what you have to show them , and it really helps to cement the relationship between you and your followers. Or if you want to build long term trust with your followers, then you can share it behind the scenes stories on your products and services. So, for example, a problem taking shape in the process. And don't be afraid to try a few different types of content that might work for you. Also, don't be afraid of showcase riel content things that your followers, when they normally get to see from the beautiful, curated feet that law brands and personal brands half. So when did you first is to create your content pillars. Now here are some examples of constant pillars that you can use in your instagram stories on combination of these will work really well, So don't be afraid to mix things up to make it really interesting. So the types of content pillars are contests and giveaways to your followers. I am a which Basie stands for. Ask me anything, and for those you guys who happen on skill share, you know what am a is exactly so new content, any pall, cast or block poser. You just created a great way to put that within this content pillar to share with your audience on instagram story and how to useful guides. Now these air tutorials that you can showcase to them either in the video or Fogle formats that they can see through the stories as well. Testimonials and reviews Ah, great way to showcase the previous customers or current existing customers, and how they think about your service and your brand or your products Again. This is great for social proof to show to other people out there that your product is definitely worth a purchase to actually try out behind the scenes content. Now these things are very intimate things that people don't normally get to see. It almost gives them a sneak peek behind the scenes, which makes a really intimate for your followers to see promotions and sales. And these could be exclusive to those who are only on your follower base on Instagram, and they get these special flash promotions or sales that they can get straight away by using a discount code that you share with them. And lastly, any new products were services range that you currently have developed. Either you have them included as part of process of being development by getting their feedback, or you can actually share with them as the first person to actually see the new products and services being released. Now here's some examples. Great examples are I love on instagram stories and how they use constant pillars. So Busso is account that I follow a lot on everything they do on Instagram stories is highly engaging and sometimes ridiculously educational as well. So here on the left side is clearly that they done their audience research. I know that what the audience air into and says swipe up for everything coming to Netflix this month. Very useful for those Netflix and chill evenings, right? And then he was a follow up with the second image. As you see here on the left hand side, add it with emojis in the bottom by doing pointing up on what that means is another call to action to say, Hey, swipe up says almost to call to actions in the same image by using one after another. So now I want to do is one to figure it out. What type of content you want to share in your instagram stories. Through those constant pillars, I share video earlier. You can plan them in line with what you're sharing on your INSTAGRAM account so they can work well in the social media ecosystem for your followers to be engaged on both sides. So what? That means that you need to plan it out ahead of time thinking about what you're sharing today in terms of in stream content and how to make your instagram stories support that as well. It really helps to keep your brand story cohesive and consistent across the board. Another example that wanna share when you guys is with another count that I ha d Love is girl balls and grow balls has some great examples of how they use their content pillars. So here they're sharing the content that they created on their website. Around solidly simmering over a toxic relationship is in the way to deal is hard but were the to address the situation, and this is the first image they share as the first frame. But then afterwards they now add the pointer towards the sea more. Here's some advice on how and from there you know that with a meanest now weaken swipe up to see this so again, the crazy, really nice little storyboard where the first image is actually showing what the content is on. The second image is showing the culture action on what to do now gives that a little bit of flicker effect as you switch between stories 5. Creating Beautiful Instagram Stories Content: So now we're going to get into the fun part of it, which is how to actually create stunning instagram story content and to help you to get started sharing re audience quickly. So, first of all, this is our posting, one old one tutorial. There'll be some more later on on advanced features, so don't worry. We'll get there soon. In the meantime, let's learn how to actually start sharing stories from your profile so you can go into inscribed like the one that screen the left on. When you first go into instagram, it will show you the news feed. So from here, you can then click on the little camera button on the top left hand corner, and from this point on, you will then be prompted into a screen, and here you can either take a photo. You can share previous photo that you taken in your galleries, or you cannot sell fees you cannot filters. There's so many different options. So from siga simplicity in this tutorial, just for the first bet will go through healthy Just share simple image that you taken with your phone. So on left hand side you see that I've taken an image with my phone of my laptop with the current slight that we're currently looking at now. And I also added a little marker with a white