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Ultimate Guide for Pinterest Growth For Beginners and Advanced

teacher avatar Nick Nyxson, YouTuber & Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (4h 23m)
    • 1. Introduction To Course

    • 2. What is Pinterest

    • 3. Account Creation

    • 4. Claim & Rich Pins

    • 5. Profile Setup

    • 6. Boards Setup

    • 7. Board Population

    • 8. Creation of Pins

    • 9. Introduction to Tailwind

    • 10. Scheduling Your Pins

    • 11. Smartloops

    • 12. Tribes

    • 13. Maintaining Growth

    • 14. Never Run Out Of Pins

    • 15. Maintenance Routine

    • 16. Establishing Brand Authority

    • 17. Applications

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About This Class

In this extensive and detailed class, you will learn everything that you need to know about Pinterest, including creation, growth and application

This course is made for complete beginners, however, there are huge amounts of information for advanced users as well. 

Class includes:

  • Pinterest profile creation;
  • Setup;
  • Pin creation;
  • Repining strategies;
  • Scheduling;
  • Automation;
  • Weekly Routines
  • And many more.

All these from a Pinterest expert that did exactly what he taught in the course.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nick Nyxson

YouTuber & Content Creator


My name is Nick and I specialize in Online Business, Content Creation, and Teaching. I mainly focus on YouTube Channel building, Pinterest Growth, Livestreaming with OBS Studio (Streamlabs OBS), LumaFusion Mobile Video Editing & Much More other tools & Services to achieve your goals.

Join me and learn an amazing software for content creation and let's create amazing content together. For any questions, do not hesitate to ask, I am always available for help, any time, any day.

