UPDATED - Learn To Edit Photos Using Adobe Lightroom Mobile {An In-depth Course} | Stuart Little | Skillshare

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UPDATED - Learn To Edit Photos Using Adobe Lightroom Mobile {An In-depth Course}

teacher avatar Stuart Little, Video Editor | Filmmaker | YouTuber

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

42 Lessons (2h 49m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Downloading Lightroom Mobile CC

    • 3. A Tour Of The Lightroom Mobile CC Interface

    • 4. Selecting Images Using Rating And Review Flags

    • 5. Applying Keywords To Your Images

    • 6. Making The Most Of The Info Panel

    • 7. Exporting And Sharing An Image

    • 8. Syncing To Creative Cloud And Other Options

    • 9. Organising Your Images Using Albums And Folders

    • 10. Where & How To Store Your Images Between Mobile And Desktop

    • 11. Using The Lightroom Camera App

    • 12. First Project - Make an Image (SOCC)

    • 13. Touring The Edit Interface

    • 14. Using Adobe Sensei and The Auto Button

    • 15. Lets Talk About JPEG Image Files

    • 16. Using The Light Panel

    • 17. Lets Talk About RAW Image Files

    • 18. Using The Colour Panel

    • 19. Lets Talk About HEIC Image Files

    • 20. Using Both The Light And Colour Panels (Demo)

    • 21. Using The Optics Panel

    • 22. Two Examples of How To Use Geometry Panel

    • 23. How & When To Use The Crop Panel

    • 24. Using The Heal Panel to Both Clone And Heal Images

    • 25. Lets Talk About Lightroom Mobile For iPad

    • 26. Using The Selective Panel

    • 27. Lets Put All This Knowledge Together (Demo)

    • 28. Going Beyond Lightroom Mobile With Photoshop Express

    • 29. Getting Sharper Images With The Detail Panel

    • 30. Final Thoughts

    • 31. Guido Chill (BONUS)

    • 32. (Update) Introduction To New Videos

    • 33. (Update) Using Best Photos

    • 34. (Update) Using Adobe Portfolio

    • 35. (Update) Using Shared Galleries

    • 36. (Update) Using Image Versions

    • 37. (Update) Sharing Edits [Beta]

    • 38. (Update) Using Export As...

    • 39. (Update) Using Photoshop Integration

    • 40. (Update) Using Raw Defaults

    • 41. (Update) Using Fine Color Adjustments

    • 42. (Update) A New Project & My Final Thoughts

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About This Class


Whether you are an aspiring photographer or a working professional. Learning to edit your work on the go using the Adobe Lightroom Mobile CC is the way to go!

Lightroom Mobile is probably the most powerful image organising and processing app for iPhone & iPad available in the App Store today. I wanted to create a beginners guide to using the app but from a professional commercial photographers perspective...

Whether you shoot with a DSLR or Mirrorless camera. "Computational Photography" is the future and it's pretty much NOW! As each new iPhone is released each September, the image quality and features only get better and much more powerful than the previous model. So, I am here for the smartphone evolution and using Lightroom mobile for 95% of my pro-work as well as personal images and you should as well.

Clients want their images like yesterday and being able to edit on the go whilst the shoot is ongoing or edit whilst you are chilling in front of the tv is the way forward for every photographer ;)

In this course, I cover all the basics of using Lightroom Mobile. I go into great detail so that after you finish the 30 Lessons (2 hours 15 mins) you will have a good grasp of the fundamentals of photo editing, image processing and photo organisation using the Creative Cloud.

I cover the following aspects of the Lightroom Mobile from a Commercial Photographers Perspective and in as much detail as I think you will need to make the most of the app. 

- Image Organisation
- Keywords
- Profiles
- Presets
- Making Images w/ Lightroom Camera App
- Light
- Colour
- Effects
- Detail
- Optics
- Geometry
- Cropping

- Retouching ft Touch Retouch
- Selective Processing
- Adobe Sensai AI
- Photoshop Express Overview
- Sharing Images

Enjoy the course and look out for extra videos being added as Adobe update the app in the near future...

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Stuart Little

Video Editor | Filmmaker | YouTuber


Hello, I am Stuart Little and I'm a Professional Video Editor, Filmmaker, iPhoneographer and YouTuber based on the West Coast of Scotland. I have been shooting for a living since 1992 and my aim to is to pass my knowledge and experience to the next generation of creatives and life long learners… 🤙

