UX Design For Accessibility | Doug Collins | Skillshare
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9 Videos (41m)
    • Introduction

    • Types of Disabilities

    • WCAG 2.0 Guidelines Overview

    • Make Your Site Perceivable

    • Make Your Site Operable

    • Make Your Site Understandable

    • Make Your Site Robust

    • Pitching Accessibility to the Business

    • Wrap up

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About This Class

Learn how to design your websites UX with an eye for accessibility, allowing you to better serve one of the world's largest populations of users!

Far from being a restriction to your design, learning and adhering to the best practices of accessibility design means that your site will be more usable for everyone, including those without permanent restrictions.

Geared toward current UX professionals looking to learn new skills or those new to the UX field wanting to learn best practices, this course will help you learn the fundamentals of designing for accessibility - a skill much sought after, but little used.

There's no need for fancy materials or coding knowledge here - just come with a basic knowledge of UX fundamentals and a eye for making the world a better place. 





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Doug Collins

UX Pro with a Passion for Knowledge

I am a User Experience (UX) professional with more than 19 years of experience working on web projects in design, development, and management capacities. With a varied background that includes work with Nordstrom, the Denver Broncos, and Trust Company of America (recently acquired by E*TRADE), I'm passionate about passing along my knowledge and expertise to new and established professionals.

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Web Development Creative UI/UX Design
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