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Ubuntu Linux for Beginners

Frank A

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18 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Ubuntu Linux Course Overview

    • 2. Ubuntu Tour

    • 3. Download Ubuntu ISO

    • 4. Install Virtualbox

    • 5. Create a Virtual Machine

    • 6. Install Ubuntu Linux

    • 7. Change Wallpaper

    • 8. Move Launcher

    • 9. Add Launcher

    • 10. App Menu

    • 11. System Settings

    • 12. Users

    • 13. Default apps

    • 14. Web: Firefox

    • 15. Web: Chromium

    • 16. Web Apps on the Desktop

    • 17. Email with Geary

    • 18. Unity Tweak Tool


About This Class

Linux is the fastest growing operating system in the world, it is at heart of the Internet and computing. Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux-based systems. Learn how to use Ubuntu Linux and be one step ahead of your colleagues 

If you are in IT, you are really missing out if you don't learn about Linux. Billions of servers, embedded systems and super computers use Linux. So, don't be left behind!

At the end of this course, you will be able to install and use the Ubuntu Linux Desktop.


1. Ubuntu Linux Course Overview: welcome to the U Bahn linens. Course you will learn how to use to you born to desktop he books or Lennox is a computer system similar to a Mac or a Windows computer. My name is Frank, A computer science graduates, and so far, engineer. The goal of this course is to explore the you going to test up? Why did that built its course? If you want to learn to use, you want to live next to learning stuff can be very steep in this course will teach you how to install. You want to learn how to use the desktop, how to customize it to your own liking, and we'll teach you everything you need on a day to day basis. 2. Ubuntu Tour: if you go to the website to work, that you going to come. So this euro, its steward that Cubans who had come you can get a preview off the operating system without installing. So it's a simulation off the rail system. So what you see here when you're starting is that you can take some kind of tool and we'll press show yourself around. You see, this is the main screen off any you're going to system. So you've got the clock here on top. You spend these, you've got the clock here on top. You've got some sounds, volume control meal, Bluetooth and some network connection. And on the total rights, you can choose to shut down your system. And depending on the permissions, you can also restarted system. So on the left, you've got the menu bar similar to a window start bar that you have at the bottom on you going to its on the left. So you've got a few steps here, E you've got the system settings which allows you to configure for kind of systems. You've got the Amazon store. We've got the software center, which is where you can install all of the software on the you go to system. So any type of EP you work install using the software center. So this shopping bag and then you've got some word processing. EPPS? So this is the I would like program. You can type your documents. He caught spreadsheets. You've got a points like program. So there's something like that. You've got a web browser. What? You see Firefox and you've got a file. Explorer was not like the Windows Explorer in a way. So you've got the desktop, the documents, downloads, music, pictures, videos. And so No, no, Daddy, the buttons are actually on the left, so they're not only right, but there on the left. So you get cutie close bar, he minimize ends another one. So let's close this one. And one thing that's like very different from the other systems is the dash menu. So this is Kulti Dutchman, you and the whole Boris Kulti lunch. So if you click on the desk menu, you can search for applications. So whichever if you're looking for for something, could be searching for office. Or it could be searching for anything related to the Web and so on. Eso you can search based on this, and you've got all kind off absent the list as well as fouls, so it's automatically. You can also search your fouls. And on the bottom you can choose between type. So by default it searches for EPS. But there's some more concerts for documents, music, videos, pictures and so so this is just a basic overview. Lofty off the system got quite a few basic things, but this again, this is just a simulator, so you can get an idea. What you going to desktop is like. This is not yet the rial system. It's only a simulation, but you can play around with it to get an idea off the Cubans of system. 3. Download Ubuntu ISO: this election will download. You want to Lennox. This is the website off you. Born to Lennox, it's www that you want to dot com. Click on download and select Destiny. Click on download. Once more, they may ask some interview questions, but you can skip those so click on Not now. It's before downloading. Make sure you know you have the right processor. If you click download, you'll see it immediately started downloading for a 64 bit processor. If your computer is a bit older, you might need a 32 bits version. If your computer is a bit older, if you have a 32 bit machine, go ones up off the euro and changed it to I 386 So if you click downloads, if you go to the patient downloads, it will immediately start downloading the old version. 2 32 bit version Most of the times. If you have a modern computer, you will need to 64 bits version so again changed through. I treat six. If you have annulled a computer so it's ready to a big machine for modern computers can just click download. So if your computer is newer than saying to thousands, well, if you could just get away with 4. Install Virtualbox: visits Google that come inside virtual books. Click on virtual books on the Virtual Bookstore Dork website. You can also visit Virtual bookstore dork directly. Click on the link and you'll see for CHOKES dark. So this program allows you to create virtual computers. If you use this program, you cannot break your artists core. Damage your computer in any way. I'll show you some screenshots to give you an idea what it means to have a computer inside a computer. Got a bunch of screen shells here. I'll just click on one of the pictures to show you. Well, zoom in on the picture. Took If you a