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Ultimate Body: Transform Your Body In 2020

Brad Newton, Fitness & Travel Adventure Vlogger

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    • 1. Welcome To Ultimate Body

    • 2. Forget About What You Know About Weight Loss

    • 3. What results should you expect from this program

    • 4. MINDSET: Quit professional dabbling

    • 5. MINDSET: Taking responsibility by being the captain of your own ship

    • 6. MINDSET: Will power- The Hidden Muscle

    • 7. MINDSET: Sir Richard Branson says you must...

    • 8. MINDSET: Justifying the dietary wrongs

    • 9. MINDSET: Falling off the dietary rails (MUST WATCH)

    • 10. LIMITING BELIEF #1: I just don't have the time to transform my body

    • 11. LIMITING BELIEF #2: I am carrying the fat genes in the family.

    • 12. LIMITING BELIEF #3: I'm a woman, won't weight lifting make me bulky?

    • 13. LIMITING BELIEF #4: I need to make huge sacrifices to transform my body

    • 14. LIMITING BELIEF #5: Spot reducing fat

    • 15. LIMITING BELIEF #6: Chasing silver bullets to sculpt a great body

    • 16. LIMITING BELIEF #7: This program is too hard, it's not for me.

    • 17. LIMITING BELIEF #8: Doing a ton of cardio will undo calorie neglect

    • 18. NUTRITION: Introduction To Nutrition

    • 19. NUTRITION: The Boring Law Of Energy Balance

    • 20. NUTRITION: The Junk Food Nutrition Professor

    • 21. NUTRITION: Tuning Your "BS Radar"

    • 22. NUTRITION: The Story Of The Macronutrient

    • 23. NUTRITION: Calories Calories Calories

    • 24. NUTRITION: Do I Really Need To Track Calories & Macros?

    • 25. NUTRITION: Protein: How To Use It To Get Quick Results (Part 1)

    • 26. NUTRITION: Protein: How To Use It To Get Quick Results (Part 2)

    • 27. NUTRITION: The Great Carbohydrate Debate

    • 28. NUTRITION: The Difference Between "Bulking" and "Cutting"

    • 29. NUTRITION: Where Do I Start? Bulking or Cutting?

    • 30. NUTRITION: Estimating Your Body Fat Percentage

    • 31. NUTRITION: Howto Calculate: BMR, TDEE, Deficits, and Surpluses

    • 32. NUTRITION: The Fastest Calculations for Building Muscle or Losing Weight

    • 33. NUTRITION: Calculating Macros To Lose Fat FAST ("Cutting")

    • 34. NUTRITION: Calculating Macros To Build Muscle ("Bulking")

    • 35. NUTRITION: Finding The Macros In Everyday Supermarket Foods

    • 36. NUTRITION: Flexible Dieting Inspiration on Instagram

    • 37. NUTRITION: OPTION 1. Lose Fat / Build Muscle Using MYNETDIARY

    • 38. NUTRITION: OPTION 2. Creating a Fat Loss / Muscle Building Meal Plan

    • 39. TRAINING: Introduction to Training

    • 40. TRAINING: 5 Master Principles To Building A Great Body

    • 41. TRAINING: 4 Exercises That Will Transform Your Body

    • 42. TRAINING: Building Big Wheels: The Power Of The Squat

    • 43. TRAINING: 3 Biggest Leg Workout Mistakes

    • 44. TRAINING: The Ego Lift: Bench Press Fundamentals

    • 45. TRAINING: Top 6 Bench Press Tips

    • 46. TRAINING: 3 Bench Press SAFETY Tips You Must Follow

    • 47. TRAINING: 3-Point Contact Checklist (Bench Press)

    • 48. TRAINING: The Ultimate Full Body Workout: The Deadlift

    • 49. TRAINING: 8 Deadlifting Tips For Beginners

    • 50. TRAINING: Build Cannonball Shoulders: The Military Press

    • 51. TRAINING: The Stubborn Child: Training Calves 101

    • 52. TRAINING: Building Big Arms For Summer

    • 53. TRAINING: The Elusive Six Pack: The "Real" Secret

    • 54. TRAINING: The Bottom Line To Building A Great Body

    • 55. TRAINING BLUEPRINT: Welcome to the training blueprint

    • 56. TRAINING BLUEPRINT: If You Don't Measure It, You Don't Know It

    • 57. TRAINING BLUEPRINT: 5 Rules Of A Great Training Partner

    • 58. TRAINING BLUEPRINT: Your Body Is About To Change

    • 59. SUPPLEMENTS: The Pixie Dust Industry

    • 60. SUPPLEMENTS: 10 Years Of Supplement Experience in 3 Minutes

    • 61. SUPPLEMENTS: The sacred branched chain amino acid

    • 62. SUPPLEMENTS: The Perfect Pre- and Post- Workout Supplement

    • 63. SUPPLEMENTS: 4 Supplement Red Flags To Look Out For

    • 64. SUPPLEMENTS: The Power Of Creatine

    • 65. SUPPLEMENTS: The Short Story On Glutamine

    • 66. SUPPLEMENTS: Nitric Oxide Supplements for Beginners

    • 67. SUPPLEMENTS: Egg, Whey, Casein Protein Supplement Quick Guide

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About This Class

Is it really possible that you can truly transform your body without spending hours and hours in the gym everyday, doing endless cardio sessions or following useless "magazine" workouts?

Do you really need to spend hundreds of dollars on personal trainers, cookie cutter meal plans, or useless supplements to be "beach body" ready?

Is the only way to get in shape is to hack your hormones, hack your genetics, hack your food choices, or hack away at the next fad program?

In this powerful program, Ultimate Body, Brad Newton will personally coach you from where you are right now in your physical fitness, to where you ultimately want to be with your physique, in a program designed to transform your body on your terms.

Put an end to fad dieting, yoyo dieting, food restrictions and inflexible dieting right now.

For much less than the price of one dinner out with the family, you're going to get over 10.5 hours of video lectures and the ability to ask him any questions you may have as you progress through the course. 

This course will:

  • Breakthrough all dietary myths 
  • Show you how you can build the body of your dreams while eating the food of your dreams
  • Give you the freedom to eat what you want, when you want, how you want.
  • Learn how to have cheat foods and get ripped
  • Show you how you only need to spend 3 hours per week in the gym to get shredded
  • Show you how to supplement correctly
  • Teach you how to track your progress
  • Teach you how to break through nutrition & training plateaus
  • Show you how to manage cravings and stay on track to reach your transformation goals.
  • Receive body-transforming training plans
  • Achieve the six-pack you've always wanted (yes, it is not as hard as everyone makes out)
  • Receive life-changing mindset coaching lessons

...and much much more!

Come along and join me inside the course, you will love it :-)