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1. Introduction To Course: so hello and welcome a chew of the Pin Heroes Course. My name is Nick Nickson, and I will be your instructor for this scores. I'm a Pinterest user for pretty long time now, and I'm pretty sure I know a lot of things about pictures that I can teach you to make your picture just blow up and be incredibly incredibly powerful tool for your social media marketing for just spreading your word of whatever reason you want to rich as bigger audience as possible, depending on your niche off course. And be as a news at this powerful, pro Pinterest platform as effective as possible. You will learn a lot of things in this course because this is an extensive course which more than four hours long and I will teach you basically everything that I know about a Pinterest and how to use it as effectively as possible. I hope you like this course and you'll enjoy this course because actually enjoyed making it . And I hope you really, really love it. Thank you. And see there 2. What is Pinterest: so hello there. And welcome to the lecture to off our courses can see we've finished with lecture one, which was the introduction to the course. And we're going to go to a dead election to which is simply called What is Pinterest eso you might like? We know what Pinterest is. Uh, that's why we're here. Yes, but in order to understand everything coming to you, you need to refresh your memory. And who knows most likely you will learn something new before we'll go That we're going to answer this question. What is Pinter's trying to answer it. Yours yourself, part of the video. And take a few minutes to answer this question. Do you know what Pinter's even is? And most likely that you will not know the exact answer for this. So yeah, just take your time. So if you did that Thank you and welcome back. So let's continue eso here. I will be giving information about Pinterest as well as very interesting statistics. Pinchers? Is that what is Pinterest? Okay, let's go to the Pinterest itself. Pinterest is a social network. That brain effect focused on sharing content like articles and less on individuals So what ? Basically it is. It is a book marking platform world. You go to different websites, bookmark different images there and just visually represent links that you have been to that distant. This is what it is. Actually, it's a visual representation off links from collection off links that you can put on a different sites. And it does not focus on individuals on elect other social platforms like Facebook, instagram, Twitter or any other blood platforms. It merely focuses on content itself, not the personalities. You will really see any Pinterest stars or Pinterest influencers because they're not. Not any is. You can see I'm using my face on my Pinterest, but it's all about my content. It's all about what I share with you, not would not. What who I am. So okay, let's continue with this trend. So this is a huge for any online business because it opens the gate. Two huge number off audience that can be utilized for business growth and sales was really important as well. There's the fact that Pinterest is search engine as well, which allows another way off getting people to view your content. That basically means that Pinterest works not as just a social media platform but a search engine as well. Meaning that the S your rules will count here as well. If you don't know what s CEO is s u is search engine optimization. And this is how you make basically your content appear on Google. Google is s CEO. Go use as you as well, and we're going to learn a bit of a seal here as well to make your content to come out on Ah Pinterest as well also, But when people are searching your content, they would see your content. So we're gonna continue now with a Pinterest and I'm gonna give you a little bit off interesting facts about pictures that you will find Interesting. Thank Thank God. Um, my face is not covering anything here. So a send off 2018 250 million people are using pictures every month. Imagine this number que 150 million people who have access to all of those people and what I did here and what I achieved here with my Pinterest. As you can see right here with one million people, that means that I have a little less than 1/2 percent, but still quite a huge number off these people already having access to you and you can do that too. There's a huge number that you can achieve and you can reach and imagine 250 million people , passionate people, which are actually very, very, very passionate and very well, very narrow. Focus. They know exactly what they're looking for on interest on Entered on Pinterest you can accept you can have an access to this very, very, very targeted audience in the relative ease, which is huge. Another thing that is very interesting is that more than huff, more than half of Pinterest users are women. Did you know that? And in fact, to prove you that this fact I'm going to show you one very interesting thing that two people this fact I'm going to show you my analytics, my audience inside store You would understand actually how many women are using on pinchers ? This the gender you see? This is the gender graph 72% off ewers on my painters account is women are women 72% let it sink in. That's wide. Women are so popular on Pinterest. Women are using the Pinterest extensively. And if you know what's if you know any information about your viewers, which gender is that? Quite a huge information you can have very targeted and you would understand very targeted pence for this exact group. Females are huge on Pinterest. So that's this is the very interesting fact that you will need to use in order to success or to have to have a successful Pinterest account the next. The interesting thing is that pitchers users are 10 times more likely to make a purchase on pinchers than from Facebook. This is huge news. All you wake up income owners can utilize the audience to drive your sales beyond disguise . This is this is a huge thing. There's a very huge thing. You're have distended people are going toe pinchers toe, actually make purchases, and you can use and utilizes thing to drive your sales for your own line business. What? This is what I do, actually, that this is what helps me to make my living. But it's But this course is not about the making money on pictures. It's all about growing painters because when you have this huge audience. The having making money from it is pretty easy, actually, and we talked about search engine. It's a search engine as well, which, which is huge thing that can be utilized for our success. And it is pretty simple platform. It's very beginner, friendly to understand. Coming from Facebook and Instagram, which which we have pretty complicated compared to the Pinterest pictures, is very easy to understand, to use for the for the user perspective. That's what people are using it that much. It's very easy. It's all about Coach a link. Say that our article Go back, Save the searcher one of your boards and that's it. No groups, no pages, no, no liking different likes and each other. It's It's far less complicated than that. And that's why a lot of people are jumping on board with pictures. A lot more and more people are using. I talked about 250 million Ah, by then 2018. But by the April 2 2019 uh, I think I've read somewhere that it's, Ah, what's over 300 million. Now it's Ah, 290 million, I think. But it is growing rapidly. It's growing and I'm pretty sure that we are going to re trump interests. Pretty soon we're gonna rich in a 1,000,000,000 market like Instagram a Twitter and Facebook are doing so. Just jump on board right now so you would have this piece of pie for yourself. All that is Pinterest. And no matter what business you're running there, there is a very high chance that it will become an integral part off your marketing campaign. This Ah well, this will be it basically for today. And I hope this you This was a pretty interesting facts for yourself. And I hope it helped you to understand on it, understand what actual Pinterest is and get into more like substance of painters, which we're gonna touch in later lectures as well. Ah, in the next lectures will start with an account creation and will make our first steps towards your pinchers. Domination is thank you for being here and see you in the next lecture. 3. Account Creation: so hello again and welcome Teoh the lecture. Three off our model one off our pain, our heroes. And in this lecture, we will create your painters account to make all of the steps more clear. I will do all the steps we do. You are, before we'll stand a 12 make a very important distinction. What will be making now is pinchers a business account. Eso why a business and not the regular account? The business account is different than personal account with a few things, and I'm going to show you this a few things that are actually different. Let's go into the differences. Yeah, that's this is a bit too are simple, but it's the simplified version of how the business and personal accounts are different. First is analytics and business account gives you detailed analytics off your pins and helps you decide on what to concentrate mawr and watch to ignore. This is a huge thing because it allows you to basically a be tasked to your pence and get the best results. Ah, with them and find out the best layout that works for you. Plus, it can give you a dynamic picture off how your pains are working in time, which extremely different. They're difficult, extremely important for your business to understand what actually works again and what doesn't work. This can be at difference between making huge sales and make ignore cells at all. That man, for that matter, is, can the difference between driving a huge amount of traffic to whatever the weapons you want to not driving traffic at all? Another important thing. Um, the important difference between personal and the business account is the availability off adds, unfortunately, own personal accounts in the regular personal accounts. Ah, the ads are not available. Um, and for business account ads are actually available. I don't myself use ads on Pinterest all off the things off. The Pinter's growth that have done on my Pinterest is done through a regular growth. It's all or their organic traffic. But if I used ads, probably I could gain way mawr than I did now. But I just This is just good option to be left with eso if you want to use, Pinterest adds. I think the business account is, of course, is the way to go. You can put purchase and ads and just go however big you want with your budget if you have no budget Still, there is no problem. All the things that I'm teaching you in this course is targeted towards creating your Pinterest growth without any money spent or at least with a small money spent. Because we were you need you may need. Actually, this is not 100% necessary, But you may need to spend just a little bit of money to just fuel or your growth just a little bit. But But know what? We're going all organic here. So, uh, another thing that is where important is the layout. Ah, when you go ah, to the Pinterest, I will showed like on my pictures. You're going to basically get this layout with the business account, look separate board separate pains and which looks pretty nice. The people would understand that it's more friendly for the individuals to get watch what this pain. But there was. This Pinterest is all about the regular personal brand press. Personal pictures is not getting this type of layout which eyes more concentrated on the pins themselves rather than on boards and everything else on ah activity on followers did this. This isn't personal. Account is not concentrated on that. So Ah, you know what? What? We're gonna do our enough talking. I'm just gonna go and create Ah Pinterest account with you. You can follow me the steps and see, although just go step by, step with me. Or just you can wait till I finished with my pictures account creation and then do it yourself. I'm having that. I haven't done the actually ventures account creation since I created my pictures count few months ago. But still, I'm pretty sure I can make a Pinterest account without any problems. So let's start with this one. I'm gonna create So first things first, I'm going to do it on my incognito tab because I because my have my own Pinterest account open there. So we're going to go to Pinterest dot com here? No, I don't wanna So we're gonna go to Pinterest. Dad, come here and you're going to see this picture on the Pinterest Pinterest dot com. Of course, I will show you everything every single link in the description off the lecture, so you just compress and just go without in problem. So you would not make any spelling because you probably know what power power to get Two pictures that common, short looking, learning this course. But if you don't know a problem as well Oh, I'm gonna do that for you. As you can see, this is how you enter but your Pinterest account you can go with a Facebook with Google or just just right Ah, email and password just to go within your Pinterest. But you see, there was one single button that we need to pay attention to, and this is the create business account. We're gonna press this one because we're we all. All of you can just quit personal account and transform your personal accounts later. Ah ah, woe. Ah, I can show you this information as well later. But for now, we're gonna concentrate on creating brand new account. So let's go to the great business account. And as you can see all the transformers that you don't have an excess with Facebook or with your Google accounts, that's it. So we're gonna create account. Our email is not This one is. Our email is peeing hero. I've been here of the German that come as a password will have. Ah, no one. Okay, let's go with this one is a random password. We're gonna create an account that's great account. After that, just center your email or and all your password. Okay? We're gonna choose your language in the country. You're gonna go with English us, and we're gonna go. This is, by the way, this is my country. Georgia. We're gonna choose United U S United States, or is United States of the United States of eyes. It doesn't actually matter with which country you choose for yourself, but probably just choosing United States no matter where you are, just would be the best option press next. Ah, you're gonna give your business profile and name eso. We're gonna continue with naming, getting next lectures. But let's call it for now, peeing heroes being carols. It's for me. You will call it whatever you want. And we're gonna return to the naming off your actual profile later. And we're going to use a mobile version of Pinterest as well. For that for some reasons that I will tell you the next lectures. But let's continue with this right now. We can return to any of this later. And it's not a problem. Did we just need to go through it? Okay. What What are your business goals? This sexually? Not important for now. So we're gonna just press skip because we don't need that. Ah, link to a website. Well, again, we don't need that. So press later, we're gonna do it later. Ah, you can claim your instagram, your etc. And your YouTube accounts you. If you have instagram, etc. And you two becomes that you want to work with your Pinterest that are highly, highly recommend you to do that, distress the claim and just continue with whatever it will show you this extremely simple. You don't need to It actually see these things I'm gonna press just later, um, we'll be running. Ah adds own pay. Just gonna prices? I'm not sure yet. Not a problem. So choose a topic. You know, you're going to choose just one topic that you want to go with. I'm gonna choose just a random topic. Let's go with an education. I'm just done. It will just give you It will just help you to create your first to give your first recommendation. So get your you to show you as well to, ah, get a browser button. That will be easier for you to save your pain in the ideas for the later I am not using. Actually Ah, for myself. But you can do it. You can just press get it now and it will just install the browser extension for you. It will just have a pin it button on every picture that you will see or your chrome browser . But problem maybe you are not using Chrome browser or so I'm just gonna press skip on. Basically, that is it. You have now created your own Pinterest account That this is just is just showing you that you can just upload your pins. We're not. We're just not gonna do that. They're gonna press home and that's it. Did you have your put your own Pinterest account? This is as simple as that. This extremely simple toe create your own pictures business account. It's not a problem we can. We can see that have settings. Here. Everything is created without a problem. You have your user name. Ah have, like account settings and everything is simply working. They have your own Pinterest account without a single single problem. Plus, as you can see, we have an analytics putting here which is not available for the personal accounts. So this is extremely useful for us. So ah, so got this will be its for ah to day. Ah, this is how you actually create Ah, your Pinterest account. Or, if you want, just go to directly to the business account. You just go to business that painters dot com You don't need that actually anymore, because in the past ah, you would need to go to that website to register for your business pinchers. Accounting Now just press created business account and that's it. It's not a problem. So this will be eat for ah to Dave. Ah, that's all you need to know about creating a registering your Pinterest's business account in the next lecture will learn how to claim your website for your Pinterest and how to apply for their ridge pains again. Pictures doesn't like like to hurry, so wait a bit at least until next lecture before making any additional. Ah, steps, though, say thank you again for addition and see you in the next lecture. Pick your 4. Claim & Rich Pins: so hello again and welcome to the lecture on number four. And without further ado Ah, let's probably just jump right into it. Injured now that were created. A Pinter's business account will claim the website with your account and apply for their rich pins. Our before will continue. I would like Teoh, say that this step can be done in any moment after the creation off your a Pinterest account so it can be done right now and can be away letter. But if you do do it now, we will not have to do to later. And because we're trying to reach as many viewers as possible as soon as possible, will do it all right. And now So basically it means that will claim our website right now. So before you will get into the ah claiming itself, let's go to the definitions and to what claiming is and when the rich pains are. Ah, basically, Pinterest is because the Pinterest is a website over a social network, off links and off the book marking different content on Internet. For the business account it requires for you toe have a website. So if you want to basically succeed with your pens and drive people traffic to your website . You need to have a website. So if you don't have website, then go and create a website for itself. You can go and create a website on the blue host. Ah, I will just drop Ah links down below. I have a website claim your domain and we'll just after that will connect a domain to you're pinchers account here. So basically what disclaiming man here is a short explain incrimination. Claiming on Pinterest means proving to the platform That means onto the painters that the website is yours or any other social media accounts that we that we did that we saw before , like with instagram and with the tube and with that See, So this means that you are actually a business that you want to actually run at business on Pinterest and it means that you actually want to will gain a lot of traffic to your website . So if you don't have a website, that how you where do you want to drive traffic to? So that means that you need to have a website in this case, Um, if you want to again to get a website that would suggest Go and get to the It's from a blue hose dot com. I'll have a link in description down below. Eso you just go and get that. As for the rich pins, rich pins are actually specific type of pence. I don't know if I can show you it here. I will go to the overview to get and show you the rich pins. Oh, no, I don't think it's. And it's not going with, Ah, the new ah analytics dashboard. Let's go and show you some Ah, some of the pains. And, you know, can I show this one? Okay? They have so many pins that I probably cannot find which ones are the Richmond? So which pains, basically, are the pens that contain more information about Penn itself? It's dry, gets the traffic, gets information that mattered that information from the website itself, where it's tied to. So basically against more information and Ford. For that reason, it gains more traction because Pinter's knows mawr about that pain and so it can advertise . I can say organically, organically eat or mawr. So that's why you need rich pains, because rich pains are getting farm or views and far more traction than, ah, regular pince So we're gonna do and make them right now. So again, you need a website to do that. And I'm going to show or you just an example. I'm not gonna claim anything here because I have claimed for my account and for the new account. I don't have another website to claim it, but I will show you how to do that. And you want. If you can, you can just, ah, record this one. Just bookmark this lecture and returning to later. If you don't have a website again, you don't actually need ah to do it right now. But the quicker the faster you do it, the better it is for you. So let's get to this one. Let's get to the countries that were created. I didn't do anything here. I I left it as it was by the end of the previous lecture. So it gives It gives you a huge bottom of claim your website. If you could just go press, this one will just go to the clinic, a website. But we're gonna choose a little bit longer route for that. So we're gonna press these three dots right here. Presidents one and press settings. We're going to get to the settings here, and we're going to go to the claim button here. Go to the claim and we are going Teoh, enter your you're going to enter your website. In this case, let's go with the pain Heroes heels hero dot com Let's say that we have a website. These were claiming this website. What we're gonna do is press claim right here, and we have options to do two things you can at an HTML tag or upload in html file what's different between them? HTML tag is just a string of code that is specific on Lee for your pictures profile. Just you just can't upload it. Your website upload as a code or type in a code, and the pictures will look for it and find out that it is actually your Pinter's, the Your Website. Or you could just upload a specific file that pictures will give to you upload your website to the root directory. Ah, this is a bit different, Difficult, A bit difficult. So for that reason, if you're starting and if you don't know a lot about website. Just I would go with suggest and add an age name of tactics. Press this one right here. And as you can see, it gives you like this during off code. So remember this one. Do not blow this one, and I will show you own the example off my website here. So what we have here? This is the dashboard war price dashboard for my website to hear from zero dot com. And this is old information that I have here. And what you need to do is to download this plug in for your website Yost s CEO. If you don't know how to do that, I will just ah, maybe drop a YouTube video for you to do that. I would probably recorded YouTube video as well. Just for you to understand if you don't. If you don't know how plug ins work for the airport press, I will just make it for you outside of the course. Ah, but you can just go Go it. And it's extremely simple. So I I didn't think that it was necessary for the course here, but if you need it, I will just just Ah, drop me a text and I will just drop you some links where you can find out exactly how to add bludgeons who need this plug in Yost s CEO and just go to ah, the CEO options here after the after install it. You shouldn't. You can just go to this plug in This plug in is extremely useful, So I would suggest you to install it. Ah, whether you're using it with Pinterest are not very useful. Plug in after that. You are going to the social button right here. And as you can see ah went to load. Of course you have these accounts Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. They're going to go to the Pinterest right here. As you can see, I have I haven't told my code. Our blood is out. Of course. Is we blurred out for me and we are going to go again Back to the Pinterest. Back to the our Pinterest's Because we have this code is well remembered. This one And you, you're gonna copy this card code right here, Control. See, I'm going to show you just that competed copy and just go and just paste it right here. I will not do that right now because my code is actually well, I have ah installed it so I don't need that. Actually, press save changes right now on the Pinterest. We just press next year and interests will say that uh, did you tell Check up to two days. It will take up to two days to check for your You know what we give us? We're just gonna press this one. Yeah, as you can see. Ah, well said to just we'll check. Ah, your met attack in the next 24 hours. That's it. That's it. It's gonna depress. Submit and that's it. They're gonna check if you have this met attack installed on your website because you're used. A CEO was doing this for you. It will just install it in the places that you need. I actually took a lot longer route before to do that with my website. So thankfully, you will not have to do that for yourself. This will be it. Ah, you lived for 24 hours and you just receive it email that you have claimed your website and your website. You will get in your setting something like that, I will show you You're gonna get so something like that that it's already being claimed to conceal have claimed my instagram as well. I don't have clean my YouTube, so we'll climate YouTube as well in the future. So that will be it. This is This is extremely simple to claim your website with the rich pants, it's a bit more difficult. You need to actually have some content on your ah Pinterest. You don't have some content. You need to have some content with metadata and sold. So if you have a used A CEO, we just continually create Europe first block post or whatever, do we? Whatever it is, I just have anything just typed in here and there. Just you have first block. Then what you do is you are going to this a website which is called the rich pains validator for the pictures to just just type of Google recipients validator. And you're just going to go to the website and after that, when you have your first ah block post, you are going to put your book when you can see I have I have used this one in the past like that will just show is an example. I will not to do anything. Ah, how to set up a website with a blue wholesome or war press, by the way. Yeah, Thankfully, I just realized I have a new information on how to set up your website on my on my website so I can just drop you link and just go and got all the information you want from there. So you're welcome. Ah, you're just gonna press validate here and that's it. They're gonna validate that you have actually website in your We have actually content for your website and they can just pull a content from the website pulled in information from you upside and that's it. That's gonna be the this old in need to do with the rich pants that that's basically it. It may sound a difficult in the beginning and daunting. It was difficult for me to understand what what it actually was. Ah, but thankfully I've dig dig a lot of resources. Let's find out because unfortunately, for some reason, they're not really good explanations for everything on one place. So this was probably one off the reasons why I created a discourse. So this will be it. Ah, again, you. If you haven't done, if you do this Ah, in the beginning off before you will do anything or with the Pinterest account it will be better. But if you do not do it before everything, it's not a problem as well. This Elektra, for I will just market electro for is ah good for you to do as soon as possible. But if we will not do it, it will not be problematic as well. Just take into the consideration. So Ah, now that you have claimed your website and applied for the rich pants, you can start populating your account with the content and start the really work. So basically, what we're gonna do in lecture five is we're going to start with the profile set up and just learn everything that you need to do on profile before Actually, you will populate it with the content. So we'll start a real work now. This was all the preparations before. Even will do anything with our profile. Now we're going to do a profile and the next modules, we're going to start with an actual work with Pinterest now. So this real bids for today again. Please do not hurry. Do not rush Pinterest. This Pinterest is not like to rush. Pinterest is a different type of social media platform that takes a lot off time. So just take your time, relax and just do it like once a day, once every two days. After that, it requires a slow start. Each will gain some speed. Don't worry, when you're started toward when you start to work and you're gonna start seeing views and people and followers and just go on and Mawr and the more and more this speed is gonna increase, increase and increase off at the beginning. Do not rush. Just stay calm. Stay cool. And I'm going to see you in the next lecture. Yeah. 5. Profile Setup: so hello again and welcome to the lecture. Five more do one. This will be the last lecture for this module and will be wrapping up this module and with all the things that we learned. So in this lecture, we will be create setting up your profile. So now we are getting to the business, actually doing some stuff on injuries rather than around it. So this lecture is very important. So play So please pay very close at attention. I will show you hear everything that we're gonna dio on this Ah Pinterest profile based on my Pinterest, I want to show you like that. Ah, yeah, based on my Pinterest account and I'm gonna tell you what you're gonna need, what you need to do and how you are going to do that. So let's get to the lecture itself. So we're gonna divide this profile set up into two parts. First we're gonna plan, which we're going to do, and then we're going to implement every single thing that we did. So this is gonna be to part action. A zai can say eso Yeah, let's get to the business. So let's go to the planning itself. So think off this. Three things before you will start first is your profile name? What's your gonna be called? As you can see, I am here called Nick Nickson and bunch of other stuff after that. So don't think about this one. The first thing about this one what you're gonna you what name you're going to use? Are you going to use your own name? Just your simple Ah, first name or you're going to use some of nicknames, which, what you're gonna your brand name, what you are going to use it is what you're going to promote in my case, because I'm promoting on my personal brand. I gave my personal brand name there in the very beginning. So think about that. You can write anything you want as your profile name. You can write John Jack like Ah, whatever the name you want is it's not a problem. Just you need to think about what you're going to promote the first names. The first words you're typing there in the name of your Pinterest, is the thing that you are going to promote on the Pinterest. So just be very insightful and very careful. how you choose that? Just plant had Think about what you're gonna use. Second is picture and cover. So what are the picture and pro cover picture is basically this. Ah, this your profile picture picture is your profile picture right here. And the cover is basically whatever the board you choose to, like, put on the cover off. You're a profile. This is just the surrender, um, pins