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Ultimate Guide to Tailwind: Master Pinterest with Tailwind!

teacher avatar Nick Nyxson, YouTuber & Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

24 Lessons (3h 2m)
    • 1. Introduction to The Course

    • 2. What is Tailwind

    • 3. Tailwind Interface General Overview

    • 4. Tailwind Publisher Overview

    • 5. How To Schedule The Pins

    • 6. Scheduled Tab Overview

    • 7. Your Schedule

    • 8. Tailwind Communities Overview

    • 9. Finding Perfect Communities

    • 10. Interacting with Communities

    • 11. Communities Insights

    • 12. Introduction to Tailwind Create

    • 13. Quick Pin Creation

    • 14. Brand Preferences

    • 15. Creating Pins

    • 16. Tailwind Create Best Practices

    • 17. Tailwind Insights Introduction

    • 18. Pin Management (Inspector)

    • 19. Board Management (Inspector)

    • 20. Introduction to Practical

    • 21. Tailwind Scheduling Practical

    • 22. Conclusion

    • 23. Bonus: Amazing Tailwind Offer

    • 24. Tailwind Class Project

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About This Class

Welcome to Complete Guide to Tailwind - Master Pinterest with Tailwind!

The only course you will need to start with Tailwind, one of the best Pinterest Management Tools on the market (if not the best).

Tailwind is the service that will help you to manage practically all aspects of Pinterest and most importantly it allows you to create Pinterest Pins (Right from the browser), Schedule your pins and manage them, all from one convenient spot.

Here you will learn everything you need to know about Tailwind, including but not limited to:

  • Basics & Interface of Tailwind;

  • Tools of Tailwind;

  • Creating Pin Schedules;

  • Scheduling Pins Directly From Tailwind;

  • Joining, Creating and Interacting with Tailwind Communities;

  • Creation of Pins Directly Within Tailwind;

  • Reading and Analyzing Pin and Board Analytics;

  • Practical tips & Tricks

  • & Much More...

Everything you will learn here will be based on My practice as a Tailwind user for 2 years now and I am going to teach you how I myself utilize Tailwind to achieve results on Pinterest as fast as possible.

Most importantly this course will continue and grow as time passes and all the upgrades will be available for FREE for every enrolled student.

And don't forget that Instructor is here for you. For any questions do not hesitate to ask.

Join me in this amazing journey and I hope to see you in class :)

P.S. You will Need Tailwind Account for this Class. You can Get It Here.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nick Nyxson

YouTuber & Content Creator


My name is Nick and I specialize in Online Business, Content Creation, and Teaching. I mainly focus on YouTube Channel building, Pinterest Growth, Livestreaming with OBS Studio (Streamlabs OBS), LumaFusion Mobile Video Editing & Much More other tools & Services to achieve your goals.

Join me and learn an amazing software for content creation and let's create amazing content together. For any questions, do not hesitate to ask, I am always available for help, any time, any day.