better idea, we see a Windows computer running the program. Virtual books Inside Virtual Box We see another computer system, so we run a virtual computer that is a computer inside a computer. If you have virtual books and stalls, you can run multiple system multiple computer systems on your system. There are several older example screen shows here. So, for example, there's the Apple Macintosh system, which is running the program Virtual Box and inside. For Joe Books, you'll see a Windows computer using virtual box. You can run many computer systems. At the same time, you can run Windows 2000 XP Mac all at the same time. Just inside the virtual box computers. You go to downloads. You'll see you can ality virtual box application for several systems and download the version for your operating system. So if you click the link, you can download virtual books now. Donald Virtual Box Fortune for your system. So if you're using windows, use the Windows version. Make use to make version insulin. So download, he writes, set up fell for virtual books, depending on which system you are using. Right now, Personal Box has a very big advantage, and that is that you cannot break or damage your existing system so you cannot lose any data, any fouls. Everything is running inside a virtual computer. What you've seen in his lecture running a computer in another computer is called virtual ization, and this course will run. You're going to Lennox since a virtual computer. You can of course, install you want on your system, but then you risk damaging your files or data. If you want to install you goingto without first realization, don't worry, you gets adoption, too 5. Create a Virtual Machine: you want to can be run in a virtual machine to do so. We need virtual books, start virtual books and go to Mu in the left corner side. You going to select the right processor? So if you have 32 bits selected 32 bit version. Most of the computers these days will be 64 bits. Click on Create, which are hard disk and click creates. Click Create again. You see his creates diverse your computer and inside his computer, and we need to start the installation city or insulation USB disk. So go to settings. It selects storage. You'll see the CD drive is empty. Click on the little plus icon and click on disk. So now go to the value of downloaded, which is probably that you go to 16 version for a little bit or 64 bits computer. Click on OK, now, if we press starts, it will start picture computer. Alas, this is a computer inside a computer, and this computer has the evil into insulation city insurgents. Computer is virtual, so you really see a computer starting because it's a computer in a computer, you would actually see the same thing if you would buy, are you going to city and put it inside a real computer? We'll see the same started process so you'll see that you're going to insulation. City is starting right now. The installation screen will appear on your screen. If everything went all right, just wait for a moment, and it's well appear in a moment the installation screen will appear. Once you see the installation screen, you get a choice between two options. Either you install the system or you tried Olynyk system the U Boats Olynyk system without installing, so he would create it without changing anything to your hardest. This dry version actually doesn't make any changes to your rail computer. In this case, we have a virtual computer so nothing can break. 6. Install Ubuntu Linux: click install. This will start installation process of people to Lenin. If you're not installing inside virtual books and recommends having a computer dedicated just for people to linens, my take our second so actually starts the first green. And then we can select the insulation language as well. It's a system so select English. You can install third party software swell. It's updates during the installation. So this option or you can check it that this will take longer to actually download software . But you'll have all the major software you can install. It boomed alongside another operating system. In any case, if you decide to do so, I recommend to back up all of your important felt, because if the insulation goes wrong, you lose everything. I recommend having a computer just for you going to clinics for trying out a system or installing it inside virtual books. Just as you can't lose any data. If you press a racist, it will completely arrested. Disk is includes any operating system that's already on the computer, so if you have windows on the computer, it will be removed. Now I recommend having a dedicated computer just for evil to clinics or using virtual box, it will ask you to select your location on the world. This is used to determine the time, so depending on which country you are residing, it will show the correct time zone. So that's the only reason why this used Select your keyboard layout. Now you can test which keyboard layout you have. So I recommend testing special characters like the euro symbol dollars single and someone. Did you select the wrong one? It might show the wrong keys were pressing the keys. Finally, it will ask you to answer. Used her name in the past wars. How this name it, you pronto password. You going to you have an option to encrypt your whole polar. So if you don't know what encryption is, it's like a security measure. So if you don't know, just skip it for now. Now is we'll just continue installing. You can have a coffee somewhere that's doing death. Once it's completed, you can restart the computer 7. Change Wallpaper: go to the desktop. Click using the right mouse button. Have the option to change the rest of backgrounds. If you click on that using the left mouse button, you don't actually get he menu to change backgrounds. You'll see the settings menu, and in this menu we can change the wallpaper you go into. My default does not have life wallpaper. So all our static pictures you can click on any wallpaper your life double click to change it. Just double click on selected or paper, but he felt you have quite a few wallpapers included in the new mantra system. You can also add the picture shoulder, so if you prefer to use your photos or pictures or any other folder on your system, so just click on the plus symbol. If you prefer, you can also use a solid color, so it's like without distraction. 