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Ultimate Amazon 14 Leadership Principles Masterclass

teacher avatar MD Diallo, Business person, Investor, General Engin

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction to this course-new

    • 2. Section1 : 14 Leadership principles-new

    • 3. Section 2 : STAR Method format -new

    • 4. Section 3 : 4 Questions and Answers-new

    • 5. Section 4 : 9 Bonus questions-new

    • 6. Conclusion-new

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About This Class

Welcome to Ultimate Amazon 14 Leadership Principles Masterclass

In this Masterclass you will learn :

  1. Amazon 14 Leadership principles
  2. The STAR Method format
  3. Examples of Top 4 Amazon 14 Leadership principles Interview questions and answers
  4. Examples of Top 9 Bonus questions on Amazon 14 Leadership principles Interview
  5. Top tips in conclusion about Amazon 14 Leadership principles


Benefits of this course :

This Masterclass will help you :

  • Have preparation materials to pass Amazon Leadership principles Interview
  • Learn 14 Leadership principles that, you can apply in your daily life
  • Have tools and knowledge to succeed in any leadership positions.

Welcome again to this course on : Ultimate Amazon 14 Leadership Principles Masterclass.

Please Take a seat, relax and enjoy this amazing Masterclass.

Thanks for watching, and see you in the course.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

MD Diallo

Business person, Investor, General Engin


Hello, I'm Mamadou and I go by MD. 

I love Sharing ideas. Studying and teaching are where I am at my best. I've been on all sides of life, and doing theses courses, is one way of giving back and helping humanity move forward together.

I have lived and worked in many different places : in USA, and in Africa for the most part.

I'm a General Engineer, a Business person, an Investor. And I have Certifications in differents fiels as well : American Concrete Institute certifications, American Safety OSHA-10 certification, American fundamentals of Engineering (EIT 2019, NCEES), American Income Tax 2019 (HR Block), ...

I also love investing and/or creating successful small businesses in differents fields like : Engineering consulting firms, IT and Web services, ... See full profile