1. Welcome To Ultimate Body: welcome to Ultimate Body 2.0. My name is Brad Newton and on the instructive, His Giant course. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video. I have so much to present you. It is not funny. I have spent years and years struggling this area of my life. Transforming my body was one thing absolutely struggled with. I tried many books and programs and Phoebe days and seminars, and I was out of shape. Feels miserable. And I was in and out of hospital, and I finally figured out, read all the books you could imagine and then fast board maintain the results and now have put the scores together. This course has literally taken years to create in my mind, and I finally wrote it and I filmed it. And here it is. Most authors talk about, you know, cutting out certain foods so you cannot eat chocolate ice cream cake biscuits and all those things that most people consider cheap foods. In this course, I literally I'm going to give you your freedom back where you can still eat your favorite foods and still lose weight, Lose fat, build muscle, have that body you've always wanted. So that is not just me telling you that I'm here to tell you right now that I've maintained my lean physique for years now. And I still have those favorite indulgences every down again, not all the time, but every now and again. So I'll teach you in this course essentially, how to have your freedom back so that you still eat those foods, still lose weight and have that level energy that you've always wanted. In addition, I'm also going to give you training principals, and I'm gonna show you exactly what you need to do. So you no longer have to slave away in the gym at exercises that you hate during cardio until the cows come home. We'll literally in and out of the gym within one hour. And I'll tell you exactly what you need to do to get results in the gym that not many personal trainers know about. I will share with the tools and principles used by fitness models and bodybuilders out there without having to become one tools and principles that it easy to apply that anybody can understand even you. And I remember what it was like to be someone that was confused. It wasn't that long ago. So I know exactly how it feels that you're frustrated, your miserable. You want the answers, you want the solutions you want, that body that you've always wanted and you haven't been able to achieve it. I remember how that feels. So I designed this course to make its simple, straightforward and easy to apply that men and women watching this can take those principles away right now and apply them to get results. And if you follow the strategies and tools that I teach you in these sections of the course of mindset nutrition, training and supplements, you will absolutely have the body you want within six months from now. That's pretty cool. I'm not here to tell you that you're going to be ripped in treaded 30 days with 90 days. But I'm here to tell you that if you commit yourself, if you master, deserve your life by just taking 30 minutes out of your day to watch a video here and there to do you know, to read through one of the pdf documents that I have written, just read one of those per day. You can absolutely have the body you want sooner and faster than you ever imagined possible . I'm not kidding you. Like I've read tons of books that have made all sorts of stupid promises and to live in nothing, right? I know I've been scared myself. So I am far from somebody that's trying to mislead you that if you follow the tools and techniques in this course, which are all scientifically backed, you will absolutely have the body you want. It's not you genetics. They do play a role, But I've had that in the past. I thought it was my genetics as toe wiles out of shape. Some people say I want big burns. I didn't quite use that excuse, but I'm here to tell you right now that it's not that that if we align your mind sets your nutrition and your training, you can have that body you want. And in this course I cover all three pillars because they're all important. Going to the gym is not enough because going to the gym and doing hours of cardio is not gonna get you the body you want going to the gym. Being confused about what to do The wrong exercises, the wrong training programs. Doing bodybuilding magazine workouts is not gonna get the body you want. In addition, leaving the gym and eating whatever you want is not going to get you the body you want. That's why nutrition is essential. But then most people focus on nutrition. Only drinking green smoothies and having raw, big and cheesecakes without any consideration to training is not going to get you the body , which is time strong and ripped in lane. You just have a body that small and soft. So that's why nutrition and training are both essential. But they don't give you the best tools. I knew the best strategies in nutrition and training. But if we have got your mind settle lines, if we haven't at this in the right place, the no tool or technique that I give you in nutrition and training is gonna help you. That's why I took that mindset. So this causes broken up into three sections mindset, nutrition, training. I call the three pillows absolutely essential because if you leave on out, you will fail. I covered everything. It's essential that we have all three lines that way we can get you directly to that body you've always wanted. And then what about supplementation? Don't worry. I have a lot of emails from students asking me to talk about supplementation in the last section of this course, the bonus section. I'll give you the hard truth about exactly what supplements you need to take, which is only about fireable six supplements out of hundreds you could possibly by that will help you get the body you want, but they're not mandatory. In fact, you don't even need to take supplements. I'm not sponsored by any supplement company, and I choose not to be so. At the end of this course, you'll see a sectional supplements and old only give you another supplements that I recommend based on science, nothing else. And even then, you don't even need those supplements. Nutrition, training, minds. It is all in it. So if you want out of information, learning purposes only go to the supplement section of this force and learn about creating protein powder and you're him being and various other supplements as well, which you can take if you wish a non essential. So my name is Brad Nugent. As I said before, I'm the coach if you have any questions, if you're not sure of anything, if you're confused, please send me an email. Brad at seek fit life dot com This course will change your life, given the time it deserves. I've spent a long time putting this calls together. Is being a long time planning and preparing, So I hope you enjoy it. And I ask one thing in return, After you complete this course, please leave some feedback for me and let me know what you think of this course and how it's helped. Change your life in some way and, in addition, placed share with your friends. Because if you have friends that also crave a better living, a better level of health, better level of fitness, it's they deserve to see. This course is well. If you could give your friends one gift, share this with them, it could change their life, and you could be part off the process. Open shift their life in some way. Reach out to me on social media on Instagram Snapchat, seek bit life, have a podcast station as well or YouTube free videos, youtube dot com slash seek fit Life for one work. Thank you for watching. Enjoy the course, and I'll see you throughout the course. 2. Forget About What You Know About Weight Loss: It's really important that before you continue with this course that you really forget about everything you know about a body transfer motion about what it takes to lose fat, build muscle and have a great physic reason being is because if you're watching this and you're like me when I first started my transformation years ago, having going from one fat diet to the next from one program or course or seminar to the next, being totally confused, you know, being ripped off, being made all these promises, being frustrated, being miserable because I felt like I was the failure. If you watching this right now and you connect, you can connect with me on some level. Then I'm here to tell you right now that what you're about to learn this course is not unique. It wasn't discovered yesterday, and that has been used by fitness models, bodybuilders for years and years for decades. And I've just taken a lot of the principles that has been used in the industry off competing and just made it really, really simple for absolute beginners. So a lot of the advanced techniques haven't included, but I've included just the fundamentals of what it really takes to lose fat build muscle. Now science has been around long enough that the science of fat loss is fairly well understood. And right now what we're doing is but really refining air understanding off the mechanism behind fat loss. But in terms of generally speaking, how fat loss occurs, the scientists pretty clear on that when it comes to building muscle, the science is pretty clear on what it takes to build muscle. So this course is really about presenting the fundamentals off nutrition, the fundamentals of training and the fundamentals of supplementation, and also your mindset bringing them all together because all of those pieces are required to be successful in one area off most people's lives that people struggle in, and that is health and fitness and transforming their bodies, being healthy, fit and strong. But it does require that you let go off any preconceived notions that you've had about anything else that we're dieting, nutrition, training and those kinds of things. It's almost like coming into a new relationship. You really want to leave your baggage at the door because it's important that you start this course of the clean slate with a clear understanding that one of about to present to you, it's gonna be a little different to how other people have presented their ideas and that I present all my ideas cohesively mon set nutrition, training supplementation, everything under the one roof under the one umbrella everything is talked about in the one course. So having open minds if you're not interested, if you're not keen, if you're not serious, you shouldn't be doing this course because you just be wasting your time to be wasting my time. And as much as I respect you and I really want to work with you and I really want the best for you, it's essential that you have some desire. You have some motivation to change his area of your life. And I know you frustrated. I was two when I first started my transformation. I don't know what to believe, but this is coming from somebody right now that has struggled. Has gone, you know, really through a lot of misery. A lot of frustration to get to where I am today. So I hope you enjoy this course. If you are serious about it, please continue. If you're not serious about it. And you're not interested in transforming your body because it does require work. It does require effort. I'm not here to make it seem like it's easy or that I'm gonna give you some secret tool or hack because anything worthwhile in