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1. Introduction: Hi, guys. Money, Mr Little, An award winning professional photographer based in the West Coast off Scotland. Welcome to my late room thief. 2. Downloading Lightroom Mobile CC: now I've already downloaded like them obviously to my foot in my iPod, etcetera. But if you haven't already done loaded up or you got to do is going to the APP store. Quick search. What's happening? You and just tape a late room looks out again and you can see was a non photo talk. And then it was the first on natural West. I've got the open a chord used to have the world get you have already got up on you could deal with it from there. If you want to read up on it, you can go through all the options and previews a very good reading. What should have Because that's great. No, to get the most out of late room and take all the feet Joe's, you're gonna have to have a subscription. If you already subscribed to 40 shop and late room through the creative clothes, then you condone would remove veil on your subscriptions already speed for and basically just log on because he'll be Abie beautiful. Otherwise you're gonna have to people subscription, which also includes spark poor spark video on I think Crimea, Russia as well. Amongst other things, go over these anyway. So there you go. So you don't would later. So I will see you on the next one or a quick tour off the interface. 3. A Tour Of The Lightroom Mobile CC Interface: Okay, so I'm gonna tap on late room and we'll launch up. Now, this is what you get to see when you fast lunch light room. This is thes off home media. You got your recent images up here on wards of interactive tutorials from people like Chris Orwig during your So if you haven't used late room before as well, definitely these when she covered there, of course, moving along to the actual labor. Sell all your different. Full third on albums, Quite a few different options. Your feet, Those damages on my late room catalogue. At the moment, this is also sink to my latent classic, but almost the late MCC Online. So I cannot work between the desktop and mobile for over I must have I use lightly mobile way more than I use the desktop option, but they are both think next mean your cross is things you've actually shared. So these are albums I'm actually created on Are available online, do things like videos. Peter fugue assets of us. If I had my family clean Castle on once keeps some micro work using micro lens, but you can see here and also my portfolio archive like. So next along its the adobe Sensi search, that's we will go into more debt later on. But for example, if I just take planned night, I'll give you an example or deaf in eight short of what it thinks doesn't make shorts. And obviously unit went adobe Sensi search. Later on, you get the auctions for filtering by camera, tape, people, location. He wants all that stuff. Star ratings for the images were fact things about. And then the next day on across is the creative clothed, sinking on Back up. And this is obviously sinking and back up to my door. Be classic Flight three. Three thoughts, far right give you the options for selecting shooting. Invading with people. You can segment get images buying things like years, months, days, arrows, fly greetings, that kind of thing. It's sort relevancy or the captured, mortified, important eat like nothing, and then you get different view options here as well. You can also add photos from all photos from camera roll on from your fails. You could do a sleigh chul on house and also options for things like settings. This is where you can say it. How much clothes stores You're using a local storage ways of importing water marking. Your gentle shortcuts are mentioned here, the people view, but you're using that on no. And also technology previews for things like long exposure depth map support, which obviously relates to actually shooting with leg room. So that's like a quick tour off the inter fees and the coming videos. We're going to Mawr, obviously, into the catalogs on how you read on, edit your photos and then from there against the procession. 4. Selecting Images Using Rating And Review Flags: one of the things I foot to get off a lot is food. So let's just take a look at some ships from there. I'm just gonna tap on frost damage. No, up here in the top left hand corner, you'll see it's interview. You just tap on that. You get a written review activity key Waltz on on four. Both the image. We're gonna start with the return review, which is obviously going through on reading refugees on the left hand side, off your stream. If you sweep up in turn, give the image of star reading and in the right hand side of the screen with the option to flag the image. Beckett not pick it or rejected. And this is actually optional team to use the most from working with my images. See, yes, that one. And just wait to the left. I mean, sitting with a class when not one, I'll reject best one just for the sake of it, I reject that one. That one that was no one or reject that one. I'm not even I reject that one four stopped. I'll pick that one. Many of those will project. Yeah, we're options over Yep, Just checked yet. So pick that will reject out just for the secret with the wrong with it. But it gives you nine years then that we when we come back to me in view and see images that are picked, the images are rejected like so agreed. You can then felt her brother times, for example, just affect images. You felt it, too, that want to see them all again? I went to see the rejected images, projected images and then any energies which you didn't choose, which obviously we picked instead those the pecked allergies. So that's a we, or filtering having a look through your images, being able to read and review really, really quickly. And I've got over that Compared to the desktop version of Late Room, this is the fastest real editing, any job you're working on. But it's just happy snap shorts or fill professional shoot. You can just fly through flicking left and right. I'm just going through and selecting your images and just sweeping up and down really, really quickly. If I go into my startles folder, it was a hell of a lot what energies in here we can quickly go through them. So, for example, will keep that when when not one, not one. No. One. It's not 11 No one don't get too close. So that's not one. Not one. I was started here as well. If you want, keep that one course. That's not when when? When you get the idea so very, very quickly, we can walk our way through and going back and then using our filter option. See right. I want to see just picked image ease. Thanks. So those old images so far delete filtering. I could see I want to see the ones I haven't actually chosen yet. We went to them as well. So that's a really fast way off, being able to edit through huge amount of images very, very quickly because you're using tactile, swiping left and right living up and down. It's so much faster than clicking. But even using keyboard shortcuts on with the late in their stop 5. Applying Keywords To Your Images: when she retied your images, you can move one down into the next options analyst no or combined activity later on, but it really it's potentially two albums that you shared online as a Galati. If there's been comments or lights that you can really apply to, will appear here, pair image. But what combines not later on the next option is keywords. Now I must have. I don't tend to use keywords. An awful lot is probably something I should do an awful lot more off. Don't shoot an awful lot of stock. I do supply images that will be stark on. Also to Alami, by team to use their automated were key working and once again, images uploaded to the website rather than key warping prior to them. Some teams keyboarding can be useful. So, for example, just how you go about doing it. It's just obviously topping out key words. So, for example, I can put soup. I can handle support things like bowl, and then if I had a coma on, will put butter in there. You will see that, then splits up into different chiazi, drafty. Keep taping one world and then clicking done. You just need to be a whole load of what's so for example, bread, you know, then there we've got Wait, um, high key trekkers represent the look of the image. We can take funded dish that as it's Colin skink. I just saw soups true here in Scotland, Um, cough crossly so know only die tape and things that are obvious to the image on like this or what we can do. Ramic. And that's what the bottles on. We also can also take pen aspirational words as well. Um, I developed the obvious things like plate, you get a year click done another all the key roads. If there's any cured you don't want, for example, within one ball, you just stop the X next to the let the world's I'm not leaving, deletes it. So that's that's a key worlds sanction within labour and Mobile 6. Making The Most Of The Info Panel: the final option within the region review section before we get to edit Section is in for on This is where you can take to get image at any caption again that's gonna release that door. Be start you want to get a good names of. For example, this is an equity rectangular image or boil park. Short the 60 cameras so I could put polio far. Caption. - True . If you cooperate as a result, the other. So Stewart so cooperates till 2020 was shot to get here anonymously below. It gives you some except information or failed name. That's the shockers drew last year on camera tape instead. 