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1. Introduction to The Course: Welcome to our course. If you are here watching this, you're probably interested in upgrading your Pinterest game and you came to the perfect place. My friend, you found the best tool to do just that. And the name of this tool is tailwind, subjectively and objectively the best all in one tool for Pinterest management and growth. My name is Dick Nixon and I will be your instructor for this course. I've been using intelligent for a few years now. And it this time I've managed to gather hundreds of thousands modelling viewers to my Pinterest profile. And I don't exaggerate, I literally mean hundreds of thousands. You can check it yourself if you want. And without them when I would probably do around 10% of it because I simply wouldn't be able to do that much. In this lecture, you're going to learn everything that you need to know about tailwind, its usage, it's application and most importantly, my secrets and all this to make our pictures growth as effortless as fast as you possibly can. Of course, taking into account, you're willing to do some work. Well, welcome to the course. One friend, I'm really glad to see you here and let's get started. 2. What is Tailwind: Hello and welcome to our first official lecture. And this lecture will be all about the explanation what tailwind even is adequate took hours and hours about a tailwind, and I literally do in this course. But to explain very shortly and very simply, tailwind is all in one Pinterest management, scheduling and promotion tool. And with an addition of tailwind create, it is also a pin creation tool. It allows you to create the schedules for your pins at a bunch of other people's pins to promote, connects you to the communities of like-minded creators, helps you choose the best pins for your profile. Most importantly, allows you to create amazing pins fast and effortlessly. Can you do all this without sale when, if you really want me to be honest with you, you can even build an entire house with your bare hands. But does this mean that you really have to tailwind is a tool and service that allows you to increase your efficiency and speed of your daily tasks on Pinterest and gives you results far quicker than you would have gotten without it. That's what talent is for to increase the speed and efficiency of your work on Pinterest. And to be fair with this tool, you can decrease your pictures weekly activity to few hours a week only, or possibly even few hours a month. And you're going to see how in this course, but it is amazing to free, paid or what. It's actually both. You can start using television for free absolutely. Any moment that you want. And you can do quite a lot of things with the free version. But if you want the full power of tailwind, full capabilities, I highly suggest you subscribe to their service and don't worry if you want to see the full capabilities before you're gonna make any commitment to tailwind. I'll have something for you. So this lecture is just a short introduction to tell when. And as all the lectures after that at least were applicable, we are going to have a small assignment just to move forward with every lecture. And today's assignment is very simple. Go and register on tailwind. Just go to tailwind app.com and register there. You can simply sign up with your Pinterest account and start for absolutely free. But if you want to fully experience and if you want to follow everything that we're talking about in this course, you can check out our bonus lecture, the very last lecture for the sweet, sweet deal that tailwind has only four you, my students. Better kill will be the second part of an assignment. I cannot wait to dive deep into tailwind with you. And this will be it for this lecture. And I'm going to see you in the next one. 3. Tailwind Interface General Overview: So hello and welcome to our first technical lecture of the tailwind. In this lecture, we are going to take a look at a tailwind itself. So entire lecture will be going on my computer and we're going to work on a tailwind interface. We're gonna take a look at the tailwind itself where every tab is located, wherever tool is located for you to understand what the future reference is, what we are doing there. By the way, this lecture is for complete beginners who have never used a wind. So if you like, you have a pretty good understanding where everything is located. It can freely skip this lecture. There will be no problem that, however, I still advise you to go through the intelectual because there might be some things here that you might not have known, okay, without further religious jogged and a computer and start with the lecture. Welcome to the tailwind interface. This is what you're going to see right now. That interface right now had been resized. Just fit whatever screen you have in front of you right now and just to fit myself, so please mind that you can just resize this screen however you want on your computer. So this is the base homepage. When you go to the tail 11, you already login. Of course, you need to login to hotel when they come in, they need to have a tailwind economy in order to see that this page, so this is the homepage of the tailwind. A few things that you need to pay attention here. So whatever see right now is your main information of your tailwind here is your main analytics, your most important numbers that you want to see about your Pinterest account, your number of ribbons, your number of domain pizza, your number of followers. Of course, everything is more in detail in an insights tab, but this is just a short information, short glimpse of your analytics that is tailoring is giving to you. Next thing that you need to pay very close attention is the suggestions tab, but it is very important thing that you need to understand. And I myself have a guilt of skipping this a lot of times. And you need to pay really close attention to because these suggestions tab is giving you a lot of very valuable information that you need to go through. We're gonna go through, of course in future lectures, you're just going to press C. All suggestions and tailwind is going to be giving you all the suggestions that is required in order to make your Pinterest account as best as possible. And then you have your most repaint boars. And would you have on top is your top menu here you can gift, tailwind, your friend if you wish to do so. You have all the notifications, you have something, you have your helps answer if you want to go and get help directly from the tailwind and you have your settings menu. You can, you can, you can set up your profile, your account settings, your team collaborations, your immunologic cations, whatever you want right from here. And most importantly, you feel willing to pay for the tailwind. You're going to set up all the billing statements, everything from here. Now let's get to the main meat of the tailing. So tailwind has bore a distinct tabs, five if you count our homepage as well. So we have tailwind communities that you can access from the left side of the skin right there either as you can see, I'm showing it to you right now. Your table communities, your publisher, your talent create, and your tailwind insights, Very, very powerful tools. All of them are very needed for you and we're gonna go through each and one of them extensively through the entirety of the course. So if you want to access the communities, just got press tailwind communities right here. So here you're gonna get the information about your communities. You can find a new communities if you wish to do so. You can get all the information about community insights. You can create your communities, and you can of course, contact your communities through the chat right here. Again, we're gonna go through the entirety of this in a future lectures. This is just to get you familiar where everything is located. Next is probably one of the most important features of the tailwind and eat is its publisher. You can access it through here. Here you can set up your scheduling calendar, as you can see it right here. You can set up your smart loops. You can see all your drafts. You can see all your suggested pins that tailwind is suggesting to you directly. You can see and create your own wordless yeah, that they can do right here. And more of this are very important if you want to just accelerate your appealing process. And you can pin directly from Instagram. If you have an Instagram account that you wanted to pin from, as you can see, I do have dried now, next tab is one of the newer features of the tailwind, and it is tailwind create. It is one of the most powerful tool that talent he has created and it allows you to create your own Pin designs directly inside the tailwind are very, very powerful tool that we're going through in extensively. There is not much to go through here right now in an overview because every single thing here is very important and because we have entire module dedicated to tailwind, great, so this is what you're going to see when you access tailwind Create tab for the first time, you're gonna get all your planning information, whatever plan that you have, you can have your brand preferences. You can have multiple matrix or it can just go directly start creating your tailwind pens. And last but not least, is of core tailwind insights. This is very, very powerful tool that you need to access and it works in conjunction with your Pinterest analytics and gives you all the additional information that you can work in conjunction, of course, you are going to learn in entirely separate module how to use this in order to understand how to grow Pinterest account further, you have your profile information, you have board inside your pen inspectors, you have your website insights and everything that you need in order to understand how the tailwind works and how your Pinterest account performs. Well, that was it. Tailwind does not have that difficult interface is pretty easy to understand it, pretty easy to find everything that you need to bind. And what we're going to have a mini assignment for this lecture as well. And assignment will be to just go to tailwind and take a look at everything taken log where everything is located at. Get familiar yourself. It's one thing for me explaining where everything is located. Another thing is for you to know exactly where everything is located because you already see what we saw before this lecture. This is not an extra. 4. Tailwind Publisher Overview: Hello and welcome again, welcome to our tailwind publisher overview lecture. Today we're going to overview our one of the most important tools of the tailwind in its entirety and is of course a tailwind publisher. So in this lecture we're going to go through quickly what telling publisher is, what it does or they can use it for. And then we're going to, of course, give you an overview of the other lectures that we are going to learn in this very modules m, of course, we're going to learn, understand what will be our end goal with this, again, majority that electron will be going on our computer. You're going to see everything that I do on my computer right here like that, like we did in the previous lectures. And first, let's start with what we learned in this lecture. So in this lecture we'll learn what telling publisher is, what it is used for and how you can use it. Again, at the end of the lecture, we're going to have a small assignment for you just to get you familiar with whatever we're doing right now and without further ado, I guess we can jump right into the lecture. So we'll tell them publisher, you see it right here. You can access it through this icon on the left side of your tailwind menu. This is one of the most important part of that L1 because it is the core of the tailwind, the main feature of the tailwind, which allows you to publish your pins and schedule them on wherever times that you want. Whatever you see on a tailwind website is only the part of the publisher. Very, very small part, you can say it's just a facade of telling Publisher, which is far more robust tool and can be accessed from other places as well, which we're gonna see in a bit. And of course, it allows you to manage your schedules or whatever you see right here on the right side of the screen is the schedule that you can build it yourself and find the best times to upload your pins. And there is one very important thing here as well that you don't see very often people don't pay attention is this button right there which says, all clear, it helps you to prevent or the spamming issues and problems with the Pinterest if you're pinning way too much, As I said before, you can access tone publisher or through other places than the tailwind itself. And of course, you can accept that when publisher through the Pinterest itself. When you are on Pinterest, when you hover over the pins, you're gonna see a tailwind icon that allows you to schedule and published pins directly to tailwind from the Pinterest. So television in this part plays like an intermediary. So you are sending pins from Pinterest to tailwind tell ensures the time spaced on the schedule that you have right here. Or you can just choose the different time if you don't wish to use the schedule and then it posts back to Pinterest, but on your account now, but when you login to the Pinterest and wanna tell wind as well, you will not going to see this button. In order to access this button, you will need to install a Chrome extension. And this is the Chrome extension that you need to install. Don't worry, you don't need to Google anything. You don't need to go through anything and to find out this extension when you login it, you're telling publisher The first thing that you're going to see what you don't see it right here because I've already installed it. The first thing that you're gonna see. Button that will allow you to install the tailwind publisher Chrome extension. This is gonna press it there and it will take you to this website where you can install your Chrome extension. And now you will have an ability to see this button and et cetera, Terrell and publisher directly. I won't show you the interface that you're gonna access by publishing from here because it requires a separate lecture because it's pretty, pretty robust. So just bear with me here. And now let's go through the separate tabs or the tailwind publisher just to understand what each and every one of them are doing. The first step that you will access when you press the telling Publisher, which is not the first tab in a publisher itself is the Schedule tab. It will show you all the pins that you have scheduled. And what are we going to schedule our pins? You're going to see all of them right here. So don't worry, it's empty for now. Plus you're gonna see a suggested pins for your television does trying to choose the pins that it thinks that is a great fit for you. So you can just paint it directly from here if you see something that is interested in, if you see something that is important for your audience, plus you're gonna see your schedule right here. You can access the schedule from one other places as well, which I'm going to show it to you in a few seconds. The first-time first actual tab that you'll, you'll see here is the draft stab, the place where you will save all your pins before you are going to send them to your schedule or publish them directly. This is very powerful tool that can be used to save a bunch of pins. If you want to decide afterwards whether you want to paint them or not parse it will show you the preview over those drafts in your schedule and we'll show you which times they will be published if you'll decide to publish them. Next is smart loops. Smart loop is entirely tailwind creation that which allowed you to pin different pins on the certain amounts of time during the year. If you have a seasonal content is something that I will tell you directly. This is not very powerful tool and I will not touch this extensively. But of course I'm going to teach you the basics of what this tool does in the future lectures. Next is your published tab that you're going to press it right here. It will show you all the pins that have been published from tailwind publisher and just a detailed overview of the pins performance. This is exactly the same thing that pin spectra does in an insights. So we are, we are going to go through this in more in-depth on you go to the inside lecture. Next is your schedule, very, very powerful tool. And this is where you actually build your calendar and choose the best times for your pins. Next is board lists. We'll briefly touch this in the previous lecture model is allowed you to create the groups of boards where you can pin one pin into several different boards if you wish to do so. And last but not least is pin from Instagram. If you have an Instagram account where you want to take the pins from, you can use it directly from here. Overall, tailwind publisher is a powerful tool and the core of the tailwind, probably one of the main reasons why you want to, again access to tailwind and use it. So this was the overview of the tailwind publisher and here is your assignment for today. Go to the table and publisher and get familiar with an interface. Yes, this is a very simple thing, but you need to know where everything is located. Just scroll down, press the buttons, see whatever everything is in. Just understand how everything worked. You don't need to press and understand exactly how everything what everything does in everything everything was. You just need to understand where everything is located, bore the future lectures in order for you to be easier to find the things that I'm gonna be showing you a screen. All this will be it for this lecture and I'm going to see you in the next one. 5. How To Schedule The Pins: So hello and welcome back to our lecture. Today's lecture will be all about scheduling dependence, which is probably one of the biggest things of the tailwind service. So this is what we'll learn today. We're going to learn how to install a Chrome extension, which we briefly touched in the previous lecture. And it's pretty simple. So we just BRCA1 and BRCA2 touch again how to install the Chrome extension and why do you need a Chrome extension? We're going to learn how to schedule the pins. And most commonly, we're going to learn how to schedule pins directly from the patron. So without further ado, let's just jump to the computer, starts scheduling our pen, okay, first things first, let's jump to the publisher and see whatever you have right here. So we briefly saw writing the second, let me just refresh it. Maybe you're gonna see it again. You briefly saw like there is, there will be this button for you. It's called get Chrome extension. When you're going to press this, you are going to get to the Google Chrome store that will allow you to install the Chrome extension. And this is the place where you will be taken if you press get Chrome extension and all you need to do, press Add to Chrome and it will install it directly. I'm not sure about other browser. So if you're using any other browser, I'm pretty sure it's available for Safari as well, but I'm pretty sure it's not available for all the browsers. But don't worry, I will teach you how you can use this without any browser extensions as well. It's pretty easy. All you need to do everything from the publisher itself. Don't worry, we're going to learn everything here, right in this lecture. Now, let's go to Pinterest and find the pins that we would like to use for our Pinterest profile. So right now we are going to use other people's spins and image. You understand what this pinning and read pinning means. So painting is when your opinion, your own pictures. Pictures basically when you upload it from your own websites and peanut yourself. Repeating is when you use other people's pins. This is called repeating. Why do you want to use repenting? Because, because printers is all about sharing different content. And if you share other people's content, painters will push your content more to other people as well. Plus it's much easier to populate your Pinterest profile with other people's content and create everything yourself, at least in the beginning, we can go on and now search for the pin that will like, for example, when I opened my Pinterest homepage, this pin got into my ISI, which is very interesting, very interesting infographics and infographics usually have very, very high click-through rate. And they're very interesting for the people because people are spending more time of such paints because there's stuff there and starts reading and get information. And most likely they are going to save this spin or they're going to click it to go to the website to find out more, which is very important. So I like the spin. I, I want to save it and I want to schedule it for my pin. When I open it. As you can see, I write here have the button called schedule. If I will not open it, I'm going to open. It another field, another feature to let you see how it works. You look like. You're going to see this button right here as well. I'm gonna zoom in. So you're gonna see it better. You're gonna see this button right here. So we can either just go zooming into the Pinterests depend and then press schedule right here. Or you can just press the scheduled directly on this button right here. So we're gonna go right here and press schedule. And when you press it, it's going to open completely new window. It's going to open the scheduling window. It's completely different from your main pitchers window, so it's a different thing. So it will, it will open all the pains that you've saved for the moment. It is very important to pay really close attention to this window right here. This is where you fill out all the information that you need and it is necessary for you. First thing that you need to make sure of is that you're in a clear, That means that you haven't scheduled which many paints that you are not in danger from a spam filter. And this button shows you write this one if it says, it's all clear and it means that you're fine, there is nothing going to happen with you at that means they haven't pained way too many pens and your gonna be fun. Make sure that this is in all clear. Then you're going to have entire pin right here. So this pin have several points of metadata and several points of information that you can change some and you cannot change others. For example, you can change the description and do whatever you want. Add any information that you want, write any text that you want. No worries, you can do however you want. You can even change the title of the pin. It's going to be no problem. Still, it will be other people spin, but you can't change them for me that you want. The thing that you cannot change is the website because it must take to the original painters website, you cannot transform into European. You cannot still just simple stealing. Don't do that, don't even try to do that. It's going to take you to this person's website. And here you can choose the boards that you want to opinion. So you have two options here. You can either choose an individual board meeting that the one single board, or you can choose board groups. We're going to talk about board groups in the future. But I have a tube board rooms right here. I can select the board group. And to pin this painting, it was scheduled to spin into multiple boards. If I want to do this, in this case, I don't want to do this. I'm going to just choose blogging. And now it's not the best pin for the blogging, but still I'm just going to choose it for the blogging. And it says clear, I can just go and at a in the blogging, it will show you the different button if you do already painted this pin in this Bohr, so just pay attention to this. And if it says the green checkmark, that means that you are fine. Then you can select either of this tube buttons. There's two buttons are if you have connected Facebook page or Twitter page two, the profile, you can send this pen directly to those pages as well. You can say pos community, you can add this into the community. We're not going to do this. You can add to the smart loop, we're not going to do this as well. We are talking about this in the future. And you can select one of two options. You can either set a custom time, you can press this one and select whatever time that you want specifically for this pin to go, or you can go to the attitude Q. Now, you're gonna press this one and 2Q now at who immediately add this to the queue. So I'm going to show you right now, and as you can see, the spin have been added to the queue and it will upload pretty soon. To be fair, for my time is like. Seven hundred twenty seven thirty nine because it feels like the best time to upload. So in this case, I'm not going to I'm going to send it back to interrupt because I don't want this to upload at the moment, but it will take it, everything's back to the drafts. There are more things that you can do with the pins. It's not all the things that you can do, Don't worry, I'm going to explain how to do more with the pins. But there is one more thing that you need to find out as well. And I'm going to show it to you right now. Would this pin, if you wind the pin that you like, but you do want to take out, you take yourself out of experience of browsing from Pinterest. You can actually save this pen for later, meaning the to go to the drafts pins and then you can schedule it however you want from the publisher itself. And this is this button right here. You can just press this for say for later. And it's going to take this pin to the draft. These are the drafts that we'll have at the moment. And if you want to access this draft directly from the table publisher, you're gonna go to the publisher itself and go to a draft. And we'll have all your drafted pins right here to show you where they can go. Very similar process is when you upload your own pins as well. And all you need to do is go to the same scheduler or the publisher, doesn't matter which window you're in all need to do. Just see your scheduled here. Press Create a pin. And you can go and select the pins into really three different options. You can upload your own photo. You can pin it from Instagram or you can use a tailwind create. We're going to talk about how adequate in a bit and only introduce press upload the photo, this upload any random photo, in this case, in my email, my my case at least. And boom, it's going to have added to the draft and you're gonna do the same things that you're doing in the scheduler window. But in this case, you can actually change the URL as well. So it's a bit better because it's your own PIN that you can choose. Whatever URL that you want. You will just add your border name of. If you have already chosen, then you're going to add titles at a description. And that's it. It's