UX Portfolios 101: Standing Out with Case Studies | Amy Gaulding | Skillshare

UX Portfolios 101: Standing Out with Case Studies

Amy Gaulding, Senior Product Designer

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10 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Class preview

    • 2. What is a UX Case Study?

    • 3. Creating an Outline

    • 4. Writing: Introduction

    • 5. Writing: Research

    • 6. Writing: Concepts & Challenges

    • 7. Writing: Outcome & Closing

    • 8. Gathering Images

    • 9. Tips for assembly

    • 10. Final Steps

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About This Class

Hi there, my name is Amy and I'm a UX Designer based in Austin. I remember what it was like starting out and trying to figure out how to share my work with others. I hope that what you learn here will help you avoid some of the stress and confusion I felt early on in my career.

In this class, you will learn how to document a project you've completed in a UX Case Study format, so that it's ripe and ready to go into your portfolio. We'll discuss why this is such a necessary ingredient when it comes to landing a job, and at the end of the class you'll be ready to present or publish any project of your choice with total confidence. 

This is not a class on the design process, but rather, how to document and discuss the design process. Anyone from beginners to seasoned professionals could benefit from this class, but I do assume that you already understand and have experience with the design process itself.

If you know you need to work on your portfolio, but you aren't sure where to start or what to do, this class is for you.