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Ultimate Beginners Tutorial To Photoshop CC2019

Mac Moses Michael, Artist/Youtuber

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7 Lessons (1h 54m)
    • 1. Introduction to Photoshop

    • 2. Tool Panel

    • 3. Creating A New Document

    • 4. Save and open

    • 5. Layers

    • 6. Layer Mask

    • 7. Brush tool

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About This Class

In this class you will learn the full basics of Photoshop CC2019. You will learn how to use the basic tools in photoshop, understanding the layer panel, creating a standard document, customizing your own work space and more. 


1. Introduction to Photoshop: Welcome to the first section of these Claire's really Teoh Teik. Basic introduction off and official interface. Here in my screen, I have the first ship CC 2019 reach out, making use off true off these class. So first, when you opened up for the ship sitting in 19 this is what you get. But I guess these a study of screen start from the question 2000 and 17 up to 2000 and 19. Bird for now, are making use of 2000 and 19. So go it doesn't 19. But if you're for show, it's no Langley's. No need to worry because everything will be fine because this is the Brezik and it's step by step stairs. Which foot? So when you first open, no finish. Oh, this is really good. When you start walking, you get all the works. You walk here. I'm so measure the start of screen free. I don't mind intimate detail because there's I just want it is that I wanted to be, but you can switch it from these to I can you have at the top right off your screen, so you have to ease a critically new document which, if you want so we have looking away and Mickey's off. Create new or you go Oprea and good to fight and click on New Off which this is where I will be making news off to meet you Few undertaken used off 2000 and 19 Russians Really cool for you. Okay, if one of creating new fire, you could new good of fire and hit on new and just going open them renews Serie B C b Laghi Bird Sermanni still friend on Bagram, which I can't constant now I really wish to do that Anyway, layers go ahead. So I'm just going to click on any other forts, Cerebral Harvard and happened creating traditional LeBrock roots in Dorking. It's all about the free stuff for a ship. Okay, so when you look at mine, it's a little bit different from us right now. So what I'm going to do just quickly go over the windows and I go to work space and I will hit on essential foot because that's what that decision would way for. The shop comes when you just install finish up, maybe still like that in years, but it is in mind occasion. Now when you look off here way have the what fires did amazingly years soon which we can use to add more functions into our first show recommend or whatever it is we're working on at that moment. Finish up and right. But I lived. But so to say that a left, but with how our choose to share for our to brown or to partner, we can call units like most of the Times column soup on you. So here we have. First is which we can use and bishops to achieve a desired broke or wherever it you want to do. And right here we have our workspace and this place really have white background on it. It's not as converse for the shop, and when you come down to the right hand part, we have the colors. How the swatches have the woodland tab. There is if you won't go ahead and lend online, it's all you have libraries. And if you're connected to the increasing clouds and so get a sink stuff online so you wouldn't be able to lose one fight or the order from one place, say all right. Here we have the adjustment of which you can use to adjust various items off, just like cause. Liver, whose hue saturation is are suing off your chairs and coming down to the bottom part. We have the layer part where wherever working, do or where everything you do it for the show or Frighteners with create the shape of Kremlin. Very other. It's going to appear, which is what the layer part. So I guess there's going to be eat for this story, just a leader introduction into the finish up in the first good in depth of explained tours and it's really, too, is understanding the twos in friendships. I hope you enjoyed history and motion that's released in this class you guys class. 2. Tool Panel: work, work, And today is going to be all about tours in for the show. So wonderful religious. Get straight into these because I really don't want to spend much time in this class, which I know You guys want to get started for the share seriously. So they just go through this stuff first. Do we have here is to move to I moved to issues of moving item from one place to the other and friendship, like counting five years, looked his brother and and I just want maybe a little part off this image. I can just make it moved to its movies. It is position, and I was gonna leave it there. Can ticket opposite is sort five other place and what you want to do. We removed, but in short, moved to issues for moving items from one police in order in for the ship. I'm going to do that. Unless do we have Here is the word. Tanggula markets rectangular market to its use for making a rectangle a selection. Let me show you that. And I'm sorry if I couldn't show you. Here is the two. And this is really looks like now Lacey. I wanna make a selection of a particular place in five years. Clued down, left, click and do these Oh, Lacey. Just a new Putin. Oh, I just need peace. But in a separate layer undressed. Make use of the word rectangle on my key to when I'm draw around here that I want are guests come down to this barbarous right clean and good would lay of your copy And right now have what that area selected in another layer. So diversity we have here is they last so to all right said last that's you do the same thing already sent injures like the polygonal Just like the word Daniela markets its use American selection But difference between the rectangular Marquis two and the last is that the lesson issues For what? Making off freehand selection on Why do it? But England Marquis two issues for making what rectangle a selection or a square selection . That is, if you hold on shift on your keyboard limits relations lesson hours, leg jurors. I'm just going to try because I'm making use of a mouse right now and my selection is really, really good to be back. So you don't blame later someone to make a selection of this flag congest with left, click down on my mouse and move these to an a position of my choice or just go to run Just good should custom part. I want to take these Zacharias come down and then duties. Now, as you can see of Mika What a selection around the flag with the words custom movement off my own hand You can use off the marks I can just right click now You know what layer via copy When I turned it off I have the flood lier on North Aaliyah. It's self so I'm just going to sit and do these in religiously These uh Now the nest you have here is work. Quick selection. Now come to think of it, you make selection trade. We just make a selection right now We do What? The last sorts of blood. Why is it according quick selections? Where is the last that's were not called a quick selection, So Well, we're gonna find out now the different It's into a rich selection to, um quick selection to Alaska to that with the last two, you make a free and selection the quick selection soup when you select. If Monika Leigh clipped the edge off a picture for you just for you that she wanted what select As long as Havelock have quality picture, it's going to work on Magical. We would pick the picture or select that picture for you easily, just Muslims with one click off. So or, if you have a word, an image, it's one color or a ship with one color. It easily would pick up that one color for you. Instances appreciate that jealousy could come here, and I create first shape. And instead of that shape among your shoes, do work rectangle and markets and make a selection of these right here. This one point, you know who do something like sue gender cooler and not something like red and a few that button and select. If I grabbed a quick selection to right click ones on this, you see that what happens? It would select everyone part with red living, only the part with blood. So if I d select this right now and I click again, it's kids. What select everything on afterward. Everything on black. Leave everything onward red because they are two different colors. So let me share something their duties. And I would let this Leah and I conduct cities were placed in the car and I start selecting . You can see what happened right? Select. Only would because And most because they are almost all with the same work color and before I get too despite it has, it's like that part for me. You guys go to run with this election when I'm done with the selection of a Just what you don't contra G or just create a new selection, a new Leovy, a copy off court does Bees Underwood the quick selection to Let's move over to the what The crop and these twos were a show. And having in mind that I'm not going in depth on how to make use of all this is a dissident address taking what basic introductions off this year's on wood. What traders ready to do in with for the ship to the next to have there is a word. The crop to now Leslie, we don't want some part of this. I know there are various ways you can what used to crop in friendship for this is the most commonly used on on the popular way off corporate footers and almost every programs which used to. Let's say we don't want this part of the image off this part. Okay, so let's just look at this. But this is what this is, Carson. The destruction right here. And we don't need it. And every super right here it's causing the destruction to us will want to take them away from We don't want to remove the background we want caught them. I would just want crop them because like that image, she go over to this pie and select what crops and make sure they don't have anything in these two rectangles so corrupt to selecting. You can just moved all these edges. What is it? Just you've seen the six age of edge. You can use it to adjust your imaged the with particle aside, you so since I don't want these, I'll just drug this in from this part too. Yeah, And since I don't want this one's here, can dress were drug this to this part just like that? And when I'm done with the corporation hours hitting would check the chipmunk. I converted. As you can see, I just resize my pictures. Who something there doesn't under corrupt sadness? Do we have here? Is that what the frame to even correct? I really don't know. Yeah. Frame to frame to its use forward, making a frame which would easily inside a picture. Let's check that have really make use of this to model themselves. Don't really make use of these procedures. One. That's why it's a really, really nice to, and it's really cool. And what? Sisi. 19 board for the show. Let's quickly what? See what that does? Let's see. I want Adam some image to the spot, and here's how that looks like this year's going to see that. So let's say I want to make oh, what some kind of stuffs right this back in your spooky would druggies and