the same thing that you do with any other pain. Only difference is that you cannot actually change the website on the other people's bids and you can't change on your own pins. It's extremely simple thing to do and probably better thing will be in this case it's used tailwind create an downwards. We're going to have an entire section dedicated to that. Overall, it is not that difficult to schedule the pins. All you need to do is just find the pains that you like and press schedule from, directly from the Pinterest. And most importantly, you can actually use tailwind, not just from Pinterest, you can use and schedule any pains that you went from ten winter anywhere on internet, you can use any photo that you want and just pin it to the Pinterest without any problem through the tailwind. Ok, I guess this will be it for the scheduling, so it's time for the two days assignments. So today's assignment will be all about finding the best pins. So today's assignment will be to find five pins that you like on Pinterest and save them in a draft. So all you again, follow the same steps that we did at today's schedule and press save for later. And you need to have five pins saved because we're gonna use this five pins in the future lecture. So there should be for this lecture, and I'm going to see you in the next one. 6. Scheduled Tab Overview: Hello and welcome back. And today we are going to be talking all about the scheduled tab. And we will be already scheduling our pins, pins that already saved in a calendar that we created and everything like that. So everything here will be all about the Schedule tab. So here in this lecture we're going to learn again how to schedule our pens from here. We're going to learn everything that we need to know about the calendar, of course, including the things that we already know. We're going to learn everything about the publish tab, and we're going to learn a bit about pin from Instagram just if you want to use the pin from Instagram feature. So without further ado, let you jump to the computer and just get started first things first, let's go to our drafts paid because probably who saved a bit of pins in our drafts page and legis schedule our pins from here. It's as simple as that. So as you can see, we have a bunch of pins that we did and we created and we saved from our previous lectures. And we can say for just pin them all at the same time if you want, but just clear the things out. Let's go and see the things that we don't need. I'm gonna delete this one. And yeah, that's that's all that we do. And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go and press either scheduled all tabs overdraft right here, and it's going to populate everything like that. Or you can just go and schedule public, queue them all one by one in any Q and in the numbering that you want to do this way, if you want, for example, this pin to be the first day, you're going to press it to cue this 1 first, then that rest according which ones you will do the first, the first ones will, of course, go live first and the later ones will go live later. So this is how basically it works. It's very simple and by the way, don't ever forget you put your coordinate because if you don't put the board names, it will just not paid. For example, it will go well, execute this one. Yeah, it will just not work because you don't have any. It it will show you right here. It needs board. Without the boards, you cannot pin it no matter what you will do, no matter how much you try, it will not pin itself. So it will again start populating this rounds and you can already start using your drafts and populating it how however you want, because you already know how to edit all know stress by the way, you can add it. The pins from here as well. You don't need to. Edit depends directly on Pinterest. You can edit them here as well. It's very simple thing to do and it's very powerful thing you can achieve here. And you can just go and start scheduling your pins just like that. It's very, very simple and very important button. I didn't talk about that you need to remember as well is the shuffled queue button, for example, if you added a bunch of different pins and you don't like how they will go live and which Q that will go live. You don't like their queuing, etcetera, etcetera you want at certain periods you go first and other pets you go next, etc, etc. You just gotta press shuffled Q and neutral. Just reshuffle everything. I'd change the number of the pins. Very, very simple and very, very easily. This button right here, very simple and very cool thing. Again, you have your spam detection right here. And this is as simple as that. It's very, very simple. And let's just return to the Schedule tab because you wanted to see at the certain things here and then you want to know certain things about here as well. So. When you go to the Schedule tab, the tail wind will actually show you the suggested pins as well. And so it's just a Penn State. Was Bob crater similar like you are using on their Pinterest account. And a tailwind thinks that this pins will be a great choice for you as well. You can just go and add them from, directly from here as well if you want. Like, for me like this one, this paints are not that great. Maybe this one is OK. The cuneus, 30 years ways to make money from home maybe. But in this case I'm not going to add this. Just pay attention to that because there might be some hidden gems for you that you don't wanna miss. And after you're gonna populate your pins, go and look into your published pins. This is all the information about all the pins that you have. Again, don't go through this way too deep because we're going to dive deep into this page because this is the same page at Penn inspector, in our insights, this is very powerful, powerful. How we're full page that you want to spend a lot of time in. So know that you can access it from here as well. And let's go through the Board lists because we didn't go, go very deep into the board list. And I want you to create. This one is a very important thing for you to create because some of your boards might be very similar in their content, but yet have differences and some pins might fit into both of those boards or maybe you have more and all you need to do, just quit board lists just to save yourself time to just selecting each and every separate bored when you are repeating your pin, just go and press this one right here, this part, this big button right here. And you can just create a new board list that you want and populated. You can just change the board list. Let's call it, let's call it a test. And you can add every single board that you want right here, every single one without any problem. You can add like 510. However, a number of boards that you want. If they are very similar in content with each other, you can use them. And by the way, if you have a hidden boards, maybe you have private boards. The private boards will this scene with the lock button and we'll be, we'll purple. So just know that maybe you want to add one pin. You want to add 4P and opinion to what public board and one private work. You can't do this very simply as well. And last but not least here is about pin from Instagram. And Pinterest. Instagram is another feature that I use a lot because I don't like how the pins or from Instagram work. They don't know that much. But if you want to promote your video, your Instagram account that paid dressed like this. My business account with my business thinks you can just add this if you want, and it will just link directly to your Instagram. Maybe you want to get people to your Instagram for some reason. I don't know from Pinterest, you can do this as simple as that, you can pin, but you can share a bunch of pins from Instagram account. And by the way, Pinterest allows Geuze. Your Instagram account is your main website. So just know that because this will allow that, allow your pitch of B to be a rich pins if you want. So you can use ensue and for this reason as well. And I highly, highly, highly suggest you to use this if you are using Instagram extensively. I myself. So yeah, you can just use it if you want it. Yet. One more thing here, which is very important is that maybe you don't want to use a repents. Maybe you don't want to use the table and create. Maybe you don't want to use anything else. Maybe you created pin somewhere else, or maybe you found a beautiful picture somewhere else. You download it and you just wanted to use it as your own problem. You just, you just press Create, depend and it will allow you to upload or use a bunch of different places for your pins to be taken from. You can upload from your computer, you can upload from Instagram. You can use them and create as simple as that. This is the button that you need. And I've been asked this question a lot because it's similar. People are can find two gets him to find this button very often. So yeah, it's right here, a port for Rosen reduced prices on, and you can upload it directly from my computer. While this is practically it about the Schedule tab. Now you have all your pins scheduled if you already did, if you didn't know that this is going to be your assignment for today. So today's assignment will be to schedule all your drafts and tried to fill out entirety of your schedule. That's why I said that you need to have at least five pins per day in your calendar because this will allow you to easily populate because it will take around 35 pins. To this end. It's pretty easy to get that five pins, if not create once and trust me, they will go to the tenth grade. It's easy to create these number of pins. They're very, very simple and very, very fast for your own Pinterest account. So this will be it. For this one, we basically covered everything that you'd Well, we needed that this will be your assignment, populate your calendar and your schedule. And again, we'll have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'm always here for you, so this will be for this lecture and let's move on to the next one. 7. Your Schedule: So hello and welcome to the lecture about your scheduled, probably one of the more important lectures because this is the one that decides how many pins you upload on your Pinterest account using the tailwind. So in this lecture we are going to learn how to create your schedule and mostly want to live going to learn a bit about the best practices of the creation of the schedule and the things they didn't pay very close attention to in order to avoid any problems in the future. So without further ado, we'll just get started. So here we are. By the way, you can access your schedule in publisher window, in your scheduled tab. It's wherever it is. You can see calendar in the scheduled tab as well. If you're if I go right there, the calendar that just shows you the different times. But if you want to change the times and if you add just shuffled times and find the best times, or add a time slots, different days. You can do this right from here. So this is my default calendar that I have right now and I'm going to be recreating this for you just to let you see how it will work. So I'm going to press recreate the schedule right here. And this is what usually you'll see when you get here for the first time. And this allows you to choose a different a times for you to schedule your pins. So one thing that you choose right here is number of times that you want to pin per day. And this is very important because you don't want to be banned on Pinterest because of the spamming. Because if you spam, it's very bad. You don't want to be a band or because of spam. And Pinterest has in recent years, in the recent months, have very aggressive spam guards, so you need to be as safe as possible. So my advice, my advice will be to stay below ten pins per day. Five pins will be the best, but stay below the ten pins. But you can actually see how many different amounts of pens will affect you on the Pinterest overall, would this window, for example, if you go with the five pins per day, it will say that five every time per day, by the way, doesn't mean that you get five pins, five tablets every single day. Some days might get more, some days may get less because maybe you require more time slots per different days because those days are just better and the others are just worth. This is giving you the average per week. So mine that please, because this is some people are just confused because they have like three slots some days and eight slots for the families when they choose of like five slots per day. And it suggests an average. Remember that, so weekly average for Nussbaum and increase the number that say that 20 instead of 20 is still, again good for you, forgo with 35 silicate. But let's go with the 4041 and boom. As you can see, spam guard immediately kicks off already one pins is when situation you will get a bit fishy and a bit dangerous. For example, you're appealing frequency of editing. I'm going to read whatever it says you pitting frequency. Towards the higher end of the recommended best practices. So they say that as a guideline, our most successful members published culture to 15 to 25 pins per day on average. So that's what you need to be very careful. You don't need, you don't want to break this and you don't want to cause any problems that any issues with that. Let's go with the higher numbers. Let's see how would you look, let's say with a 100. And when you go with a 100 and says like, yep, it's dangerous, you know, anything above 50 pins a day, even over the 51, it's already dangers like 41 to 5141 to 50 is like Yea, it's problematic area you might get in danger. 51, practically guaranteed. This will cause you problems. And what's appealing more the vdp, this can put your account at risk and limited distribution on Pinterest, so just stay very low to that. So my suggestion would be to follow whatever guidelines detail when he is following a 15-25. But for the best and for the safest absolute save as if you are safety freak like I am. If you don't want that, you don't want to be at any risk at all. I'll suggest you to go with less than ten. But even though, even, even this might still caused the problems, because you never know what will happen. For example, at one time, on Pinterest, I was not pinning at all for the period like Errol exuberance. And I got ben For the spam. It turned out that it was like the issue, not my problem. It was the petrous issue. They and band band me practically immediately. But still this might happen. Just know that let's create the schedule. I'm going to go with the ten just for you to see how it will go. I'm going to press recreate the schedule and now it will recreate the scheduled based on the, on the amount of days, that amount of pins per data showed. And as you can see, on different days, at different times and different number of pins, which is very important here to understand because for example, Mondays, ten pins or file Tuesdays a bit better and chose to give it 11 pins. Wednesdays, for me, it's a bit worse, so it took away and gave it nine pins. Saturday is the worst. That gave it an eight pins. And for me, Sundays usually are the best days and give 12 pins per day. So it just chooses mixing matches different times per day. But you will see the different colors of the time slots right here. And this is very important to understand. Green time slots, the wind field. This is slots where you can schedule a pins, timestamps with plus sign and green dotted outline is another great times to pin for that day. But the time that you don't have any scheduler, for example, if you feel like yes, Sundays are exceptionally good and I don't want just 12 beats per day. I want more. I feel happy like 756 PM is a very good time and killed. You'd like Ed suggested time. Thought, I want to add one more and I'm going to press this one. And now I have one more time slot. I can't even remove it if I want like this delete. I'm going to press Delete right here, delay the time slot, and it removed it for me. I just added and remove it just like that. Just like. And it just gives you like very randomized times like we are rent like 05:07 AM or maybe 08:08 PM. Just seem like it's very organic and very accumulate. Even though tailwind and Pinterest, our partner organization, it will not cause any problems still. This is how it will look like for you. Another different time slots that you might have are smart loops. For example, if you're using smart loops, then you're going to have a different colored timeslots. Why I don't use and why I am not showing here, they just don't work that much. I'm just not using smart loops and I don't suggest you to use smart loves. Smart loves who was kind of good if you used a seasonal content, but it does not give that much of backward. You usually don't want to use a pen that is up for few months, then goes down and goes up. You don't wanna use this one. So I usually just ignores battleships completely and they're not as important. So I suggest you to ignore smart loops as much as you can if you want to use it by all means, you can just go to Smart Lock tab right here and create your own model. But I myself, I just don't use any smart loops for myself. Let's return to the schedule. There's one additional thing that you can do is of course, add a custom pile plot. For example, if you want a time that you want to upload, but tailwind just decided that it's not the best time for you, but, you know, maybe it's the best time for you. You can add a custom times logic and just at a time slot and choose, for example, in my case, let's go with 03:27 PM, just add it and immediately it at this time slot. And you see it's different because it's gray. The gray ones are the custom timeslots that you, you yourself will add. So it's different for you, just know that and the STC basically it all about the calendars. There's not much there, there's nothing difficult there. And there is also a Get Started Guide or the calendars here on, on your schedule right here, that will give you very good suggestions on what you can do right there. So we don't have it done yet. You can just do it. You can create a smart schedule, you can add a recommended time slot, just shows you exactly what you're told. You can't be talking about and you can add a custom time slot. It just shows you everything and you can just confirm times on whatever you want. It just helps you to go through this process faster and easier. And well, this is all about the creation of your schedule. If you do this, well, congratulations, you're basically done. And I suggest you again, if you starting this suggested to start with a lower number of pins, with a lower number of daily pins. Much Justin will be if you'd haven't accumulated a lot of drafts right here, start with the lower number of pins, like why start with probably five at least and then add up like if you feel like yep, I feel like I'm building up my weekly schedule away too quickly. That add up more piece, go to ten and then 15 or something like that. To start with a lower number, just to have your pins pinning every single day and not just pin everything in one day and just go week of silence. Don't you like that? Well, there's only eat about the schedule. It's not that difficult to create a very good schedule and delays assignment will be just that. I want you to create a schedule for your tailwind account. And let's start with five pins per day. Not too much, not too many, not too little. But if you think that five is a bit too much, you can decrease it to three if you want or I don't know, maybe even one. But for the purpose of this lecture, and let's go with the five. Well, this will be for this lecture. Let's go to the next one then. 8. Tailwind Communities Overview: So hello and welcome back to our lecture. And today will be all about tailwind communities. We're gonna make an overview of this entire section because talent communities, pretty important part of tailwind experience that you need to know and care. We're gonna go through everything that you need to know about that. So today's lecture we will learn what is tailwind communities or other words, art A1 communities. We're going to have a quick overview of an interface. And most importantly, we're going to learn why do you need to you tell when communities. So without further ado, let's jump to the computer and let's get on with the lecture. So welcome back to our tailwind dashboard basically annually to access the communities, we're gonna go and press this tailwind communities button. So if you are an older user of tailwind, you probably remember that this button was named differently in the past it was called tabling tribes. It was rebranded and now it is tailwind community. So what tailwind communities are doing? So when you open this, you're gonna see this bunch of different pins and things that basically there is pretty good thing because you want to have an access to a bunch of white paint, but what are those things actively doing? So tone communities are basically a communities of Pinterest users who want to share their pins between each other. So you upload your pins for other people to share and they upload their pins for you to share. So with this, you always have pins to share to your own Pinterest account. And there is always someone who sees your pins that might reshare that. And let's go quickly through the interface to let you know how things actually work here. So when you open this, if you are already within any of the communities, you're gonna go to your communities tab right here and you're going to have an access to your communities and bunch of, bunch of different information which don't worry, we're gonna go through every single one of those pieces. But if you are not a part of communities, you are going to go and see this window right here. And this is the window that you're going to see, which is called find the communities. And you can find the communities based on different topics of their pictures, profiles, or whatever they decided that community should be the part of the topic of their many, many, many, many different topics. And you can join at the beginning of this, you can go up to five communities. And if you, if you want to get paid for the power up and gain access to the Morgan Mondays. But at the beginning, five communities probably more than enough for you. So when you joined the communities, when you go and find that interface, I'm just going to show you what they actually finding the committee interface looks like. I'm going to press one of them and you're going to see that you have a bunch of different things like within each of the topic, let's say we want the personal finance communities and you're gonna see a bunch of different communities that can be joined, chosen activity, chosen number two members, don't worry, we're gonna go through all the stats in a dedicated lecture and you can actually join it from here or you can just go and most importantly, you can create your own community if you want to do so. They feel like that there is no community for your own topic and you want this committee to be created. You can create it on your own as well, which is very powerful feature. And when you are going to join the communities, you're going to have access to this window right here, which is, which shows you all the information going on within the community. So you have your pin boards itself where all the pins by the communities are actually pinned. You have the information about the Committee on the left side of the screen, which is right here. Very powerful, very important thing. It shows you all the tags or the information about the beans. And you can even have information about the guidelines, etc, etc. You can have a community overview, you can have your results and you can even see each and every individual member there and their contributions. And most importantly, you're gonna see your own contributions as well. Because to make communities very fair to everyone, you're going to need to contribute, meaning that you need to read other people's pins before you're going to upload your set. And then you have your own reputation system there, which allows you to see what other people are doing, whether they are sharing or not, and what entire community doing, etcetera, etcetera, which is very powerful. Again, we're gonna go through this and you here are also going to have an access to the window right here in the community outside committee with chat, where you can just go and chat with different parts of community when different members of the community, which is very, very important and powerful thing, you can even change the communities. Press right here. You can even go through different communities just to see that what other communities are doing and you see how many shares you are receiving from each and every one of them. Overall communities are very, very powerful feature and I cannot wait to dive deep into it because you are gonna find a bunch of use of this one. It's a very, very powerful tool that telling provides you. I guess this will be enough for an overview because I cannot stop without going very, very, very deep interlaced. So this is where we're gonna start with an overview. And today's assignment will be same as with every other overview lectures. You're going to go through the tailwind communities and get yourself familiar with an interface to know where everything is located, just to understand what to do. Don't join the community just yet because we're going to have an entirely separate lecture about finding the Communities That is the greatest suit for you. We're gonna do this in the other lecture. Just get familiar, just know where everything is located if you want, you can join one community, but remember that you're probably going to leave it. So just, just try to refrain yourself from that. So this will be it for this lecture and I'm going to see you in the next one. 9. Finding Perfect Communities: Okay, welcome back. And today we're going to learn more about tailwind communities. And probably one of the most important part and maybe one of the most difficult parts of the tail and communities is actually finding communities that will suit you. So here we are going to learn all about the different types and topics of the communities and how to find the one that suits you. So I guess without further ado, we can just jump right into computer and start looking for the communities. Ok, so we are here and we can now start finding the community. So I am already, I have already joined for committees, but I've left only one free community for myself, so I can just join the one we do. So here is what you can do with the communities. When you press F9, the community intelligence communities, you're going to have an access should this different types of topics, what do you see right here in front of you are two things. There are categories, which are these ones, the