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Ultimate Facebook Ads Course for Beginners

teacher avatar Nihal Erooth

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating & Managing An Ad Account

    • 3. Understanding Different Types Of Ads

    • 4. Understanding Audiences

    • 5. Creating An Ad

    • 6. Analyzing Your Ads

    • 7. Duplicating & Editing Your Ads

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About This Class

Facebook Ads can be very profitable for your business. I'm going to teach you the basics of Facebook Ad Manager.

In this specific course, you will learn what you need to do to setup your Facebook Ads properly.

You will learn to find data about what your audience wants and what is the best way you should approach them.

You will also learn how to make sure your ads appeal to the right person, how do you use the right text, the right image and much more!

What Will I Learn From This Course?

  • How to create and manage an Ad Account
  • Understand the different types of ads
  • Understand Audiences
  • How to create an ad (and guidelines for creating ad creative) 
  • Analyzing your ads

Who Is This Course For?

  • Anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in the Digital Marketing field.
  • Anyone who is trying to sell their products online.
  • Anyone who has tried Facebook Ads but couldn't understand the mechanics.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nihal Erooth


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1. Introduction: Hey, guys. Hope you're having a great day. I'm so glad that you found this course and decided to start upon the exciting journey of marketing. First of all, relax. This isn't going to be that complicated. Facebook ads are pretty easy to make. So why Facebook? Well, Facebook has over 2.6 billion monthly active users. More than 1.7 billion people are active every day on it. I mean, if that isn't enough for you to advertise on their platform on average pupil, check Facebook over eight times a day. So what can you learn from this course? Well, you learn how to create and manage and add account, understand the different types of ads, understand audiences and how to find yours, how to create an ad and the guidelines for creating and add creative and off to the ad. So up and running and lice in your ads. So I'm not gonna keep you waiting in your longer. Let's get started 2. Creating & Managing An Ad Account: before we start. I'm hoping that she'll already have a Facebook page, and it's ideal that you haven't instagram account as well, but it's not necessary. So, first of all, you need to go to business dot facebook dot com In your business manager, you can add add accounts that you own and get access to add accounts that other people or businesses already owned. Now let's get to creating an account. You need to goto business settings that it's on the top right corner. Once you're in that page, click add accounts. It will be under the second step, and he had to click the blue button ad and he had to click. Create a new ad account in that you have to fill up the details Name, Time zone and the currency. You're going to use list in the country you live in. Andi. We're fed it. So after you quit on Alec owned, you will have to Goto adds. Manager, is this right here at the top of the corner? So ATS manager. It's an ad creation toe where you can create and publish ads to Facebook, Instagram Messenger and even audience Network in the ads manager you can see so many things right here. This so much Daikin. So this is an ad accord I managed. You can see for stabs right here. These tabs help you to create ads so campaigns and sets and at what it is, will campaigns contain one or more assets and adds, and you'll chose one advertising objectivity for each off your campaigns. We'll learn more about the objectives later on and add sets. Add sets contain one or more ads. You will define your targeting budget share jewel bidding and placement at the ad set level and add is creating you use. 3. Understanding Different Types Of Ads: So when you click create, you'll see different options to continue. Lord, are these on which off this can be off? Used to me? Well, let's go one by one Before you create an ad. First, consider what your business called, so it's important to know what you want to achieve in order to choose the right time to do you're al Object to you is what you want the people to do when they see your ads. For example, if you want to show you upset two people interested in your business you can quit. Adds that in Kuwait's people to visit your website. There are three broader categories or goals that your objectives may fall under awareness, consideration and conversions. Awareness is about telling people what makes your product or so with valuable you want people to know your business exists. For example, ABC Market is going to launch a supermarket using the brand awareness subject to they can create a campaign that highlights their fresh organic produce to people in the local area. Within awareness comes brand awareness and which brand awareness increases people's awareness off your business brand or so with rage shows your ads toe asked many people as possible in your dog Dorian's And next comes consideration. Concentration gets people to think about your business and seek more information. For example, Joan has online courses about marketing on his