Ultimate Bucket List Part II (Italy, Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar), Travel Tribe | Kelsey Betzelberger | Skillshare

Ultimate Bucket List Part II (Italy, Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar), Travel Tribe

Kelsey Betzelberger, Opera singer / Teacher / Traveler

Ultimate Bucket List Part II (Italy, Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar), Travel Tribe

Kelsey Betzelberger, Opera singer / Teacher / Traveler

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8 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Ultimate Bucket List II Introduction

    • 2. Where Should I Go On My Next Vacation?

    • 3. Italy's Major Attractions

    • 4. Italy's Small Town Gems

    • 5. Gibraltar

    • 6. Spain

    • 7. Portugal

    • 8. UBL Part 2 Conclusion

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About This Class

Welcome to Travel Tribe's Ultimate Bucket List Course, Part II!

In this dynamic, fast-paced course, we will explore the top sites and famous locations of Italy, Portugal, Spain & Gibraltar! Whether it's small towns in Spain, cuisine in Italy, monkeys in Gibraltar, or fairytale castles in Portugal, we see it all! Students explore the best of the best, with fun facts and pro-tips shared along the way.

If you are planning for a post-Covid vacation, wanting a virtual adventure, or planning your next long-term-digital-nomad destination, this course is for you!

No special skills required, this class is fun for the whole family.

Some of the topics we will explore:

  • Amalfi Coast in Italy

  • Algarve Caves in Portugal

  • Gaudi Masterpieces of Spain

  • Rock of Gibraltar & Friendly Monkeys

  • Gondolas in Venice

  • Fairytale book shops in Portugal

  • The 12th Century town hidden UNDER a lake in Italy

About The Author

My name is Kelsey Betzelberger, and I have been teaching for over 10 years. I was trained as an opera singer at Northwestern University in Chicago, and visited 45 countries around the world while performing at opera houses in Italy, Germany, England, Argentina, France, Croatia and the Netherlands. I also teach German, French, and music, and I have lived in seven different countries with my husband and our three well-traveled, geriatric cats.