3 60 warnings unknown lands in physical pixel dimensions off exit information that's gonna fort you have built in 24 7. Exporting And Sharing An Image: if I wanted to assume Ege on another up and always that I'm going to shoot it if she had any. Corn is just next to the little question Mark Circle, which is all about other tutorials that leave them supply, giving the b six for To use the click on share. You see options off sheer to organ in Edison or export directly to the camera door. Exporter fails on what you're actually exporting as, for example, no apart from G, pig in export is attacked. For that, the engine. You can actually convey a depicted PNG so that it's more protected and less destructive. Then the actual size, obviously largest available dimensions is white people, or what? You can effectively choose small European on instagram or something or custom. If you're she pushed upsizing, then you put natural quality pretty much. I recommend Anthem from 8200 for saying you got there like or more options compute and your watermark. You want you conclude or committed. It's a camera and for vacation. And if he wants that, and if there's any hope, it Scharping you want, apply on the color space you won't touch. The work is well, these are things will cover a little bit more deal in the editing process. Elite or Steve this seem as late room classics. If you've used lately, um, Classic, then you can apply a shattering but example. Four screen people lost people getting things printed, and obviously you can change the fail naming on the custom name at the Isle name. And obviously you got the option or different displays. Adobe Rgb before to RTB General, intend to keep it to a soy allergy again. Talk about color species color signs on how color actually works in another tutorial. Father into the course. So these are options that you got for the more options. And then I tend to just walk to G. Piggott, the woman for exporting. And then you can see it's downloading natural original because I'm just working with a smart preview. Just know on the one since their alluded it will then export the damage, its largest dimensions, you know, let me to either share to likes of my way for my mom on or see the image to. The photo is up 8. Syncing To Creative Cloud And Other Options: if you're still retaining, I leave them classic catalog then and you've got on Adobe I D. Which gives you created closed access and things that you're paying for a subscription. Then you could ability to store one terribly off data up into the clothes, which they could be downloaded to your legs. Classic capital over on your computer. I'll show you later in classic later on, just as an aside, and just assure you were things go in relation to how you've uploaded to your foreign and her to get on your desktop. But for low, you can see it was sinking that one image had basically received to my camera roll, and it was up for me if needs be. If you're I read about, you don't want to use your 40 detail or five G, then you can pause the sinking of forever. But I wouldn't bother without so much. Then finally, the three little boats on the right hand side. If you tap on the best, gives you the option to organization. Images had to move to specific four doors, removing our removed from an album, delete or say as the actual album cover. If you want in terms of you options you can show in four over lease or Haytham? Sure hate. Hence the gum information then also got the option. Or slay chul prayers. Play. See? It just dissolves through different images and things that are, which could be quite handy back. And we've also quite cities again. Let's take you back to this mean you hurt by you? Get your subscription to late room. What lay terms about what's new is quite good to go in there every once in a while and just see what basically adobe of doing in terms of support on for adding information. For example, 5.1 I always 13.2 or later you can know if you're shooting with a medalist camera or DSLR. They unload the SD card details directly into late room. Rather have went to Fort. First of all, which is great. Hunde. Your played stories in ST Local storage. How your important detail what you're importing and cooperate united things, your water marking with people view if you want. That information included just a short cuts helping support with natural late room and then , once again, technology previews, which have been switched on for long exposure for the death support. They were going to the counter Elita Rahn, but actually a general overview or all the options from everything review activity, keywords, then four and then next we're going to get stuck into actually editing her image. 9. Organising Your Images Using Albums And Folders: Okay, now that we're in the adult section off the room mobile, I'm gonna top the plus icon. Here are albums You can see those two ways to organize your images albums and four girls. Now an album is just exactly the same as a collection. So I'm just gonna put test album just purely for demonstration purposes on top. Okay, and you'll then see it's working in numerical or alphabetical auto. We've got test album, and then I can also create. If I click plus symbol again Top folder and I can pick test folder. If I could spell correctly, go top. OK, you'll see there's no test folder. So if I wanted to put the test album and saved the test folder that all have got to do is tap on the feel little dots to the rate on the Interpol and moved to and then select the location. I want to move to Sandusky's test folder and then type move on that will then move the album or the collection into the correct folder so you can see. For example, my 3 60 media is organized and here and different albums, and I got at you medically leader on, I get a little creative cookie full, though there were different energy's different locations, you see is a folder within a photo, but you can be handy if you want to or organize things further. But the sad thing is, if you are still using late room. 10. Where & How To Store Your Images Between Mobile And Desktop: that a few different options when it comes to weird, how your story emerges between your mobile device on your desktop or whether you're using later mobile on your iPhone or on your iPod or Smart Top. What that kind of thing. It's pretty much the same. So let me show you the different options that you've got available to you. Option one is just shooting with your smart four and maybe the default camera or another app on starting them in the Four Tours. So I teamed. To do is if I go to locations and in here, go to my son's school. Is that the images attendance off Mike Abate with when I'm waiting for him and for the bell to ring and perhaps a great car? So a tap on the little image plus ST next to the camera icon in the bottom off the screen. And then I went to add images from terminal. You've also got the option from all four tours on from Fails over one situ a little that which is Greedo to you got from camera device. So if you were shooting with the Millers camera DSLR on, you were bringing the energies and directly from the camera or from an SD card. CF called that kind of thing. Then