from my board. So don't think too much about the cover for now, But just have a some understanding of how your cover will look. So means what colors you will use. What color? All colors will be based around your pin. So as you can see, my pins are more or less around Belushi colors right here on my boards. But it's all around the place. So just think about what kind of colors you will use for your Ah, basically, for your Kaur s for the profile picture. Uh, you have a few choices there. You can go with your personal brand logo or just any other logo that you want. But what I suggest is to use your own picture. No, just choose a little bit more a last good pictures of people would understand that they're dealing with an individual, not with some brand somewhere around there, just just an individual, the person that is sharing at the pen so that this will make more personal and easier for them to follow you. But again, following Kier is not really important because, more important is getting a lot of views from the people. So the next thing that you need to think about its description is how you were explaining what your profile is all about, as you can see in my case, is Hi, my name is Nick. I can guide you to journey to freedom. Here you learned everything you need to start successful on land business that now and be free, short and to the point. People would come here and understand that this is all about creating online business. So it's extremely simple and extremely understandable for anyone who is just doing their stuff so people would know exactly what they're dealing with. So just think about the description. Very short description, very short, very concise description just to give the idea When people are coming to your pictures profile, so do they would understand who you are and what she do. Very short, very concise. This is all we're going to do in a planning page. And after this planet, where do you think everything that you need, you're going to go to the implementation tips. So first thing you will need to think this This is covering my face, covering some of the stuff. But I will, I will tell you anyways. First thing that you will need to do is to read, register your name on the mobile phone. Why? Because when you're registered in your name on the computer, you are limited to 30 characters on Lee right here. As you can see, there's a lot more than the 30 characters. And as you can see in my naming, what I do you use as well is ah, a bunch of key wars that people might search, as you can see is there is my name first, my own personal name, personal brand name. This is my one of my brains names that are my one of my main brands that I used that I'm getting people to the web site itself and this is all about and this I'm explaining all about what my Pinterest is about. So passive income, social media, blogging and more so people would get and see only name. And they would understand exactly what what I'm talking about. Then they're gonna read a description and that get more information people would know. You need to make people understand what you are about what you are, what value are giving them. So for that reason, you need quite a lot of text. Quite a lot of space and heavy 30 characters only is not nearly enough. But for some reason when you're using a Pinterest mobile up, I will show you just from the phone when you're getting a Pinterest mobile app. For some reason that there's this Is this the Pinterest mobile app? Exactly the same profile open there. For some reason, you are able to nip to use not 30 characters, but you D characters for your own brand profile name, which is extremely huge thing. So this is almost triple the amount of characters you can use to register your name. Just use it. Just name your name, your profile, whatever you want. Just first name like used or 30 characters then download Pinterest Mobile app for your phone and change the name from there. That's it. Just add some additional words. I'm additional characters that you want. Use all of it. Use all 80 characters or as close as possible. Just do not just wait some spaces with full stops and commas and like exclamation marks or something. Just use all the words on all the letters and necessary. Use all 80 81 of them. Just use them. Not everyone all the way, the all 80 off them. Why this idea? Say anyone Okay? Well, 80 of them use it because it will make easier for people to find your profile. For example, when people are topic passive incoming search bar, your proposed profile will pop up there as well. Begin your pins were pop up. There is a because Pinter's will know that your account is about passive income or whatever you are making your Pinter's about. It can be about fitness came out about food, Whatever it is, pictures will know that this is what your profile is about, and they're the It's going to show the pins mawr To those people who are searching for the names, then he's going to check as well. What pin descriptions are what's on the pin and when they will see that. Okay, PIN descriptions said that it's a passive income. Ah, pen, then pin description, description and names that both of them says it's the same. The pin itself has a taxed with the passive income description and the profile itself in the name has passive incomes. This is exactly what the person is looking for. So I'm going to show this dude this person. So that's how pinchers were said. That's why how what you need to utilize. And for that reason, you need to use all 80 letters of them. For some reason. Ah, people does not know about this mobile naming exploit. So let's hope that this will not get it has changed soon, so just use it as as soon as possible to register your name on the mobile. Ah, next again, use your own photo and or brand logo for my case. I'm using my own photo because it's around my own personal brand. It's built around me, so it's it's me then my other brands, like my businesses and then everything else so it's me in the center. So in my case, I'm doing it around me so that for that reason, I am using my own personal photo. I suggest you to do that as well, because it makes the profile mawr personal and it makes more humane, more human. And people are like more color closer related to such type of profiles than just some names around there. Because it's like you are collecting these things for the people to give them advice, not just to sell something. And for that reason, people are trusting ume or because because they know that it is a person, an individual at some not nameless corporation around behind the profile. So for that reason, how highlights just to use your own profile, just get some great picture. Not not. Do not do duck face selfie. Just be a professional. Get some professional look and drop. Drop this profile picture Ah, here on Pinterest and what's written here is you some keywords in the description a Z can see. My main key word here is online business and being free journey to freedom. This is this some some like yours that I use because I didn't want. I didn't use them in my naming. So for that reason, I'm using all available space that I can to drop as many cures as possible. Remember that Pinterest is not just a social media platform. Pinterest is actually a search engine as well as you can see. This is this right Here is search engine. So it she is having the same rules A Xeni other s CEO. So you can just use and the name Ah, whatever you want. Just just to make it easier to search. Ah, one thing that you can do the remember please remember that that you can You need to try to make your profile resemble my profile as close as possible. But do not outright copying because Pinterest ah does not like that. And because I don't like that and you will most likely get banned for this because pictures is very roost. Ruthless with bands is there. They're very, very careful with the rules. So just don't call it read. Copy everything. Just think of something for yourself and just make it look like like like this. It should look like this. So use my layout and adapted to yours. It's not that hard and all. You need to have it just a little off imagination. Ah, setting a profile is very important because this is what makes people follow you. And when you and people follow you, they more likely share pence s o do it first. Well, that will be it for the module. One heroes s o. I hope you like that. And let's just sum it up. Some of everything that we got went through and just give a little bit of over You're just a few words. So what do we have now? Let's sum it up. So we have. Now we have Familiarize yourself with Pedro's platform. You know what pictures is you created and set it up your account. Set up your account. If you did everything that I said in your in this lecture now and if you did not skip it, you have claimed your website. So if you did skip it, just do it as soon as possible. Uh, preferably before we'll get to the boards. So now the actual war starts model chew or will be all about The continent will learn all about content. Population. This model will be extremely important because this because if this morning was a basement for everything model, you will be the first floor in there. We learned board set up in creation and board population, which are the three very important things. But probably it's it's almost everything from for painters. After that, we will have a great proper profile, which can be easily followed by anyone. So stay tuned and we will meet each other into module to again. You have any questions before we'll get before we'll get to module to just drop the questions? Whatever. It's comfortable for you and down below on this score. Facebook, whatever you want. Just tell me. Drop me a question and I will help you. Just Teoh, prepare everything for at this step. Now, the model to off this off course because you will need to be prepared for that. We will need to do all this stuff and the model one before your go to model to just to maximize your efficiency. It will not do everything before. Yeah, it can still work for you, but this will just make a bit longer. Maybe a lot longer to continue to grow. So stay tuned for the lecture. One off module to and I'm going to see you there. Take care 6. Boards Setup: Okay. Hello again and welcome to the murder. You a two off our pin heroes, of course. And in this module will. So we focus on the content itself. This will not be any a theoretic knowledge anymore. This will go all full on practical has against C. I'm opened my account here, and I already rich 1.3 million at I'm taking my time with recording this electricity as well. Just to give you an example that you need to take some time in between at the lectures to just grow a bit gradually. Ah. So, uh, with this course with this electorate with this modules, we're gonna have a three lectures on Lee. Ah, here it will be board set up that will do in this lecture right here will have a board population in number two and who have number three of the creation off your own pence. So without further ado, let's start with the board sat up right away. So I'm going to give you example on my board, set up how I would do a board set about how I'm doing my board set up on my personal account, and then I'm going to give you an example on completely a different niche. Maybe just I'm gonna go to the different and niche and start creating a completely different bored with pinnacles account just to give you a understanding how how it works. So as you can see, I have a lot of boards right here. I have 40 boards to be precise on my account. All of these boards are in some way related to the name off my Pinterest account, which is passive income, social media, blogging and mawr. Basically, it all revolves around the creation off your online income that that's exactly what you should do before. Ah, you're going to start with question of Borchin to think about what your account is all about. So because I have a passive income, I'm I started by creating by some boards, I'm going to give you the with the oldest best of your hear from you. Of course, it's my own Ah, personal pence that are is based around my brand right here, and that's what I'm suggesting you to do or right away. First board that you should create is your own personal board that will Onley be only be populated by your own pence. This is but in no way, shape or form is affecting the popularity off your pins. But it is giving you an understanding which Peens are yours. Because soon enough, as you can see with my pants right here I have 7400 pence who have so many pins toe work around that you need to have an ability to distinguish which pins are yours and more importantly, which paints are related to the brand itself. I have several several of my pants on several of my border that just related Ah, and works around my brands and some of the stuff that I work here. But the first thing that I did the wood I started with was my website, and I have only 80 pins there that said that that that's quite a little pins, a small number of pens. But it was the first thing that I focused on. So that's why I created at this board Onley there. So start with your own websites board or your own brand board that you want to say If you don't have a brand yet, then don't do it. It's not necessary But if you have and if you want to, do you use this pictures to promote this brand, just create this board first. Next thing that you're gonna do is gonna you gonna create the boards, the board names that are actually popular with your needs, that you think you are popular. So in my case, because I'm I was all about the passive income and like making money. Then I created a board that seemed how to make money. This this is just It's just a simple name. How to make money. It was not amount how to make money online. It was not how to make money doing these things and that it was just how to make money. That's it, because it's very simple board name to find, because you need to think about your near board names with an as CEO in mind, meaning search and when engine optimization. Because people will search for the specific boards because Pinterest is giving you a boot to search for boards, I will show you right here search how to make money and as you can see here, we have to have the search query Enquiries will have the people themselves and who have boards right here is getting on my board pops up on the top because it's my board. So you just you just you just press boards named How to make money, and it's easier to find it. It's it makes, Ah, you're bored. Easier to find your board This exactly same board easier to follow because people can follow separate boards on Pinter's, which is a huge thing because people may not alike old things that you're doing. But they may like certain things that, ah, that gives them ability to follow exactly the things that they want so create the things that they will probably search for. The next thing that I did was to create affiliate marketing and drop shipping boards because people are looking for this wild me of all thinking about passive income, because when they will find how to make money on how to or how to make money online, they are gonna go into affiliate marketing dark drop shipment because this is probably one of the most popular stuff or right now or it and was at the moment of the creation of these boards, so they will most likely search this one's as well. So that's why I created affiliate marketing. Drop shipping boards as well as East and boards related to Easter, Graham and YouTube. Because these are they in other ways to make money, not just online, just just overall make money. Because just separating make money online and offline. It's at the line between these two is becoming very, very vache. So for that reason, I created the instagram growth. And usual, though I did not make. I did not create board named How to Make Money with the YouTube or instagram yet. But in the future, when I will see that my pains, I've becoming way too overcrowded, let's say, like Philip, marketing is over 600 pins now. So next thing that will do with my pictures account is to create some kind of branch office off the affiliate marketing. That should be that will be the very specific, like affiliate marketing, health products, affiliate, marketing, fitness products, affiliate marketing, how to make money, online products, etcetera to make boards a bit smaller and simpler, more compact, because when people are getting into affiliate marketing, people are getting to aboards 500 pins is way too much like almost no one will want to go through 500 plus pence. 500 is like top amount that you need to focus on. Like it can be 600 with me in my case, because I while I did, I overdo a bit. But I because I didn't have a time just to work around with this. Plus, the Philip Marketing board is not that popular as one on my thing. So for that reason, I just did not focus on it that much. I was focusing on others farm or popular boards instead. So just focus on 500 tried to not have a less than 50. Ah, I do not mean at the very beginning, but overall tired to have not less than 50 but no more than 500 pins on each board. But we're going to talk about that later while we will talk about the board population in the next lecture. So after that, just go and create as many boards as you can just just create boards. Just don't don't do anything else, just create boards. Give them a description and that's it. Just go at the very beginning at the very, very, very beginning. Do at least 10 boards that you need to do. That's exactly what you do. Only do 10 boards at force if you if he can make more boards, do it. It's not a problem, But trust me. You will need to populate that boards later, and it will just make me drag just a bit again. Pinterest does not like being hurried but being heard. But why you would would you would waste more time than you are already doing now. So just don't do that. Just make this 10 boards populate them with at least 50 pence later, which we'll talk about in a lax next lecture. Just focused right now on the creation of boards, not populating. I'm going just giving you just heads up what will do later so you would not do it right now it will populate these boards, and then we'll focus on different boards while we will go to scheduling. And while we go to maintenance and growth off your Pinterest, just focus on 10 boards right now, create 10 was Think of what boards that you need to create and then you're gonna continue with that. Ah, As you can see, I have like, 40 boards right now, and all of them are different. This focus on different stuff and what is most important while you create your boards at the very, very beginning. 1st 10 boards should be like spot on your Nishnic spot on Liz agency right here that I have , like, um, drops, chicken tripping, affiliate marketing, distribution. Grow with etcetera, etcetera. But like one or two boards from this one and two board from this can be made like, ah, about the things that are close that can be related to your niche. But it's a bit further away in my case. What 1/2 year is that created, like two boards, one of the need entrepreneur mindset and second named for motivation. And this was probably one of the biggest thing that one's the rightist most right thing. Probably things that I did with this pictures comes at the very, very beginning, because motivation and it's pretty sure entrepreneur mindset is about all the businesses, so it's it's very broad as well, and it can be defined by every person individually. But the motivation is probably the broadest thing that you could do with your pantries and encompasses basically everyone on Pinterest and which gives you huge, huge audience to work with. Plus the motivation boards. Motivation pins are pretty easy to find first and very easy to make as well. So these two things will allow you to gain ah lot off things in the beginning. So you can dio like in my case scenario, entrepreneur mindset was like closer thing to to my probably understanding God what I could do. But motivation is the necessary thing. No matter what you do, no matter what needs your Pinterest is about create the motivation board alongside the 1st 10 boards that you create. It can be inside this ever first time or can be 11th board. Just create the Motivation board as well. Trust me, you're gonna thank me later because we want to go to the analytics and we're going to talk about the motivation stuff for the motivation, Pence and how the Motivation Board actually allowed me to become that big on Pinterest. You understand what I'm talking about? The creation? What? You've cried your motivation board as well. So right now, without further ado through this lecture will be a bit long, so just stay tuned. So right now where I'm gonna go to Ah. Ah. Were Where is it? Yeah, I would are Pinterest account. It'll create. I didn't do anything with it. I didn't I didn't make even any. Ah, I mean, profile pictures or anything because it is just for the showing purposes only I'm gonna go to pin here is account right here. And I'm going to start creating some stuff with you. So let's think that, uh, I think about the pair or think about Bauer pedicures account as, uh oh, can I say what should we do? Probably Let's go. Wade the family. It's hold deke or ah Pinterest account. Let's go with the home decrepit. There's account and create the board which pressed, by the way, just show you go to the boards and plus press Plus with a big plus button Great board and the first board that would create will be e you know, just hope. Just called home the core decode. Just just make really, really broad broad board a name. That's it. We're gonna fill it up later. We're going to go back again. Let's get, Give another name. Let's think about Ah, decoration ideas will be our second board. Just think about that. Ah, think about this ideas for your pictures as well. By the way, if you don't know what this visibility here right means keeps you keep your board secret. If you want your board. If you want to have a pence that you want to live just for yourself created board and give them to keep the sports secret like that sounds so no one else would see the boards and pins inside except you or except the ones that you will give the excess to the super bored . I would suggest to do this to one of your board later just for the personal use that just if you want to use you, these Pinterest account for your personal use is just well. But if you are having another some Pinterest account of your reason for personal stuff, then just don't do it. Just just keep on going. Decoration ideas. What we're going to just give I'm gonna give you this workflow off. How I'm creating the boards here. So home decor, decoration ideas. Let's call this Ah, it's called this bedroom on the cooperation bedroom decor that's that's called a stick or because it's like, sounds pretty cool as well. Go back again. Boards. Let's call this, Ah, living room. But just call Just living group. That's it because just will will work around with naming later. You can change names however you want. You just need to understand which pains which goes toe which boards. Ah, let's do the motivation again here. Motivation. Like I did motivation. But here, the very beginning How many boards to have We're gonna just call. We're going to just create. Let's think that we have, like, ah, pin hero two separate things like Let's go with Pin Hughes. Ah, let's go. Let's call it the best off pin heroes. Great like that. Then just go back. Click board of 123456 Yeah, no. Yeah, it is six. It gets six boards will have, like four more to create. We can have garden, Dear corporation. Ah, we can have Ah, I don't know. Um let's let's go something with outside of the rooms as well. Let's call lighting writing let to give, like, idea of like how lightings work and how much we have like a 78 We have like tomb or let's call, you know, let's call something like different things, like food decoration for decoration as well. Ah, and just to just give something a bit like different name, let's let's step out of that were naming convention here and just call something practically different. Um Ah, let's think about I didn't know. Um Ah, beautiful. Let's call this beautiful Women on might not like that beautiful furniture furniture and we're done. And we have, like, 10 boards created here. So but this is this is not all. We're gonna go to the boards as well, and we're gonna edit the boards themselves because you need to think about the description off your boards as well, because when people are coming to your boards, but where people are coming to appends the most likely to go to a board than to your ah Pinterest account. So if you were already created a compelling ah Pinter's description in our previous lectures, so you need to do the same with your boards as well. Each and every board as well. This is not 100% necessary, but this will just give you additional boost. Ah, for you. And it will make a good compel people to like to follow your boards. Ah, mawr. So let's go and call something like that you can go with Choose it with a category but and I'm just not doing it that much, But you can see that. So if you have, like something that's called the design category Beautiful furniture Ah ah! And this board you will see. Ah, the most be God them Okay, Okay. My, my my keyboard is like killing me. It was beautiful for nature that I could find on inter net toe, if you will. Your imagination, That's it. Let's keep it very, very simple looking at a collaborator as well if you want to create the group boards. But I never used go reports. So just I managed to get to the millions off viewers without using reports, so I don't think this is 100% necessary. So let's just give it safe and you will go and make a descriptions for each and every pin like that. And again, I will let let's see what we have. I guess you could say this pain this painters account. Like, don't don't don't mention this. Uh, this Pinterest account looks mawr or less now, working progress. We're going. We're just creating something already a most likely by then. Most likely not how? 100%. By the end off this module which will have two more lectures, your Pinterest account will be ready for their spotlight. So this was it for the creation of the boards? It was very simple, very simple lecture to go through. Because no matter what you think, this is very important lecture and you need to start with creation off this board's first. Because it's again. We're building a foundation right now like we're been we're building. We have built a foundation already with your Pinterest account, and right now we are going and building a first floor, the one which will continue building more and more and more and more and more, So just pay very close attention to that. Do not just just go through it, but again, you can return any time you want to the naming off and Eddie adding your boards again don't create less than turn 10 boards in the beginning or and always like to To recap, don't create less than 10 boards. Always, always include one board that is related your personal brand if you have one and second always create and motivation board, which will give you like additional viewers Ah, a lot of additional viewers and the third create board name like like like different naming things like ah, lighting staff or something like that. Like just just to give you just just to give any additional, like like just to make things to make your viewers think that you are not just very, very narrow thinking profile, and you can just go far and wide because we're going to do just that in the next lectures. So next lecture we're gonna populate on these boards, and I'm going to show you how easy these you don't even need to start. You don't even need to know how to create your boards. And this it cooker depends at this moment, and I'm gonna show you how you could just populate this pants just for the sake of population. At first, we're gonna give, like, popular that looked like with at least 22 50 boards of strife. It depends. And at the beginning, and then we're going to We're going to continue with the creation of pence in the lecture after that, and we're gonna finish with the content, and then we're gonna just go. We're just gonna go and continue with scheduling. And I'm gonna give you the scheduling example on my Pinterest account and how I do Ah, scheduling in the module three. And because I cleared all the scheduling stuff for myself so I would show it to you guys to you, my heroes. So, um, thank you for your attention. And I will see you next. Lecture? Yeah. 7. Board Population: so hello again, guys. Well, come to the pain Heroes module to lecture to and in previous lecture, you probably know that you have seen it. We created a lot of boards and gave you I gave you some ideas and wood boards You shoot create. By the way, if you have any questions about that, I forgot to mention it in the purest lecture. Just go and give me any question that you want again. Just do not hesitate to ask any questions. And in this board, we are going to start toe, populate our boards with a lot of like, a lot of pins. Without further ado, let's just get it started. I'm gonna show you how you can just go and easily, easily, easily populate all off these boards because right now our pictures account seems quite empty. Do not mention again, this one because I didn't create Ah this Pinter's account to actually use it in the future and discredited for you to see if you're again. If you want to copy some stuff, just go and copy it from my Pinterest account. My personal pictures account that he's actually successful. Just go. I will have it length somewhere. So you would you would you just easily see. And if you want, you can just follow. Or if you wanted to have the same niche Ah, Petrus profile. You can just go and repent a bunch of stuff from there. But before we'll get to that, let's go and start populating our old pence. So first things first, we're going to start and populate all over this paints all of these boards, except maybe Ah, you know, the best up in here is because we don't have pain. Heals like told, decoration, hope the core stuff. So we're not gonna populate this one you get because in your case, you're gonna populate this with your own pens that you will create in the future that we are going to create as well in the next lecture. So let's go and start where the population off the pince What means publishing divorce? What do we mean by the population off the boards? That means that we are going to put some pence inside these boards. But here is the question. If we don't have pains created, how can we populate this with pence? The answer is simple. you're gonna populate at this thing's boards with someone else's pins because this is what's called repairing and what is 100% allowed and encouraged on Pinterest. So without further ado, let's get it started in first thing Submersible do we're gonna do. I'm gonna give and populate each and every board right here and give you an example of how you can actually find pence for each and every board going to give you an example that we were gonna are populated with 5 to 10 pins right now just for the sake of the lecture. But what you will do you're gonna use with how I served pins for this Pinterest account and you're gonna populate depends with 22 50 pence. Like popular the boards, which 22 50 pence each don't get lower than 20. Don't get over there 50 So overall at the end with 10 wards, we're gonna have a least 200 to 500 paints, lack plus minus, so you can go like maybe not 200 maybe for 180 252 for 480 which is a pretty great place to start for the people to just get your profile, Just follow you because you will have. After After this you will have enough pins for the traffic to you already. Get to your Pinterest profile and you'll have just enough pens for the people to follow you again. Following on Pinterest is not as big as you might think, but it just warms your heart. You just like it when people are following you. Because not a lot of people are using Pinterest as they're like Social Media Platform. Ah, lot more people are using pictures just to find some interesting stuff. So for that, use that reason like you will get a way mawr viewers than you're gonna get followers. So just don't think about that. You may have, like, five million viewer Pinterest account, but how x seven followers. So don't think