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Kelsey Betzelberger

Opera singer / Teacher / Traveler


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1. Ultimate Bucket List II Introduction: Everyone had to travel the world, but you don't really know where to start. You don't really know what to put on your list. Then this course is for you. Ultimate bucket list course. Students explore the most beautiful destinations is one of the most iconic cities. No special skills required. And this class is fun for the whole family. I'm Kelsey bottle burger, and I've traveled to 45 country as well, singing opera all around the world. From climbing Macchu, Picchu to the Great Wall of China, to the Eiffel Tower, to the VAT. Again, I've done it all. And so can you no one is too young, too old to inexperienced, to travel, and now is the perfect time to start. Feel free to reference your travel tribe. Ultimately, bucket list travel planner to help you organize your thoughts and the coloring pages to help you enjoy the ride. In no particular order. Here are the top locales and activity is to add to your bucket list. 2. Where Should I Go On My Next Vacation?: Where should I go on my next vacation? When people hear that I've traveled to nearly 50 countries, they usually ask me, well, where should I go next? What, what's your favorite? Which of course all depends on you. What do you like to do? What do you want to see? So I asked all the travelers I've met over years of exploring, what's your favorite tropical beach, the coolest bookshop you've ever found the weirdest trees. The most beautiful door is the most alluring castles and bizarre hotel experiences you've ever found. And I came up with the ultimate bucket list of more than 500 places to see before you die. This is the first of a series of ultimate bucket list courses that covers almost a 100 countries around the globe. From the most beautiful religious establishments to the best mountain views, the coolest houses, the most intriguing GAD cafes, the weirdest statues to the bluest waters, the oldest caves, the most dangerous island on the planet, to a giant pit of gas in the desert that's been burning for the past 50 years. The ultimate bucket list courses have a myriad of places to go and things to see. It's all up to you as to which destinations end up on your ultimate bucket list. At the end of this course, I'd love for you to share your previous travel pictures. You're coloring pages, your ultimate traveled bucket list, and previous travel stories, and let other students know where you would go and what you would see. I'm always here to help explain further if you have questions or more Union more specific details on a certain place. And I'd love to hear your top picks and the next stop on your lens, Let's get started. 3. Italy's Major Attractions: A European country with a massive Mediterranean coastline that has left its mark on Western culture. Italy is known for inventing pizza. It's capital of Rome, olive trees and the enchanting city of Venice. Then it's constantly featured in movies, magazines and every other Instagram posts. Venice with its swaying gondolas, glittering canals and soaring St. Mark's Basilica make it nearly impossible not to be in awe when exploring every alleyway or tiny bridge in this famous city. Be careful though, some bridges are actually privately owned. So do pay attention to the signs. To the Palazzo. Can't daddy me. There is a small pallet. So in Venice, famous for its multi arch spiral staircase, known by locals as this would Ohno, just 40 minutes away from Venice, five Aporeto or water taxi. This time, fishing village has all the sparkle of vendors with a small town. Everyone knows each other and lives next to their grandmother type of feel. Their houses were painted a lot of different colors to make sure that fishermen who came back from work in the thick fog could find their house and not accidentally walking on their neighbors. Sink tear and man Aotearoa. Same tear as historically one of the most beautiful places in Italy. Same terror is known for beautiful fishing villages with colorful houses, Rockies senior shorelines of photographer's dream, literally meaning five lands. Same tear offers five tiny exquisite villages, each with their own amazing story in scenery. The most beautiful of the five, according to many travelers though, is managed OLAP, with cliffs jutting out on both sides of the shore, allowing visitors to see the panoramic view of the colorful houses with the lights twinkling at night. Pro tip. Even though this is called sank tear, as in one city. Keep in mind these are five different cities. So it is best to leave will one day per city in order to fully enjoy this amazing Italian region. Positano and the amount the coast, tiny villages dotted along the Jaggard coastline of Italy, sunny Peninsula, the Amalfi Coast with beach talents such as Positano and Sorrento, make you feel entrenched in Italian culture and beach life. Detailed colorful ceramics and Yomi positive issues and every direction the amount because as a place like no other, this is one of those places that is on the top five most beautiful locations in the entire world lists. And for good reason, I'll bet rubella is unique and exceptionally pretty, uh, to rule law is a traditional dry stone hut with this cone-shaped