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1. Introduction to this course-new: Introduction to discard. Welcome to the ultimate Amazon 14 usership French was masterclass. So hello everyone. This is your teacher, MDG, yellow glow, sharing ideas and studying and teaching are where I am at my best. I am an engineer, businessperson, and an investor with expertise and certification in different fields. I am a professional engineer certified. I am adjusting lab one certified for soils and concrete. I am a safety or certain certified and many many other such indication as well. Also, I love investing and creating successful small businesses in engineering, but services, e-commerce and Elon. And on these days, my focus is mostly on online education and online teaching. I think it's my according to give back and help other people get access to high-quality shawn Around the world. So that's been said, please take a seat, relax and see you in the cars. In this master class. You Elon section one, Amazon 40 meter to principals, and section two, the star method format. And section three, you alarm example of top for Amazon 14 leadership principles, interview, question and answers. So you gotta give some examples. And section four, when the about examples of W9 bodies questions on Amazon 14 leadership press will enter here. And then we will give some subtypes and completion about these masterclass. This must be class will help you to boss Amazon leadership principle interview, learn 40 leadership principles, and succeed in any leadership position. So it's going to help you to have tools and knowledge to succeed in real-life. Welcome again to this amazing course on ultimate, some add-on 40 leadership principles masterclass. So please take a seat. Relax in India IDs Canadian course. Thanks for watching and see you in the next section. 2. Section1 : 14 Leadership principles-new: So section one, Amazon 14 leadership principles. Amazon leadership principles are the key factor that makes Amazon so successful as a company. Amazon use 40 leadership principles everyday to discuss ideas or to decide on best approaches of solving problems. And this is one of the great things that makes Amazon one of the best companies in the world. Industrial principle number one, customer obsession. Leaders are focused on the customer and work to earn and keep customer trust. Leaders pay little attention to competitors and obsess over the customers. Number two, Ownership leaders take ownership and don't sacrifice long-term value for short-term results. Leaders never say That's not my job. Invents and simplify. So leaders use innovation and invention to find ways to simplify and accept that they may be misunderstood for long periods of time. Are right a lot. Leaders need to be a right a lot and have strong judgments and good instincts. Learn and be curious. Leaders are always learning and seek to improve themselves every day. Higher and develop the best. Leaders. Develop leaders, and leaders raise the performance bar with every higher and promotion. Insists on the highest standards. Leaders have high standards and are continually raising the bar than deliver high-quality products, services, and processes. Bake. So Leaders create and communicate a ball direction that can inspires results. Bias for action. Speed matters in business. Many decision and action do not need extensive study. So get the job done. And it can be reversible. If you don't make a good decision, just use your buyers fractions through Galilee. Leaders, accomplish more with less. No one gets two arrays by having a big budget. Tried to accomplish, deliver good results with a less budget, to accomplish more, with less. On trust. Leaders, listen attentively, stick candidly, and trade orders respectfully. Listen. Speak nicely. Treat everyone with respect to the rivers us. Dive deep. Leaders, operate at all levels. No task is beneath them. So trust and verify that deep. No task is been in Italy. How backbone disagree? And comics. Readers can respectfully challenge decision when they disagreed. And once a decision is made, they commit polling, deliver results. So leaders focus on delivering results. We derived quantity in a timely fashion, get the results with high-quality and indirect time. In completion. These are the Amazon 14 leadership principles. You can learn to apply for a job as a leader at Amazon or to apply in your real life. And you can get more information at www dot amazon dot slash principles. And in the next section, we will talk about the star method formats you can use to tell your story as a leader and to apply these leadership principles. Thanks again for watching and see you in the next section. 3. Section 2 : STAR Method format -new: Section two, star metta. The star method is basically a way of responding to a behavioral based interview question by discussing the specific situation. Task, action, and result are of what you describe it. So S stands for situation. Described the situation that you are in. Give details to the interviewer to understand the complexity of the situation. Examples can be from a previous job, school project, volunteer activity, or any rule event, event. T for task. So describe exactly the task that you wanted to accomplish and what goal where you walk into. A for action describes the action you took to address the situation with enough details and keep the focus on you. What specific steps did you take? Don't describe what the team did. Describe only what you actually did. Use the word, I know we when describing action with describe what's your personal contribution when describing actions. Our four results. So describe the outcome of your actions and don't be shy about taking credit for your behavior. So what happened, how did the event and what did you accomplish? So what did you accomplish? What did you learn? And given off examples using metrics, if possible. So when using the star method, keep in mind to consider your own successes in relation to the leadership principles. Have enough examples that show you expertise. And it's okay, don't believe in failing early and then iterating until you get it right. Failure is a necessary part of innovation is not optional. You need to understand and believe of failing early until you get it right. Behavioral based questions. Amazon leadership, job interviews, or focus in behavioral based question, which asks about fast situation or challenges you faced and how you handle them, using leadership principles to guide the discussion. And here are some examples of behavioral based question. Tell me about a time when you were faced with a problem that had a number of possible solutions, what was