make this at this spot. And I might just go into my word fire explorer and drug. Any picture in our dropping day, right? As you can see now, this ship I just was created with the frame to give me the word Just Cliff my walk. My image inside of that would shape the rest. Elected In other words, you can still do this by making use of the word clipping marks with a particular shape you created, right? Let's shut it again. Get something nearest and ledgers with duties and you go into you would if my explorer and you drag you shoot these and you drag and drop it, right. You can see that. So that is the use of the word. The frame to rest quickly. Go ahead. Mark destroyed him, and I'm going to let that and the next do we have Here is the word copycats. We all know what color picker is. But in case you don't know, I'm just gonna quickly show you that when you click on the color picker just like Luke here on try to look Underwood the top right off the footy ship. So when I hope when I slightly copycat see it and neighbors Mr would pick any colors from any part of my word, my image, but shaves a picture of whatever you're walking on. And it was you to a peak. I can't even pick from PR. So and when I just click here, you can see that I have a different color here under close area speak. Just chain click here. Gonna give you another color click here. It's gonna give another color click here is gonna give you another color. Now you use this to good. So certain colors, that is, if you don't really know inward in your design RL ru decides who would make his one color true up and try to color It's pretty cool, but I really don't know the hex code of the color. You just have to make yourself Collopy cards picked, ease and boom. You don't know what color Now here we have the world sport healing brushed from correct Yeah, sport brush Which is what this sport Fillon Brush as already guessed that back issues forward sport But excuse me, but is that really true? Well, let's find out. So let's see, I really don't like this stuff here. Don't if that is gonna work out. Well, they just come up to this when it is up, and I just would draw Wants to see what happens, right? I can just released crazy solicit B and I could just left league and orders draw over. This stops right now as you can see that I have been thinking the way silver stuff and this one on this parking years clinic wants and it's gone eloquence and he's got Click que sleek , please. Quickly, quickly, great, quick! And it's going. You see that that is used off the world sport killing brushed right? First, simple is very. But there are more city sue, which would take on what next time so they would have the world the brush brush. Now what is brushes for painting is indeed most as this year's brush for painting. And so having information right? And I know you might have seen some finish up at six would make use of what brushed processes for joint issues for, for painting ledgers would confirm that right now I'm just gonna quickly create a new lier yet, so I can just see. I want to add some kind of a little bit effects of this car, right, Celeste, a little bit off this red at this part of an added to this part of the car so I can just come down and just do that mirrors goo, But city spot and duty soon Now, as you can see, I have these. I wonder what the car, as you can see. What averse to I'm using Teoh, apply this color just feels like I'm giving it a new color painting here of mixing would color skater. Oh, like I usually said, there are more cities to because we have very steps of brush and most EMS works. You are doing it. Afford brushwood for the show. I'm not good for them. You need to load up some of that brush. You download somebody very. So we have to think on old respond Gates brushes so on. But for now, this is just what the years of the what? The brush to have this self brush and with the hat. But I keep going with no housework. Mickeys of Everest is because I'm not really gonna go back and start explaining a listers one after the other or how to make use of all this is But I keep walking. You see how I make use of this year's and measures who bring them down for you, Seats are cooking religious layer and it s who we have Here is what include stamp to close time. Too busy usedto. Where is the system useful. I really don't know. Ledgers would find out. So let's see now I won't resist 100 off the would be car. This would point Now I know you might be asking. Ok, the what? Brush and close them to have the same psych working. Well, close time teachers like brush which you can still change Brush at any given time. Just like brush. Because used anyone It was just like painting just well. Pain with the world de brushed to what? It's totally different from this one. Close them so you don't pick colors Pain You pick from the wood at them itself. On what? Paint? Initiator, if I just click on this part right now, hold on all And what sample? It's got some proof. Not peeking. Put on old And I would sample from this. But your move What city spot and hope that come down here. Sorry, hood, but click and I'll move down to the spot. Click on here. I move that this but click this part. This go for these seconds. All right, So now what should I see? No, If you think this image and sugar do someone here is they're never gonna believe? What? Jersey? That there is no handle on the part of the door. So you see him? There is no 100. They really what? Believe that isn't here? Okay, that is that unless do we have is the what? The history brush? What is history brushed? Does I don't know if you're ready for me our history when you say history, greenbacks or what? The old things Or maybe the old good days Bad days are just trying to remember it since forward trying to bring back things that had kept for long Your sweat for guys in forward for long 17 applies to the what the history. Now, if you noticed address were off 100 of these dope. But what the clue stamped from grabbed the history brush and paint over is going to bring that back. Right. Your suit. Hey, don't countries he gonna do that? Hey, don't shoot. Plus e, it's kids. What? Bring it back to the history brush issues for bring about the things you don't insure It issues forward on do just like that. Not always. Don't really rely on the history brush for undue on what soon but in some cases just really needs to work. Use it because it's pretty. What you put on the nurse that we have there is to resort to. The results were nowhere. Is it related? There's right now for erasing. They're just that much more to that. Except will think, Underwood. All that results so to the great into its usual. What plan would radiant Lacey. I want something like to Kahlo on this. What? A media can just go ahead. Pretty new layer with ingredients. You just place Andrew and apply to color and Goda here. And a play something like these. As you can see, what in the world and I just want to color. Yeah, And you can just go ahead and erased what he's and have various ways off which you can would change the colors, all the present. What? Where you want Letta? You know what to say to yourself? Complete that. Okay, sadness to have is the word the blow to world blood donor. So quickly, ladies. And they see Okay, so let's move into details. Me. So despite so I grabbed a word. The blood soup, which is right here, and I come down to this spot. Let me say I increase the size of the blood to an hour. Pain just put out a little bit of concentration on the word flack. Just the mission. Off work. You see what happened, right? We'll blow the flag just with the wood, the blood. So the blood to issues for blowing for blurring or what, in particular idea right to take that back. Okay. As I would have here. So I guess the next day we have here should be the world. The Dodge to Yeah, the Dutch to its use for applying highlights to what particular item? Let's say some parts of this motor is a little bit death them what I was expected and many states who would add a little bit of lights to eat. Just grab the with Dutch to with some really cities up here, and you can see I don't want highlights. What a car there said the blood to its is what I didn't like. I would have the opposite of it. Which is what it born to the bond through its use for what I deemed. What shatters Just like Doc over sewer. Mr. Would have yet kneels toe pain, too, just quickly going to work through these two. But this is really going to be on a separate video on its full house. Would make use off the paint because the painting itself it's something it's gonna really gonna take you more stamps to let. I guess it takes me to take me. Probably like, um, Josea. Three months to my study depends, you know. Really? What? Master, please? I use the first month and that somehow the pencil practice more need and know how to make use of it and remaining two mornings to understand the other controls off the pain two. And later on I become a ward Marston making use of the pencil when I depend. So it's useful for making selection on its use for tracing board in this different way from do what the other selections were. Country, so depends when the click ones is going to give you the point. At this point, it's called uncalled point, and you go to the next place you want in the click and track right there. Just gonna be the little I can show you on the world depend too, because I really don't want to shreds. You tried to make use of the traffickers most time. The two is really, really interesting. But if you tried on your own without getting some kind of tutorial on house and because of the two, it's really, really b for Street is going to stop here on a plane to then we head over into what it takes to which is hard here, which is the world tt. Okay, so I'm just gonna would on duty says I do my personal back stories on my keyboard and I'm going just like the text to text to its useful typing. What? Food shop? Yeah, you really need to say that next to to some programs, it is called the type to progress got a text to And so when it probably takes to click on any part, it's start typing in the keyword screens. Would I didn't it takes you just type and you have other stories you can use to just do it takes you just type gender color. If you like. You can gender funds to if you like, like wow here other prints on where you want and you can change the size. And so on to they got off the leader and image Do we have here is work part or the part selection to right? Where is the court of parts election? So? Well, I'm gonna show you now when you grab the ship to and created ship and put it on the newly much alacrity new layer for me. Sorry about when I create these. Now, this stuff You see this stuff you see here is what part right now why is this so called part selection speakers in some programs with this kind of an icon this jelly code would move to on, I guess, in worship, CSC's below the true moved to just one like this, isn't it? Let's see. What is it called? What part two instead of the world to move to a less wasteful grab moved to and grabbed a movie. This is we're moving. I will grab this one. It's still moving for unity is anything. This is what Moving the world. The lines off the ship just created, which is the path because