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UX Usability Testing & User Testing, Interviews and Research Techniques.

teacher avatar James Eccleston, Founder of Bridge Studio

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. User Testing Intro

    • 2. List Functionality

    • 3. Set up

    • 4. Prepare the user

    • 5. The User Test

    • 6. Analysis and notes

    • 7. Action list

    • 8. Project

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About This Class

Learn how to improve your UX design really fast. User Testing is a skill that every UX designer should know that and master. The class is aimed at designers that already know a bit about UX and would like to take their skills to the next level, experienced designers can also review these classes and check if they are applying them to their work. The class is for designers of all abilities.

After mastering User Testing you will be able to make your work more intuitive and connect with the user. Knowing how to carry out User Testing will give your work more authority and help defend it against other stakeholders. 

Here is the script you can use while testing a design with a user:
User Testing Script

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

James Eccleston

Founder of Bridge Studio


I help brands connect with their audience through strategic user centred design. I have 17 years of experience from working for major brands in London, such as Virgin, to some of the fastest growing tech startups in Latin America. Now I'm is based in Madrid where I also teach UX, Branding and Typography design at the Istituto Europeo di design in Madrid.

I believe that design education needs to be brought into the 21st century at a cost affordable to everyone.

The aim of my designs is to make businesses more profitable through intelligent, creative design that maintains the right balance between aesthetics and functionality.

I'm the founder of Bridge Studio and also an online design education platform, The Designers Union.