bigger buttons with the pictures behind them, and the popular topics that are from all the communities all at once. So if you feel like that, you know what you're looking for and you can categorize itself. Of course you can use this. But if you feel like you don't know exactly and you want to understand that certain things, you know for yourself, but you cannot fit anything your categories, you can, of course, use the search bar right here that people often our boat because it's not very visible, clearly visible, they just use it to search the community that is for you. So how you can actually find the communities? Well, you of course know the niche of your Pinterest profile. You know what your Europeans are all about, and you know what type of pins that you want to share from others and what other people want to share from you. So you just go and find that categories by searching for it. Let's say that I want something that is related to maybe YouTube. Let's search for YouTube right here. Just, just a random name I'd just add, just randomly searched for YouTube. And it is, it will be exceptionally difficult to go exactly for the YouTube because you don't have exact category for YouTube because Pinterest, YouTube is not that popular on, on Pinterest. So people, it's not very popular there, narrow Arab people there. So you're gonna go something that is next coasting, probably a social media tips or maybe video creation dips or something like that. So you don't see it here. So I'm just gonna go back to the communities and maybe I'll find something similar to this, the thing that I want, maybe YouTube grow tips when YouTube video tips in some other policy. So finding the YouTube again is pretty difficult is because it's very specific and it might be relevant today. It might not be relevant tomorrow. And for some people, it's which specific and for that reason people might not have created a community for this. You can create it yourself you want. But let's dive deeper into this. So you must go a bit broader than that. What YouTube is, YouTube is content creation platform content sharing perform so let's search for content that the world content and see what people are actually searching for the content. So you see that you will, we have a lot of different things. You have a bloggers and creative with infant intrapreneurs ripe. Very great. Try by the way that I'm part of it. By the way, it's called tribe because it was called the tone communities was called tribes in the past. You have an online content creators, powerful, very powerful will probably look at joined there. May marketing advice, okay, crater printers. It's the word for the content creators, basically entrepreneurs that are content creators. And you have a lot of different things. Digital marketing tribe, you have content marketing tailwind. You're pro, produce productive. So opener, you have a lot of things here, but you don't know which one to join. So now we're going to learn how to choose the ones that you joined. So when you go for a search, it will warn you search for different communities. You are going to show. You are going to be showing a bunch of different results. And mainly results are filtered according to the different criteria. It's a mixture of different criteria. Because for example, if you think like the more important thing is just the number of the members. It's not because as you can see right here, and this is a hyena higher-ranking while hadn't less, less members. And this one is a lower rating by having more members. So it's just, it's just mixes and matches the finds, the best results based on the worst that you serve. You should not only focus on that, focus on a different criteria of bunch of different criteria. First thing that you should focus on is not the number of members, but the number of activity. That means that how active are they active people are in those communities and it's calculates them from all the people, from all the different people hired. The activity is more content people are uploading and more people and more content people are sharing. These are two important things that you need to focus on the communities because otherwise, why would you ever join it? So anything that is four or five bars, as you can see, the HFE of five bars, four or five bars are great communities. Anything lower than that? I would suggest you just stay away. Let's go and scroll through these four bars. Good for bars, Good, good. Three bars. Not-so-great. Go down. We have three bars, not so great. One bar. This community is very passive. It's not active at all. And as you can see, as you go down the activity and number of members, just drop, drop, drop, drop until you get to see him heard were outliers that are going to jab right there. And as you can see, this is blogging and social media marketing pros. It's down because Conan creation is not the main topic here, it's the second topic. So overall, just try to stay away from any communities that has four bars or lower inactivity. Now, the second important part is, of course, number of members. The bigger the communities are, the better it is for you because there'll be far more people to share the content from and to share content to. I would suggest you to focus on the communities that has at least a few 100 members. These are the best communities unless you want to focus on the community that is so well-built for you that you just want to go there because even a few dozen community members that are laser focused on content that you create might be better than the large ones that has very general type of content. For example, like if you go down right here and this one right here, both Lady Experts might be better for you as if you are a content creator woman might be better for you than, for example, this top. A tribe, nitride trap cover cap community right here. And I'm going to focus on committees, tribes once in a while. So don't worry, it's the same thing. So as you can see, you have a bunch of different things. Remember that you can go mix and match the ones that are laser focused, communities that are very specific to your niche, that is the best for you. Or you can go and find the broader one and test it for yourself. Which one do you they work for you. There is also one distinction that you should pay very close attention to. It is of course, the joining requirements. If they have the joint now button, that means that you're going to press the button and you are going to be the part of community immediately. If they have a request to join, then it might take some time before you get accepted to the communities know that this ones are better overall request to join ones. Because when you go there, they actually take a look at your profile. And that means that they take a look at every profile and that means that all the members are handpicked and usually dismissed that members are better, more active with a better content than just a random individuals who just want to share their content. So which is very important to try to go to their request to join buttons. But even though even in many cases, join now will be great because you see the activity there. And usually the ones that would join now has less activity. And if you see with higher activity, wait for you to join in and join and go away anytime that you want. This is very great thing and then only introduced, just press joined now the community or request to join. And boom, you're either going to be accepted in the community right away or you're going to wait for some time until they will accept you. It's as simple as that. And yes, that's practically it's about finding the community's, remember, focus on the content itself. And by the way, I almost forgot to show you. Let's get back. You can actually preview the communities. They have previewed the community button right here. You're gonna press right here and just see what type of content is there immediately yourself, because maybe you don't want it, maybe you don't want to see this and you're going to see if they have a limited access and you're going to see the different types of pins. How many times those pins were reshared gives C. If we have published this pin sometime in your past, you're gonna see this right here and just going to scroll down against the old information. You're going to have a basic information on how many shares do they receive, their many repairs to the received every single thing you can is going to be available for you here, which is very powerful feature that you are going to teach you eyes. And it's going to help you a lot in a long run over all, you need to focus on three things while finding the communities, the niche itself, what they are actually promoting, what other people are promoting, because you don't want the place where people are just promoting, just random things that is not related to you. And especially don't want your pins to be promoted on other people's profiles that just promoter and have things because most likely you're not going to receive any repeats organic lakes, so you don't want this and other things they need to focus on is of course, the number of members and the amount of activity because it's very important. And most importantly, you need to pay really close attention to the laser focused communities because those communities are B will be better for you despite the lower number of the members. And last but not least thing that you should focus on is joy now versus, versus request to join. Request to join usually is better, but in some cases, joy now can be better if they have lot more members and higher activity. So this will be it for this lecture and the assignment will be as such, you're going to go and find three communities. You're going to search three communities according to your tastes, according to your needs, according to your niche. And you are gonna join all these three communities. Just leave some for yourself. Maybe you want to go and find something else. Just joined these three communities or request to join because you need to be in these communities in order to continue learning. So just three communities. And I'm gonna see you in the next lecture. See you there. 10. Interacting with Communities: So welcome back. Then today we are going to be continuing to dive in to our communities. And today's lecture will be all about interaction with the communities. If I would say more simply, is that what you will do in those communities and what those communities will do for you. This is the things that we are going to learn today. And this is probably one of the most important parts of the communities that you need to understand. You have a realistic expectations what they will do, and to have a realistic explanation that you need to do yourself, I'm gonna give you a full disclaimer here. Just disclose everything you probably need to do far less than you think in the communities. Despite that, it sounds like you need to do a lot. So Laffer ritual that you jumped into a computer and start explaining what communities actually do and what you can do for communities as well. Let's go, let's just assume that you already done all the communities. Let us assume that you are already in a communities, at least in three communities. And you've completed the previous, one of the previous assignments. And you see this window right here and you have no idea what to do. What do you need to do unit you're gripping those pens. Do you how to add your pins? You have no idea what you need to do. My friends, this is a pretty simple thing to do right here. First things first you have the paints that has been repent by other people. Great. They uploaded the spins to the communities. That means that they want you to share those. You're going to go through this as you would go through every, any other pin on Pinterest and just go take a look and see the ones that you like. I wanna close this one right here. We don't need this. And you're going to go through like this. It's actually in a dark mode. I'm going to turn back light bulbs. So it would be easier for you to understand because dark mode is not the default mode. So you're gonna go through this and find out the pins that you actually like, which is going to take a look regularly the same way and just take log it depends. But this depend just cut into my eyesight like how Shannon grew her agency to 12 K a month. Very interesting. It's actually podcast episode. It is very interesting thing to do. What you will see right here is you also see the popularity of this pin mean that how many times this pin has been seen? I'm not sure actually what this number means, but it actually shows you information from Facebook, Pinterest, and Google plus H2O plus has been already been. So going fast for you, completely useless. And that how many times this pin actual had been reshared on Facebook, on Pinterest. So if you want to reach or the space of Facebook as well, you know that this paint's whether, whether the spins Walker now I like the spin, right? And I want to share, share this into one of my board. So I'm gonna go and say the online business. And we're gonna take away affiliate marketing. I don't want this one. I'm gonna make make money and that's it. I'm going to refresh the board. Let's just just for a second and that's it. And I'm going to press execute. Now, this pin will go to my schedule and we're going to actually show you in a publisher that spin is actually there. And boom, you see it's actually, I'm going to actually draft the eigenvector graph because I don't want this to be shared at the moment. But you see that this pin actually will go to your regular scheduled. It can regularly share this ones, but you can just, you can just regularly share the spins. But now this pin, this pin sharing, this print schedule will count towards your contribution to this community. That means that now you actually contribute, contributed to the community. And you can see this one of my older usernames. And so you can see this contribution 125 times from this community. I shared the pits and it's actually going to count your submission. And everybody will be able to see this in the comedian with my people will see this in the community. And Jake showed you all the submissions that you do and everything like all the comments submitted, everything is going to give you all the information about you. What you don't want to happen is that you don't want this button right here to be read. Usually when you have more pins submitted that reshared, you're going to have this one in red and you are going to have this receptivity lower down as well. So you want this activity to be higher. The higher you are inactivity, the, the more active you are higher your pins that you will submit afterwards will be shown right here and made it a magic thing, right? That means that more people are going to see your pins and they are going to do the same thing for you as you did for them, means that they're going to share your pins in the same way that you shared. There's, that's what all the Pinterest is all about. That what's all this cocktail with communities is all about. You're sharing other people's pins in order for them to share your pins. It's a win-win situation. You help them to gain more clicks and saves. Plus you help yourself to get more content on your profile. And then they help you by sharing your content to their pictures profiles, and helping themselves to have more diverse content on their profiles. Now, more interesting part for you, how we can actually upload your pins to the tailwind communities. And it's actually simpler than anything else. You are doing this in a same way, in exact same way as you are uploading and Jewish hearing any other pins. Let me show you how. Let's get to the pictures. And you can actually upload to communities, not just Europeans, but any pain that you want. I don't know why would you upload other people's pins there, but let's say that you want, for example, let's say this motivational poster that I made quite a while ago, I want to share this pit. What didn't do any to-do. All I need to do is I'm going to press schedule and it's going to open the window for me like that, like in every other pin that there is one thing that we do not say overlooked what didn't pay very close attention when we're going through the publisher. It's this button right here. You can go and add this to the communities like this. By pressing the button. You're gonna press the button and it's going to pop up all the communities that you have. All the new todo is going to select the communities that you want. Remember you have the monthly submission limit, but that you can increase if you want. Select the ones that you want and press Add to four communities or 23 communities or communities or to one community. Press this button right here. I'm not gonna do this right now because I don't want this to share into my community right now because yeah, just one-to-one, it just yet and it's gonna pop up right here for the people to share. So what is the main thing that you need to do here? More pins you share from the communities. More on top, your pins will be more popular, you will be overall. That means that people will have more chances to see your pins, to share their pins and potentially get more and more people right here. And I will be really honest with you, there's so many great pins in the communities. There's so many amazing pins in the communities that even if you do repenting and scheduling opinions just from the communities, just from the file communities that you have in a base option of the communities that you have. Or if you want to increase, you can of course, increases the number of the communities you can join. That's all that you need to get more than enough pens to repent on your profile. That's it. And you just share Europeans there as well. And your pin's gonna get more clicks and it's going to rotate everywhere there. The people are going to repeat it from them, etc. etc. Because those people that are in these communities, these are talented and hardworking people. And trust me, those people that are in the biggest communities and the most active people look just a look at their pins. They look amazing. Day perform amazingly. So that means that if they will choose to reopen your pins, they will perform amazingly as well and it will help you in the long run. So I would highly encourage you to use the communities function of the tail wing because it is just insanely powerful in insanely good. It's about actually in actual interactions with the community. In a future lecture, we will go through Insights which will be very powerful and very great information for you just to crunch the numbers and understand whether it works or not. And we're going to have assignment, of course for today as well. And today's assignment will be to upload at least three pins, submit as lit, at least three pins to each of the communities that you joined. And to share at least ten pins from those communities as all me the human to Russia, at least ten pins from each community may, or if you are in three community just unit, you reshare me. I mean, in this case, I mean schedule at least terrapins and unit about three pins to each of those community. This will be your assignment for today. And trust me, this will be very great starting point for you in order to start interacting with communities and use their power. And there are very powerful to use their power for your own benefit. So they should be for this lecture. Let's go to the next one. 11. Communities Insights: So hello and welcome to the last lecture about tailwind communities. And today will be all about the insight. So basically understanding the analytics and information about each communities to decide whether the work that you've put in them is actually worth it. And whether you need to change your communities or mix up something, or even create your own communities as well. So here we're going to learn how to access the insights, how to read insights, and how to act upon those insights. So without further ado, let's just jump into the insights and uncover them. Okay, now we're at insights. You can access insights from the top menu of their communities. It's insights. At the moment it's in beta, but you can access it anytime that you want. And it gives you all the necessary information for you in order for you to understand what they are doing. So images explained, break it down for you just for you to understand what they are doing for you and what you can do for them and everything like that. Basically, I'm going to break down every number that you see. First number that you'll see is on the top is an overview of insights basically gives you the overview of how successful you are with the community. So basically how many pins you submitted, how many shares you receive me that how many individuals actually pinned your pins through the community to their boards and how many recipients receive some pins are already the step after that. It's like read pins of the reshare, so it's a bit too far, but still an overall gives you how much you reach your seeds. So from the communities alone, from tailwind communities alone, and with 187 pin submitted, I received 1.1 million enrich, which is huge, which is insane. And to be fair, I'm not an avid user of the communities, which is my own fault, not that they don't work, is that I don't use them that much. And I shoot and I of course will. And 1.1 million enrich is pretty good results and you can achieve even higher results than that. Trust me, I'm, I'm, I'm absolutely sure that you can retrieve even bigger number than that if you will be dedicated enough with this. And the next numbers are the community activity, which is probably the information that you needed to pay really close attention to in order to understand what they focus on. The certain communities are not. So basically it gives you all the information that you need, a base on your results, total community results and your contributions. Just to break it down for you, your results is how your pins performed in the communities don't come in. These results are what is happening in entire community like everyone achieved. And your contributions are basically how your reshared basically mean that the other people's pins that you repent actually performed. So, so in order to understand what you gave to them as well, let's start with your results, which is pretty interesting results to see, this is how many pins did you submitted? As you can see, like for each pin I submitted for each committee as had been at around 3638 pins. How many shares? Each of them in each communities. I got virality score, which is calculate this, which is the tailwind. Basically calculating how big spread of our big of a spread your pins are receiving. I'm not sure again how this is calculated, but you use the higher number is better. And, and how much reach you actually. Receive this very important information because this information can be the deciding factor whether it, these communities are actually good for you or not. As you can see, like Each and every community has different number. So if you're aiming on the reach, to reach as many people as you want, you want to focus on the pins on, on the communities that are giving you maximum reach and ditch down the ones that are giving global region. But if you understand one thing as well, that some communities are just smaller, Basically they are smaller and smaller individuals and laser focused communities can give you higher quality rich, even though they can spread to less number of people, but they can higher culture each. So you need to understand, you need to figure out for yourself whether the smaller rich ones are actually worth to stay in or not. But so, but in my opinion, how I often act and that's why I usually never have five communities in, I usually choose the one that has the least, the worst results and they just get away from them. I just don't participate in them because I don't want to be in a community that gives me very little rich while I give them higher, high number of reach. For example, if you go to your contributions, do you see the how, how much rich you're given an if the rich that you've given is actually more than they received from them. That means that you, you might just get away from them immediately. And this is basically your results and your contributions is practically the same, except your contributions just gives you the results that what you did for the communities and this is the rich given if this number is higher than this numbers for each and every perspective respective community, you need to get out that this community is not working for you. You are providing the community more than they do for you. And when like entire community, a few dozen people cannot give you the same results as you only one individual ten, that means that there is no place where you, that you need to move up, move up a step higher, need to go to the better communities. For communities giving insanely good results, like insanely good results, 562 thousand reach from one community. It's insanely good result. Plus it has a less pins like this pin this to communities has lifespans than others, but still has the higher amount of rich, which is insanely good. So this means these two communities are good to stay, and this two needs to be reconsidered in this case because my contributions is still low, I would probably still say there, but also consider, for example, this best blogging social media tips. I would reconsider because as you can see, I give that 8 thousand Rich and they give me 26 thousand, which here it's a bit difference is a bit larger, like against me for, and in this case. So I would probably say this one and probably leave this one. But I'm going to test with other communities for myself to see if they perform better than this one, if they will, then I'm going to probably leave this community for the better one and see how they will do. Remember that you should be contributing to them as well, not just them to you. You should be contributing to them as well. So just payroll because danger because you might be in the same way like you ditch the community. So you can be dish like that. The community leader just might push you out because you are not performing well enough. So just remember that as well. Next is total community results very important. One just gives you overall quality of the community, just to understand whether they are great or not. And here are our results are very interesting that you need to consider very, very well. This basically the difference between those three results can give you understanding not just whether they work for you or not, but they can give you a really good understanding whether you're a good fit. There are not as well. Let me give an example. If you go to total communities, the best blogging and