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Ultimate Guide Arturia Pigments Synthesiser

teacher avatar Thomas Shane

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. Pigments Introduction

    • 2. Interface Layout & Basic Fuctions

    • 3. Preset Browser & Management

    • 4. The Analogue Engine

    • 5. The Wavetable Engine

    • 6. Filter Types

    • 7. Effects

    • 8. Sequencer

    • 9. Assign Modulation & Routing

    • 10. Modulation Types Part 1

    • 11. Modulation Types Part 2

    • 12. Sampler Engine (Pigments 2 update)

    • 13. Thank you

    • 14. (Bonus) Reverse Engineering Presets

    • 15. Bonus Content : DnD - Big nasty heavy gritty reece

    • 16. Bonus Content : Basic sounds - Psychedelic Lead Synth

    • 17. Bonus Content : Dubstep - Talking Dubstep bass 1

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About This Class

Want to learn Pigments?

Well here's a course for you! Learn the ins and outs of Pigments Synth by Arturia today!

You will learn everything you can know about Pigments and be able to create your own sounds.

I will go through all of pigments features, and enable you to know where everything is and what each function do. Pigment is an outstanding synth best of both worlds modern with it's wavetable engine and analogue engine which I consider a hybrid synth.

Massive Packed with pre-built presets to choose from. 

I will teach you first everything about pigments the fundamentals, then put everything into theory by creating advance sound design presets.

"I want to teach you everything, and I want you to succeed in music. Even if you're a hobbyist you get to learn to make Everything from scratch."

What makes me qualified to teach you?

I have studied at South & City, Birmingham college for 3 years and gained a Certificate BA Hons for music technology.

I also have the experience of making electronic music, I started making my own music since 2009.

In this course I will go through the following things:

  • Interface Layout & Basic functions

  • Preset Browser & Management

  • Importing audio samples in the wavetable

  • Oscillators (Both Wavetable & Analogue Engine)

  • Sequencer

  • Assign Modulation & Routing

  • Learn modulation sources (keyboard, Lfos, Envelopes, Random, Functions, Random, Combinate)

  • Effects

  • Filter Types

I will be including a large sum of sound design videos in the bonus section, by following along these videos you will  be able to create your own presets from scratch.  Learning  the process of how producers create their own certain sounds for certain genres of music. I will update it weekly.

Bonus - Genres of sound Design I will be covering

  • Dubstep (Growls, minimal, Riddim, Modern sounds)

  • Drum & Bass (Old style Reece basses, De-tuned/weird  basses)

  • Trance (Plucks, arps, Psy-trance bass)

  • House (Future House bass, Leads)

  • Trap (808 Kicks made in pigments!)

  • 8-bit/Synthwave/Ambient Music (Lush pads, Drones, Even more arps)

  • Future Bass

  • FX (sweeps, Crashes, Risers)

  • Learn how to create your own drums!

  • At Some point i will eventually make track from scratch just by using Pigments and essential daw mixing tools.

Thank you,

Thomas Shane

What you’ll learn

  • Learn How to use Pigments, its basic and advance features
  • Learn how to create different types of Leads, Plucks, Bass sounds
  • Confidently navigate Pigments and start designing their own sounds
  • Understand LFOs, Oscillators, Filters and Effects

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Pigments VST

Who this course is for:

  • Music Producers
  • Sound Designers
  • Composer

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Thomas Shane



My name is Thomas Shane i will be bringing you courses that i have self-taught myself over the Years like Music technology, Digital art, creating video games etc from experience, books and compiling it into a course for you.

I have done music since 2009 and made number of electronic music covering all genres under different names.

Studied at South Birmingham College and Gained  BTEC Extended Diploma certificate in Music Production

I want to share my experience with you, and give you insights how to create music, and the fundamentals of music production and Daws and along with different type of courses aswell