https://br... See full profile

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1. User Testing Intro: guys today. English show you how to improve your work Really, Really greatly with user testing, it's a great way to gain empathy and see your work from other side from the side of the user on probably, I think bank for book before the best you can do to improve your work. First up, I'm gonna show you how to define a list of functionality or user stories that we're gonna test next up. I'm gonna show you how to select the area where we have our user on what suffered to use. Then another important step is we're gonna prep the user to make themselves feel comfortable for our testing. Then we're ready to test. I'm gonna walk you through the stages of actual testing that we're gonna analyze our results and create a concrete to do list to make your work the best it can be. How many times you be working on intimating. You think this is great? This is fantastic. Politically need to use a test it on. Then you do show to somebody and they're like, Oh, how do I log in? Oh, where's this? But you think How did we see this? This is so obvious. So when you do, show to people outside your team brings in a fresh pair of ice that uncover any mistakes like that. Any small things that you didn't see or even it could be big things as well. But getting a fresh pair of eyes on it is a fantastic thing to do without doing user testing. The best case scenarios you have. Samaras that go crude production on You'll have to do it again or not recode it or take time. The worst case scenarios. You know interest just won't be usable. There'll be something fatal to the design. That means it doesn't work Half a day. Doing your testing can say weeks redesigning a product by doing user testing. Get design the best stick candy in that living to the map. Time off course. There's always gonna be things you want to improve later on. It's in the interrogative process, but this is probably the quickest way to get your app in the face website product where it needs to be really quickly and on time 2. List Functionality: for women to is write down a list of the five functionalities or user stories that we want to test its not a good idea to test any more than that, because things just get too complicated. That just be to Mr Do. So we're gonna use our global book and we're gonna list down the five most important thing we want to test. It's a good idea to start off with what's called a first exposure test. This puts the website in front of the user or that up in front of the use of the first time on. We asked him the question. What is this website for? Who is it aimed at and just let them have a little general brows about that? We can kind of note down their reactions and see if I understand it. Then we can start to write a list of the main functionality you want to test. So, for example, this might be how do you log in? How would you upload a photo? What's their maximum size of photo that you need? How key Delete a photo? Or maybe it could be something like, How do you post an article Once you have a list of five things you want to test, including the first exposure, we're gonna happen to the google dot So you'll have one Cullen with all the or things you wanna test and in five of the columns for each user on. Then what we're gonna do, we're gonna write in each cell are feedback for each task completed. When writing down a task. It's a good idea to write a little background on why the user wants to complete this task. So, for example, one that we're going to use later Is this for it's for a nap for first time mothers on the task Is your new mother on? Do you want to find others in a similar situation? Task. How would you socialize with mothers in your area? So we're gonna test that in a moment. I will see how well the user can find out how to do it. So what you need to do now is write down all your tax in the Google docks and then we're almost ready to get going. So what we're gonna do, we gonna write down the tasks on the left hand side on the right hand side. You can see we have an example of up. We're gonna test just to show you guys to give you a bit of ah context on its own up for first time mothers. So the first task is the first exposure. This is you just don't live up. What does that do? And was offer Who is up for? And then what? We're gonna dio. We're gonna ask that question to the user, and then we're gonna write down the notes in the columns here, so use the one we're right down, whether that's successful or not, or they're having problems or any other general notes we have. The 2nd 1 will be ur new mother, and you would like to find others in a similar situation. Task. How would you socialize with mothers in your area if they convict this task? 100% fine were noted down here. And then any of the observations we have it was keep it short and simple. Okay, the next question will be you like to go to an event to meet mothers task, join an event, all meet up. The next task will be You're worried about what you can eat where president on the task is How would you find out what new drinks you need Then finally, the last task is you're worried about what you can't eat while pregnant. Task. How did you find out what? Not tweet. So you write down whether that the tests are successful, that they failed in any other little notes. One thing I like to do is I like to highlight in the column, uh, highlight the text in a in a color. So if it's a successful green, if it took him a little while to find out orange unthinkable, you failed already down red. 3. Set up: way. Start testing. It's really important we have our space set up its ah, good idea to have a space where nobody's gonna dropped you on. You have a bit of peace and quiet. So what? I like to dio have two chairs so I can sit right next the user. So if you have any questions, I'm right there. And I can also see in real time exactly what they're doing. And I can ask him more questions as well. On the laptop, we're gonna have our questions. User stories open on our Google doc. So they're testing a website. We're gonna have our interface ready on our laptop on I usually use, like in vision test websites on Also, we use our screen quarter I usually use can't easier. But if you want a free person, you can also use a quick time. If you're testing it up, we'll still need your laptop for the questions on then does one. If it's an iPhone or an android phone, you could still record the screen on both of them. So we have to do to set up your screen reporting iPhone is click settings. Scroll down Teoh Control Center customized controls. And then I've already got my asking wedding stuff on here. But if you haven't, it'll be under more controls. Tap on the plus icon, and then they will be added to die for and then to start recording screen, swipe up, and then you can see it about on the screen there. What you might have to do is switching audio on to switch an older. You do your three D tap and then obviously twitching Audio that Now if you go on iPhone off your testing and enjoyed up there plenty options on the play store for screen quarters, anything you don't want to have handy is the consent form. So the consent form is just a piece of paper. It says What you gonna do on that they use is happy that you're videoing them, and then you're just going to use this to improve you into face 4. Prepare the user: no ago that space that now we have the proper user. We have a script here, but maybe use it may be just one toe. Memorize their orders, use it for bullet board was how they're just in case on. Also, we've also got a consent form. So when you're speaking to the user, it's really important to remind them that they got making mistakes. You're testing the app, not them. And also the next important thing to say to them is for him to speak out loud. So when we're recording either on iPhone on the desktop, we have a dialogue to