about that. This is not very important, I think, to think about so without further ado let to start populating our boards. So first things first, we are gonna get and populate our the our most important aboard which is called home decor . First things first, let's go and go search for hold de Corps hope the core public or ideas. Maybe this is the good one. No, let's just go with a home decor. Just search for it. Search for the pins. As against said, there's a lot of a lot of beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful pins like that. But you know what? What we're gonna do, we're not just going to go and get this beautiful pence like like that we're good. Just we're going to think about a bit differently with that, But coming after that, let's go and open the boards because this boards, when you search what this pins are actually the most searchable pence or the Pinterest account, which is, which is grich is great because they're already optimized and you know that they are already popular. So if you want to get more people to your pictures, that you want to repent the pins that they're actually popular, So we're gonna go and we're not gonna even get inside of them inside of this pince what is against you when you hover over them when you're with your computer will hover them. You see, Do you have, like, this select and save button right here in a press like that and you're gonna go and find home decor. Where's home decor? Yeah, right here. And press safe. Done. That's it. We're gonna go to 2nd 1 like that. Go on. Press home. Decor gives you already. Suggestion safe. You're gonna go with that and press safe. We're going to continue with that press. Say what? Itwas like four. And this one already. Five. Let's go. Six. And let's go. Seven. Okay, Seven pins already saved to home decor. But home decor is, like, very, very broad border to create That covers basically anything that can that can go toe home decor. Kitchen can be bad. Rule can be bathroom can be out of, maybe even guarded. So what will Will do now? We're gonna re purpose all the pens that we use right now. So you would would not search for the pits again and again. What is this thing right here? Do we have a kitchen board? I don't think that we have, but I don't think that we have, so we're not going to use that. So let's go to our board. Well, I'm gonna use that because we don't have a kitchen. We're going to go to hold de corps right here. No, y you couldn't. You cannot repeat this one to other pins. Yes, you can. Ah, let me guess you here. We have a nice I don't know, mirror. Maybe it may be. Well, let's go to that. I think it will greatly go to our furniture board. So as you can see, we're gonna press right here. Beautiful furniture and safe saved two beautiful furniture and we're gonna go back like that. We're gonna go to both boards. And as you can see, we have a pin in a beautiful for injured as well, Which is simply great. Think you can just paint a lot as many pizzas you want in as many boards that you want, which will make you rich, will make pretty easy to populate or the all the boards, you know, search that stuff on the Pinterest and just press the save. Like like a simple just like that. But we're going to do something else right here. We're gonna find again home decor like that. But instead of searching for pence, we're gonna search for boards. You're gonna go. We're gonna go to the right side of the search bar press like that and go for the board's not the pins for the board. And as you can see, so many boards that people have already created for you just to use like this one home decor. As you can see, this have quite a very popular pit name. Just go there. This whole D cor profile has two million followers already, and you can use it for yourself. Just go around and see which pens with which means that you like. Because all of them are home decor, like all of them. Unlike when you search it, because when you search it, it can be named the home decor. But it can not be home decor as well. And this one is already, like, structured for you. You're gonna go. I'll let let's say I like this picture. I'm gonna go and go to the home decor said home decor. I'm gonna go and look for this one. Yeah, this this looks beautiful. I'm going to go to you home decor there like that. Then I'm going to scroll down, scroll down. You see, I like this one and this looks great for the bedroom, so I'm gonna go and go with the bedroom de corps. Let's get down again. Like this one. This looks beautiful. I'm gonna go with the bedroom de corps. Ah, What do we have else? Let's just search for beautiful stuff. Just continue looking for the stuff. What's that? This looks. This looks nice. This looks nice. This looks like this looks nice for the furniture. I'm gonna press this one and go for the beautiful furniture. Now let's go again. Let's scroll down this one. This looks nice. What other pink can choose for it? Like decoration ideas? Let's go with the decoration ideas, which is pretty beautiful here. This one for the decoration ideas. Ah, let me just like that. Scroll down! Scroll down! This this is living girl. Do have a living room. I think we do have a living. Will be Esko with the living room here again. Here. The bad room. Beautiful bedroom like that. Go and save. We're gonna continue again. We're just gonna scroll down. Scroll down. Ah, this one is a great decoration idea. Pain scroll down again. Again. Bedroom. You understand what floor I'm going with? I'm gonna go for a home decor again right here. just going to go with boards. But for now, I'm just going to choose a different more like right, This one. This one looks beautiful. Their 404 153,000 fours again. Quite popular board. I'm gonna go here. Oh, this looks nice for the bedroom. I'm gonna go press for a bedroom. This this one looks great for the beautiful furniture. Now, this one is looking for great for the beautiful venture. You understand what I'm going with? Just going to go and populate your boards like that until you have, like, 22 50 pence in each the press like that and you will see that already. We have, like, some boards, but they look quite empty again. What you're gonna do here, you're gonna press home decor like that. You're gonna press, cover, press change and press. Look, what s to seize? Choose like one of the names like that and safe pictures. As you can see, you have a some They already you're gonna press again if you want to have, like, more pictures there are missing. You see? Is already changed right here. This which is this one here to be our main picture and you can choose whatever you want. Like in bedroom decor. I'm gonna go to go with the same as well. I'm gonna go and choose like this one as my mean picture price of five. Did you refresh? I don't want to do that. As you can see right here, this one is my main picture. And other ones are just different pictures. And what you will do, you will just go and continue and just randomly feel up the boards with the pains that you like right now what I'm doing, I'm just coming up with an idea, like right here, just to show you how simple. Actually it is when you take your time with this pens. When you meticulously choose all the most beautiful pens that you actually like that you actually want to share with other people, it's gonna be it's gonna take a bit more time, but it's gonna look far being far more beautiful. And what you else you will see has changed is I will recover. What? Right here As against me? Because we have virtue. We have covered some pins. We have our cover as well. You can press this one and just choose an Any board that you want if you want to feature the board but figure later spends in the beginning will be is just great for you. By the way to change this, you're gonna go to the up right corner off the color and press the pencil button right here . Just use latest place and press done that. Said you're gonna have your own cover as well. An overall. This already after you are done with that after created 22 50 pence per board, you will have enough stuff already. But you just well to just started getting attracting followers and viewers again. Do not hurry with the results. People will gradually come and see your pence and your boards. How pinchers actually works is it is showing your pins tome or people, when more people are looking for it when more, more people are seeing it. Let's see, uh, when I opened this one and when I opened like this right here This is closed. This is called the close up. When I opened this one, Pinterest is getting information from me and sees that someone like me got a close up on that. So if I will save this, it will get It will become more popular if I will followed the link even more popular. And for that reason, Pinterest just spreading away Theis impression. So if it had like before, everything in, like 5 10 impressions, 10 per day in baskets scenario if someone who looked for it look like look, make it close up. Suddenly the pinch of pictures will start on the 100 off people and one from from these hundreds of people, more people are gonna look for it. Look, making close ups, they're going to spread even mawr, even them, or even more, even more. Until this Well, this will stop basically, because when Pinterest will understand that there is no more people that made might be interested in this thing. It's going to start to show that Europeans to like other people who might not be interesting to this, and if they most likely they will not be impressed with this one. And they will not just click on this pence. So most likely that this the pens will die out after that. But before that, it may take months and even years and Maybe in the future someone new will come and will show up like that. Who might like Europe is there. They're gonna get and see your pins. Ah, in their feet. So this was it for board population. After that, you'll have something looking like that. Maybe, Maybe not that this many boards like let's say, like, until this line, you will have something looking like that. And already you are a clickable and follow a ble board. So congratulations on that. You have actually gone through and created your own fully set up Pinterest account. So right after that, we're going to start, like, taking actual actions towards, like, maintaining this Pinterest account and like just using it for your own personal interest. So this was it for the next lecture with the With this lecture next lecture, you will learn on how to create your own pence. And how do you actually think off the winner designs for your pence? Ah, and we're gonna be done with the content part off. This model will basically will be done with the module to and after that of this lecture, we're going to continue with the module three, which is called scheduling that will give you a huge ah, work like boot Digital transformed the pinchers into the past of work that the massive amount of work will be done at the beginning. And then after that, you're just wait and see how the results will come A two year. So again, thank you for being here and thank you for Listen to this lecture and I'm going to see a you in the next one. Take care and see you. 8. Creation of Pins: Hello again. And welcome to the lecture three off our model to which is concerning content. And in this lecture, we are going to learn how to actually create your own pins and what kind lines you should follow when you are creating a your pins. These part is what actually turns off a lot of people. And a lot of people think that this is the most difficult part off the Pinterest, even though it is not it. But people need to do that in order to actually grow their brands and grow their presence and drive traffic from Peter's toe wherever they want to drive it to. So in this lecture, I'm gonna teach you how to actually create your pence and how to actually test Europeans in order to understand how they work. And I'm gonna go with more details on how actually pins are working and how you are going to get something from them. What are the numbers that you are going to get more or less a realistic what you should bet on? What should you wish it forget about, and actually, how you can work at this out in order to make it work for your own A pinchers profile. So without further ado, let's start with the creation off the pins, the majority of the pence I create on a website that you probably know very well. It is called camera dot com. It is a website that is actually allowing you to create a lot of designs, including posts. So in this case, we're going to go to Cannes ma dot com. And we are going to, ah, press Petrus graphic and that's it. When you open the pictures graphic, you're gonna have ah, lot of templates on the left side, in my case there on the left side and or you're gonna do is you're going to go through them all and choose the design that you want to just make pins from. And that's it. Just gonna go like that and just choose the design that you want and just go and create your up in. So what? It s so where's catch? If it is as simple as that to create your own Pinter's pens, why not? A lot of people are actually ah, succeeding in that. That is because the camera will help you to understand how it. You'll pence should look like like you. You would understand this from the Pinchers website as well. But here you understand how you actually can create paints. Like like this one right here. You can see that this is different for different fund. This is different for it. And this is different ones. You can create lines, etcetera, etcetera. You're just gonna learn to pin building itself, like, right here. This is the different parts that you can actually use. This the website that you want to go to just type in in order to get people to your website . This is all the stuff that will help you understand how you can actually build pence at at the very first period off your pitchers Lifetime. It will allow you to actually a B test a lot of pence. So how you're going to do that? So you're gonna come out? We the name off your pin. So the name is depending on where you're getting people to like the website name like, uh, I don't know what it doesn't matter. Like before. It can be any website that you want. Like, even though this really great side dot com you have like in this case is top pit top tips for the throwing an amazing birthday bash on a budget. So this is all about the birthday stuff. You have a block post about that, or a video created about that, or maybe superimposed about that, Maybe a Facebook post about that. You're just gonna go and create the pains with this name. But what this with what is more, it most important here Motor border here is to get a catchy name that people will collect what people will click. I'm gonna go to this about about this later. Then what you're going to do in order to understand what thinks what what think works for you you're gonna go and create depends with as many designs as you possibly can from here with as many designs as you can. Only with 11 simple difference. You can see it. Some photos here are like copyrighted that you need to actually purchase in order to use them. Well, what you're going to do instead is you're gonna use the war photos from our website called on splash dot com. This allowed is the free stock photography Web site that you could use Ah, lot of different pictures in order to like to spice up your Pinterest a game. So just used photos from here and just used designs from here from Cama and create as many pins as possible. It actually doesn't really matter that much. There's no a universal, um, formula for the pens that are actually getting clicked or that I actually getting impressions. But what will allow you in this case is to find out which pins which pin designs are working for your personal Pinterest's profile, And when you were gonna phone you're not going to find that, then you're gonna a be test a lot of different stuff in order to understand. Ah, what pains are getting impressions and what pins are not getting impressions? I'm not intentionally vague in this case. Don't get me wrong. I'm not intentionally week because there is no universal Formula One which pins are actually working. There is no universe apart from before. People give you some stuff that oh, you know what the bright pictures are working the best, the other people you get. You know what the darker backgrounds work the best, then you go to other one. The colorful pictures work the best. Then you're gonna go to somewhere else. Like you know what Onley did like the great photos work the best, the ones, the people who said that You know, the big tax work, the best the other ones will say, You know what? The no tax works the best, the year all actually right, Because they're all getting this information based on what they see and because on different pens through Pinterest accounts, different stuff are working. When you go to through my pants, you will find a lot of different paints. A completely different designs everyone from each other really completely different. And the thing is that some of them are working and some of them are not working. What I do and what I suggest you do to do create as many pins and repents ous possible. Let it sink like from the Canada comma clip as many as possible. Like quite the names. Get a naming idea from that, like sit down and create, create, create Take your time. Take day, take two days to quick take a month. It doesn't matter. You're going to continue going up into your Pinterest on the side with scheduling and content population. Even without that, so just think about that. Really, Really Well, think about that. Are before Ah, well, like in parallel with everything else. This is another thing that you did you in order to continue doing other things. This is the thing that you need to think about constantly. So for that reason, you're just gonna go continue doing your everything that you do on Pinterest while in peril thinking and creation, creating your own pence. Then what you're gonna do is you can absolutely 100% go to analytics, go to your own analytics and see which pins are actually working. As you can see, like I'm right now, like around 100 150,000 was my maxed and endorse under 81,000. This there there is upset. Now, always there will be ups and downs with your Pinterest account. So what you do in this case is you're gonna look for the best performing pence. Like in my case in the last 30 days, Like this pain was crushing. It would 1,132,000 impressions. I know that this spins this spin actually works. I'm gonna press this one and a Z. You can see this pain is just crushing it. One million impressions for 4400 saves in 205 2500 link clicks, Which is simply great. Think I know that this thing is working? So for that reason I am, I decided to just sit down and model the success for the sake off. This, of course. Just just show you how to actually do that. I sat down. I went to Canada dot com as I first that I decided to like a deconstruct the picture here. So what? What is it is extremely simple. Pin Extremely simple pin. It's the 100% motivational pin. And what What's on a picture is the photo of a sunset very dim in that detail photo with a court on it with white small letters. What I thought was what I thought what was the case in this case was that people were setting for motivation and or the pen were dropped in motivational board. So which would just come out for the people looking for motivation and when they saw the pain with small in a small thumbnail. They could not read out the tax store in this case there would just open it and make it close up. And when you when people are making a close up, it immediately increases in ranking and Pinterest algorithm and it's just started promoting to more people and then from the would just those people who are making the close up. Then some of the world saving it's to their abort or another. Ones were just going making a link clicks, and it was it was increasing the exposure off the pain even more so For that reason, it just vent viral. So that was one of the reasons why I thought that it would work. And then I made an experiment and completely copied this one completely copied Theis exact pit. And I decided to go Ah, and create this my own pen with exactly the same ah detail. So I went and created this special board called Courts, and I decided to just you know what? I will just continue in model the success if I can do that. And you know what? It didn't work, but there is one thing. You see that it didn't work because, you see, it's 14 0 Impressions. 15 impressions. 14 16. Like no more than 20 right here. But what I did is I took five. I took 10 photos and five courts. I took just five. Random court. Nothing really impressive. Nothing really important. And what I did is what I went here on a splash dot com and I took Ah son said it's on set pictures and they choose to surrender pictures from some like this one. I used this one I think I used I remember exactly. It was a few days ago there used I chose the pictures that I thought was beautiful. I think I used this one miniature, this one I chose, and it shows a lot of pictures. It doesn't matter. Ah, with a picture, actually. But I wanted to see how actually this will work before you in order to give you a case study for what actually is working. Then what? I did, I made, like, 50 pence, 10 pictures per quote, basically and five court. So I made the 50 pictures and you see all this quotes are actually ah, the oldest pains are actually for the same court. So what actually happened was that Ah, with an A B testing. It turns out that some of the pins are just not getting ah, the naming because of the quotes because of actual text. When When you open there like you have, do you have an actual tax electric Yelich? It's quotation and stuff. Eso some of them are not getting ah use because of the text itself. So what this gives us is that you need to have an actual some wording in order to in your keywords in north description so people would get more information from the pain while they're searching it. So what I did, I did all the same impressions with them with all the same descriptions with them, all of the same, exactly the same descriptions. But only the difference was on Lee with the text itself with a quote itself and pictures. So this pictures, this did not work, none of them. So for that reason, I understood the picture is not paying that big of a role. So it's not. It should be just a good picture and that's it. But what I would happen right here If you scroll down is boom, this picture just change everything. 19,090 0.8000 Almost 20,000 Impressions 11.8004 point 6000 Go down! 1.916 8009.10 9.9 point 19.14 point 54.42 point 4 10.7 6.9 2.15 point 82.72 point 12.12 point 92 Born 53.9 As you can see, like from the 50 pence 20 off them that natural did counted from for you 20 of them, which had two different colds and 10 different pictures gut more than one K impressions, which is actually great thing to achieve because you're gonna have a thousands of pains by them the end of the day. So if you have like, well, a few pens, like in 50 pence, like in 50 pence isn't one of them achieves like one K impressions like it's a lot like 1 to 20 basically. So how much? So just multiply the numbers of the pins by the number of impressions that you can't per pen, and this is exactly the month the viewers that you are going to get. So this is the huge thing. Having 1000 impressions on 20 pins from 50. It is amazing. So basically what you need to think about is just create different pens and destroy to make it like calculate, which would what works. In my case, it worked the usage off the embassy. Me Just open it like that in this case, was the usage off. Ah, words like shined a light from within and the life quotes number tax year. The quotation here the cool to use the cool with a lot of coat inside the name. Then I'm gonna go and secure with same picture, but with a different tax, their world of balance and keep moving. And this stuff, what people are actually looking for and what people are actually finding in motivation. This allowed me to let jump in flux brash bash through the algorithm and get a lot of viewers and insurgency from 20 pains getting more than one K from 20 pence as it's a lot like 20 K pins. Tragic a impressions on Lee from that only from that, but you New Year's exalt like the only one pin got 20 k impressions, and this is the huge thing to achieve. That's what you need to do about the pain creation. You need to find out what works for you. That's why I, ah, created a motivational pain. Basically, if you wish will come here and just repaying a lot of quotes and motivational pins, you'll get a lot of used by yourself because motivation is like very, very broad. I think that can be used and it's easily. Ah, you can replicate it pretty pretty easily. You can find a good code. You can even just copy coats for mine and just created with different picture and see how it will work. And, like, just copy exactly, Ah, the words, the description as well. So you would see how it works. Just tweak a bit for yourself, and you will see how we to work. I'm going to continue experimenting with that, of course, um, to create just for myself to create the perfect formula that works from my But I understand that because I did this experiment with different Pinterest accounts as well with pictures , guns of other my students and it didn't work for Someone works for for the others and for the one people want. People want type off Pinter's works while the other for the other people. Other type of pinchers are pins work, and for that reason he is important. You need to sit down and find the perfect formula for yourself to do so. What I suggest you to do great. The pence great. Ah, lot of pence. Ah, and just pin them and for and create a lot of similar pence with slight differences with slight difference. That's why you need a lot of pain is just you, um spread them and did not make it look like you're just like says, sharing the same pants over and over and over and over. So you would find out what works for you. It might for you. It might work to have a great pictures. Ah, for others, it might work to have a great text on a picture for the others. It might work the great description for the third in my work, the great pin name for the other, so it might work to have a great metadata on the website itself. So you need just to think and just experiment with it. There is no formula. There is one that no 100% formula that it should work. So in my case, what I did exactly just to wrap it up, Just summing up how what exactly did I found out that? Would that peed the pain? Ah, that was the very popular. There was only two elements. Two elements that are actually important. Uh, one was the picture itself, and second was a quote because there was no other elements of the picture as well. The third element that was very important for the picture with the visibility of the court because you can see cannot see the actual code here. You need to press in order to see the code. You gonna increase that? And the dan you see, barely. So for that reason, I think it in go increased the visibility off the people's, um off the off the website of people who just need Teoh. Look it up closely. For me, that work it was a local, a bit of trick in order to get people to, ah press for the close up, but ah, this this the result of one week on and one week entirely just I uploaded this the one week ago, but for you to understand this was the result of last few days, actually, because the first few days it was struggled struggled to get momentum because not a lot of people would look at it. But when a few people looked at it, it just exploded and just just went all over the place. One went viral in the 20,000 impressions. Per pen is extremely, extremely, extremely good. And the other thing that you need to understand about the pinchers itself is that majority and I mean majority of your pence, like more than half weapons will not get in. You impressions little on the views. So you need to understand that. Just think with that go week largest. Just hammer it in your mind that not all the pence, not even a majority of your pens that even have appearance will get any precious. I don't think about that too much because you're gonna get you're gonna create so many pins during the lifetime of Pinterest. You just gonna go in some mash that pitchers creation just create so many pins that you have even know one. You haven't even no idea because Pinterest is really along term commitment. Look for you will work on Pinter's four years in the future and Mawr you will work mawr. It will give you more impressions you're gonna create because you will understand which pins are actually working for you, and you're gonna get a lot mawr viewers. Ah, lot more. So for that reason, I'm gonna give you any advice to work with your Pinterest. Really? Really Well, in order to understand what pins are actually working for you again, Coach of the go to the camera dot com and goes there and splash that Come use the photos romance splash and use the designs from, ah, the pain from the camera that come at the beginning At least find out which designs are working for you and just diversified that designs like in this case, you can see if you're using this pain. Just if you see that this been is actually working, find out what is actually working. Use different phones, use different pictures, use different colors and see what which is work which are working best for you. Because maybe you'll find a one pin that is actually like making wonders for you and only for you and then just used that. And you will get just you will get to skyrocket your, uh, pinchers views just to to the skies and beyond. That's what I used with a few different pens from 7000 pins. Probably the popular was like I used only 10 pins, tenpin templates, and that allowed me to get a huge and unbelievably huge amount of use, like 1,000,000 of use. Purvin. Four months is incredibly high and even having, if you will not find a lot of Pinterest users with a 1,000,000 month of yours, even the very, very big ones. So trust me, just go with that and just continue with that. And that will be eat people for your more due to my heroes. And basically what you know right now is how to ah have a board how to have amazing pictures board aboard selection, how to populated boards with these I mean, but this is only the manual population and how you can actually create your own pains and how it will test your pens because this testing of your pens probably is the most important apart for your Pinterest account, because this will actually drive traffic to your website. Other things that ruled you after that will drive traffic to your Pinterest, which is more important. Ah ah, that the pins that you created, I heart for the people who are actually on your account, basically getting to your account. Now, what will do after that with scheduling on module three with maintenance with model four and with applications in Model five was that it will continue driving people Georgia pinchers to get you as many views on your profile as possible. So there was it for the modu to thank you for intention. I hope it was helpful. If you have any question again and again and again, just drop a comment. Just all just text me directly. No problem. I will just answer you without any hesitation. Maybe it Maybe you haven't. You have just to wait just few hours. Maybe I don't know me because that time so differences on or another stuff the world you will get your answer. You will just just work. Just work hard and have patients again. Pinterest is all about the patients. The results will come. The results will be They're pretty Suit. Just need to be patient. Thank you again And I will see you in the next module or modules. Three is the model three? Yeah, it's a module three Lecture one and will introduce you on how to go with scheduling. Thank you for attention and I will see you in the next one. Take you. 9. Introduction to Tailwind: so hello again. And welcome back to the pin heroes. And we're continuing with module three, which is simply called scheduling. And this will allow you to just schedule all the pens in advance. Just you put out your work a lot of work in advance in order to wait in order to just wait for the pin views for a later. So this module will be very important. And I'm gonna give you