See full profile

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1. Pigments Introduction: Hello. Welcome in this course. I'll be showing you how to use Pickman. I will be explaining office Basic and the pants functions. Pigments outstanding. Sing for sound song and has ability to employees. Own audio sample. Invite table section if you want to. The ends and outs off Pickman. Welcome. 2. Interface Layout & Basic Fuctions: Welcome to the course. In this first video, I'll show you the basic layout and some basic features in pigments. First thing first, this is Pick Mints menu We can save Save Us import presets and export presets, a resize window function which will make this since bigger or smaller, which is a quaint feature. Did Toyota's menu will help you learn where think airs on what certain things dio. At first, it will give you a warning pop up asking to avoid the preset. So if you created a sound that you like, press council and go on the menu and press, save a voice. Just click OK to Toyota's menu will highlight certain functions and click on them to go through the two toils. Under the help menu, there will be a user manual, which is quite resource to learn form. If you don't have the manual installed, click on it and they will load a better approach to download it, form a fee. A que reaches the most asked and answered questions which will open your prowess. A tap the belt. Mingyu just shows that this off the craters off pigments on the white There was a Prowse a menu. They can see office bank presets, including Gone. We will go through the preset Krauser later, boy off that we can see preset menu where we can see presets in their own sub menus on the way off that we can see effort preset, depending on what precept feel to you have selected from the last section menu. Here is the same effects and sequence search section, which I was playing for Vaughn, and that's to that is a cool feature with a light bulb is click on it once, and they would turn to a little. You will show you what not to move in the lever marks, which will make the sound more interesting. Be sure not to set the preset to any of the template presets off boys. You won't be able to see that little marks second wind. That's a light bulb down our all you can click on their fans features. We can make your only lever marks uncertain ops useful when you can make it pre set off your own. Then assign easy the other markings on certain knobs and remind you them or, if you show you presets to someone else to the void. There is a master for Liam, which controls the synth output volume to the boy. There was media alone press it, and it was a sign ending up to you. Maybe control, though you then have the option to change the range unsettling that no, to the white. There is another down our song. It's waking, Save or load MediaOne settings. Here is the engine types, which both for called on the luck and right table boy off that is the filter section in the middle section. Here are the modulation chose here you can assign to different knobs. Here is the key port fuel. And if hopes LFO puncheon's one them and carbonate, that's is a macro section. Here is the CPU meter. If you playing too much forces, it may make your computer slow. Here is the panic button where if you want to stop all the sounds that's coming from a synth, which can also stop forward for sounds, here are the media channels. Here you can change the Media Channel. You can click on any nerve or holding down contro O command to find two knobs 3. Preset Browser & Management: now in the prowess of you recon search for certain presets. We can also select certain tax and styles. We can also save our own presets. For example, by saving us here, you can enter your name, the crater bank and the type. You can also choose what stole the presets should come under. You can even add comments to the presets. Here is very connects Select certain banks which you can quite new. One just boy saving the preset In the play This section you can create a new play this by dragging and holding any preset you want into the playlist to set up the synth to have a fresh store, click on presets and click under templates and picked default useful for quiting your own sounds from scratch. We will use this default preset a lot and also be used for Boehner Sound Design section 4. The Analogue Engine: here all the two engines which we saw early on. But for less video, we will be focusing on using the analog engine between their two engines. We can copy from engine one on pace it to engine to. Same for copping from engine, too. But pressing that to plu squares. You can also copy the modulations. We can also turn the engines off, go on with the power button and select them by pressing the panel. On the left is the tune section, which is the same for the wave table section. But without the drift feature, we have the course tuning, which will change of pitch by semi as we half of the knob you will show useful tips at the bottom, The max and the lows. Actives wouldn't go are five so five octaves up and five octaves down double press and enough to be set to the default settings on the Q, which is called the Kwan Toysmart. What it does is it locked any modulation on the course tuning on? Lucky in certain keys, the circles represent a keyboard you can select which notes you want to keep in K for quick example, I will modulate the course with Khan toys modern and at the hour fo modulation Oh, set the our thought, Wait slow and show you that you're keeping key. If you're chosen circles, I will use a free plucking could span and they will show the notes which, set by the Kwan toys mud Fine tune in that allows you to change the pit for even smaller than semi tones. Max and the Loves in Goa is by one semi. Tom Tripped will randomly change a pitch on the face slightly. Course Tune is what we seen before, but its changes the Sami tones. Here we can see different us elated types, a song, a triangle