life requires hard work. It sounds like a cliche, but I'm here to tell you right now, it's true. Now, in this course it is hard. It is hard work to transform your body, but I'm making a lot easier by presenting the ideas that I have. So come along, join me on this journey. Enjoy the content. You have any questions? Reach out to me, Brad at seek fit life dot com If you're not ready for this course right now, that's completely OK. Come back when you ready, and I'm more than happy to serve. You. Enjoy the course. Seenu 3. What results should you expect from this program: So what results did you expect from this course? Most programs that they make crazy promises that you'll get ripped and shredded on their course or their program within 30 days or 60 days on 90 days or within 24 hours. In this course, I don't make such promises. The reason being is because I can't honest insane that if you're watching this, that you absolutely be shredded and ripped within 30 days because it really depends on where he's starting today. If you're base and you're watching this, then 30 days could be unrealistic. Not to say that you won't start to see results, but saying that you'll be ripped in Beachbody ready in 30 days is just making promises that I believe I can't keep. So let's be honest and let's be realistic. If you apply the principles that I teaching this course to maintain a calorie deficit to lose fat or lose weight, then you should expect to lose £123 of weight every week. Now, the reason why there's such a variation between 1 to £3 or between half a kilo, up to 1.5 kilos is because there are differences in, You know, people's genetics, and there are differences in how people may apply the program. There may be situations where you know you might have more salt in your meal, and so, therefore your body may retain more water. If you're a woman watching this, it could be that time of the month. So there are several factors which can influence how much weight you lose every week. However, the overall trend is that if you apply the principles of maintaining a calorie deficit toe lose weight, then you will lose weight. But how much you lose will change from one week to the next, so it could be £3 1 week. It could be £1.5. It could be £1. It could be one. You could be doing everything right, and that number will fluctuate quite dramatically. I like to call it the stock market of weight loss, because the stock market, if you'd like finance like I do in the short term, the changes are very up and down, but overall, the trend off the stock market is to increase. Now. If you're losing weight in this program because you can choose remember, you can choose to lose weight by cutting, or you can choose to build muscle by bulking, then expect that trend to overall be dropping over time. If you're bulking, expect that trend to slowly increase over time. Okay, so expect to lose £123 every week or half a kilo toe 1.5 kilos every week, so you could be doing everything rights and that number would change. There might be one week in this program where there's no change in the scowl. Measurements has no change in any other measurement, and that sometimes is completely normal, especially if it's that time of the month for a lady could be one or two weeks where your white measurements are gonna be completely off and your measurements are gonna not gonna be accurate. So then you ignore the measurements for those 1 to 2 weeks in saying that if it's been more than two weeks, we have not seen any changes in your measurements, then you need to make changes, and I talk about how to do that in this course. Now, if you are wanting to bulk to build muscle, then expect to gain £123 of weight every week. Okay, so the reason being is because again people are different. People have different genetics and different influences that cause weight gain to fluctuate from one week to the next. But expect to gain anywhere from 1 to £3 of white every week. And if you're doing that to build muscle, you will gain some fat as well, Completely normal. So if you have a six pack and you're watching this and you're doing this program because you want to build more muscle, then you will lose your six pack. I mean, you will put on some fat that's completely normal, is part of the bulking process, and you will lose your six pack. But it will always be there when you got to cut again. So remember, after bulky, have you cut, Then your six pack will come back and will be much more pronounced the second time around. So but you need to be prepared to let go over. If you're going to bulk in this course now the lady gets the longer will take to lose fat. A simple is that so If you're a base, if, for example, you're over 25 30% body fat plus, then you can lose weight quicker in this course than somebody who's sitting at 15% body fat and doing exactly the same as you are in terms of your calories and your macronutrients and so forth. So that's completely normal. So remember, if you're obese, you'll lose a lot more weight in this course. It'll slow down when you get to Lena numbers. When you get lean and you trying to get shredded, it will take much more time to get to single digits of body fat if that's what you want and it's not for everybody, but you can do that in this course. So that's the nutrition side of things Now. The training side of things is different for most people because most people watching this are used to doing isolation exercises, cable machines and that kind of thing. There's nothing wrong with doing cable machines. There's nothing are we doing isolation exercises? But if an absolute beginner watching this, then you might be surprised by the exercises that I will show you in this course where it emphasizes heavy compound white training. So along the lines of starting strength and, you know, strong lives five by five. So they'll be exercises that you've never seen before. Never heard off. So expect that it's going to demand a lot of you physically and it's gonna be challenging. You know, for the 1st 4 weeks off doing this program, it's going to be challenging because the exercise is gonna be brand new. You've never seen them. Hopefully you'll be working with a personal trainer that will introduce you to the ones that are suggesting this course to ensure that you're doing them a correct form and took correct technique and correct range of motion and so forth. So just be aware that there's gonna be a growth experience. There's going to be, you know, a mental growth period where you're going to go through this phase of learning all this new information, and it's gonna be overwhelming. So, you know, expect that your body will respond. You will gain muscle. You will lose fat. If your absolute beginners starting for the 1st 4 to 6 months in this course, you'll expect to do both simultaneously. So but it's gonna be fun. It's going to be really awesome for you. and I really hope that you make the most of this. So if you have any questions throughout the course, semi Neymar Brad at seek fit life dot com and enjoy the course and I'll see you. 4. MINDSET: Quit professional dabbling: I know exactly what it's like to be a professional double because I was one. I was somebody that would go from book to book program to program caustic or seven other seven are trying to learn the next secret. So the next best body hack to get the body that I ultimately wanted and I had this mentality of approaching a body transformation very casually and I didn't take it seriously . I was like, Yeah, it's just a program, you know, If I just do this course, then I'll have this great body. No, you said that is a characteristic metabolize, and I know it because I was one. And it was the moment that I decided that would no longer be a dabble in this area in my life that I would figure out once and for once and for all what it would take to get a body transformation was the moment I quit is being a tabula and was the moment where I committed myself to mastering desire in my life. Now I'm not suggesting that you quit being a Davila and then commit to mosque during health and fitness transformations, because that's my job to find the edge so I can teach everybody watching how to get the results soon on in the most efficient way possible. But maybe your goal could be quick dabbling. Quit taking programs and courses such as this right now, casually and with a haphazard frame of mind and really say so. If you know what, I'm gonna show up to this. I'm going to give this program my absolute heart and soul because you know, from your own experience what it means to only show up halfway to a course on white loss or building muscle or whatever, because the ultimate cost is failure. That's what it means. Dabbling equals value, and if you want a devil, that's fine. This course is not for you. I'm telling you that right now, because this course is not made for dabbles. It's made for people that is serious about taking the physic to whole new level and type is from a fellow devil. I was a professional at dabbling in this area of my life. I know exactly how dabble is think, and I know exactly what it takes to transform someone's physique and that the shift starts up here. The decision starts up here before you go to the gym. Before you change anything in your nutrition, the decision to shift your physic your physical body starts with changing appear. First, it's making a decision that you're gonna commit some of your resources, which I know already depleted from most people watching this. You don't have the time. You're busy. You work Children, your work full time. I get a lot that and I do as well. I'm busy as well. We're all busy, but you see the moment we hold on to that excuse, which may be very legitimate, because in my mind it was too. I really was busy. I really was doing my flight training and studying. And I was working a corporate job and I was helping, you know, in my part of the time out of business was running a business about this one right now. Another business doing corporate job doing my flight trainee and I was sick in and out of hospital with illnesses, and I had the excuse at times was like on at the time to get healthy and strong. I dabbled in that area of my life, and it costs me dearly. It costs me going in the hospital because I didn't value my health and fitness where I should have and it could get a lot waas. So I know what it's like to Dapple. You have to make that decision right now. You have to think about while you doubling. Is it your fear that deep down, it's not gonna work out for you? Therefore, it's not worth investing my heart and soul because what's appointed investing your heart and soul, it is not gonna work at anyway. Why disappoint yourself? Why frustrate yourself? If you just got 1/2 in and you lose out, you already know lose half your chips where there's if you go all in on your chips and you lose and that's a must be a cost. And so I think most people don't completely apply themselves because they're fearful they're gonna file, and I know because I've been there. But I'm telling you right now that the greatest rewards in life will always come with a greater degree of risk that there are times when if you're the grandest joint pleasure life , call that your body transformation. You have to run the risk off. Things are always