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UiPath 2020. Robotic Process Automation Introduction

teacher avatar Maksym Rudnyi, Teacher and YouTuber

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (1h 38m)
    • 1. UiPath Introduction

    • 2. UiPath What is RPA

    • 3. UiPath Platform introduction

    • 4. UiPath Components and architecture

    • 5. UiPath Types of processes

    • 6. UiPath License cost

    • 7. UiPath Software requirements

    • 8. UiPath Installing UiPath community studio

    • 9. UiPath User interface overview

    • 10. UiPath The first robot

    • 11. UiPath Orchestrator user interface

    • 12. UiPath Connect studio to orchestrator

    • 13. UiPath Processes

    • 14. UiPath Git integration

    • 15. UiPath Task subscribers count

    • 16. UiPath Task kill IE

    • 17. UiPath Web recording

    • 18. UiPath Firefox extension

    • 19. UiPath PDF recognition

    • 20. UiPath Open project

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About This Class

Robotic Process Automation is a process to replace the human effort by bots to do repetitive and mundane tasks. The advantages of this are increased efficiency, accuracy, and higher ROI. It also frees the human resources to be used for better and more productive jobs.

Robotic Process Automation consists of 3 major components:

  1. Robotic - An entity that is capable of being programmed by a computer for doing complex tasks is known as a Robot. In terms of RPA, this task would be to mimic human actions. We are talking about software robots, not mechanical.

  2. Process - A process is a sequence of actions/activities or steps/tasks taken in order to achieve a particular end.

  3. Automation - When a task/an activity happens automatically, i.e. without human intervention.

Based on these terms, we can assume that Robotic Process Automation means:

Mimicking human behavior to execute a sequence of steps/actions which leads to a meaningful end without human intervention.

According to McKinsey Research,

Knowledge in work automation could have an economic impact of $5-7 trillion by the year 2025. It will touch more than 230 million knowledge workers, nine percent of the global workforce

It is estimated that up to 45 percent of the activities companies pay people to perform can be automated through RPA.

  • Routine tasks in the ‘Do’ category contribute to over 90% of the regular and repetitive work.

  • RPA is best suited for automation of routine and repetitive tasks.

  • It is best suited for Banking, Financial Services, HR operations, Supply Chain, and similar functions. They may require some cognitive work also.

  • RPA technology is not amateur as many think as some organizations feel skeptical in implementing RPA in their processes.

  • RPA is there in the market from the past 10 years and is mature. Bots have been into the processes from the last 6-7 years in applications having location-based services.

The reason why I’m telling you that UiPath is the top tool, you should look at the following pointers:

  1. UiPath is the top tool to learn RPA and it does not require any knowledge of programming languages to use it to implement RPA.

  2. UiPath is among the leading tools in the past 4 years in terms of popularity and usability.

  3. The tool is simple to use and has a drag and drop functionality of activities (an activity is an entity that performs a specific action in an RPA solution), using which you can easily set the functionality of your Process Automation Solution.

  4. UiPath has a standard Studio version which has a trial period of 60 days.

  5. And the best part is, UiPath comes with a Community Edition which is free for lifetime and has most of the functionality of the Studio version.

During this course, we'll use the latest version of UiPath Studio 2020 (beta). This version includes UiPath Assistant. UiPath Assistant is the center of all your attended automation needs. It is an application that allows you to view, manage, and set reminders for processes.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Maksym Rudnyi

Teacher and YouTuber


Senior Software Engineer with more than 8 years of production experience in Web Development. Experienced both in frontend and backend technologies.

I would like to share my experience with others. You can find courses in Web Development (Front-end and Back-end) and specifically JavaScript. Use this knowledge to improve yourself as a professional developer.