I saw on the square which we can change the bulls with full, a triangle on the square wave and for us, like the one we can see sink which will hearts and costlier two to a sleigh, a one which will make more interesting timber to hear hearts. Think we must turn on off slayer to turn the volume off, make sure the sinkings on. By changing the course, us later types on the wit will change the sound. Even the fine tune will make the sound more interesting. The hearts and keeps a pitch off are slated. Want so whenever you person no, you're staying pitch. Even if you change the picture up after layer to hearts, and we'll just change the harmonic content off the sound with hearts and car, we can just mess around with us later to on its own. You also have this key feature when it's on your father. The notes off the media keyboard. So if it's disabled, your place static. See? No, let's move to the Allport section. Here we say, Feel to mix, which is, if you want to go for the filter one or two or mix between them. Here is the volume knob, which you can change a volume. It's also a noise generator, which makes Eva white or blue on red noise. You can mix between them and turn the falling him up to hear the noise. Clues has more highs. Reuters between the two, which has more balanced sound on bread, which has more lower for it, consumes on the modulation section. It will only affect us later. One on us later to know our slave boy, we can change the source type with above us lay one and I'll stay too. Are being affected by Eva are slavery FM or noise? FM FM is also known as frequency modulation. So, like what we still early on with heart sing, we can change our slur every pitch and we'll make the sound more interesting. Let's move on to the Nets video, which I will be covering a by table engine. 5. The Wavetable Engine: So now we're going to look at the wave table, which is more modern. Why, for quiting sounds here is a turning section, which we sold before the though that is the unison we can add maximum off eight voices. The more forces we have, the more it copies of sound weaken detouring them, which can thicken the sound. We can change the stay off it to be mono avoid. We can also change the unison type two cold mode. Depending on how many forces you have set, you can change different type of chords that's being played. There are 12 court types in total. There's minor and major on all the different ones. I find these are pleasing for chairs or pads or food should pay stole sounds. Now on the output section, we can change the signal to both different filters or mixed between them or change of Farnham has we've seen before. Now, on the actual white table section on the position, we can change different gray forms. We can change the view to even to day or four I d. To understand what the bite looks like. Live Table simply means taking different right films and morph in between them. You can also import your own audio samples into the wave table. If more mode on it was moved out that transitions between laid table positions. When the move mood is off, it will lock two way form strata white. When changing the positions, we can quickly go for different way forms by the hour signs. Ah e uh, and we can go on the wife whom Rosa Parks checking on the way from name can see them. So did boy different backs, the wave table presets. So quite. But I think the will wait to make crazy sounds is important. Your own samples now imagine the ability to import different sinks. Sounds imagine just importing a focal sound. Messing refer. The possibilities are endless. Not just that, but nobody will or may never be able to create that sound that you have created. Also put in mutilation on anything you want our throws or different modulations on positions cough. So when we think we will go on pervert details in the later video to import, I sample just place and draggers old your example From the chosen folder, we can click this icon to import audio example or imply folder. By choosing the folder icon, this will import all those samples from that folder. Uh ah. Uh uh. You can also delete the imported audio examples by moving the mouse on the imported loaded sample on the white side and they will show at Close Icon. Anyway, here is the Marquis later section, which will affect awful FM phase modulation Face distortion, Andre Folding volume. They will output itself as a separate sound which we can change it into another away form. Ah, we can tune in free different modes where the tiff mold which will change the model a of pitch but will not change the pitch of the wave table. Second to any modus absolute mode again, not with 82 the course turning on this mood. It will follow the notes, the pitch bend and the Cloyd settings. The last mode is hurts. This will lock the picture a certain frequency. We call this what no stopping playing, but if it's simply changing the way form. No, this wave will affect the four month relations change and get resold Different sounds. I like to have to Defu selected to see what modulation is doing to the way form We also have for these lines, which connects the four knobs to the modulator, which affects four multiple ation types. By changing stuff on the model later, it will affect the sound differently. Let's move on to the forming modulation types. Buzz. We have FM marred weaken. Turn up this not to change the FM and Theo. Let's move on to the face marked Most of us imps uses faced mud has f m. Let's turn up this knob to see how it affects the sound. It's like FMR but changed the face of the life relationship. If the mountain lake we can pick Fort hopes to reset the way table Phase K is when you hit a no on keyboard, not us later is going to be what, After that, my delight at recess self will be set. The phase by Cool's fine tune Power Meters Wonder resets to a random face. Each note that's being played net's face distortion, which we are taking a target shape on distorting their lives into the distorted shape. There are sits target shapes to choose from, which you can see here. The amount is simply how much. We want to distort the bay form for the last thing. We have faith boarding, but we are taking their shaped up towards the bay form over on itself by mouth, different shapes. Your theory. Let's move on to the filters. 