working out the way you expect him to is saying that under my very best to produce this course based on my filings, everything I've done wrong over the last 10 years and so you're getting the very best of my experience in this course. So this is my very best work in my best attempt to make this successful for you. But you still have to do the work. You still have to show up. I'm saving a lot of time, by the way, put this course together. But you still have to show up, and you still have to give you a hot insult. Make the commitment, make the decision right now in your mind that this is it, you're gonna put yourself down and you're gonna go all in. Now, if all in Mainz that every day you spend half an hour watching one or two or three videos, then that's going to be all in on your terms. Because if you're working full time you're running a business and you're studying and whatever I've been there, then you're not going to be able to quickly job and then focus only on all the fitness. I understand that. But the commitment that you make then, is it Every single day, half an air of your day is gonna be dedicated to one of the most important vehicles of your life that you have to live inside off every single day, which is your physical health of obeying. Because without it, you want have a family. Do you want a relationship you want? Have your finances with these stocks for your portfolio, you won't be able to travel walled you want have energy your dent. So make the commitment that every day, at the very least, under invest 30 minutes into the most important asset off my life where I don't get seven lives on nine lives, I have one thong life, and I'm gonna make the most of it that I'm going to master deserve my life. Because if I can do it, I did my transformation while I was still working a full time job as a record. This right now I'm still working a corporate job. I've maintained my transformation for several years now while working a corporate job while doing night shift or traveling the world while running a business well, having a social life. So if some people out there watching this again with bright, it's easy for you because you do this full time, you're in the industry. Yeah, I'm in the industry, but I'm in other industries as well. I'm in a corporate environment. I work a corporate office desk job. I did my transformation while I was working there, and I'm still there to this day. If I can do it, you can do it to give yourself this gift of life right now. Commit yourself 30 minutes minimum. This is what I did 30 minutes every day watching video to read an article, and you'll be surprised to be amazed at how that will change your life. This transformation, one that you'll commit to for life. Don't dabble any longer. Today is the day that way for Christmas. I don't like to. Thanksgiving is promised. Do it now before your vacation. Do I regret it? 5. MINDSET: Taking responsibility by being the captain of your own ship: taking responsibility. This'll is your journey on the courage on the instructor on the presenter. I have the tools and the techniques to share with you my experiences, my experiences working with people through my website and all the books and knowledge. Everything all the quieter than the last 10 years has been presented in my courses. My articles on my website. Now that doesn't devoid you of the responsibility off a transformation. This is your journey. Nobody else is kind of transformed you except you. You have to take responsibility for that. It's not your parents fault. Although I did use that excuse. It was my parents, my genetics, my parents I bad James. I gave you bad, James. That's what that was the reason why I was at a shape. No. I was at a shape because I was applying to Rome strategies. I was getting the wrong advice. I didn't mind nutrition get up correctly. I was in training correctly. I was really bodybuilding magazines. Was doing everything wrong. Was running the wrong direction looking for a sunset? Okay, wrong strategy. Of course I'm not going to get the result. Sorry. Your excuses have to go. You must take responsibility. This is your Jenny, your sister, your brother, not your partner. If you're living with a partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife and you want to transform your body and they don't, then I need to support you. But in saying that this is your journey in that it is easier when you was with a partner that will support you. But it's not your partner's fault. If you don't get the result because you have complete control over where he direct your mind. What you put in your mouth unless you're a child. Okay, If you're an adult, you have complete control and responsibility. So I present everything in this course everything you need, you can take away and you could apply. But don't blame your postal trainer. Don't blame me. I don't blame anybody else. I give you the tools like the Matri's. It's like I show you the door. You're the only person that could walk through it. You are the only person that can make the decision to apply everything I teach. I know from my own experience and working with people. The strategies work net back in science. And there's nothing new to what I teach. I just put everything together, You know? Why were no one else put it together? So I present everything to you. It's up to you if you want to wait it completely up to you. So this is your journey. I am supportive of you. I'm here for if you need me. And I believe that everybody needs help and you've come to the right place. And I my intention is to absolutely see you through to the finish line because I have this cause out there which you now watching and making the most all I hope. But I just wanted to know that if you get stuck, if you need help, you can send me an email and I'm here. I'm here to help you because I believe everybody needs a coach, a mentor, a trainer, a friend of somebody that can get them through difficult times. I wish I had that when I went through my transformation. I didn't I had to figure this out for myself. That's around about people. They didn't care about my transformation as much as what I did. But that doesn't mean to say you have to go through the same thing because you have may as you like virtual coach guy. Imagine we're in the same room. We're having this discussion. I would be telling you the same thing. There's no scripts here that's telling me what I should tell you right now and that everything I say right now is from here from my heart to you. I mean, it didn't help. Send me a message on Try and do this on your own. But it is your responsibility. Ultimately, no matter what email s in your bag, what's its advice I give you? You are the commander of your own shit. Don't let anybody else take control. You're are in control. You have the final say. I give you the advice. I give you the suggestions. I like your can take action all the best. If you need you, come back washes video. You need to email me, Brad at seek life dot com. Go to my website. What's my videos? I have videos on YouTube is well, if you want youtube dot com slash secret life youtube dot com slash seek fit Life free videos that I don't putting these courses. If you want to watch videos from youtube dot com as well. Thank you very much for watching. Good luck. We'll see 6. MINDSET: Will power- The Hidden Muscle: Let's talk about willpower that you didn't muscle. Now what does that mean? You see a lot of training programs out there like transformation programs out there, have a habit off throwing everything at once onto somebody you know you have to do this and there's you have to make these changes overnight, and you have to completely change your life literally overnights. And we all know and I've been through this before, going, you're going to a seminar coming back from the seven are completely cleaning out my pantry , going to the supermarket, buying all this food that I have no idea how to cook, had a eight and then making complete last all changes, which never stuck because I tried to make that transition like this. Now it's not saying that change can't happen overnight. I really do believe that this the decision to change can happen very quickly, like you can decide right now whether you want to continue watching me on knots. You can decide right now whether you want to continue with the course and smash it out, so decisions are very instant. But transitions of lifestyles, I believe, take time for most people. Some people can do it. Some people can make changes with it, lifestyle like instantly, and it have no ramifications on the willpower. The reality is that, you know, I wanted to put this video in this section of the course cook mindset because everybody's concerned about training, you know, chest and buys and tries and trying to get lane and get ripped. And there's no focus with regard to willpower. His willpower is really another muscle. It's a muscle in your mind, and it's a muscle that it's often you know it has a certain capacity, has a certain amount of repetitions that you can do before fatigues and research has found that you know people's willpower is a lot stronger and a lot more available to them throughout the day. And then the evening comes along and people's willpower diminishes. And studies have found that people's willpower diminishes even mawr, whether exposed to stress when they're tired off the teat and or they haven't eaten very much. And so if you haven't eaten very much a tired or fatigued stressed, then you know your willpower is gonna be depleted. So therefore, that muscle in your mind that tells you you shouldn't. Each those snack foods over there. You shouldn't have that cheap food over there on that cheap meal, That resistance, that your group, how muscle provides you, then weakens. So therefore, you're more likely going over eat your calories. You're more likely gonna eat cheap food. You get more likely gonna have an ice cream if someone asks you to on ice cream U unless you're more likely going to do things that you know you shouldn't do is because willpower has been depleted. Now, the reason why I'm giving you this lecture is because I want to tell you right now that when you look at this course it looks big. I mean, it's a big course. This is huge. This is like, you know, we're talking over 10 years of my experience, not just with my personal experience, but now most recently working with thousands of people. Now I've got hundreds of emails now from different people from all around the world. And, you know, many, many books I've read, like so many books, set seminars, all my experience. Imagine someone's experience, like when you buy a book and you read a book you really getting someone's life experience in one book. So this course is really my entire experience. That's even being kind of dumb down just to keep it really simple and not trying not Trump , not try to overcomplicate for someone that's just starting out. So it's easy to look at this course and get overwhelmed. It's easy to look at this course and go, This is too much for May. But I'm here to tell you right now that I'm not expecting you to make the transition overnights. What I am expecting you to do is that you take this course and you break it down into chunks. You break it down into pieces. You have to because