UX Design Intro : Principles of User Experience | James Eccleston | Skillshare

UX Design Intro : Principles of User Experience

James Eccleston, Founder of Bridge Studio

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10 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. UX Principles Intro

    • 2. 01a Design for your user

    • 3. Feedback

    • 4. Digestibility

    • 5. Clarity

    • 6. Familiarity

    • 7. Delight

    • 8. Summary: Principles of UX

    • 9. Project: Principles of UX

    • 10. Case Study

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About This Class

Learn the core foundation of UX design. UX design is constantly evolving as new ideas and ways of working are created but at its core there are principles that every new designer should master. The class is aimed at designers starting their career and It’s also useful for more experienced designers to review these principles and check if they are applying them to their work. The class is for designers of all abilities.

These 6 principles will help you connect with your user and make your work more intuitive. We will look at each principle and talk about best practice examples and how to apply them to your work.

Course Summary

Summary PDF

Bonus Material 

Principles of UX eBook