6. Filter Types: Okay, so here is the filter section. Filters is a quake baby shaping off sounds. We have two different filters. Both are the same with same functions, but each one compete booted in different wines we can buoy. Pass a filter by the power I can hear. We can pick different modes. We have a cook off the residence is where you have a little pig useful for making weird sounds. We also have a following him. Now it's the Alpo off the 50 and they pan up for going deaf or white. We can even click on the field to display. Drag the cook off, moving the mouse left or white, or increase the resonance by moving up and down. We can move the older off the filters reflects. I can hear built a routing on the left, setting your show an hour, which means filter one output signal. We'll enter filter, too, so the signal is coming from output section than to feel to one. Then filter to then to the Alpo off the actual synth. We can send the output signal to different filters or between their two from the wave table output section. If both filters being gone on routed together. Both will affect the signal when the filter rooted not be set to avoid, it will split the signal into too well put Will go to feel toe one and filter to separately . But you can also mix between having two separate signals and a signal that goes from field to one and then to go to two. There are eight different filter types, and in some of these types there are modes for that filter type, which in twos form. We also have the FM amount, which is full multi mold, Sam Matrix 12 and many. You can get different sounding results with different cook offs. Investments when you change FML Ah, on the same field to type. It is an emulation, often old and unlock filter could simply saw his expansion module. Instead of having a mode menu, you can move the Nabhan mix between different modes. You can now pick engine one and engine to for FML, which will FM the filter by the engine. You can also use the engine source in Matrix 12 meaning in surging mode. To be able to use a spread, you must have natural band pass mode on spread will make the band pass for not Breuder or Smaller Net. So pissed the camp filter type. All the knobs are pretty much all the same, But there are two different mills, which is feed that come forward, which is in first watch it's doing. We have a face filter, which can change how many poles you can make it feed back into itself. Lastly, there was a format field type. There is a freakin shoot shift. It's just like a cook off. The more changes a thous sound cure is just the pig. Nous off the peaks is quite for talking. Stole Off Sounds and the Plan District. How much is the unfiltered signal is coming through. Filters are quite tours for sound design. Be sure to Troy mess around with the both filters. Now let's move on to the Nets video 7. Effects: Okay. Now for the FEC's on the default template, there will be effects or the placed. We have effects Bus I, an effects Bus B, and they send bus Now on each effects panel. We can place free slots off effects. We can move the fax bike second and tracking on them by this icon. We can turn aftereffects by turning off the power icon now on the white weaken. See free, different routing options, purses from I to be. So the signal will go from A to B, then to the AL. Put 2nd 1 is where took signals goes inside both I and B, but we'll go straight to l put and not going to each other. So there will be two copies off the signal and lastly be to a signal from Big goes to a then to the output. Each different way of routine will change the sound as Stephen effects. That's definitely upon different signals. Here is the output falling off each bush. Remember the second mooting selected, you can turn one falling down and you could still hear the over one. We also have a send bus, which you can control by the send we turn up send were simply sent from my iPhone to the send bus, which also have I send up on the same panel return. It was the output falling off the send bus. Now we will look at the actual effects. We have 13 effects we can choose from on any of these effects. There will be a preset to choose from so we can save our own. So we have a motive effect. If it's five modes, James's slopes for deeper could change a cue for higher precedents on they try and letting up. Ah, also an e que, which we can click and track the circles to make the cut off or change frequency. Waken void in the cuts with Kunar will make them smaller. A compressor with its standard compressor features nets is a distortion. A driving up on the red light will come on to show if it's actually distorting the signal on the out gang In the Troy in Vietnam, Overdrive is like Samos distortion put additonal changes a distortion Toy e. Well, a photo would take a point off the wife and fold itself on top of itself by the droid amount. Those two types sign, Enjoy angle. That's is a bit question. We can change the bit depth, and it will choose a smoothness off the wife, and you can down sample it. Here is a chorus phaser Plancher July brief up if their standard features, which you would expect stereo pan, is a auto LFO panna, which you can change the sink types and change health fast or slow you want, Let's move on to the Nets video. 