UX Design: The Art of Writing Annotations | Michael Lemma | Skillshare

UX Design: The Art of Writing Annotations

Michael Lemma, Designer & Photographer

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6 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Annotations Intro

    • 3. The Terminology

    • 4. The Art of Writing Annotations

    • 5. Creative Annotations

    • 6. Dressing up your Annotations


About This Class

If you're looking to get into UX design, there will come a point in the UX process to write annotation in your documentation, so others can read and understand how your design will function. This short class will explain

  • The Terminology
  • Setting up Annotation in your Document
  • Writing Annotations
  • Dressing up the Document

Note: If you'd like to use a design then go ahead a take my Wireframe class (if it's not available it will be soon) so you can use that design to annotate. If not, I have attached a document for you to annotate.