this is the word parts which is 123 and four. It's connecting to each other that this is what the part, but there's still more to that and I'm going to shoot now. If I could grab the would be moved to and I hold on what ought on my keyboard click and drag to make a duplicate off these shape. When you look over to the layer part, it gives me an around rectangle, isn't it? But let's see. In some cases, you don't want too much layup. We want to rectangle. You can do that service girl. Do that by deleting this layer right now. When you grab the word. The part selection to hit couldn't hold on your keyboard and you click and drag, right? This is it. On what happened? You have those two i them on one layer, Very others that look you would select the part notes What the item is like All this part right here and kids the part. When you grab this now you'll be able to move one off order. Now move to move layer on. Why depart moved, I think on the layer most especially ships of merrily Chinese on any other part or any other thing like image or so I just use is based on shape to her. You can see I can make a foreign tongue group, they said. 01 Leah said the difference now right could weaken us. Would go ahead and delete that layer. They will move over to the next to us. Make use of these two very well, which is God would direct and go to form should card color shape, too, or wherever you want to call it. But discard what rectangle to click on that you'll be able to use this to create custom rectum choice. Older friends. It would. How you want to make use of me. There's nothing more to stoke on that to just now. As you can see, you can see that I have moving this week, moving the image in my work free shop from one place to the world to the order with the music. How do I do that with the word the hand to write yet, But now I really like the hand super movies recently? No. Okay, So how did I did I just make use of the word space about on my keyboard so they hunt to select its less eyes. Now we're grab the hand to you, Will be able to move these. I can. But if you zoom in, you able to navigate alone to anybody off your what pictures? Come to think of it, this is really going to be nasty. If this, too is not for the shop, we're going to slowed out in some cases. Let's see now I want to go to the front part of this K have to come down to this part like this one to cope. You come down to this part and go up. But it's very but lesser one could. But the bottom edge of this car, your school years will grab. Move your hand to anyone. Move that despite as fast as it can be. That's the user, Lewis the hunt and in SDSU is here. We have soon to Yeah, we really need to explain that. Well, I'm just truth, which is your So what? Zooming out? We have the plus. I come in a clique ism and simple When you look up here and click come back again and click Assume out There are more Cities just quickly go through this time because this is really really begins on. This is really end, right now come back to this. But I hate 100%. It's good work. Zoom in my image on red percent when I hit on the world. Fittest fits cream is going to a fit. My image to my foot is sharp side when I hit on fear screen. This is what it's going to just feel out everywhere off my foot airship. So the next things we have here is just a word. The colors show you folk, foreground color and bother and cooler. And this is sweetie colors. So So I really hope you enjoyed his class and make sure it's who would watch the next class that's coming up, which I really don't know what is going to be. Just have to check my skin and see, but for now measures Who would do this video? It comes up, and I would like to see your comment and New York pruners work in footage show. Have a nice day, guys, You guys in this class keep practicing 3. Creating A New Document: in this class, you will learn how to create a new document inside off Russia. So the first thing you want to do you want to go see the new person. You have the click on the button and this window it's gonna pop up for you. You have your step, which you can peek from the percentage of liver and finish up. But we're going to focus on these tab right here because this part right here, because this is a word, of course, Tom took him in reasonable custom talking me. So right now, here we have the wood percentage. There's the name off a document. Do it. They hide in the document Type A. Pigs are in chase and little limiters point or Peca's in other parents and where you want. But I'm resolutely set this to what inches from now. Right here we have the word, the orientation. Your intention is simply means if your document it's going to be a portrait or a landscape , as you can see, right? Yeah, The heights lowered Underwood two week. That's why it's what landscape mood, right? Yeah, but if I said it to do with the portrait move you zero would be hide under weed switch. It's good number. So said that bugs you are landscape and at birth determines how maney numbers of converse you have inside off for the shop. You know the prince of where you want and it's but it was much colleague Create or add Port Panyu for you inside of fish up the right Here we have the resolution resolution. Did Emery Alvaro quality off your walk? If he said this documents as today's and etcetera addition to 1 72 it's really going to beloved Menino words you want to do. And if you're printing out our command, you're making years off the 300 resolution, as would remain a resolution size because that's what Homer's everybody is when you are printing document. But I make yourself my own, really occurs. I just make image for the Web's on so on. So right, Yeah, we have the word Peter. Each which is always with a piece of our inch, have no player, and I suggest that person submit that I always wondered what exactly interests era to the present and committed into the color mood. The column would when you click on that drop down menu. We have a big mob grayscale rgb Sam y que on a lab color. Now, mostly, I walk with just words. The allergy p seem like a color inside of Russia, but always regular walk with the allergy be, but it feel, if you know what it took me are working on free, dead out and enough your your walk. You want to go ahead and make his every word cm White kid occurs much Hollywood. Minimize your ink usage in your printer. So will come down to this fire we ever have the world. The It's image will click a larger of the ammunition, have 16 and to be not just in time in the viral quality and the lateness off your your work necessary. This 16 intends to beat Virginia. Truly, grants were higher than would it be, but in Footage shop, it's recommended Mickeys of the it beats because almost all few there's it's available instead of for the shop with the eight bit image. But with a 16 bit and ready to be not all fevers, our overly you can go ahead and try that and comedown series, but we have the background contents. Is that a blood burger and content on ballooned background contained? We have what a tab Click on that you get with the black, the background color And what transparency or the transparent? You can go ahead and play around with Hristo, but this were determines the color off your workspace or your converts Liquid in new document Inside off. Foolish up. Will you look at this spot? You see that we have wise here and here we have one wife. When you click on that, it's going to open of the color picker partner for you, where you will be able to switch the color if, like, well done video where the particle alcohol I want to make you so you can just go ahead and eat. Okay. But I'm gonna concert this way because you can always gender cola inside offered for the shop. Doesn't really martyr and coming onto the advanced options over said the RGB color proof Ever really know what that's all about? Sanders gonna skip that and let's head robots who what inputs in a picture or open up opening up our previous Steve document Inside off for the show is gonna hit on work, create 4. Save and open: you know, refers to import a picture. Also, open up our progressive document inside of fuchsia. First, you need to save a document that's once open. And secondly, you need to have a picture that you want to open. So first, let's take on the picture that we want open in Sarah for Russia. We have two ways of doing and and I'm going to quickly show you there's two ways. So the first thing you want to do you want to go into if I and ex Croydon very good toe place embedded. When you click on that during the open up your Windows Explorer or your fire explorer for you and when you click, just have to do now. It's a clean look it where you have your image or the picture you want import inside off fuchsia. So I have my in this PC and a heavy down Teoh be spot and hardly instead of here. Yeah, all right. Yeah. So once you've done that, just double click on the picture or us click wants and come down to do it. The place. When you click on that, it's going to what? Open up for the shop other friends. How fast your PC. It's just going to take us some time to spoke with. Now, let's see, You don't want to make you re smelter or you want to open the picture as a new document. You don't. I want to do a document to cope with inside of the wood prefers documents you create. It wanted to open its own separate document, but what you have to do. So I'm just gonna click these national you want to do you goto fire. And instead of making years of the police embedded to go into it open when you click on the open, it's going to open up your fire explorer for you. So the next thing you want to do, you want to look at a picture ritual open, so you single click on that and come down to the open anywhere. Click on open, and it's going to operator in a new document having the exact size off. This would imagine just input into further ships when you look at it. But now I see that we have the professional with input when you come down to despite sick, along with import inside and Notre document less quickly. Move over. Opening up our safe document in order for you to open up a set document. First you need to save right. Migrants were five, and it goes toward very Mickey's. Every saved Mickey's out would save us. He saved just for you to save the current document and save ourselves to save a copy off the previous documents you already saved before. So for this and willing Mickey's, I'll save and it's going to open up my fire explorer. So I already have. What document? And I'm just gonna come down to this with to this spot right now where I have this stuff. So I'm just gonna name this excuse shirt. Okay? And once you've done with the really mean and make sure it sets what PS we can take out of five for months, the terrible. For now, the victory would psd PDD o r p s e and come down. I hear on would see All right. And you got this Would Windows Azure is gonna pop up. You can just click on the unsure again over its go ahead and click ok. Should not less. They will close the document coming down to the spot and click on this little expert in the harbor area. She can see we don't have the document. Animal. Now we have to is off open in this document. First beautify and go to open recent and get a document, right? Yes, Q