site. He needs more people to watch his courses using the traffic object you. He can create a campaign that encourages people toe visit this site to see his courses and within conservation. There are different categories. Traffic engagement, app installs really Rules allow generation messages. Traffic is where your dry people from Facebook toe any you, our off your choice. Any website off your choice, such as your websites landing page. A bloke post AP Exeter Engagement is waiting people more likely to engage with robust engagement? England's likes comments and chase, but can also include or force claimed from your pitch. App installs. Send people to the shop where they can don't load your businesses. App. Be to abuse Shea Videos off your business with people on Facebook, most likely towards it and Leah Generation collects leads for your business. Is creating ads that collect info from people interested in your product, such as sign ups for new servers. Messages connect with people on Facebook communicate with potential or existing customers to end quays. Interest in your business. After this too comes conversions, conversations and guage people interested in your business to buy or use your product or service. For example, ABC Market has opened a few new locations using the store. With its objective, they can create a campaign to and creates potential customers to stop by their nearest shop and conditions. There are three options conditions and creates people to take a specific action on your website upside, such as having them add items to a court. Download your APP. Will you store for your site or make a purchase? Catalog sales show products from your online stores. Carrillo To generate sales store traffic. Promote your business locations to people that are nearby. So these are the different types off ads, so you can use any off them to create a net one. Add on one campaign can only serve one so according to a business or object to you can certainly add object to and worn to the next step 4. Understanding Audiences: Now that we have understood different types of ads, we need to learn about audiences. Audience targeting helps you show your adds to the people you care about. There are two general approaches you can take to creating a target audience, specific and broad. The approach Chul's depends on what you're trying to accomplish and what resources you have available. Targeting specifically targeting specifically, basically means trying to find the best people to show your ads, too. Within that comes due till targeting custom audiences on lookalike audiences. Detailed targeting is a targeting option available in the audience section off asset creation that allows you to we find the group of people. Facebook shows your ads, too. You can do this with informations. Such tests additional different demographics, interests, behaviours. All these can help in detailed targeting. If you don't want detail targeting, you can use costume or lookalike audiences. Costume audience is an ad targeting option that lets you find your existing audiences among people who are Facebook. You can use sources, suggests customer lists, website or app, traffic or even engagement on Facebook lookalike audiences. It's a way toe which new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they're similar to your best existing customers. When you create a local AC audience, you choose a source audience at custom audience created with information given by you. Then Facebook identifies the Corman qualities of the people in it, for example, demographic information or interests. Then they deliver. You add to an audience off people who are similar to or look like them, and if you don't want to target specifically, you can't talk it broadly. Targeting broadly means so lying on Facebook to find the best people to show your Acto. It's a good approach if you are on show, so you want to target. 5. Creating An Ad: now that we have learned about the different types off ads and audiences, let's create an ad. When creating ads from scratch, you can choose from to work flows. This help you to create and manage your ads. Those floors are guided creation and creation. Guarded creation option guides you to the steps to create campaign to completion. And the Q creation option allows you to set up the campaign and then create assets and adds later, I would suggest guided creation. It can be easier for you at the start, so first you have to quit the campaign. Then you will define a campaign's overall objective at this level. We already talked about this area. You have to select your object to you depending on your needs and do a descriptive name in the campaign name textbooks. Then you have the option to create a split test. At this level, spirit tests basically means to test which off year or be or air B, C or D works better. So split test can test your creative placement audience and delivery optimization strategies. You have the option to turn own campaign Birgitte optimization at this level as well. If you want. You can set your budget here, but it's it's better to set your budget in asset level. If you're going to sit your budget deal, you can either select daily budget. Oh, life temperature daily Burdett is the average amount you're willing to spend on ads at per day. Or, if you want to start a life, temper that life temperature is the amount you're willing to spend or with entire run time