a lot of secrets Secret sauce that I've used for to grow my own pinchers accounts. Just stay tuned and be very careful on everything that I said. And again, if you have any questions, just drop. Drop me a question and I will gladly answer everything a debt you want. So this ah module revolve around and automation software called Tailwind. And this is my telling dashboard that I've used I'm using by myself and we're gonna use this software, and I'm gonna explain it just a bit later in this lecture. What table is and how we how we're gonna use that. So I'm going to give you just and over you off the lectures just to tell you or what is gonna happen in the module three, we're gonna have four electricity. Probably you can see a first will be the introduction to Tailwind, which is this lecture. Ah, the second will be all about scheduling your pence, which is that will be the book off the work that you are going to do in this module. The third will be all about the smart loops, which is one of the features for a detail wind which can be very useful for a you and I'm gonna again show you alive how you how you can use it. And the fourth will be all about at the tribes, which is again one of the tailings features that can drastically grow your Pinterest account and just give you ah, lot of traffic eso. After that, after this module, we're gonna have model number four a maintenance, and we're gonna go and just ah, give you an example how how we can just go and maintain everything in the next lectures. So, without further ado, let's start with the tailwind. So Tailwind is an Pinterest automation software that you can find the link Ah, and the lecture description to the tailwind where you can go and just install the tickets A chrome extension so you don't need any Ah, downloading of the software. And when you register for the telling, which is extremely simple that I don't even think that you need any footage for detail Hotel registration on Tailwind that's extremely simple. You will just be met with this dashboard or right here. Just mind that there are two types of tailwind a retailing for pinchers and talent for instagram. As you understand, you can understand from the name you need to choose Tailwind for a Pinterest because you were going to use that. They're two separate products. They're not the same product of separate products. They have all separate accounts. And for the pricing options, they have separate pricing, etcetera, etcetera, so you can start using tailing for free. It is absolutely free to start, and you have all the features in the beginning for tailwind except for the number of the pence that you actually I use. And I'm going to show you that you have a plan right here. My skin's at Nick Nickson, and this is the telling plan that you can use It can purchase by the way you can start with the free plan The Onley, Um, like the exception. The only thing that different from the all the other things here the number of pins that you can schedule for the Pinterest for the free, it's only 100 ah per month so you can use off course. Ah, free count. But I highly just use using paid account. So let's go and just go through the tailing like one by one so you would understand. Actually what it is, I'm going to go to the weekly Semoran now, which is the home off the tailwind. So what is telling just to go around? So what would the stay will tell in detail? Went is pinchers automation software, which allows you to pin and repaint all the pins that you want automatically in times that are best suited for you. As for the account or for you, just you just can choose or two on which pens to dispense. Which boards depend on what times, so it allows you just to schedule like a lot of pins in advance. We can have a look thousands upon off 1000 of pins in advance on just paying them one by one in the future, which is extremely, extremely simple thing to do and allows you to paying like a lot of pins in advance just to free up. Some will free up a lot of time for you in the future. Other than that, a pin a tail wind has, ah, lot off different options as well, which is like, Ah, fuel, very important ones. Let's go through them one by one. The 1st 1 you could see through the dashboard on the left side is a weekly sum which gives you just a bit of information giving. Like what? What are your most ripping boards? Like what you should do here As you can see that I need to do a lot of stuff to complete my account. Let's I have 80% completed it just giving the information. So what you missed like, uh, description of the board, you should put well, like how to explain them within it. Such etcetera, etcetera. It gives you a lot of small tips that actually can benefit you for the future. I didn't follow through all of them. Ah, but I should. So I will in the future. Off course. but there's not 100% necessary. But anything that you do when you're in a small work for the pictures may benefit you in the future big time. So just follow through. And just Philip, all the suggestions that Pinterest that Palin is giving you right here you have the information about the repents on how many weapons you've done on the last seven days. As you can see, you have like 1800 repents, which is quite a lot, quite a lot. Ah, and it's giving you like I just 373 or with more than average what it is that what I did last week and what was in total etcetera, etcetera. It's like 17,000 total weapons, which is actually pretty pretty huge number, and you can, which as well there's the domain pins that I did like last week, like I didn't do a lot of domain pins recently have only like it is. I don't think it's actually showing a full number, but they had doesn't matter for now. So this this is the pains that I repent for my website that is connected to this Pinterest account, and they saw the number of followers. There's a kissy I haven't I do not have a lot of followers, and I only helped have 450 followers of my 1,000,000 number. Pinter's count that because the phone numbers are actually not very important, I am following a lot of boards by myself and just it's not. It does not make a difference to fall over the board or being followed. It just does not just looks good and that's it. It does not change anything. So I have seen the boards would like tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of followers, and they have way less regimental viewers than I do. So I don't think that that this is the very important stat you worry about. So if you have zero forward like all the way through, just don't care about that because the followers will come and go and the your Pinterest will just be very big, no matter what. Right here, as you can see the most ripping boards, this is like the old essential information that you need to get. Then we have tribes right here, which, which is extremely important than requires a separate lecture on itself. So just to give you on over you would are actual tribes. So actually are drives are the communities that small communities within Ah, the tailwind that ah allows you to pin to upload your pence for the other tribe members to share on their personal accounts. This extremely big because it gives you a lot of pain stupid for yourself. Because when you go to tribe, just go in just paying a lot of pence for yourself. And this is extremely important for the ah, for Europeans as well, because when you upload your pain, if if the pain is good ah, lot off tribe members will upload them on their own personal accounts. It just gives you just increases your exposure depends. And when pictures is seeing that you're a lot of people are repainting your pains. It's gonna give depends mawr exposure and increased the reach as well. We're gonna go through or the tribes and the next lecture. But just Teoh for you to understand what drives our this is how they look like the next Extremely important off course is the publisher that we're gonna go to exactly two director schedule pains. We don't need drought right now. Draft are just a pains to time. I'm not grated as it does. He have emptied my Q. This is my schedule on the right side. As you can see, I upload quite a lot of pence per day. Like more than 50. This is all the time that have been chosen by the tailwind itself telling itself because it thinks that this are the best time for me to upload. And because the older schedule is there, I can add and remove lost, like on the down on the bottom of my my my face is covering it. But you can see the clock icon right here. But this is the other thing that we need. It can give you a a well and recommendations. What pains can be uploaded. But I never used this because I don't think that I need that it actually gives you the number off the popularity there. Like it's give up interest. They have, like, 5000 depends gonna Facebook giving you permission, Google Plus, but Google plus is like which we will have irrelevant right now. Then on the left, you can go to the smart loop. Smart loop is incredibly important for you as well, because it allows you to repaint your own pains on your own boards over and over and over again, which can get, like four. Great for the seasonal content. Or, if you want your content to be ever greater on just repaying the pains that are actually really popular, like over and over and over again. Eso just just you could you could do just that as well. This as well gives you the information about the published pants, which is a great thing to see, like which pins you have published by yourself. It just gives you, ah, detail information like I have a lot of pains published right now, and it just just can get stuck. So, yeah, this is the published pains that I have you can give you can go to your schedule True that just choose with times you want. You can just press this one and at times in between, like I have like because the tailwind chose this. I have, like, 350 pence per week, the time uploading, and I could just add, however, whatever I want. Whatever times I wanted to conceive the pinchers. Think that Sunday's really good day for me? It's over. That's why Kill would like to have 59 pence for itself again with the board least. Just, uh, this just you give you a simplicity on uploading like repenting, a lot of pain slick. Instead, off choosing like all the pens wry one by one, you could just group boards one by one, you could just group the boards and just upload in a few boards like directly at the same time. I never used that to be fair, because I think like it can be, um, it requires, ah, time that ah, how can I say it doesn't disapproving onboard one by one does not take that much time in my case. So for that reason, I didn't just think that it was necessary to do that. Even though I have group that the group boards by myself, I think that some off the pencil the pins require like individual approach. So for that reason, I'd jama'at use the group boards. Yeah, Then you can have a pin from Mr Graham that defend if you have an instagram account, which I do, by the way I just use that to this pain, my instagram post directly to my Pinterest. Like the correct connected like director. Just have additional exposure to my instagram and have additional, like exposure to the Pinterest itself. Have any additional content etcetera, etcetera And last but not least, is your insights which is quite a detailed information about your pens like it can give you like the following detail follower numbers how they're increasing like through time, like it's giving your engagement rate like how High gate. But which 11% is like really good. The percent of pins versus the last one Repent, etcetera then gives you the engagement school like repents divided by the pain number and divide by the follower number, which is really good as well here and have the viral ality off your pains, divided like number of pence versus the number of referent repents which a pretty good score that you understand that how viral your pains are. And this is the really good, really good number. Actually, because I have, like 7000 pence hand have like 17,000 repents, which is really good. That means, like have the double off my right by reality, which is great thing, like anything over one is extremely good. Eso we should like came for that. This is like just giving information you could just use, like any date that you want last month, this month, last 30 days, last 14 days, etcetera, etcetera. It couldn't give you the board insides as well. Just understand which boards are performing the best advocacy like it SES like 8000 repairs only coming from Motivation Board. So that's why I recommended to create Motivation board for you. And like Vier ality score for the Motivation Board is off the charts like 25 which is like a farm or than any other wards like website is a call to the which are, which is. My newest board is doing the great. It's good going up and up and up and up. It's like the variation of the Motivation Watercourse Board are is actually really good as well. It didn't give you the pen inspector information as well, just to go to all over your pence one by one and get more information. So, by the way, all I'm doing this The insights information is for the plus account for the paid paid Taylor and not for the free ones. I think the free want is a bit limited. You can get the website inside the referral traffic. You cannot get information with the ah training pains. Interest hit maps attended. Decide. These are really good informations. But for the price that you're getting for this, I don't think they're necessary. If you want, you can use them. If you are really good into analytics and just you want to go really, really deep and just to understand everything about your pains, I think you will benefit from this one. But did actually cost quite ah lot and just go through the pricing options to see to explain how they're actually now working. Ah, this there that few differences between monthly plan and the yearly plan. And actually, I highly suggest you to if you purchase this just purchased for the Uriel plan, because the price difference is the price saving is not actually the only difference between those two. Unfortunately, only yearly plan allows you to have an unlimited amount of repents and scheduling instead of 400 in a month. Plan which 400 is not good and plus, the price of $120 per year is not that much if you're very serious about Beatrice, I purchased it after, like a month from, Ah, my pictures. Gun registration, I think, purchased it from in the beginning of January. Now it's the end of May, and I did not regret it at all like it was incredibly good thing to do. Plus, it gives you the five tribe memberships, 30 monthly trap submissions at 250 active smart Lib Post, which is extremely good. As for the light professional and enterprise, well, they have some additional informations like their get organic impressions, analyze the trending pains, etcetera, etcetera. They can be quite good, but for the individuals, unless you're a business, I would not suggest you to do that because the pricing is go wage overcharge over like over the How can This is off the charts? I won't say off the charts, so it's off the charts, like from $9.99 dollars per month it. So I don't think that this is good, but I cannot say talk about the business plan off the table because a things might work for them on. I'm pretty sure that if I open the Pinterest agency in the future, ah will just go and purchase light plan in the beginning and the continue of the professional and enterprise plan. I can't even imagine how much Prey Enterprise plan would cost because the pricing is encouraging. Exponential. Probably it will cost, like $10,000 a month or something. But this is just my prediction. I never used the's want for myself. Plus, idiot allows you to the higher tier plans allows you to purchase. Do you have a collaborators? So you have the companies that you want to you, then you want you like focus on pages that probably by the light professional or enterprise plan. I think you might use that for your benefit. But for myself, as I see from my point of view, the Plaza Counties probably more than enough. If you are working very smart and just just just pay attention to this stuff, and it's just good enough. If you have agencies, don't just go and purchase. The higher to your plan as's for the free plan. Free plan is actually quite limited but can give you a lot of information like in the beginning. If you want to get familiar with the Tailwind and before you will think that we eat it worth it, Is it worth it or not to actually purchase the tailoring? Yes, it's absolutely worth it. I could not. I probably would not, probably 100% on for 100% sure that I would not reach this amount of monthly viewers without detailing 100% sure, Because what I was using whatever drink, I didn't have a lot of free time in the past on, and I well, this to allowed me to grow my Pinterest without having a lot of time. I was just giving on a few hours per week like I was working like 4 to 5 hours, maybe per week. Just one single day. I would just sit down for 4 to 5 hours. Maybe not even that probably probably even less than that. Maybe two hours was an average of four or five hours. Maybe, was Max. I would sit down and just upload, just make a lot of repents, like we tried their submissions and the smart loops, and they would just sit down and just wait just for the 40 to happen. And that's why I would have, like, 4 to 5 hours max per week with this, too. And if I would not use that, I would probably have way more times spent and wasted. Plus, they're having tribes and smart lapis, extremely lucrative Again. I'm gonna go with the Tailwind tribes and Smart Loop later because they, they actually may require, if you want to have, like, mawr tribe memberships and more types of missions that more active, smart lips they can require actually bit off different pricing. But again, I'm not using them. I'm using just regular tried memberships. If I've used additional costs, I would probably reach way more than that. I would rich way more than that, because trips is extremely powerful, too, as well as the smart hopes that you will see in the future. I'll probably be maybe way on a way to 10 million right now with ease, so But I didn't use that, so just just I I'm going with what I got. Maybe in the future I will, and I will, of course, up to update my lectures with the future things that will happen. So no, there was it that was it for the Tailwind introduction. I thought that this was necessary in order to give you understanding on what Tailwind is because we you are going to spend a lot of time with the tailwind. By the way, when you stole the tailwind, you'll have a lot off. You will have, like this button show up everywhere. So you could just press this one and just ah, re pen. Ah, this pence on your Pinterest with ease a plaster when you stole the tailwind and your chrome browser, It allows you to basically pen any picture on ah, the Internet to your pinchers with ease. So that's why it's very good. If you're browsing a lot and founding finding a lot of content on Internet, this will help you to gain Ah, a lot of great Pinterest posts on just too easily re pin on Pinterest. Well, this was it for this lecture In the next lecture will go to D in detail with scheduling off your pins, which is probably the most important lecture off all other than maybe the creation of pence and the board population, this will be probably the Trife. The ending of the trifecta. This just will not be the last important lecture, of course, But this will be the very important lecture. So you listen to you need to listen very carefully on what I said with swollen eyes will schedule my own A pins. So eso without further ado, let's just ah end this lecture right now and just I will see you in a less next lecture again. Take your time. Do not hurry to do anything on Pinterest and just wait until you will get the next piece of content. Take care and see you. 10. Scheduling Your Pins: so hello again. And welcome to the lecture to off our module or three on increasing your pinchers. Basically our PIN heroes off course. This money was all about the scheduling. So this one will be about scheduling your own pence. And again we are using. We're using a tool cold tailwind, which will allow us Let me just refresh this one, which will allow us to upload. Basically, schedule all our pains all in advance in this video, I'm gonna teach you how you can actually schedule some of your pence. So let's just get right into it. So Ah, what we're gonna do is we're going Teoh, choose, uh, which pins we want to ah, schedule now and go and schedule it. And then we're going to see some of the nooks and crannies of whatever we're doing right here. Let's go to our board and see which lets, um, a goat with the newest like that. And let's see which boards will benefit from our, um, scheduling spins. Let's see, the traffic generation here has a 75 pins only. So let's just go and find some of our pence will want to repent for the traffic generation . So in this case, we are using on Lee the pains that are not ours. So if you want to pay na the Europeans that write your own pins Ah, you were going to go to the publisher right here and go to schedule pins. We're not gonna choose anything right here. Like we're not gonna choose are on pins, and you just press to create your own pen and upload images. That's it. Order European from Instagram. You're gonna choose whatever you want to just upload your picture and then you're just gonna will do whatever you will see exactly like that. Choose the board Nature's description. Choose a website and Matic you That's it. But in this case, we're going to do something a bit different. We're gonna go and find the paints that are not ours. So in this case, we're gonna go with let's go with same name traffic. Ah, generation. And you know what? Let's you know what? Let's leave it. Ah, like that. So, in our case, we're gonna go ah through Ah, the scheduling purchased one by one. So it explain some of the nuances of some of the small things of the scheduling pins. And we're gonna just to explain how actually Tailwind works in order to understand for the later module how we're gonna sustain and how we're gonna maintain actual growth with the telling. So what, we're gonna be here. Let's say ah, find the pain that actually looks. Now, you know what? Let's go with the 1st 1 The 14 ways to get guaranteed traffic for your block again. I have to talk to you before you can just go and choose whatever pin. What of a board you wanted just pin there directly. But we're not going to do that because we want, um, our pens to be scheduled on at the perfect time. Speaking of time before we're going to do that, we're going to choose the timings for our schedule. We're gonna go to Specter talent. And as you can see, here is our schedule. So in order to choose the timings for a schedule, I'm gonna go and change it just for you. So you would find it. Plus it. This is It will be beneficial for me as well. We're going to go to your schedule right here on the left corner on the left corner here and we are going to press recreate schedule right here like that and it's gonna give you an overall number or so how many times you want to Ah, pin your pence per day. So the question is for you, maybe. How many times? Ah, per day is great. You see, I tested this started you with one peered and day and up to maybe £200 a day and what I found out that it's all actual. Actually, it's all about your preferences. If you can maintain 200 pens repents per day, you need to go with 200 pence per day. But mawr Mawr, you are repainting per day more time it takes actually to maintain. You see, 10 20 pence requires twice as more time to repent than 10 times a day. And 50 pins per day requires tank five times more than the 10 pence per day. So basically, what you're gonna do here is find out your preferences starting from the lower number, like starting for maybe I think the best number to start from is 10. Ah, and you will see for the week for the try to create a scheduled for two weeks like that, using only 10 pence per day and them course off course. I'm talking with the plus version of the tailing that the paid version the basic paid version Ah, that you need to buy basically on and you need to buy the yearly annual plant because month bland decor all allows you only to upload 400 patients per month with the temple's per day . You can easily use the model plan if you want, if you're starting, but later if you get start with the mother plan. But later you need to upgrade for a yearly plan in order to have an unlimited amount of pence. So what you're gonna do is you are going to choose the number I would suggest start from 10 . And if you have, if you easily can create Ah, 10 2 weeks off, content in advanced with ease and you see that you can create actually way more than that, then double it and go to the 20. And if you can see and go like up and up and up and up from there until we will see you will find official work, you it will take way too much time to actually maintain this amount of pence. You need to do that only once. Perfect. We're gonna go that through the maintaining of growth, more Jewell and home in town. How you should actually continue doing that? But you needs to think as off that just making a few hours of work per week. So think of that. If it takes like whole day to do that, then it's probably not worth it. So just go and increase the number off paints, as you see if it plus Ah, your niche. Whatever units you're using may not have that many pins already available. So just think about that as well. Like the top Pinterest finishes our education, of course decoration, furniture, the goods. This this things are like like way over abundant on the Pinterest of you. You chose one of those pits fitness as well. If it shows one of this type of pens, then you can just go as many as you want. But you have, like, small delicious I don't know, maybe like car into yours or something like that Look very, very small niche. Then you should go with the like smaller number of pence per day. So in my case, because I know why can maintain a few depends. I'll just go and create the 50 times a day and press recreate the schedule for you, which will be maybe create the schedule and it will just go and create the pins for me. As you can see, it practically made the same time slots for me, but they, instead of 358 made 351 pains per day old on its changed times a bit on it. It's just concede they made the days uneven because some days are more popular than the others. As you can see in my case, like ones they Thursday Friday are pretty unpopular. And Sundays, like Morris, most popular because it has six depends as well as Monday and that Saturday as well. They're more popular for me and plus it gave me the times off. Ah, the most popularity of my paints. You can change any time zones right here if you want to see it with your own time zone. So this this will be however it is and you will it will take away the guest worker, which times you should a bloated So in Mikey's right now we're not gonna fill this up right now, but we are going to do that in the later lecture. So as its conceived, we have created our own schedule. It's all done. Now we can just go to back to the Pinterest and, ah, plan some of the some some paints to basically schedule in our schedule. So we're talking about this first pain which called 14 ways to get guaranteed traffic to your block in order to ah, basically, schedule it. You need to press this Pinterest just a one button. Just press it and it will open and you would know for you always it opens a new window and you can see here. If you have the few pin selected or have a few points uploaded, then you can just you will see the more pains right here. Ah, and what you will do, we will go here and go and press traffic generation. In my case, choose one of your boards. But because, um, would I may have already paint this pain and over there, but it doesn't matter to be fair because because you can you wouldn't have thousands of pins. You cannot remember all the pain that you have been there. So it's not a problem. Oh, and another thing that caught my attention here is the 14 or ways to get guarantee traffic to your block is Ah, it's about blogging as well. So we're gonna go a Jew's blogging and here as well, it looks like we haven't upload the uploaded this to blogging. So which is a great thing? Eso Before you will ask question a question about what's actually inside the content. We are not thinking about the content itself where thinking we're growing our own pictures , so it doesn't matter actually, how content looks. If you're you search for it and it comes in the top result. It means it's performing on the top. So basically, this is a good content, and you just don't have time to go and check all the content available, but because you need to grow fast. So that's why we're not checking the content itself. So before you ask that question No, we're not going to check each and every content a piece of content on Ah, the pictures that were applauding. Next thing that you will need to do is you'll need to change pain description. But we're not going to do that in this case because the pain is already top performing in a search bar. So we're not gonna do that. Just leave it as it is. So in the future, you are. You might use the top performing like pence Ah, or descriptions just to check out how they work and uses for your own interest. But this is the topic for the other day. This was actually topic for the question of pins, but we're going to think about that in the future as well. So we're gonna just we're just gonna keep on ah, returning to the few topics off the past and just baking topics in the future as well. Next to things that you need to think about that you can do are in your case is Teoh. Check these two boxes. One of them is, Ah, uploading saying this pain on your Facebook page and 2nd 1 is applauding a pin on the Twitter page. I'm not using that, actually, but if you have a Facebook page related to your Pinterest or if you have it, we're Page that is related to a Pinterest account and you will find a particularly good good subject. There are Tyler to desk you To do that, I would highly suggest, like 100% recommend to do that with your open on pins just to increased exposure off those pens. And to get additional traffic. No, from Pinterest for my twitter and Facebook. But for the other paints Eat. Unless you have read what actually the content is about. I would not suggest you to do that because you want. You want people to draw to your pen a notch, Teoh. True, the pain through your profile, not to the content itself. So you don't care about the content in this case, so I would not do that. The next year thing you could do is at two tribes and add to some model up. We're not going to do that right now. We're gonna do all of that in the future or when? When will join a new trial commotion. We have joined completely new tribe and just get your court and content right there. And next thing, of course, there was a website. We this This is the World Wide Web site it is. So we're not gonna do that. By the way, you could just press. And if you want, just change a condom, just press on changing the content, and you will change the content and the next you're thing is you can do one of those two things. You can just press to the Q now and they will both. They will. It will add, like, two different pence on the Q Ah, and one of them will be uploaded to traffic generation. Another one will be able to foot to the blogging. I would not suggest you to do that, because in your pen window, I'm going to show you how your pen window will look like. Actually, I've done this just ah, for you to understand when you go to the pence, you will see like, um, where is that? I think I've deleted that. Basically, what you'll see is like two of the same pens, a pen like together at the same time. And when people are gonna look to your pen window, it's not going to look really pretty. So I would not suggest you to do that. But instead of that, you gonna use the number or they'll button here, that's we'll call to use Interval. You can press this one. And what you're gonna choose here is Oh, no. How other interval between these two pins when they're going to be uploaded, you can change the interval off the time interval here. You can just type right here or just use whatever it's written here. I'm gonna use one day here just to have one day between the two of them. You can go with open time Slots are means the times lot are actually available. You can go with an optimized times loss, which is the great for the each off the boards. Oh, that has, like with the same time, not more than one day. The difference which is great for that exact board. Or you can go with an exact we can just choose the time where you want Teoh this tube when you want just to be uploaded just exact times, I would never suggest using exact times you are just using ah up or opposite open ah time slots or optimize. In my case, I always use optimized because I know that I trust they went to upload this on the time that are actually the greatest for this particular pence. I'm gonna press starting to roll right now and then press schedule now, or Jim, that I can press of the other buttons that cannot see right now. And that's it. It all. It it is all done. We're gonna close this one right here. We're going to get back to Tailwind and get back to schedule pins, and you will see how they're scheduled. You're right Here. You can see this is is one pain. It will get to let me see which board. Sometimes you just get stuck. Uh, this is gonna get to blogging that this is going to get to the traffic generation. And by the way, the full list off the pencil. See right here. You can just select a different boards as well. Right here. Just change your pain after you have are scheduled. It already working again. You compressed it to get back to the draft and transform into draft pain and just change the one of you want for later. You can press pin now. Just uploaded right away or it can president it. And if you want to change the layout and make it look like a bit different, more like pinchers layout. You can see it like that. I'm That's Jesse using this one like that because of the different sides of the picture they might get, like, tiled of in a weird way. And you'll see it's a bit different. What? What? What else you could do? You could just press the shuffle Q Right here. If you have a lot of pains right here that we're gonna you do that when we're gonna go a massive amount of pins, I'm going to travel. You can just schedule the massive amount. Depends. You're gonna press this one and just shuffle them in between. The only thing that will not be shuffled is with this locked pince that actually have exact time into roles that you have chosen. So they're not gonna get shuffled, or you can go like that and just press the feeling the times lots and it will move the pins in the way that if you have any empty time slot of create for like after you could just you could just when you re created the schedule like we added the slots or did some stuff that added a different empty times logic. Just go press this one, and it will just rearrange the schedule in the way so it could feel all the time slots. Or you can just press empty cuties to do it. Everyone, everything. At the same time, it's all about the schedule piece. It's extremely important to know all this stuff about schedule pains. Ah, I'm gonna give you, Ah, the tips on how to, ah, schedule a lot of pains at the same time in the future. This this need separate electric because it's a bit time consuming as well, and I'm going to show you exactly how you can't do that. And while this will be each for this lecture in the next lecture, we're gonna get ah ah, short lectures, the next to actually quite short. But it will be very important about smart loops and the tribe. So ah, I've explained what they are in the previous lecture, but I will go weighing more in detail in the next two lectures, and it will be all about scheduling it all about that You need to know all that you need to know about terror when the best Probably the best and the most important tool for the pictures you could ever use. So thank you again for attention. Thank you for being with me again. If you have any questions, just do not hesitate to ask him here. Toe help. Always any time of the day. Just give me baby few hours if I'm sleeping. So sorry about that. Thank you again and see in the next lecture. 