the problem and how did you determine the course of action? What was the outcome of that choice? Tell me a situation when you did actually take a risk or make a mistake or fail, how did you respond? And how did you grow from that experience? Tell me a situation where you need it to motivate your team or to promote collaboration with specific project. This is another type of question of leadership. And keep in mind that Amazon and big companies are data-driven company. So when answering question, your focus should be on the question ask and be well-organized and provide examples using metric or data if applicable. So in the end, using this terminal format as full situation, task, action, and result is one of the best way of storytelling. Telling your story IES, as much as important as getting the job done. You will distort metals format when answering questions. So in the next lesson, we will talk about examples of Amazon leadership principles, interview, questions and answers. And you will learn how to practice telling your story using the star method format. That says, thanks again for watching and see you in the next section. 4. Section 3 : 4 Questions and Answers-new: Section 34, examples of Amazon leadership principles, interview questions and answers. So in this section, we're going to talk about four examples of typical leadership questions and some answers. The answers are coming from my own life experience. So you can use them to have inspiration and prep your own story using your own examples in your own life experience. Alright, here we go. Question one. Tell me about a time when you found a simple solution to a complex problem. This is a typical leadership question. So I'm going to propose a suggestion for an answer, simple answer for question one. And was in a meeting in my previous job where the company's sales data were being discussed by my manager. Although the cell numbers were healthy, there was some concern amongst the team that the profitability was not as good as it should be. And at the end of the meeting, I decided to try and find a solution to this problem and met up with the marketing team. And they explained to me the marketing spending on social and social media and others platform. And after doing some research, it became clear to me that the team, we're not using tracking data system to measure the performance of the advertising. So I quickly inform them of what I had found. And moving forward, the team was able to measure accurately the return on investment. And this helped the company to increase profitability and sales by 10% during the next month. So this is our typical suggestion of answer you can use for your one example. Question number two. Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond for a customer. A very good customer. Obsession. Question. Sample, answer to question two, I can remember a situation in my previous job as a right driver. I pick up a customer at the hospital and drove her home. My goal was to make sure to provide a good customer experience and complete a safe ride, as I always do. So I have the costumer to get in the car and then help adjust the oxygen bottles. And I also took care of all her personal items and put them safely in the car. And when we arrive at the drop-off location, the customer needed extra help to get in the house. So I have because summer and I waited. They caregiver showed up to take and I also turned off my way up. And after more than 30 minutes of waiting, the caregiver finally arrived. And the costumer thanks me and give me excellent reviews. And the customer asked me to help us sign up for a monthly plan with our ride share company. Or shown tray. Give me an example of a time when you ask for customer feedback, how did you use that feedback to drive innovation or improvements? And how did the costumer respond? This is one of the typical question on customer obsession leadership. My sample answer for question three is, I can remember in my previous job, working as a data entry clerk for a data collection company. And I sent to my reporter costumer who asked me to do a study for him. And after sending the documents, asks the customer for feedback on my report. So my goal was to make sure to use the costumer feedback and drive improvement of my reports of future projects. So the customer sends me a list of suggestions to improve the document. We get some back and forth and I took some days to complete the reports. I also added most fictions, graphics, and details into new reports. And then I sent the final version to the costumes. And in the end, because summer was very satisfied with the results and gave his approval of the updated version of the report. And three months later, descend costumer reached out to me and asked me to do another report for him. And he remains a loyal customer for the company since this is a very typical answer. Question number four. Tell me about a time when you had to communicate a change in direction that you anticipated people would have concerns with. What did you do to understand the concerns and mitigate them? Were there any changes you made along the way after hearing these concerns? How did you handle question and resistance? Were you able to get people comfortable with change? You very good leadership question. Central answered the question four, I can remember a time when walking as it's Destin, assistant manager for a construction company. And at a previous job, it was very hard to find samples which in the lab, which results in missing and loss of songs samples, and a lot of delays in delivery and testing results to the customer. So I communicate changes in direction in the lab to improve the way samples are received and organize. And my goal was to implement a new system and process and make it easier to find samples. So the Justin results can be sent out on time to the customer. And after communicating the new change in direction or the team members had concerns about the new system. So I listened very carefully to their concerns and incorporate some of their ideas to improve the system. And together we came up with a much better system and process. Were all technician and team members felt very constant, will read. And after four weeks of training on the new system, we started getting good results. Everyone was able to find somebody very quickly, perform the test and sends the results or the customer on time and in the same day of, of receiving any samples. And the new system helped improve the daily productivity of the testing lab by 20%. And the costumers give, coming back and gave great reviews of satisfaction to the company. So in conclusion, when answering leadership