that would pour pop at that point and you can bring them in directly to the rim Mobile . But just know we're gonna go from camera roll. So in here, I'm gonna go to the images that went to select Just tapped. Um, you know, surges run your finger along the screen and selective with one go and then click add, but then successfully adds the images and you can see them at the bottom here. Why, then tend to do is once they are backed up and you can see that already Sington back top. I then clear my four tours up vote No, this is totally subjective on whether you want to do this or not do this. It's up to you. It used to be when I was using an iPhone. I never had that. Now, for what was storage space? I can't get into the habit of doing this with this particular iPhone 11 of arts, that goat 256 gig of storage. So I don't need to do that as much as they used to do tend to still do it. So what I want to do this year issues go in. Select the energies that I imported into light room on Delia Little deleted from the photo exam. You will never see they're still inside lately, Mobile, and that's important that they might be. Ah, smart preview. But you can at any point, download the original fail, and you can see locally original Heat Fail is here, and then it's backed up on the clothes back up. Just a tap inal Clyde icon. You can see that. So that's then corporate to your desktop version If you're running late. Room Classic If you're not running late room classic it doesn't matter. But that's being backed up over the creative clothes on and talked into your leg room classic. If you have the option there, so that's how I tend to operate, attend to keep everything within the late room and keep it all organized with within late room. If I want an image for something else, then I'll export G Pig was back into the fort is now on that stand, made available for other APS, then use, so that's the best we I famed for working, but again, it's totally subjective to her. You actually worked with images. You may want to keep all your images on your photos up as well as in late room on also back top. There's obviously good toe have it in several different locations. Another option that you may want to do is keep a four door and legs of drop box of one drive on back up, get images to that, as well as a second replaced by a cop. 11. Using The Lightroom Camera App: Welcome to the late room camera. No, there are two weeks off. Get into the camera with one through the app itself and then went through the shortcuts within IOS. So the camera up, obviously, you got to go back to your mean library and you'll see the camera icon on the bottom right hand. Say it. Tap on it and you immediately into the camera. And today we have the king of the monsters Godzilla putting for us. So the first thing you'll see up top as your flash option, which I always have off especially been shouldn't DND role fails in the middle of the top. You can change between file format D N G or G Peg. I tend to roll with the D and G most of the time, and then you've got the selfie option there, which I won't click right now because I have a face for radio right Enemy topics feel it'll dots on the right hand side and you can change your aspect. Re sure which you go. I'll get. It sits for about three at the moment, but you get 16 benign three but two former three, of course on 1 to 1 square, which is something I do use known again when I want to shoot square. But generally I shoot for by three for the set up. Next along you got yourself tamer which have been went to use but not using it today. Do you think your grid which if we ever learned you Greathouse real of thugs of golden ratio on on the right hand Say you got your level which shows you what will be level or is different level here but you can switch on and off And then obviously, by moving around playing with the lanes, you can get things nation level. If you try on these, listen this off good and I'm gonna put it along with us. Barrena! Paul here. Donut Lyrical. Okay, so that's that level from the point of view of em. This off horizontal. So next on the list is hiding or showing highlight clipping. I like to short. So if a for example, increase the exposure, there was the highlight clipping and then we decrease it a sweeping to the left to increased exposure. Restrict the rate decreases weight to the left. So that's what that's all about. zebras, and then we've got maximum brightness, which tend to actually use, Although you have to be careful of bitey leave not so much on a foreign 11 pro and pro Max , because the battery life is phenomenal. But on all the immortals later tonight, the 8th 1 year or even the execs are gonna think you back to the leaf is not just a good, so you may want to actually switch that off or having one's up to you. You're tagging four Tours. Andi. I also, when I'm using the processed effects seven on Processed original and my photos library as well. So those there are three little dots options you've. Obviously, if I just increase the exposure, got your point of focus, which we will put over Godzilla's head on. Then you can play with the exposures remain a 0.7. You've got daring here. Obviously, your shutter really spot in the middle. And, of course, you can use the volume buttons saying the actual foreign itself. If you want to, you can change to ultra. Wait, are we going to wait or in the case, or the pro max telephoto as well next to the lands choice. You can lock your exposure. I'm pretty sure that locks focus as well. 100% your block. But I'm pretty sure it does in top again to open up after that, you've got your fix. So you've got things like high contrast Look which can suit so that you think a flat look. A warm shadows look high. Contrast black and white, which is great funky on a flat black and wait to be on a stool after Failed to just shoot raw on Do the processing and late room lights are on. So obviously to make an image or you got to do is either press the volume button Quench if I just Whole thing's stayed here so you can make an exposure or you can tap the button there. No, Where things get cool is this is the auto camera. If I tap here, we've been to professional dynamic range, long exposure on depth capture. But before we do that, let me show your the options for getting into the camera up the other way. So more on my home screen here, or you have to do is swipe right on. I've got at the top of the shortcuts. Late room suite, right top camera and urine ready to go. Set your point of focus, drop or increase the exposure to certain on top to make an image. It's a simple is not fast and easy and ready for its process and late room. But as promised, let's take a look at the other options. No, I'm not gonna worry too much about the high dynamic range. Long explored your depth capture. I will quickly show you them, but it's the professional. More that I went actually show you and others are experimental and stolen beater. If you want to activate them, go into the deep dive setting rate of the bottom within the late remark. Talk right on that will allow you to activities. But let's look at professional festival. They will see once but improve mood. You've gone exposure compensation. We've got shuttle seconds which we can adjust I s o the white bones orto for controlling the actual focus itself, which is really useful. And you get a lovely well cooking effect on reset all the controls. So, first of all exposure Randall von sweeping on the screen. You can use this later. Both work absolutely fine in terms off shutter release. Well, you can increase or decrease this depending on what you want to do. So, for example, if you wanted to have a really high fast shutter like a 5/100 of a second, people shouldn't support or something or something that's leaving fast, and obviously you can set it there where this becomes really useful boat. It's a gradually flick that auto on. Look at I assault by jet over. You can no see I've got the S or at its lowest setting, pervading the best quality Rafael you can get because it limiting the middle of a digital gain noise that connects thing on green on the shutter is obviously bumped up. Great dramatically. So if you're going to do that, then you'll need to look obviously using a self timer so we can sit at this two seconds that we don't get camera sheet and you'll see under the shot to