roots. This style of house first built in the 15 hundreds, is specific to the E3 are Valley. Archaeological evidence suggests we're maybe 1450, way back when. But now there are more than 3,500 to routinely, within just a few 100 years. Milan, that doable in Milan or the Duomo di Milano, is a Catholic church in maligned, that took nearly six centuries to complete from 1386 until 1965. The second largest cathedral in the world. There are also 3400 statue is a 135 gargoyles and 7000 figures that decorate this white gem of Milan. Bonus is right next to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele secondo, or the very first shopping mall in the world. Built in 1877. Bosco verity Galle is a pair of residential towers in Milan that contains more than 900 trees climbing the walls and terrorists is Tuscany, a region in central Italy? Tuscany is known for Renaissance art, rugged mountains, the capital of Florence and beautiful key onto olive groves in a vineyard bursting with sunflowers. Tuscany is a once in a lifetime experience. Don't miss this set to 100 Nia thermal baths that have a 1000 years of history and an average temperature of 37, 25 degrees Celsius, or 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Lag 0 d value is a lake in the province of luca in Tuscany. It was originally created in 1953 after the construction of a dam. It houses an old empty village known as the fabric. They caddied Genie, which is a town from the 12 hundreds. It becomes reachable when the basin is emptied for maintenance. So it's only been drained four times in the past 100 years. So it's supposed to be drained this year in 2021. So go if you can. The taro garden is a sculpture garden based on the esoteric taro created by the French American artists Nikki does some file inspired by Antony Gowdy's park. Well, in Barcelona. Sacred grove or park of the monsters, is a Renaissance Complex created during the 16th century. When the castle of or seen he's at the Tower of Pisa was actually already when it was built, due to the fact that the soil was built on is kind of marshy and soft close to the river. Getting that typical piece of picture where you hold up your arm and pretend to be pushing the tower up is a necessity. As are the pictures of all the other people looking like doorway changed minds adjusting an inch to the right or to the left to get a perfect shot. But fun fact, bring your mosquito repellent. Right after I took this picture, I got a mosquito bite in the middle of my forehead that blew up to the size of basically a golf ball. So definitely bring some bug spray. The best part about visa is that it is just an hour away from the beautiful 13th century Florence Cathedral. This massive stone giant stands 35 feet tall within Tuscany. The 16th century sculpture was erected as a symbol of Italy's ragged Apennine mountains. The bond day Lectio is a medieval stone arch bridge over the adeno River in Florence, noted for the shops along it, completed in 1345. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet wasn't based on a real teenage girl and the house wasn't in Verona. It doesn't have any relation to the story. However, you will always find huge crowds of people from all over the world waiting in long lines and gracefully lean on the balcony and transporting themselves back to the time of the Montagues and the Capulets. This house has an adorable Juliet balcony, and it was once inhabited by the Bellow family. I mean similar to the Italians version, capillarity and dates back to the 13th century. Pizza. Pizza wasn't invented until 738, but more as a flatbread with tomato sauce and garlic. This led to the invention of the very first pizza called the Maddy Mad Cow with sauce, garlic and irregular the miter get eat that pizza was next invented shortly after when she's and Faisal were added. These are considered to be the very first in the world. A tiny flat bread stand in the middle of Naples in Italy, became a major restaurant called the antique upbeat seti effort Alba. Although this restaurant takes absolutely no reservations except for perhaps filming major movies. This three to six block long line and two to three hour weight is 100% worth it. The owner has kept the restaurant looking as traditional as possible with the skill dough makers flipping pizza right across the thin pane of glass. So the whole restaurant can see pro tip go by yourself or with one other person, because this cuts the wait time in half. Don't worry about sitting alone. They leave no chair on occupied. So you will always be sitting with a crowd of people, whether you know them or not, who were just as excited about this pizza experience as you are. Tornado, Naples metro station. Gorges ceiling mosaic painted in a psychedelic swirl of violet and blue. This sparkly multicolored metro system in deep under Naples is said to be the most beautiful metric system in Europe. Croce, that is one of the islands off the coast of southern Italy at by Naples. And it's best known for its beautiful beaches and colorful houses. Don't miss copy. And ischemia, two islands near Naples with some of the best beach and see views. Pompeii with Mount Vesuvius and moving in the background. Pompeii is like stepping into a scene from history. When the volcano erupted in 79, covered this entire town with ash and poisonous gases, freezing people in their tracks until excavations began almost 1600 years later. Although somewhat similar to the other areas with ruins on pay is probably the most famous in the world due to its backstory. 