questions, keep in mind to always use the star method format, situation, task, action, and result. You can see on my sample answers, have the situation, habitats where I'm explaining which Golem walking tour. And I'm explaining all the actions I took personally. And I present the result again. And use your own examples as as possible for each party leadership principles. Why you need to use you as an example because of follow-up questions. You will be interviewing for leadership position with HR team, with Ops, Ops management team. So they have a lot of experience on the job you intervene for. So try to use your own examples because they will ask you a lot of follow-up questions. So you can give more specifics and more details for each question. You will not pass the interview if you don't use your own exemple because of follow-up questions. They will ask you a lot of specifics, lot of technical details for each question and each story you Depth. And have at least two examples of stories. Amazon 40 leadership principles from hostile oppositions, ownership to deliver results. Have a lot of examples of stories you can pull from when asked, when you ask the question and practiced and train yourself, good friends and colleagues before you enter with one of the best way of doing it is to have a mop intervals. So you simulate an interview with a friend or colleague. So they're going to ask you a question and you practice, you train yourself using your stories so you can simulate interviews and prep yourself and be ready for any questions and additional questions. All right. So at this section was about four examples of Amazon leadership interview question and answers using disarmament of format. And you have some sample answer you learn from. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment or send me a message. In the next section, we will give night Bonnie's question of leadership because along from proprioception. And that's it. Thanks for watching and see you in the next lesson. 5. Section 4 : 9 Bonus questions-new: Section 49, Bonnie's question. So in this section, you will learn nine example of leadership questions. You can keep in mind the appropriate cell or any leadership position in a big company, in a multinational company, or to apply as a leader at Amazon. All right, you can use my previous section tree and see how you can prep your own sample answers using section three sample answers. Alright, here we go. Here are nine examples of Amazon leadership principles, interview questions. To keep in mind. Bonnie's question number one, describe a difficult interaction you have with the customer. How did you deal with it? What was the outcome and how would you handle it differences. Bonnie's question number two, give me an example of when you are able to anticipate a costumer needs with a solution or a product they didn't know they needed or wanted, yes. And how did you know they need these products? How did they respond? What is question number three? Tell me about a time when you evaluate it. The costumer experience of your product or service. What did you do and what was the result? Bonnie's question number four. Tell me about a time when a costumer came to you for something that we didn't actually address their needs. How did you approach the situation and what was the result? What is question number five? Give an example of a tough or critical piece of feedback you received. Customer, what was it and what did you do about it? One is question number six. Describe a time when you need it to influence a team member who had a different opinion about a shared goal. What did you do and what was the what was the outcome? Bonnie's question number seven. Give me an example of a time when you were not able to meet a commitment. What was the commitment and what were the obstacles that prevented success? What was the impact to your customers and team members? And what did you learn from it? When it's question number eight, tell me about a time when you achieve goals were out of alignment with another team you relied on in order to meet your goals? How did you work with the other team? Were you able to achieve your goals? Bonnie's question on benign. Tell me about a time when you discover a significant problem in your team, what was it and how did you communicate it to your manager and stakeholders? What did you do to address the problem? How did you manage the impact of this problem for the rest of your team? In conclusion, when answering leadership questions, keep in mind to always use disturbance of formats, situation, task, action results. Have as many examples as possible for each amazon 14 leadership principles and practice before your interview. So in this section, we've learn nine very concrete leadership interview questions. You can use sample answers on previous section three. So have you prep your own answers for these questions? So if you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out. And in the next section, we will give some subjects, include and help you master these leadership principles tours. That said, thank you for watching and see you in the next lesson. 6. Conclusion-new: Section five, top five kips and completion on these Amazon 14 leadership principles masterclass. In conclusion, for this course, here are our justice. To master these Amazon 40 leadership principles, first, to keep in mind. If number one, learn or Amazon 14 leadership principles from customer obsession, ownership, always down to deliver results. Tip number two, use the star method format, situation, task, action results to tell you a story and have as many examples as possible of your own life experience and let expressions. Gift number three takes some time to learn about Amazon. You can check out for more information on WW dot amazon.com slash about Amazon. So no matter any company you enter view, it takes some time to go to their website and learn about them. Tip number four, for technical interviews. Interview preparation, protect grows like software development, machine learning can be found at Amazon dot-dot-dot flush in software development topics. So you can go there and get more specific. Tip number five, need learn and explore more about interviewing at Amazon, at Amazon, that job slash intervene at Amazon. So again, it's the same team. Try to go to the company website and learn more about them. The prep yourself. So this is the end of this course on Amazon 14, leadership principle masterclass. I really make discourse to help you and I hope you enjoyed this course. If you have any questions or comments or suggestions, feel free to reach out. Thank you again so much for watching and see you in my next course.