release. No, it says two seconds, so if I top that I can't go and then it makes an image. So if you're using a model poured with a little set of triteness off tray, put legs at the bottom over, or you're using a trade port of balance in the book of Forever. Then this could be a hand to be off making images on taking full control. You've also obviously got your weight balance on. You can see as us off se of presets so you've got your incandescent fluorescent sunny deal . Eight. Violence is cloudy, and then, obviously you can fill the screen with a neutral surface to make a choice from there. I must did not attend to run this on auto were possible on, obviously because that TNG you can meet choices after the fact. In terms of focus. If I'm doing something that really requires from critical focus, then I can dial and a manual focus. I've got the Peking or clipping peaking option, as you can see here. And then when she's done that, you can commit on it. Sure is you what's in focus on what's not in focus. I tend to just will not or toe on top. Look on the top. Just run that read that we ought to order their every go in place, and then obviously you could reset by on the right hand seed. So that's that's pretty much set up for taking images of goods on top, and it makes an image. I'm pretty much done now just to quickly demonstrate other options. High dynamic range More produce sees what it says in the 10 an image that is processed with the highlights and the shadows capturing as much detail as possible. So you got to do is you'll see Canada's backed Auto award. You can play with the exposure, get it to be slain. For example, is Tasmania 0.7 for the auto, the weight bones if you want, and then turn and make the image. So if you're shooting landscapes on, you've got a son on the frame and you want to get as much highlight shadow detail. It's possible, then this is for you. Then long exposure, and you'll see the seconds automatically adjust to quit heavy duty traditions and what not now probably do a more deep Dave video, which will I then liter on whence the course has been online for a whale, but for no, basically, you got your exposure setting on the amount of seconds you want to make it. If you want to do star trails, something moving light trails or blood in the water and a waterfall like anything that obviously this is for you. I'm looking a bullet making exposure. Death capture is that's what it says in the tenant Thames. Off producing, I will exposed Godsell up oversleep, taking into account the fact that it's gonna know the background out of focus but that option as well again looking into these too deeply because for the majority of you, you're probably issues automatic or professional on a certainly recommend using professional were possible. 12. First Project - Make an Image (SOCC): okay for your first class project, we're gonna keep it nice and simple, using the lately mobile and in particular, the camera part off the up I want to go out on shoot. An image can be a landscape urban landscape, countryside, landscape, fit photography, street photography. Portrait your kids port of your dog wherever you want. But what I want you to do is uploaded street from the camera on other worlds. When's it isn't too late room? Just no adjustments whatsoever. Upward at ST Scotia website on From there, you can look at that as being your before image. And when she's gone through all the techniques and a little later project, I'm going to get you to reprocess that damage on. You can then see the differences that late room actually does to the image itself. When we can happen after damage, that's your first project. 13. Touring The Edit Interface: Okay, so let's take a tour of the main editor Inter fees. We're going to start rate to be over on the right hand side and start with reset tap on reset. You'll see you'll have four different options to reset any adjustments you've made all adjustments to import into open now. What's the difference between important open well to import? If let's see. You had worked on an image and light room classic and then had been sent over to Labour Mobile. It's importing into labor a mobile. So that's the point of imports. If you've made any changes at anything like that within Late room Classic, it will reset to that point. And then to open is just literally to the point of opening either than later. In classic orderly room or anything, you'll see the different options you've got. The one I tend to use the most is all or adjustments just depending on my needs. At the time. After that, that takes us up to the top. Next to the question Mark circle. You'll see an arrow that points to the left hand side, and this is the undue or reduce setting, so that's gonna sets in conjunction with Reset. You've also got previous down here next to Reset, which is applying any settings adjustments from the previous image. So let's say you were working on a shoot. There was, like a wedding or something on. You were working on the very similar images lighting, color, atonality, detail wise. Then you can apply from the previous settings what you've actually done on us quickly or processing your images. Geometry is when you want to basically street, not the image of all sorts of options here. And you've got some presets gated or to a level vertical on full. So, for example, if I just click on auto, it will straighten things up his best as possible. If I choose vertical, it will make adjustments so that all the vehicles on Mason Street, if I choose level it will live alone. Or my horizontal is, for example, the top off the actual speed part off the gcb. You can see there and then you go all mine out of options. You can also look into these immortal, its android, your own gates. You can control the amount of distortion and, you know, get bottled distortion that the articles, The horrors on tools on batik, the image. If you rush what you can do for the faith, what's heartening The aspect. Reassure stretching and squeezing damage the overall skill If you want to Zuman and then the offset off the images well, which can be hard to attach. The use that as well you get the general idea That's cups is a good opportunity to then just everything back using the reset to. After that, we've got optics. Now you'll probably find optics are useful, more so and late room classic, but you can, of course, use and later, more. Bail Israel. If you enable lens corrections on lately, Mobile recognizes the revenge of used in your camera, for example, on your smartphone. Then it will make any corrections for bottle pincushion distortion, and it can. A vignette about little lands actually does. This is unedited and Seve Damage as a separate G pick from the original raw, so there's no real lands corrections to do well, it becomes useful, and the optics section is removing Karam chromatic aberration. Chromatic aberration. This is probably not the best example is basically, if you look at the edges off your image. You may see a purple or a red fringing on natural images themselves, so if you top that it will automatically remove it for you. You have a little bit more control within Lloyds of Late Room Classic or I taint defined the remove chromatic aberration and later a mobile is very, very powerful. Next along is detail, and that's where you go about sharpening damages. There have to admit, unless you really, really need to shopping something I would always leave to a very, very last but basically dialling limit of sharpening. Want to do the readings off the actual sharpening itself? Event of detail on If you choose masking than that will basically keep it to the edges, for example, for press before. And then afterwards you can see the difference and the actual sharpening itself. And then, if a mask off that will be and just work specifically through the ages, it becomes useful is the noise reduction is also in details. So if you dial that and do tend to use it quite a lot, especially smartphone image data, because you tend to find that even I s 0 400 Teoh 800 on a smartphone. Because of the small size of the sensor, you're going to gain an awful lot more noise, and you would do in the like some of DS allow. That was full free, but it can be easily removed, so that's quite good. Color noise reduction contrast all the actual nice sales detail on this muteness. We're going to this in a lot more