11. Smartloops: so hello again and welcome a two of the lecture three off module three off our paint hero scores. And in this lecture, we're going to talk all about Smart loves what they are and why they're very, very, very important for your own content. So what basically smart lives are smart loops are three the scheduling off your pence over and over and over and over again. So this allows you to make your viewers to see the same content over and over again, which will be evenly distributed throughout the time just to not make it look like spammy. And just to multiply your pains that are actually popular and multiplied the pains that are actually generating a traffic for you and for your website. Ah, for this smart loop, we're going to choose one of my boards that shown you in the past that it's called the Quotes board and you can see when you open the court board like a lot of this from the school board are the same picture, the same photos. You think that they're all the same. But actually these are five quotes printed. All this typed on the 10 different photos of making this Will the 50 now pains right here. And what we are going to do is we're gonna a re schedule and the re uploaded the pains that are already popular just to capitalize on that and just increase the traffic more and more and more and more. Educ insee This pains right here. They did not generate a lot of impressions. Like 14 15 18. This is nowhere near the only thing that you need to consider just re uploading are the pace that has a police. 200 impressions. So ah, what we're going to do, we're gonna choose this place like 18,000 4 4000 2000 10,000 Ah! What's it? 20 Townsend 1000. Almost. We're gonna use this paints for our smart. What you're gonna do is we're gonna open your tail wind window. We This is exactly how we left for the last time. Go to the publisher and choose smart. Look, I'm gonna pressed again just to see this. This is actual this model, you will see. Ah, the big green button and the video with this lovely lady here. So if you want, just watch more about this much Mark Lu brother from her that for me. You can just press this video and she's gonna explain what's model based or you're gonna continue. Ah, what I will say so, whatever it is, the choice is yours, honey presented with you, So Yeah, Okay. Just jokes aside, Legis, continue with this equation off your smart loop. Ah, you're gonna press well again. I'm gonna explain what smarter base, just in case. So you're skip in the previous lecture. Smart loop is an additional smart additional slots for your schedule that is specifically specifically created for the re uploading off the same pains they're actually performing well, So what we're gonna do is we're gonna press create my first loop so you would see exactly how this works. And you can create, like, two types off the smart lips. First it's evergreen. That kid that can work like anytime you want and is just well, not specifically time slot related. Ah, like or seasonal accidental can be that pains that are related to summer to the Easter to the Christmas or some specific times that require specific dates. So for that reason, we are not gonna use decisional in this case, but because I'm not creating any seasonal content. But if you're creating any seasonal contact, just by no means presses Anil. But in my case, I'm gonna just ever win. And what you're gonna do, what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna choose the board right here. It will be codes board. I'm gonna call this one. Ah, top cooled stop quotes. Smart loop, Smart loop. All right, Here. So called smart Live right here. And then what I'm gonna do is what you're What you're gonna do is like, I'm gonna call this model. It is. It is right there. Let's call it like that on what you're gonna use do that. It's like loop all year around to like, blue again. For this isn't all content for the Nancy's. No content a loop every year between Lex and specific dates. But this is, uh this is for the specific seasonal content. We're going to play a press the or year around and then press next that my face like it's all right down here. When just move this one just to make you see, like, right here, Enterprise. This one. I'm gonna return back and just press aide Europeans. And I'm gonna get ability. For some reason, it's It's saying that I don't have it on my website, but all of them are not. Not this one. Not all the boards, Only the codes. Board quotes, board search. Ah, let me see. Let me let me just You know what? I'm gonna I'm gonna go and see my quotes board Onley right here, because there are so many pins right here. Yeah, let's go. The quote board right here and you can see like they it's showing it's giving. The times were by being led by the most popular, so I don't want them. The pains that have zero saves. Let's go and choose the pains that have at least one save. So yeah, everything. Until that I'm gonna choose all the paint that have at least one save right here like that . I'm just gonna press on all of them. How many pains that actually selected did this once You can see, here are all the paint that actually selected Ah Pence's uh yeah, exactly. This one next set up a schedule. Ah, this is my current core content or knee shopping in my case because this is not all about making money land. I'm going to say that this is a niche content and I'm going to choose one time per week. Yeah, maybe one times per week can be the I can choose the time Salman topped I want today. Okay, I can just agrees. Like, one times a day, 10 times a day, 30 times a day is good scene. This is my typical time slot where typical scale you are 50 is my regular time slots And the one is the top court smart look like I can just change the numbers If I will do like that this one, all of the smart Lopes, the blue ones and the white ones will be regular or like that, Like it gets 30 per days. And like that, this is This is not recommended. Go with once per week. This is more than enough on the Ute will take one month to go through all de loops. So Okay, you just press save changes. Custom schedule. Ah, yeah, yeah, it will go like that and finish loop set up like that Press The finish of this bottom is again Where I'm right here and we're gonna press done. It is success. And as you can see, there is not a lot off paints. A lot of things that change. But with changes that you see, there is one thing right here. There is once per week, I'm going to continue like that. There is another one the next week on the May 29th and it continues own word like that. If you go down again, there is another one, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. It's what it's gonna do is it's gonna upload. Might repent my pains like every 11 times a week. Ah, this is pretty good Just to maintain the growth And just to keep, um, I'm going to say to keep painting the pains that are actually important for you, and it will give you it is very popular. And it will maintain the popularity off your pens. And it will just get more and more people with the same things that you know are actually did that, you know, actually work I'm not using. I'm actually using a lot with this. Ah, smart loop. Not ah not not Didn't an amount that that should use but I'm catchall using it. I just deleted that completely just to show you how it actually works to see it on the blank slate. Because if you have a full pain like that from pain schedule, it's gonna be overwhelming. So what, you can you can you do? You can create the multiple smart loops and just continue doing that. And you can see have, like, five scheduled pains here. It's only in a smart lib like five pins and the and did this role, like doing each month like five per month and just continue. Keep doing that. Keep doing that. Keep doing that. Um, it so it will have a 15 loops. For some reason, I don't know how how how it's K actually counting that. But that's what network virtual does out because there is 15 pins. Yeah, 15 pins, so I can have all more up to 250 spins on this smart loop. No more than that, which is which is not good for some people. But it's I think it's quite more than enough because really more than 250 pence will perform that good. That ah, it will allow to paint it again and again and again again. This is the monthly amount, by the way, for 250 pins to have be active on the smart, smart lib. If you want to have more paints, you can press the sea smart power ups right here and for additional price, you can go and just increases. You can see the prices are pretty pretty solid. I would say Ah, 500 smart for additional $60 a year, thousands smartly for the additional 124 year or unlimited for $360 a year, which is quite good deal. If you are really, really deep with the Pinter's, I am not that deep. Trust me and I managed to get 1,000,000 monthly users not being that dip. But if you think that nothing else works for you, just go with that and just continue. Ah, using the smart low. Plus, it's good for the people who are making a lot of sales through the pain trees, like getting a lot of products and having a lot more pins than I do. Ah, 250 pence for up to 10,000 panes per profile is more than enough. But if you have like more than 10,000 panes like you're going to the numbers off 170,000 points in the future, then I would suggest you to get purchase additional smart that I'm going to do as well. But if you want, there is an additional thing right here is, like the 39 $40 per month 360 or the $479 per year, which gives you an unlimited tailing, unlimited smart loops and unlimited Dr membership, which is which is amazing deal, which is amazing deal, by the way, I would highly suggest you to buy this one if you are really, really serious about interest. And if you have, like a really, really big following after only But do that on Lee after you see some success on pictures, do not buy the right away. Just you don't need that right away when you get used to Pinterest and just make an explosion there. Just purchased this after that. So that was basically it for this model of this incredibly powerful too. If you want to keep ah, just reusing the pens that are actually popular in or in your niche or whatever it is just to keep it like again, going again, again and again and again. Just used them because it's gonna drive a huge amount of traffic to your website of whatever you want to drive it. So basically that was it for their smart loops. Next, Ah, lecture will be all about the tribes, which is extra Reem Aly Exquisite. An amazing tool provided off course by the Tailwind. And this will be it for the module three called scheduling. And you you will basically, after that, After that, you will not just have a well created Pinterest profile that you had already before until the Model three in a month off one too. But you will have all the tools available for you to continue growing and just keep on crushing it on Pinterest on the left on the module four, we're gonna learn how to use the Pinterest. The tail went to its fullest. Let's going going full on Ah, growth like incredible growth and how to maintain that and how to see which what works and what doesn't work and what does things or what doesn't do things just going full on forward . And after the model four, you'll have basically an unstoppable all that all the knowledge that you need to have an unstoppable pinchers account to being able to grow to the unlimited amount. I don't know. I don't even think that there is a cap, the top cap of how big you can go on Pinterest with this knowledge that you will have, like, unlimited amount of viewers. Basically, you can go to the number of millions and continue growing every day. It just just keep on growing and keep on growing and keep on growing unlimited leading. And after that, in the model five, I'm just going to give you some knowledge, just dropping some knowledge on how you can actually use or this views for yourself and for your business. So this was it for this lecture and the next lecture Again, we're gonna continue talking about tailing and we're gonna continue with the tribes. Eso stay tuned again. Do not hurry. Do not rush. Just keep take your time with this. Lectures like understand stuff like learning stuff, what you can do and then everything everything will come in the future. Of course. All the results Ah, will be there pretty pretty soon. Again, Again. If you have any questions, just do not hesitate to ask. I'm always here to help. With what? Have whatever the question you have regarding pinchers or otherwise. I'm just available for anything. So yeah, you just can't answer any questions. Kids, ask any questions you want, so take care and I'm going to see you in electric for 12. Tribes: Well, hello again. Welcome to the lecture. Four off our mood off our memorial three. And in this electoral, we will. We'll be talking about the tail wind tribes, One of the best features off the tail. They went available right now toe. To get to the tribes, you need to just go to the left and just seed separate tribes right there. Button ended your as you would understand that because it's, like separate separately, reaching from the Indian, the menu. It's actually pretty pretty, pretty important. Think too Well, do are in in the talent. So what we're gonna do here is we are going to get to the traps and they learn how to actually using this feature. So I'm me. I'm I'm using a regular tribes. Ah, subscribed. Ah tribe number Basically, which is no more than five in the plus, Ah, plan for the tailoring, which is the regular plan. The yearly planned for the tailoring with $120 per year. So I was a member of the five tribes, but one of the tribes were not coming for me, so I just quit it. And just to show you exactly how tribes are working and how you can actually find some tribes before yourself. So when you get to traps, you will see the your tribesmen you. But when you are getting at first, you're going to see Onley defined tribes because you are not a member of any tribes. So what are the tribes? Tribes actually are the communities inside the tailwind that are uploading and sharing each other's pins within this tribe? So what we're gonna do is we're going to find Tribe that actually suits our needs. That is mawr in our niche, and I will help us to just share our pence more and more and warning more. Let's find some great Travis because he there is. There is a lot off different categories, like marketing, food and drink traveled tr y health and fitness like kids and parenting, etcetera, etcetera. So what we are going to do now is we're going to think about what type of tribe that you want that we want. So let's think about that. Maybe we should. Well, let's find a tribe about the Pinterest If there is ah tribe about Pinterest. Like when you see the picture up is, um, idea turbulent Yeah. Pictures. Yeah. Ah, when you tried the painters, it chose me 257 results. And you can see there's a lot of stuff here like bloggers killing it on pinchers, out off, better social media, digital marketing, which I'm a member of already pinchers. France is the pretty trap, and you can see here at the activity has welcomed. By the way, let's go through this stuff when you're looking for it. This is the number of the day. Name off the tribe as well. You can press preview Tribe just to get inside The Travis's stuff is the topic of the tribe , which is category basically, which is lifestyle on this case. This is all about what what this topic is about. Like all the topics, any topic Block bloggers blogging book that fashion journal. It's all about it's stuff that is actually are circulating around the track. It's the tribes rule here, and this is about the tribe. This is the number of the members. This is the members that you may know, which is basically when you have sure and sharing some of the tribes with the people. This'd activity, how active the actual tribes members are the more is better. Like in my case, this is the very active tribe where which I'm the member off, which is great. It's better to have very active. Tried that then. Very like high number tribe. We can just go on Press Jen doing now immediately, or you can just press request to join and people will just allow you to get ah there. So we're going to find some very active tribes. Ah, I don't know. Let's just see. You know what? I don't think Creative entrepreneurs, which is pretty nice here. You know what? I don't like this one. This tribes that much this actual, pretty good try, but having like anything inside is can be very bad. So let's go with motivation. That not motivation, but more TV Shin My boring life Okay, with millennial personal growth. No, this this is not a lot is not good. Like coach, Let's let's search for cultural edgy topic quotes. Press the quotes now and let's see, Maybe there is something good about the courts Bloggers supporting brokers, attraction, marketing, beauty, blow game Got another personal growth. Personal growth. I think the personal growth might be pretty good one and activities pretty high. 250 members. Fund communication, coaching, guidance, goals, happiness, health, personal growth, positivity. Which is great because we're going to use that to promote our codes. Even MAWR, because they are popular right now is at the moment off the recording off this lecture. So they're popular right now is and that we could use them just to promote our pins even more. You're gonna press joined now. It's open as well. 2500 members. Pretty good, pretty solid number. And this is more than enough to just upload, just just just to use this tribe to promote our pence. But there is a catch. Of course, there was a price to your, um, using off the tribe. You need to actually ah, promote the the tribe members paints as well. In order to get your pins to depend on the top of the search leaders can see this. This ones are pretty good because these people that have painted this one are pretty active right here. And you see, all these old people are showing the people that have been ah, active like during the strike two years ago, like these people are very, very activist. Concede these people. Two years ago, 841 piece of content submitted to unify our five days ago for six years ago or 39 days ago . You can see all the submissions, the late security. They are not very active because their latest lasting they were short of two months ago, which is not that good, because you need people to be more active like this one. This guy's very active share two days ago when submitted 14 hours ago, So it can say hello just submitted, but just just just do I have a contact while I'm going to show you there is one more button right here. I'm just gonna move my picture here. When did this is the actually ah, trap chat that you can go and just connect with the people in allowed notification and what not And what we are going to do here as we're going to upload? Actually, our pence. So what we're going to do first before we're gonna upload? We need to upload the five hour paints. I want to applaud like five pence right now. Before that, we're going to si Ah, would pants are actually good. And how do you boost yours and the fitness? Nutrition related. Okay, you know what? Let's go self call confidence. Yes, I like this pain. I'm going to do that and upload just to wear. Let me just choose. Where should I upload? Um, maybe motivation, maybe. Let's go with the motivation. Let's just go directly to the motivation at to the Q. I'm going to go. You will never be. Ah, you are never You will never be ready. Start anyway, this pretty good. I'm gonna go with motivation as well. Which start type? M? Because I have a lot of pins, a lot of boards. Do it like that. Just upload the five share five pence And then I pulled five points. That's that's what I'm doing. Five ways to improve your focus. You know what? I'm going to go this with entrepreneur mindset and we the motivation and I'm gonna use interval off. Not that much. I'm gonna use interval off. Maybe when I work. Now, let's let's go with six hours optimizing total of six hours and then I'm gonna press schedule. Do not forget to per schedule after after you have creating Interval. Because otherwise, tool not just uploaded. Let's go. How to have a have more balance in your life. A as a busy entrepreneur, which is good, which is great and a pronoun mindset. And go with the motivation. Both of them again use Interval and go with an optimized of 6.5 hours. Whatever it is. Press schedule. Okay, I think we have done enough here. So what we could do now is to promote our own pains right here. Can we, though? Yes, We can promote our own pence right here. So we noted to do that, we're going to go back to our Pinterest, and I am going to do what? I'm going to find my most popular pin right here. The quotation here. And I'm gonna press this one like that again, like we did in previous video. And as you can see, instead of doing something, I'm gonna press at two tribes just directly without anything. Ah, and I'm gonna go with the personal growth. So as you can see you see here how many pins out of your employees and how active I've been to the other tribes. I'm, like, five jobs here, but in my case, I'm going to use only this 16 item shared, which is good, which, which makes me on the plus side. So I'm gonna go in it to tribe like that on. Got it. That's it. That's that's all I needed to do. I'm gonna get back. Um, you know what? Let me Let me just I have, like, so many things open right now. I'm going to go and re share a few more pins there, so let's see. 11,000. You know what this 11,000 pain is is pretty popular as well. So you know what I'm gonna do like that. Do not just divide everything. I'm gonna press at two tribes. And you know what? You've already added the content of this drive using different image few seconds ago. If you want. These two pins are just promoting the same page. So, uh, you can just go just in case. If you just reminding you that you have already uploaded this content, I'm going. Just get it a bit Whiter s on May 20th which is today, but we're gonna do that anyway, and it's a trap and got it. And that's it. That's that's basically what we're doing with the tribes and doesn't concede. Here, let me just refresh the page given to the dashboard. And as you can see your work. No, not that. Let's get to vector tribes. Um, let it load is against he here. This is going. This is showing the number of submissions off the tribes you have actually used. Ah, you have, ah, available only 30 per month and it gives you the exact time when it will be reset. Did so which is purchase? Pretty good. Pretty handy. You could just use all of them. I have 10 days to use all 30 and be sure that I'm gonna use that. And if you want more, some more submissions you can compress like with a smart lives. More try power ups. Ah, this are pretty, pretty, pretty good thing to actually have. And this is what I'm going to purchase a swell like after I'm gonna I'm done with this course. I'm going to purchase this tribes as well and see how actually they work because having like unlimited amount off tribe submissions is actually really, really good thing. Plus, I'm going to do that. Let's go. This one. I'm going to do the same with the smart lips and see how they actually will affect my number of viewers. Because probably I think this this gonna affect my viewers big time. And I'm gonna be, like, incredibly huge. I'm gonna I'm gonna have a incredibly huge amount off Pence and repent See in the future. So I'm gonna always keep you well in touch with that. And I'm gonna up update this lecture after I've done that. So this was it for the tribes, which is incredibly powerful. Tool in which 100%. Are you suggesting you to use that? If not anything else? Tribes is an Onley. Probably one Onley thing that ah you could use on the table in. And it still would be 100% with it off the price they're asking for. So Ah, this was basically it for the module number three. I know. What So it was a bit short, but Ah, this was it. This was all you needed to know about the tailwind. And after that come on. I want to congratulate you that you have passed the more do three. And you are there already to have two towards a great success on Pinterest. You right now have all the available tools that you need to continue with the Pinterest and basically reach all the success that you want. But of course, this is not enough for But for that reason, though, we are going to continue with the module number four, which is called Maintenance. And I'm gonna show you how you can actually maintain the growth, how we can actually use a different analytics pages and just auto understand whatever you were, what you need to do just in total will just go through everything. We've done this but before, and we're gonna just keep everything at one place. So you would understand what you need to do in order to maintain the growth. And just just to see how just to maintain explosive growth off your pictures that you will get after you are done off course with this course, Uh, this will be on in a lecture number one off more do foreign lecture number two you off model for we're going to I'm going to teach you how to never, ever run out of pains to repent for your schedule just to feel out your schedule with as many pains as you want to have. Hundreds upon hundreds, maybe thousands, 1000 of pins ready for any time in the future. And just just just to streamline your scheduling routine. And then in the last lecture, we're going against some of everything and will give you your A maintenance routine, like exactly what you need to do once per ah, week basically in that will take around few hours to do maybe even last depends Depends on you. For me. Takes just I don't know because of my PC can take just a bit more time because you are, You're gonna work with hundreds of pens at the same time, so it may take quite a bit of time to load. That's an only time that you have actually gonna spend that detective the most time that you're going to spend. So what, you're going to go through the pains and just if I just just give you a great routine that you need to do, you just detailed routine you what you need to do with your pinchers in order to continue succeeding, and after the more do for you will have basically everything. You'll have a well set up interest account or you will have ah, good idea how to create your own pains. You'll have already or good set up boards, and you'll have enough. We'll have all the tools that you need to continue, and you will have hundreds upon hundreds off pence that you can just continue pinning. And, of course, you'll have exact routine that you need to continue doing every single week in order to succeed you. Could you could you dio this routine that will teach? I'm gonna teach you next module, bi weekly or even monthly. It's It's it doesn't matter. You can just sit down If you are. You have, like, one free day. You could just sit down and do all these things once per month and actually, yeah, you can do that once per month. You're just going to increase the number off the things that I told you to you per week. Just increase it to four times and that's it. If you need like two hours per week to continue, like to have a weekly content, you will just need eight hours per week eight hours per month to do that. So this will be it for the module three. I hope it was helpful and easy to understand. Again, If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. I'm always we're ready to help with the with anything to course. Elated, Anything Pinterest related. Just asking questions. Ask away whatever you want it. I'm gonna help you as much as I can. I'm not omnipotence, so just Ah, just just think about that. I will Me, I may need some time to answer you just I may not have exactly time to answer you right away in the second that you ask the question. Maybe a few hours later, Max Mexico, maybe next day. So just just just be patient again with a Pinterest. Be patient. Be patient. It takes some time, but it's almost 100% guarantee that you will have rich success if you continue using all the tips that I have given you during this course. Thank you again for being here. And I'm going to CEO Ian Module Fourth. Take care and see you 13. Maintaining Growth: so hello again. And welcome to the more do four off the model off the five modules that we have in our pin heroes. Course Congratulations for coming this way because it was probably pretty big journey for everyone here, especially for me. And I hope everything before that was was a very, very simple for you to understand. And if not again, I'm open to any questions. And before we will start with a lecture, I want to just summarize what we have learned until that and what we learn after that. So we have already created our own a new Pinterest account brand new fresh, were populated it with our pains, will learn how to create ah lot of pins through the Canada. We have a crew, we have registered owned Tailwind and we know already how to use Tailwind, including tribes, Smart look and scheduling tool, which is in quick are incredibly powerful toe for any one who wants to grow on Pinterest. So last lecture was about tribes and that this module will be all about the maintenance off your pictures. Got maintenance? Kind of sounds like a not very suitable name, but I just called maintenance because I could not come up with a better name. It's more about the truth, the growth of the explosive growth that you will have, then all the tricks and tips that you'll need to learn in order to maintain this growth and never out of runner of pens and create your own routine. In order to maintain this huge ventures account that you will have pretty suit, this lecture will be all about the maintaining the growth that will have. You will have an E supplies for the Pinterest account with any number of pens with five pins or £500,000. It's all the same for everyone. And for that reason we are going to learn that. And we are going to use analytics to understand where to grow on, what to concentrate and how to actually continue doing our pictures growth basically. So before we'll start this thesis lecture can be I learned even after off after every every other electors because it's all about analytics and how you can use an Alan analytics to create better pins and how to understand on which board to concentrate on which bore to abandon. But I strongly suggest you to do it right now before Oh, you will flood your account where the different amount of different pence so and before you waste a lot of time creating ah lot of different pins. So just concentrate on that and we're going just keep on doing whatever we're doing right here. So for that reason, we are go for the maintaining off both. Basically, we are going to use to tools at our disposal. One is Pinter's own analytics, and the 2nd 1 is tailings Insights. This, this thinks are just very easy to use. And we're going to use them in conjunction, actually, analytics than you and Alex of the painters that have been operated just recently. Eyes giving you a lot more information than it was before. And the thankfully. And this was like a bit difficult, more difficult to understand before, because the analytics was not that good for Pinterest before. An actual script for this lecture was written before the changing off the analytics. But now it can be way more useful for you in order to get the results that you actually want. So without further ado, let's jump into the analytics. You're gonna press. You're gonna pressed analytics button and press over you for the Patriots analytics and you're gonna go to tailoring and press insights and powerful performance for the Pinterest analytics as exceed that I have, like a bit of drop right here of for the last few days. But 75,000 at the least. How big of a drop is this, Right? So it's not not the thing to worry about, because you will always have absent downs on Pinterest always no matter what, no matter what how good you are. No matter how how many pence you post, there always will be ups and downs because the majority off your ah success will be based on just a few pins. Not a few 1000 pins and the mawr pins you have in the future. 