remind us what they're thinking at the time. And then you might also want to ask them. Some are warm up questions just to make them feel comfortable, so they're kind of like speaking freely. If you use it does ask you any questions like how will perform this task? You'll have to remind you can tell them how to perform that task on. A good thing to say is, how do you think it should be done for? What do you think? And then they can go through a struggle a bit more, and then you can kind of gauge help. Difficult. That task is. But usually if they have to ask you, it's not that evidence. Another tip is when the user is going through the interface, it is rather listen to what they say they might be. Trying to give you recommendations is to actually see what they're doing. So if they click on the task and they carry out the task really easily, but they may say, Or that was really confusing. Well, then you have one of two reporting point of view because they did it very easily. So sometimes it's more important to see what they do rather than what they say. Another thing that's really important is not. Tell the user what to do so that you might see them struggling, and you'll be really tempted to say, Hey, click there. It's really obvious, But please don't do that. That's going to really ruin the test. If they do ask you how to do a task, just are something like, Well, how do you think you should do it or what would you expect it to? So it's really important you don't tell them what to do 5. The User Test: so not something actual testing, so have are already we have a lovely user, Monica. And then we're gonna run her through some of the tasks for you today. So to start off with, we want toe prep by user Monica until a rate of about a bit about was going on. So, Monica, today we're gonna test on up. We're not testing you, so you can do anything. You know it's OK. You know, you're gonna make any mistakes. If you do make mistakes. That's good. First, we're gonna film it for today. Andi, we just need your consent. Teoh, use the videos to tell test the outer planets could be kept private. Just read this and then sign so we can have a script when running through their user testing is put a good idea that you don't have it right in front of you like this because it might seem a bit fake. Just memories it a bit beforehand. OK, so the script. So the script goes on the lines off an introduction, and then we would tell the user that they were testing the app we're not testing them on then also monarchic when you're going through that. Can you think out aloud as well and tell us what you're trying to achieve to stop? Let's just have a few warm up questions. So, Monica, what do you do in your day job? And they director from And you and I work? We say volunteers, maybe from Spain and a few from Latin America. And I work. I work with a small NGOs around the world, in Africa, Asia and in America. Okay, that's great. Andi, Um, how much time per day do you use to use the Internet and ups? I think 90% heavy user. Yeah, Okay. And they set the screen boarding up on iPhone now. So let's sweep up on then. That should be recording right now. Then I'm gonna get open up. Envision on here? Syria is up. So can you read out? Allow the first task. You just downloaded the up. And what does the up do you know for who is there for? So we leave a bit of time now to browse through the half and then kind of discover what is heard for, So don't forget. Think out aloud. Yeah, it's ah for pregnant. Guess on and home. Yeah, so it has a okay. You have to put your refined into use your profile and then a guess with the weeks it says a what? ISS evolution inside you on. Also, it gives you some tips about a food. Yeah, resting our doctor things. There is a calendar. When you coming through the use a full information related to your pregnancy, Andi, I guess it gives you like, yeah, it will give you there. It will remind you the things. Okay, so it looks like you have a fairly good idea of what this hapstall about, then. Okay, I think it's clear. Okay, great. So now let's move on to the second task. So can you read this out aloud? You're a new mother on Would like to find others in a similar situation. How would you socialize with mothers in your area? Okay. Will take the cunning lor very something. No, me. Here it is. I will choose a social option on then the first option events and meetups. Okay, that's what you would like to go to a Yeah, bricks and political few for months. Okay, Would to see on e think I want to go? Yeah. Now I have only details. Is there anything else you would like to know about the meet up and e, I think is fine. I would maybe take with going on and you can take the comments off their moms. Okay. Okay. Fantastic. And is there any other ways you can socialize with moms in your area? Yeah, I would go. Oh, so too therefore, room Maybe if you have any doubts or something and also to sing disruption moms in your area where you can see your close to I don't know. Maybe your neighbor is pregnant, and you have Come. Okay. Yeah, It gives us some clues. Okay, Fantastic. So let's go on to the next task. You would like to go to an event to meet mothers task during an event or a meter. Okay. Okay. You say I would go to show shell and then events and meat. Okay, that's pretty straightforward. Now, can you complete the task? How would you fight during an event? Okay, so I would a take the Yeah, but the check the event. I would like to go on the media and then there is an option. I want to go repressive, would you? Okay, I'm going yet. Okay. So it's really important. I don't tell you what to do on even it's it's really important not to give it any kind of clues. I think one time I said yes when she asked me a question That's pretty bad. So you should try to really stay as neutral as possible. So you wanted to go to this. Meet up. And what did you do? E take the details, turn a press have been going on then. In my case, it would take horses, score in the place, and I have any dark. I would put a comment comments place, okay. And that scene to be easily understandable. He super you see? Yeah. Okay. Okay, let's move on to the next task A you're worried about with you connect with pregnant. The last case, How would you find out what nutrients unique. Okay, I would choose thes Nutri share and option on. And what I would do sport to eat this week, Okay. And then he gives you every make every week off the day flues about what you should eat and I've seen before That gives your clothes off you can What? You shouldn't eat on a new chance. That is of course, Yeah. Okay. Yeah, you need Yeah. So can you say we go toe nutrition than you? Nutrients unique. And then check and yeah. What? I shouldn't need them If you want to show. I can see days An option on that day takes you to Tesco in this case. OK, bye. Ok, great. So could we do the last tusk? You're worried? Wrote would you can't eat wife pregnant task. How would you find out what? Not to it. Okay, this in it. So I would go to mutation and then I would choose not to eat that option. And then he gives you all day things you're not allowed to eat, OK? It's anything on that you didn't expect you couldn't eat. I think it is anything on on that list that you didn't know about all that. Surprised too. No, I think he said And normal things. Okay, Okay. So in general, how did you find the experience of using up? I think it's very easy, Savory, even if if it is not a person that a is very years to work with cops and is something very intuitive. Yeah, And it's very complete to like the idea off seeing the whole process pregnancy and also have the combination off having a community under. So having some tapes about a food or yeah, Was it be on up that would recommend to your friends? Okay, on also last of all, do you have any other comments about anything you would change when it you don't like. Okay, so remember to think I was just taking