4. Italy's Small Town Gems: Leica moon a DPA data, data is a tiny town in Southern Italy in Basilica, which is sort of like a real life habit village. The screw venue chapel, also known as the Arena Chapel. This grow many chapel is a small church, especially noted for its fresco cycle by joke DO, completed in the year 1305. It is considered to be an important masterpiece of a Western art. I like to call this the blue ceiling travel. Potty was astronomical clock and the clock tower located in patois, which is close to Venice from 1426. Village of scan know is a town in the region and encircled by mountains with a beautiful blue lake in the middle, which captivates visitors with its cobblestone pathways and picturesque village houses. For the Vino is a fishing village on the Italian Riviera coastline, famed for its pastel colored houses, high-end boutiques and seafood restaurants. The Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. Vatican City is the smallest country in the world, and it's considered an independent city state with its entire boundary bordered by a neuroma. St. Peter's Basilica, 400 years old and the largest church in the world. It stands next to the Sistine Chapel with its beautiful painted ceiling by Michelangelo, consider to be the home of the pope. Vatican City and the Vatican Museums which hold over 70 thousand works of art, is a truly once in a lifetime experience. Fun fact for you. No one is actually born in Vatican City, so there are no hospitals there. You can't actually get a birth certificate saying from Vatican City, if you are somehow born within the city limits of the VAT, again, you are technically considered to be born in Italy. There's also no permanent residency for Vatican City. It is possible to get temporary residency for folks connected to the church or the Vatican Museums, but nothing permanent. Also be sure to check out. The call is seen from the oval amphitheater in the center of the city of Rome. The Roman Forum, the location of important religious, political, and social activities in Rome. And the Pantheon, the best preserved and most influential building of ancient Rome dedicated to all the gods, built almost 2000 years ago, without hole in the roof for light and ventilation. The Trevi Fountain, the largest and most beautiful fountain in Rome. The origins of which go back to your night routine these CE and see an opera. This is the birthplace of this ancient vocal art. And there are operas every night. Go see them. Ducati palace in Rome is a sixteenth-century residents know locally as the house of monsters for the decorations on its doors and windows. Look pasta museum. But one of Rome's more obscure tourist destinations, or the pasta museum is for visitors with a devouring interest in Italy is most important cuisine. The Boston Museum is entirely devoted to pasta, its history, its production, its nutritional values, and how much consumption there is, um, pasta in Italy. The rocket is a fortress located in the northern Apennine mountains with medieval and more eclectic styles, surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. The giant pink bunny is a massive pink stuffed rabbit on the side of a mountain Measuring about 200 feet or 60 meters in length and 20 feet or six meters tall on its side. The Basilica of San Vitale is a seventh century and tq church in Ravenna and important surviving example of early Christian Byzantine art and architecture. The Mausoleum of Galla flat sheet yet is a fifth century chapel also in Ravenna, despite being called a mausoleum at the Empress Gullah Plachy, the app was not buried in the building. In fact, her official grave is all the way over in Rome. Temple of Dhamma is an eco village hidden in the foothills of the Alps. It created a massive system of psychedelic underground temples. The Temple of DOM at work contains a number of rooms, some with ceilings over 25 feet high. The temple is centered correspond to a profound journey inside one cell. Lake gotta, like gada is a lake in Northern Italy known for its crystal-clear waters. Fishing villages. It's also renowned for having some of the most beautiful towns in Italy on its shorelines, including cannot be 10, No, a tiny medieval village known for cobblestone streets and UDL garden. A beautiful commune with over 300 years of history named after. The left side of me is a, is a mansion with five sides and Renaissance construction known for its elaborate frescoes and staircases. The left vitamin a is a is located in the town of CAP, federal law. There's also palm ANOVA for two, which is a foreign shaped like a star. Pretty cool. In fewer added is a celebration that takes place in a small town of spent every year on the ninth Sunday after Easter. Almost 1000 people scurry to create carpets and pictures made of flowers along the town's narrow streets in preparation for the passage of the Blessed Sacrament carried in procession by the bishop on Sunday morning. This one mile long path of beautiful floral creations with explosions of colorful flowers, incense make for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Madonna is a church in Sicily and southern Italy, renowned for