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Ultimate Bucket List (Germany, Austria, UK, Ireland, Turkey, France), Travel Tribe

teacher avatar Kelsey Betzelberger, Opera singer / Teacher / Traveler

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Ultimate Bucket List Introduction

    • 2. What Should I Do On Vacation?!

    • 3. Ultimate Bucket List England

    • 4. Ultimate Bucket List Scotland & Wales

    • 5. Ultimate Bucket List Ireland

    • 6. Ultimate Bucket List Germany

    • 7. Ultimate Bucket List Turkey

    • 8. Ultimate Bucket list Austria

    • 9. Ultimate Bucket List France

    • 10. Ultimate Bucket List Conclusion

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About This Class

Welcome to Travel Tribe's Ultimate Bucket List Course, Part 1!

In this dynamic, fast-paced course, we will explore the top sites and famous locations of Germany, France, England, Scotland, Turkey, Wales, Ireland & Austria! Whether it's lavender fields in Paris, Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, Christmas Markets in Austria, Hagia Sophia in Turkey or Giant's Causeway in Ireland, we see it all! Students explore the best of the best, with fun facts and pro-tips shared along the way.

If you are planning for a post-Covid vacation, wanting a virtual adventure, or planning your next long-term-digital-nomad destination, this course is for you!

No special skills required, this class is fun for the whole family.

Some of the topics we will explore:

  • The Inspiration for Disney's Cinderella Castle (hint: It's in Germany.)

  • A Country with the UNICORN as the National Animal

  • The Largest Museum in the World

  • A Castle Made of Mostly GOLD!

  • The story behind Marie-Antoinette's "Let them Eat Cake"

  • A Knighted King Penguin

  • Hot Air Balloon Rides & 60-million year old, Cone-Shaped Rock Formations

About The Author

My name is Kelsey Betzelberger, and I have been teaching for over 10 years. I was trained as an opera singer at Northwestern University in Chicago, and visited 45 countries around the world while performing at opera houses in Italy, Germany, England, Argentina, France, Croatia and the Netherlands. I also teach German, French, and music, and I have lived in seven different countries with my husband and our three well-traveled, geriatric cats.