8. Move Launcher: by default, the launchers on the left side of the screen start unity. Tweak to program we have installed in the previous video, we can move the launcher, which is the menu on the left, to the bottom off the screen. This will only work with the newest version off. Your balls are so 16 in New York, so let's see how to do that like launcher inside. Unity tweak So he'll see. We have the option appearance in appearance weekend. Select left or bottom. If we select bottom, it will go to the one off the screen. Now we have the non sure on the bottom, off the screen, just like a Windows machine. So if you prefer, you can put it on the bottom. The functionality remains completely the same, but you can choose whether you want to have it on the left side or the bottom off the screen. 9. Add Launcher: we cannot shortcuts directly in the launcher bar on the left to do so, we first search for the application that we want to add. For example, let's search for a text editor, and we'll add a shortcut to the text senator in the sidebar, Select the Aiken and Rocket with the mouse so most press down and drag. It's directly onto the bar by dragging it. It will be attitude it's up and release it when you are finished with dragging. If you don't want to have it at this location in the venture selected, move it to the right and move to the position you wanted to be. Drag it to the left again to insert it on the place she wanted to be. This can be done with any application, and she said, it's on the bottom here. Now let's add another one. That said another shortcuts to the launcher on the lift. Save me at videos left, click on the video Aiken and drag it onto the launch of our If we let go off the mouse button, you see, it's added to the launch of our to remove the shortcuts. Click Reisman mouse button and select unlock from lunch of our. If you click on this one, you'll see the Amazon option disappears. You can remove any Aiken and that I can, as you wish. So right Click Unlock will remove any shortcuts from the bar. 10. App Menu: every APP has its own application menu, usually a testy options foul at it. Help pencil If we start in app such as a text editor, so go to the left up and typed text it. You won't see any menu appearing, and this is because by default, the application menu over any up is shown on top. If you want to open a new found, we have to go all the way to the top off the screen to press foul open. This will make sense if you use met before, but if you use Windows before this is confusing, you may want instead tohave the menu inside the application window. We can actually change this flick right mouse button on the desktop and changed backgrounds . So many was a little bit hidden inside this headings. Click on behavior and you'll find the option showed a menu for a window inside the window toolbar. So if we select the other option, the window menu will be actually shown in the windows. It is, however, only show if we put our most core starts off. There's an option next to it. Many of possibility always displayed with these settings. The menu bar is always visible on the screen for any application directly in the application window. If you used windows before, you definitely want to change the settings because it's more similar. 11. System Settings: similar to a Windows computer or an apple Mechanistic. We have a conflagration screen known as system settings. You can configure all kind of things inside the system settings like network display and so open system settings. Just click on the left up and type system settings and click on Aiken might take a second. So this one hoping this one. Click on it to open it, and you can find all kind of settings in there like appearance, brightness, screen lock and so on display so you can change the screen resolution. There you can change. The keyboard configuration is power settings users time and so most of the facial need to configure system you confined inside this panel so it doesn't contain all off the system settings. But most off, the important things can be found here. 12. Users: How you doing? So system can have more than one user, so they're several uses that can use the computer can at new users. So if we press in the corner here, you'll see an overview off the users. There are two users on the system. You won't so any guest session if you go to the dish hair on the left and you type users e application useful will appear. So you see the I can use their accounts, pop up and start this application. In this menu, you can set all kind off settings for your users. For example, you can set a profile. Picture can be one of the default pictures or picture from your computer. This picture is displayed when you start a computer. You can also use your own patient like photo off your weapon. Your user can't have any pictures, so this is either a picture from the system picture. Did you have on your computer or a photo from your webcam so we can have pictures for Users can change the picture if you want. You can set it to automatically looking so that you don't need to fight your passport. So then you can just start a computer or the system without typing the possible to toe. Always go directly into destiny can also select. Show Logan name on the menu bar so you'll see the name on the top. So far, we changed a few user settings, but we can also at new users to do so. We first need to breast unlock. It will ask you the system password. So early Administrative passwords, which in my case, is you both click on the plus key, and then you can choose between two types of users, which either an administrator or a standard user on administrator can do all kind of administrative tasks like installing software, install new graphics software and all kind of things that you can't normally do. Standard user. Pick your use in a I'll take you to me, and you can also specify the full name. So first last name. Click on the add button and you'll see another user has been at it. We could select another language now usually use go with English. We can configure a password for this user. If we click on it, you can set it up toe looking automatically without passwords. And, of course, you can also set the picture for these users you've seen before. You consider profile picture or a Webcam photo. Select any picture you like for this user when you're finished. Presti. Lookie again. Now the user has been added, so there's a new user on the system, and if you click on the corner, you'll see the user is there and we can switch to this use. Every user has its own files and folders conflagration. So its own wallpaper, its own personal foul. Sensible. Similar to what? Mike only knows machine. 