social media tips has 436 million reached since I joined them, 436 million rich, but I received only 26 thousand and I only contributed 8 thousand. This might be the problem with my content and the content that I share and not the problem with them. So this might be, this might be the reason that my content is my content and my content preferences. That, that means that content that I upload and the content that I share might not be the best fit with each other. So and the content that is popular on this committee might not be the best fit for Voyager, then probably I would perform better in others, and I would perform for others better as well. So that's the very interesting results. And the second type, the second community, has done insanely good results. G, in this case, I assume it means billions. So this community has to point us almost 2.7 billion in-reach, which is insane. And I Ricci, I achieved almost 0.5 million from this, which is insanely good results. So I will just leave it at probably saving this one. The same thing is with the last tribe, like your last Community, 845 millions reached Ireland, 37 million. There was 7 thousand. Yeah, my community might not be my icon preference here might not be the best fit for this community. You need to understand this as well. So pay attention to these numbers like Rich received, how many, how much reach re, receive, how much rich you've given. And total results, total which like how they are comparing to each other. If you can see like total reach and your numbers are just way too big of a difference. And like your contributions are way too small. Everything like that is that you're probably you probably do not fit there and you just need to leave. Let's move on. Let's move to the highlights. And this is very interesting thing to, uh, to pay really close attention as well. Highlights are giving you information about the best-performing pins within the community. It Oh, it gives you the results for the last month, genres according to this 26th of December, this lecture. So you know, la, la stoic nonetheless month. So you know exactly what pins are performing the best during this week. So you can recreate the same design. It's not exact same disaster and understand how this works. And plus, you can actually see the most reshared members, the members that has the most reshared pins. So you'd understand what they are doing is all you can actually go and see each and every one individual's pins to understand what performs the best in these communities. This is very important, so have a good understanding. So you would see that this pins are getting, this pins depend design has been types are receiving, is receiving an amazing rich. So if I'll go and make the similar pin and uploaded there, there's higher chance that I'm gonna get reshared as well. That means that I'm going to get access to more people and more people and more increase my Richie increase my link clicks includes my sales increase, my saves, whatever that you want to achieve. You can achieve with this as well. Just pay really close attention then because you can use those pins. You can use those pins right there for your own designs that we are going to learn how to create those designs intelligent create just shortly. So we in one of the future lectures, so don't worry about that. We're going to learn this as well. So, yep, this is the insights and it's a very powerful tool, very powerful tool. And I want you to use this and to understand this, I want to leave with those numbers. Understand those numbers. I want you to dream about those numbers. I want you to understand them very, very well because this is the indicator, whether this one works are not, that communities work or not. This numbers are indicators and you are going to use this for your own good. So, well, this will be all about the communities and community insights. And we have, as always, we have an assignment for you. So as an assignment, I want you to join as many communities as you can. Probably you can join only five john five communities and stay active for one month there. This this is not as adamant that you can complete a weekly, so you need time for that, say for one month in those communities and check the results in the insights and the see the difference between the median results and the worst results. If you see that the worst results, the lowest numbers like a bike which received is way too low compared to others, leave this community and find other one to join. This will be your sediment to see which one performs the worst and continue doing this until you're gonna find the best communities. As a suggestion for you, I would probably alway Joan only for communities all the way. Joy. Only for communities. And have one place for the place holder community. Just see how they will perform, how they will do and just change them if always changed them. And if you see that this new communities perform better than the old one that you have, the one of the older ones, digital older one, and then replace this one with the new, new communities over and over again until you're going to achieve the results that you are here for. Well, this should be all about the communities and well, this will be all about the lecture as well. So I'm going to see you in the next one. Yeah. 12. Introduction to Tailwind Create: Hello and welcome to new module. And this will be all about tailoring to create the newest addition to the tailwind feature roster, which is probably one of the most powerful features of the tailwind. And I'm very excited to talk about this in this module. So this entire module will be all about talent creates. And this lecture itself will be as an introduction to tell, integrate in order to understand what it actually is and what it does and how you can access it. And I'm gonna give you a little bit of an overview of an entry interface. Tell him create. So without further ado, I guess you can just jump into the computer and just start explaining what telling create is. So here we are. You can actually tell when to create from the left menu as always, the main features are in the left when you, alongside with the communities, with the publisher and insight, you can access tailwind create right from here. And when you access talent grid, this is the menu that we are going to see. This is the window that you are going to see. And let's just explain quickly what everything is here in order for you to understand what will be in our future lectures. So when you open it, the first big banner that you're gonna see is create beautiful pins faster than ever before its banner. Hope I guess telling create n it's going to have a low bottom. That's called started new design. This is where you actually access that tailwind create. And before I'm gonna continue, I'm just going to explain what Ellen quit is because I totally forgot about that. So tell them create is actually a tailwind tool that allows you to create the pins directly from the tailwind. So from now on, you don't need to access any other software or any other services in order to create your pins or maybe decreed different pin designs. If you want to test different pen designs, you don't need Canada. You don't need Photoshop, you don't need Affinity Photo or whatever software you use. You can do all from the browser window within a detail. With that. They have NX pensive library of tailwind of Oppian designs that you are going to see in the future lectures. This is where you actually can access the tailwind design creation. So this is starting to design wanting our practice. You're gonna go there. We're not gonna do this in this lecture. So stay tuned for the future ones. Here you're gonna have your planning information because tailwind create is a paid plan, it's not a free. With the tailwind. You need to have to pay for the tail and create, and trust me, it's probably worth it. We're, you're gonna see it for yourself. And it's going to have a number of the pins that you can create them you can download and you can upgrade it if you want a they have starter and advanced plants. You can choose whatever you want if you wish. In this case, what I'm going to have, I'm going to show you how advanced a plan works. Died here have brand preferences that has separate lecture on it's own because it's very powerful because you want to maintain power of your brand. And this will actually help you to do that. Tips and tricks. If you want to have a direct access to tips from tailwind itself and pick where you left off. Basically, if you have already accepted creation of the different designs, like I was playing around with this once before I started this lecture, you can just go right here and continue creating, giving both your left someone somewhere and just come on, we wish to continue creating this. So overall tone chord is a very powerful tool and you must basically use this if you are a tailwind user end if you want to achieve big success with the Pinterest. So this will be it in this lecture because this is a very introductory lecture. In the next lecture, we're actually going to go deep into delving, create, and start actually giving the practical examples on how it works and just show everything where everything is located. And as a small assignment, I would like you to go right here in this page or the telephone create main page and just get yourself familiar with whatever is happening. Just for you to understand where we are, when we will be there in the lectures. Just know, know that start near design is the main button that you want to use in order to start creating good designs quot, This will be it for today. Let's go to the next one. 13. Quick Pin Creation: Welcome back to tailwind curry gate. There's this lecture will be all about the quick overview of the creation of dependence. And this will have been just an interface overview. We're going to actually go and create our first pins together. And in future lectures we are going to go deep into every meticulous detail that we went through. So this lecture will be all about the understanding of interface and how to actually create works. Because if we don't know how it works, and I guess there is no point in going any further. So you should know that what you can do here, then we're going to go deeper into what you need to do this lecture, we can learn all about the quick pin creation within the telling creator without further ado, let's just jump right into it and start creating our expense. Ok, let's start a new design. I'm going to press the button right now. You already know when this button is located and it will start initializing the pink creation experience. So for, for the ones who don't understand how it works, it's something like a canvas or Photoshop can designs, but with far more robust functions. And here we're going to start provision our creating overflow pins as quick as possible. So for the purpose of this video, I'm going to be creating the pin for one of my YouTube videos. It's this YouTube video I'm going to control, see this link right here on our, and I'm not going to control CD link here. I'm going to control copy link from this one, from the shortened link. And we're gonna go and press enter destination link right here. When you're going to enter the link, it will actually guess, start gathering information from this link. And it's going to populate as much information as it can be. It takes some time, so don't worry. And as you can see, bam, it immediately populated some of the information and mainly it gave the information of the video title. This is the very powerful and very important info that you need to understand. If you don't want this title from the website you are taking this from, you can actually edit this however you want. And what the, what's the main thing about the title? The title is actually the text that will be on the pin. Understand that well, so if you want something different on the pin itself, then you need to change this. In this case, I'm not going to change everything. And then we are going to continue with this. And after that, you will have several options to do to continue your work. You can either use, you can either upload your own furrows in order to use within this page, you can upload hello howard, amount of forums that you want. You can upload like 2345, doesn't matter. You can use them all if you want and you can mix and match them in sensor, etcetera. You can upload whatever number of the photos that you want. It doesn't matter, or you can use the site four rows. In this case, there is not much from the YouTube or wherever you are doing this from website. Website will have of course, more furrows all if you use stock photos, which is another very powerful feature. In this case, I'm gonna use Search for the Worst video editing. Press enter, and then it's going to populate everything from the stock for all that it will find. You can actually find your own free stock photos if you want. So just go and search around. And as you can see, we have a bunch of, bunch of, bunch of reference. There is one thing that you need to understand that probably some of you might miss, but there are two types of photos that you have. There are free for all that you can use when you tell when create starter plan. And there is premium for audits that you can use only with an advanced plan. So as you can see like some, some photos as free on the top, that means that you can use this with the starter plan and the ones that does not have 40. If you are easing started playing, it's gonna have a star on the top because I have right now advanced plan. It doesn't show this to me. Know that I felt how will hover over it. It's going to have sometimes it's negligent, it's going to hover. It's going to have a start button. That means there is a premium for o and as, as Italian created mass number, you get a premium image for free. You can actually go and access the premium images like that. So if you are started, then use only the free photos. I'm gonna go and select a few photos from here. The ones that I like, I like this one. I like this one. Let's go and continue selection. You're going to have a lot of photo to select from. And it's, it's actually going to glimpse sometimes because I'm actually recording this as well. So it's going to have some problems and it is against the it will start loading. This follows on the top right here. I'm going to remove this one because I don't want this one actually. I'm going to deselect this. And I'll go right here, hover right is impressed x. And I'm going to select few more photos and we are going to be going to be back. Okay, we selected eight images now and we can continue and only you to continue, we just press Create images. And now what it will do is it will take the text information, it will take the photos from form, whatever you did. It takes your brand images for your brand colors and it's gonna mix and match everything and give you this, you see how many new designs or your pins it just immediately created right then and there. Look at this. And you can continue to look at the number of the pins that you can go. It's hit cannot load this at this many pins this fast. So you're going to have thousands of pins to select from. Thousands, if not even help, funny, how many pieces do you get you can select because their designs will be generated based on different pictures, different picture combinations, and a bunch of things like that. And now all you need to do is just to choose pins that you liked downloaded and just audio sent directly to the turbulent scheduler is as simple as that. But yeah, we're not going to stop right here, of course. When you get it till the end of course. So let just continue doing this because there are some things that you need to know that I'm going to be explaining very quickly, very briefly, and then we're going to get deeper into this. So you have a bunch of different designs. And as you can see, we have, because we have a multiple colors, multiple picture, the number of designs is exponentially big. It's so big that it might crash your computer. It's way too many. So what we're going to do is we're going to use filters to filter out the images and the pin space on our preferences so we can go and select the content type and you wanting and pressed Content-Type it. We're going to have, I'm going to show you a menu. So in this case we have all but if you want, it can be a blogposts, opt-in offer, promotion, sale received recipe products step-by-step. Testimonial trending or or something that is training in this case, it's running in December. So let's go and sell it trending. Maybe want to training designs, you're gonna practice one and see what designs are actually trending in December, the month that this lecture is actually being recorded. And as you can see, because it's a new year and it's a Christmas. Christmas and New Year designs that is training. So if you want something in a Christmas or New Year designs, you can actually choose disorder. Or if maybe when Hanukkah design, if you want to do something like that and actually choose whatever design that you want. So in this case, let's not go to the training designs and let's go to something like a step-by-step. Let's see how the step-by-step will look like. And as you can see, this looks pretty great, beautiful designs, very, very beautiful jeans and don't worry, each in Hebrew, design is actually editable, which is probably one of the most powerful features of the tailwind create. But you want to get deeper, right? You don't just step-by-step filter. You want to see what other things that you can do. And you can actually select a different industries in niches in order to get it closer to yourself. And let's go and find the niche that you want for ourselves. Let's go something like maybe education, numbered select an educational industry. It see how it will actually look like for this design. So you can see it narrowed down more and now you see that you can actually see more narrow doubt designs that might be more suited for herself. And now you can actually go and choose pin format as well. So you can go with it and designs background for texts like collage, Webinar event, how to pose. Let's go with the how'd you post and see you if it actually will fit our needs? And we can see we have so many filters and now we're down to this design is right here still, yet, still would so many narrowing down. We have like 510154 more 19 designs ready for our usage. But that's not even it. You can do even more with this. You can actually go and choose different text fonts that you want. You can go and add text if you were so, or you can just go and choose a different fonts that you want. You can actually go and choose the different color palettes if you want to, different colored polite, maybe for your own brands. And if you haven't chosen your brand design, this is weighed and acute. For example, let's go with the cosy sweater. Sweater. Color politics can see changed everything immediately, making it, giving it a completely different vibe, a different look. Some of the pins might not work that well. For example, this one, because the coloration is not that great. So be wary of that. Just don't download it immediately just because you like all this, a great design, then you have an ability to add texts. If you wish to do so. You can add an additional tax if you want, like subtitle or call to action, like this is a great thing that you have if you are promoting some products or services. And you can add a branding as well. For example, in this case, you can go ahead and website like nixon.com like this, one of my websites actually, this might also that is connected to the Pinterest and it just gave me this one. Or I can go in and add a logo or just ignored brining at all. But that's not all. That's not it. As you can see, each and every pin has few buttons. You get him and try different looks like press this one. And you can even shuffled images if you wish to do so. Let's see how it will work. And you can see now it's a different images. Press again. Maybe this image will work. You can shuffle layout if you want. Okay, maybe this looks better. Now this looks okay. This looks fine. But I don't want, don't want to use a color. Maybe I want to use a different color. Let's say press this one right here. And let's use black. And now the color palate changed here as well. Or it can go and choose from different palates. Let me let's say something like pinkish purplish. No. Maybe this one. That's how much effects at the how much control you have. You can't even the colors shuffled the college if you want. Okay. This one looks good. This one was good. This one was good. Look how many things that you can and you can press edit as well. Remember the pin editor, you can do practical similar thing here as well. You can add the different elements. You can add text right here. We can have photos additionally to the things that you already have. There's so many great things where discard changes. Get back, I'm going to edit the text now. Let's go and make this quick editor. I'm gonna delete the word YouTube, who don't want word youtube in the end, and maybe do something a bit different. Let's say if let's use this and I'm going to press select, I'm going to do and just schedule it just for you. I'm going to go reviewer selection. On the bottom-right corner. Select it and I'm gonna go build your schedule. And boom, it's gonna create your draft. And it's gonna edit to your scheduled. You can add a description if you want and add to the queue. That's it. That's how quick and easy it is to create the pens. And imagine you can have 1000 of different designs that you want. There are so many possibilities. It's exciting to be, you do, to be able to do this because it's, it's very amazing thing to do within this type of service. So as you can see, talent create is very powerful tool. We just went quickly through the Pink equation. Don't worry, we're gonna go through every single detail in next lectures because yes, this was just an introduction to the Delian create itself. We will have an assignment for today as well as always. And today's assignment will be to go to talent, Create and create just one pin, choose one pin, design. That's it, only one pin and edit your grad. That's all that you need you. I'm not going to use all your precious space for tailwind creates or just create one pin that you just like. Don't play around with it too much. Just create the pen that tailwind create will do for you. This would be it for today. And we're gonna move on to the next lecture now. 14. Brand Preferences: So hello and welcome back to our lecture. And today we are going to be talking all about the brand preferences. So why do we even need to talk about brand preferences and why this is one of the most important parts of detailing create workflow that you need to get over with as quick as possible. Well, you see brand preferences allows you to create a unified branded content for your pictures account money that you will have a same color schemes, a font scheme, and everything like that in order to save you a time, anytime you go and create your new pins to select the colors over and over and over again. And I'm going to show you how you can do this as quickly as possible and well, without further ado, let's just jump right into it. We are here, we are back into our table and create main window. And in order to access brand preferences, you, all you need to do is press this button. So before we are going to practice button, it shows you the default colors, colors that you have right here. This is just the default colors that I use. So we can just go and update it, just press it there and we can just jump right into it and fix whatever that you really want. First things first, you need to understand what are the main part of the brand for tailwind here. So not everything is brand right now, pins are themselves, not just brand. So there's some things in those pins that are the part of the brand. So here you see what is the main part of the brand. First is your brand text right here, which is the name of the website in this case. Second is your brand fonts. The fonts that you use in your brand 30 is brand colors, the colors that you use in your brand, your color palette. And the last is brand logo. If you have a logo, you're going to use it here. Now, let's talk about what you can do here and how to maximize the effects of your branding in order to make it look as good as possible. First, your brand tax, Usually it's a website name. You can just change it for whatever you want. And if you change it, it will reflect to all the pins that you create from now on, it will have this name there. If you have an accent, dot-com, maybe use it. For example, I want to use the name ethnics and.com. I want to use named Nick nixon. From now on. Everything, everyone of my Pins where I chose to have my brand name on will have a knick-knacks on there, which is we're waiting to do. Next is brand fonts. So here is something that is very interesting thing to do. You can actually choose two forms, your main title and subtitle font for your own pens. And if you press this, you're gonna see a bunch of mature, much of different fonts is your own starter. You are not going to have this ability. You're going to have only the pre uploaded fonts. But if you are on an advance town square plan, you have an ability to upload a custom bonds. And this is a very powerful feature because there are a lot of great fonts, but you might want to use. Something different is something that is not here. Maybe it's a different language, may be something different. It doesn't matter. You can upload it from here. And you can actually select the title font and the subtitle thoughts and choose whatever that you want. But there is one thing that people are struggling with, and I myself struggled with as well. And it is finding the font combinations to fonts that work well with each other. Thankfully, tail wind themselves thought of this as well and helped us and allowed us to choose different fonts combinations. And you can see there are a bunch and bunch of, bunch of different font combinations that are pre made for you. And you can just select the font combination that you like. Selected. Then you're going to have it already available for your own funds. But there is one thing, there's one secret that I want to give it to you. I wanted to give it to you in a separate lecture, but I'm going to give it to you right now. You can actually find the other place where you can find a great font combinations. Instead, it's the web site outside of the wind, but you can use it in conjunction with that element, and it is called Font joy.com. It's a very simple website, extremely simple upset, that allows you to generate font pairs since you are showing you right here. First thing first, take a look at the slider due to that, when it allows you to choose