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Kelsey Betzelberger

Opera singer / Teacher / Traveler


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1. Ultimate Bucket List Introduction: The Eiffel Tower in Paris, Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. The console's in England, the highest, Sophia and Turkey. Everyone had to travel the world, but you don't really know where to start. You don't really know what to put on your list. Then this course is for you. In this ultimate bucket list course, students explore the most beautiful destinations is one of the most iconic European cities. No special skills required. And this class is fun for the whole family. I'm Kelsey buffalo burger, and I've traveled to 45 countries while singing all around the world. From climbing Macchu Picchu to the Great Wall of China, to the Eiffel Tower, to the VAT. Again, I've done it all. And so can you no one is too young, too old to inexperienced, to travel. And now is the perfect time to start. Whether you're looking for a fairy tale castle in Germany, a spooky cemetery in France, afternoon tea in London, or a hot air balloon ride in Turkey. This class has it all with top tips and best kept secrets shared along the way. Feel free to reference your traveled tribe ultimate and bucket list travel planner to help you organize your thoughts and the coloring pages to help you enjoy the ride. In no particular order. Here are the top locales and activity is to add to your bucket list. 2. What Should I Do On Vacation?!: Where should I go on my next vacation? When people hear that I've traveled to nearly 50 countries, they usually ask me, well, where should I go next? What, what's your favorite? Which of course all depends on you. What do you like to do? What do you want to see? So I asked all the travelers I've met over years of exploring, what's your favorite tropical beach, the coolest bookshop you've ever found the weirdest trees. The most beautiful door is the most alluring castles and bizarre hotel experiences you've ever found. And I came up with the ultimate bucket list of more than 500 places to see before you die. This is the first of a series of ultimate bucket list courses that covers almost a 100 countries around the globe. From the most beautiful religious establishments to the best mountain views, the coolest houses, the most intriguing GAD cafes, the weirdest statues to the bluest waters, the oldest caves, the most dangerous island on the planet, to a giant pit of gas in the desert that's been burning for the past 50 years. The ultimate bucket list courses have a myriad of places to go and things to see. It's all up to you as to which destinations end up on your ultimate bucket list. At the end of this course, I'd love for you to share your previous travel pictures. You're coloring pages, your ultimate traveled bucket list, and previous travel stories, and let other students know where you would go and what you would see. I'm always here to help explain further if you have questions or more Union more specific details on a certain place. And I'd love to hear your top picks and the next stop on your lens, Let's get started. 3. Ultimate Bucket List England: England, known for beautiful grassy plains, cities bursting with life. And the Queen of England is part of the United Kingdom and one of the most visited countries in the world. London in the sun, ride the big red London buses and have some afternoon tea and scones with clotted cream and jam. One of the best things to do in London museums, such as the Tate Modern and the British Museum, which has the Rosetta Stone, are free. In fact, most of the museums in London are free. Another amazing place is St. Pancras, Renaissance Hotel. And it's incredible facade with lovely winding stairwells. You'll have to actually be a guest here to explore. If you ask to see the stairwell, usually they're glad to show you. Built in the year 2000, the London Eye is the fourth largest Ferris wheel in the world and has a compartment specifically for the cleaning. As big as one bedroom apartments. Each capsule represents a district of London, 32 and total taking half an hour to go all the way around. Covent Garden. Covent Garden is one of the loveliest areas of London, with a partially enclosed area with shops and restaurants. That used to be a garden attached to a convent in the 15 hundreds. And the name covenant or Convent Garden. You can find samples of fragrant red rose t, gooey delicious chocolate chip cookies and singers or magicians entertaining the masses. There are so many places to explore in London, hence the term the London sprawl. But definitely don't miss the Tower Bridge, the beautiful blue bridge over the River Thames. The Tower of London, or the crown jewels are held. Big Ben, which is the giant bell inside the massive clock tower. Buckingham Palace, home to the queen, and Westminster Abbey, which is the royal church in the center of London. The Shard. This chart is a 72 floor skyscraper or a part of the shared quarter development and 310 meters or over a 1000 feet tall. This chart is the tallest building in the UK. It is quite close to the GRC. Gerken is one that is most easily recognizable tower prominently in office building. The Gerken also offers afternoon tea on the top floors. Camden