it's huge. I took about nutrition, but training principals. I took about different workout plans, took a supplementation. I give you so much so much in this course. Unbelievable. I never thought that I could ever get a course like this together. This is something that I've been wanting to create a couple of years now, and so you know, you can't expect that you're gonna learn everything overnight. Just not gonna happen that way. You got to spend the time, you know, if you're working full time like I am. I'm busy all the time during my projects and working and traveling and that kind of stuff. Find 10 minutes of your day to watch one video, 15 minutes of your day to read through one document, one article one pdf toe Watch one video that I suggest that you watch in this course on YouTube, or you can go to my YouTube channel and watch one or two tips or video or lectures on my YouTube channel. And then every day you slowly start making the changes by slowly getting your mind around everything I talk about right. You're taking a big pizza and you're taking that page and you're breaking down into slices . I want you to do the same thing with this course. Break it down into slices. I'm looking the curriculum right now as I film this with you right now, and it's huge. There's so many different components toe. You know, the supplement section is huge, you know. But, you know, I don't want you to focus too much on supplements. The bonus section, only to focus on breaking down the section on nutrition and breaking down the section on training because those two you can absolutely have the body you want just by focusing on nutrition and training and just getting in mind around the mindset of training, like getting your brain condition, too. The training principles that will talk about is those three pillars. That's all you need. And then when you have some extra time, then you can go to the supplement section and start watching videos where I talk about your branch chain amino acids or about creating, you know, talk about protein powder. I talk about fat burners and testosterone boosters and that kind of stuff. It's interesting. It really is interesting knowledge, but it's not necessary to get results. It's just supplemental. That's why the supplement section of the course is the bonus section of the course. But I put that in there because I a lot of questions from students. I get probably about three or four emails every week from students or somebody asking me about what supplements I recommend. I actually get more questions about supplements that I think most mostly anything else. It's the general things. I decided to put that section of the course in just to appease The students have their wanted me to provide information on supplements and my advice and things like that. But focus on nutrition and training. That's gonna be your focus point. Break it down. Keep it simple. Don't over complicated. I've made this course is simple and straightforward as possible. Okay, so don't overload yourself. Go easy on yourself. Taking place. My piece. You'll get there eventually. That's how I did it. I got my transformation while working a full time job traveling the world. So if I can do what you could do it too. Just spares a little bit of time of day. You get there. Thank you very much. Watching that'll see you throughout the course. 7. MINDSET: Sir Richard Branson says you must...: Richard Branson says one really important factor when it comes to running a business and growing a business. And I read this in one of these books. He talks about the importance of boys having it starts with f fun, always having fun with what you're doing business. And if you're not having fun, that's the moment where you re evaluate that particular business that have made me even stopping or quitting that business and moving on to something else. I mean, he says in these books that you spent 80% of your life for 70% of your life. Working your mom's will enjoy that prices. They were thinking, What does this have to do with health and fitness? I really believe that's, you know, the journey of life not just in business but in life does require that you need to have fun to find the joy of what you're doing in the moment. Now, with the health and fitness transformation, you need to enjoy that process. You need to most of the time, look forward to training, look forward to your meal plans, look forward to learning new skills and techniques that I teaching this course because if you're not enjoying this process, then you're gonna stick to it. And according to Sir Richard Branson, from a business sense you're shooting Stick to it. But here's the reality. It's not gonna be all fun and games the whole time. I'm not saying that 100% of the time, you should find this cause enjoyable because they're gonna be times where it's gonna be difficult. It's gonna be challenging, like I'm not gonna sugarcoat this. I'm not going to say it's gonna be fun. That's gonna be fun. It's gonna be fine. It's gonna be fun. It's gonna be fun. It's gonna be enjoyable because they're gonna be times we're gonna wake up and you're gonna feel muscle pains in your body. You feel pain in your muscles. You never thought existed. You like. Do I really have a muscle here? Don't really have a muscle. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch. And so they're a mercury moments where you wake up and you know what? No, you're not wanting to go to the gym. You don't wanting to train. You're not wanting to, you know, credit, new meal plan. Your not wanting to continue with this course You might get 1/3 of the way through the course and go. I'm not making progress. What's the point? Why bother? Why even tried. And then you might stop and give up. And so I'm here to tell you right now that expect that wherever this sunshine there's gonna be rain. Okay, you probably tweet that one. Wherever there's going to be rough patches, there's gonna be smooth, silent. But we want that most the time that you take the fundamentals of this cause and most of the time, find the joy in applying these principles because ultimately, this is a body transformation. This is an opportunity if you could change your life. We're not talking about just trying transforming a physique because that's what it looks like on the outside that I can tell you from my own personal experience that we're not just transforming of physique. We're not just transforming your physical body, Rosa, transforming lives of health Therefore, your levels of energy and you're fine is a byproduct of that. Your levels of passion, your levels of zestful life will go through the roof. I'm not kidding you. Your levels of confidence will just go through the roof. Your self esteem will improve the compliment you get from people around you, your relationship with food and how you connect with food. Your see your seafood very differently. That how you see it now So your relationship with not just people but with food and it may be yourself will change, which all by products are transforming a physique, transforming your appearance to get the body you want ultimately. But just be aware that there's gonna be times it's gonna be tough. It would be pretty would be fun. But overall, look for the joy in the moments of what you're doing. The workouts are not going to be particularly exciting at times leading to squat, dead lift and bench press. It's gonna be painful. It's gonna hurt. But during Bar Bell, Squats is really challenging from most people. What you want The basics. Why don't you go through that initial Teabing phase of learning new skill? Set the new breakthrough and you'll get to a point where you're walking to the gym and you're just dominate like you know exactly what to do and how to do it. Okay, so just remember most the time. Just enjoy it a little race. Don't rush this. Just take one video time, one lecture at a time. Watch the video walk away with absorb the information. Think about it. Maybe even do your own research, because here in this course, I plant the seed for your walk away to your own research. What more videos somewhere else on YouTube, perhaps do some more reading slowly. Over time, you'll adopt the knowledge and the skills and the techniques, and then slowly work your way into the program into the course. And then, piece by piece, you'll find that MAWR and more joy will come to you. You'll feel less intimidated when you go to the gym. You'll have more confidence with how to use the equipment of the gym. You have more confidence with how to create your mural plans, but give it time. Don't put too much stress on yourself because this is a transformation for life, not just for a moment, not just for a week. Much is for a month. Much is for three months, so this is an earlier life that deserves attention, and so therefore, why not enjoy the process? I hope this is helpful if you need to, at times, come back to this and watch this video again 8. MINDSET: Justifying the dietary wrongs: don't be times when you create your own meal plan based on all the macros and stuff that we talked about the nutrition section of his courts. For I give you training programmes and plans in training section of this course based on everything I teach you about lifting and exercise and so forth will be tires when you will design a meal plan around the food you enjoy the most and will be times when you just go and have a cheap food, which you know you shouldn't have, although I do allow for it. I do allow for cheap mills in this course because I do believe flexible dieting, and if you don't know what that means, you'll learn all about it when you get to the nutrition section of this course. But what I'm talking about is creating a meal plan around the food you enjoy and then deciding Wednesday, come along with First I come along that you're just going to go out and just eat like a pig and overindulge that's way outside of your mule plans and that when you do that, you have that glass of red wine with three classes, red wine which is no part of your meal plan because you can't plan. You can plan in your meal plan to have a glass of it. One. It's gonna cost you calories. There's gonna be hard to sustain white loss, but it's doable. But if you go beyond that by having two or three glasses of red wine and say, you know what, It's only two or three glasses of red wine. I'm just gonna go to the gym and I'm going to do an extra two hours of cardio. And then that comes alone. Following day comes alone and you don't go to the gym. Where you going? To the gym, and you only do you know, 10 minutes or 20 minutes and he was just one or two or three Glasses of wine is just one piece of cheesecake is just three cookies is just two teaspoons of sugar. You see, some people say you need to have everything in moderation. No, you need to have your macronutrients balanced according to your goals. And if you over indulge, especially when you're trying to maintain calorie deficit to lose fat and maintain muscle, don't worry about world. That means I'll talk about that in the nutrition section, and then you justify it by saying it's OK. That mentality will shut you down faster. And you can imagine you will not lose weight. You will not get the body you want. If your sliding mentality begins with letting it go by having a few