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1. UiPath Introduction: welcome my friends. Today I present you. My new course. It's you. A past 2020 introduction. In this course, we will cover everything. Would you need to know to start creating your first Robert Robert is a piece off saw for which you can use to reduce amount off routine work. If you need to. After, mate, something you can create a Robert. We shall do it for you if you worst about myself. My name is Maxim. I'm a soft for developer with more than eight years off production experience and also on lying teacher with more than 30,000 students worldwide. In this course, we will talk about you. I pass 2020 the lightest release. When I'm recording this video, it's in better. But anyway, we can use it. I will show you everything. Would you need to install your I pass studio connected to the server and the creator first for ah, but released this Robert and Iran on your computer. These course provides the basic steps what you need to know to start your way in robotic approaches, automation. And I'm sure this course will be useful for you. So let's start 2. UiPath What is RPA: But before we start talking about you, I pass and its characteristics is important. To understand. Does what air P A is in under to better understand the course content. So let's talk about what this bay every day is a robotic process. Automation Bay is a practice off Jamaican routine business processes with Salt Robles, it's important that sense. So for all of us in the future, we will talk with us rob us, that performs mosques automatically. This task can include different processes such as a team, management or automation of light sisters. These software robots can replace human being for common tasks. It means that just comment us. We don't replace human being a toll. We will have two types of for all buses attended and UN attendant rumbles. And for some types off Robinson, we need that human will be present and control this Robert. But general old common tasks the routine tasks can be replaced with these sort of horribles . What benefits paperwhites the huge number off benefits is because off we can reduce the number off work people should do. Also, we will reduce the number off errors removing human part. We can ensure better customer service because off process will be finished faster and there is less number off arose or mistakes. And we'll provide some cost savings for menu and repetitive tasks because, as we know, people don't like, repeat the same tasks, the game and the game, and we can remove this factor and do it automatically. Also, when we remove routine work, people will have more time for innovation and productive work. Maybe there will be some new ideas. Let's talk about applications off a way we can use. So, for example, customer service air bake and help a company's offer batter costumer service by after mating Contact center tasks, including verifying electronic signature, applauding Scotland documents and very fine information or automatic approval or rejections . A commented. For example, organizations can use their pay for general accounting, professional accounting, transactional reporting and budgeting in financial service. Companies can use their pay for foreign exchange payments after making account, opening and closing, managing already to request and processing insurance claims in health care. Medical organizations can use prepare for handed patients records, claims, customer support, AH cough management building reporting and analytics also for human resources. Air pay can after make a chart tasks including Onboard Inc and off morning updating, complete information and processing time, shit submissions and with the most popular or renders on the market right now on the market , we have most popular renders such as bypass is a current leader with the sharp services and easy off bought design. Blueberries is nor for being one of the first companies to introduced her P A to the world and offers secure, scalable and Tenderized control automation and your delivers and enterprise. Great digital workforce that for and work fusion is after mation solutions for global operations that combines business is profit this management bebe end robotic process automation therapy. 3. UiPath Platform introduction: welcome in the first model off your I pass 2020 in this video, we'll talk about that for overview. What issue had pass and what parts off this battle we need to know. But first of all, that's say a few words about you had passed company in general. You I passed company was founded in 2000 or fire in Romania as, ah, screen scrapping sold for. But after 10 years off development, they evolved into the one with the most popular platform for robotic protests automation, and that we can use this sulfur for this course. The I pass allows us to create Rob, with which we can run or attendant and unattended for what I want to match it about a Robert or operative. It's soft for which we can run on our computer, and it will often made some process. It means that people can creaking bottom and the office feel happened. We don't need to do it manually. So when we're talking about the Roberts, we don't talk about some mashes real physical tools, but it's a soldier you bypass is trusted by world's leading companies, such as Airbus, NASA were gin Fuji feel for example, and a lot of other world known companies. Endurance is course really used their to its Your Path studio, which I lost to develop this Roberts and Ron them on different computers. Also, we will use your pass orchestrator. It's a sad oversight, and we will talk about this part later. Do I Pass is well integrated with sort party services such as machinery or nick. It's dancer full avea, for example. Also, it is the gloss for wider after, for example, security solutions. Also for data analysis and visualization we can use to, such as Kibwana, Kafka, Kabul. From's architectural perspective, we need to mention that this Sarah part it's orchestrator client bars. It's Roberts and development tools. It's a studio and student desires. You have passed Digital is I D development to which allows business to model business requirements and business broth is a girl's different levels off complexity and scale. User friendly interface allows us to visualize all processes and drunken drop features losses to drug different activities to the diagram. Your best orchestrator. It's a replication is important part that a loss us to manage and run different Roberts from the one secure place orchestrator lost us to deploy air pay solutions as well as Edenic Roberts and uses activity monitoring. Orchestrator represent the silver part off that form and at the same time are obvious. It's assault for parts on our machines, which are on some processes in the attended more. They directly assist employees and in UN attendant more, they work independently. We can execute this robots both on Baytril and physical mushrooms. Activity is a building block off the automation process. Yeah, I pass studio comments. It is a huge number off building activities. We will take a look on the on practical part and some of author do you just we can install through the package manager. Additionally, we can create our own custom activities to speed up the process off automation summary for this video You A PATH is one of the most strongest and popular AARP, a platform oriented for independent minded partners and customers, and we thought it the worldwide known customers for these platform. Also, you have passed. Passion is comprised off several part. It's orchestrator and client part. It's a Robles, which we can run on different machines and we have developing tools such as you, I Path Studio and your best assistant. We will talk about assistant in the next video 4. UiPath Components and architecture: in this video evil or the main competence off your I pass and its architectural. The client is represented in this corner with your path studio and your best agent. Also execute ER, which real wrong our robots on machines. Also, we