market, famous for the cosmopolitan image, crafts, clothing and fast food cans and market is the fourth most popular attraction in London, with around 250 thousand visitors each week. Old spindle fields markets, a covered market in London. Old spindle fields has been a market here for the past 350 years. The Victorian buildings have been restored and old phenol feels is now one of London's major markets. The market square is a popular fashion. Our food and delicacy market open seven days a week and particularly busy on the weekends. Also make sure to check out force of nature, the powerful statute by Lorenzo Quinn. Other attractions in London include Neal's Yard, the traffic light, tree, leave no market. God's own junkyard. The mosaic treatment house. The University of London. Platform 93 quarters from the Harry Potter films at King's Cross Station, the tulips stairs. And Sir John Stones museum, a house museum that includes the sarcophagus of seti, The first an Egyptian Pharaoh who died 33, 100 years ago, which is covered in Egyptian hieroglyphs. And there is also the public standards of length, which gives informal measurements for yards, feet, and inches. Bodleian library, the bodily and library is the main research library of the University of Oxford. One of the oldest libraries in the world. And it has over 13 million printed items and the second largest library in Britain after the British Library. The library can be accessed by anyone who has established a research need with proper identification, but not for general tourism. Don't miss the bridge of size, which was named after the famous bridge in Venice due to its similar appearance. Outside of London, you can find the British Iron Works Center with all kinds of distinct pieces of art. You are shambles. The shambles is the oldest Street in New York with overhanging timber framed building is dating back to the 14th. The century, it was once known as the great flesh shambles, which came from the Flemish word for the shelves that butcher's you to display their meat is also known as having upper floors that are gradually bigger than the floors below. So much so that the people who live in the very top apartments are able to sit and be handed a tissue through the window by the neighbor who lives across the street. Stonehenge. Stonehenge is a prehistoric stone circle built around 5000 years ago. According to researchers, Stonehenge is most likely either a burial monument or a neutral meeting place for tribes. It's also in the middle of this giant grassy fields surrounded by very unimpressed sheep. The cuts walls. The walls are small towns dotted along the southwestern part of England, between London and the country of whales. The cots walls have drawn visitors worldwide. Although each town has its own special charm, my favorites are siren ancestor, fiber, castle comb, and the larger town of Bath, known for its first century Roman baths. Cannot borrow. The canard was burrow viaduct view through the canal has bro castle is one of the most pristine views of England. Although it's a small town, you can smell the delicious food coming from all the tiny shops as you sort of stumbled down the hill towards the town. There's also Oakley Court of gray and the mathematical bridge in Cambridge, as well as the octagon tower. Then head to the Mermaid in a historical n and East Sussex from the 12th century. Let's see park and a rest amount. Castle in Cornwall, the only round castle in the world with this specific shape. Also note the lost gardens of how elegant and 20th century garden famous for its different character design styles. And St. Michael's Mt, an island castle, the cornice counterparts of most Sammy shall in Normandy and France. Also check out Chester rows and the singing ringing tree that soon as the wind blows. Then head to the Forbidden corner with it's comical face entranceways. St. Edwards church in stone on the wall. And Collins barn, also known as the hobbit house. 4. Ultimate Bucket List Scotland & Wales: Scotland, a good tree in the northern part of the UK with 790 islands that has a unicorn as its national animal. Scotland is known for the beautiful islands, bagpipes. And I guess Edinburgh is our next stop. You will definitely need a few days in this Scottish capital city. One of the most beautiful stops in Edinburgh is the Edinburgh Castle, which was actually built on an extinct volcano. It's usually surrounded by men wearing stilts, playing the bagpipes. Edinburgh is home to a 112 parks known as the lungs of the city and the filming location of many of the Harry Potter movies. There is also a knighted king penguin who lives at the Edinburgh Zoo named Sir Nils Olof. His job is to inspect the Norwegian guy glands hassle in Scotland. The inspiration for Shakespeare's Macbeth and witnessed to over a 1000 years of history, the glands ASL can be rented as a hotel. But look out, a monster supposedly lives within the castle. Lps horse statue, 30 meters high. These horse heads sculpture is depicting cowpeas or shape shifting water spirits. These statues are a monument to the horsepower heritage across Scotland. Blends in and viaduct, now famous as the Harry Potter bridge. This impressive concrete viaduct has excellent views of the lock shield or the shield lake and Glenn fun and monuments. There is also a