a different contrast like highly contrasted fund balance contrast or very similar. Let's say that we want highly contrasted fonts you're going to generate. And it will generate font pair like SPC there, very contrasting. And it shows you actually the Ford names. And if you want, you can just download this font or chat Jack and other funds if you want. You can even check it in a dark mode, that bright mode, whatever you want, and just check different types of phones and use them for your own bins if you would like to do so, select them, and that's it. And now you can use them on your own. Fonts. Extremely powerful thing I'm shooting video. Yes, the font combinations that talent is providing is sufficient. But in case you want something a bit more robust, I'd actually fungi works with the Google font, so it's practically free fonts. You can use it however you want. It does not require any attribution or anything. You can just go and use either this Colophon going, it's all up to you. If you are, of course, OnStar plan, you cannot use phone joy because you can upload your fin unless they are, they are already fonts here that are on the phone. Joy. But if you don't use, if you are honest article and you can just use pre-made configurations. Next is brand colors, important and difficult things for non designers to choose and add myself. A non designer individual have very difficult to choose the great colors, but my fonts are fourfold, my pallets or for my pins. And thankfully, tailwind is here to help you as well. You can use for different colors. For your main polite. There is a great thing to do, and you can just go and discover the curated palettes as well. You have a lot of different color combinations that you can use and just select for your own pins. Yet they looked just amazing. They will give you amazing book. Just select the colors that are closer to you and just more or less contrasting with each other. Ligands can see if the colors are going from warm to cold, and this gives it a very good contrast, but you might have difficulties to select the color palettes yourself. And here I'm going to give you another website to choose. And it is called coolers that commits C O L O irs.com. You can go there and just that copies that code. You can go there and use their generator because you need only four colors to choose. I'm going to delete this one and only to do just press space. And it will generate colors for you. And if you like it, like any other color palettes, is you're just going to stop right there. Like let's say you like this one. You have a hex value right here. And even the colors even have their own names. Some of them, at least not all of them. And you can just go and just select the hex value right here, and just edit right here in original units, just press the color itself. Sometimes it takes some time because for me I'm John recorded in this as well, so it's a bit glitchy. So it, it will open the color selector and you'll just go and or color. That's it. As simple as that there, there's not much that you need to do as Ghazi here, the hex value. And you can paste the hex value here and just again go and do for every single color. And now you're going to have your own color palette based on your own preferences. And remember this is if you don't have a brand color already, if you do have your brand colors, then you know already what colors it used. A lot was last but not least, of course, you can just paste your logo right here if you have it. If you don't know, I guess your website and brand name will do just fine. And only after that it just press Save preferences. And now you have your own brand preferences. That's as simple as that to brand preferences will actually help you to distinguish Europeans from everyone else. And plus it will help your viewers to understand which one of the pins are yours and the related pins with each other. Because if they will cease to similarly branded pins on their home page, there will understand that they are both yours, which is great thing to have. And so here is an assignment for today. Here Simon for today will be to update your brand preferences, go to your brand preferences and update them. Like your brand name or website. It's better to be a brand name. You have a brand name. If not, then go for the website. Second is, of course, go for the false update your phones usually selecting the pre-made form combinations will be just fine for you. And last but not least, select the colors. You can use the colors if you want to choose your color palette both distribute for this lecture, let's go to the next one then. 15. Creating Pins: Hello and welcome back to tell you in to create. So this lecture will be all about diving deeper into telling, create, and finding out some of the aspects that is very useful and very important to know and understand. And today will be all about editing your pens, intelligent create, and getting them into as finished state as possible, as quick as possible. We already gone through everything that we need, the tool wise in detail and quit. And now we're going to go more into deep and find out how to make her pins to as best as possible, as quick as possible and with a little work as possible. So I guess without further ado, let me just jump right into the computer and let's get editing. So before I started this lecture, I gave myself a freedom to create a basic type of pin that I wanted to create a just to show you how these things work and how you can actually fix up the something and what do you need to do in order to make your page look as best as possible. So what my pin was all about, it was about my YouTube video on my YouTube videos about how to edit on a hard to record YouTube videos and saturday poor on some camera pictures, I've decided to put on some texts and that's it. That's all that I did. And now we're going to work on making those pins, at least choosing one of those spins that we like the most and working on transforming them and giving them as best look as possible. And most importantly, we're going to find out how you can transform this looks. So first things first, always go through the pin designs that was created for you because you want to start working on the basis that is practically built for you. You don't want to start working on a phone or from a blank slate because it will take you far more temperatures, go through this and find the best pins. It will actually give you the best looks using, you know, I think I like this one. I'm going to select this just in case. I'm just going to have it so I would know that what I'm working with, then I like this one. I'm going to select this. And then I'm going to scroll down a bit to find out whatever pins are the best for me, I will not go way too down because it will actually stress the computer anchovies way too much because we are working with thousands of pins now. So I guess the better option would be to go to the content type. We are going to go with the blog post because the YouTube video in this case is something like a blog post, then we're gonna go to industry and niche. And just in case we are going to choose something that is more closer to us. Let's go with an education. Because people want to learn from this Pepin. Again, we're narrowing this down as much as possible to make it as easy for viewers to get into as possible. And I guess that said we don't need to go any narrower than that. We don't need to work on pin format. We just want to find out the best pins that are basically capturing the viewer's eye. And I guess we can use this one as well. We're gonna go and review our selection. Tried to work on this review or on this page, net, net, on the other page, church, you edit everything on this page because if you start adding on the page or every other pins located. It's going to make it difficult to two, we're gonna work, we're gonna talk more about this in the Best Practices lecture. So just know that we're going to work on this page. Why are we working on dismissed because you have only three pins to load and it is far easier for deserves. The first thing that you need to work is to try and get different blocks. You can just go and load. And if you want a different pictures, maybe you can use this because sometimes the pictures are not the best. For example, in this case, I want to different between here and let's test out a different picture will look like on this photo I'm gonna press the Pharaoh and as you can see, the different furrow and you sit this boroughs actually looking better than the previous formula than this one. Let's try the different photo on this picture. And yet this one actually looks pretty good. Now we have three practically distinct pins. So what are we doing here? So with a try different looks button, what you're doing is you're taking all the variables that you fed into tailwind creates. So in this case it was a colours, it was a layouts at IIT was a pictures. And you're basically swapping them to find out which one looks best. So you're not editing entirety of the pin. You are just cycling between the different variables within the pin which had, which makes it pretty easy to work with. Now, let's go with this spin and try the different coloring with this one and see, okay, this change the text color to this. It takes a textile to this ok, black text color is good. This one is actually pretty good as well and revert back to white. So basically it rotates between bore texts coloring that you have. You can do the same one here as well. And as you can see, changed the color of the background now. And this one looks pretty good as well. We can work on this. We can change the text color like rotate the colors however we want. And you can do the same ones right here. And this one white one will not work and this greenish one will actually work pretty good. So again, we're cycling between different variables. Understand this. You're not editing the entire pin. Your cycling between different variables, the variables that you fed to your pin before, and the variables are actually located right here on the left side. So in this case, it's our four rows, in this case is our colors because we're already chosen layout. We don't want any other layout. We want this layout. We're not cycling between layout as well. Now, you can also of course, work on phones because this one might not look the best. It might be your brand font, but suddenly decided, okay, this one does not look good, great. I want different font, or you suddenly decided that, okay, I want more text. This text is not enough. You can just add different things. We're gonna do this in a bit, don't worry. But first you need to worry about the font. Go and find a different font that you want like, Well, maybe, I don't know, like Monster and maybe it was one of my most favorite funds. Let's see if it will work better than the one that we already have. The dislike. This just rotate between different forms to find which one do you think that it's the most? Don't rush it because it may taste. They take some time for the fonts to load. So when you press it, it might not affect it immediately. So don't think that it stuck, just wait a bit and it will load. Don't worry, just cycled between those funds and see which one suits you the best. Let's go into editing tab itself to find out what we can do within depends, maybe you want to change some stuff, maybe you want to add some. Very minor details that might be very, very good-looking. So in this case, you just want maybe some kind of arrow. Let's go and add this arrow right here. And maybe you want to do something like this. It does not look very great in this particular photo, but can do it if you want, or you can just go and add this element right here instead, select their own furiously, just press Delete it. No worries. You can use something like that. Decrease the opacity maybe. To make it look a bit more transparent, it does not give the greatest luck, but you know that you can add an elements or alternatively, you can search for an element. Let's go and add YouTube to actually start loading the elements for you. And as you can see where we have a bunch of YouTube logos and icons that we can use them and add this one right here. So people would understand that it's actually about the YouTube and it's not something else. When I had a big YouTube button, or maybe I will add different button right here. This one, this one looks better. I like this YouTube button. I've been using this a lot in a different photos because it's transparent and it gives you very aesthetic look. And yet, as you can see, it looks pretty good. You can actually added the photo like in any other photo, like add saturation may be if you want more saturated follow or maybe desaturated mentality, I'm going to add a full saturation. You can even crop the photo if you want. You can add a contrast, you get into brightness. You can edit the photo however you want. And as you can see, this one is already giving me some pretty good look. You can even add the photos, additional photos if you want. So in this case, I would know that follows because I don't need this. I have two photos of this figure. By the way, did you realize that there were two photos in this picture? One is in front and one is in the back. So there are two photos you and it's not a one photo. But I don't wanna yet it is because it gives you very good, very good look. And you can add a text as well right here. And by the way, every single element of the follow is editable. For example, if you have a tag, you can see like my brain text is right here, like knick-knacks and iteration right here. I don't want it there. I wanted on the bottom, I'm going to rotate it just like that. I'm going to put it down. And I'm going to put it forward in a layer wise. Just like that. And taxes region. Now there, there are some things that you need to understand in an editing tab. On the right side. It's like kind of like a Photoshop, so you need to feel how it works. You have a layers button that allows you to put the layers in front or behind. You're gonna have a duplicate button if you want the same texts over and over Zed m elements over and over and have a delete button, your opacity to make it less opaque or transparent, transparent. Have a font selection you can, that means that you can actually select a font later. You have color selection, you have alignment, you have texts, information, even have a texture which you, which very important. Always add a shadow to attacks. It gives it a bit better looking and gives a bit really looking. I'm going to add a shadow here as well. In this case we have white shadow, but still it looks pretty good. You can increase the line headline weight, whatever that you want. And for example, I can go and change the text font if I wish to do so. Or in instead, I can go and add. Instead of changing font, I will make this font bold, bold, or I'm not sure if it's a bold font. Now with the Tax bolder. And now we're a bit different looking pin. Just by adding some small elements, you can actually add a call to action as well if you want. It. You can see it's call-to-action is just a different texts. So it's basically a third type of text like other title and subtitle. So if you want to do so, we can have this, but in this case, I don't think that it's necessarily going to press seven, go back. And now I have a bit different looking pin. So what do you want to do is that you want to think of this term and create as not a tool that does everything for you, but the tool that does a ground work for you. This is the main feature that you need to understand about Helen create. It's not about making it for you. It's about putting a ground war because beginning of any design work, especially with the pins, is the most time-consuming part of the work. It takes the most time to think of the first basis that you want and it's easier to edit afterwards because that's where your imagination and your creativity of pushes in because you always know how to edit things. But you practically never know how to start doing this. At least, at least not if you are, if you're not an art artists. If you're an artist, you probably already know how to put your minds like creativity directly in the blank paper. But majority of us simply cannot do this. So for that reason, Talent Code is an amazing tool for this. Always remember you are putting a groundwork. You can, of course be high like lazy and I cannot name it later, but you can be kinda lazy and just put the furrows how it is in, but the pins, how arrays and just press schedule. Nowhere is it will not be a big problem, but still else, adding small elements will help you. And we're gonna talk all about this in the next lecture. So we're going to talk about this in the best practice. So although introduce on each lattice just have this borrowed like I think they look just fine. I'm not going to add a lot of things and press on schedule. Now, we have edited pins with somehow edited pins, and we're done. Our pins can be scheduled now just like that. Well, I guess this will be it for today. And as always, we're going to have a little assignment. Or assignment will be to create one pin and create an edit according to your tastes, just make a small edits, make small changes, nonsensical, insignificant, nothing big, nothing bolder, nothing powerful is small. Changes to make it look as aesthetically pleasing to you as possible. This will be for this one to the next lecture, we'll be talking about the best practices, those I'm going to see you there. 16. Tailwind Create Best Practices: So welcome to the best practices of the tailwind creates. So in this lecture we are going to learn what are the best practices or the tailwind create and what do you need to have in mind in order to create the best pins possible or design wise or content-wise or whatever it is. I'm going to teach you just that and with that original budget jump right in the computer and get right into the business. Okay, so I gave myself freedom again as always, to create some basic pins. So it basically dropped some photos right there and drops and texts and drop some links in order to basically gave myself headstart because to not for you to not wait until everything will load. So what is the best practice, but best-first practice that you need to pay really close attention. And it is of course, the photos, the images that you wanted to put put as many images as you can? Yes. It will waste some time for you because it will require to basically load every single thing. But and results would be worth it because you're going to have a larger and wider choice of images. You can do. So basically I have around like eight images dropped here, habitat list, five images drop there depending on the content. Like in this case, my topic of the posts was basically a different gear, best essential and the cheapest gear for the youtube. So i just required a few photos. Next is choosing the pin design's. Always use filters. Guys. Always use filters. You don't want to have like thousands of different pen designs in front of you. You need filters. This, there is a reason why filter is here. You just need this alway, choose the Content-Type first. In this case, I'm gonna go with the blog post. Always choose the industry AND design next. In this case, it will be an education because we're teaching people to do the certain things, then always go and choose the pin format. And this pin format is probably one of the most important thing that you need to get into your head because Pin format decides what type of pin you are creating. So based on the titling of your pin, based on casual link of European Union to correlate this with the pin format. So in this case, I have some kind of list type of pain content. Basically, it's a video where I'm talking about the different type, the types of the gear for the YouTube, microphones, cameras, etc, etc. So the best format would be to have multiple pictures like this one for example. And we're going to go on the pin format and see a different type. And basically we need to collage here, let's see and how the collateral look like. And as you can see, it looks pretty well like, for example, this one looks pretty well. This one looks pretty well. I'm gonna go and select both of those. And this one looks pretty good. I like how this looks. And then I'm going to scroll down to see the better designs that I want. Like for example, this one looks pretty okay. Go down how at least four pictures. And if, if not more, in a collage of fuel, if you are of course, doing something like big list or something like that. Always choose the pen designs. This is another tip ahead. Always choose the pin design to the larger tax because you want to text to pop up, I'm gonna choose this one. And not every Pin that you select needs to be used. Don't worry about this. You're going to select just this ones because you want to continue. Next is before we're gonna continue with everything else. Is Winnie Chobani already choose the designs that you like the most. Progress. Review your selection before you're going to do anything else. Guys, I cannot stress this enough because people are often making this mistake and I myself made this mistake very often as well. Don't edit your pins, don't edit any elements of lupins. While you are selecting the designs, you can select up to five designs to continue to reduce production. Selected five designs, and move on all the ways. Move on afterwards. Remember, you can always get back to designs if you don't want to use any of these designs anymore, for example, you know what, I don't like these, this animal anymore. I'm going to deselect this. And then I'm gonna go back to Design Gallery right here. And then I'm gonna go scroll down, scroll down again to spine the design that I like. The more I like more than the previous one. Go down, scroll down, see let shoes and not just another design. Maybe I like this one war and we're gonna press select. Then I'm gonna go back to it or review the selection. Always make edits here because when you are making edits InDesign gallery, it applies the edits like the color palette, like furrows, like the font. It applies every single edit to every single design. And it's, it can be taxing. It can take a lot of time for this design changes to apply. Always do these changes on the review. Review your section may basically reviewer selection page because this will make it far quicker for you and foreign less taxing for detail when servers. Now, let's go, let's go the next specs, best practice, use shorter titles because longer titles require a bigger spaces and they are usually smaller and it's harder to read and it does not catch individuals attention. You want to choose shorter titles. Don't go with the titles would longer than ten words. That should be the match. At least the main title subtitles can be something else, but main titles should not be more than that. Next, try to use subtitles as well. So paddles are very important and you can add subtitles by ad texts at a subtitle. And now you can add a text like microphones, cameras, lighting in this case, for example, in my case. And you can of course use a different font if you want. Let's go with the same font and it will try to apply the text with the spins. Imagine if you had to done, if I had to do this, edit, when all of the pins are loaded, it would take far more amount of time. Use subtitles because it adds some more flair to your pins. But next is, I don't have it here, but you can do it for Europeans as well. Try to use numbers in your pens because when you have some kind of numbering linear pins, people tend to collect those pins more. Always, have, always at least tried to have numbers in a pit like five best reasons to upload to YouTube. Well, three best reasons why tailwind is amazing. Five best cameras for your content creation needs, or three best video editing softwares to do something like that, you use different words, use different numbers, just try to use this one. Now, next tip is important because it's an ongoing If I didn't show it before, but I'm going to show me I'm going to tell it to you. You do now when you make any changes to your pins in reuse action, see how this change will affect your overall PID design. And when I look at this now, when I edit subtitle, I see that some of the pins worked, but other pins did not work with a subtitle. For example, this pin, I don't like how it looks like with a subtitle, so I'm going to deselect this one and I'm gonna get rid of this one and go back to Design Gallery. Now I'm going to force it to load it again. And now I want to see the pin designs that works well with subtitles as well. And you can see is like this, spins design works pretty well with the subtitle. I'm going to load down. I want something with four or more pictures like this that work very well because it uses the black tax for this one. Of course, you can always change the coloring, but still I don't want it to work. What happens that much? And you know what? I think I like this one a lot. I'm going to press select and then go back to review your selection. And now I have this pen as well at it. Again, if you make any changes, don't forget to change your pins. Next is your branding. Some people, for some reason choose to do no branding on your pins. And it is completely and utterly wrong because if you don't have any website or any branding or annual logo on your pain. First, it makes very generic. It makes it very generic and people don't know who this is from which they will see the same pin for this from the same individual that they like. Second, it makes far easier to seal. Anyone can download this, slap their name on it, and just uploaded their own bin. They can give with the watermark, what would your name still? It's pretty easy. If I wanted to see, for example, this one and pro right, any other name, I could easily just download it, like put a fill color on the top of the knick-knacks and and Ryan, whatever name that I want. But still it's a work and usually people want to steal, they don't want to do a lot of work, so make it a bit difficult for them. It is good for your branding. Use always the branding names. You always use the brand name, so new pins or it is a website now about design favoriting. Why I don't have any designs in My Favorites, don't create. This is relatively new tool, at least at the recording, at the moment of the recording of the videos. And some designs will work for some individuals, at other designs will work for other individuals. You, so you basically, you don't know what designs will work for you, meaning that what designs will, people will click. So only time that you need to add a favorite designs is when you know that these designs are gathering impressions, are gathering clicks are getting saves. You know that this works. Then save it afterwards because you want to crank out these designs