10,000 plus pans is, of course, the best thing to do. The more pins you will have the last this fluctuations become apparent. You will have, like the more stable line there. This this is the first. This is the 30 days off our pants. Let's go and go the last 90 days. As you can see, this is the last 90 days and this The drop here is pretty significant, but I'm pretty sure it will just cancel it out and just go up. Ah, pretty soon, because I'm pretty sure this did not count the experience Experiment Pence that I did with the coats ones. So yeah, I'm pretty sure it will just, uh, stable it out. What does he concede? There was a drop right here as well, but it stabilized and came back even stronger. And always there was so some some kind of dips going depths and downs, ups and downs or hills and valleys are always here in pictures. So you should not worry about what you should worry about, and you should think about is about your top pains and how your top pins are performing. As I said before, as I said in previous lectures, majority off your pence, absolute majority of weapons will fail. They will get exactly zero impressions, let alone the views. So you should not worry about that. A lot of what you need to do is to concentrate on the pins that are actually working and utilize them in your smart groups, in your tribes and in your in your future, Pence. Basically, what you were going to look that at here is how many impressions are our most performing pins are actually getting as you can see, they love quarter this This pain right here that we motile da there Oh, and created a lot of different code pins is getting quite a lot of impressions, like 2.2 million impressions, which is a huge thing to achieve. And this this pin that we created that that we repent from other person is getting a lot off a lot of a lot of attention. And for that reason, that's why we created a different A pence at which looks exactly like that. But with that, some would some variations to understand what actually works for us. Let me just show you with this pain, I will go all right here and open it in a new tab. As you can see it, this is the pain on the one million impressions of Lingle last 30 days, which is a huge thing. And what you see right here we went through this in the three previous lectures. But this is important. You need toe know this very, very Well, what I see this is I'm deconstructing Whatever, whatever is happening on this pain, Was there two things basically on the pain itself? It's the text which is barely visible. And that might be the this formula off success of this pain and the very dim ah, sunset picture Plus with the same tax. So I basically copied everything here and created my own pins that I will show you right about now again. That's how I used it, how I may. I was maintaining basically growth by deconstructing the one pain that is actually very, very actually that that's what I've been doing for pretty long. But I decided to go with an extreme results just to show you how it actually works. I did constructed this got five different codes and 10 different pictures. Just to understand what takes a bigger rule, what makes the bigger difference It's picture itself. Or to quote so three off the quotes did not work at all, and only two coats work. So because it's it is all about it all tied with the quotes rather than the pictures. I understood that it is all about text itself because ah, it's not about the pictures. So it's still about the Texas self and it's all about the key wording in the description. So where you can see I'm gonna open This one is actually, this is this is what I uploaded. And this is what is what's the key? Words are used in the description. So when you are testing the pains like that actually successful because you're gonna have you're going to have, like, hundreds upon hundreds of different pins on thousands of different different pins on the Pinterest, and you will have a lot of different things basically, to check a lot of data to work with, just go and see whatever works because people are opening depends for what they look. But Pinterest is showing them because off the text So basically Pinterest is get creating impressions first, initial impressions because of the keywords itself. So think about what keywords are working on the grand scheme of Pinterest. By checking the so many weapons that you have, you will do in the future thousands of repents and I'm going to show you how toe never run out of pants on dripping hundreds upon hundreds of pens at the same time in the next lecture. So what you're gonna do, how you're maintaining this growth? You're finding this small results that are happening on three different painters. Pensar actually not yours. And you're deconstructing the results, finding what words are actually working and then just using them for you your own basically for your own good. In my case, this is how worked for my Pinter's profile in my painters account, and in your case, it will work a bit differently. So you need to find what is working for you. Which keywords are working for your account, which your pictures are actually working and what photos are working. Because pictures does not know what is on your photos. The most most case scenario. They know what you will have routed and the description so do descriptions. Pretty, pretty Well, that's why we didn't went through the creation of the pence in a very high detail, including the descriptions etcetera, because you need to understand that in order to know what to do in the descriptions for your future pins, you have already probably done few pens, and it's not a problem. You need to do a lot of pants anyways, So in the future, you need to understand that you need to get as many information as possible before you will go and just create your bunch of pens with a bunch of different descriptions. You will know what will work for you when you were getting a successor. Result from those pence you will know exactly that. Just deconstruct the successful yourself, and you will get a lot of use for yourself in order to get the link clicks. In order to get saved, you actually need to have a lot of impressions in the first place. So first, always focused on impressions. After that. Always focus on the close ups because the close ups are the next thing that people are doing. Or the Pinterest always focus on the link on the on. The things basically that are giving you a lot off close ups, then always focus on the saves because saves are actually saves are spreading your pinchers Europeans all around the Pinterest because when you when people is saving your pin to their Pinterest board there, basically spreading sharing your pence for the other people themselves. And when Pinterest is seeing that a lot of people are sharing your own pins. Vendors will promote this pain even more. And after that, what's the results you actually want at the end is, of course, the link. Click. Just go to the link clicks and get a lot of link clicks as well. Just 11,000 link clicks is incredible results. But even if you'll get one link, Click is incredibly great thing because you were gonna have thousands upon thousands of different pains and getting a single click from them. And the lane 30 days is just more than enough to promote your own website if you're prone to go a website and just get ah high SDO scores, etcetera, etcetera. But we'll talk about that in the next model, of course, with an application. Drug traffic. So, as you can see, this is all about it for here, and you can get off course additional information from the Pinterest, The Tailwind. Aziz. Well, it's It's all you will see information about the follower growth that you do not need to concentrate on. You will need information about the pains, and how many pins are you are actually doing and how many repents you're actually creating you're you're getting and you will find the relations between the pain pinning and ripping is getting as you can see, the more pins I was pinning here, the pin number is going down as well as my ripping number is going down. So basically, yeah, you need to get the constant pins all times, all the times you're going to. You need to go and continue with that. Plus, you can get the board inside information right here, which is incredibly important, which allows you to get important information about which boards are actually performing the best and concentrate on them first than everything else. As you can see in my case motivation website, you Y and U X designs, which is very, very the clickable things just for you to use now is doing great. Graphic design is doing great thing, which is huge on Pinterest. Drop shipping is doing great because it has been really, really popular, popular for the last year or few quotes, which is entirely my board, like entirely completely the dive down entrepreneur, my mind said, which is good getting incredible results. They have ah, really state business color palettes. The best of to hear it from you, which is, as well, my own, my own account. And as you can see, like the 1st 1234 5/5 place is mine. 6789 59 Place are the boards that are in that are exclusively my pins that I've created. All the other boards have some mixed off other pins and my pants this hour only exclusively my pants And as you can see from this number off, Ah, Pinterest from boards getting the number five and number nine is incredibly, incredibly good. And that's what you do. Just go and deconstruct the success. So we noted to do that. Let's going through what you need to look into looking to the picture of the photo that they're using, including awards. The theme of the photo ways and what color color palettes are using is dark alerts, bright colors. It's sunset picture. It's I don't know, the sunrise picture. I don't know what at the picture is about. Get all the information about the picture and about the photo, then about the text is detects. Bold is a tax thing. Is the text stylized text colorized whatever it is. Copy that as well. Then go and see the description itself. Copy, description, Change some stuff. And what you need to do is start a B testing all this stuff if you want just to If you in my case, this quotation things got only two variables within the photo itself. It's picture and the tax. There's only two variables there. There is no nothing else except or whatever happened. Whatever happens into the description, I used them both, and I found out that they doesn't. They do not matter that much. All that matter was the quote itself, which was in the description as well. So that means that probably the description in that case took better role or in order to succeed for the success of this pain. So you need just to go and think whatever the best tax you could come up with if you just change some variables, you just change, change some pictures and change them stuff in a photo and upload them. Uploaded like that, of course, are linking to your own website or whatever you want. If you see that it did not, did not accept change it again see what you missed, then some of them will succeed. Some of them will not. Then look into which one succeeded and find out why they succeeded and start on working on variation off your variations off this paints and they just located and continue onwards until we will find the best pen formula for yourself. You will need to do that. Find the best pain formula for yourself. Because when you're going to do that when you found find out which colors are working for you. Which phones are working for you, which texts Which description is working for you, which words in the keyword description is working for you. It is all about just just copying this all around the place. And if you were getting like a 70% off non viewing on Europeans that 70% of your pins were not getting a viewed at all. In this case, you are going to get maybe 20% maybe 10% maybe even 0% off your pins without abuse, which is incredibly good thing. Because even if your pain is getting 100 impressions and develop in getting a single safe or singling click, this pin is successful. It's very successful. Trust me because 95% of pens and ventures does not get them at old. Not a single save, not a single link click. So you need to go with that concentrating on these things on follow on the text on the photo because the majority of them are getting texts or lack there off and the description . So maybe there is a question. What tax should I do with textured? I use what textured I do what I should have, right? I don't know why I have no idea what the key war days will Search engine optimization is You don't need to know that because you already shared a lot of pence and you will share a lot more where in the next lectures you will see Lucia a lot of pins and you will look what the yar using for their descriptions and find out like changing descriptions a bit. Mawr. You were sharing it. You will changed tax and and see what tax director working you some phrases some, like take out some phrases from the description and use the very similar description. Not exactly the same, but very similar description may be used exactly the same description. I don't know. I don't care. Just change some names inside there. Just use this because you will find out that if they're successful, you might be successful as well. But before you will jump into that before you will go with the second the results. So this were working like that, like that. Just go on debut test all of that. It may take actually up to few months for the result to show up. So do not hurry. Hurry with the results. Always give a minimum like bare minimum amount of fantastic testing off one week bare minimum. And but trust me as well that one week is no were near enough to get actual results and understand what actually works and what actual doesn't work two weeks, three weeks a month. In a very great scenario, because it's not that long and not that's not very short and month, it just give it is going to give you a lot of great results. Just just look and adapt and change. She changed during the time you it's not me that you need to create a £5 wait one month of dealing with something that will happen because you have so many pins and so many variables in the future, and you have a hundreds of hundreds of different pens will have so many variables just just used these variables. Just wait. Upload your pens started or increasing your pen, starting cruising your views with a month from the very beginning from the creation of your pain with a month at least until you will get. At least I don't know what this 1000 impressions. That's not even enough, but at least waited until after you will get 1000 impressions and then continue doing Ah, the A B test. This is how you're maintaining the growth by copying the success off other pains that have already been successful on your pinchers. You are maintaining growth. You are creating pains of their successful than you're creating more because they're successful. But previous pins is increased, period pains are increasing, are continuing to be successful as well, and you're just building up your speed off growth. And if you're if you will get like 1000 views a day in few weeks, you'll get 10,000 views a day in the Martha or two, you'll get 25. 20,000 today, like 850,000 day You were gonna continue, and hopefully in the next month you will get a few months later, you will get a 1,000,000 views a day, which will be incredibly lucrative. So I think I've talked too much in this lecture, and I think I got you tired. So I'm going to stop right here on this, and I'm going to let you sink in Lynn just or just scrubbed down Scrabble? No, just right down for you. Whatever I said in my case of all this lecture, just think about what was what I said and just understand everything here I need. I think this was the perfect timing for this lecture because you already understand how to actually create depends. And how do you actually have a Pinterest and what this mean to have Pinterest? But you were not yet into this massive amount off pence or yet, but so Andy and you need you need needed to hear this in the middle. I think this was the best time because I would have I would love to hurt. I would love to hear this one before I actually starting started Like pumping out a lot of pence. If I had, I would probably reach merely not in the four months time, but maybe in two months or maybe even one month them. So results are actually real results actually made. Very so thank you again for a your attention in the next lecture we are going to likes bombard our painters double tail on schedule er with a lot of pens and I will get you. I I will make you see how you can actually vain tade a lot off the paints and upload off millipedes all at the same time. And the lecture next lecture. After that, we're going to sum up everything and we are going to go through the maintenance routine that actually need to do every single week in order to maintain your growth on Pinterest. Thank you for attention and I will see you in the next lecture. Take care 14. Never Run Out Of Pins: so hello there. And welcome back, Teoh. The world's number of the lecture. It was a lecture to off the Module four, and we all have been waiting for it. And it is on because now we're going to I'm going to give you an example how to never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever ran out of pains to repent on your pinchers. So without further ado, let's get started. This is part off the maintenance routine that you are going to do every single week. It's incredible, simple to do very, very simple. It's just a time consuming because a lot of crying the work here. But it's a very simple thing to do just to never run out off the fence. So in order to increase the number of pence that we want to repent on our pictures first we need to understand what pins we're looking for. So I'm going back to my account, and I'm going to go through the boards and to see which pins which boards are actually underperforming, and see which boards have our little amount of pence that needs to increase in number opens . Actually, you know what? We were covered the traffic generation. Ah, and at some of the fed pins and the traffic generation before. So let's go and increase the number of the paints and traffic generation Pinterest board. Let's go back to the main page and you know what we're gonna do? We are going Teoh, search for traffic generation. Ah, that is basically it great, right? It's simple, right? No, not that simple. It's it's It's basically this, but is that depends? What we are going to do is search for boards, because why you should do work when somebody already done the work for you. Great. So what? We're going to go and what we're going to do. We're going to find ah, the great boards that are actually doing pretty fine and see how we can go and generate a lot of traffic. Ah, you see, the the boards are actually ah, put in the number off. Well, basically, it's it's showing. Ah, how well optimized are these boards on the mawr optimized board is the higher it is in the list. But this could see these three boards. It looks like they're all the same and they are all performing pretty pretty good. you know what? We're going to copy them, so let's go and go into that board. And as you can see, there is a lot of things. It's their very similar. To be fair, just because the individual that is using this is doing a pretty great job, to be fair, by the way, to have, like, same style ever, which is great, which we are going to use and see, actually, if he's successful or not, and if he will be successful, if this pains will be successful, we're just going to model it in the future to create our Opens 8895 followers. Great, because that means a lot of people are actually looking to this board what we're going to do right now. You cannot see that, but you're gonna press a tailwind button on your chrome right now and this will pop up like the on the topside. You will not see the higher than that. Like right there. You have a tailwind button because it's a chrome extension. You're gonna press this and you What you're gonna I see is this window. It will load all the pence that have been opened. Basically, that's it. That all the pistol you have been scrolled like that and that is basically it. Now what you're gonna deal, you are going to select each and every one of them. This is the worst part off the pence election. And I really, really hope the tailwind will fix that and allow us to select all the pains all at once. Maybe it is the way, but I don't I didn't find anywhere The way to select all the pins all at once. While selecting depends, pay close attention to the pins themselves and a look if they have description or not, because if the pink does not have any description, telling will not allow you to schedule it. Let's select all of them, just go for it and select every single one of those pins just for the fun of it. Just select every single one of the pens. But I want to understand if the pain is not selected or not, you will see a little blue glow around it is that you see right here this pain does not have in description. So we're going toe once elected because we don't want this pain again the same year. You might miss someone, but don't worry about that. You can just ah, find, like, go through them again later. And just un select the ones that does not have any description in them. They need to have description and the website in order for the tail wind to actually scheduled them. So we just go through. This is this is the hardest part. This actually hardest part. As against you have selected, you can't see, but let me just show you right here. 141 images price go schedule. And it will just pop this up like that, and I'm going to just get back. And now what will happen? Is he there? The tailwind will start loading all this pins into their database. And that's it that you can see. It all depends on your PC. How fast your PC is, The faster your PC is, the faster it will load. But because my PC's quite capable eat could load 141 paints pretty easily. What we're already here is we're gonna go and select the name of the board, which is traffic generation. Ah, it may be a bit Laghi sometimes press traffic generation. Wait a bit until it'll feel out All the boards you can go through and select all the boards , all the pins one by one. But this is incredibly time consuming. As you see, all of the boards have been selected. Now go with a glance, see if there are any pins, and it is that does not have any description. Just go really, really fast through them. Ah, just in case you could just press schedule, just press it casual. If if it will schedule, that means that Ah, the pence pins have already everything there. So yeah, if if the pains will go through, that means all of them have their own pins, their website and their own description. That's it. That this is basically it. This is a We have just pinned 141 pins immediately. Let's go to the tailwind and see the publisher how it went. Press this one. If we'll see a lot of pins their published, I'm just going to move my picture like that. That's it. As you can see, we have fully stacked 123 days with these and It took us less than seven minutes and took us less than five minutes to stack up. Three days off the pins. Three days, less than five minutes. Do you understand? How simple is this? It is incredible simple to do. And you're very, very easy toe actually achieve. So that said that That this is basically this includes, of course, our smart loop right here in stacked in the middle on Wednesday. It will upload it on a Wednesday. This is that simple. But we're not going to stop right there. And we are going, Teoh, I'm going. Going to show you another method. Of course, traffic generation is good. Ah, but maybe you want something else. Let's go again to my pin to my pictures profile and see what else So we can go and update. I'm going to go with Twitter marketing, maybe? No, I just I don't want a Twitter marketing. Everything else is pretty much stacked. Er you know what? Let's go with a YouTube growth. Maybe. Let's see how the YouTube growth or will work. I wanna set for YouTube growth. Ah, you to, uh, growth and see what pins it is giving me a Z can see. These pins are showing up on the top off the search results. What you could do right now What? I'm not gonna do this because it will maybe crash my chrome because I'm usually and I'm doing that. And it's question a lot. You can scroll down as much as you can to make it appear like to appear as many pins as possible all at once. And like with the boards, you're gonna press this tailwind button on the top and insurgency just loads all the top pins right away. That's it all the time pins that were appearing there and you're going to select the paint that looks more or less good for you. I'm going to press like that, but just take a bit of potential. Just don't press like this ones. I don't like this one's just because it's not in my channel Theme profile theme. Just go and select this. Ah, different pins. Growth mindset to videos, kids. Now, this one is not about to YouTube growth. Basically, you might skip someone and you might select some things that are not actually good. Oh, you know what? This thing this is my pin. Okay, This one is mine. Okay, great. So now that I'm not gonna say like this one, because this is my pin, which actually works pretty nice as it proceeds were on the very top off the now up into a search bar. Ah, secret ways. YouTube channel quit and then didn't have to set up your own YouTube room. They swan per suitable tools. Oh, this one is mine as well. Okay, this is perfect. Ah, Okay. As you can see that I what? I preach what I do. Basically, because my pains are doing doing pretty fine immortal this pain from someone else. Basically. So for that one. For that reason, it's going. Oh, this one is mine as well as you can see, the top of results. And I have three pins in my top results in the top results for a YouTube brought, which is simply great. Ah, and this one and this one. You know what? I'm gonna press go schedule. My face is again covering this apart. You know what? I'm not gonna just I'm gonna selected the like on behalf of the screen. What? The half the score for the screen that you actually see. Let's go through that you can see. I will give you an example of how it's how you or pain should not look like it should not look like that additional with beauty and of log off that calm. It's for you. If you're looked watching this, you do not have a channel euro, because that means you're simply you losing a lot of traffic. Ah, some people would use this and they're at their own advantage and enter the own website. But don't do that. This is This is not a good practices, the stealing other people's pins. And if the beauty and of law would come and see this one, she may report you and you might get bad. Don't do that. You are not. You do not want that. If you want to do that, just make this exactly like that. Paid change colors a bit. Move. Change this thing a bit and use the same Baidu description like a pin description and uploaded by yourself. Do not just go like that. What would you do it without her name? That's it. Just don't don't do that. It's very low. Don't do that I'm gonna delete that you delete button is on the right. Ah, top corner off the pencil. Let's go through this and see if everything is all right. Everything seems to have a description. Every single one to have simply We have a description and website is right here. So they do have a website. Let's go through this like that. This one does not have a website again. Looks pretty nice. By the way, that this spin looks pretty nice, but it's a shame that the individual that have done this pin, they did not pay really close attention. And he's losing quite a lot of traffic Because of that. I'm gonna go with YouTube. Roads like that and schedule. Oh, again, that is it. That is how this is how you're going. Massive and massive pain scheduling all it. Once again, I'm gonna refresh that and see, I have a 177 pains. Already scheduled 177. This video was like like on a 12 minute now 12 minute mark in 12 minutes, including my endless talking, an endless showing of different stuff. I managed to stack up fully three days, 3.5 days, but more than 3.5 days, almost four days off, content on and I am painting 50 pins a day. As you can see, this is incredibly simple thing to do. And you will never, ever run out of pence. And do not worry about uploading same pins over and over again. You are doing You will do this with a smart mobility or open pins. So this is not a problem. This is not a problem. And by being that active, actually, Pinterest may ah, give you may encourage people to get to your Pinterest account because you are sharing a lot of pins off different people like you are the showing this to a lot of people and pictures like that activity. And for that reason, eat my Pinterest algorithm will encourage other people to go to your pens. Mawr just try to have the good pins. Do not try to upload like she depends what you will see here, half of them will not get any views, will not get any views unless this individual already uses the same tactic that I'm using, that he may get a lot of use you will see that you will see that. How would war work how to how it will work. Basically, this is it how you will never run out of pains. You will just use that method and you will never, ever run out of pains because Pinterest is getting thousands upon thousands upon thousands of pens, new pins every single day and what you're gonna do it just just gonna ripping them over and over and over again. But to just do not forget toe upload your own pins. You are using other people's pens in order to get your pens to be better. That's why you should always remember you are doing that. You are repeating that many pains thousands upon 1000 into the future. 