Zealand dawn in Kassel, a 13th century castle in the highlands of Scotland, featured in James Bond as the Scottish headquarters of MI6. Lock moment is the largest lake in the UK and known as the queen of Scottish Lakes. There's even a song named after her. Look ness is a 23 mile long lake that has a mythical monster living in its waters. Overheard, overlooks Loch Ness and has a lively history. It was one of the great castles taken by the English when Edward the first invaded in the 12 hundreds of our castle, another one of Scotland's 2000 castles. Cranky of R, is a distinctly pink castle from 1576. Whales. Whales as a country in Great Britain, famous for its rugged coastline, mountain, this national parks and having two official languages, English and Welsh. Castile cock, originally built a 1000 years ago and then destroyed the current Casta, or red castle, is a Gothic Revival castle built to protect the capital of the city of Cardiff. Speaking of castles also had to Carnarvon. Carnarvon is a medieval castle from the 13 hundreds, the most expensive castle and English king ever built. Conway castle is a massive fortification built by Edward the first in the 12 hundreds. To get to the castle or the town of Conway itself, you have to drive over a drawbridge. Along with its beautiful scenery, massive amount of sheep and incredible castles. Make sure to head to the University of arborist widths, old college. And also stopped by the town with one of the longest and most unpronounceable names in the world, which I will shorten to Holland via its Naomi Watts hometown. And to hear the correct lengthy pronunciation, I'd recommend that you search the YouTube video called Naomi Watts, unpronounceable town name. 5. Ultimate Bucket List Ireland: Ireland, an island country across from Great Britain, the Emerald Isle of Ireland is known for beautiful coastlines. St. Patrick's Day, I'm literally thousands of castles. The Bologna castle, the blending castle is one of Ireland's 13 thousand castles. Yes, you heard that, right? And it is definitely the most famous legend has it. You climb all a 125 steps and give the stone a massive at some much. It will grant you the gift of gab or being able to flatter someone and convince them to do what you want. You have to lean far back though. So prepare yourself for looking straight down, backwards and upside down. The street, 85 feet below pro tip. There are rumors that the stone isn't perhaps the most clean, but rest assured that disinfectant is used between each person. This is one of the most famous things to do in Ireland and a tradition that's been around for several centuries. The cliffs of mohair, the most popular tourist attraction in Ireland. The cliffs of mohair are 320 million year old sea cliffs that run for around nine miles or 14 kilometers. There are around 700 feet or 214 meters above the sea below. Well, here's actually a Gaelic word, meaning ruined fort. And they are the crown jewels of Ireland's West Coast. In Ireland's capital Dublin, checkout, the hungry tree, which seems to be eating this bench here, as well as the Temple Bar area. There is an actual Temple Bar, but the area is the main attraction with its restaurants and festive atmosphere, not just this specific restaurant. Cove. Also had to Cove, which is a Gaelic word and not pronounced Cobb in the way that it looks to our English eyes. But cove. Here you can find rows of multicolored houses and their lovely Cathedral as a backdrop, one of the most beautiful sights and Ireland. Cove is also known as the Titanic's last port of call in 1912. Kyla more Abby created in the 18 hundreds to boast all the innovations of the modern age. Kyle of our Abby is owned and run by the Benedictine community that has lived here for the last 100 years. Dark hedges in Northern Ireland. These beautiful beech trees were planted in the eighth century, intended to impress visitors as they approached the entrance to the Georgian mansion, Grace Hill House. The trees have become one of the most photographed natural sites and Northern Ireland and have been used on the Game of Thrones. Giant's causeway. Giant's causeway is an area of about 40000 interlocking basalt columns, the result of an ancient volcanic eruption, a unesco World Heritage site, and one of the greatest natural wonders in the UK. The hexagon or columns, or up to 39 feet or 12 meters high. The salts can also be found in chose song, Charley day on Jeju Island in South Korea. On Devil's Tower in the US State of Wyoming. Devils post pile National Monument in Mammoth Lakes, California at staffer in Scotland. And Old Norse name that the Vikings gave it due to its basalt columns and how it reminded them of their homes. The hexagon pool in Israel, waterfall in Iceland, and on Mars. Belfast castle, or I like to call it the cat castle. The Belfast castle is a nineteenth-century Sam Stone castle with unrivaled views of the city. There is also a resident cat garden that came from the legend that as long as there is a preferably white cat living there, Belfast castle is sick. Also have a look at the abandoned Menlo Castle in Galway, entirely covered with moss. 6. Ultimate Bucket List Germany: Germany, a country in Western Europe known for the Berlin Wall. October Fest, lots of sausage. Germany has over 2 thousand years of