detail, leads it on. But that's basically greatly offended with in detail. Once again, go to my adjustments. Next along is a fix. Know the one thing that the Putin effects that kind of annoys me is the split tourney knows split twinning, which is up here on the right hand side, allergic to be excluded, Thorne and colorize the highlights and the shadows on the base veto work is actually based , the colors all the way, and they enslaved the mother anti fade, the color you're looking for, and then from the artist Lord Ganesh, element of saturation itself. And then you do the same with shadows. So, for example, if you wanted to cool shadows, we over here and then bring it there. You get the idea I would prefer first was in the color panel rather than and the effects panel Adobe considered to be, in effect, I considered to be a keys off color option. I'm just going to reset everything back. You think that texture, notation and clarity are quite similar. But if you have an image with lots of texture, for example, you can see the tire tracks here on the salt Putin on dial up the texture. It will increase the contrast specifically off the area, and you'll get MAWR detail with the natural sexual parts off your images. Do this kind of works in conjunction with clarity? Clarity tends to dark in a little bit more shadows on, you know, clip the twins so that I could get amazing crispy, as you can see here. And it's something that, if you overdo, it can look really horrendous. And if you under do, you can look really, really yucky. So what a team to do when it comes to textured and clarity is textures I tend to work with on a selective beasts of using the selective tool that will talk about lead to write but also just either use Carter to architects John, Not both at the same time, very really that used the same time. No, de he's. If I boost that, you'll see gloves and overalls off boost or improvement to the actual image in ads. Contrast in the rate places and it kind of does what it says in the tent. It d he's is damage. So if you've got landscape with those actual off, he's and this submit to background. Then he he's will remove that for you. We can stretch the office but double topping on the little Slater I couldn't like. So vignette ist either Layton or dark in the energies you think control off the midpoint, the main off feather on whether the highlights are being affected. So on and so forth. You've also got the option off altering green within an image which I must have not attained to use more so in black and weights than doing couples. But you've got that option did as well. And that could be really, really nice. Just go back to reset resealed adjustments like so on. You get things always the like, you know, for increased degree and designs that make a roughness. Not nothing Again, It can work well if you're doing like across process effect, and I tend to use it more in black and white rather than specifically color images. Again, there's no rules. So you do you on. You can apply green to your color images if you wish. Next on our list of panels is probably one of the most important panels, and that's the color panel, and you've got a lot of options been on here. Starting on, taught left. If you want to take a color image and go to black and white, top black and wait, you've instantly got black and wait. You can then control how strong the black and white effect says by just dialing and color, and also attempt you could make alterations as well. I mean, obviously, if you tap like and wait again, it goes by it to be in color in the opposite corner. You've got the Color Mex option. This is probably one of the most powerful panels within linked room on the solution to basically take old individual colors. Red, orange, yellow, green, san, blue, purple on assault, magenta color or pink color. Onda manipulate them on an individual last level, so like I'll give you an example of that? Just know very quickly. If we go to the yellow option, you can see that as a big can of yellow within natural image, self and obviously those yellow on the J. C B bigger. So, for example, if I d saturate, that will suck as much Yellow is possible. That was also ordered to not JCB. So if I go to the orange panel and in saturated you can no see, I've removed the majority off the color from the image to get a general idea. So this is where we can basically change the here or the tape of color, adjust its intensity of color on the brightness of the color of the luminous on each individual color. Now, when it comes into its own is the lake soul are going to a sunset short here. Then we go to our color panel. We can in control the overall color temperature. No, you have got other options when you're working with a raw file for examples where the weight balance says cost, Um, at the moment you can put up to as short or tour, and you'll know, See, you got all your other options from delayed clothes. She'd Johnston for present and then back to custom rate to be through, because if you're working with a pre beat GP Gammage, then you'll just have ashore or toe and then custom. You thought of any of the other options. So, for example, I can knock it to the late, not give me find those and 500 Kelvin's. If I wanted to warm things up, I can do that. And then if I go in to my color mix option, I can, in Grenon individually effect the colors. So, for example, if I go to Blue, that's time I can change the blue Tom or greeny blue. Or we can go time or part really blue or we can reset up. We can increase the saturation of the blue and you can see it. But better deep in things and darkness. During you can see the stars going on there, I can lighten things up a natural blues themselves, and then also, if I go to the oranges, I can increase the intensity off the orange by increasing saturation on the orange I can bring it would and talking already torn Onda, we can control the break of sorts. If you want to meet the sun a little bit, greater weaken, do that there, and then we can do exactly the same thing with the yellow. So, for example, if I increase the saturation of the yellow fully with the greatness and then or until the actual Hugh itself, you could see you could basically also the whole vibe off the Nesquik son say image by working with the color mix. You also have the option off targeting specific colors on working with them. There's we're going to more of that and into that would be too at a little stage. So we're going back to our color temperature. Little second you can obviously dial in the temperature being the cooler end of things rate their way up to the warmer end of things. So just whatever you want to be, and then if you're working with, for example, and I fluorescent light situation room, what isn't waiting? You can say to our little but green or magenta getting on the floor isn't waiting, and then obviously you got vibrance and saturation. There was definitely a vibrance and saturation saturation or basically vibrance increases the intensity off the color, but with their actually affecting the tonal values off the image itself, whereas saturation, if you increase it too much, you can see. For Zuman, the color just gets way too intense and you start to lose detail. So you generally tend to want to use the vibrance. So your routine detail within the actual image itself on no overdue, something you need to do saturation and especially if you're using selective to which is rated the very far left, you've only got the option off saturation. Okay, The next panel along is the lake panel Ho, Bring her dark and image is going to be sought. The first leader is your overall exposure. So if you've under explores that image, you can dial and up to five stops on breaking things up in the scene with the go the other way and dark in things to meanness. Five stops so you can berate in the situation up all but you think that the contrast or who deep the shadow detail tends to be a mixture of metal in chateau on darkling off. Then you get the highlights, which are the greatest part of the image. If you go to the left, you can decrease the brightness and bring back detail, especially for shooting with raw. It's a lot harder than G peg. There are There is some latitude there for bringing back some detail, but because J. Pigs all the savings are big tent natural fire you a little bit off room for