ship. But in case you don't get a document yet when you go to a to fi and you go to what open? When you go to open. Its students were opened up the previous document. The document What saved that? If you don't see the location, you go ahead and brush your explorer. Found what location they saved. Document. So you click on that and come down to open our address. These lewd conduct Open it up inside of food shop, Click on that and come down sward open. And it's going to open up the document for you inside off for the show. So I hope you guys enjoy these video and let's head over to the next class. See you guys. 5. Layers: what's a broken city? That preserve of these finish up. Siri's kind of like super excited about these because Mistress Few to complete these seriously, jump right into the series of for Show. Anyway, he said, We are going to think layers Bush. If you really have these shoes with layer by, like two, I personally have that issue with the layer part in footer shop like they're so much more Leah part would. I'm really going to take on the basic so that you don't really get confused about. If I'm going to do that hours quickly, close over the stuff and I said them but later said that I can get a full constitutional in the up without any destruction. He's if it's for me, I'm looking just like that. But I really just wanted to see what about points in that right now. Okay, so when you come sit in the airport leopard and finish of its wonderfully footage, why is it important? It's a modern because whatever you do, yeah, converse or your walks piece, Which of I call it publishable as minute as Converse. Whatever you do on your Converse definitely appears here on your day apart, right? But now, as you can see in this Leah part, have to have the program on layer one Right now you are seeing Jersey would want on my wood my Congress. Right now. Where is the 2nd 1? If you look here to lay apart receded Bagram. It's blue, the layer one on a layup, which simply means that would layer one. It's is on top of Bagram, which it's called Green Bag, which is preventing you from seeing your bag and make a little bit of a modification. Okay, a little bit of a modification teas image so that when I switch of the way, I want to see the difference between what background would delay a one noodle when the layer one is covering the background layer. But first, let me show you something on limit speed. Something for you now possible. Have that issues off. See, you can't moved back. Moved front for the shop. Well, that's gonna be the one that's gonna be the scene. Our shoot first in these class. So first of four lessons. And now if I turn this off right, see what happens? You sit out the color 14 on the picture has been taking new and factories on game right policies on our but we simply means that would this layers you is the one without color on why Delia one is the one with color. But now you are unable to see what the one without color because it is balloon and that is what it is now a layer. But the layer zero is blue delay a one. That's what you said about the one you're seeing here has more color than one balloon. OK, let me quickly break this down for you. So let's see. You know, a movie would delay a zero to the top, right? What's happened now? Do one with color. It's Nobody talk and you can't even see the one. No, like the one with the color is at the bottom. Also Can't see that anymore right now. This one now, Delia, zero has work. Come through the front in my own world. Let me see the layers. You has come to the top and the layers panel. And it has what comes in front. Underwood converse and readily a one has got to do with the bottom layer panel and Why do it? The Leo one has gone to the bug. And what can responding if I turn this off right. If I hired that, I addressed honor off tonally, I threw off. You see how you'll be able to see the world one with the color, because it is below the lay. Our it is a visible odili. Our players, You, Delia, zero, is preventing these from work from you suing. Do it the one with the color. I think of it just like let's see your our engine stops Or will you arrange your boots? Right. Let's see you put the Metis textbook first and you create the English test and you put it on top Door marked much stays. You wouldn't be able to see the mart matter stays work again. Right, Because the English Day's work you've put on tabla mathematics stays with is preventing you from seeing the what the mathematics stays book in other for you too, would see the mathematics station is your You move is right. You take the English textbook to the back off. The mathematics stays with or under the mathematics stays or you would you remove the word the English desert for you to see the mathematics stakes. But now footer shop. There is nothing like would remove or that something applying for a shop. Now let's a gym listening this layer smarts and listening this layer to English. Okay, so now just like what I see the English day's work. It's on top of the wood. Martin Marty stays right. That's what you You are able to see what the mast desert. Now for you to sit on what the mass desperate is. Either you would take the English Deshmukh to the back right has now, as you can see, you know, Ali apart. The monster is now on top of the world, the English test And yeah, you are now able toe to see my textbook and where you are unable to see what the English Facebook. Now you have to reserve doilies. If you know you don't need the English textbook, it's no more use would see you. You can give it out to someone All you can would you can trade it. We write It all depends on where you want, but in friendship you don't tree. We all you don't give to someone you would delete or you hide layer. If you know you're going to use it for little purpose, you can just what? Hide the layer. But if you wouldn't bring drag it down to this part and get the leads all the praise of words you want to do the layers and for the show walks the way you arranged since in your date, their life or dates the activities right now that is just a little bit of a highlight on where you get confused with the layer parts and for a show. So let's go more for now. Let's see in most walks if you check and see if I can get a recent book for you. Okay, let desirous Ludo, it's gonna take a little while because I love these kind of life a little bit, allege. Okay, it's no, as you can see right here I have the U. S. Open leers openly as open layers right and off when you look at this, but you wouldn't be able to see those layers off layers off Laos. Why? Because you're kind of like hitting, but there are no real really would heating. How Decider would mean picture It's if I can turn that off and I can turn it on back right now, I just really want to show you something from this Lee because of the way I stock my Leah, my layers on top over each border, just like this Now on this work but the main subjects, it's on top of the world, the Bagram. Right. And here is what subject itself on here is what the Bagram they are separately. Subject is on top of the world, the layer. So now let's go back. But you can see just have let's apartment what lay apart. So what if you start having most of you have it in Julia? But you listen so you know, if I would come down to the spot and I add first rectangle she rode. It appears here, right? But you can't see why most of you have. This would issues regularly. You lose your seat. Our it's you just see the what? The part of the rectangle. It's not if I click on the move to that part, disappear on me that you cannot go back again and start creating multiple ships, and yet it's not coming up live, Harun. Oh, you have to. Do you go ahead and close up for the shop and you open it back. Right? But now when you do these, look at Julia part and see what happens. Why? It's not what showing would look on your earlier part. We have what rectangle? One rectangle rectangle. Three rectum Before. But how come winners indirectly grabbed the move to? But how come we're not seeing the rectangle inside off for the show? Well, if you see would religiously one image instead of wood before rectangle, right? OK, so now let's find out for rectangle. Very weird. Where are the oh, where are they hiding now? If you look actually apart, right, you said, Oh, must Leah It's on top off the wood. Four rectangles he just created right now. How can you do that? All you have to do to fix this unity, click and drag the muscle layer and take it. Balloon keeps in that this Let's this blue line blew it simply missed our layer dragon. It's going is going blue. That Leah, that house would. That's like if a druggie dough and I keep bringing it down to the last rectangle today and I drop when you come down to do it to converse. But she don't We have a look. 123 For right now you have your your items on your have your items on your layers part. I mean, you have the I came on your cover Syria about now what is going on? We currently see something that is here, right? What happened? I really don't know what happened. I'm setting the crazier Park City. That's why it's doubt we'll take on that leader. So now, as you can see burst on your arrangement, What layers do will you arrange a Leah's? Determine how Julia's going to the place on your word, your contract and actually take out time to go more on these Because I've really seen mostly having these issues with the layers for a shop. Now, Leslie, come into what? Arrange a layers. How can you do that now? Internet sewer Prevent all these issues for Russia has given her the ability to rename our layers in a way we want them too old to be, as you can see, how months on the English, which I just would automatically renamed myself So now I can just go ahead and say, OK, let me see. First rectangle I give you the raid Second rectangle Second, I give you something like I didn't see a memory emirate. Well, if I'm wrong correctly, click on that. And I added, symptom agrees. And the last rectangle add years that color. Okay, so now if you want to fix the issues off, you not having problems off Look, it's in each of the strict on How can you do that? We have to do double click on the layer to rename them on the first of four. You find the layer in particular, but 20 i off and on right now. Just click on that. It was gonna click on that. I'm having a shooting mars us. We don't know what happened to nine feet that you could just name Disney Red Grit, Your sporting that we and good into this world and nimbys green It's up to these and I would do the Simpson Pink Rick. And lastly and lastly you would just go that cash wrecked right? So now you will be able to adjust or moves on. No, do it particular item. You are walking with, like for click From here you see that we're moving toward a big rectangle from movie. Click on this. In other words, we're moving the grill rectangle. I will click on this, You know that we are moving toward red rectangle, So let's quickly go ahead, Leads. Oh, this, uh, having issues, most notably clicking. Right. Okay, so we're in lead now. What if we start having multiple layers, but it was much more differently as one cent bark center phone. I really just know if you need a but let me just go ahead. Sure