8. Sequencer: now we're going to look at the sequence are and how to use it, basically what it does, it will Pete a note which we can change the pitch and the length of the note, which is fun way to messing around and quite music form. On the left, we can see different play modes, but now we will focus on the sea. Conserve first now if we hold them and they know it will be played as the sequence of. We can also change how fast these notes are being played by the sink. Here we can also add swing by the swing come out, which will make the food sound more interesting. There is also a whole Boone which will make any note you pressed last forever fickle. Turning often enough, we have different tracks here. Active velocity triggered pop ability, gate live and slide. We have 16 steps which we can change the settings by click and hold on any off their steps . We can also change their mouth off steps we have put sick and hold here on these track. We have also we have a reset button which resets all the steps settings on the pics track. We can change the pitch by semi tones. If you choose. I know D on the track. It will go up two semi tones from the note your plane. So if you personal f, it will actually be G on the pits track. We can also change scales, which will lock any track notes to that scale. Next, These objectives, which changes operatives for 12 semi tones up on down. To use the ferocity track, it must turn up the ferocity knob on the same panel. We also have a feature called Has Played When Shot 100%. It means your digital workstation will change the velocity and not the actual. Since when it's that Ciro, the flustered track will be in total control. And if you don't know what philosophy does, it's like plotting full nose. That's river trigger pop ability track where there will be a probability that I know will trigger where 100% no will be certain to be played at 0% note will not be played in between . There was a chance of the note being played or not kind. Of course. Each time it was sound different gate length is just the length off, they note that's being played slide track in just the amount of time for the pitch to get to a different No, it will only work if there's a difference in the pit now on the harp. Only thing that is different is the pits track close to a harp, and you cannot change it in steps. But instead you can just play the notes yourself. We have different notes again, fellow. Now I want to talk about the London noise on the Wonder Noise track. We can see a dice I can't, which can increase or decrease it with more increase amount. It will make bigger change on with smaller Mel. It will make smaller changes to apply. We must click on Region here needs time repressed. It will keep forces different help. Come on, the auto region. Why Dusty will all took click on itself and changes the patterns on. We can change how long before it will happen again. That's fingers palla with, um, this will and neighbours too short a track on their own with the aren't we can also turn on routine on your basic tell all the steps to reset stable after a certain amount of time before we go to the Nets video. Last little handy feature is if you click and hold on, any other steps were holding shift. It will change the best off the steps to that's move on to the Nets free deal. 9. Assign Modulation & Routing: Okay, now the real fun starts. Before we start looking at the modulation section, we will quickly finish the rest off the same features. The AMP Mart. It's just a male off selected mud source will affect the far Youm. Be, though, that it's just a pan up on the send up, which sends output to send us now that we have finish of thinking the same for section. Let's carry on to the fun stuff pigments has made, I think, easy by color coding. All the modulation keep old and they float UFO's functions. One dumb company, Nate Mac Rose, My new sign Certain modulation. That cooler will also show on the knobs that you have signed to. You can see this by half running over on the modulation Control. Also, a coded circle will also appear next to the synth effects sequencer at the top boy. Also, motivation controls will show you what they actually doing. Two. Quick, they're signing a multi elation click on one of the controls and its name inside the box and go over to any of the knobs you want to mutter light, clicking, hold and even move boy or there. Make sure you have above the norm. When you assigned modulation a barbell show up, you can edit that modulation control. You can re open it by pressing the same control. Here is where you can edit the amount of motivation that's being applying. You can also turn on side. Jane Boy Will do is changing the modulation amount by certain soy drank type. For example, all Jews model when the model is that serial percent. There's no modulation, but the more I increase the model more off the modulation applied. Now that's to the soy chain type. While she jokes in the type and number will appear nets to it. This number is like a trolling knob a max, which is that one? It's sorry. Drain is that on the percent rep side train will have total control at this point and that syrup sent side train will not be doing anything. But you can make the number go to minus where the site Jane source will be doing. The officer you can turn on and after controlled by this power switch, you can t leave the control by this close icon. You can return to over off the control food box, second on its modulation name on the left or by the clothes I can un forward or simply by person anywhere. And never way of assigning modulation is by clicking on the plus sign That's good enough and pick the control you want. You will see a side chain at the bottom of the Rancho. Once he's sawing some modulation, we can quickly removed modulations by white second plus sign on, remove, selected or remove all. Now that's moved onto the next video. We'll explain further on the tops off modulation. 