history. Neuschwanstein, the most recognizable capsule in the world, built in 1880 for, and it was the inspiration for the Disney's Cinderella Castle, literally translating to new Swan stone. This fairy tale castle was built by looping this second as a retreat from the modern world. However, even spent much time there though, as he mainly spent his life in a whole palace. Now, I probably wouldn't spend much time anywhere else either. If I had a palace mostly built a gold also Lunar Hall, but built in 1878. Somewhat small considering the size of the other German castles, But definitely the most dazzling inside. Both of these iconic royal residencies are in Bavaria. The very Bavaria is a famous region in the south of Germany, known for the pulpal, for worse, the home of October Fest and traditional German clothing called doodles or later hosing or leather pants. But in other words, the best of all things German are found in Bavaria and it is a stunning place to go. It's beautiful. Capital of Munich has the Munich Law Library, which is known for its famous winding stairwell. Another cool stairwell in Munich is the endless stares at KPMG and the icebox, or the man-made wave in the man-made river in the city center, which servers love to show off their moves or at least their best attempts at surfing. Else Castle. Who else is one of the most famous medieval castles in the Deutschland. It was built on the Rhine River in the 12th century by three local wealthy families. The company Illumina and a Auden dwarf families, 33 generations later, still own this tassel. One of the oldest in Germany. The VIP Lincoln monastery Library, Blink and monastery and it's church are a highlight of baroque architecture. The libraries interior features and ornamental winding Gallery supported by multiple columns, numerous statues and sweeping ceiling frescoes. The architects of vision was at the library should be a place for preserving treasures of wisdom and science. She Baron castle in Chavez, rarely and is sometimes called the Neuschwanstein of Northern Germany, comparing it to the Bavarian castle in the South. Both of which built to remind and imitate ancient and medieval castles. Surveilling castle that was built about 20 years before Neuschwanstein. 0, 0 is a German town in the northern part of Bavaria known for its medieval architecture. Have to invert houses and being one of the oldest and most historic towns along the romantic road with some of the most picturesque streets in Europe. These Qia here, tucked away in the Bavarian Alps, the skew of shine gotten isn't exactly someplace tourists are likely to find by accident. But the glamorous interior of the VCA here makes this building well worth the effort, built nearly 300 years ago in the Rococo style. Almost the entire interior of this church is either white or gold, except for the plans in frescoes along the ceiling, making the VSCO Russia, unlike any other religious institution in the world, also check out the tree top tower other login and the world's largest cuckoo clock at showdown him, Xbox, viroids. Berlin. No doubt one of the coolest cities in Europe. Berlin has a lot more to offer than just brought worst. And the Brandenburg Gate, Germany's capital city, is famous for its art. See an ending nightlife. The most iconic and historically important places are the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie, the unesco heritage sites of Museum Island, the Jewish Memorial, the NIAAA synagogue, and Peacock island, home to many beautiful peacocks. Other great locations in Berlin are the scree park, a former amusement park with some cool sites and the awkward dome at reticent, the largest freestanding aquarium in the world residing in the hotel lobby. The Lichtenstein castle, although named after its neighboring country, but Liechtenstein castle or Wittenberg Castle, was actually built in Germany in 1842. It's a magical and beautiful place. So when you visit the Lichtenstein castle, it might even seem like you're in a fairy tale. The public library of Stuttgart. The stack bibliotheque stood guard is the Public Library of the city of Stuttgart and received the National Board as the library of the year in 2013. Baroque Library of Medicine Abbey. This eighth century Bavarian monastery, also known as close to a mitten and St. Michael's patty. It is a Benedictine monastery established in Bavaria in the year 76. And it is home to an exquisite Baroque era library, which has expansive frescoes, detailed sculptures, and custom bookcases. To day. It is regarded as one of the most magnificent and beautiful historic libraries in Germany. Also check out the vault chiral or the forest spiral residential building in Darmstadt. Exact quotes, burka or Devil's Bridge, known for its perfect circle reflection. And the happy Rizzi house in brownish bike, lovingly called the happiest place on Earth. There is also the best STI, a rock formation, a 194 meters or 630 feet above the Elbow River in the sandstone mountains of Germany. The passage in delays DIN, which is a funnel wall that turns this drainage system into a musical instrument when it rains, the bad park Vilhelm her in. The Kali Yuga house and Alexander Kafka, an idyllic rural Russian village made up of 14 farms in the middle of Potsdam in Germany. Other great locations are the shoes