UX / Design Resumes: Top Easy Fixes + Recruiter Insights

Melissa G Kim, UX Designer

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10 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Jobs & Recruiters

    • 3. Content

    • 4. Format & Hierarchy

    • 5. Copy

    • 6. Versioning

    • 7. Personal Brand

    • 8. Iterate

    • 9. Remember Your User

    • 10. Practice

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Project Description

HW Part 1: Copy

  1. Write out all the words you would put in your resume. Feel free to use the sample doc I’ve provided.
  2. Go back through and edit your copy to the shortest, most effective sentence(s) you could write. (Keep in mind: you might change your copy again when you try to format everything together.)
  3. Rank your experiences by importance. Which ones correspond best with one version of your resume? Which ones correspond best with a different version? Which ones will get cut from your resume if necessary?
  4. If you upload only this portion, I will assume you want feedback on the COPY ONLY.

HW Part 2: Format

  1. Choose 1-2 colors that fit your personality or personal brand.
  2. Choose 2 fonts: 1 for headers, 1 for body---Don’t spend too long searching. You can always change it later. Hint: find 1 font you like and search the Internet for “fonts that go with ____”
  3. Once you’ve got the content/copy down, start organizing the information visually. (Remember to keep relevant pieces of info together!)
  4. Check the consistency of your typography kerning (space between letters) and leading (space between lines)
  5. Make at least one other version of your resume. Hint: RGB vs CMYK, public vs specific/private, etc)
  6. Upload your assignment. If you only upload 1 of the 2 assignments, I will critique that assignment  ONLY.

HW Bonus: Iterate

  1. Before you upload here, ask for feedback from peers/mentors. 
  2. Iterate and upload the before and after. Write a short paragraph on what feedback you got, and how your iteration improves either the copy and/or the format.

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