maneuver, but non awful war. You can go the opposite way, embracing things up a little. But why you want to? I don't know. Shadows are pretty self explanatory and that if we dial to the right hand, say you will see we bring detail in the shadows on if it were the absolutely it gets darker , so we want to probably play in the plus 40 range. Then you've got the America off an emotive black and the next to Slater's so you can actually see it. He I want to be this amount of weight. This is my plate starting point, this ho break. I want the image to be on the scene. Were you convicted? How much darker you want things to be, So if you want to open up the shadows, even father, you can move the black slave, their old me to the right hand side. He went to darken it. They're in. They'll all the read to the left hand seat looks or so. Generally speaking, though, if you've made a low key exposure, you don't want to move your blacks and rates. Too often. The other option you've got is up here on top brain off the panel, which is the curves. Now this is a little more advanced and something we're going to in detail later on. If we tap on the curves, it gives you this so graph you can globally affect the red, green and blue channels or work on them individually. So, for example, if I tapped on the Blue Channel, you'll see the lane turns to blue after then work down in the darker end of things and can make things more yellow on the highlights I could meet. Things were blue making create was called on a scarf on a global level. I fell left lane up top. In the older, it gets brighter. If I pull down, it gets doctor so you can fine tune an image and play a boat with the way actually works just by bending that graph lately, and you can see you can pull back detail. But this tends to b'more or kind of an advanced feature and something you want to do specifically, click bun. Just know you will see you still got your exposure. Contrast highlights Dale than as well. So, for example, we could pull back even more details. So has its uses, the curbs. But generally speaking, I would stick to the exposure. Contrast, highlights and shadows. It's really want to do most of your work. The next part of a long is the auto button that used to be the autobahn was the death of your image if you actually collect on it. But things have changed a little bit in the last few years, so I'm gonna press or towards your snow, and you can see the adjustments that the auto buttons meat. It's pulled down the highlights to bring back detail and the sunset it's not done. An awful lot in the shadows has increased, but no heck of a lot. So we could open that are powerful. But father, but it gives a good starting point. No, and the next video I'm actually going to be talking about the auto on. Also Adobe Sensi, which is adobes machine learning slash artificial intelligence for working with auto, and I'm sure you different scenarios, Rear adds. That worked pretty well. Also show you a couple of scenarios where it doesn't actually work so well. I don't so auto. It is the keys off, tapping it on, waiting it. Do its thing. I'll go in the next video grant on offer. What more detail. But why? You should be using auto an awful lot war then you maybe have been in the past. Have you been paying attention so far? You'll notice actually skipped the presets panel at Start. And that's because I wanted to quickly talk about poor, fails and preset separately will again go into more detail on another video tutorial by justic covered on very briefly. Just profiles are like a starting point foundation, which you can apply mawr intense ifixit using the late color panels on de fixed up so you can see your options off picking favorites. Basic artistic black and way to go to modern. You can see the modern options here on then divorce Vintage option. These are starting point. So, for example, I just go to my favorites and choose model. This is a starting point, which I can then increased intensity over or decreasing against you over increased intense take with the right Please go away or I can double time bringing smart buying back in the bottle. Press the tech Parton and you'll see if I go into my late panel has been no adjustments. Well, as with Pre says, that could be. Definitely could. You can create your own presets or use the default presets as well. So, for example, we've got preset here. Been yet ng nto jumping yet heavy vignette, correlate vignette or goodbye to none on by going to medium. That means when I went to the effects panel, you'll notice there's a little take an awful so dot at the bottom of effect. That's the let you know that yet basically be dialled up. So preset actually make changes to your piles. Whereas profiles are foundational starting point. Don't make any alterations so we can increase the vignette, beg for decrease or wherever you want to do. From there on, we go to profiles. For example, if I didn't like about it all go to morning. Cruel thing. Quite the tech start in there. That's a pretty nice monochrome image as you conceive. So I went to more detail. Hurts create presets when you should be using them and the car from things. How with a good moment presets later on, and we'll do the same for files cropping an image is probably one of the first thing you'll ever do in any off the image editing and APS If we tap wanted just no option to define the rotation and street image actually off on, you've also got the option or root eating left and right. If you need to actually switch Damage Road, you can flip the image horizontally or vertically, and you've also got the stream to their eyes. Whales tap on that. It should straighten things up for you or automatically given you on the street horizon on the left. I'm saying you will see for by thieves. What that's absolute is demonstrates is the definitely nice paper issues, so custom is a free form. We have cropping. Original is meeting the aspect. Issue off the visual image and then you go all manner of things, Oneto one for five and a little bit. You point flying seven by 5 to 4 with e 60 by name on these little different traditional aspirations for different print and science. He's like So I went to one square would be good for the likes of Instagram Snapchat, social media, Facebook and things that now. So when she actually drawn out, you crawl on positioned everyone toe you com'on tap the tech announced the crop effectively done. Almost Remember, when you actually do this, you're chopping off some of the pixels. So unless you're using our re sizing out like big front, then you're gonna lose information within the actual Kroll. Carefully faithful social media that if you do it, plans depend. And your iPhone images are smartphone. Imagenes accuse an android back anything then Obviously, you've got to be aware off the fact that you're dropping off detail on it made the hard to make a bigger print out a little stage. But that second quick overview or cropping hewing kind of those for it says in the 10 it's a bandied is a we or repeating restoring your image. So, for example, if I zoom in your to what I think is fully are but maybe fearful. Never know I can. In tap on the ceiling panel on. We got all sorts of adjustments. Now you can switch between healing on cloning if you wish. So, for example, we can paint from that area there on it can actually feel the healing alos a door before too short or will be later, rather to, um, take into account the tonal values on the detail. Off the image with his Corning is, does a direct Korpi or the area you're actually sampling? Generally speaking, your work with healing vigil fainted, works better, and you can obviously all toe signs or brush on its favor. Intensity as veil and you got little trash. Can I corn at the bottom of the list of panels? You can delete the brush if you made a mistake. So, for example, it can just paint on idea there on Impressed, are on the tech and you'll see, actually cleans things off. Now there's another call retouch with demonstrate. Your leads are on on that, to me, is a bitter really or killing your image. But he wanted to stick to working with any stealing or clothing with them layer by all means use the ceiling panel, but it's OK for minor things. But when you go into more meat or things to be removed, you actually bits are going Teoh on extend a lot and you are staying in light. The final