that again. Let's see how this one tricked out with first rate down and I create, um, it only right here. Okay, so I said this to read. Now I will take the black rectangle sort of front. I want to take the black rectangle to the front off these red rectal. How am I really going to do that? I'll have to come to the layer part and track this. Read this black rectangle from this parts to do what? Off part off the red rectangle. And I'm going to drop it. Then if you look at it converts to see that our I have the wood direct the black rectangle on top of the red rectum. So now you can see that Israel would moves front and moved to, But it's unlike the what? The credulous on the adobe illustrator. Very just right. Click on Underwood the item or the ship itself, and see what center work center front brings front or whatever way you want it to register . Enough. That is reason with organizing your layers, resident the leader. So now, commandant, always icons I am. Only grants would go true. All these icons on leave over these icons for under our class, whatever this icon doing. So the 1st 1 we have is what the link I could instinct off. What is the icon for? Just totally. What is link? Just like win a Web address in your your brother and it takes you to a bicycle Last sight. Who was looking for a ship? Usually about type in a Web address, Or so let's find out. So let's see. I have I have two ships how this one and I have this one. So let me see. Uh, okay, I have another one, right. Just like this quickly. Appreciate this. Colors. Sorry, but include different shit. These colors read on yourself with my mouth today. Okay, so I have these. All right? Now we have direct angle. Sweet three different colors. Lesson. Now this to this one. This one right, which is this thesis? I want to move them. I've left moving them or the hour together. Okay, Jesse. Druggies have put this to get enough. So now they our together, right? And whenever I want to move, if I would don't come down to the world, lay apart. And who Runcorn True, to select both Lia's, I wouldn't be able to would move this to item, right? What if I don't want you would come down to this part to sleep because selection or Iran Contra and selecting multiple layers takes a lot off time right tonight. Federer said I want to do that without selecting these. What we do, lady selection again. We're holding Duncan true key word. And we're selection to Celia. You come down to the link I could and you click on the link right? And now when you move, you'll be ableto move. There's two layers because to link them to get out with the link. I call my making some sense right here. So now we can link multiple layers street for 56 layers together and you be ableto move this they have in common down city Spotswood make the country see how interesting that is, right? Tells us where we have footage ship, just that for the link. So I'm just going to sit on link. And if you don't moving those two attempts like them back and you come down to the world, click that icon, you can only them. Then, without selecting both of them, you will be able to move one off them. See that? Okay, so now the next thing we have is what the F X, which is used for a didn't layers ties into one item layer styles and on so right you can go ahead and play with older stores where I am not really good in depth of a plane over this stuff. I really want to show you, Woody. Oh, what? It would be I just just what the Yeah, yeah. Really? Yeah. Okay. Just what the app. Okay, so then I somehow here is what lay on Mars it without a pick on its reach. You really, really have to understand, right? I didn't. Liam us. What? What is he doing? Really? Don't know. But we honor our must in reality or commentary Reward muskets used for hiding something like when I say he exploding on the marks simply missed our He used the mosque to hide his face. Right. When finish it is that simply is a really simple Oh, really going to be let would reward mouse marks or just different, right? Find a little. But not unless you know how it is the word create new few or adjustment there for you. See what creed? Just Malia, where you can adjust the pictures or sue on and just go ahead and try that. It's pretty cool, right? Inestimable. Heavier is the group to a boots. I attempt to three or four layers into one. I'm not going to show you that. What? I'm not sure you always that I really wanted to experiment on them and leave your comments below and tell me what do you know? That's just gonna be the best with you. If I did tell you or show you what What? What? They are useful quickly. You always were comebacks. It is video. So what? Start watching when you forget what you do. But if the experiment more on them, you get land more, have them stick into your head. That unless I I can't have issues. For what? Creating a new layer. Right? Go ahead and press the button president on your mouth and see what he does, you know destroyed him. President, if you have any issue living down in the comments and with Soviet Sierra, right, that's how you land Really gonna show you all. I'm just gonna tell you what it does and you experiment on them and you have issues. Then you complain and I tell you what to do. You know how So what's so it from day you lend not city new. I'm not making this. Siri's for miss would tell you what to do. I wanted to know what to do by yourself. Just understanding what new words to do that is really gonna be the person it's. And if you have a new question, just really want actually last icona. Have you just do what that leads? I do. It's in your layers. And so what? I can tell you that because we all know what is. It's years for that That is going to be. I really hope you would enjoy thes class. So And if you have a new question, don't forget living down below. And like I said, I couldn't explain it as I could because I didn't want to take much time when Daisy from correct This is almost, um, sooner. One minutes. Yeah, just explained layer. Of course, if I keep going, I can take one hour more and one are so explain layer upon layer finish of peace on my own understanding of the word for the show players where as long as we keep going from work good shooting at Siri's, he gets it. Understand more about the layer parts for ships. Ho, you you. I hope you enjoyed this class. And what if you have any questions just living in a comment below and make sure you would, because your attempt to work proxies are knew what always icons. I was useful. I only show you the what link icon because I know it's very difficult for you to walk with what link I cook. But from the efforts to always icon, you report able to a practical eyes more on orders. Icons yourself, Hoven. Isay. See you guys in my class. 6. Layer Mask: All right. So it's pretty good to be back on skewers. Shared. Teoh did my class about the finish of beginners tutorial. I was supposed to have done this for a long time, but I was way up so very busy. But now I'm working. I have to keep Dane. Would I knew how to do show CC. Two nights in 2018. It's okay right now. In this close, we are going to talk about musk Henry. Mask off thoroughly mask, layer mask. Okay, So well without about Liam asked. But first, before we go into Liam are sick. Less thing worries mask before the wood may Actually, if we understand what is mosque and be able to understand the world there too Musk. What is it? Musk a month issues for I mean but a lot later. See musk issues for hiding identity or hiding fees or any of that reached the part. Always put behind that mask layers a anything behind the mosque. You wouldn't be able to see that on anything at the front of the mosque. You would be able to see that. That look says, Okay, Celeste, really break it down. So let's see now I grab a rectangle, right? Yeah. Oh, any shape, but grab a rectum. And I said, I want to make use of the breakdown abs, my mosque. So and this is the face I really want to hide, which is this pretty little girl I have on my screen? So will I, Jer Rectum boo on the face. So later say I have created a mosque right now, as you can see, direct and go off the square shape. It's my mosque. We are unable to see her face because the masks covering her face on its on top, her face and white Her office is behind rectangle or behind the mosque. So that's really clear to you now think of it as a layer mask. Whoa, Delia Musk Do right. Okay. So first let's really understand words. It's a layer mask before we go in depth off the mosque. So first for later models is a what mask? All of sub Leo, Whatever it is. But Lammers let me just put it this way, Liam. Our skis on, I think, applied to layer rich use for hiding and revealing some part off the layer. Guess that's pretty simple. for you to understand. But if I'm wrong with my own Thames off the mask, you can correct me. So now let's see. Looking at these picture, we just want to hide out some height. Some places on this picture, how we're going to do that first full make you so, Liam. And the reason part of the lamb ours is that you really don't need to convert layer into lay a zero Unlock it from being the Bagram Lear before you applied. Lammers want to see that next track? So now coming down to the layup. But we get this icon, which is the world, a layer mask. I can now if you look up here, you can see that our background is still looked. So if I come down to the Amar's come down to the amours in a click, Underwood Liam was I couldn't at Liam ours to that. Let me see what's going on with my for See you see that I added layer marks that Marcie Cally convert that into award a background layer zero to me, as you can see right. But in most cases, if you want to do some things on the Bagram. You have to go there and convert the background to the Syria before you do that. But in this case, the layer mask automatically help you to do that. Well, so let's we're seeing now to understand. And Liam are better on check the word order kinds off my school. All that kind of Liam ice we have inside of foolish up. So first, now, Lacey, want to hide apps? Hide outside some part off this Bagram's lace. I want to hide that these places work. So what is he going to do? Case of first Limoges quickly make before making a rough a selection? Let me come down to this, But and Adam or Leah marks not out of lay on my school I have They have white Lammers in full of shop We have two types off llamas Let me just put it this way So that pretty street and simple you get we have the word black Liam asked on the white Lammers can hours we have the bluff called that black the invited Les Amours. Wherever it is to you, I really don't know. But they just put it the way I see it before So we have the black Liam mask on what White Liam are scheme for the shop. The white Lee Amherst. If there so that you would give it to hide some certain places. And white black Lammers gets used to hide up everything. Then literally you go back on you revealed there Since you have to reveal right now, as you can see in my Leah when I out of the white Liam ours you can see that everything on my image it's to you appearing I can see a part of my image. So let me RSI add delete this Liam I risk right now and then just applied at a hurriedly on Mars and then condemns