and a lead Abbey, which is famous for its Baroque library Hall. This still taus museum and outdoor museum with reconstructions of still to houses from the Stone Age. And the green Citadel, a hookah to Vasa construction that is in fact pink. The town of Nerd Lincoln is also a special place that was built entirely in the impact of a crater and hit this spot 15 million years ago. And when that happened, it created an estimated 72 thousand tons of diamonds, no less. Also check out the Dusseldorf harbor. The Hyderabad monkeys statue next to the Heidelberg bridge that dates back to the 15th century to mock visitors in order to remind them to remember where they came from. The Upside Down House of class and ITA, the famous wooden table car interested got the broken glass villa in Pascal, which is covered entirely by c colored mosaics of broken glass. And the cuckoo follow a tower, an observation tower by wounded Vasa in ovens Beck. There's also this adorable kindergarten in Karlsruhe that's shaped like a cat. And in order to get out of the kindergarten, that children have to climb up the stairs and slide down the tail of the cat. Ecs. Also check out the Augen a wolf or the eye roller statue, which sticks out its tongue to mock locals every half hour. And also the Ben's bed, old castle, which looks like a medieval fortress, smashed into a 1960s Soviet block building. 7. Ultimate Bucket List Turkey: Turkey, straddling Europe and the Middle East, Turkey is known for its detailed carbons, dizzying bazaars, sweet treats like Turkish Delight and Bach lava, Turkish coffee and tea. And it's breathtaking natural wonders and religious institutions. Hi Is Sophia a cathedral for 100 years, a mosque for 500 years of use, z for 90 years. And now moss, again, the highest of Theia in Istanbul is the center of religious, political, and artistic importance. It remains open to anyone who would like to visit and see the Byzantine mosaics line with gold and silver. No wonder it's Turkey's most popular attraction. Oh golly, meaning cotton castle bombing. Qaly is a town with pools of mineral rich thermal waters, used for over 2000 years originally as a Roman spa resort. The hardened calcium on each pool has created this eye popping seen that can be found nowhere else on Earth. The grand synagogue of a DnaA, the third largest synagogue in Europe. The grand synagogue of a deer now was built in 1905 after the Great Fire of Adrian Noble and can accommodate 1200 worshipers. Cappadocia, famous for its 16 million year-old cone shaped rock formations, cave hotels, and dizzying hot air balloon rides. This otherworldly landscape of Cappadocia is one of the most magical places on earth. Take a hot air balloon to fully enjoy this experience. Gum. Yet as soon cave Hotel is the exquisite 35 rooms, a house in Cappadocia with fantastic views. The Blue Mosque, constructed in the 16 hundreds. The blue mosques interior is decorated with 20 thousand can painted blue tiles, which are arranged to create these elaborate flower, fruit and Cyprus designs. The Grand Design, Istanbul, which used to be known as Constantinople, is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world, with 61 streets and 4 thousand shops, attracting up to 400000 visitors. It was constructed in 455 as a center for local trade of clothing and jewelry. The Grand Bazaar is considered to be one of the world's first shopping centers. While it is symbol, make sure to also check out by that. A down to earth neighborhood famous for its narrow cobblestone streets, colorful houses and hip cafes with cutting edge galleries. There are also some beautiful railway stations in Istanbul with opulent interiors and colorful facades. Close to the border of Syria, you will find the head-on beehive houses on architectural tradition developed due to the areas stifling heat. This style of house has a 3000 year history. 8. Ultimate Bucket list Austria: Austria, a German-speaking country known in German as Australia, is artistic and intellectual legacy was shaped by locals including Mozart, Beethoven, Freud, and Gustav clamped. Austria is known for lavish castles, glittering palaces, vino Schnittstelle and apples turtle. Hello, stat, considered to be one of the oldest cities in Europe. How shot is a unesco heritage site and a major Australian tourist attraction. Haulage dot is a village on Lake hushed dots, western shore, and it's sixteenth-century alpine houses and alleyways are home to coined cafes and some of the most beautiful views. For a tiny town close to Lichtenstein. Felt cake is the quintessential small Austrian town with cobblestone pathways, pretzels, downs, and neighbors who all know each other. Literally meaning field church, felt KaiC is one of those rare parts of Australia that's not really touched by tourism. Where it feels like you've stepped into a fairy tale. Vienna on the Danube River. Vienna is known for its imperial palaces, including the shin woman, The Hapsburgs. Some are residents, as well as the Vienna State Opera House. Vasa house, the most unusual residential building in Vienna without any straight lines. And St. Stephen's Cathedral or Stephens dome, built in 11, 37, known for his intricately designed mosaic Ruth. Belvedere museum is also a stunning location, which houses the world's largest display of Gustaf clips paintings