marker to kind of additive patterned onto the photo and then at other attacks by clicking on the A But in the you see on the top Roy Hand Corner, I just typed in my slides for my instagram course and made that tax yellow. Now, that's all. I don't at this point just a showcase some of the simple features that we can use already just on this particular screen. And now, once you've done those two things, you can quickly no added to your story by clicking on that little plus button on the lower left hand corner where the arrow is pointing and voila, you have added your first story into your instagram profile. Now there are many other fun things that you can add to in scrum to make it even more engaging. So, first of all, you can ask stickers into your instagram story. So when you first taking the photo like the one on the left hand side here, that's on Lee showing just a cat going through a snowing part off the cottage. And if you swipe up, that's when you start seeing some of these stickers that you can share. That's either seasonal or it's part of this particular location. You're that you're actually in if your location is turned on your phone or it could be some specific gifts that you can share through that part as well so you can see on the right hand side I can go crazy with the stickers, literally decorate everything where the stickers are available to make it even more engaging as image. The left hand side versus the right hand side, you conclude, tell a difference there. The other thing that you can add to your instagram story is locations, and I will mention this several times in this course from here and later on about how important this is to help you get discovered. So in this case, I can put in because I'm based in London. I can type in London, and then that will come up in terms of areas I can choose to base my stories in. I was like the 1st 1 as London, United Kingdom, on what that means now is whoever traveling to London, United Kingdom or they're currently based in London, United Kingdom. They can look through. Stories are label with this one and my story, where actually showed when they're actually looking for. And there's a possibility that they'll see my story. And from that point on, if it like it, they might come to my profile on Instagram on. They could become a follower as well, or interact with my existing photos on videos and other type of content. So again there's someone different ways to use the location tag. But in this case is fantastic. Way to get your stories found. The other feature that you can use on instagram stories is the hashtag on this hashtag feature is actually found in the swipe up option when your first taking your image. So from there you have location, your passion tax, and yet the various different stickers that you can use now the hash like works exactly the same way as you would on any other type of content on Instagram. So why swept up? You can see that my have that hashtag option there, there some hash tags that they suggested from the ones I use previously, either all my photos videos on on my previous stories and these Hashtags Ashley searchable across stories. 6. Help Your Instagram Stories Get Discovered: So now let's look at how to help you get your instagram stories discovered by using a mixture of these features. So what's interesting about Instagram is that when you fall on account, stories will show up with a top here in scram feed. The ones are your into your act with the most will actually show the front, and those who you view the least will be at the very end. They can also show between different instrument posts as you're surfing through in scrum feet. Although we now know that posting stories consistently on regularly helped your in swim followers to see them was also good to learn about is how to get your instagram stories discovered on the platform by those who are not yet following you. And this is where you get that free up lift in terms, your content and getting more people see them. So, first of all, like I said in the previous section, Instagram algorithm shows your stories on explore page with hashtags and locations. So if you know using hashtag or locations in your stories, then century you're sharing Onley toe a private audience, and you don't want that if you're looking to grow your audience. So in this section we're gonna learn how to optimize your stories for the algorithm to get discovered, to show your content to more people. So when you search for hashtag or location on Instagram, you may see a story ring at the top of the page filled with stories using that hashtag or share from that location. So the left hand side, you see how hashtag on the table has a circular ring above that? So when you click on it, it will actually show you all the existing stories have been shared with that hashtag and the same thing goes for location and hash at the same time. So if you search for location, it will also have a ring around it and then we click on it. It will show you old a story from that location on the law times on instagram users are using this feature to look through other stories that they currently aren't following in terms of the actual user sharing it. So in this case, you might come across someone really interesting and you might want to find out more about them on this, how users actually find new people to follow on Instagram. So here's a my top tips on how to get your stories discovered. Now that you know the features and how they work, you want to mention other accounts in your story and long times. It could be either your own account, which allows those who are coming across your story for the very first time to go to your profile. Or it could be munching other accounts that are relevant for the constant you sharing in that story itself. You can add location stickers for potential places story feature, which is why months earlier, when you go to the top of