UX Series: Build an Effective Portfolio

Eva Kaniasty, User Experience Consultant

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9 Lessons (2h 27m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Choosing the right tool: Part 1

    • 3. Choosing the right tool - Part 2

    • 4. Tool Walkthrough

    • 5. Choosing portfolio pieces: Part 1

    • 6. Choosing portfolio pieces: Part 2

    • 7. UX Portfolio Panel

    • 8. How to create an instant portfolio

    • 9. Final Assignment


Project Description

Create an online portfolio of UX deliverables

Choose your tool

  1. Review a range of portfolio tools

    Based on lectures and readings, understand the types of tools available, e.g. online portfolio sites, custom templates, etc. 

    Conduct a deeper competitive review of a minimum of 5 tools (Note... this can serve as your first portfolio piece!). See the second part of thisl ecture for information on structuring your review.

  2. Choose the finalist

    Choose a tool you will use to publish the portfolio you create in this class.

Choose and create portfolio pieces

  1. Create portfolio structure

    Create a list of categories you'll need to showcase the range of your work  (e.g. design, research, case studies). 

    Based on that structure, brainstorm potential sources of portfolio items (work or school projects, stuff you've done for yourself) with an eye toward guidelines given in the lecture.

  2. Review existing samples

    Make a list of:

    • Portfolio items that are ready to go,
    • Items that you will need permission to share
    • Items you need to edit in some way to get them portfolio-ready, and
    • Items you'll need to create from scratch

  3. Create final deliverables

    Work on editing and creating portfolio-ready deliverables and/or case studies.

Publish your portfolio

  1. Create the account and/or template for your portfolio

    Depending on what tool you've chosen, this step may take more or less time. At this point, you will want to:

    • sign up for an account on a portfolio site, or
    • set up a website template or theme, or
    • create a document or presentation template

  2. Upload portfolio items

    Begin uploading, categorizing, and uploading portfolio items for peer review. Don't wait until your portfolio is perfect - it will always remain a work in progress!

Get feedback & refine

Additional Resources