have a browser brother. We need to open Web application off over orchestrator because off, as I mentioned before or COSATU is of application, need to connect it through the brother on the center site we can orchestrator, and that recite is possessed off a few layers. Presentational ever contains the application, which is connected to service layer through the arrest, FBI and Sense request. Is this a big eyes? Sarah Slayer is connected to persistent player, beautiful or persistent. There we have a scale servers. We can write and read data from the server and optional. We have elastic sources ever for a lasting social. We can just write data. We don't read any data from elasticsearch. Usually we use it for seven logs On the client side. We can bypass Agent, which is running, and it reads configuration data from a local wiles and sense organ on all necessary information to the several. When it starts It opens website channel and keeps this general Open and sands heartbeat areas 30 seconds. Orchestrator will use the same channel to send, start and stop Commons from the orchestrator. Do Robert using bypass agent. Your best agent receives credentials from this traitor and using these credentials running Roberts on the machine, you're a bath studio. It's a complete solution, which degrades different parts, such as a version control systems Geet, for example. The usage. Also, we can t bark our Roberts on during development process. It allows us to date our court, and they will provide high quality called solution. We can monitor our productivity and is ability. You I passed studio encapsulated both people and conflict solution for application integration and after mating. Sir Party Applications Studio comes with two types off available profiles for developers and for business users. It is Studio studio offers tools for design and compass and large workflow herbs. And did Your ex is addressed to business users for after mating task with the use off integration with Microsoft Excel Application, One of the most important notions in studio. Its automated project a project. It's a graphical representation off a business process. It enables you to after mate rule based processes. We can control all steps in these diagram, and also these steps are calling activities. Each activity is consist off a small action. For example, show some message, click a button, open some program or close some program. One is the main interface element is designer panel is always in the center of the screen, and on this planet we will build a graphical presentation over the whole process. Business profits. Also, it provides the Kwik access to parables, arguments and imports. Also, we have a project window, which allows us to the whole structure off the project settings, for example, and we can add different folders. Is the product the next? It's your best orchestrator. It's the most powerful, too, because off it can manage a lot off Roberts. In the same time, all Roberts can be connected and executed from the centralized Port. Robert can be in attendant unattended and no production modes. Orchestrator has the next main keeper beauties its deployment. It assures that correct delivery off the package devotion to a science or orbit for execution configuration maintains and delivers a Robert Environments and process configuration, queues and shares of dramatic workload, distribution curls or a bus. Money touring keeps track off Robert identification data and maintain to user permissions, organ stores and indexes. The logs toe a Scare database or elasticsearch interconnectivity orchestrator is a centralized point off communication for the surf Party solutions or applications. Provisioning Orchestrator creates and maintains that connection between the robbers and Web application. Que pasa robots. If your past execution agent that enables you to run processes develop in studio our orbits , you're a pastor. Rob US needs to be connected to orchestrator in order to execute processes. Or they have to be licensed locally because off orchestrator provides a license to robots as well. Also, there was presented to Europe as assistant. Your bath assistant is a center off all your identity. Affirmation needs. It's an application, which allows you to view, manage and see reminders for processes. As a client for service, it can request to start or stop jobs and change statics based on user input. People used the best assistant to run our thirst zero but orderly and you have passed robot itself. It's a soft for which we can ran, which we can run on a computer. It can be or attended or an attendant also have long production and a few for static. It's for studio to your ex to the approach and tastic. Most a definite role, but it operates on the same workstation as a human to help the user accomplished daily tasks. Usually it's triggered by a user very important that you cannot start a process for orchestrator on this type of Robles, and they can't run under a locked screen, so skin should be unlocked. The user should be sending. They can be starched Onley from there. Oh, but Trey on the computer and from the common prompt attended Roberts should on the rot under human supervision the next our attended right on attendant in ritual environments and can, after mate, any number off processes on top over the attendant Robert capabilities. This Robert is responsible for remote execution when a torrent scheduled and providing support for work kills. These type of robots can be run from your past orchestrator and non production. This type of Roberts keeps all the features off the unattended Robert and can on the rock processes types. So summary of this video several kind communication happens through the rest. Api I. You ain't best server side. It's for administration. It's our past orchestrator. It can also monitor and save walks. Your best studio is integrated development environment I D that users are using for development automation projects. Your best assistant. It's a center off all your attended automation, meats and client side Robles can run Isar unattended or attendant more on a machine. 5. UiPath Types of processes: do you? I passed provides different types off paralysis, but the simplest are sequence and full charge sequences off the smallest type off project. They represent the linear processes as they enable you to go from one activity to another activity, see Muslim and act as a single block off activity. One of the key features or sequence is that they can be re used time and time again as a standalone automation or as a park off ST Machine. Or we'll charge. For example, you can create a sequence to take information from my pdf file and add this information to a spreadsheet. And then you can reuse these secrets in different activities just by changing some a few properties. This type of process is a batch for simple activities. When one of charity is following by another, one full of charts offer more flexibility. Chart can be used in a variety off settings from large jobs, the small projects that you can reuse in other approaches. The most important aspect off home chart is that, unlike sequences, they present multiple branches, ecological paraders that enables you to create a conference business processes and connect activities in March, always a state machine is a type of after mention that uses a limited number off states in the execution. It can go into a state when it's triggered by activity, and it X is the state where another duty is triggered. Another important aspect off state machines are transitions as they also enable you do at the conditions based on the reach to jump from one state to another. These are presented by arrows or branches between states, the two images that are specific to the state machines named state and final state found under work full to a state machine. The state contains three sections entry exit and transition, while the final state Onley contains one section entry. Both of these activities can be expounded by double clicking them or were more information and added them. The entry and exit