glasses of red wine, a few shots of whiskey or what have you have, then you justify it by saying I'm going to the gym tomorrow anyway, Toe, undo that behavior. No, you're gonna stop the behavior over here. Now. What else? I stopped the behavior. I'll teach you in this cause how you can still have the food you enjoy the most and still reach your goals. So this causes not about restricting your diet in any way. It's not about cutting out your food choices. Don't worry. Rest easy. Don't freak out. Don't stop the video just yet because I'm gonna show you precisely how you can still eat the food you enjoy the most and still hit. Your goals are losing fat, going muscle and getting that body you really want. You can still have the Kit Kat and Cherry ripe or Snickers bar whatever you have on a regular basis. And I'll teach you how to work that stuff in with meal plans that you actually enjoy eating every day. That's pretty awesome. No cookie caramel Plan B s here. I teach you how to create your own meal plans. Nystrand. You ride through preferences around your own food requirements and nutrient requirements. I'm not here to tell you you can't have this. You kind of this. This this and this. I'm just saying I'll teach you how to create meal plans around those kinds of food. But if you go out and you eat alot this other food that's not part of the plan, then you will suffer the consequences. You won't get the body you want. Sorry. You wanna plan your indulgences in advance and then I'll teach you to have a cheat meal, which is no part of the plan so that you can still reach your goal, not feel guilty, which usually what happens when someone has a cheap meal. I feel guilty that having it and then don't think that file that diet and you haven't because in this course you want. But I'm here to tell you right now, If you don't follow what I teach you in the nutrition section of this course, if you just go out with no respect at the food you're eating, then you're not gonna get the body you want. Sorry, don't overindulge and then justify the voyage of you won't get the result. Remember, follow the nutrition section of this course closely. It's very different to what's taught anywhere else. And it's not that the underlying scientific principles that brain knew and were discovered yesterday I just teach the principles. In a way, we're not freaking restricted around the sudden through the food types of you. Neat. You can still have your favorite foods, so I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions, email me Brad after seek fit life dot com Thank you. 9. MINDSET: Falling off the dietary rails (MUST WATCH): If you're watching this, it's possible that you've already fallen off the dietary rails where you've already fallen off this transformation program. I'm here to tell you right now that it's completely normal. If you're just starting out in any particular body transformation course or programme, Even with this course, there's gonna be times when you want to give up where it's too tough. It's too demanding of your time and your energy. There's too much pain involved. You know. There's times where you gonna wake up and I'm gonna feel those aches and pains in your joints in your muscles. If you want to transform your body, there is pain involved. There is paying involved in going from this level of your life to the next level of existence. You cannot move to the next level of your life without going through some kind of pain. I'm here to tell you right now it's not eternal. It's not forever. It's not going to go on forever. There are moments where it's gonna be tough. There were moments we're gonna feel like quitting. I'm here to tell you right now. If you're watching this and you've already quit, don't worry don't beat yourself up. I've been there before. No one really cans that you've fallen off the rails. Nobody really cares that you've stopped this program. But what I can most about is that you didn't get back up on the horse again. That's what I care about. No one's gonna judge that you fall off the rails every now and again. I'm not gonna judge you. Your friends are not gonna You may be your friends will judge you, but I'm certainly not gonna judge you. Why? Because I've done it before. I fallen off the rows many times. I've given up many times in the shorter. But the reality is I wouldn't be standing here right now serving thousands of students if I've given up completely And I'm here to tell you right now that I don't care that you've stopped momentarily because it happens there times where you just want to give up. There are times when you don't want to go any further. What I care about is that you're gonna get back up on that horse again and you're gonna follow me, and you're gonna get the body you want. That's what I care about that is we're gonna judge you on. I want to judge you on getting back up. Keep pushing. And you know what it is something you're not sure. Off. If you've already stopped this program and you're watching this video and you've already stopped this program and you've come back to this video, what did you send me? An email. I don't get a lot of emails these days. Just send me name of sending a message. Why try and do this on your own? Unfortunately, I did this on my own, and it was tough. I don't have any role models and mentors. I paid for personal trainer once a month for about 68 months. Well, so you know, But ultimately, for years before I got a personal trainer, I was doing it on my own. You don't have to do it on your own. You have me to support you every step of the way. It's gonna be tough. They're going to be people around you that I'm not gonna appreciate. Your transformation they're not gonna care about. Your transformation is must. When you do the people that you want to surround yourself around with people that care about you going to the next level of your life. And whenever people feel like you're going to go to the next level of your life and you're gonna leave them behind this subconsciously gonna try and pull you back. That's completely normal. Because human beings get scared. They get fearful when someone that they really close to is about to leave them. The fear of abandonment isn't every single one of us. It's more powerful to go in the direction of what your friends are doing. If you see them going through a transformation toe, learn from them and adopt schools and strategies to improve yourself. That's much more powerful than bringing someone else down. But if you're one of those people that is surrounded by people that don't care about your transformation, then it's about time to find P groups that do care. It's about associating with people that do care. Go meet up dot com, find like minded people. Get yourself in the environment where people do care about your transformation and you'll find that your flourish mawr than being around an old peer group that only cannot eating pizza three times a week because you're mall. I think in a fall off the rails and stay off the rails when you surround yourself by people that have different values, too, because, as I said, it's normal, full off the rails and no one cares if you fall off the rails that really dying like people . The big story, the one that makes people cry, is not the athlete that's going down that doesn't get people's attention. It's the athlete that stands back up again and huddles. The last 50 made is the last 100 made its even if they've come. Lost is the athlete that manages the push through all off that every ounce of this soul to get themselves off the ground and to drag their ass across the finish line in the last 50 door 100 meters. And that is what inspires people in that is what I get goose bumps over right now. I'm getting goose bumps just thinking about that and that. You know, if you get back on the rails right now, you're gonna earn much respect from people around you. You've gotten back up again because I know you can do this. If I could do it, you can do it, too. I'm nobody special. I really am not. I'm just unordinary guy or no genetics. But I'm more passionate than 99% of people that I surround myself. I really am. I'm more passionate than most people. I really care about sending a message, but otherwise I'm just like you. Just a little guy, right? Just in ordinary dude. But I really want to help people. And if you're watching this and you're struggling, I'm here to tell you right now that continue with the course, go back, go check it out. Give it another chance. Give it another shot. Take it. Video by video, Piece by pace. There's a lot of content here. There's a lot of content is taking me over a decade of learning, trying and failing and research and my experience to produce this course. You're not gonna do it overnight. You will do it if you chip away at it, piece by piece. Get back up on the horse piece by piece, learn, study, dedicate some time you'll get the results. Progress is what we care about. Progress make progress even if it's small, even if you think it's so small as are gonna transform your body, make programs because progress equals growth. Whether it be progress for their physical bodies will progress up here. If you read something. If you watch something in this course, you watch one video every day. What if you said that for ago? Watch one video every single day from this course, and then you're gonna do some supplementary learning, and then you're gonna focus a one exercise, you know, focus on one specific area and let that dictate your successful fouling. Don't try. Do everything all at once. Piece by piece by piece. 1000 piece puzzle is solved piece by piece by piece. I'm gonna some this little pep talk up by saying you have this. You've got this. You've got what it takes. You've got what it takes to make this happen. I've been in your shooters. I know you can get back up again. And if you feel any ounce of animosity or any ounce off resistance during this course, then take it piece by piece. Because remember, all growing, all learning hurts. It's painful, but it's necessary to go to the next level of your life. You need to be at a different level of thinking than what you are right now. In this moment, Albert Einstein, that remember, Send me a message. If you get stuck, you need help. That's what I'm here for. I'm here. You guys, thank you very much for watching. See you. 10. LIMITING BELIEF #1: I just don't have the time to transform my body: I have the time to exercise. That was one of the excuses that I used years ago before I started my transformation. In fact, I remember using that excuse when I was doing my flight training, working corporate job. I was running a business at the time. Not this one, but a different one. And I use the excuse of other happy time. I really didn't. I was so busy doing all these other things during my flight training during exams that I just didn't have the time. I didn't have enough hours in the day. And if you're watching this and you know exactly what I'm talking about because you have Children, you're traveling, you're working, You have other commitments. I totally hear what you're saying. One of the biggest mistakes that I made, though, was that when I said that I didn't have the time. The reason why I said I didn't have the time is because although that was true, I looked at