more. Don't do it before that. Don't do it because, oh, I like how this looks. Don't do this. It always saves all your pins that you already did in the past. So you can always get back and save design afterwards. Don't worry about that. So save the designs. Favorite designed only after you understand that they work on. Next is always cast different. Varieties guys, don't settle on just one design that you liked some time in the past and that's it. Always settle on the varieties. For example, I'm going to give you an example. I'm using prompt and Carlo phones right here. Why do I use it? Because as I showed you in one of the previous lectures, they work very well with each other. And as you can see, they look pretty nice. Experiment, experiment with different font, experiment with different colors. For example, if I go right here, I don't like how this colors may be work and I just want to try different looks. I'm going to press the color right here and see maybe this one would work better. And as you can see, with oral aesthetic of an images, this looks actually better. I can go with the different images now and soft images. No, the first one looks better. This one which many microphones? Way too many microphones, again, way too many lighting. At this one. This one works well enough. You perfect. Now we have perfectly beautiful design. Always work with the colors. I go right here, try different locks. Let's go and swap the colors. This one immediately looks better. Let's just looks, looks perfect. I love this. I love this. Then I'm going to go with this one. Let's hope the colors now, it's OK. Now way too dark. It's okay. I guess I guess the white one works the best. This one works the best. And go with this now. So obtain Colors. This one looks okay. So looks fine as well. I guess I'm gonna go with this one. And here we're going to swap the colors again. Seems fine. Seemed better. Okay, now, I guess this one is the best. Immediately just with a few clicks of a buttons. We immediately got the designs and looks that we want. We can do the same with the photos would kick and you same with everything. And if you want to change, make small changes, like very small changes to images. Never forget about an edit tab. You can always press the edit button and editor whatever that you want. And one thing that you wanted to do is the one last thing that you want to think about, the Talmud, gradients, colors. The brand colors are fine, but always try to either use very contrasting colors over right colors. You need to have some kind of bright colors in your images. Like for example, despite this image being very dark, the text is very bright. So immediately captures an I. Here is background is bright compared to the texts. So background captures your eyes. So you need to have very contrasting images and background and tax so it would be easily visible. And if you have a brand colors, tried to go with the brighter brand colors, for example, like this greenish color in my brining, it, despite them now using this in any photos right here because the roads are pretty dark, it's very, very bright and very eye-catching like this brownish color is very eye catching. You need to get something very eye-catching and you don't want your photos to be flat. So furrows of flag meaning that the difference between the brightest and the darkest colors should not be very cost, should be as far as possible. For example, this one we have almost blackish versus completely white. So this is the, as a high contrast as you can get, and it's in every image. So that's the thing that you want it. You, you'd have very contrasting colors and images to get it as brightness, eye-catching as possible. Well, I guess this was all the best practices that I wanted to tell you about Italian quid. It's not just about the talent quit, it's all about the pins in general, you need to have the same practices right here. So always use these practices because it will help you alot overall aid in the long run. And as always, we're going to have an assignment for today as well as always as an every lecture. And today's assignment will be to create three different pins for five different links. So overall it will be 15 different pins and schedule them. Meaning that, for example, with this one, let's get back to the computer. I have five pins for one link. So try to create something, something through similar with three pins, but five different links overall, you're gonna have 15 pins, and this will be entire week's worth of your own pens or maybe two, depending on how often you upload or maybe one day depending how you upload again, I guess it should be it for this lecture. And let's go to the next one then. 17. Tailwind Insights Introduction: Hello and welcome to our brand new section. And this section will be all about tailwind insight in this lecture or rather in this section, you are going to learn everything that you need to know about tailwind insights and how to use them for your own advantage. No more, no less. So this lecture will be all about an overview of what is happening intelligent inside. So let just jumping into a computer and let me explain what Talent Insights is and how you can use it. Here, this is telling insights window you can access that went insights through the left menu right here. And this is the insights and on the top you see a bunch of different menus. I'm going to tell you what each file menu, menu is. Proverb performance that gives you the general information about your profile. Board insights. That gives you information, general information about how your boards are performing. Pin Inspector gives you general information how each and every one of you pins are performing. Website insights, are giving you information about your website, how actually people are interacting with your websites. I'm not using this, so yeah, I'm pretty sure that you won't be either, but it is here. Then you have top pins or basically which pins are performing the tub organic activity. This is basically how your own pins are performed on your own websites and what words you're using more or less. And referral traffic is more higher level of the tailwind activity, which gives you information about the sales that you can generate from your own website and Monod using this. But if you are interesting, if you're making any sales from tailwind pins, then this is where to show. But our main goal here is to understand how our pins are performing and how our boards are providing. This is our main goal. Learn from the tailwind insights. So what do you actually learn from this section? This section will be all about using an understanding of how your pins and how your boards perform overall on Pinterest. So you would understand which ones you should focus on and which ones you should ignore. So for example, if you see the board that is not performing well, you can simply ignore it completely and focus on other boards that are performing well at the similar with the pins. Usually if you see that some pin designs are not performing well, you can just ignore them and focus on the pin designs that work well. This is all about, it will try to find out with insights into understanding how they work. And this will actually help you to fuel your growth by focusing on the things that do work. There's not much to talk about here in insides overview, you can go and check out the website, yourself and insights. And this will be your assignment to take a look at each and every single tab in the insights. And in the next lecture, we will go and start actually taking a look and information, analyzing the information we'll learn how to analyze the certain types of information that we get from an insight. And then we're going to learn how to act upon this information. So let's just go to the next lecture then. 18. Pin Management (Inspector): Hello and welcome back to the tailwind insights. So this lecture will be all about analyzing your pins and understanding what those numbers are and how to utilize them for your own benefit. So basically this, in this lecture, you will learn how to read pin analytics and how to act upon it. And without further ado, let me jump to the computer and start going through dozens and dozens of different pins. Let's go. We are at pin inspected. This is the part of the tailwind insights and you can access it from tailwind insights and Penn spectrum right here. We had the same or very similar tab in a publisher. I'm going to be showing this to you just right now. And it's called published tab in a publisher only press this one in a published. You're going to see that it's practically the same. It's exactly the same as painting spectrum. So if you are familiar with it, if you feel like you've seen this because you have. So let's go back to the insights and I'm going to be explaining what the pin spec to do and how you can use it because it's very powerful tools, probably one of the most important tools on Pinterest. And a lot of people are actually asking me, why should you ever repent other people's pins on your profile? Why should you just create your own pins? And this is my friends, the answer, this tab is actually the answer because this tab gives you information about the pins that work. The pins that are getting repents, which is probably one of the most important things that you want YouTube because if you are getting repents, you are basically borrowing your pins to other people. And those other people can distribute your pains practically indefinitely giving you exponentially high reach. And you want the pins that are getting a lot of ribbons, you want those. And this path is basically giving you information about those spins. And you are doing a lot of repeat yourself because you want to have a larger pool size to understand, would all of those different pens, which ones work and which wants to not show it. Concentrate on the ones that work and ignore the ones that do not. Here we are, you and we entered to independent spectrum. And this is the information that you are going to see now for the sake of this video and for the sake of everything until we'd never concentrate on anything that is further than than your cup. 100 pens. That's it. If you have less than probably focused on top, it depends. These are the pins that work. Ignore anything else. This is what it is. So here we have our top 50 pins and let them, ah, that is at the moment we have more than 5 thousand pins on our profile. So it had, it's, it's, it's a lot of different profiles. And here it shows you all the information that you want to see. You can actually select top 100 pins, but sometimes it did not work. It does not work with that. See, now it's still showing me the 50%. So yet, don't worry, you can vote for culture. And on page number one and number two, why do you need to constrain only 12? As you can see, the top one has 6,854 ribbons. And already immediately you see the drop off because the majority of the Europeans will be in the first ten pins. And immediately you see that even after the top ten you are not gonna even 1000 pins and go down, go down, and now you are in a 100. So that's why you need to focus only on top a 100 pins, because 1000 pins will probably get around 90% of all ribbons. So that's what you are you need to focus on. Okay? Whatever you see right here is basically all your pins categorized based on their ribbons. And you see the boards that have been paid to the pen itself. And remember, there is a website here of the pen original pendant list, number of events, number of comments, date pinned. As you can see, the majority of them were pinned in 2019, so they're pretty old mean that even older pins are actually working really well. And the actions that you can perform, these actions is very important and very powerful as well. And as you go down, you see that you have show with that. Is it publisher with a a tailwind or not? And the majority of them, I think all of them were published with a long Sousa wetter. And so that's very powerful. As you go down, you'll actually see some repeating pins. For example, this one, this right here, this was proven by other website. I don't know who was the original creator, but it seems like that someone just took it from someone else and repent it to themselves. Probably this one is probably not the original. This might be the more original. But still as you can see, the same pain repeats twice in same board work well, so that means that basically it's all about the pin design, not all about the website. So we the thing that we wanted to know whether the pin designs that you're working on and this proves that they do because I'm sure the same pins all in a toppings though, in all those pins, just work. Okay, you have this top pins and now what can you do? Okay, you will go through all of the pins and start understanding all the information that you get basically all introduce to focus on ribbons. Comments. People are often effort emphasizing comments on Pinterest, but people rarely comment on Pinterest. Understand that Pinterest is more search engine than social media platform. People are just searching through different things to get information and to get the value for themselves. And they do not provide value but by themselves with a commenting and their main value proposition is repeating and saving. So they just, you know, people just don't come in there unless they said it's something specific that requires commenting. So if you have something like that there probably you can sort out with the comments as well, but usually you should focus on weekends just to get as much distribution as you want because you are creating pens to promote something permanent blog posts promised Emilio promote certain type of content promoted and type of products. It doesn't matter, you're doing something to promote and you want to spread, you want to distribute your content as much as possible. So repeats is a thing that if you focus on an old ways, perhaps atop recruit the top Depends on the top and just ignore the comments. Or together, S4, this buttons right here. This is your action buttons, basic distance things that you need to do. You can do one of certain things. You can reschedule Deadspin. This may mean that you can press this button and this pin will be rescheduled again on top and will be published like always like reward tab. And when you go to Pinterest profile, you're gonna see on the top basically according to a timeline when Europeans were retained. But I do not see agitated that instead what to do? I suggest you to do that if you have something in the similar manner for your Pinterest profile, meaning that you have the content that is similar manner. For example, if you're doing web, website UI or UX design, recreate the spin by creating your own content in it. Make that issue. Have website design. You want your UI UX design. You will recreate whatever this individually showing with your design elements would your follows and everything Europe, Cuban, who's going to take out the design itself and then recruited yourself so it will be your design. So now you recreate the work and you change, and you added your own flair in the way so to transform it into your work. So now it will not be other people's work. I know that this is TdS and this is time-consuming and this has worked what? You wanna achieve success, Right? So you had to work for this. You can just repeat this yourself. And then, then one, then y. For y, you can just take this website, put UDL activities for all, put your slap your own website there. And that's completely unrelated to the spin. And then what? You don't want to do this. So just if you have the same type of content, only, use the stair design for the same type of content, the same this individual was using in his pen. If you don't have something that is similar to yours fund, the one that you have similar to yours, for example, God doing, for example, a motivation. You see this cargo, this pump right here, like inspirational motivational code that you see what this guy is doing right here is actually promoted the Amazon affiliate coconut. I'm, I'm, I'm gonna present that he's actually promoted his affiliate content, but yeah, he just using this for the motivation and now know that this motivational code or this motivational design work. So now you can use it for your own good or this one, the ultimate drop cerebral lists ordered something, something that this one works or this type of content works, or this type of design works. And now you can recreate it for yourself. Go down six free online courses. You know that this design work in, this design is actually pretty easy to recreate Intel and create. So you can do this as well. 35 companies like it's an ally can operate it well, but they pay you to type files. You can use the same isn't here. Again, you can recreate this entailment, create pretty simple and it saturates at a, you're going to find the designs that actually works, pine at the recipients that actually work. And that's why your Pinterest profile requires a lot of seasoning because more time will pass and more tense that you will rip him. More data pool you have. And more data pool you will have more, you see what type content actual people clicked. Because unlike other social media platforms, like even YouTube or Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest is more about long form content, long-term content, because content on Pinterest leaves insanely long amount of time. You cannot even imagine how long that how long the pictures contact leaves there. It's insane that they can live for years. We have created a good designs and luck. Very interesting topics that marriages in Blackboard. Most likely your content will be relevant for years to come. And that's what you want to focus on, the designs that work in a long-run. So that's why you need a few months to get this pool like that should get involved Baghdad, so you can use it for your own good. So let's focus on the other actions that whether you need to put them to work on and to communities. Now, always add to communities only your own pins. Don't put a reconsider communities. Why would you want to do this? Why would you want to promote other people's content even further your overdue, We're all you repented yourself. Why would you want other people to repent this one? And if this content is so amazing, correct yourself and then add two committees that what you need to focus on and to smart loop. Just ignore this and find similar content. Very important button. And this is again one of the powers of the Talmud. When you press this button, I'm going to show it to you right now, but you're gonna see, you're gonna see something like that. You're gonna see four pins that is similar to the pin that we're pressed. The similar conduct basically, it will show you what other people are deeming gets a similar conduct mean that there are peer repeating this as well. They're saving this alongside with the spin, basically analyzing all information. And to be fair, it is very close to what, whatever we see right there. It's unbelievable creative resumes, which is very good, like it's on fire, it's at least on Facebook. You see this very popular. You see the graphic design by this individual is very popular on Pinterest. How to create the perfect video brand identity, even if you're not a designer, very powerful and it's very popular on Pinterest. You see this 120 top 20 web design projects very popular on Pinterest. You can just execute this one and you're going to see whether it's actually working for you or a nod 48 marketing skills you need to be to succeed in 2018. This is how all these posters you see, it's all about long-term content and this is what is the power of the painting spectrum. It gives you the insights and information of the pins do work. Well, you may ask neck, but the Patriots itself has done, is doing the same for you, right? It's doing exactly the same things for you. It gives you all the paralysis, Pierre analytics, etc cetera. Why would you want to do this? Why would you want to use this? Well, let me, let me tell you. Pinterest is giving you all encompassing information by very broad like old impressions, all the saves or things like that, all the clicks you want rapids, my friends, you want reed pens. You need to focus on that because people are repeating your pins basically saving is it's the same thing as the saving. Then your spreading your content to more and more and more places. That's the main thing they need to focus on. And this button right here rescheduling the spins. Again. We use a reschedule for your own pins. And if you want to test it again, whether they work or not, you can do the same thing as well. And edgy communities for your opens very powerful thing and find a similar content very powerful thing. This tools are only available on television, no other place. So that's why you need to do it here. Well, I guess this would be all about dependence vector is very powerful feature and very powerful tool for a detail that you absolutely should use. Because why I am repeating so many pins them, this is the reason why you are to find out what actually works. And this actually the secret tube go big on patrons as well. So now, now you now, and we have an assignment for today as well, of course as all the other lectures. So today's assignment will be to find top five pins, independent specter that you have and the re-create those pins and schedule them. Recreate, not just put a reschedule, I mean, recreate for your own website or your own content. Of course, it should be related and then schedule it in your scheduler. Again, this will be it for this lecture and let's call the next one then. 19. Board Management (Inspector): Okay, welcome to the board insights or board management electric. So in this lecture we are going to be managing our boards and finding out which ones do work, which ones do not work, and which ones you should focus on, which one you should ignore. In short, everything about board inside. So without further ado, we'll jump to the computer and let me explain what I mean. Okay, we are here, we are at our board insights and I'm gonna be showing you based on my example where I deal with the board inside. But all those numbers mean because inboard inside you're gonna get a lot more information then in pin spectrum, which is very, very great thing to have. So bored insights is very powerful tool, basically gives you the analytical information of boards separately nudge in Nenad, each and every pin, but the board's itself as a whole. So you'd understand which ones do work and which ones do not work. So if you are on Pinterest, you probably know that boards are basically the folders for the pins, the similar pins. And each mode represents a certain type of paints, that type of niche set of topics. So you will create laws boards based on the each and every topic that you create in your own Pinterest or the painter or the Europeans, everything. And when you go there, when you go to your board insights, you're gonna see this info right here. So you're gonna see board names right here. You're going to have a fine similar content button here, which is very cool. You're going to have number of pins, which will be number of pins in total and the pins in the last seven days, if you, I think you've have sat in seven days ago for the 14 days. It's going to show it in the last 14 years or whatever date rate you have, it's going to show it right here. Let's go let's keep it regularly for the last seven days. Then you're going to see the followers. Remember, the followers can follow just bored as well alongside entire profile. So if you don't want to follow everything on a profile, they can follow just boards. As you can see, different type of words have different number of followers, Same with the last seven days, meaning that whatever date range that you choose, the number of ribbons total versus that they trained attitudes by relative score. This is the tail winds metrics, measuring how viral your own, your overall pins are within the board and the engagement score which is calculated from Europeans form opens and from your followers. I would not focus on those ones too much, just yet. I would focus for now on VPNs because usually the higher number of engagement score and viral discover, viral score is intertwined with the number of repeats. So, you know, you want to focus on number of Europeans in this case, I'm going to go and set the number of weapons. And you can see the top ones will have always the higher numbers compared to bottommost, except for the very rare exception. So just be mindful of that. Whatever we focus in here and what do you want to focus on? Basically, this is an indication of which type of content work better on Pinterest. And we're gonna tell you right away that no matter what type of content that you create, the design and motivational content. Works the best or Pinterest no matter what niche you are, this just works best. But you want to compare, right? You want to compare how it works compared to your own niche. Maybe you want, you are doing a drop shipping. Maybe you want during a entrepreneur mindset or how to make money, or you are doing affiliate marketing, whatever you want to compare this, this is where the Board insights coming. Very powerful feature. It shows you all the pins that you get from those boards and other pins that you get in the amount of debt. And when you go down, when you scroll down, when you scroll down and as you can see as the Board's grow passes, it gives you the number of pins in the board itself because it has the highest number of pins. As you go down. You see that despite having high number of pins, some of them do not get a lot of repeats. This total weapons, I mean, total one night, just certain date this total one. And as you can see, a bunch in one job on job boards and some of them even, barely getting any recipients at all. This one is completely new board, so yeah, it's, yeah, it's okay to have 0 ribbons. And that's where you focus on the ditching of the ones that do not work and focusing on the ones that do work. So what did I do? I do here, I scroll down, I see the pins that have practically no repents with a bunch of pins inside. Like General online marketing, it just does not work. Three ribbons, lifetime. By this, the years since it's been created, it doesn't work. So I privated it. I go up a dinner, private it because it's completely new ones. So I did not do anything with this one. But as you go up general social media, 210 pins, 12 ribbons, it just does not work. You just going to ignore it completely. Go up website building to 120 pins. Therefore, recipients, they just do not work. So what do I suggest you to focus on is that find boards that have a lot of pins and comparatively low number of ribbons and just private them because those pins to not work. People are not interested in this paints and