10th or maybe hundreds of 1000 pence. To find out which pins are working and using this every single week or every single 30 days , you're just going to find the best top performing pins and you are going to duplicate them , replicate their success. That's how you'll succeed. And that's how you will never, ever run out of pence. So this was it for the lecture to off the Module four and in the last lecture of model for We're going through everything that we have learned and we are going to, and I'm going to give you a maintenance routine that you need to do every single week in order to succeed, As you can see, had almost 200 pence requires almost just a 15 minutes. So you will find out that the tool case you tool take were in the worst case scenario a few hours a week and maybe in a month. So because I'm pretty fast and I know exactly how. What should I look for? I'm doing it, or maybe a bit faster than you will do in the beginning. But pretty soon you will get into it and just just go a crushing it really, really fast. So thank you for intention. And I'm going to see you in electro three. Take care and see you 15. Maintenance Routine: Okay. Hello there. And welcome to the lecture three off our ah model for maintenance module Basically. And in this electoral, we're are going to go through everything basically that we learned before these and give you jizz detailed things and detailed plan for you to do in order to succeed on a Pinterest growth eso This will be basically it for everything. Pinchers growth related than the module five will be. Of course, the bonus module for Thea applications off the everything that you have done already on the pictures. And now after you have basically we have basically go growth. Ah grew really My tongue is a twisted now through your Pinterest account, so Ah, this maintenance routine can be done when whatever you want in whatever sequence you want. But there's little things that you need to know for you to understand. What are we doing? So we are dividing this maintenance routine into two different routines. First I need to be done is the first needs to be done by the people who has less than 1000 pins on the Pinterest account, not their own pence. This including the ribbons, every single pain like when you go to the Pinterest, let me just show you when it press the pence. It should be like less less than 1000 pins right here. And the 2nd 1 will be for the people who have mawr than 1000 pins on their pictures. So your routine should be something like that. You have. I assume, that we already have installed all the tailwind and we learned all the lectures before that because they are necessary in order to understand. What are we doing right years? You haven't watched all the lectures before that go through them and watch them. If you have which them, then great, you are wasted. And then so let's go and see what you need to do. First, go and start painting a massive amount of pence. Find the boards that you want and use all the strategies that I've used in the previous lecture. Never run out of pains, lecture and just pin a lot off amount. A lot of pins, basically, what you need to do use when I assume that you have already established your schedule. You need to feel out your schedule for at least one week hat. It'll least one week you had because we are doing this for Ah, because you were doing this or this more routine once a week. This concerns um well, right now this everything that I said concerns everyone was less than 1000 pence. And for everyone who has more than £1000 it will be everything that we said here, plus some additional stuff. So just stay tuned districts basically for everyone. So upload a lot of pins until you will reach 1000 pens in total. Just fill out your schedule all that you were. How may, however, amount whichever amount of pence that you want per week to upload. But try to rich 1000 pins as fast as possible, but no faster, no faster than one month, no faster than one month. If you're doing this really, really fast, it is not going to be good. Do you? Will not get results that you, when you need for the 1000 plus pens are routine that we are going through. Just go up oh, around 1000 panes per month. Max, Noah, Max. But just go through them as's fast. It's possible no earlier than one month. If you If you want to create your own pins as fast as possible, go to Canada dot com and use again the Pinterest graphic and created a create a lot of different Pinterest the pence and you just upload them and see how they actually work. This is a good thing. But if you're not in a hurry, actually to get results really, really, really fast, which I suggest you to not be you can just give this all together because you don't actually need that that much. You can just skip that because I skipped that in the beginning and the results were still the same after that. You are going to if you have again If you have the cama account, you are going to choose the past five past things that you five best pains that you think you've made on Just go and upload. Ah, this pains to the tailwind tribes five Bedouin tribes that you are part off and just applauding that you can upload six spends six different pens uh, para tribe, basically six different pictures of six different pins. Meanwhile, month one and just upload them and see which one will stick. This is just you don't need that, actually. But this is just because to not waste basically the one month off tailing trap that you have and see, Maybe they will get you some results after one month or after one 1000 pins. You are going to do something else. Ah, after 11 month all your routine, it will be the same. You're going to continue with this amount of pens, but in addition to that, you are going to go through the analytics off course and see which pins are performing the bastard that this is why you need to wait for the month because the results will actually be like, available for you within the month. So no faster than that. The result that will get fatter than that will not be that reliable. And see the pains that actually performing the best and after that within your niche. Of course, within your Pinter's pro profiled, whatever the theme, you have pictures provide theme. Go to Canada dot com and recreate those pants. Recreate those spins through Canada dot com or through the photo shop. Of course, if you know how to use for shop, well, go through four shop. This is off for a ship off course the better. Kim, please. Grade. But can we just faster and easier to do? Plus, the pictures does not require very, very complicated graphics and stuff like a photo shop can do. Basically. So you don't need that. It's going create different variation off the successful pin that you have right here, uh, using different pin pictures, using different descriptions and just copying them again and again and putting them into different boards, all the boards that you can basically just try to make them different. So you would understand what actually works because the board actually is very important as well, because board plays the A pew pretty big rule in the S E o. So that's that's what you need. Just pay attention to the board as well. Just recreate those pence and wait after that. Just continue doing your work. Continue like uploading your pains like massive amount of pains like a thought you in a previous lecture and you will just ah, go and just continue doing that again and again and again and condition every single month you are. You are going to check out now after that, did the first month. Every single week you are going to check the best performing pins. And if some some new pins are actually showing up on the top 10 maybe top 20 is whatever number you want. You will see the just for you. Whatever. The number of impressions is good. Anything more than 1000 pressure is good is basically successful. Anything more than 1000 impressions. So you go just replicate them, do the same thing again and again and again every single week and soon enough, like by the end of month to you will have winners for you. You'll see which pains are actually winning that are actually your own pins, the pendant or your own domain or your own YouTube channel or whatever it is your own pins . And after that, go and just used those pins for or your own pleasure basically, and just use them and just replicate them. Put them in on a smart loop you're going to do go. You're going to go to smarten up and just chose the pins that are actually working, and we'll go to the smart loop. Um, just just go and do the smart loop because this is going to give you a huge boost for the for those pains because you know that this paints are actually working and this market will allow you to just repeat success over and over and over and over again, so that that's for that reason you're going to get basically unlimited amount of traffic. You will go. You're going to find a lot of different pains that are actually working like a lot of different pins and a lot of different pain designs. And soon enough, you will meticulously choose and craft the ideal design and ideal keywords for York Pence in order to get a lot of viewers. So this will become your routine from the month to basically you just drive a lot of traffic over and over and over and over again. So this will be your, ah, great simple maintenance routine that will allow you basically to go indefinitely to go one . Definitely you can do this month of this routine or weekly or biweekly or monthly, but no earlier than every week and no leverage. Then every single, probably of every month, you cannot split this while just do one day do only repenting like they to do on Lee the pin creation off that analytics and analysis basically you knew analyzed analytics. Ah, the day three, you could do the pin creation. According to these analytics, before you will go the tribes, they five you will go with the smart loop. Whatever however you want, we just continue doing whatever you want. Whatever suits you the best. If you will split this things off during the week, it will take around 20 maybe upto our max. Max, I'm just talking. If you're working really slow Ah, after over a max to do those things. If you do it separately, the most amount of time will be taken by, of course, by the Pence Stamp Corp in creation themselves. But because it's it's really easy to craft a lot of pins if you know exactly what you're doing. And the most of the time is wasted on the thinking off the pain designed themselves. But all review up, if you already know are repairs should look like and you have. If you have designed in your mind already, then it is extremely simple to just continue doing that. This will be it. Basically your weekly. If you If you're doing this proof pretty fast, it will. Your monthly, your weekly or your monthly problem model will take a bit longer. Your weekly ritual. Basically your weekly routine will take you around 2 to 3 hours every single week combined to do that, this is what exactly takes me to do that. It takes a month. Three hours, maybe Max. But I'm going through. There are a lot of pains and I'm creating, like maybe 5200 pence. Ah, like all at once. And it takes a pretty long time to great 100 points. How matter? No matter how fast you are, and I'm doing it in for a job because I just prefer Teoh in for the shop, Uh, it's not that Canada could not do that is any way, shape or form unless there are superior. Inferior to the photo shop for that simple case can ways like as good as a for a job or any other app that you could use? So just go for it and do or those pains do these analytics and do this pain scheduling, you will just go and just get you could. If you just sit down, you could just schedule are probably few months had depending, of course. How many pins you're doing per day? I would suggest you to do no last and 10 pin today, even from the very beginning. But do not go overboard like probably more than 100 will be way too time consuming for you 100 per day. It will be way too time consuming for you. And you might burn out really, really fast. And because of this grind and checking every single description and checking every single you are, Ellie, are if they're working, if they're not working on its stress for your proceed, separate settle making more than 100 it will be way too much public. So my suggestion would be go to 10 to 100. Whatever number fits you the best. For me, it was the middle 50. I think it did suits me because it does not give me any stress to do this. Probably maybe a few weeks in advance. And I'm just chilling and having fun and increasing my Pinterest growing up interests incredibly fast and incredibly steady. So what about the results Probably you may ask how fast you are going to see the result. It all depends, of course, how you are maintaining that this work. Always try to look for the winner. Pins alway try to go for the viral pins as fast as possible. Just Ah. I've always tried to, um, repaint the paint that are actually doing well that that means the top results in the search top boards in the search. Try Teoh, find the best names for them because it pains are performing really well already. Then they are doing just find it for you. And, ah, the results will not keep you waiting. You will get results pretty pretty soon and just trust me and remember that this growth on Pinterest can be slow. From the very beginning, it might seem that you are not doing anything. You're not gaining any traction, but actually Pinterest's can be You can can be a bit or forward and analytics with a few days Like right now my analytics is off by four days. It shows me only the May 16th ran right while now is me 20th. So, yeah, you can just go. And this just don't don't be very like angry about that. It can be a bit off on human. You may just see the result, like skyrocket in a single day, like immediately like having like off 20 impressions for a few months. And then you'll just see the next day to go 150,000 impressions immediately like it happened to me. So don't worry about that, and you may increase. You will have hills and valleys. Of course, in the growth you will have, like, incredible high amount off views one day and then just split it down and just go up again, just plummet down. Don't worry about that. You all you need to worry is the average monthly your dishes exactly. Only the thing only thing that you need to worry about, because this is only thing that actually shows up in your public profile. And it's the only thing that will people the people will see. Basically your monthly viewers. One Mike is 1.3 million model of yours in the time off the recording that so I'm well tried to do my best in order to continue growing my account and just make a lot a lot. A lot more. So this will be it for the module. Four off. Ah, the pain heals Course. Congratulations to getting a this for I know I could be, like, talking a lot. And my English may not be just easily understandable. But if you have any questions, if you don't didn't understand anything, do not hesitate to ask. I'm glad to help with anything I can. That's why I'm here, basically, to teach you whatever I can come like regarding this topic s o. I hope it was easy to understand. And again, congratulations on reaching this far because you already know all the secrets. Basically, that I have This may not seem like ah, a lot for the foot, a lot of people. But this sector of the small details small things that does not look very impressive from the outside. Actually, these are the things that create success for the people. In my case, this is exactly the thing that created success for me. So if you think that this is this was not the thing that you should be doing that I think again because just the small things just allowed me to reach the success. So why the hell it would not allow you to reach the success? I'm pretty sure that if you follow whatever I taught you in this course, you reach the sky. Since the arts count to you start counting your number. Some pictures in millions. Pretty pretty soon again. Do not hurry. Take your time. Because Pinterest is knowledge, not about immediate success. This is not on Instagram. This is not a Facebook. This is not a twitter. And this is this more like a YouTube because YouTube can be more about long term success as well. But just trust me, you will. You may not get any impressions for a few months and just right away it can just go on skyrocket just in a single night. So just don't worry about that. Success will come eventually. Just just keep on writing, grinding, keep on waiting. Keep on doing your work, even researching and you will just reach success. You guaranteed I'm like I couldn't even guarantee that. Just keep on working. Keep on doing the work. Keep in actually doing the work, not waiting for the work to be done for you. And you'll 100% guaranteed which this success Thank you for being with us. We are gonna have one more module and two more lectures all about using the Pinterest account for for your for your money making and for your business or whatever you want to do with them. I'm just going to teach you how you can actually use the millions of monthly viewers that you actually already own. So stay tuned for that. And I'm going to see you in an X module, take care and see other. 16. Establishing Brand Authority: so hello again. And welcome back to the final module off the pain hero scores. And this will be the last model is it's at right now and it will be all about the applications off the Pinterest account that you have already created. And we we're gonna just talk about how you are going to use all those people that are actually on your Pinterest account. Eso This will be this one. We will be first off to lectures and in this lecture, we are going to talk about establishing brand authority. So what this means is that your Pinterest account will allow you to increase the authority off your brand owned these platform. That means that when people were searched for your brand on in a browser on an Internet, through Google or through directly through Pinterest, they are going to find your brand on Pinterest and they are going to take a look How will large your Pinterest account actually is? And when they will find that your Pinterest account is that large, it will give your brand far more credibility. No matter what you do, no matter what your brand is about, no matter what your niche is no matter what you're selling, no matter if you're selling anything at all, no matter what you are doing, it doesn't matter. Actually, for that reason, I just and just increased my picture. My frame here because this this will be all about two talking no matter what will happen. You just people are just gonna come to the painters account and see that this guy has 1.3 million views. Damn thistle. This looks a lot. And then they will think that they will know Nadella This It's not just not just about the think it's about no knowing stuff, because reaching one million people on Pinterest is not easy. Reaching one million people one million viewers anywhere is not easy, which in one a 1,000,000 viewers, even on TV, is not easy. So it doesn't actually matter where you got these pictures. Viewers from you all you all You got that? So basically what you are here What? You're showing two people here that you already achieved quite a lot of success. No matter what you're doing, no matter where you are working, no matter where you're working from, like from your own house like I do right here, it doesn't matter. It's all about the results. You're showing that result. You are giving your brand and authority, and people are going to look for it and people are going to see that. And if you have your presence, ah, own other social media accounts as well. You just need to just get the results, but better and better and better to just up your results there as well. And using using a 1,000,000 people on Pinterest to increase the results of other accounts will be pretty easy. That's what I am doing that that's that's what That's what I will continue doing to increase my presence or other platforms as well. So when people would search me for on every platform, they will see that this this guy like, in my case, Nick Nixon is actually doing some stuff and actually showing some stuff to those people. So for that reason, establishing brand authority in New York is no matter what you do is incredibly important. Even if you are not doing anything right now, even if you're not using your name or any other name that you want to use as your brand doesn't matter if you are just simply sitting on your couch. Creating YouTube videos or creating instagram videos or something like that doesn't matter Just for fun. Even doing this pictures for fun will give you a huge authority in the future that you might use. Just why the hell you would not have a 1,000,000 viewers when you actually can have 1,000,000 you viewers. What you would would wouldn't. We do not have a 1,000,000 viewers on Pinterest if you are on a YouTube, if you could, you could do that, then just do that. Go and make your brand people. You want to make your brand a recognizable Go and do that and pinchers will allow you to do just that. People are looking on Pinterest. I don't think that brands, but the huge brands that will want to work with you. They are looking at Pinterest no matter what other people said. Ah, not don't. The people are not looking just on Instagram and on Facebook. They're looking on Pinterest as well, so we just go for it and just increase your brought brand authority when the pinchers, because this will allow you to go really, really big, really, really fast. Really. Suit. So this is one of the application that you could use the brand authority. And just if you want to show yourself just yet, you are a real do you show them your 1,000,000 account painters like I'm doing right now. You are here because you know that I can actually teach you how to reach millions Pinterest views because I have already done this. So why the hell you couldn't do the white? Whether how you would not use this as well. Just go for it. Think about that and use that and I'm going to see you in the next lecture. 17. Applications: so hello again and welcome to the last lecture off our pin heroes course. And first of all, out. Forced where I would like to congratulate you for coming this far. You made it. You are up in here from now on. And all you need to do now is to implement everything that you've learned from here in order to kill it and crush it on Pinterest with ease. So thank you for coming along with the journey. And let's just start with the last lecture, which is Ah, the module five. Lecture to off applications. And we're going to talk about drawing traffic here. Eso ah, the main reason. One while people why people start Ah, there Pinterest accounts is because they want to draw traffic from it. So Oh, how you can actually do that? And why you need to do that? Ah, well, actually, ah, drawing through from traffic of traffic a bit dressed is extremely lucrative because it is like another type off seo optimization For you, It's like another search engine alongside Google and YouTube in any other search on engines that you're using and it allows you are it allows users find your content directly through the pinchers and just get to your website or whatever you whenever you want them to be redirected. And it's extremely a great thing to do. Ah, plus it is way last competitive than Google S CEO is, or any other search engines are. So it allows you to get more and more and more and more traffic. And it allows people to just stumble upon your or content even without searching it. And if they would, will just like you're up in picture, they would just click it, and that will be it. So what you need to concentrate on in order to draw traffic from Pinterest, you'll need to concentrate on at the link clicks off court. Let's get to the Ah, um analytics now. And let's girl down and go to the link clicks. Yes, basically, what you need to do is you need to concentrate on their link clicks. Ah, just remember, we have a ball. You have thousands off a different pens and even single link click Ah, got from this pain is considered a success. You're less like. More likely you'll get a little less than 10 owing clicks, even on the successful pence. So just concentrate on that is you can see right here like this. Ah, um picture. Basically, this pain is getting without is getting like 3000 paints unless 33,000 link clicks in the last 30 days, which is extremely great result. And by the way, this ah pain is nowhere near as popular as the number one pin. If you remember, the number one thing which is on the second place now has, like, the 10 times more impressions than this one. But it has more a link click. So for your website, basically, for your own business, it is more important to have moral in clicks, then had them to have mawr impressions like in this case, you can see that it has 1000 more like almost 30% 30% mawr Ah ling click stand the pain that that have like 10 times more impressions. So this is what you need to concentrate on while you create depends you to concentrate on creating pains that can actually drive impressions to your Pinter's account or, if you want to create pence that can drive traffic to your website or whatever you want to drive it. So in this case, I would use this to pens for the two different reasons. First, I would drive. I would create pence more similar to this one to the first pain in order to drive traffic to my website that that I'm actually doing and the second I will create second pain Second Link a second pin, basically in order to drive traffic to my Pinterest because I want to don't want to grow my Pinterest as well and make it Aziz big as largest possible and seemed seem very friendly for different brands as well and were very competitive as well. So that's that's the two types off pens that you need to concentrate on. As for the saves and the close ups that are really important, they are more tied towards impressions rather than well in click. So I would not constrain that much on these two. Uh, don't recruiting precious, of course, like look into the close ups and saves. But if you're like Link Clicks is more like a separate thing to do because people usually do not like to leave Pinterest to just see whatever the content they want, they really actually do that. You can have a millions of impressions on the pins on but have, like maybe less than 1000. No, no, just a few dozen a link clicks because people usually are browsing pictures just to browse the pictures, to see different designs, to see different stuff. They really do that to read something to buy something, not really, but more often than, of course, any other website. But just the majority of the impressions that I got there got on Pinterest is for just to look at it, just to look at the pence. That's it'll just just get inspirations and see different designs. So this is what you need to concentrate on to get a traffic, concentrate a link, clicks and create the pence similar to base to the pain that are getting basically a lot of link clicks that that's it. That's it. And just a B test again with these types of pens. So this will be it. Basically, this is extremely short lecture because it can be a bit deep combated that, but we're not concentrating on that now, so Well, this is it. This short lecture, a rep speed up and this will be eat for the pain Heroes course. Thank you, F Thank everyone for the amazing journey again. You can just go through the all the lectures that you are interested in and just drop the questions. Whatever you want. Just continue doing your work. Just you not stop on pictures because pinchers does not like you to stop. If you stop, you will just become stagnant. Then just you. You'll just start losing impressions and that that that's a that's See, that's not the thing that you want, no matter what, no matter how deep you are. If you have anyone tens of thousands, tens of thousands of pens, if you stop, your impressions will start going down. It's not that they will go to zero eventually, but they will start going down and more pains. You have more stable. It will become like if you have, like £30,000. Maybe it seems quite a lot at the beginning, but trust me when you will get into it like probably you will get to 30,000 panes like keep pinning consistently, maybe in a year or so or so. So we made similar, but just remember that pins on Pinterest have the life cycle of maybe a few years. So this Europe working mejust give you results for a few years ahead, like 23 years. Ah, in front of you. And it will just drive traffic like 23 years it had forward. And it will give you a bunch of traffic, a bunch of impressions and bunch off brand recognition and establishing being the star of the show huge Brian authority for you in the future. Just remember, you are doing the oldest work in order to not do all this work in the future. So just concentrate on creating as many pins as possible and decreed pens is as great as possible. So people would just get to your account. You could just stop doing anything after if you're after a while and you will still continue getting a lot of impressions and a lot of use, Trust me, this is how it's gonna happen because, like a lot of the pains that are extremely popular for me right now, I have uploaded, actually, and I have repent and made a few months ago when they're they're killing it now and they're even increasing in there or view rates, so just never stop, never give up and just continue working to reach your goal. So thank you, everyone for being here. It was a pleasure to be your instructor on this course and I'm here. I'm always here to help you. Just continue asking questions and we'll come going to continue giving you as Big Valley. It's possible I'm still continuing to improve my Pinterest formula going deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper. If there will be any major changes, of course, lectures will be changed as well. And we're gonna continue just improving this electricity as well. I'm gonna come. Continue proving with you while you continue print. I'm going to continue improving as well. If there will be new formulas, new changes into Pinterest algorithm, everything will be updated alive just for you. It may not get updated in a live lecture, but at least me Gap dated in the descriptions or, uh, on a discord server maybe, or on the Facebook group, it e can be uploaded anywhere updated anywhere. So just join our service, join our groups off course just to just to keep in touch, to keep everyone touches Just keep everyone together and just giving out all our experiences to just help each other to go because you're paying heroes need to kill it on Pinterest didn't need to crush it on Pinterest. So thank you again again and again I'm I cannot stop with the thinking you for being with me and I hope to see you on the Pinterest. And maybe you were gonna I don't know, hang out or something. So thank you again and I will see you later. Take care. And by