health and fitness and a body transformation as being a big thing that I needed to have 1234 hours of my day set aside so I could really work on transforming my body and quite frankly, when I saw a body transformation in such a big chunk, then I shut down, and I never even started the transformation in the first place. The moment that I started my trance emotion, it wasn't the moment that I stopped studying. Stop my corporate job. I was still doing all those things. But it was the moment that I decided that I would take this big piece called the Body trance emotion and break it down into small paces that I said to myself that at the time I was sugar addicted, I had a junk food addiction, doing not shift my corporate job and running a business and doing my flight training and travelling in all these pieces that I would spend 15 minutes of my day, take 15 minutes away from Facebook, take 50 minutes away from YouTube, take 15 minutes away from something that would not contribute to me and my development and my well being and invest that toward trying to kick the junk food addiction that I had. So I'd spend their 15 minutes by learning about coconut oil, for example, I'd spend their 15 minutes looking at how I could replace certain types of foods that I was eating, so I was having Olive all at the time. So it's been 15 minutes a day looking at how I could replace olive oil with coconut oil. That might seem like a stupid, trivial change, but small changes over long term mean a completely different destination of your life. In fact, I've applied that mentality fast forward four years, and I'm now in the situation of serving over 6000 students now, and I have the transformation, and I've maintained it. So that's the cost of what 15 minutes per day can give you if you maintain it over time. And so if you break it down the mind to ago, this is ridiculously small. Anybody could do this. In fact, your mind might even look at 50 minutes and think, What's the point? It's only 15 minutes, and that is the point, because if you give your mind any more than what it can handle because you're already maxing it out with all these other things you're doing, then you'll overwhelm yourself in your shot down. The idea is, you wanna underwhelm yourself 15 minutes. Anybody can do it. Anybody can do 50 minutes. If you're on Facebook three hours a day, you can do 50 minutes. If you're in any kind of social media, you can do 50 minutes, and so 15 minutes could be invested is an investment in yourself. It's an investment in your health and well being, and it's so small oven investment that your mind will go. This is so ridiculously small that it seems pointless of worthless. And that's what you need to be thinking that what you're doing, your mind will go. This is just ridiculous. And that's the point, you know, that you've chanted small enough when you think that your mind is not being overwhelmed by the activity. So for me, it was like every day, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, even sometimes even half on hour, I'd go all out and get myself half an hour where I'd learn about how I could spot one food for another food, how I could reduce you know, my intake of doughnuts because I was eating packets of doughnuts every second day. So my plan of attack was how I could reduce my doughnut intake from six doughnuts down to four doughnuts down to two doughnuts, and I did that over time, 15 minutes each day or 30 minutes each day looking at how I could reduce my donut intake, how I could swap party mixed lollies with something else, like raw chocolate, for example. So instead of having, you know, big blocks of chocolate, which I used to have big blocks of chocolate and sure, I ate the whole thing in one sitting, I have no self control. I was like, Well, I can't cut chocolate completely, but maybe I could stop buying smaller sizes of chocolate said by you know the rule chocolate Cacau slices that you can buy from from roll from the supermarket these days. So instead of buying the big blocks of by the smaller blocks and then smaller and smaller and smaller over time, then would replace my addiction two chocolate with more healthy alternatives. And over time I don't even realize that I was applying these changes because I was so small . 15 minutes each day, 30 minutes each day adds up. You won't need to spend any more than one out in the gym 3 to 5 days a week and you'll get tremendous results. If you follow what I teaching this course, and I know that this is like a 10 hour course, and it's a long It's a long course, but 15 minutes half an hour. Invest that into a video into a handout or a Pdf handout and just read through it and spend 50 20. Learning something about the process of transforming your body because it takes time. It takes time, but it's worth it. Once you master this area of your life, it's freaking amazing how that will spill over into other areas of your life as well, and that once you may want to get to the point in your body where you can maintain the results, you don't even really have to work at it. It's like building a house. When she built the house. It's easy to maintain. You just clean it once a week. He changed the sheets. You may paint the walls once every few years, but you really have the house already have this structure. You already have the big piece. It's just maintaining it. Your body is no different. Once you get that body you want. Maintaining it is really easy. You don't have to track your calories all the time. You don't need to do that. It's only when you're transforming that. You need to play close attention to what you're doing with your training and your nutrition . OK, but break it down. Keep it simple. Don't try and do too much too soon you'll overwhelm yourself one video at a time until there's a lot of lectures in this cause. A lot of videos. 15 20 minutes, 30 minutes. If you can learn something, you learn something different. Taking away. Apply it to come back the next day. Learn something, you take it away. Apply it, and over time you will absolutely be on your path, your journey to get the body you want. That is it. So I hope this is helpful. Just a bit of inspiration, my own story and sharing it with you to know to let you know that you're not the only one that I've been through your struggles and your frustrations myself. I know exactly how it feels to try and transform your body and have all these other demands as well. In fact, as I record this right now, I'm still working a corporate job. I'll still run a business. I still travel. Okay, so it's not like I do this full time because some people say, Well, it's easy for you, Brad. You do this 24 hours a day for you do this full time. The truth is, I love to do this full time and it will happen very soon. But I've transform my body and maintained it while still running a business, traveling while still having all these demands around me. And then nothing's changed except how I approach our body transformation. 15 minutes a day you'll get there. Thank you very much for watching and I'll see you. 11. LIMITING BELIEF #2: I am carrying the fat genes in the family.: you're not carrying the fat genes. That is not the reason why you're out of shape. That is not. There isn't why you don't have the body you want. Years ago, I felt the same way. I was so frustrated because I tried many different things, going to different seminars, reading many books, going on different diets, that I started to believe that it was my genetics, that it was something that was out of my control, that I just wasn't born with that body type that, you know, I could mold and shape and have that body that I now have. And that belief really stemmed from years of frustration being ripped off, being scammed, trying different things and not working out and thinking Well, hey, that person over there was on this diet. They got great results. I didn't. And if you keep doing that over years and years and years trying different programs and being around people that for the same programs and get results and you don't it's easy to assume that it must be your genetics, that it must be a blueprint, that it must be a parents. It's their fault, and I'm here to tell you right now having bean somebody that had that belief based of years of frustration, off not getting the result. But I'm here to tell you right now that is not your genetics. Yes, genetics do payroll. Yes, hormones do play a role, but it's not the end all and be all you see for me. I had nobody in my family that was into fitness that had a great body. Everybody in my family's out of shape, and most of my family do not eat very healthy at all. So I grew up in a household where I have Vegemite and cheese on bread as my lunch and I drink coke every day and lemonade every day because that was the house all those grew up in . And so I used to eat unhealthy as a child, and I had nobody. My family. That was a role model for great levels of health and great levels of fitness. So it was easier for me to assume that it must have bean genetics that were passed on through my family's for the generations, because nowhere in my hierarchy of my family is there great fitness or great health and I'm here to tell you right now, having been somebody that's achieved a body transformation and maintained it, that your genetics are not the reason why you're out of shape, that your genetics do play a role in terms of things such as muscle insertion points. So, for example, if you're looking at an ideal physique that you want to achieve that, it's very likely most likely even, that you won't have a body close to theirs because of genetics. Because, for example, some people don't have a six pack. Some people only have a four pack. Some people have eight packs. Some people's muscles grow bigger and have more volume than others because that's what their genetics allows. And they're different muscle in social points, depending on that person's genetics. So you might look very different to your ideal physique. You're, for example, if you're looking at a photograph of ah, celebrity that said, I percent body fat and you're wanting to get down to 8% body fat as well. It's very likely that if you get in the 88% body fat that you're not gonna look like them, and that's gonna come down to genetics it really is. That's when genetics does play a role and genetics really influence. You know how much muscle you build and the upper ceiling of how much muscle you can build over a lifetime as being a natural white lifter and the speed of fat, of which fat loss occurs because genetics and play a role in terms of where that fat comes off your body first and where if that's the last place to come off your body if you're in a calorie deficit, so genetics do play a role. But the truth is, is that they're not the defining factor. And then when it comes to losing fat and building muscle, the same laws apply to everybody. They applied it everybody, a lot of energy balance. If everybody maintains a negative energy balance that everybody will lose fat and maintain muscle provided the same rules are followed. But in terms of how much fat is lost per week, that's when we have other influences that determine that such as genetics such as hormones and so forth and where fat comes off first. His influence buyers such things