ah story location, it will actually feature old existing stories being shared from there, even at hashtag for potential hashtag story feature. And this is like one. You see the previous slide hashtag on the table when you search without hashtag, who will actually have a little circular ring on the top, and you can click on it to see all the existing stories on that hashtag, you can add a call to action to encourage engagement. So, for instance, you can add a pole into your instagram story to see what people think about this piece of content or asked for their opinions. Or you can say, Hey, swipe up to see this, to see my profile or to see my website and can do so in different ways to actually get them to engage more or to say come to my profile to find out more on Lost Lee, as we all know, for the ones that you see frequently into the stories they appear the front of the queue on . Then, for those that you haven't seen that frequently, you might never even see their story. So the key is to pose consistently. So the audience I follow you on engage with your story will always see your stories first. 7. Driving Traffic from Instagram Stories to Website: Now we're learning details of how to drive traffic from instagram stories to your website or any type of landing page or you want to drive them to. And this may vary across different sizes of falling that you have, so you don't need to have a large following to make this work, and I will show you how for those with 10,000 followers or moral in swim, you're definitely in luck because you have one additional feature that will allow you to drive traffic. And in this case and in scrums, business account with over 10,000 followers were actually be able to add a euro directly in your instagram story so the viewers can just swipe up to be directed to the girl. And then you can send viewers to any products, blog's home page or landing page, or you want to drive them to So you can use is in so many ways. So here will show you guys how to actually get that link and use it to drive traffic if you currently fulfill the criteria off being a business account on Instagram, but also have 10,000 followers or more. So we've take a picture of image in this case, my previous story that I was in the share. Then you see that on the top middle, there is actually a little link icon pointed to by the Yellow Arrow. Now that Link Icon, I would then click on it once my image and everything is happy. I'm happy with the way that it is. So once you click on it, will you will see. Is this next screen? And you can actually type in the URL whatever dot com or dot co dot net whatever. It may be in here to drive people there, so this could be a new product that you launched. It could be a new lending page that you want to showcase people to to drive traffic there. It could be just your Plano home page, which is absolutely fine, and it could be any kind of special affiliate links that you want to drive people to so you can make some income on the back of affiliate. Whatever it maybe there's an option to do that here on this. So useful for those, especially those who have a business count on looking to follow only drive traffic from Instagram back to a website. Now for those you guys would lessen 10,000 followers. Don't worry. There's definitely another way to do this through instagram stories and I Will she show you that now? So, first of all, in your stories, as soon as you take in the piece of content that you want to share, it's actually uploaded into stories. Then we can do is actually tag your own user name in the story. And as long as you've used the other features I've told you about, such as Hashtags and location, well, you don't now is created additional audience space that can actually see your user name when they come across your story as they're on the Explorer page for the location on the hashtag. So this really allows users who are not your following you to go to your profile from there , and then you can link to your desire, your all whatever the euro. Maybe in your profile, where is actually allowing to embed the You are over there, and that's where you can drive traffic to. So now we learn about how to use the URL feature to drive traffic. How is old is work together well by using stories, you can then use the prep your audience and give them a sneak peek of your products and services are coming out and insane your stories. Visit a link in our bio to get more info or get this with the link in my bio. Whatever. Maybe have a cult to action underneath that in your story and also think about how to structure your story to encourage your followers to want to find out more. Remember earlier I mention the storyboard where you might have one image with part of information in there on the falling image, with the complete information that gives him the way to flicker through the story to get a sense the story as it flows from one parts the next. 8. Selling Products and Services on Instagram Stories: to now are coming down Some monetization part Hal Tashi sell products and services on instagram stories. So here's some hacks to really help you sell with your instagram stories. First of all, I want you to ask yourself at the moment, what was someone need to know before they make their decisions to buy whatever that might be your currently selling in terms your products and your services. And in this case, then you can start creating content around that on your instagram stories to help them on their buyer journey so that they could make that decision effectively, right? So first of all, create an instagram stories highlight in your insulin profile, and what that does is an in pens, the actual in scream story on your profile permanently rather than disappearing after 24 hours. And then it would give you that educational informational story that you can share around your products and services that will help your audience. You can