such as like. Another seemingly normal church in Vienna. This Jesuit church is known for its opulent interior and lavish intricate wooden carvings from the 17 hundreds. Australia National Library in Vienna. The Australian National Library is the largest library in Australia with more than 12 million items in its various collections. One of the world's most beautiful historic buildings. It is the largest Baroque library in Europe. Library of the Benedictine monastery and adamant, a Baroque style library from 1764 with 200 thousand books. The abbey library is a Baroque library and the largest monastery library in the world, featuring flamboyant ceiling frescoes, shiny wooden sculptures and golden busts. Chris Kindle marked from mid-November to Christmas. Vienna's pretty, uh, squares are transformed into magical Christmas markets. The Chris Kindle marked, or Vienna's Christmas market brightens the darkest of Austrian winter days with Christmas cookies, hi punch called Glue vine for adults, only. Festive lights, toasted almonds. There's also the milk Abby, a Benedictine Abbey and lower Austria, famous for its beautiful stairwell. The crystal worlds and experienced attraction created for the crystal manufacturers Swarovski with a park, an art museum, shops, and in a restaurant. As well as this staircase of reconciliation at the Borg and grass, famous for its double spiral staircase that meets on each floor. Salzburg also has the famous dwarf garden with statutes. And in multiple cities around Australia you will find the amblyopia him, or the pairs of people represented in the crosswalk traffic lights. 9. Ultimate Bucket List France: France, a sophisticated country in Western Europe, France is known for alpine villages, medieval towns, Mediterranean beaches get much better than that. For instance, so many amazing glazes. Well, let's start with the ideal dream vacation destination. Peruse the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is the quintessential vacation spot that you hear everyone talk about. Although rumored that it's not actually all it's cracked up to be, especially in terms of the crowds and maybe the treaty salesman that sort of surround the hindrances. It is a cool place to go build in 1889 to be an entrance to the World Fair. The Eiffel Tower was supposed to be temporary and the architect Gustaf I fell, actually wanted it placed in Barcelona. However, the Spanish city didn't think it would be too cool and it wouldn't attract too many people. So they refused. Can you imagine how much they're kicking themselves now? I fell also made sure to stick an antenna at the very top, which is why pairs didn't knock it down after a few years. 163 feet or 324 meters to the top, the Eiffel Tower was the tallest building in the world until 1930. And it remains to be one of the primary symbols of the French capital of Paris. No tie down cathedral, built in the 11 hundreds, Notre Dam is a medieval Catholic Cathedral in Paris, distinguished for its size, antiquity, and architectural interest. Now slowdown is known for its amazing stained glass rose windows. This Parisian icon nearly burned down in 2019. But thankfully, the building remains standing with the 900 year-old roof and famous spire, unfortunately lost in the fire. Saqqara, translating to Sacred Heart, this massive church is the second highest point in Paris after the Eiffel Tower. The Basilica of the sacred heart of Paris is a Roman Catholic Church. Free to visit. Also had to the Stravinsky fountain, a whimsical public fountain in Paris. Palace of Versailles, located 45 minutes outside of Paris, there's massive feat of stunning architecture was built in 1630 for mainly noting highlight a Versailles, the Hall of Mirrors with 43 chandelier and 357 mirrors, home to Marie Antoinette Louis, the 16th wife. Psi started as a hunting lodge until the royal court decided that, ooh, that's a good vacation spot. Let's go there. One of the most famous quotes in history came from Marie-Antoinette, known at the time as Madame Deficit. When in response to being told that nearly all of France was starving to death and had no bread to eat. She said to them, let them eat cake instead. With that callous remark, this famous clean became a hated symbol of the decade and monarchy and fueled the French Revolution in the 18th century. The Louvre, the biggest museum in the world that holds at least 380 thousand pieces of art. The loop is home to DaVincis famous painting, Mona Lisa, a relatively tiny work of art in comparison to its fame, actually known for her piercing eye contact and mysterious smile. The loop is the largest museum in the world. In fact, if you spent 30 seconds at each piece of art in the move all day, 24 hours a day. It would take you over 100 days to see them all. The Arc de Triomphe, commissioned in 1806 to commemorate the French armies of victory is under Napoleon. The Arc de Triomphe is an iconic symbol of Paris. I can tell you from personal experience that climbing of the Arc de Triomphe, 162 feet to the very top is not an easy feat. No pun intended. But if you do manage to make it to the roof slightly before nine PM at night when it's dark, you'll be welcomed by this sparkly light show from the Eiffel Tower. We use a doc say, once a train station and famous for its vast collection of