Ultimate Excel Course #2 - Essential Skills for Working with Large Spreadsheets | Alan Murray | Skillshare

Ultimate Excel Course #2 - Essential Skills for Working with Large Spreadsheets

Alan Murray, IT Trainer, Coffee Lover and Lifelong learner

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12 Videos (55m)
    • Introduction

    • Keeping Headers Visible on Screen as you Scroll

    • Splitting a Spreadsheet for Referencing Two Differnet Areas

    • Hiding and Unhiding Columns

    • Sorting a Large List - Including a Super Shortcut

    • Filtering a List - One of Excel's Most Useful Tools

    • Scaling a Print to Fit onto Fewer Pages

    • Repeat your Headers across Multiple Pages

    • Printing a Selected Range and Setting a Print Area

    • Aligning a Print on a Page

    • Using Page Breaks to Logically Break Up a Print

    • Thank you


About This Class


This is class #2 of a series called the Ultimate Excel Course.

In this class you will learn essential skills for working with large spreadsheets in Excel.

These skills will supercharge your ability to work with large sets of data.

These essential skills include;

  1. Keeping parts of a spreadsheet visible on screen as you scroll.
  2. Splitting a spreadsheet so that you can view two completely different parts of the sheet at the same time.
  3. Hiding and unhiding columns to temporarily remove less important data.
  4. Sorting a list including a super shortcut and how to sort a list on multiple levels.
  5. How to filter a list - one of Excel's most used features. Powerful, versatile, easy and quick.
  6. Scaling a print to fit on fewer pages.
  7. Printing the headers on every page.
  8. Printed a selected range only and setting a print area.
  9. Aligning a printed range to the centre of the page.
  10. Using page breaks to logically break a print over multiple pages.

The spreadsheets used during the lessons are available for download from the Project area. You can use these to follow along with me.

The class project provides an exercise to recap on what we covered during the class. Any questions, please post them in the discussion area.

Grab a coffee, enrol and let's do this.

Please note that this is class #2 in a series called the Ultimate Excel Course.

You can find direct links to the other classes in the series below.

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Class #2 - Essential Skills for Working with Large Spreadsheets

Class #3 - Logical Functions - The Decision Making Formulas of Excel

Class #4 - Conditional Formatting - Make your Data Come to Life

Class #5 - Lookup Functions - The Powerful VLOOKUP Function and Beyond

Class #6 - Validating and Protecting Excel Data

Class #7 - Advanced Formulas for Analysing Data

Class #8 - Excel Charts for Simple and Effective Data Presentation

Class #9 - Cleaning and Preparing Data Ready for Analysis





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Alan Murray

IT Trainer, Coffee Lover and Lifelong learner

Hello, my name is Alan Murray and I have been training and consulting in Excel now for over 17 years. I have had the pleasure in helping individuals and businesses from all around the world improve their Excel skills.

I set up Computergaga about 8 years ago to help spread the latest Excel tips and to engage with other Excel experts and learners. It has grown beyond my expectations and I hope to get the chance to speak with many of you soon.

I have a real passion for Excel and I ...

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