Udemy Starter 1: 8 Tips To Set Up Properly at Udemy to Succeed

Rosa Suen ♫, Skillshare Coach: Follow Me ☺♫

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10 Videos (17m)
    • 8 Powerful Tips To Start at Udemy

    • Tip 1: Sign Up Udemy Properly

    • Tip 2: Choose Category

    • Tip 3: Become Udemy Premium Instructor

    • Tip 4: Turn it to Paid Right Away

    • Tip 5: Get Free Image Design Done

    • Tip 6: Single Point of Focus in Image

    • Tip 7: Test Video Quality Submission

    • Tip 8: Get Test Video Accepted First

    • Get started today & Thank you!


About This Class

Here is a Series of Classes to get Skillshare Instructors to start teaching at Udemy.

Udemy is a FUN platform to share your skills.

I create this series of classes to help Skillshare students to start Udemy properly so that you can THRIVE as a Udemy instructor sharing your skills everywhere with your students.

While it is true that we can go to the Udemy platform to learn all the guidelines and articles, you also need a seasoned Udemy instructor who shows you the path of success. I have been coaching Udemy instructors to succeed on the platform ever since November 2014 after I earned my first spike of 2K+ sales.  

We all start from the beginning so let's begin here as I coach Beginners to START teaching at Udemy.

This class teaches you 8 Tips how to get started at Udemy!

These 8 Tips will help you set up everything properly!

  • Many of us made these mistakes and therefore were caught waiting for approval
  • We didn't know the importance of putting out courses to Paid 
  • Udemy does not allow us to keep switching back and forth from Free to Paid
  • Start smart so that you can do SMART marketing in the long run

Tip 1:  Sign up Properly

Tip 2:  Choose Category Wisely (Can't keep changing)

Tip 3:  Must become Premium Instructor to Get Paid - Don't Wait!

Tip 4:  Turn it to PAID right away  (Can't keep switching back and forth)

Tip 5:  Get Free Image Design done

Tip 6:  Single Point of Focus for Marketing

Tip 7:  Test Video Quality Submission

Tip 8:  Get Test Video Accepted First



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I need to fix a few things on min right away.. Thanks Rose for creating this course for us.
These tips are what I need to really get myself organized properly at Udemy. Awesome course here.
John Thornton CEO






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Skillshare Coach: Follow Me ☺♫

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