as genetics and hormones, but the rules apply. My intended negative energy balance, and the body will do the rest. So there's no need to think about genetics being the end all and be all because in your family you might look at your hierarchy and go well, you know, my dad or my mother is out of shape, and my grandfathers had a shaved. Therefore, I'm destined to be out of shape. And what you'll find is that lifestyle factors are really what's causing This, really is what set you up with a physic you have now because obviously, as a child you exposes had lost all factors certain dietary factors which have passed down through from your parents and you've grown up with holding, upholding the same dietary principles as your parents. And so that was. What I found was that my junk food addiction actually came from my childhood, and it wasn't that my parents or junk food addicted, but I wasn't taught healthy eating habits. And so that's when you're not taught healthy eating habits. You pick up bad habits, and that's what happened with me. So it wasn't like my genetics with a reason for it, that my genetics were not the reason why I was sugar addicted or why I had a junk food addiction. It was the lifestyle that I was living in. And so when I learned over time how to replace my junk food addiction with more healthy alternatives by spending 30 minutes a day or 15 20 minutes a day learning healthy alternatives that have now been admitted with whole uphold that live stone. Now, for a number of years of being healthy, being fit, being strong, be energetic. It's not genetics. So I've now credit a new lifestyle for myself. And when I decide, have Children one day, they could model if they wish that have to. But I'd like for them to model the lifestyle that I live now, where I can be adventurous and have the energy and passion and vibrancy to reach people and live out my adventurers goals and ambitions. And so you know, that hopefully will get passed on. So I'm here to tell you right now it's not genetics. They play a role, but they're not the overarching factor. So rest easy. I hope this video has put has given you some paves knowing that you could push her this program, get great results. Be happy with what? You've been changed. Thank you very much for watching. And I'll see you in the next video. 12. LIMITING BELIEF #3: I'm a woman, won't weight lifting make me bulky?: one of the biggest fears that I come across with women in particular is the fear of lifting heavy white that is, white lifting equals being big, chunky, being bulky and so therefore, women were usually avoid white lifting were usually stick to cardio and usually stick Pallotti's and that kind of thing. The reality is that if you're a lady out there watching this, if you really wanna have those toned arms, tone, legs tone but and so forth the only way to have tone the only way to have definition. By the way, I don't like the word tone, but tone really means muscle definition toe. Have muscle definition. You need to have muscle to have muscle to build muscle. You need to progressively overload the muscles you have and make them bigger and stronger. How do you progressively overload the muscles that you have? It's lifting heavy white. That's right, if you want to overload your muscles and that's one of the key ingredients to building muscle is to progressively overload the muscle. Now what I mean by progressively overload the muscle is that you will, on a certain stimuli on a certain exercise, you will have a sentiment of white on that exercise. If you're doing white training and your aim for a certain number of raps and sets is to lift slightly more weight in the following week or to push an extra one or two reps in the following week. But doing that, you're progressively over time, your progressively going toe overload the muscles. You see if you're doing the same, exercise the same weight, the same reps and sets around one way to the next. You're not going to be progressively overloading the muscles. By the way, this principle applies to men and women. And so therefore you're not going to build muscle. You're gonna plateau. So if you're a woman watching this and I'm addressing this video to the ladies out there, if you wanted to have toned arms and turn legs and, you know have that muscle definition but not be ripped because a lot of women are not interested in having that body building lady, look right. So not many people are interested in that. Look, you just want to be toned tohave tone, muscle definition. You must lived heavy whites, heavy white. You won't get big and chunky in The reason why you see some ladies out there, which are big, is because they have a lot more body fat as well as muscle, so that have muscle underneath the fat, which essentially with high amounts of body fat. Well, given that big puffy look on the same of guys as well, but is more pronounced on guys with some girls that air into white lifting that have that big, heavyset look, it's because they carrying more body fat with muscle. And that's exactly what happens. See what happens if a lady gets in the white lifting and does not address the body fat component of a body transformation. In other words, if you're lifting heavy weight and you're doing the progressive overload thing and you're getting enough protein and rest and so forth and you're not addressing your body fat percentage, In other words, if your body fat percentage is over for a woman 2025% plus, then you're gonna look big, bulky and chunky. But if you wanna have that toned look, not only do you have to lift heavy white, but you also need to bring your body fat percentage down so a lot of cross fitting girls have that look. Not all of them, but a lot do because they haven't addressed the body fat percentage side of the equation. And the way to do that is to tackle that from the nutrition point of view. So to bring your calories down, maintain a calorie deficit of the time. Still, do you white lifting. But bring your calories down and then your body fat percentage will drop. Keep your protein high or maintain your muscle. Keep lifting heavy and you'll have that toned athletic look some way below 20% for women that lived white. Lift heavy whites in the gym. So my message to the girls out there is that if you want to have that time, look, you need to lift heavy whites. But you also need to bring your body fat percentage down as well. So I'll teach you in this course how you can lift heavy weights, what exercises to do and had a program. Those exercises and it's a very generic program, so it's not like customized to you. It's a generic program given to everybody watching, and you can take that away and you can customize it how you please? In addition, you'll bring your calories down by bring you calories down. You bring your body fat percentage damn and you get the body you want. But never should you a shoe that you should avoid white white training altogether and just stick to cardio because you will not get the body. You won't have that athletic look that you want as a lady watching this lift heavy whites bring your body fat percentage down and you'll get there. That's simple. Is that so? I hope this is helpful hype of clarified the little belief that that ladies have out there . When it comes to white training and being bulking, being chunky and have any questions, send an email Brad at seek fit life dot com. Enjoy the course, and I'll see you in the next video. 13. LIMITING BELIEF #4: I need to make huge sacrifices to transform my body: One of the common beliefs that I come across with people when it comes to body transformation is that most people believe that in order to transform their body, they have to sacrifice everything as in, they have to give up ice cream that have to live in the gym, that they have to make huge sacrifices with their time that they need to find huge chunks of time in the day to go to the gym and train. And I'm here to tell you right now that yes, it is true that when it comes to transform your body that there is an initial sacrifice or quiet. Now, when I say sacrifice, I mean, you know, cutting away all of the food that you enjoy the most. In fact, in this course I teach you the opposite. I teach you how you can include the food that you enjoy the most into your meal plans and actually still reach your goals, which is quite contrary to what most people teach that in order to have this great body, you need to stop eating ice cream. Stop eating chocolate. Stop eating Oreos. Stop eating your favorite food and it's simply not the case. So in this course, we talk about flexible dieting Where I give you back your choices. I don't take them away. I put you in control. I don't take that from you. I put you in the pilot's seat and I show you had a crap meal plans around the food you enjoy the most. So if you want the occasional ice cream, you can do that. It does mean, though, that you know there is some sacrifice. And that is you can't just sit around on the couch eating potato chips and burritos all day long because, you know, if you do that, you're not really going to get the body you want because, you know, I think what anyone says. It still requires hard work. You still need to put in the work because, you know, ultimately any return in life, whether it be from your body in your relationship and your finances really comes down to the amount of effort they met, a work that you're willing to put in in the first place. Okay, but I make that effort that hard work that you put into this course worth while and that you'll actually get results from. So when it comes to sacrifice, you'll be amazed that initially you'll have to cut a few things away. You'll have to, you know, if your uncontrollable when it comes to eating pizza, you need to be controlled. OK, but once you, you know, start transforming your body and start seeing results, that creates a bit of momentum. And once you have that momentum, then it's It's like getting a car and sort of once you push it, once the wheels stop turning it then takes its own momentum and so, therefore, requires less energy to sustain that movement. So we're using the power of momentum. And once you have that through a body transformation, and usually in the 1st 4 weeks, you'll start to see changes. Around six weeks, you seem or changes. And then once you start seeing those changes in your physique through applying what are teaching this course, you'd be amazed at how well momentum will carry you through and that it becomes easier to, you know, follow the program. And then once you get to a point, we happy with your body and you'll find that that could take six months it may take less. It may take a bit more than that, but usually six months of people, and you'll find that, you know, once you there, that once you're in the zone, that it's actually really easy to maintain and that you don't have to sacrifice as much. But you'll find that you'll actually enjoy the lifestyle because I know it's hard to accept now because it's, you know, if I was sitting in your shoes, if I'm sitting issues right now and I'm watching myself speak, it would be hard for me to internalize what it means to have a great level of energy and a great level of zest and passion for life by changing my food choices about changing my fitness levels.