off. Your answer. Once you have queer to your campaign, you can more onto creating your asset. You'll define targeting birds. It shed your bidding on placement at the outset level, first of all, and a descriptive name for your ad set. Then he had to define your audience. We already talked about audience, so you can either choose custom audiences or look alike audiences. And if you already have a saved audience, you can view it from you and then next in the audiences to select a location where you want the ads to warning, you can select for example, Chicago. You can select the weightiest you want to add to warning. Maybe you wanted it to one in a small area. The 17 kilometers within sending belong to us. Oh, if you want a specifications occassion small, specific location, you can drop the pin and set of it. They're radius. You want the ad stir? Went to, um just so. One kilometer. You can slip one kilometer. You can select 80 kilometers. Depends on what you want. You can exclude locations as well. If you don't want there are drawn in a specific location. You can do that as well. For example, I don't want the ants true one in New York. So I can just start that. And the ads One ground in this area and you can select your age can go lowest 13 toe a past 65 plus And then you can start to gender men want you want them to work, to organise. And this is detail targeting. We already talked about this. Oh, you can select additional demographics in dress or behaviors from you. Either you can tie for what you want. I example marketing And if you want, you can browse from this and already available demographics. You can exclude people. You don't want certain people to see this ad. You can add their interests or demographics or behaviors. Here, you can show people your ads to certain languages only. You can select English or French or Italian if you want only these people who speak these languages to see your ads and connections. Ihsaa Good way to show your adds to already people who like your page friends of people who like your page or just exclude the people who, like you don't want people who already like the page to see your ad. Or you can use options as abso Evans. So next is placements. This is where you say that your ad placements, This is where you're like. Ads toe a pair across Facebook Instagram Ordinance Network. You can select automatic placements. Facebook will automatically place your ads. Words best to perform at, or you can select manner placements. Suppose you want this ad toe only Go on instagram and only to warn Instagram ads. You don't want to wait. Don't stop credence to go and explore only to instagram stories. You can do that as well. Next comes budget and shadow, so if you haven't selected budget on the campaign level where you can set the budget here, you can either choose daily budget. A laughed embers it, for example. I need to spend ₹1000 from third off made toe home seventh off me. You cannot Just the time you need your ad to go to Andi. Your ad dual one from this date? Yes, on. You'll spend this much and there will be taxes depending on your locations so you can click shore more options toe. See, when you're charged, you can't custom I spend limits or actually doing Uh oh, you can change your delivery type. So after you have filled in everything the placement audience, that bar jet you have After setting that you can see how much the souls you'll get each day . This is also based on the objective as well. Since I started reach, I can see only wait now If I saw after the regeneration, I would see how many leads have to get in the day. So this is the estimated daily whistles on the right. You can see as well the audience size how much potential which I have with the inputs I gave you can see that audiences too broad or too specific if you will select lookalike audience so custom audiences it might be too specific. If you want you add to run wild. You want everyone to see it. You want so many people to see it. You can just to go toe brought by because to my seeing your audience interests and on the locations and all the information you. So once you have created your campaign and at least one ad set, you can mourn toe creating your ad. This is where you'll select your ads, create you and add next. Select your page. All ads are required to have an associated Facebook pitch. You need a Facebook page to create an ad that's in bordered. Then you have to set Upton ad format. Choose from the several ad formats, including Carousel, all single image or video collection. You can create a slideshow that's when you want. Then next jewels like we do or media that you want to use for your ad to upload or choose from previously uploaded images. So radio Select add media to create a slide show. Just quit slideshow, but here, or if you want to create the video based on the images made you provided, you can do that as well. Then you will need to add the text you want on the ad. Depending on the period selections, you may have the option to add call to action, but it Joseph pixel and more. This all depends on the campaign object you you selected to see how your ad will appear across placements selling the placement Aikens alongside your ad review. Then you can select to conform, so your campaign it's now like Congratulations, obviously this review from Facebook. Before your ads are published to Facebook or INSTAGRAM, Facebook reveals them to and show that