its spectacular interior, which is dominated by a series of 12th century mosaics by byzantine craftsman Castello Incan Dando in Chaka, another tiny town of Sicily. You'll find the nightmare of heads. This was a mad man's personal garden which is full of over 1000 sculpted heads. His name was Filippo, then delaying, yeah, who carved all of the people he met during his lifetime onto the rocky walls of his property. During his life has worked was never appreciated, but his eccentric behavior earned him the title of the village madman. But later his family monetized his unique habit, and now it is a cultural and tourist destination. The tiny town of stealer hosts one of the best examples of Byzantine churches and Italy. It is said that the four Greek columns and the church were carried by young maidens through divine intervention. Fossil Bianco, nestled in the hills of Tuscany are gorgeous, multi-colored hot springs. The calcium carbonate deposits are stunning. And the higher you climb, the hotter the water. The mirror houses is a pair of strikingly modern, high-class, luxurious vacation homes In South to roll in Italy. This area is very close to the Austrian border in the north. So the street names are often Germanic like Alaska or to class live on the street or rugs street. And most people speak in German as well as Italian. It also comes with some fantastic architecture. The fairy tale castle of clean Madigan of Savoy was built at the end of the 19th century and is particularly noted for the five spikes towers that give this structure, It's fairy tale appeal. A magical and enchanted place. They grew up. That pilot say is a, is a restaurant with a terrorist created inside a natural cave in the town of bullying Yanomami, with some spectacular views. 5. Gibraltar: Gibraltar, a British territory on the Spanish coast. Gibraltar is mainly known for it's 1400 foot or 426 meter tall rock that dominates the skyline. And it's somewhat small borders and only 3.7 square miles or six kilometers in total land area. You can see the rock from miles, but you only really understand how big it is when you're standing right next to it and making your way up or down. Known for the fantastic viewpoint at that definitely dot. Next to the beautiful St. Michael's came. There are also plenty of monkeys running around. They exist in the same way that squirrels or raccoons do. Observing but not too often interfering and causing plenty of mischief. When they tell you to zip tie all of the zippers on your bags though, they're not kidding. A monkey picked up my 15 pound backpack and took it with him trying to open every available compartment. Only when the shop owner at the top of the rock store came out shouting and waving isn't broom around. Monkey actually abandoned my bag. Learn from my mistakes and never put your band down even for just a second jury, just like I did. But it will be taken by a monkey. And that being said, Gibraltar was a 100 percent worth it. You can even see Africa from the very top. 6. Spain: Spain, a country in Western Europe. Spain is known for the mid afternoon siesta. Militia stop us, sparkling ditches. Hey, pastries, island getaways and Flamenco dancing. Gowdy's installations in Barcelona park. Well, unless a grad f Emilia have helped to make Barcelona most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. And for good reason, not only are these some of the most sparkling, magnificent creations of all time, they also have interesting stories behind them. I park, weld the enchanting National Park with the mosaic salamander and tiny white and blue cottages, but kind of look like gingerbread houses that have come to life and gouty lived out his final day is here in this tiny park. There are also no straight lines in this part to show Gowdy's love of nature. Unless I go data, if Emilia has massive cathedral planned to be completed in 2026 after starting initial construction of 1882. The inside is supposed to represent the inner workings of a forest where you're surrounded by tall angelic trees and the rainbows sunshine peeking through the forest at sunset. No matter how many churches you've been to blast, I got IF Emilia is the number one, you should not miss. Casa. A modernist building in Barcelona, because a Nala was the last private residents designed by gouty, built in and 112 TO There's also cause a bad CEO. A modernist building designed by gouty, which is nicknamed the housing booms due to its skeletal and organic quality. I also like to call it V honeycomb house. But around that A tiny town, a 105 kilometers or 65 miles from Malaga, set dramatically above a deep gorge within glory. You from Glenda naval stone bridge overlooking the seemingly endless plains. But around that is full of coins, shops, and top as restaurants and fun hiking trails. Never have a resort town along southern Spain. Costa does soil region with a beautiful bow gone their L-Dopa. This perfect view for people who are searching for bright blue Mediterranean Sea. Sparkling sand and effervescent sunsets. Three healing Yana, a tiny mountain town just 15 minutes from their hub, is known for its Moore's old quarter and narrow streets decorated with ceramic mosaics. Preheating. Anna has just about everything you might look for in a small Spanish town. Breakfast cafes, colorful had shops, chocolate shops, and endless stairs