10. Modulation Types Part 1: we now? Can you look in further detail on these different modulation types the first time we're going to look at his keyboard? Keep old modulations controls off velocity after touch Mudville on place on the keyboard. High notes equals higher values, though knows lower values in the tap. We can actually see these things like the model on the pitch will, which can be changed by the mount up and down in semi tones. Here's master tune, which just change our natural round the play mold, which, if you want to play more keys at once, Clyde times where If you want the pitch to change towards to the nets, note the longer look like time, the more you can hear the effect always, if you want the cloak toe always happen, so even they go often. No and not play anything for a while. It will still Cloyd from the last note. We also have after touch, and lastly, we have ferocity curves, which we can set. We can change by moving the default cough or left click to make points on. Move these points or remove points by clicking on them. But lost the teachers means if you hear no hard the folly moving out If played soft following won't be s loud member to sign philosophy through AP Mark For this to work by moving the curve to the tub, it will always be played hard. And that bomb it always played to yourself to here and I think, but you can choose what you think is the best. The default settings will do absolutely fine. Also, we have this for the keyboard. It just follow the notes, which, if it's signed to another up the highland, know the higher position on that knob. Or you can stop things round and move the points to your choosen nets. His NF lopes. We have the fee C ai, which is locked to the amplitude so it controls the output off your sound. You can still use it as a motivation source. You can change its attack, decay, sustain and release this decay, and this is disdain. The short to the sound will be which is useful for making stabs a plug sounds longer. The attack, the more time you would take to reach max level useful for making pats. The thing is, the more time it would take to stop this sound after person. You know we can change the tax and decay Curves don't have to use the knobs to make some of the changes click and hold on the circles. This is luck to the keyboard source because off boys have no control of a pitch for the length of the nose, but we can change it for over any flops. We also have 80 are Just remove the sustain now for L. F O's. We can still pick Devyn reset sources. We can change the way from Cemetery for changing the LFO shape when we can change the way for how fast or slow. It's all the lfl the face which just moved a starting position off the LFO Uni polar mode which will make it so it can only go in one direction. We can make it go up or down. That's no Panella, those settings which we can change the time. The default setting is the faith. What does his fate at the start off the LF l a by amount, which we can change Nazi smooth, which will tress movinout the LF away for key track just changed the bite off the speed of the LFO. Depending on where you hit on the nose, that's up expansions. Now it's gonna look in the floats, but with more features giving ability to have more control. We have three functions to pick from, and the X one works as a separate source. We can also control the speed here bipolar. If you want to go in two different directions, it play mode one. If you only want the modulation to have once on set foot knobs, dupe Modi's if you want it to be set when pressing. And no one just means it will carry on even when me not pressing, you know and they will not. We set gate sources what we saw early on, but with different ways to be set. We can also copy and pasted different functions here. There's presets, which we can choose from. That's always we can just click to make new circles. Why click to remove them? Click and track the stock was to move them. We can change the curves and click in tracking between the circles. If choke you on, what he will do will snap the circles to look. Quit with it off it will not snap to the lines now on the dies. Begin turning up on the orders at one dimness left, click in the holding and that go for wheat to apply. If you click an old shift your seafood, different drawing tools or holding shift on F click Mouse Boone, you will showing these different tools. That's handy. Feature is if you hold down, shift on hold white click. It would move, I think, in that area. So that's finish up modulation in that's video. 11. Modulation Types Part 2: Welcome back. Now we're going to look at random, which has free different types. 1st 1 is telling its wondering. Output will be based on what speed you have picked nets. His flip were happen. Get 50% will be completely random, and that 100% or even that sable. You will be lucky to have a repeating pattern. We set souls, which we so early on. Lenfest held many outcomes. You can have so having one. There's only going to be two outcomes. The high amount that more complex, the sequence sample and hold. It's just taking a source, which changes of values differently. There is a wise and phone up, which both can be linked together, which both are like the fighting up, which we saw early arm. The voice is simply fades when there's a higher value. Four is when there's a lower value trigger, just resets the source, and finally, you can choose different sources. There is a speeding up that's type Spinal week, which will be Eva one or Ciro Output Probability. No pictures. A chance for hitting one or Ciro on this knob. If it's set to Max, it will stay on the value that we are on. But if it's like the under, there was a chancellor respond dimness and that several percent it will be 100% chance of randomness, lest to its base set, source and speed. That's is the company basically going to take the sources and put them together in different ways. So it's like add the one on top of each other to get more complex shapes and what not? And there are five different ways of putting the two sources together, which are some take away, multiply, defied and cross flayed in the never free, which affects one sores, which are lag threshold and officer, which or effects differently and should experiment on. And to show which one you