sections enabled developer toe ad entry and extinct triggers for the selected state, while the transition section displays all the transitions, link it to the selected state. The global exception handle is a type of workflow designed specifically to describe approach to be here when we're facing an execution, a role on the world global exception handle can be set for automation project, the global exception hander has to argument that should not be removed. The 1st 1 is error in for this argument. Stores information about the Arab that will throw, and the workforce that found the second argument result has all direction, and it's used to describe the next behavior off the process. When we face the error for the results, we can assign a few different wells, for example, continue. The exception is overthrown. Ignore. The exception is ignored on its execution. Continues from the next activity. Retry the duty reach through. The exception is to try it and abort. That exception stops after running the car. Global exception handler To get more information, Bars is or force, I would recommend you to read the official documentation off your past, where you can find the latest information about all available work. Fools. Let's wrap up your best allows developers several types off after measure processes. We describes that if sequence flow chart, state machine and global exception, Candler choosing appropriate type off process is one was a key to successful project implementation blowjob and sequence a suitable for simple profits. While state machine is better for complex of formations and special type global exception, Handler is a template that makes consistent handling. Eser 6. UiPath License cost: in this video, we will talk about licensing off you. I pass. And how much does it cost? Usually, it depends on the type of robust you're using. Is it attendant or an attendant roubles? But in general and all price is this one. So Korea orchestrator is our have application, which connects Roberts and we can manage all Roberts. We need to pay $20,000 a year for a past studio. It's our I D. It's usually 3000 and based on the robbers were using. But during other course, we will use community addition You. I passed studio and it's free it free, and we will connect it to your past orchestrator. We will have license for one Sarah's and one attended Robert, so it allows us to earn this. But for without Spanish, any money 7. UiPath Software requirements: before the start installation off your past studio. Let's take a look on the harbor and sort of requirements we need. We can find the latest requirements on the documentation off your I pass and let's take over the studio for Studio Harder Requirements is breaking usual. It's amenable and recommended, but from suffer requirements, it's important. Let's take a look that we can run studio on the on Windows computers. So if you have RINOs or Marco as you can't install your iPad studio on this operating system, but we can solve it with historical little machine. Right now, it's out of the scope Z score. But I have a video on my YouTube channel where I installed Windows on by us and there we can install you. I passed studio, so they released off requirement. We need the visual studio. But what's important that if you have empty just installed Microsoft windows, you can install you. I passed studio is art and stomach, an additional studios or on we just also we will need the browser. By the fourth, we can use Internet Explorer, but it's not the best give because off some programs won't be executed as we expect I will show you a few examples. In our case, it would be better to install for that Firefox, because off this extension for this browser also became installed. Bikes of office. But doing of course, we want to use my office. Also, let's take a look on the requirements for Robert is there? No, but it's a bit simple because off can use Windows seven and do we need a browser as well? But anyway, we can't run Aga Robles on another operating systems about windows, and so let's start installing your path studio on our windows computer. 8. UiPath Installing UiPath community studio: in this video, I will show you how to install you. I pass Studio Planet, Many on your Windows computer. It's absolutely knew from the box windows. Just start without any additional software, so let's start installation off your eye paths to Dio Just a fault. Mean browser in browser. Be real Google You right? Beth? It's open and let's go toe the main site off you. A bath on this side, we need to Greek star trial. And what do you see? This EU I pass retrial on and we can choose what we need. As we can use trial period, we can use any offices to Dio, but for our next work. During this course, we will use Community Cloud. So let's try it. That's quick. Try and we'll hope we'll go. Do you my best platform and we need to sign up. So let's say no with email, you choose your country for my cases or Gareth Jews, United States and it took some pass work. Then we confirm agreement, dorms and our views, and we don't like we don't want to receive any mails that say no. Yes, it will say so. Then we need verification or for email. So go to your mails ever and confirm this email. So I confirmed my email. And then I can click here and we need the signing. So we successfully signing toe right past platform, and here we can see that we have design. Your work was so easy. I pass to Theo and we can download studio. That's dollar loaded. Okay, because these roar, we can fix it easily. In case you have such a row for all three. It means that it's for beating to download you my best student from your country. To fix this issue you need downloads are a pan and the change a PR just to United States that dude, that's don't hold these it bam. So when we installed this you, Ben, we need again confirm over email verified it, and now we can choose contract. So it's just United States and were connected from United States. Great. And now let's try again. Don't load. You write best studio That's it. A fresh off page. Then get dry again and you will go go back for him where we are already assigned off. And now let's try dog loaded studio and We see that right now we can dollar loaded, so that's like saying And now is the voting. That's weight when it will be finished. So this file student is already download and let's open our Donald loads holder and receive that we have bypassed studio set up quick double click and we'll start installing things Studio. So on the euro step it, asking for license. We really used community license that squeaking and we need you. I passes. Studio broke. Um, it's not you. I passed to D o X Jews is one and we want the latest one. We need you as a man against keep it, Dear Fez, or are down purpose. We don't need it about it Depends if you want, you can do that and let's continue. So we see that you have passed right in my name. It's about the version right now on the favor screen. We see that we have some edition for measure with Tutorials Academy. What? Don't show it again. That schools and we installed over communities to do 9. UiPath User interface overview: and no, that's start our studio and take a look on the user interface. What do we come? So to launch studio, we need Quick Start and then you can find you. I passed studio. It's usual Windows interface. Let's squeak. So we are on the home screen on these green. We can open over recent projects or create a new one so we can create project library or test automation. Also, because some templates on the left side we have additional jobs. I start from the team team helps us to work in a team and the using version control systems in our case, get we install, get Randy installs the studio in general so we can call the repository. We don't talk about it in the next videos that we can't tools are these tools we have you Explorer can installed and was important. We have you. I passed extensions for home and Firefox browsers with them and we have for edge. But we know need them right now. We really use this extension in one with the next