the Neymar's instead of yours with clicking on Liam are sky Hold on the often it on my keyboard All the ocean Hold on the off the need and I would click on Liam I see what happens right now when I hold on hold and a click on the amorous Get the blood The ama's offensively right now in my workspace everything, All the pictures I have all the gilded picture that I have on my workspace Just disappear right now you can see the difference between the white Liam, ours on the blood Les amours. So let's really go in there refusing these Leia Moscow, how we can use them in our deeds, the activities of our food and detailed activities or whatever activities you want to do in finish up that. Likewise, my suit. Let's see now, Abdul layer marks to that. The white landmarks to the layer. First on, I want to hide some part off this image, right to legislate. I want to hide this part off the image. To do that now with the white Liam are selected where I have to do I will come down to my word Mykola pot. When I get to Michaela part you see that would the up one is set to black. And while the blue he said to white, Why is it that we normally would make that clear for you? So I say I select the word men image layer my way. I have the would emit men immediately, and I come down to this foot and change the color off these black to something like right click OK and then come down to the white and I change it to something like do you and I click? Ok, now look at this point. We have the red on the blue right here and worse, Miss Selected Main image Leah A notes Lammers. So now if I select the layer mask you see what happened right? It had magical is switched black on white in the llamas We are only premiered to me years off two colors which is the black and the white. Okay, so now to hide on to hide some part off this image Why we have the word white Liam asked. All we have to do we need to set our foreground color to black and white balance Color will always be white Really Mother the Baron columnist city would black and white folk for include needs to be black on white background color needs to be worth Why really depends on how you want to set in. But finish it. That is exactly how I said Is it supposed to be so? With that said ins the Lamela selected and make sure llamas is being selected. Lammers, you know, slated, wherever you do when you really get at four years helps would miss your image. So with Mayor Mark selected, and to be sure, that Liam are skits slated, or you have to do just check Julius and see the word the cruiser around your word selection to know which one has been selected. Right now, I have my would emerge selected and in fact, click on my lamb. Ours consider what Lammers gets now selected. So now, to erase some part of these, when you grab the results of layers, quickly, go and grab the results. You and Treasury increasing size. Really, that's your great suit. As you can see when you clean, it's not going to clean. When you make use of the results, you will be able to raise anything but and the lamb ask mood or you need to do for using. The rays also hide its to make use of the word brush to reach. The shortcut on Cuba is be so clicking on verse to you can't always control. Besides of Cuba, you can increase and you can criticize off your bridge. Now, with a burst is selected on do it foreground color sets to black, or you just have to do head over to the parts were You want to hide and start painting over this But now you see that would do spots have been with hidden and we look over to Liam Ours Commuters do days Take it back said my personal bugs 100 flu bugs and us quickly switched burst a round brush suit Now, when you bent sido does but I mean would look like they have been raised but and somewhat up point the annals What you raise your address were hiding Do spot from the image So I'm years reading this but and see if your but I want to All right, Okay. Lets see these other parts I want to erase from their image Now when you go back to Les Amours you know what? We have a black feeling Some parts of the world Lammers White Some part It's what White Those were having black simply Minister, would the parts we just hide on our walk space And a person white simply means the part that would have less a mirror Mr. White raising years raises spot which no, you are not supposed to be raised. You raise this part So how can you fix that? How can you bring that back? That's the really simple go box your your colors and we're just make it a reason Borden to switch between door the black and white or your brakes x on your keyboard. Just go between the black and the white so we white selected on D C layer marks selected. Just go over to the but one review on paints. It's what bring back everything which you just he raised to our rescue team. Bring back everything there I just raised because there's still early in our city now, not ours. You can make use of this matter to do a reverse emergency over image. That is, if you re some background or raise some part, you would you would bring that back. It's just reaching your colors And what So now let's get to understand the difference between this mosque and trying to make use of a clipping mosque and for the show, So the different between clipping mask on llamas clipping marks is on the separately on It's Good reaches clips of particle Aaliyah to look transparency and why Lammers is to what a mask added to a layer to hide or every something's on that layer. So let's say I have limiters quickly expand my look Congress Just making a CD. Do that. All right, so now I have my Congress expand. Plessy, I want to paint. So I had some things to this image with a brush to, and I don't want it to appear outside of these layer or outside of this immediate how How can I fix that suit if I created newly and I grab the 1st 2 and you're some off color from this part and I start painting all I wanted, all the place I wanted to appear is just only underwear the image, but it's going out of the image. How can you fix that? Well, it's very simple. Just head over its yearly apart, right click on that Lee I and Lou, for where they create a clipping mask. When you click on that, create a clipping mask. You said our it's no longer the usually you have all you see that the arrangement, it's no different layer you just sits with clipping must move inside. A beat down were demented. Lee. If you created newly, only you can see the difference between good layer cell. Just we could lead this lier. So now wherever you do, two layers quickly switch the colors right here. Let us take a little bit of white. Now, whatever you do on this layer, it's just going to affect this one. The below layer because you have what Cliff that above Lee at Ballou players. If I just spent with white, you can see that what everything I paint. It's inside of that layer, which I would clip above Lee at and is a point. Do melt into these. Is that where you can easily delete this? Leah, that is, if you make a mistake on your countries in longer. On do that, you can just drug. We are down to the wooded live icon and would be released earlier. You can easily do that, but making use of the word look, transparency option onto Dolly. I still do the same thing with the clipping mask, but once you have done with these and one for working that using the countries it's on, do any stoves, you just have to step all over again and start working to 11 years. Quickly undo that feeds my image. You don't know we have what of us must in footage up? So let's try other with the vice Liam are Screeches with black suit, click and drag down and leak that I don't need a player. So now you can would hold on up on your keyboard and Arab lay on Mars, which is what black And now, after, I didn't black Liam. Actually, everything you have in your workspace disappears now It's time for you to relive this parts you need on no every part. But if you need every part, can we believe a part? But passengers needed just helps. What really we still the same process grabbers to and said the approx ity on Flutie any amount of Cherries on this time instead of the world? Why the black colorizing with program color, he said. Whites to foreground color. And now one. Shove the settings and Yulia Marcie's been selected. You cannot would bent over to review everybody reach you want. I just I need everything there provide. I would All right, So here we go now, everything on the Liam eyes. It's now whites, and everything in the World Works piece has been what revealed just like what you are parts . So let's see. Now you would a flight. Would black Liam ask, or the white Liam marks to Lilia and you're supposed to. What applied would the black Lammers? Well, you can still do that now. Measure everywhere the foreground color is sets black on the Lammers selected and hold on old and hit the back streets on your keyboard to feel the lamb. Are squids the black color you just selected? Or maybe correct? You can grab a pen. Book it, too, with the black selected on with Liam are selected, and you can feel that. And when you feel that with the blood, everything you have just governs with the separators, like when out of the black layer marks to the layer something a place to do what you can use that backspace and he's going to bring back everything, make use of do it been book it, too, and it's you going to bring back everything. It's not that it's right, and it's black now, coming down to the solid on the adjustment layer parts now in that, but we have a layer mask already created for us right there. So when I say limiters create, uh, Kovar Just milia looking at because you see that we already have a wet Liam. Ours Underwood Dickov's Leah. Now that Liam, ours will be able to control the course and the place Israel Wonder scarves too appear, Celeste say I make this little bit darker years. Maybe I want the background a little bit darker and notes, The wood has came and now it's affecting everything, so I can easily go back and controlled that later. So right now we have wood. Did that part affects never part of the body? Maybe, but all I just want you just to what affect only the skin. Now, to do that, you just have to switch your colors back again. Park City blacks now measures lately Amar risk and foreground color sets black but a brush to selected. But it's time, instead of making use of the hard run brush, make use of the word this soap round rash since you were working on this case just when they keep that smooth transition. But it's really a body transition right now, but just the mosque bend over the places you don't want that blood to a fit. Okay, so now, as you can see on a layer mask, we have just like the shape of her on the lay, a mask and white in our workspace. We can easily see the lights that we have there before. Now you can talk to your mosque that is on and off to see the places you want to apply that Miles Coldplay 01 to apply That marks when you golden shift and click on the lam are skewed Siviglia marks for some time off. How long you want it to be this able When you go out and shoot and click on it again, we have what enabled the mask at that point. But if you don't leave the marks, you can go then and what it raised, What mosque? Last types of my mask we're gonna