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Uber Analytics Test Preparatory Course (updated June 2018)

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6 Videos (18m)
    • Introduction

    • Lecture 1 - Services

    • Lecture 2 - Vocabulary

    • Lecture 3 - Interview Process

    • Lecture 4 - Essay Questions

    • Bonus Lesson - TEST4U Access


About This Class


Updated June 2018


Basic Knowledge of Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet program is required for better understanding of the course.

Who is our target student?

This course targets candidates for UBER Analytics test

What will you learn?

They will learn how to properly answer the questions for the UBER Analytics test

Course Description

UBER has changed the scene, in public transport. In less than 8 years, it has spread its services to the whole world.

There are thousands of applicants trying to get a job in UBER.

That is why UBER developed an interview system to “thin out the herd”.

This interview process, is quite hard, and an applicant needs all the help he can get to succeed.

The hardest part of this process is the UBER Analytics Test, which in fact is a mathematics test. This test is impossible to complete in the 2-hour time limit an applicant has, without extensive knowledge of Microsoft’s Excel.

The TEST4U team realized that there is a need for a complete Training system for the Uber Analytics Test, so we created the UBER Analytics Test, preparatory course.

It is targeted to people, who have, at least, the basic skills in Excel, and it covers the versions 3.1 & 6.16 of the UBER Analytics test.

In this course we will guide you through the complexities and the hazards of the UBER Analytics Test by using one of the most innovative training concepts. It’s a game-changer training concept. The idea behind our course is the hands-on interactive way of learning.

It covers the process for up to v6.16 of the test.

It includes three lectures which describe:

  • the essay questions you will face in the UBER Analytics test.
  • the interview process,
  • and the services and the vocabulary needed to understand the questions

These lectures are also available for download, in PowerPoint presentation format.

This course, includes some multiple choice questions, like the ones you might face in the test.

Of course, there are detailed answers, for each of the questions, at the end of the test.

The real game changer, however, is the part with 22 interactive projects.

This part is what makes the difference between our course and any other course out there. It employs an interactive way to complete these projects.

It relies on TEST4U, a training platform that immediately assesses your answers.

This is how you will be 100% ready for your UBER test.

These projects rise above the classic multiple-choice questions, because they force you to get your hands dirty using the REAL EXCEL APPLICATION. Just as you will do during the UBER test.

In other words, to answer them you will need to use Microsoft Excel or any similar spreadsheet software.

We chose to use Excel as it is the most widely known spreadsheet software and that makes it the one you most probably have access to.

In the final lecture you will find how you can gain free access to the TEST4U training platform to complete the projects, brush up your Excel skills, and ace the UBER Analytics test.





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