decorated by lots of brightly colored potted plants. The windmills of lemon chia. Most Spanish windmills, like those described in the 17th century novel Don Quixote, can be found in the community of Caspian, Central Spain. Cordova, the Mosque of quote of the ova, built in the eighth century during the Muslim rule. This religious structure was originally a mosque and then converted it to a Christian cathedral in 12 36. One side is the mosque and the other side is the cathedral. And they come together is this masterful example of cooperation and loving value neighbor for the whole world. There are many mosques and many cathedrals, but there's only one mosque, M cathedral pro tip. Don't bring any baggage that can't be carried on your back as they will refuse entry in order to keep this special structure safe. The Patio festival in Cordoba, one of the best things to do in Europe as a whole is head to Cordoba during the Patio festival every May. Patios literally translates to courtyards and Spanish. And the festival celebrates the art of elaborately decorated these courtyards with hundreds of colorful flowers and plants. Part of Cordoba opened all of their back gates so that the public can seek, given their backyards and take some of the most spectacular pictures in the world. Thinks yellows, blues, greens, or in the reds and purples. Bursting from every corner, hanging from tiny decorated pods or blooming from the towering trade. Ls Scotty al is the historical resonance of the King of Spain in a small town close to Madrid. The library ceiling is painted with frescoes divided into the seven arts. Grammar, rhetoric, dialects, arithmetic, music, geometry, and astronomy. You, if God is a Spanish municipality close to Malaga, known for its beautiful blue houses, similar to the blue pearl of chefs shower in Morocco. In 2006, Spain's Madrid EBITDA has airport opened terminal for an impressively large and ordinate terminal with bamboo ceilings, considered to be one of the most beautiful airports in the world. The railway complex in Madrid, with a lobby garden, tropical greenhouses. The Crystal Palace is a metal and glass structure in Madrid where exhibitions of contemporary art are found. Well, Degas Glenn is an architectural complex with a winery designed by gouty. Distinctly known by its medieval walls, is sometimes called the town of stones and saints. And it claimed that it was one of the towns with the highest number of Romanesque and Gothic churches per capita in Spain. It is a complete and prominent medieval town wall, builds in the Romanesque style and is perhaps the most sixteenth-century town in Spain. Daylight OCHA is an urban area on the basalt kill, or the town is situated, which is over 50 meters or a 160 feet high and a kilometer long. It was formed by the overlaid of two lava flows route and the faces in 1D. That Alaska is a free access tourist route, which stands out for its stone sculptures of many different sizes and phrases. The Palmer cathedral is a Gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral in Palma, partially designed by gouty. The pink lake of dollar MBA have bacteria. Lg, I've given the salty water, it's bubblegum hue. And these are the two magic ingredients that concoct this legs bizarre color. Despite its funky shape, though, water is actually perfectly fine. And although it does get a little bit smelly, it does attract flamingos and locals who all love this link. The hospital of the Holy Cross and St. Paul is located in a neighborhood in Barcelona. The hospital's current 2006 buildings date from the 20th century. The aqueduct of Segovia is a Roman aqueduct that carried water to the Spanish city of single VNet. Must be nodejs consist of more than a dozen crystalline blue green pools, all uniquely carved out of the water rushing down from the nearby Sierra de daughter man, those mountains. Myschoolfriends centered Rasa, the mice Sephora. I sat as a modernist building in the city of data fossa, located in the sand Jordi park and adjacent to a farm house. It was built in 1896. The mills of full-blown and Kikkoman builds into the lush hills of the buy-sell venial region of Spain. The historic mills of phone and Beagle are built in perfect little lines from the 17 hundreds. Ld app, no restaurant. This is a restaurant or you can have your meat or your vegetables, any kind of food you like, cooked over the open mouth of a volcano. Numerous trace fossils of dinosaurs have been found in NC, so and there is a special Paleontology Museum to honor them. The dinosaur has become sort of the mascot of this town. The cave of azotemia is a cave complex renowned for its prehistoric cave art, with charcoal drawings and paintings of local plants and human hands from as early as 36 thousand years ago. And don't forget the Alhambra, literally the red one, which is a palace and fortress complex in Ramallah. Originally constructed an 1889 on the remains of a Roman fortification. There's also the New Castle of Monsanto, is a layout of 15th century foragers. And because the ulama, a 12th century castle that used to be a prison, no Royal Monastery of Santa Maria of Guadalupe from the 13th century. And then Queen City, Year 0, now known for its river views. Ancient Bridget. 