take right now in friendship. It's cool is a smart object mosque. Whenever you convert a layer into our smart object, there is always a layer mask that comes along with it. That layer here. So let's quickly see that and see how it would make use of that word. Lammers in the smart object or whatever it is as you have converted into soldiers quickly make a duplicate, obviously, ever in country J on my Cuba and red click and condoms Who would convert to smart object? Now the images in smart object mood ball can see any mosque right now the must we only appear when you apply seven future to this layer, and it offers to get through it. In a reference to get through it that lay Amar's forward This smart field We have to go down to what Futa and would soon make any future that off our cheeriest like your C I wonder what the Goshen blow field just right here, which is a lot of blow and Gagosian blow that. So when I click on that, I again would out of field now, before we before we exit the guardian blow field. Look at the layer. Let me consider these. Look at the layer. You can see there is nothing here. We only have this smart object icon right now going back into the future and blood. And we're coming down to a guy John Blood. We literally and you can see that we have just to cycle on layer stacking on top of what each other would simply means. That there is something new that layer case. If I add up the gradient blood to the more dressed like you're saying this is where I want the got your blood should be aware by east to I feel like literacy. This is OK. Yeah, this is OK, so when I hit on Okay, Now we can't see anything like OK, so this is out. But I guess you have yours like this. We can see a little black or a mosque to this. But when you click on this job down our when you click on that it's going to what Reveal the futures. And now you go with Smart Field and the guardian of 50 years with Alan. Right now, we're not really talking about the smart object where the smart object it's useful or what this might do in fresh appear. Talking about what? The Lianne Mars Looking at this part now, this is no longer what lay on Mars. This is now called Future Effect Mosque are to your c right, because llamas is different from award A few 1000 musk this whenever, wherever would where you are, where up then your height on this Lammers. It's not really going to affect the image itself. It only affect the mosque which just created and have what I think's to these. But right now, when I was talking about the smart futures old what smart object. It's all about what Liam are. So now when you selectively a mask and you can see that what The color has a magical switch right here. If I go back to the layer, which is that you see, we have the foot colors which have before applying what Lammers so awareness would select the layup the Phil Thomas switch back for months. Now one is certain now these blood just what only two background and what so later. So I want to keep the face and full course and wanted loss fuckers on the body. So grab brush to again and we're father and color sets blood. So then we'll paint over the place is via you want to keep the world before cars like I just want the Fullers on Lee Underwood the face right now you can see that what we have do what fuckers Only Underwood on the face because we have used in Mask off the field time March 2. Hi. Do with the blood effect applies in this image from the woods. The face can go and what pin away our parts. So now you can toggle between the program and the ballon color. Teoh revealed those What mask fishers would you raise? An interesting part of this is that whatever thing that has been applied on the word layer mask, you can always do that. And what I mean is that would now one would ladies who want to hide all the wood, the guardian blow few that. But we still need to feel that because you might need some notes from the field that later on Oh, very some part from the filter. Literally. Right now we just need you would hire the future and we don't want What? Don't this fire here off the going on the eye off You are going to work. Turn off the gas. If you just want to reveal that both see one hide Would gadget blow? Feel that on the word Liam asked. So make sure you are selecting a layer mask right and come down to, despite just exactly what you did before. You can toga with the X button on your keyboard and get on with our lives. Backspace on that one. Feltham, Ask that were selected and you see everything just with disappear, you can switch the white and men review this on the places where you want to. The blood boy can't see the program because you're just a regular greedy in Bergen that doesn't really have everything that makes you see the blood. Let me don't do that from that. But just like is in this year. So up in backs peace. It's in the blood on the white and backspace and now the streets, the wide and less pain. So we always readers on to keep the focus on the face. I want to love the food, Gerson everyone apart. So they spent one would do spot. You want first course? Latest Assume it's orders, but spokes didn't just need Onley would the face. And now you can see that difference with what the future musk and what Nehemiah 50 musk affect. They would let the few farmers affect the futures you applied to that, particularly when Liam asked, fills the layer itself And would they were sully that adjustment layer mask affect that? What? So lead off the adjustment, Lee? I just would create it, and it really just forget about that. We can take back the video to understand what? Salad off the adjustment. Few Lammers Right now, they're just quickly. This is supposed to be the last part of the months I'm supposed to touch, but I actually have touched a very important part of what, Lammers, When you raise Bagram, I'm really gonna show you in depth of how to what deeds? The mosque wish you go into a place legacy, have to use a layer marks to erase balance from a picture right inside of footage. Immigrant going to spend much time taking some parts of these pictures are so so you can make use of a fever right to do that. But right now I'm just going to make use of the word quick selection to Vickers. Just want to be quick. So right now, drag the smart field. That and I believe that soon I'm gonna hit the early on my keyboard. Just laid quick selections. Ever got the money? Want to select it? So the quick selections. Just like dead one of planning with the size of like with a bouquet. So I'm really good. Quickly make a rough selection. This young lady we have on my street and this year's go everywhere Going that so later. See, I'm okay with these, right? So this is what I want And it's what I wanted to be. And they had just a little part of the hair so that just when you were just came that way. So why should done with this lecture make it all depends? You know how to make it depends when you make it depends directly next election. And you have the blinking alliance power selection. Which us would make mega isolation and would go down to the world? Liam, ask icon, add a layer must mission. Just with this, I now you can see we Alabama exposed to have the word Bagger would of course, that Lammers it's supposed to hide the other part of the bargain. And what leave the selection? We just me. But now we add Lamott Justice of the burger. Well, look about this, but we have a duplicate of the layer. So you're stunned off the blow layer on. You can see the layers Bagram has you. So now you can do more with this mask on this image, Like touching the picture that is the edges refining the edges on some by doing How you gonna do that? Can you go to the Mars and your cleat? And he didn't select Unmasked when, Here on the select unmask option. There was threat on Moscow. Option is going to come up and you do wherever you want to do it here. But this isn't all about what it's like on my descriptions. I'm gonna concert that. And what? Get bucks debt. So now with the lamb are selected. When you hold on up and click, you go into the water. Leia Marks. Now we can see how or if it is from here. You can add job, and you can erase from here. You can see just would grab the brush to. And if you have the white colors when you paint on our decide, it's going to what revealed this. But now we hold on and on your game. You see that? What? You have the bathroom from that? But you would be on hold on hold and so good for forgetting the better And color you pain. You don't have that right here anymore. And when you're done job and click your back into the the layers and you see that part has just disappeared. So I guess you really understand what it is. And how does he used Liam Risk inside of fish. Oh, I want you guys that mission. Yo, how you make so far, it does really gonna be it in this class. And I hope you really enjoy class old next. 7. Brush tool: in this lesson, we're gonna named how to make use of the brush. Yeah, I know you've been this Billy. Why detained my Claressa skew share? I'm just sorry about that. Another busy. Anyway, they jump right into this sort of brushed reversed. You can select divers to buy going down to get Suba and selected me for you hit big key on your keyboard arse for the short court. Now it's more than just selecting the brush, too, because when you select brush to when you look off here we have various options. Which way can choose from or used in customizing our brush, keeping it exactly the way everyone's beat. So right, yeah, we have pretty much I really don't know much about thes top right yet, but coming overseas way have the brush size, which is the currents. As we have said, there is a pig's ear and when you click on this are it's going to is going to open up the brush window for you. You can select your brushes all the kind of brush you wanted me user. So have various brush that comes along with first ship. We have general brushes, the dry me job brush wet, me diverse and the special effects you might get these want to pay and for just in your own Fisher. But Mile, you can see that have so many because of brushes have did recently. And I'm going to show you how to I'd burst your own brush library footer ship So if we need to start making years and years of the brush you need to select burst to and after you select the brush he broke off here and click on these job Done are when you click on the drop down our it's given to open up this window. I thought you have the size off the brush and at the bottom where you have the hardness. Did a militia this trend off your brush? That is the edge. How so? How hard edge of brush is going to be. But fresh of has that said as the foot for you. So when you click on these general aberration and drop down menu, you can see that we have the self around. We have the hard round and this self pleasure on size, hot ground, pressure size and the suffering for your capacity pattern. Persia. Back CD and stuff done pressure partially and how? Run pressure off Pack city Now This might seem a little bit different years, but if this is the same thing, definitely you have a genetically bled connected to your PC. But if it's different just that I have the mouths connected, you have the most connected to your PC. You have the brush with