videos. They're very important. We need to know where to find them. Also, we see that we have extensions for Windows remote desktop, but it's out off scope off this course, the next one. We help satins and general. We can choose the language we can't released off available languages, and we can change your seem off over your studio. Right now we have white, but I'd like to change it too dark because off we're obviously will be a faster is dark theme is a dog. But anyway, to apply this seem we need to start. Our studio has do it better. And, uh, let's go to design. What do we have? We have Osama save and publish timeouts after Big Carpenter. While it's a time when the approach will be become saved after the carpenter all allows you to set to record in Teruel at reach projects automatically, Mick opt. This used for restoring the last safe copy off the workflow. The Promise Project came out said that them out well before publishing projects. The following well is certain seconds. The maximum Well, it's approximately one mural seconds minimum is one. Let's go to location here. We can change the four past where your prosecute the same right now. We believe it as default. We have managed sources that we can view over license. Right now, we're using community license. We can add the license key or acquire license scheme, but we know it needed right now the next one we have team. It's what we had on the installation step we can installed as Van or DFS, and we have a lapse. But we don't need right now and in the end we can help with some additional information. For example, we can go to community form. We can go to help center academy here and take a look on release notes. The right site. We have information about your computer and your license. Okay, so let's go to the start. And that's great. A new process and you take a look. Houses, studios, you know, color. It's okay. So we see the false location, description and the name. Let's leave default name. That's great. Devote view off your best to do. What can we do? The first before we see that we can project. Right now it's empty. Bank rocks is one is already installed. Dependencies, some septics project. The song and we have different activities is the least of all activities we have installed for example, message books or email. You just talk about the activities in the next video. Next, what we have. We have properties window. When we're using some activity we have properties for this is DVD and the main page. Right now it's empty. This empty page we can open comment elite we can open. You're so search at th so and PVC shortcuts for this Commons, for example. That's open common belief. And on this comparability we can, for example, find some activity. But right now we don't have anything on our project. So that's great. Something that the Copa main work full. And we see that we have a man work full where we can add different activities. And we see that in properties we already help display name. We can change it. It was changed and we have something for inundation. Grocery. Right now it doesn't matter for us all, so we can all blind and your objects browser. But right now let's keep it properties is enough. Also, we have a navigation. I mean you So what we can do? We can say our project we can you create you want and we can run the bug. Also recording and the screen scraping. We'll talk about this later. You explore and it was designed. Let's go to the Bach in the Bach one. We can debug our project with break points and the CIA logs. Also, we can publish our project to orchestrator by orchestrator. We would talk nature. 10. UiPath The first robot: And now that's great. Our first a robot using the right path studio. So to do it, we need to go activities. Tab we already our main screen and let's find in search bar message box. That's we can drag it, but we can click. Plus addict, do it you and we will see this common police and let's take a look on message box. Well, that's edit. So we created our first sequence and we have message books. Then we can add some text. They could. That text must be quartered. Who has Adam? It will be our first hello world. Also receive that retail properties Deborah, where this is display name and we is up Input bottoms Caption text Right now we will keep it and to run we need to click The bok file that's created under Obviously time received this window. It's that message and you see how world So it was your first Robert My congratulations last week. Okay, and now we get change Sons and Disease. Robert, for example. Message works Letterman Andrew my the boat and he captured contents title Let's drive and that's a wrong again. The doctor Waas changed and we seek a world so air fares. But he's finished 11. UiPath Orchestrator user interface: and no you. I passed orchestrator, as I mentioned before you I pass Orchestrator is a web application. So it means that we can use this application from different platforms. Right now, I'm using it from my MacBook and mark O us. So how we can get toe You're a possible illustrator. You already know this page. It are closed. Right path. If you want to get here, enter that for you, right, boss, don't go And you're be as this page we already know because off downloaded you. I passed to deal from this beige. So we have services and became one the full service. According Toa, our license can use just one and it's our orchestrator. We can go to another page is when do we seem? It's the licenses and the user because one user we created during installation and services Let's go to the services on less creek it and you will goto orchestrator. So on the orchestrator, the main page It's adaptable where we can see all our processes, assets accused triggers and other important stuff. Usually it's Roberts and jobs and also another information. Also the left side. We have menu this menu What's important. Let's go to management or management. We can handle and manage users. Right now. You can't just one user. It's me. Um, in your case, it to your user that Eric Robles Right now we haven't robots about. Then I will show you how we can deploy Robert from you. I pass to do to orchestrator and manage it through this page. Also, this page will become environments. Right now, I have just one test environment. We can delete it now. We haven't environments. I will show you how to create your first requirement and the next one would make out. Important is machines, Machines is our computers with windows where are installed Roberts and he's an officer Krugerrand on these machines. Then we'll connect our windows laptop and you're our first Robert. Also, we have destined but right nights out off the scope and we have actions. But what we need we need affirmation as well. Automation We will help processes is important part off. Using corroborates also have triggers triggers. It's a time or Iran triggers for job execution to take a look how it wars and you'll have queues work queues used to distribute work items to robots with real time monitoring off each you item and we have monitoring In monetary we'll see robots we need install or deploy the fields to roll. But and then we have jobs. Just all the jobs we already tried to use or or tried to run for workers stage right now. A cow's off death jobs I tried to run. Some of them are successfully executed. Samba without rest opt. Also, we can see queues on that and we have logs. Looks like we have information about due process. Is I wrong before? That's take a look what do become And it's a wrong message. Obviously the such information about it's all that's glove. It also would do because we have profile certain page become take a little public works Okay, Doesn't work. Also my book Well, yes, here we can chair. Since you can change the dark seem, for example, this is his or again attacks information on. Also, we can configure where books you can take a look. Eliasson's how did and or gout so And now that's the boy are for trouble. Toe bypassed orchestrator and connect orchestrator, Tow away Studio 12. UiPath Connect studio to orchestrator: is it your? I will show