7. Portugal: Portugal, the country with the oldest borders in Europe, nearly unchanged since the 12 hundreds, Portugal is known for incredible beaches, tasty cuisine, yellow streetcars. Don't miss the bell tower in Lisbon, as well as the delicious egg tarts past days, they're not that Zuber, yummy. Aligarh, bene Israel cave, full of spectacular caves and soft sandy beaches. Benadryl is a small fishing village on the oligarchy coast of Portugal. Banish of cave with it's memorable circular skylight is probably the most famous of all the CK is in the algorithm. In the southern coast of Portugal. Logos is a small town and the Aligarh of region with stunning clips and remarkable CPUs. Lever, law, Bordeaux, then landlord bookstore is a bookstore located in Porto that opened in 1881. Famous for its fourth staircase and colorful stained glass windows. The ILO bookstore has been noted as one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. Less than one of my absolute favorite places in the whole world. Lisbon is this magical city known for delicious egg tarts, killing cobblestone streets and old timey streetcars. Although most of the public tray that has been modernized, the classic story power is still run through much of the city of Lisbon. Leverage Ava Gardner, the coolest bookstore and lists vm. This is a quirky bookshop with two levels and walls stacked high with shelves and a tiny coffee shop. Seen Dre, 45 minutes from Lisbon as a small town called seen today, which is known for its three amazing castles. The castle of the Moore's is perched atop one of the highest hills in the area. It dates back to the ninth century, but it's now mostly in ruins. You can walk along the crumbling walls and see some of the best views of the city. The key dad, daddy, I laid out is best known for its incredible gardens. Here you'll find hidden tunnels, towers, and passageways that reference ancient Greeks symbolism. Dana pilot, this is one of the most colorful and well-recognized palaces in the world, is an excellent example of 19th century architecture. And the real attraction though is the colorful tower and facades which overlook the city. Monsanto became known as the most Portuguese village of Portugal, partially due to its coined houses interspersed between the towns, large boulders. The Church of St. Francis is the most prominent Gothic monument in Bordeaux, noted for his outstanding baroque interior decoration, established around your 1223. The solvent or railway station as a twentieth-century railway terminal. Also in book though, known for its large panels of tile designed and painted to represent moments in the country's history. And multicolored panels which depict rural scenes and people of the various regions. The sanctuary of Bom Jesus domain day is a Portuguese Catholic Shrine outside the city and bragged in northern Portugal. Its name means good jesus of the mount sanctuary from your 1373 is a notable example of Christian pilgrimage. When it's 381 foot or a 116 meter Baroque stairway. Palace of a plateau. The Palace of estoy is a Rococo building renowned for its gardens and blue and white tiles, ceramics. The palace was built in the late 19th century, and it currently serves as a hotel. Gandhi the lipid for it is a unesco World Heritage fort with a star shaped boundary and Eastern Portugal. Fortress amount beta, the castle slash fortress of Al-Qaeda is a castle close to the border between Portugal and Spain, classified as a national monument, known as well for its star-shaped borders. These are coffin light greenery is made of stone, raised on legs topped with stone disks to keep the Rodin's out. Some are from as early as 1782 and there are currently 24 of them. To Dao is located right in the middle and Portugal and it's a stunning village known for its beautiful cottages, scenic hillsides, and the village church, famous for its photogenic and picturesque white walls. The typical houses of Santana are triangular houses and among the most visited places on the island of Monera. These houses are made with thatched roofs that have to be removed and replaced every four years. Miss the monastery and bridge of Amsterdam they sorted them, have known as the town that time forgot the dramatic set of islands called SOS. And in the town of Bora, a stunning Roman city, you'll find that Chapel of bones, one of the most spectacular chapels of its kind. 8. UBL Part 2 Conclusion: Thank you all for joining me on our Travel Tribe, ultimate bucket list adventure. In this course, we journeyed through the beautiful beaches of Spain, the origins of pasta in Italy, and more. In the next course, we will explore the Baltic States, Scandinavia and more. For a more in-depth look at countries from around the world. Check out my Travel Tribe culture series, which dives into the history, culture, food traditions, animals and weirdest and most intriguing things about specific countries around the world. I'm Kelsey vessel Burger. Thank you so much for joining me on the ultimate bucket lists course. See you next time. For future traveling adventure is search. Traveled drive in the search bar. Thank you for traveling with the Travel Tribe. For future research. Some of my favorite travel books are a year in provost's by Peter male under the Tuscan Sun by Francis made wild by cheryl strayed, CouchSurfing in Iran, by Stephen forth. But cat who went to Paris by Peter gathers. I look forward to seeing you at your next Travel Tribe adventure.