impressionist paintings, the Musee d'Orsay holds the largest number of famous paintings in the world by painters like Monet, manet, Illinois and more, totaling more than 2000 works on discipline. And Lachaise Cemetery. That Lachaise Cemetery was the first and the largest Cemetery in Paris. It is the most visited cemetery in the world, with tourists coming to explore over 800 thousand graves, including Chopin, Malia, Edith, Rossini, and Oscar Wilde. Said Chappelle sent Chappelle is known around the world for its collection of 15 stained glass windows that are 49 feet or 15 meters tall. They tell the story of the Bible and depict over 1100 biblical figures. Catacombs of Paris. The catacombs of parents are underground ASU areas in Paris that hold the remains of six to 7 million people. It took the city 12 years to move all the bones into these catacombs. Lave way Azure are surrealist statues intmax, say the Paris of the South that delve into themes of travel, migration and journeying. And Strasbourg, one of those places that you could only dream about. Strasbourg belong to France, then Germany than France, Germany, then France, Germany, the phrase that Germany 14 different times. So you have the half-remembered houses and Germans street names, but classy French beverages, and everyone speaks French. Definitely a photographer's dream here. The Alsace region in the North of France includes small towns like Strasbourg and call Omar. And these were the inspiration for the story behind Beauty and the Beast. Carcass send a hilltop town in Southern France. Pakistan is famous for its medieval citadel, last CTA, with watchtowers and double walled fortifications. Carcass SAN is well-worth an afternoon in order to appreciate some of them most remarkably intact old fortifications you'll ever see. And indulge in some delicious meal options. When I was there, I had ox tail soup and crumble leg up and it was so good. You got the Pont du Gard Aqueduct is a first-century Roman aqueduct bridge built to carry water over 30 miles or 50 kilometers to a Roman colony. Most Sammy shell on the border between Normandy and Brittney, the most Sammy shall is a tidal island a kilometer off the coast. It was used as a place of passage and fortress for the Duchy of Normandy. There are also the last school cave paintings known as the prehistoric Sistine Chapel, famous for the surrealist images of animals that lived 15 thousand years ago. And Monet's houses and gardens in Judah kidney that inspired so many of his paintings. The lemon Festival in Montauk is a bright and good smelling festival that celebrates the annual production of specialty lemons. Look at these, these are all made out of a limit. How cool is that? Poor Laws, lavender fields is almost unfair. How many beautiful places are found in France? But the lavender fields top the list in terms of natural wonders, buzzing with orange butterflies and bees. The faint hum of the monastery choir in the background. These lavender fields and Aloha from Valley are the center of the lavender world and make for an aromatic occasion. French Riviera towns like a nice and T but the country of Monaco and central pay. Some of these iconic scenes are just to die for. When you're able to find a spot up on the hill overlooking the blue French Riviera water and the creamy white or pebble beaches. You'll know you've arrived in paradise. The bubble Palace near CAN is also a fascinating architectural feat created in order to mimic the pre-historic human dwellings in caves. Also check out the two leaf edition, clean the flowers sculpture in need by Japanese artists Yayoi Kusama. 10. Ultimate Bucket List Conclusion: Thank you all for joining me on our Travel Tribe, ultimate bucket listed venture. In this course, we journeyed through Austria, France, England, Wales, scotland, Germany, Ireland, and Turkey. We saw the castles that inspire Disney and Shakespeare. The swaying lavender fields of Tomas and the resting place of the Rosetta Stone. We explored the creepy catacombs of Paris, the Vienna State House. Though Lichtenstein castle, that isn't in Liechtenstein. And the highest Boethius, gorgeous mosaics. We checked out the strange architectural wonders of Germany, buses of London and assembles Grand Bazaar. What were your top picks? Feel free to post them, but with your travel stories or dream vacation ideas below. And the next course, the ultimate bucket list, Part 2. We will explore the Baltic States, Scandinavia, the beautiful beaches of Spain, the origins of pasta and Italy, and more. For a more in-depth look at countries from around the world. Checkout my Travel Tribe culture series, which dives into the history, culture, food traditions, animals and weirdest and most intriguing things about specific countries around the world. I'm Kelsey vessel Burger. Thank you so much for joining me on the ultimate bucket lists course. See you next time. For future traveling adventure is search. Traveled drive in the search bar. Thank you for traveling with the travel tried for future research. Some of my favorite travel books are a year in provost's by Peter male under the Tuscan Sun, by Francis made wild by cheryl strayed, CouchSurfing in Iran, by Stephen forth. But cat who went to Paris by Peter gathers. I look forward to seeing you at your next Travel Tribe adventure.