you how we can connect our Robert from you. You I passed. Did you? Do you? I pass orchestrator. So let's create the first process. Some new pro cereal cord work, Robert Description. That's great. And now what we need to do the next. Let's go to system trade. And here usually we have You were best assistant. It's a flying that's opening that we can go to Orchestrator Sativex. And now we need to connect orchestrated to our studio How we can do it. We need Orchestrator, You're out on the machine. Kim. So let's go toe orchestrator. We need to create the first Machine Machines ad And here we have two options Standard Machine and Mission template in other cases. Believes standard one. That's great name. Then we will use the same name What we have for all the computer. Let's copy And this is arson Council began the default and great provision. So motion was great and we can copier here. We can greet here or we can click here. Rick Real copy. Kim is the next one. Let's go again. Do that's boots is key and the next what we need we need, Orchestrator. Ural, how can we get it together for your album? Need? I just got the pass off over Europe. But just the first part for default work. This one lets copy that Got there. And though it's footed now, we can reconnect. So obviously that is connected and unlicensed. Okay, we connected orchestrator. And next, what we need to do We need to publish our Robert do Orchestrator. Let's squeak published. It did. The whole world version is 1.0 point zero. It was purist one. The new one will be 0.1. We can't. Good publish. Okay, let's save it. Certifications Signing recovery. Empty bargaining. Quick publish. Okay. In case you have a Respublika, we can go to orchestrator the machine and it's added Lets you everyone change number off. Attended drunk times you one and for the s And sometimes one as well. This one become change because off help license restrictions zero you go came That's a date . I've disconnect and connect again. Well, let's got here. Do you the next Let's go Roberts and relocated first Robert, it will be a standard more so we need to machine. It's our windows that you at the name of this road. But it will be then Diaby studio, and that's what we need. We need domain and user name how we can get it. So let's go to our computer. But zilch for CME deem, it's comment brought. And here we need type. Who am I? And we will get domain and the user. Let's copy the food here and great, Great. After that, we will go to environments, and that's great new environment when we created one. Do we need to add our robot to this environment because this robot and the last week of date No, we will goto Roberts and receive that award. Robert is available environment, a passive type studio. Let's go to machines with them and and receive that type of change toe license. And right now, let's try to publish our over again. Let's click publish the same publish. So Rogers published Successful There Hello won't okay, and now that's open your rabbits. Let's go toe packages and we will see that we have this baggage. Whole world. Robert Hello world and orchestrator is off this future, we added, when created and also weekend, explore this package. We'll see the first motion republished and it will have this project. It's quick and you see that it's sequence with the message books component breath cause it . And now we have connected you. I passed studio to our orchestrator. 13. UiPath Processes: and we will talk about your past process so we can run our application by Quicken the Bok file with the market, we will see results off execution of a Robert. So we see Hello, world. And, uh, we can Ryan in a bit other way using your pass deceased int or in our case museum, you had best orchestrator on the main page and data, but we see that we have one available robot And now let's go to processes and we will create the first process. So package name He treated the whole world. Robert Inspector already created display name bag Attributions Wine 1.0 dot one. It's the last bag It should be uploaded environment to send you I passed course we created in before dark priority normal And is it less quick? Create? And now let's go to our broke since least and you see that you help one available process. Let's Greek install. And now we can around this process less quick and receive that hello world was started with the job. Now that's goat do. It's in your past, orchestrator. We see that is running right now. It's supposed out of the museum the even in gold can go to dashboard. We see that these Robert Robert is busy. Um, and let's go to jokes the same. This robot is rotting, so we see no measure. What, Robert what to user machine environment and received It is writing last week. Okay, then we need a refresh page to see that this Bruce will stopped. So it was successfully finished. And now you see that in this year I pass in your past assistant Also in documentation. It calls you. I passed a robot. We can run, and you're about to become also what I want to mention that previously we could run these robots directly from processes on your past orchestrator because his bottom I started a job . But right now it's a bad version. And because some issue because off, because this process But in robots we have no data, and we can choose his data. But if you really use a previous version, or if this one will be fixed here, you will get this Robert. And you can quick start. For example, let's click allocated net dynamically, and we can Quick, Stark, we will see that Coleman sent for Hubble won't and usually Robert and these computers should be started. But it's a market right now and it doesn't work. So let's go to jobs and we will see that this one is panic. It can be a started. Let's stop this one. Yes, and now it's stopped. 14. UiPath Git integration: in this video, I will show you how we can manage our project with get It is one of the most popular version control systems. 54. Let's start of you. I passed to Doom. What do you see him on the your space? We can claw torch card for version control system like need. But right now we don't have any approaches on Get so let's create jobs project. So hello get We already had this project. I tried to use it, So that's great. So let's create source project to be simple. Let's add activity the same message books, but save it and let's go to home team and a deal we can copy to get Did this get depository or become getting it and will create local git repository. And here s quick get in it, you great cloak or posturing that choose folder. This one, it's a came. So then we will see all files coming. Change is actually what you need to commit and they need put commit message that's called innit? Commit, actually commit. Oh, whilst we're committed. But what we see one and push community so they are committed local in local repository but we need communities, Files, toe, remote repository. So what do we need? That's Greek again. We need a name and you're all so that's great. Repository is Gordo are Firefox and let's go to get hop. So if you don't have a card, you can create account. I created one of Khan special for this course. So let's say Ming. So we have our empty repository and let's go to our profile and create source depository. Let's quick New So we're fight our amount of dates Page Okay. And now we need to go to our profile, your repositories, and we'll create new one. It will be. I pass, I pass it. Will Republic and Leslie create Now what do we need? We need your l Let's is it should be as not as s h E around. And now, in our your best to dio name of the origin, you're out garbage. You around this week added so obviously that remote repositories is origin Onda, you are out of date save and now we need add credentials, its user and password using their which we used for leg. You do get top and we push changes. So we have zero on pushed commits. Let's take a look on top or to become Refresh this page and we have all of those committee . We got settings. We all just any become main example file and project is on. So we pushed all the changes from our local depositor Local studio to get Top Repository. 