people are not interesting in those boards. So they didn't work. You don't want them to be on your page. You're not going to lose a lot because you're basically losing the pins that do not work. And just private them and focus on the boards that do work, let's say motivation. Okay, motivation board does work with 575 pins. We have 22 thousand weapons, meaning that this one do work. So you're gonna create a daily motivation board, for example. That's, that's what I'm planning to do here. So, bear with me, create a daily motivation board. You can create a business motivational board. You can create a Codes Board or anything like that, create different type of boards, and then pin your motivational pins there as well. And they will grow like that as well. So, you know that you want, you know what, you're focusing on a website you are UX, UX design. This one works because this is more of a type of inspirational type of war where people are going to see different designs in their own pins. I'm gonna show you how to look like just, just to let you know how it looks like. Soon understand what pins they are as because it is a different. App design is different. Website design, UI design and UX designs. This ones do work and they get a lot of ribbons. And probably 90% of the Europeans are coming from several pins, just a few. So when you focus on those, you can, you know, that these bolts work, then you can focus on the pins that do work on those boards. So you know which pins already to repeat in a newborn that you are quite vulnerable. Oh, I, you know that this ones you work as you can see like all my top ones, our website UI and UX design set. Probably like majority of the pins coming from the board, insights, coming from the ten pins. So that's why you need to focus on. So understand that some boards do work and some boards do not work because the boards are counted in SEO as well. So boards can be searched as well. So if they cannot, at least they have a very low number of pins were no low number of followers, rare and low number of impressions because they are not being served well. So you need to focus on the different naming of the boards as well. Because if the pins inside your network boards do not work, and if boards can be searched well, pins inside work well as well. So this is a thing that works together, intertwined with each other. So if one works in other works as well as another doesn't work the 14K. And I know I'm explaining it in pretty difficult way, but you need to focus on the things that do work, meaning that the title of the board and the pins inside it. If you feel like there are a lot of pins and they do not work private and do not delete them. No, no, no, do not delete them. Private the boards because some of the pins might be in other boards as well. So just private boards and focus on the nuanced, focused on the ones that do not work. You don't need a 100 boards on your patrons profile, just don't meet them. You can create them if you want, but you just don't need them. Focus on the ones that work, focus on the ten that do work and ignore the rest. Do the same thing that we did with opinion spectrum. Sort them according to the numbers. Chew don't want that do work to don't want that are active more or less in the last period of time, gave any time, if it's a new board, give it a time to let it grow, giving you time to let it flourish. If it doesn't work, get rid of it, privated and create other wars just to know which ones do work for you. I get this will be it for the board inside there is nothing exceptionally difficult in it. It's just focused on the ones that do work and ignore the ones that doesn't. That's that's that's it. That's all the secretaries, folks on the ones that do work and ignore the ones that doesn't end. Speaking of the ones it doesn't work. Today's assignment will be to find the worst-performing board, meaning that the ones that have barely any repeats that have been around for quite awhile and has a lot of pins and just go and privated. I know that it might be difficult for you to say goodbye to those, those boards, but it needs to be done. So just go and privated. This will be your assignment for today. Well, this will be for this lecture. Let's move on to the next one. 20. Introduction to Practical: So hello and welcome to our probably our biggest and most important section, which is called the practical section of the tailwind. This is the thing that probably you were looking for while enrolling in this course. We're done already with all the theoretical part of the tail when you already know where everything is located, where every two, whatever tool is doing. And now we are into the practical part. And this section will be entirely about the things that you, we'll do in your day to day or weekly activities, whatever you will do in the tailwind. So basically here with I'm going to teach you everything that you will be doing in a tailwind in every single to end, to make it as effective as possible, to waste as little time of yours as possible. So an overall, what we're planning to do here is to give you all the information that you need in order to decrease basic up to tone down your Pinterest activity to only one hour per week. So what you'll do is you'll sit down for one hour and you are going to have all the content that you need entire weeks at one hour per week to fill out your entire schedule. And if you are adventurous enough and if you know your stuff well enough, you probably may do things for more, probably do a month's worth of work in just one hour in the past, I was actually able to do this and maybe you will do this as well and we will learn exactly that in this module. So what you're going to learn exactly, so you're going to learn how to find and test pins, how to create your own pins in bulk using tailwind credit, of course, how to choose correct pin designs depending on what you are doing, how to search for good pins, how to generate and schedule your pins? Well, because this requires a knowledge as well, it's not just put everything there and just let it go. Now, it requires some discipline there as well. And what you're going to do with the tailwind communities and how we can actually utilize it for your own good. All this and more is coming into this module so I can't wait to start. So without further ado, let's just go to the next lecture and let's just get it started. 21. Tailwind Scheduling Practical: So hello and welcome to the scheduling part of our best practices. So in this lecture we're going to go through the finding and scheduling the best pins for your tailwind scheduler. So without further ado, let's jump into computer because this is going to be a long lecture. Okay, we are here and we are going to start with the Pinto pinterest itself because we are dwelling e-tailing so much for so long that well, forget about Pinterest itself, which is a very bad things or we need to focus on those things. So in this lecture, we're going to find a bunch of pins for ourselves to repent. And here we're going to go and learn where to actually find those spins. First thing that you are going to use is, of course, your homepage. Basically wherever paints you're looking for is going to show the more pins and better pins at becuase gets going to give you a different designs. And for example, I'm going to go through right now. And because one of my pins are wars about the YouTube channel and YouTube creation, this is very interesting pin design to test. Remember one thing, you are repeating other peoples to test their designs. That is a very important thing to remember. You are not doing that, just, you're not doing this. Just to go and find a help other people to gain more exposure. It actually helps as well. This is a very good thing as well because more exposure UU, for other people, more other people will get exposure to you. But another thing that is the most important is to find out which design to work. For example, if you see this design and Oh, you like this one, I'm going to go and say a scheduled this pin for myself. I'm going to oppress the schedule and I'm going to go and save this for later. I'm not going to repeat it right now, but I know that I have this design for myself. And when I go down and I'm going to see a lot of great things right here. And what's more what you do right now is what you are doing this for is to find out which designs work for, for example, this one by Catherine manic by content bunk. She is a great YouTubers and great YouTube coach. So I'm going to go press scheduled for this one as well, just to see if her design works or not. Very simple, but yet very powerful design. It captures your attention. Let's go with something else. Let's go with this one to see if this one will work or not, as well known press schedule. And you don't see the tailwind popup right now because I'm capturing all the one we know, but I just I just say for later I'm not doing anything there. So what we're doing here is that we're finding designs for the pins that you create, for the type of content that you create, for the products that you create to find out which ones work the best. Because I'm already watching those type of pins. It shows you a chosen me in my home feed. But if it's not there, you can go and just search for them. For example, YouTube. And just search for YouTube word Youtube. Lets see what pops up on the for the word YouTube. I, there are a bunch of enemy issues that's actually very useful and how to get started on YouTube like this design probably works. Great because just pops up right there. And like how I used pictures, you make $2 thousand on YouTube. The very interesting, I'm going to press it and see how to work. And I'm gonna go and press schedule again, say for later to see the best designs that actually work. Try to find a design that you think will work. Chart to find them. Look for them, actively, look for those designs. Because remember, you are repeating other people's pins to test their designs. Not because you're a great person, we should probably are. But you are doing this t-test designs because when you find out the designs that will work, you can easily recreate this design for your blog post, or for your video, or for your website, whatever, or for a voyeur product, whatever that you want for an affordable if you want the product, let's go and search for t-shirts. Teachers, I don't know. Just go for the t-shirts and you see which t-shirts will pop up, which T-shirt design will pop up? Hi Alex. We'll see three T-Shirts every guy should own. And you can create a blog post on your website and then get people to your product, which is very great thing to have it. Because just putting teachers like that, yeah, you're going to get crushed by big brands. So you're going to do something like that. Remember, you should learn from other people. You Oh, of course, just create something for yourself as well. But why should I waste a lot of time on something that is already being done? A lot. Go and find those long. That's how you find pins on Pinterest. And other very interesting thing that you should focus on is trends. We're gonna go on Pinterest and press analytics and press trends because trends are very, very important, you need to find a trendy topic as well. It's actually a very recent addition to the Pinterest and it shows you the highest trending topics. But to search for trends as well, let's go for the YouTube. What's OTS training for the term YouTube? It actually shows you the trend is on the rise, which is very good. Usually it happens, it's a new year of the year, but it's actually on the rise like from the beginning of the year. But you can see what are the trending pens right here. And go and press the popular pens and actually the ones that you already pressed. It, it shows you the exactly the search term which is like highest clicked pins. As you can see, it's still swans right here. You can go and repeat those pins to see whether they work. They actually work already. If they are here, they already work. And you can actually recreate those designs and tried to recreate them on tailwind, create gravity. There is one thing Teller and create is not whole 40 manipulating software or the vector graphics software. So don't expect that you can replicate everything intelligent grade. It's not just how it works. So if you, if there's something that you cannot get on children create, replicated. But if there is something that you cannot replicate, like for example, if you cannot add P and uses on like that, you can actually do this, but it might be a bit lagging because you are adding this on our website. If you know how to use Photoshop or moral powerful software, I, for example, affinity for f in designer, Adobe Illustrator, whatever powerful software that you have, you can use them there as well. There's no shame in that. On the contrary, powerful software that you use will help you to grow more, recreate those pins. That's what you should do. It's where you can find your pins, is of course, your communities. This is a treasure trove of the pins. And Prof. plus, you can see how powerful they are by watching the fire mirror, the popularity meter on the top, you can always choose whatever pins that you want from here at two. In addition to everything, in addition to everything that you do, you're actually contributing to those communities as well. You are promoting their pins. You can go and find a bunch, a bunch of, bunch of Pais is you already joined the communities which you should have done already. You can just go and find a bunch of, a, bunch, bunch of, bunch of amazing pins right here. You can choose it from here and scheduling right from here as well. So basically if you're spending just a little bit of time, you can actually never run out of pins. You will always have pins available for you because there are thousands and thousands. Now, thousands is a very weak word there. Millions and millions of pins on pictures uploaded every day and tested what everyday. And you can test this spins for yourself at all as well, whether they work for you or not. And the question that some people ask is, what does testing mean? What does testing imply? Well, we'll upload your pin. You see its performance, you sees analytics, you can see it from the published posts or the tailwind insights wherever it is. You see how it performs, how many pressures and gets a mini saves it against how many clicks is gets. Whatever you want to achieve from those. If you want to achieve savings and clicks on close ups as well. If you see that this pin is getting a lot of clicks and saves and close ups. You want to recreate this. This is what testing means. If it performs, you're gonna give it some time. You're gonna give it one week, two week, one month. Usually. Usually one month is maximum that you can give it that way you can act upon it. Eventually it works after a month. You just immediately go and recreate it, but sometimes require more than a few months to go big and you just need to pay attention to all of your pages. You will see that one of your older pays back from year, those are suddenly started to blow up. You know that this design didn't work back then, but it works right now. And you can replicate this as well. Before we can continue, you need to concentrate on one thing is that number of pins, number of pins per day, how many pens should repeat? Because this is the question that people are asking like a lot of times, how many pins should you repeat? How many should pins two should be? Mind how many pins should be someone else's? How many should communities, et cetera, et cetera, back-and-forth and metaphors. The overall answer to this is there is no exact number because every individual is different. If I will tell you that you should you should pay at least 50 pins a day, but 50 bases. I'll tell you that you should pay net two is 20 pins a day. If you do all of them, yours, it's great. You will have only your pins, but most likely only your pins will not work because you are not tested or the patrons not pushing your content just yet, or etcetera, etcetera, you need to concentrate on variety of pins for that reason, what? There is a question, I'll bet you repay. Should there be how many committees? It doesn't matter exact numbers because it's going to be different for everyone. But if you want to numbers, then there, get it. You should always pin one of your pins every single day, at least once a day, you always should have everyday one of your pins every single day. It should be always there. One of the pins. Should be one of the spots on a schedule should be reserved for one of the, one of the pins every single day, you should always, et al, least repaint two to five pinks, 35. Every single day repeats depends that you have to chose from the petrous homepage or for whatever you do. And every single day you should repeat at least two to five community pits. You can actually replace the repeats from pitchers with the community paints. It does metadata interchangeable. But if you want to be very active in the community, use community pins to defy types today. That's a number that you want is the exact numbers you'd follow. Now, are there any exact numbers is you'd follow? No. If you want any guidelines which you can follow, they haven't. Now, let's continue with the ripening process. You should go and choose the board Spore the pins that you, that you are repeating. Let's go and choose the board. In this case, I'm going to go and find anything that is YouTube related. And we're gonna go with the YouTube growth right here. And what you can do actually is very interesting thing that people are overlooking. Again, Pin, same pin in a multiple boards. Why you should do this? Because this basically creates multiple instances of the same pin, which is very powerful feature where you should use this. You should always only use this on your pins. Never repent. Allow people spins in a multiple boards because why you should waste the space, your space on other people, wasted on yourself. Let's continue. I'm going to go and do the same thing here. Youtube growth integrals are the same. Here is YouTube growth. They are basically ready. I'm going to add all of them to q. O actually edit this one already. You see payable reconstituted into this one because it's if it has a yellow border around it, that means that it has been already added to the board. So I'm gonna go add it to your channel growth due to the queue and add to the queue. Now, we got to your own pains. And here you need to craft a description, get whatever you have from your content. I'm going to add it from my content. Now. I'm going to paste the description from my actual YouTube video from here. And yeah, description is full and you should focus on the keywords in description at all. That's important thing because whatever you like in entitle, you have a YouTube channel and description. You have a YouTube channel as well. Because people, people want to search for it, they need to find this easier. And actually forgot about usage of the key words. Use the words in your title and description. You want people to find your pin width. Always use this. There is no complicated things with their people. Use long-term keyword logo. Key keywords used a keyword or not being searched for a lot saturated or now use exact keywords, whatever exactly describes your pin, exactly word to word. Always use this. Now it's a very important part. Now in this case, I have nicknames, Nixon whiteboard created for myself. It will actually pin this board, pin, this pin in four different boards. How great is this? Where this is don't go with the alot of pores because Pintos will count this as a spam. And what you will do afterwards or what almost always is used interval, press optimized and have at least seven day interval. Because if you go closer than that, it's actually going to be problematic. Don't go with the closer the net change internal settings go to seven heads up painting in the image or save nutritionally. But basically, it says that Pinterest will actually most likely we'll use distribution and block. You have at least seven days. If you go with a more IF what to go more? Yeah. Why not? Why not? Several, not oftentimes LOD score from an optimize set interval and use the same settings on everything. But what we basically did is we transformed five pins into 20 paints. That's what we did. We transport pins into 20 pins and you can see it actually shows you the drafts where they will be located. So the same pins. It's one of them. This is one of them is this actually, I should have actually changed subcultures, but yeah, why not? We're just going to test this and it's actually going to add this into a bunch of, bunch of different boards with different, as you can see, like this one right here, this base right here are actually pays the level I was posted weeks ago. And now it's going to repeat it, reported it again and again and again and again. Now next thing, you're not done yet. You're not done yet. You already are not gonna press scheduled right now. You want to put, put your pins to the community and oppressed community right here. You're gonna choose, usually you're gonna want to choose the one that you think are looking at the best in this case, I'm going to press this one and add to communities. And yeah, always add to communities that are published because it's still not scheduled. So you're going to want to do this. I'm going to compress all of them because I'm going to want to use this app, use this space for myself, and that's it. I'm going to always try to choose only one pin for the communities because people, people, you're going to see this. Now. Next is smart loop. Ignore it. You don't need to do this. And you have a Facebook page that if you want to promote this pin two or if you have a Twitter that you want to promote this pin to you, you can, of course, at this, if you are, I don't use this because I prefer to use native content everywhere. A lot of people actually using this. I don't. If you want to do this, if you want to do this, you can really use this. No words go for it. That's basically it. You all introduce and press schedule old drafts and now it will fill up your schedule. Let's wait until it's done. And yet, as you can see, it already filled up the schedule like all the way to the February, I think. Yeah. It just divided into a bunch of different parts. And like I'm doing this in January and it went full on and posted a bunch of pins. You months, few weeks ahead. And as you can see, we just five pins and managed to fill up 20 slots. What do you need to focus on is that invokes on fully feeling all of the scheduled parts at least once a day, you need to have at least one pin at era, for example, this a spot is empty for me and I need to put some pins right there, and I will of course. But overall, you fill up all the pins that you have. If you feel like a number of the pins are way too much and you are not keeping up with it. But you unify pins a day, you should keep up the crazy number. There's no shame in that. Don't worry about that. Decrease the number has three pins a day. Feel like you cannot do this, have two pins a day like that and one peanut eight, but don't go lower than one pin at a unique, Keep your Pinterest account active as much as possible to get as many people as possible to your patrons profile? Well, this was another long one. And yeah, I guess I tried to explain what I'm doing with telework schedule. And this will help you to find a lot of pins and have as many your pins as possible into multiple different boards just to have as much reach as possible. Plus, we are incorporated here committees as well. And assignment for this lecture is to schedule your paste of fill up your schedule, your next schedule based on the recommendations that we gave in this lecture. This will be for this lecture. Let's go to the next one. 22. Conclusion: You did it. You finally did it. You are here, you managed to go through the entirety of this tailwind course. I'm really proud of you and thank you for going through this with me. But please don't forget that this course is not just videos. I'm here for you and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly and ask me any questions that you want. And now we'll gladly answer them. And again, if you want an amazing deal from tailwind, don't forget to check the lecture after this, the bonus lecture, Andrew member, use tailwind as a tool for your creativity. You use it as a tool to expand your productivity and don't expect it to do things for you. But because at the end of the day, you are the star of your pictures profile. Act like one. This will be it for this course. And I really hope to see you in the next one all the best and take care. 23. Bonus: Amazing Tailwind Offer: So hello and welcome to our bonus lecture. This is the last lecture. That means you've probably gone through the entire course already. But if you haven't, don't worry, this will not hinder you in any way, shape, or form. On the contrary, it will help you. And this lecture will be all about giving you an amazing deal that tailwind is giving only to you. My students. And with this offer, all of my students, as a matter registered that tailwind already or not, we'll get $30 of free tail with credit. That means that you can spend $30 for absolutely free on any tailwind service that you want. And this offer expense to everyone. We're just registered until we'd or for anyone who has never paid on tailoring. This is the website where you can grab this offer and the link will be in a description of this lecture. So if you want to follow everything that we've done in this course at once, you do it for absolutely free, this is the way to do that. So if you have finished the course already, Congratulations on that, end on getting the sweet, sweet deal. And if you haven't, I'll see you back in a class. Take care. 24. Tailwind Class Project: Hello and welcome back and congratulations on finishing your entirety of the tailwind course. As always, we are going to have one final assignment or other class projects for you where on skill share After all, we need to have a class project despite having a small assignments on all of our lectures here is overall the biggest class project for you to show off what you learned in this class. So I want you to create a tailwind witnessed schedule with at least five pins a day. And I want you to fill it up entirely. It can be with your own pins down through tailwind created, can be read pins, or it can be the community pins. It doesn't matter. It needs to be fooled for an entire week. I want you to take a screenshot of your full entire week schedule and post it here to show that you actually are taking action, which is the most important part of any learning experience. This will be it for this class. Thank you for being here with me and I hope to see you in our future classes. Take care.