their different options, like show share, nutrition. Garland are there is something that I think it's missed, but they think it's it's quite complete. I also like, alone Mr Night. There's disc over. Bambino. Come. Okay, that's great. That's the last tusk on to say thank you for coming in. We're gonna give you a gift voucher on next up Wigan and review all the videos and we're gonna look for areas to improve 6. Analysis and notes: way. Just finished that first into what I like to do. I like to write down all the notes. As soon as I finished this interview, I put the ball into the Google docks here on Ben. I write down where they've passed or failed than any of the notes I have on what I do. Itinerary, Watch the video of the same time I was writing. The note actually got some headphones on. So you don't know your coworker. So we've opened by Google, Doc. Here on, we have our first use a test on the left, which is just under half. What does that do? Offer on who's up for right hand side. We have, ah, video off the user. It happened. So we're gonna play the video for a moment and then see whether she completes this test. You've just downloaded the app. And with us, the f do under for always there for so I could give a bit of time now to browse to the up and then kind of discover what it is for not allowed. Yeah, it's ah, for pregnant. Yes. Yeah. So you pass em. You have to put your profile into use your profile and then a guess with the weeks it says a what? These a revolution in safe young. So just from a chocolate, it looks like he has a really good idea how that works. I didn't actually notice. She swiped from the division prototype. Sweeping goes to the next queen. So perhaps I should told her that Noel the functionality is included in this, but she understands what that's for. What? It doesn't sell it, but yeah, good. Um, used on why I like today color this up. Yeah, that's sickly fold. And then let's green color. So this is just so when you completed all your in two years of loyal users you can quickly up for and seeing which ones way about failure or which ones are good, I just use a traffic light system. So it's ah, second test, and I'm gonna ask you to go to the task write down ticket there. A new mother on would like to find others in a similar situation. How would you socialize with mothers in your area will take the calendar. There is something Me. It was just a sure she had option. And then the first option events and meetups. Okay, is when we took you, would like to go to and yeah, for eggs and broke off you for months. I was to sit on e. I want to go. Yeah, now I have only details. Is there anything else you would like to know about the top and e think is frying I would maybe took was going. So their moms. Okay, great. Okay. So it took her a little bit longer than we thought to find this. So we don't know whether this is an anomaly, but when we do, we'll arrest of all testing done would be to see if this happens without uses. So I'm different and women's rights. Well, fine. Okay. And then she also coming to down. She looked out to see glasses going Good comment. I'm gonna come in this up already is just cause it didn't take what it just took a little while to find, so that might be a one off, but again, you next test for five to get a good idea. So way happen now is you're gonna go through all these on watch two years, right up any cons and what you can also Do you have any suggestions? Anything that pops into your head here knows what time tonight, sinkholes, any solutions. But if anything does come, you could just put him in here. And that might be useful later when you're breathing somebody else in. So once you're done with the testing, you should have a document that looks a little bit like this on It's a really good way to spot when your design has problems. So if you have a row with lots of orange of red, that means that when you tested this user story test, there was a problem with the design, so we could really easily find out, right? This part of the design needs to be changed. You can put any ideas or nothing in natural cells or down below, but we're usually go on to result of forms later 7. Action list: So, really, for your notes on the form of videos on all you have to do now is right, a concrete list off things to do, things to change in the design on. Also, if you're gonna work for another designer, you need to breathe them in and then give them all this material. The last thing we need to do is write up a list off our actions we take. This can be good. Fear yourself, just organize yourself. But also, it's really important if you're going to grief in another designer that hasn't been on the test. So we'll start off with must be improved. These air, the tests that you really, really need Teoh improved for the design work. So we right in our use a story or functionality here that needs to be improved. We also right why the user could resolve this task. And then we can also right in how it Mekel how, like, how might we question that changes the problem into a question. So the reason here, Well, the problem is the user could find the sections that we're talking about the socialized section. We can just change that question. So it might be something like, How might we make the social aspect more obvious to find? I just changes the kind of thinking a little bit on as you are, where the one who did the testing, you might have some better insight, so it's nice, but it's impossible suggestions there. But if you're not the design, actually during the changes, it's nice to let them have their input. So this is why we've been under possible suggestions and then run the end video. So when you're making the changes or another, designers make me change naked, refer back to the video and see exactly what the problem is that underneath we have another miracle should be improved diesel there things that are not so critical to act but they really should be improved and then underneath would be nice to be improved if we have time . So what this does this gives you focus on do let you change the things that really needed to be changed rather than having a long list off factions to take? I really, really hope these courses are improved, your work and you have a thorough understanding of how to do user testing. Let's do a little with summary before you go. So the first thing you need to do is you need toe. Define what you're going to test. Keep this to around about four or five things. He's gonna be using stories or types of functionality in your APP website or into face. Then you need to get everything set up. Get your workspace set up. Make sure you got your desk. Make sure you've got a nice, quiet place. Then you need to prep your user. Let them know how you're gonna test them. Let them know objectives are that you're testing the inter vases, not them, and then get them to sign the consent form. And and honestly, you move on to that ball testing when you go for the tasks you can sit next to him on. It's really important that you observe what they're doing on, then in taking notes about the little errors you conceived. So once you've done or your testing, then you can write down your notes in the Google doc. Then after that right, a concrete to do list 8. Project: So all the ways to do now is to upload your project on this is really dead simple. So just upload a before and after screens. Before you did use a testing and after he did use the testing and then just point out, just write in the comments What things have changed or he kind of gained any interesting insights from the user testing on. If you had any surprises in your testing it for Well, okay, I didn't see that. I'm really glad that just talk about the most important things you discovered. So that's simple. And if you want me feedback, please let me know and I'll try and get back to as soon as possible. That's and, of course, I hope you enjoyed it on D. C. It soon.