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Ubuntu Linux Installation on Virtual Box

teacher avatar Pradeep D., Data Scientist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Leats get familiar with installation of ubuntu linux operating system inside virtual box

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Pradeep D.

Data Scientist


Hello, I'm Pradeep.

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1. 2: Hello and welcome. Let's get started with virtual box installation before people starting installation. You must be thinking that. Why do we need to install virtual box? Okay, So to install any of the operating system we need, I did some hard of it or some environment. He stole our operating system. So here we will actually not install it on our physical hardware, but we will create some work. Your hardware are somewhat your environment bidding. We can install our operating system. Our line X operating system. So was we started this virtual box? This virtual box will help us to create our environment. Oh, our our what? Your hardware on which we will install our lie next operating system. Okay, so just goto this, Uriel, but your box dot org slash wiki slash downloads. Okay, Here you will see this unique windows host, so click here. Okay. Down Lord has been started. You can observe here. What toolbox is getting downloaded here. Okay, Lets wait for one minute or are illiterate for a few seconds. Toe complete the download. - Okay . Our virtual box infallible file looks downloaded. Let's open it. Okay. Next again, we will not change anything here. Okay, You can observe the installation part here. See, Colin, program pirates inside that political and intel that you can see. What? Your box here. Okay, I hope you don't. Next, I will keep everything as is politically connected. Okay. Here. Approximate installation now? Yes, on the store. Okay, let's wait for a few minutes so that this installation will complete. Okay. Here. Here. It says that. Would you like to install this day? Way softer. Okay, I will say install. Okay, finish. We have successfully installed this virtual box and we will explore it later. We will explode virtual box later. Because first we need to down your I S o file or files using which we will install over line X operating system. 2. 2: Hello and welcome. Now we're going to Eastern Linus. Operating system operating system, which we're going to install is one toe. Okay, let's go toe. We went to dot com, then download. They're just don't let this 1 18.4 Okay? Download has started. No, After waiting for some minutes. Ah, weird. And wheat downloading this open toe a scalable file. OK, And now let's open our virtual box manager. And here way will create one virtual machine. And we will east all that open oneto operating system on that fortune machine. Let's click on you. Okay. And let's keep put your machine name went toe. Okay. And here, this is the part. We're in our watch. It works. What? Your machine will get created, so literally landings and then went toe. Okay. And here click on next. Let's look it almost. Pledge. Appear claim for our virtual machine. And these five TB program will be utilize from the physical machines. Ram. Okay, let's get complicated. Next. Here, here. We need to create what? Your hard disk for our virtual machine. So we have electric, create a virtual are disk now. OK. Just created okay on you Still get first option as is Okay, dynamically located. Just keep it as he's okay. And we will create 10 GB apart this space. Okay, this will create one This file on this, this file will act as what? Your hard disk. Fortis Virtual Machine. Okay, create. Okay. See, uh, I would This is This is our work. Chill machine created. Okay, on, uh, you can see all configuration here. Let's create our own virtual machine. Now, let's install our open toe inside that fortune machine. Okay, Now pick new. Okay, let's give our virtual machine name went toe. Okay. As soon as we select one toe, we get Kleenex and want to 64 bit. Here, pick on next. Let's look it for GBM. Here on this page for Jimmy Aram will be you Delays from my physical machine. Okay, Next, let's create which will hurt this quarter over virtual machine. Okay, keep deception as is, and we can create. Okay? You keep this option as he's and like Nick Okay? I'm keeping it as is all right. Okay. Here. 10 GB I'm creating 10 GB. What? Your disk. Okay. This fight will act s picture her disk for this virtual machine, which we're creating. Do you okay? We have successfully created our virtual machine. You can see all configuration here. Okay, let's go to storage. Now we help to configure our insoluble file. Okay? Here the very insert. Uh, our table disk in tow, The DVD drive or city drive off our physical machine the similar way we're configuring our daughter Air so file as a virtual disk. Okay, here go go Toe shoes with your optical destroyed on Dhere. OK, select one toe. Ok, okay. No, we hope configure disk, disk drive or DVD trail off for for chill machine on. We have country. Good. Our what? You'll machine to woop from this file from this eyes off. Okay, Click on. OK, now we're ready to start over with chill machine on our virtual machine will boot from this this trey or duty trade. Okay, start. Okay. I have just maximize dis cream. Our virtual machine is getting good now. Okay. Our machine ease now getting mooted from that, I also fail, which we help can figure in the district a poor frontal machine. - Okay , we have built our virtual machine from DVD or destroyed. Okay, Now you start a Oneto. Now we're installing our we went toe on the her disk. Unfortunate hard disk. Continue. I will inject deception. I will select minimal installation because once we install our oneto, we're just going toe. We're just going to use the terminal. We're not going toe deal or use any kind of gear idea. Okay, That's minimal installation. It has a brother, and basic utilities can continue. Okay, since we are installing our operating system inside what jewel box? That way we're safe. Use deception. Okay. You still know. OK, continue. - Continue . Let's enter user name here. User, I will enter password here. Okay, I will select this quest option. Continue. Okay, Now our Wendy one is getting installed. We will wait for a few minutes. Oh, let's wait for few minutes. - Let's wait for a few more minutes, okay? There was option to skip. That's why I have kick there because I did not want toe wait for so much time. Okay? Our installation is now complete. They start now. Okay. What? What? Your machine is getting restarted. - Okay ? We have install our 12 operating system, and it's abandoning no