15. UiPath Task subscribers count: in this year, we'll do a bit more complex project. And if you were much more interested, so let's start great. And your processes, it will be back scrapping. That's great. Okay, we have a new empty project. But first of all, I will solve your plan for this Elektra. So you create this approach and and it will open browser that we will load certain webpage wheels crab data from this page, right? These data into the fire that will save this file close this file and the text editor and real close their brother. So after work me it clean up after ourselves so we don't need anymore. Okay, that's great. The 1st 1 click add. And what do we need? We need to open browser. That's just open browser. So in this open browser, read, insert your l and that should be quartered. So that's put Europe. In my case, it will be your on my Egypt General, because off as a part of this project, I want to scrap number all subscribers and saves its not into the file. So we put the data that we click, add the video and does this acute. You need find get visible Text kept visible. Text The next night indicates element in inside browser s Greek. Right now we don't have this go back. That's delete this and again got to visible text. But now we need open Internet Explorer Go to this year l we want open. Okay, let's leave it open And now we won't indicate element inside browser that squeak it And here we need to choose a number of subscribers These next greeted and now receives is next . You the next. What we want we want to save these data into is available. So let's choose sequence and we will go to variables That's great. Wearable and Drew Bill. That's great. There's going variable type. It's a streak school sequence. You will be available in all sequence and the fault. It's empty. Um, the next less clicthat visible attacks. And in our food we need to put disease text into this variable. So that's Greek text and subscribers car choose. So this case we will save this result into this variable the next between we need toe open text editor and saves is data into editor now that choose game sequence, then addict, a video We need a duty open application and the open application. We'd indicate this window. So let's open note. No bed, but it's available. That's weak, indicate, and that's just no clock. So we see that open application and let's go here. File name. We see that your iPod studio knows where this file is located way this program, and it will open this program in the section. Do we need the end? Interactivity died in tow, and very well it will be available. So in this case, as we see it without what's it means not streak. But we want to put a variable. So that's close, these windows. We don't need that anymore. And let's try the buck. But first of all, this and the life well, the date file do because arose so no heroes fall, and now we can be bug. The browser is open, pages open, God protect so doctors carpet and it would be expected. And no dude a bit more usual and complex. So that's golden manually save that's close. Internet Explorer The next. When you say later, I want, let's add additional text by this one will be quartered. I want to put these texts. After that, I will put these text and next but at next activity. I want to close this window close window and again we need targets. A window that's open. You know what That started this window? Yes. After that we put tax. We decide. Close the window and then we will have a bottom. For example, let's that sense were closes text and knew everything. Window we need Click Barden Save. So that's at a D. Selectivity it. Your queen Greek. We need indicate element that's juicy. Same bottom. The next one. Let's go next. The next day I want to say this file. That's Greek. One more typing do and we want to put. But choose what we want while name Choose while name that we won't put file name It will be a but don't forget it in the quarter. So cancel these your calls and rest dry kind of works again. Mother Date works fine and debug. Internet Explorer is open. Data is carpet next edit save okay doesn't work because we need moving a bit upper. Look, stop! So let's do it. These mom 1,000,000,000 disease more because we know end open. That's choose sequence and, uh, you. We need them. Greek a game changer? Greek. Yes, Give. It's wrong. Yes, it's what we expect and we have window to save. Oh, okay, let's leave it so the next one will be typed into so we need Greek safe and we will help this file name. Okay, but in tow indicate all this greenery would choose these one. What a text it's subscribers called. Then when we put this text, we need click bottom safe. Let's add one more. It's quick again and this one after that, people, let's take a look. This click save and we need to close window again. Let's Adam close window and we need So let's Troy. So it didn't close. The window has taken why, but it's a two so engaged you open while documents we see that subscriber's call he's saved . We will see the result that it can find this fire because off we choose beast title sub that Giggs dim, which is the wrong while. Let's stop and let's drive his mom moving. That's great! That's the one again. Also is that we have a roar because off Well, I have this file that's pigs. This issue don't say Okay, let's figure this issue. Talk. When you save subscribers calm, it's a variable. It's a stream. Let's edit. Let's create a variable and use variable Hume. So that's great. Wearable. It will be a file name and let's go do expression enter and what we need to put here. It's it's calculation off dates of you put car in date that saved and replace dream charism while name credible. Let's do a Z spoils and wrong game. And as you see we closed. Not what. And this is any we need to close and I've explored. Also rest at one more activity calls window. Indicate these window on it real disease. Take a look on select or okay, lets Troy and that's wrong. 16. UiPath Task kill IE: In the previous video, we had some small issue is Close and Internet Explorer. So for Intendant, explore, we have a national solution. So in sequence when open browser, let's add activity and dispute, you will be killed. Process. That's just kill process and in process name that's in court, you ed. I explore and no dry depart. We're opening Attack Explorer Open oversight, and we killed these browser. And it's the way how you can close in time Explore using you right past. 17. UiPath Web recording: in this video, we'll talk about recording and specifically about Bab recording. So sometimes you need to do a lot off work on the website and using. Q. I pass. You can after mate this process, for example. That's great in your broke asses. Let's call it Web recording. Great. What do we need? We really use one off building features off bypasses, automatic recording actions on website and then building sequence based on your actions. First of all, that's great in you workflow. You add the open browser and it's put euro. In our case, I will show you how we can use it. With Instagram, for example, you have some business in Instagram and somebody is rhetoric, a message for you in Instagram, and you want to get this message. So let's go to Instagram and the next. Or do we do need to open Internet Explorer? Let's go to Instagram here as well. Let's go full screen and no, in your I pass could do and what we need to meet recording and let's just Web recording. And now we are in a browser that every click record and all our actions will be recorded, so it will get to their website Greek for number that it because this form and it is for we can input. You're for number, user name or email. I really use my test user name. Then we quick enter. Receive that user name. Wasn't boot that password? So it's a bastard. I want hided. So password is input Greek and then every click organ and now we are on instagram page. So next you can click. Go to your messages and you have all messages. Lex, let's click the 1st 1 We need the whole message and we will see this message. After that, you can copy this message as a visible text copy Invisible text. After that. What's important? We need saying out from Instagram because off browsers saves cookies and when you're Robert will start the next time you be already stand in and it will be fail doing exciting process . So that's Goto Profile league and, uh or God, that's it. After that, we need to click escape, one escape and second escape that require years because off we worked to save these steps and them take a look. What do we see him? We have the whole process off working on the page, and now that's glows in Direct Explorer. And that's dry how it works. And now we see that it doesn't work with Internet Explorer. Let's fix this issue is a another browser. 