also share stories that users have done for your products and services in their stories as well, and that really creates a bit of testimony around that, especially for those who are looking to share people's previous experience off their services and products and lost Lee. You can share exclusive offers and coupons on Lee to users were looking your stories on. I really gives them incentive to do that. You can actually even mentioned that in your instagram bio by saying, For those you guys looking for exclusive discounts, visit our stories for more detail and that drives them into your stories on bacon. See your stories going forward because of Father. They're engaging way that so there's so many ways to make that ecosystem work on the hope you guys can try these different hacks to really make that work together On Lost Li like giving Onley Exclusive offers discount codes to your instagram story followers, the Akashi track hall you stories have done in terms of sales in traffic, and that's really effective as a digit marking perspective to see how that particular channel has performed. So here, on the share with you, another great brand using in scream story ver effectively so glossier they are a health and beauty brand, and they know that their audience are looking for health and beauty tutorials so you can tell that older in scream story highlights, which are pointed to by the yellow Arrow here on the screen, are actually showcasing different tips on different areas in terms of the beauty side. So we have it's hard. Five. Ah, beauty buys the week and you have the lips, which are Onley stories dedicated towards lip care lipsticks and everything that they sell on every thing they sell around makeup. So so in different ways that she they've done into the different buckets of content, um, improved them together into a highlight on their profile. So the other way now is actually to pay with using in screams, Story adds. So when people are flicking through their instagram stories, there will actually come across an ad, um, that are currently being put on with the response worship for a brand, and then you can actually see the story within other story feeds that way. So this is another way to do it. But however, there will be some costume off with this on. For the sake of the length of this course, I don't have time to go through in scum, story adds, but you definitely should check it out, have a play around with the platform and see how that works out free. One thing I always say in digital marketing is that if you don't try, then you won't know. And when you give this a try, you never know that it might actually work out really effective and converting very highly for your brand as well. 9. Using Instagram Stories Highlights: the next thing to go through how to actually use in swim story highlights. So Warren Swim Story highlights, then well, allow. It depends stories to your profile in different topics of categories, as we've seen earlier in the glossier example, it gives you ability to cure way in share content that you want us to actually see first. So before they even scroll down on your instagram profile, they see your instagram highlights first and these stories settings and actually make it into saved archive when you want to actually save your stories to highlights. Because what that does is even if you pass a 24 hour mark, where most stories with disappearing being deleted from Instagram instagram will actually keep a copy of that story for you. I think, um, penned that into a category that you choose on your profile within the highlights. So categories really help your audiences toe wash stories, other only interested in So in this case, and for glossier, as I mentioned earlier, the health and beauty brand for those audiences who may be on Lee interest in lipsticks. Then there were only watched the lips section of that highlight running all the other ones which might not be relevant to them on it helps increase your engagement with the audience based on what they want to see. So another great story Heil example here is done by grew balls. You see hall grow balls have group their content into different areas that people might be interested in for the content, that type of audience they are currently reading on their websites. So we have the girl Boss Rally will give a jaw when money, self service, etcetera, etcetera, different type of content that people can just tune into without going through the other categories. So how do you actually formulate a strategy for highlights to make it work for your brand? Well, having about me and about us? Highlight in the category section to introduce your brand first again. That gives you additional ways to portray your content and your branding to make it even more effective. For those who are visiting your profile for the very first time, have a customer testimonial Phoebe category to showcase your services, or you can share tutorials and how to use on your products to give them more in depth feel on how to really use your products effectively, or you can share frequently asked questions, or just have a Q and A with your audience on actually share the result that Q and A with those who haven't who weren't able to attend and lost. Lee can share new content like block Pose, Pall cast links to new videos that people can actually swipe up to see or the convicted. Your profile to see, depending on how many followers you currently half like I mentioned earlier in the driving traffic to your website section. Well, that's the end, of course. I hope you guys enjoy that on any questions you can find me on Instagram or Twitter at I Am Laurie Wang. And you can also email me at Loria Lurie wine dot com. I really look forward to hearing from you guys and also seeing some of the examples that you share from your own profile on your highlights on the course within skill share. Thanks so much for joining me by now.