they meet advertising policies. You can see the status off your ad in the delivery column off. Adds manager. Most answer revealed within 24 hours, although in some cases it may take longer before we get into the next lesson off. Analyzing your ads. Here are some tips for him agents Testing is still the best way to find out what works with your audiences. How we're here are some quick giving major recommendations based on tactics that I have seen work well, first of all, use high resolution images. It was high called him. It is this help Second, show your product or brand people school through Freed's quickly show what your house selling your band or your logo needs to communicate your message efficiently. Next, a word. Too much image text. Too much sex warned. Work adds with high amount off image text may not be even shown by Facebook. Facebook says that images with less than turn dippers ledge text in the ad Queer do both form better. Next is kind of weird, but it works happy people. The remains that has pulled to convert the best interests who gets is is off a happy woman looking directly at the camera. Wow! And next days, Value proposition clear and solid value proposition is a great way to attract the eye. For example, a discount or a sale this can attract custom was so much. Hopefully, you now have a better idea. What images work best for Facebook Cats. Remember to test what people respond to for your own business and watch your commentators to see what's working for them. 6. Analyzing Your Ads: so we have alone to create an ad. Great. Now we want to see how they're performing and analyzed them to make changes or in brew upon your next dad for every area. One on Facebook, you can you insights and how the ad performs in the ads. Manager. These Dadang roads away cells reach impressions. Gospel result. The amount you spend. The dates this are all available. He'll you. Can you? Your data for all campaigns ads it on ads. Newark An accord. You can also select a specific campaign ad set or add and see more detailed insight by clicking. Here, you can see here performance demographics and placements. Performance chart shows the number of people who could call you. Add the number of people, your weeds and a world cost of your ad. If you scroll over the line chart, you'll see the individual whistles for that day referred to in the short. If you want to change the results, you see the charts click custom and choose the metrics we want to view. And in demographics, the chart shows whole. Your ad performs across different ages, and centers began school over each section off the chart to see individual whistles and emplacement. The placement chart shows who adds performance across different placements such as Facebook or instagram. Depending on where you add is eligible to appear, you'll see where your addis received the Mourners delivery. You can also click the drop down menu to see where your ad appears on mobile and desktop devices. And if you want further information, you can goto account overview. In the you can see how much your ads have performed cancer, the dates in which your ads were performed and see the debtor homeless. Reach. You got homage, Jamal. You spent harmony impressions, Hominy link clicks and date by date information and what we're up city off ads I created. What were the whistles worked with? Cost per results I got. And what were the reasons for the Ammon Spend and ward with the demographics and what was the best time my ad went. You can also see the location comparing metrics from past Can Minster. New commits is an important way of understanding whether you're getting better whistles than previous campaigns. Here's a guide to gathering metrics from past campaigns to help you decide on a budget should do targeting and ad formats for future campaigns. Choose which types of metrics you care about most find metrics that forward an average overweight to make better conversations. Analyze several campaigns that are similar, for example, by which come to tea format or product. The more similar campaigns to include the more useful you can medicine will be the value off each metric may very greatly based on the which your campaign. So it's important to build your cam Barry, since metrics from similar sized get minutes. This is the basics off, adds manager. You have learned how to create an ad. You have loan, how to analyze them and in Grew up under. And I hope this helps you in your future and the rules. Whether it's promoting you on product. Oh puts you in your career in detail marketing. I hope this helps on. This is just a stepping point for you to improve upon your next object, ease and keep learning more about that's manager. There are so many ideas you can implement right here, and I wish you all the best tagger forwards 7. Duplicating & Editing Your Ads: so no, I assumed that. I mean, it's truly doing metal. You want to She's audience so want to destiny. So how did you do that? So you can I want to believe the campaign distant kid. You can. You do. You can be your despair just because But you just get I want to Absolutely. Yeah get get you So it depends one so and no If you want it, that's all. You can't tunes but on something, some things I'm going to you again. What symbol to be you? Its location, the team, distant indents. Just more stuff. Stuff there's going to be Oh, you you Pretty much everything. Almost everything but so that's the