like the most. The male is mixing. The two sources for left will be source one for what it will be sourced to, and the last thing are mackerels. What it does is what you can sign anything to them and name them. For example, I was signed some distortion to macro one rename it to distortion, which then control all the knobs I have signed to. Now, before I finish, I'll say some more words in the last video 12. Sampler Engine (Pigments 2 update): Hi, I have had the long pike pole on back and we'll keep this course updated weekly. Today I will be talking about the latest feature in pigments, which is this Sam pillar, which is a brand new engine. This new entering their allows all would use samples to channel wakes sounds in new possible ways. Pigments to comes with a massive library of samples or worthy for you to play with. This samples are sorted by different sound cat. Squeeze. The bottom section. You can load up to six different samples. We can trigger the samples. So using the mapping section, single just plays one audio sample. Ki Map. And for velocity map allows you to map to different parts of the keyboard. Sample pick allows you to change what samples is being played. Well and whopping switches through the audio samples in the older when Planck midi notes, for example, a to B, B to C, and so on. Lend them to place the audio samples randomly when placed in the meeting notes. Let's look over what cuando section that basically plagues down the old CO2. Small starting points off the audio, which is called cranes, which allows you to make them start different decisions off that sample and allows you how long these cranes up in clade and the pictures. Well, I also highly recommend you to check out and never clock in code the mangle, and never quit looking for quantile. Story of Stuff. The density not modifies how facile slow look winds up being Clyde. Size simply changes as size up to claims being played from short to long. We can now also changed at different time deficiencies onto these both knobs. We also have different type of flow. Fx, Maclean's, which we can also change the shape up them. We can limit on how many cranes that's being played from three to 256. Here, we can play the audio backwards. By pumpability. We also have a volume knob and a width knob, which makes us sound wider. We can also change the width to pan with acquaint will be placed left or white. Or the rest of the knobs, random noise, things like pitch and so on. Pitch mode, for example, higher means it can only random noise from the higher pitch, though it can only randomness, nice lower pitch, both are both modes combined. Start modes before can knowing star that beginning after acquiring, start wondering activist starting point. Both combined are both modes together. Dense less changes, how less than milk winds up being generated? More dense equals mole claims up one degree trending, right? So it's longer randomly, How long do the coins are? Shorter? House show to nullclines rule randomly. You can change the salting position here. We also have a new effect called tape echo, which is based on type 201 login. 13. Thank you: that's come off worse before in this course is that please remember just to experiment and have fun. I can't say this enough. Assign modulations to more than one knob was signed all different modulations. It's a quite right to get great complex sounds. Try importing your own, order your samples in the wife table and just go quite if it we even try the default presets and see how they work. In the upcoming weeks or months, I will be making patches from scratch as a bonus. Even after a year, I will be making bonus content for this course, like drawing. There's off dubstep Future Base, Trance House eight Beat music and so on. I will be doing more courses on different synths and effects and even digital world stations or even songs from scratch. And that's all I have to say. Thank you. Good boy 14. (Bonus) Reverse Engineering Presets : I I hope you have enjoyed the course now for the bonus content before we go on quite in their own presets. I like to quickly talk about and show you How did three first engineer pre sex? It will enable you to learn much faster of pigments. Oh, with any sinful effect, fear steep looking and help you learn how to quite your own sounds easier and faster. So just open pigments and open any preset you want. And I want you to bypass every effect, every modulation and the filters. Look at each Norman. See the different changes made from the default settings. And after that, start looking at the synth See what way table or us later that's being used. Look at each knob and see the different changes made from the default settings. The book that the knobs to be setting and change it back how it waas on. Listen, why it was moved to that setting, uh, and slowly turn each effect modulation on the filter is back on. And listen how it changes the sound. Mm. Um uh, and and Clinton T. I fought to include this in the bonus content because it's never way off learning how to build the own presets. I will still make and show you how to quite certain sounds as well. Which will be then that's videos. 15. Bonus Content : DnD - Big nasty heavy gritty reece: Today I'll be showing you how to make a heavy German based I always It sounds like less now here what it may sound like in their contests of a government. Bae Sung. It is a quite sound on my have to fit a song, so let's go through the preset. First of all, both engines are on on both our analog on engine one. Us later one is a sort off wife and sickness later is I Son wife. If both volume at Max the course tune is minus 12 semi tones and on us later to, I've changed the fine tune to 0.2 CEO cereal. Basically, it's more adjustments to fine Tune, which makes a sound. Have movement and excitement. Fine. Tune it a huge factor in the sound. No filters on engine to us a later one volume is at minus 60. Be on master later to Is that four volume? Both are sort off wife on us. Elated to again Fine tuned. 