13. Default apps: we can configure the felt applications with the open certain foul. It will open the APP, go to the corner here, Truth for system. He or city system settings pop up on the screen. Click on the system settings. If you collect details that will tell us a little bit about system we have. If you click on default applications, you can see to default applications for certain purposes. For example, right now, surfing the weapons set to fire folks in here, you could set another one. So if you prefer chromium or Google chrome, you can set it here for male purpose. You can select default you want, like a return the bird. So for all these purposes, we can set the default application to start batteries for surfing the Web mail and so on so you can find it by going to the system settings and then going to details and finally click on default applications. This is where you can configure the default lips 14. Web: Firefox: a pope in our epistle. Browse the Web. It's known as Firefox by default. Incense Total new bonds. Um, you look on the left your city Firefox Aiken in the venture. If you started into opening Web browser so you can use it to visit any Web sites, depending on your computer system, it might actually take a while to loads or not. It's a pretty standard browser. By default, it will open the websites off the manufacturer, which is known as Marcella. It will give you some more information about the Web browser. Now you can go on and install kind of extensions or plug ins if you want to. But this is just a pretty basic browser, so you can use this program, which is installed by default, to serve any website. Once. It's just one of the many Web browsers that run on newborns. Mullinix 15. Web: Chromium: another popular Web browsing app. It's called chromium. She's also the basis of cookbook. Chrome by default is not installed, so we have to open software center to install its. It's up in the search bar and search for chromium, so by default it's not installed, and we have to search in the so four center toe. Install these Web browser, your CD chromium appear in the search results, and the Web browser is a lot like a fulcrum actually forms the basis of it. Click on install, so this will install the Web browser, and it pretty much works like the work room now he wants. You can also use Google chrome, but it's not inside the so for centuries, so you have to get that one from the weapon so the Crimean will take a second or so to completely install, and it's pretty much like a chrome browser. Once installed, you see the chromium browser pop up so you can simply surf the Web. Now, I mentioned, you can also use the global Chrome browser. This is only true if you have a 64 bits computer, so if you have an older computer or 30 bits computer, this is no longer supporters. The problem, however, worsened about 64 32 bit machines 16. Web Apps on the Desktop: He also has support for Web apps. But this is only true for the chromium browser. So if you use Firefox, that's no supporters that we load any website or weapon inside the chromium. My browser that's just started browser. And so we concern any website into a weapon. So go to any website she wants any weapon. For example, I'll take them upstairs. Google have come the maps up, so we will turn this weapon inside an empty can directly start from your testing. We will be able to lunch this help directly from the lunch, so we go toe foul, create application shortcuts inside the chromium Web browser de selected desktop option and keep application menu selected and finally, press create. You'll see it's already looking like an EP. You don't see d Brassard environment anymore. Really looks like a nap. Close death one and go to search on the top. Search for the weapon name in this case, it's already appeared in the results and we can direct is directly into the lunch or so we can always launched the went directly from the lunch. My clinging it's it will start a weapon for these particular websites so you can do this for any website. Concern any website into a weapon using these methods. But it's for chromium Holy, so Firefox won't do this. 17. Email with Geary: a popular male clients. It's known as Givi. So first thing to do is to start the so four center. You see, it's the editor speak. So it's a very popular milk lines on you going to systems. You can use it to read all of your email, so it really is a desktop app. It's a lot like outlook, but a very simple version. So search for Gary and then press install two installed this application so you can just send emails, received emails and all the back to basics off mail. You can reach multiple mail accounts at the same time. So if you were to use WEP, you'd have to open them separately. And in this program, you can hit him freedom at once. An alternative to this is using Web mail or a weapon, or to use another milk like nicked in the birth, and you can start it just like all the other EPS. So just go to the top and search for Kerry. But let's wait for the installation to complete. It's well, then, once you started, ask which kind of meal alteration episode do you have Gmail, Yahoo Outlook? Or do you have another one. If you specify other, you'll have to specify some information about your particular meal address so the other wants looks like more easy to to work with this program but otherwise works. 18. Unity Tweak Tool: thing to do is to install the unity tweak. So this is a customization program. Well, im sufferings that started Terminal one started with time to command pseudo a p t gets install unity. It's weak to so this command will install the program looks quite cryptic. So this gives that administrator rights in this is D the insulation program. So if you type just dis commands and press enter, it will solve the the unity tweak to a program which can be used for customization off the entire you're going to system.