the prayer size, the pressure, proximity and so on, all looking like they had run brush or result around brushed. But if you have is that they let connected and it's going to be like this, just know to do friends that if you have most connected or you're making use of a Mars instead of a digital table eight, you get all your birth sets of this type, and this time there, when you look up here, this ball, this line off this roof represent the recent brush you just selected. Like if I select any brush from here and I use that induce, um, for rest of the when I go back into that window, it's current changes, this sub ground pressure back city and person like they had round and I come back here and I prayed and I go back into that window and you see that a brush has just changed should actually understand. Let's assume we don't want to come about here just like from all these brush easing. So how do we get what? Fix that unless Indiana hurry and we're working so much first and we're making use of the word. The hard round brush for cell embryos increases size of these something you can see and where we can use of the high round brush right now, too. Work. And this is a little bit lighter. Thunder is giving a figure proximity up 200% something you can see get it that lead that. So let's say American use of the heart around brush right now. And I want herself that age because I displaying the edge off my brush off the stroke. I am creating so much hard, and if I wanted to be, so have you would go up to respect and without choosing this self friend Virgil, I have to do good or whether they had theirs. As you can see right here, he had this to say, 200 if I drove the Hanners down something but 50 legacy Few 3% from now fut on. I click off the window to close that and I brush. Or you can see the difference right now that the edge of this brush of this truck is different from the edge of these truth. And if I go back to that, we do. And I said the hardness all the way down to zero and I come down to the Sprite and I paint . You can see how so Edge is looking from these. Aim these. So if you don't want to do that, all the stuff coming down to, despite and selecting itself brush really hard where she can make use of the had nerves. To do that for sitting down to you a little weary of doing that, it's by word down the key on your keyboard with the brush selected, edited under the heart burst forever. Brochure. Selecting It's fine video key selected Hold on the I mean with brushes selected. Hold on the key and right click. I will read, Click and you slide to the left. Myers or deceptive late. If you're making is a digit actively. Don't touch your family, because if you do first I might want to pick the quality. But after some time in two years, work but best addresses just the usual crude under your and afterward down the hierarchy. Just right Click Oh, go down the right bretzing or abortion on your your pain, depending on how you mop your keys, your so that is enough off pain. When you slighted right, it's going to increase the size of the brush. And when you're slide to the left, it's going to the creases size off the bush looking at just did zero tango we have here. You can see that would Deka City hardness and you can see the damage. Now we're playing with diameter that is size. Now. With this light off on down, its currency would increase and decrease the hardness off your brush minutes slide down. Its during the increase he had less and with slight of it's going to increase the hard liners off work. Now you might see yours. Your highlights and a cycle of your brush. It's red, and my tea's brewed measures my settings right there. So that is your shut from or a shortcut you can use to increase and decrease the size of your brush on the ghost. I'm just gonna feel these weak right color back to erase everything. I just right there. So when you select evening when I go But they and select the sovereign pressure side brush now the difference between the regular abroad, the rebel around, the rebel s off run brush and the subprime for your side version it's that reset the foot size in the last subs round burst that it's going to work on that particular size you just said. But the Frayer size they take your personal tabulate. The B airline girls measures different. So when I decided to make a line Oh, if I decide to join with these first Millie gooey the suffering brush when I go Reese upfront brush and my science said to 80%. So when I stopped joined, you can see that thebe brush pretend to save size at all times, even if I press harder or a person light on my public. But when I go up here and I select the soft run pressure size and a convention, this part, you can see that with the Latin lightly. So the this well and I said, decides to 15%. So when I press hard, you can see how think and light it's going, depending on the amount of pressure I use. Why moving my pain on my public? So the same thing applies to the hard around the Rabies, the Hadron prayer, say really hard around brush walks symptom with what they had run pressure size works, body All the different is that this retained because outside coastal size gives it and why these pretended size you give with your tablet and coming down to a sub run. Pressure off passes these countries how PICO half frequents the brush troops like. So if I keep printing a where you can see this side is a little bit sick and what he said, it's light and decides like this or is very easy because fresh out on my template and already said that this abuse light and this is like because a first light on my public. So if I decide to go with light treasure on my big ledgers like these and keep going because he that every lines I get or ever strokes I get. It's just lights true up. But with Maleness, that person hired center with a hard pressure. You can see that what it's going take light. And so the same thing applies through hard around treasure box. It's really click on that and start Theo only difference that this house it was so in this house or around a hard edge that shook. I just assumed that with black so moving over to sue the other parts of the brush like these so fun. Pressure, capacity and flew in the harder and pressure off pack city and the brute works something like the or average. But the difference is that the floor on a positive determines before the Grammys. Health request. Your brush appears and you're parsing how transparent your brush segment I keep ST backs black When I keep person, you can see what's happening. Your pastie and the floor is totally different from the which are that. Let me go back. So let me go back to this first and then Miss Neck. Okay, I mixes on the hard ground pressure person. That's a much different soon. Now brisket that's less McKyer results around. You can see American use of the same pressure put, There's a left off difference, you see. But read this brush applied on the convoys. It's totally different from the ladies applies. This applies much more on the oppressed had before. I get a harder brush, a harder a, but this applies. Seems like it's kind of feed it with the edge. The reason we're so now. This happens because of the floor we have, and we will get inspired. I'm cool. You are really going to understand these more greenbacks. This part. We have the hard run brush with the same thing, just defense. That is the edge where a member Russian love to make yourself. You can do that. You can make use of the drive instead of finishing pressure or purse embers. I can get her study without getting any order groceries. That is like it's the special fits version or the advanced for she's that want to make sure that we can go around down the rivers? Com University of Proximity and the Flu. Let's do the approx city have right now the approximate Intamin, how transparent your brush is going to be. So go back to this fight and I was like, the regulars run brush right there and I'm going to paint just like these, and I will go up here and said The approximates is something like 50% and I will come down again Out, Pai said. The difference now this is thicker than these, and this is lighter with these, because reduced the capacity. And if I said this down to a whole off 1% you can see that we can't see anything. Even though we have the black Queller selected, we don't have anything. So Mina increase these and we can start seeing a little bit of eat on someone's now the capacity control. Use how light, How take our versus going to appear on our Conrad criminals and flew and take Take your proximity up and certainly floater something about 50% a. So so now we will paints. You can see you can your see how frequent it appears who helps were killed on that, but for a couple of times before, I can get this kind of look in peace. But if I just make a line because see that it's not transparent, it's just that the Russians not through in the way it's supposed to be. It's kind of would light. And so you can see a own see our girl that police couple of times before I can get my desired knew that brush. So in just a shirt week, the floor countries have frequent your breast strips appears on writing a proximity control transparency off your brush strokes on the converts complements the last part of here which all this is really Millie for these that easy. But this pantsuit are so pretty that art expert, most times you can make use of it is that's good. So we have this moody. Now you can see all my strokes handled going proper right? Yeah, but if you are drawing over two despite its lately, if I just drained straight just like these, the rush might go a little bit straight for you because you are just creating a stroke just like that. But if you're trying to trace something and you're going in, she you know you don't have the street hands, so the brush mint definitely has some kind of is exact. All you can do with jagged line some places, just like you can see yet, So we have always mooting in British of something it's in. But I really don't know if that statue Tunis everything, but it's present in 28. So we're smart enough shown. You can go up there and Tony's up to Andre, and when you click, you can see that it goes world. Now look at these defendants in this language. It's moving and this line without the smart. So this money lotion helps. You just helps forward stabilization so you can play a very smooth and gets no rich value, which percent you 10 years with the smart. That is, if you think this is mostly important from preservers. Who INC in the official thesis north, wherever it is, doesn't really mother, you just input on produced overseas. Who in in the last but I want to touch of this brush to is the blend moods, which you have right now. Most of the blend moods. If you're familiar with blend moves we have here, let me a lot. These level blend modes we have here in for a show. It's still the same thing as the plane woods. We have yet underbrush to our brush, finding whoever it is, I'm gonna leave you with that group. Go ahead and take out her time. Check on the brush the blend woods of the brush and see where you can find and try to make use of reverse. You make something for you guys that in disc Larson. Who You guys n jury station, fitness for community class.