0.32 Ciro, please note that you can change anything Change of fine tune and see how the movement off this thing changes. We are pretty much finished with the engine section. Let's move on to the FEC's anyway. Off added the distortion first thing. Remember, if I did the effect in the Wong slot, move the blue icon and hold down the left mouse button to move them in the white place like mine. On this distortion, I have the twice to the max on the where distortion, which makes it sound heavy and quit e. On the second slot. I added the compressor. Now I set the way Show to Max, which acts more like a limiter, as I didn't like. How long would it waas so you can turn down the master falling down offset the fresh holdup minus 21. If the vet to Max now that's changed taps to bust be First Law, I added, is a covers with its default settings on with the BET on 21%. I added it because he had more of a stereo to the sound. The last effect is the reef up to me, the sounds sounded to Troy for my taste on the ATS. More stereo to the sound. Now, one more thing to do. Going back on the keyboard tap, change the mode and increase the cloy time around 124 years. Well, that's about it. Now all of the bonus content will be Have you focused? But I like to show you a good mail off different sounds. You can come up with pigments until next time. 16. Bonus Content : Basic sounds - Psychedelic Lead Synth: Today I'll be showing you how to create this sound is at basic yet though it called lead sound. Open pigments default template, we are only using one engine, which is why of table and no drop shape control. Phase distortion, 0.01. ASCO underneath it's C will point freefall seawall increase wave folder to free 0.14 are beneath its 0.140, which brings some higher frequencies to the sound. Go to the unison section and increase the force is 26, stereo to 70, increased detuned to 2.75. Also, we embed the hold down control mouse click drag to control the knobs. Net soap is to lower the filter one cloth around two on the 60 hertz and plays a and the flow p2 to the CO2 one cough syrup 0.85 ways the resonance 0.300, which gives it some movement, change the settings for the n eth slope, increase attack time to 417, which fades in the sound. Let's move on to the Effects section for bus a, the first effect will be distortion. Firstly, lower down the master volume down to minus 25. We do this because whenever we add in some sort of distortion, we are adding more harmonics and an output file will be louder. We tend to try to max at some toys, which will be 26. For their second effect, it will be a clovers, which will help this sound to be wider. Change or try where around 25. Next we will add some me for job. Same thing with the coworkers, help making this sound wider. Change a wet try now around 20 to change a brief delay to CuO. So the refurbish starts to wait to why we felt no delight to lower that decay. 0.3. 6-4, which shortens the reef up time. Let's now move to Busby at the phase over VET, try at our place the face or to smooth out the sound of bed nets is to add some overclocked during the sound forward with wet triad twinning. Lastly, we will add the delay at 2015, change at time deficient to one. You can also change it however you'd like. For example, you can change it to backup the envelope too fast, then slowly automate it in your door for slight buildup and no other decay. Change the resonance after the field tell you saw down to your own preference. Sometimes it's good to change the knob to the point where they say That's enough and you need just low. 17. Bonus Content : Dubstep - Talking Dubstep bass 1: Today I'll be showing you how to create the first of all, has always load up the default template, so it's easier to create this patch from scratch. Let's change a wave table appreciation to a square of white. For me, escrow babies that best for list-style of sound. I'm also going to change the few mode to 2D so we can have a better look at what's going on with flood wave shape hats, we change things. Okay, now let's add some phase distortion around 70% below that is the same thing. 70% change of taste, each torsion target to this mode. Or whether you can hear a big change to the sound, has referred them mottled, light the sound for the both way fold not under both. By your and change the waveform, which adds more quit or white to the sound, makes it sound as clean and more dirty. And you can see how different the waveshape is from a normal square wave. We are now going to make the actual seems to have the movement all make it sound like it's a talking sound. Make sure that field to one these on and change a filter mode to format. Format theatre makes it so that the sound sounds like a focal foul sound increased planned to map so that the rich and the sound filters is also being played. Fool. Increase the Q factor up 50%. So we will have a slight more of that. Lower the frequency shift around 40% will make this cell. Now, let's make this seems starts talking. Firstly placing the LFO R1 to the Morph mode on the filter. Truck, it all the way up to the man who the different fouls. We now want to place our Otho to two frequency shift for AKI up till zero-point COAP sent, which adds more interest to the sound. Okay, let's go to OF 01 settings. Increase the weight speed 214. Ok, onto the effects at their EQ on bandwagon around 1700 hertz tone down again around four dB on band to around 250 hertz. Ten again down or well-to-do B, we're doing this because it removes some madness to the sound. A great tip is to hire certain bands of frequencies and find their harshness when the frequencies that's off-putting. And then there were the frequency. For the next effect, we will use some method to the sound increase a toy retina up around her lover that pretty lie. So the reverb stops here to y, and that's it. You have created this chord to a step sound.