18. UiPath Firefox extension: Internet Explorer isn't a bad browser, but for you I passed. We can fix the problem with using conundrum browsers to use another brothers. We can go tools and do we need to install extension? We can install it for her home and for Firefox Also here for EJ But we will use Firefox. Let's click Install and Greek Ed Okay. And now let's continue the same. The previous falls with Instagram So we see that you're I passed extension for Firefox wasa classified in a school. Okay. And we can go to start create in your process Do you have recorded for five folks so as great the same Open work full or we can try to do it Another way was deleted The Milken correct Kordic Bab recording you just open browser You're al booby It's the ground. Okay, you Greek record That's just for name and gave you input Gold press it ender or password and breast lugging your quick. But now and let's take a look Doesn't work or not So you press escape escape you'll save it Close Firefox and let's wrong And what they mentioned before we need Yes, I know from combed We'll go now we will call it, but we see that well again. And the Passover was input. And we can say me, That's just stop and take a look again. So don't forget to. We'll go after your session. Let's close it. And that's a run a game, how it warms. We see that Deborah Cordner Fire for Consensual was launched. Three Longshan wire folks we entered working and pass or quicksand and it works fine so you can use this approach to after make your process in modern browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. Because off intern explore is a terrible browser and it doesn't work, we expect. 19. UiPath PDF recognition: the case is well, we need to get data from pdf file to do. We can easily extract data from their files using Q. I pass to do it. Let's create process. You're going to start began. Okay, What do we need? Let's create men work for and we need add bgf do with him. So in case you don't have definite me to go toe manage packages and all packages and we need to find and install these activity here so we just go with this one. If you I passed be the Africa Duty by the right path, that's shooted quick install and after that, not forget quick save. And now we can add music divergent video. We need re today of text. That's added end. Let's choose file. We want to read. I have this while in dog holes. It's text image that we need to save result of these tax into the variable. So let's go to variables and create new variable Well, court pdf Cordant school will be sequence and it will be available in the whole sequence. After that, I want to show this text to user, for example, s ad message of books and, uh, content off this message. Books well believes, are aware about their content. And no, we can test. Let's run it. It's mq arrest ical. Why? Because off median safe result off pdf into this variable as at media content Now is this duty will read content from pdf file You save it, toe our put into this valuable and then in massive books we will use this variable waas the bark And so we have these. Next let's compare it with the result with original text. So we see that because the same that's always it was November and yet right but would receive we had to combs and disease Recognition foods is testing toe one line. This goal is your is not the best is but right now you have extraction activity is not very smart and working working in this way also what we can see that because his tax mark Thank you But we don't have this because off we see that this country this part is the text. But this one is image and it cannot be recognized How can solve the problem to solve this problem? Let's go to read you have text and change into another one. We need to use one music OCR, OCR, Miss Optical Character recognition So let's replace these want you do it this one and me to add the re PdF with OCR and it the same less juice going down and we need the drop or, say our engine. Let's take a look. What do we have? So we have they are you are automation and engine because a few 1,000,000,000 options for that cloud computer vision but two uses OCR. We need the A P I key from server and a bit more configuration for us. It will be enough to use Microsoft or CR. Let's drop it the next don't forget toe. Next, we can use OCR and result you have content. The result of these Microsoft Bashar will be saved available and we will show this variable . That's wrong. So this is the result is much more interesting. That's let's compare beautiful. We have title, then we have our text not yet late, not yet late, and we see that the sky was dark. This guy was dark, so text was recognized and even calls very good advice and we can see that We have two different calls, but they're put in one Cole. It's what we expected. Also speak out these text he recognized as well and was in quarter and interesting taxed what waas into the image on today. It was a record night was about. We can see that Lord Epsom it was recognized and put Holmes, West Cletus and all text is recognized, So it's a very high You can organize your pdf documents using cry pals. 20. UiPath Open project: that always we need to create our project from scratch. Sometimes you can tell a lot already prepared projects. And let's do it in the example we have documentation for you. I pass and we have great basic profits. Sample was downloaded and take a look. How to launch eat. And maybe we'll have some problems We need to solve these problems that download the example. Okay, so we have a folder dictatorial and main exam A file as double click it and we are starting you. I passed studio and we see that recount sequence with all steps. What we need to execute. But what do you see? The east embark? Are you an issue? Its image not available. So when we need to get specific Morago from the page, for example, these products studio we don't know what to recognize how we can fix it. We can quick options menu and indicate on the screen, and we need to choose it. But we don't have this page. So as a quick escape, we need open this page. We need to open Internet Explorer. Do that, Laura. They report this u R l if you I passed studio and when we are our passion, you need to quick indicate on the screen and juice or ago would be want to copy and what's up with this one? So we see that we have a specific Morocco. Then we will have next step. It's right next to out battle and then open to not but file also it can't recognize this well, so we need to open or what? No. What again? Jews indicate off the screen. We need indicate this supplication. That's true. That and he was that It's real beer. No, but exact fire. And then we need type next. Also, we need to indicate area where we want toe. Just text that Stoute, these one And now these sequence it speaks it that schools everything and Troy how it works . Pages opened and not what is open. But text wasn't safe because we have some error against. It means that you have to be careful with that Downloaded already prepared projects because all sometimes it doesn't work. When you take over, maybe we need to greats available cause they go. We have a terrible but anyway, it doesn't work in case you want to try how it works or you want to fix it. You can download this example from official documentation from the iPad studio end to fix this sequence.