panel over on the left, I'm say, is the selective panel. Probably one of my favorites. If you start on the top left on Sade and collection plus, you can choose to people selection. Draw a radial selection or ingredients. Election are just quickly demonstrate. Agreed insulation. Once you've chosen ingredients election, it is click and drag. But you read the grieving tour and 40 shop, and you'll then see the sky glows red. That is no, actually, what you're doing with it. You can't use any of the other panels. For example, we can go into color anchors meat that video there along for what we're blue and we're going to fix and I could d Here's this guy and meet that going off or what rapture I can until late in the late Pinal, and I can see here just a little bit exported awful, but you could buy into color. I remember her, said L Ron, that you won't obviously, and the color panel with the option or vibrance and saturation and the selections. Pinal. You've only got the option off saturation, so you got to be gentle with this one, and we could increase the saturation on that only affecting talk and then blending doing through the actual reading. You'll see if I move the greedy about or also the greedy in in any way, shape or form terms off Destin's not it changes What's going on in the greedy in a natural blending would obviously you've got other options, have replaced the top people back into the selection to beating effect on or doing what I tend to do an awful, which is create different radios. So that's the degree to on that's the selections Really powerful we or doing more individualistic bigs or in your image, and you can see it's changed this off overall. Look off the sky If I just clicked before that looks very washed out. I'm a very, very blue sky working our way into a sunset just to recap what's been one of the top You've got your by cattle on the left to go off the image. You can switch back to read and review look activity. If you post the damage on Galati key wolves on before you get your back button. Tickle back a stage if you want to, or you can under the healing like anything if you want. MAWR Options for help in Pressel Question marks Circle icon If you wish to export top a lot of the points up TV and you can share to open and edit export camera with export files or export eyes Now is really 100. You can check to see whether the image you're working on is a local spot, PV or but it's the original and then you optional gating original. He went to work on that, especially if you're gonna send it to friends of, for example, get its original. And then we've also got other options for organizing the view options, coping and peace in different settings on creating a preset as well. We're running a slate show and any father say things that go on there. So that's an overview or all the panels on what they can a roughly do, giving a quick demonstration. What we're gonna do note is look at in the next video tutorial orto on Don't decency. And then we're gonna go into Borte eggs for each of the individual parents. 14. Using Adobe Sensei and The Auto Button: Let's talk about the author, but no. Traditionally, the autobahn was death to your image, unless your image wars almost perfect in the first place. Exposure wise then pressing the auto button was not going to help but usually blue. The highlight. So erect the shadows and crushed there, and it just didn't look pretty know, though it's about definite. As a demonstrate. Press the order button. What was just a quick short of image of my car window? You know, see, the clothes are exposed well on a detailed back and building from this raw file. That's the cool thing about bottle using adobe Sensi, because no adobe have who and machine learning. And also artificial intelligence has lounge over came over hundreds of thousands of energies and many, many thousands of different situations to basically improve your image automatically. So between using profiles on cooking auto. So, for example, by going to for prayers, just know on, go to say more than and then click on Model three. That is kind of getting closer to what the image actually looked like at the time. And then, from there, he just going on prop things up. Second ST Anthony needs to be straightened, then I'm just gonna probably do custom crop reform. Lose the front page of the car on their stomping above obits or balance. So I recommend. No, it's what boil, pressing auto and see where it takes you on may be trying a profile. That then leaves you plenty of room to treat the exposure about father, for example, I could left the shatters up even more for 22 out of more contracts and then went to the effects. Maybe add a little bit more quantity or grittiness they need to be. Here's a not so much. So I'm just gonna go back one on that gays option or can have done their color wise when a warm things up ever so slightly on you got a little bit more vibrance on their record sales before looking pretty immeasurable. What we do with the deal in the clothes because of exposed for this guy. And then there's afterwards. And as you can see, the BoE know building, which is a detail, actually, is the working. When I was a kid destroyed that D is looking pretty good, so it's worth way, praising the autobahn just to see what it'll be sensitive Andi White Room can do for you. One thing I will see, though, as if you're using the free version of late room you won't get will be Sensi. You've got toe have the subscription, whether it be therefore to shop late room, classic subscription or another subscription like they're all APS subscription to get their ability to use adobe sensi. 15. Lets Talk About JPEG Image Files: the JPEG file format is probably the most ubiquitous off the file format, introduced in 1992 which makes a little bit 20 years old. It's probably also was well known, failed for more in the world. J. Peg stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group, which is the organization that felt the four months starting in this metal eat eighties. The lossy former, which means every time you save a J pic file again and again it through the racism or off the original detail do. That's more than I would see twice on you could introduce on awful artifacts that are going to stop cause problems for the quality of your image. Okay, so imagine this piece of paper is your G paid for If you see that or Misty's folder once So Dan, not much happens to the image of for the People looks pretty good when it's viewed again. You can imagine hoping up in late room exporting Aggie pick and then doing it. Put the short. But if you take that same image on receive again and then do some work on on you see again , I need maybe a little more work corner. You see it again to see him. The problem with that? Is that what you Yeah, Again, No pick Image is full of art. If I in this case demonstrates fight decreases. So the best thing to do when it comes to J pic image? Okay, Another example. Yeah, is to shoot raw or sugi pick very little to it. And the good thing about using late room Mobile is a lossless or non destructive on a piece of software and then export that J. Peg. It's only been saved once in that way when you again official or way before ever or something. The best quality compulsively so That's by G pigs are so ubiquitous in terms off their usage, with camera manufacturers going way back to severe learning stuff of that on. To this day, most Kanye my camera manufacturers have raw may be tough and also G pig, and most people can't shoot g pig, although all good reasons why you should shooting. Epic knows 16. Using The Light Panel: back in the late panel New and let me go into things a little bit more detail from L. A room. As already mentioned, it's worth placing auto just to see Bill it take shoot with your image. So I want to do with this image. This is simple show of a local part. I want to bring in more detail in the shadows on the tree. This is a role fail, so that should be enough detail in there, but dark at the moment on the clothes it a little bit on the light Say about two. But to be honest with you, but we're going to reduce the Hyleas, and then we're gonna play with the grass CDO. So first things first, let's click or toe and see what it takes is and see how it's just lined up the tree. You're here like I thought it would on I'm not overly happy with this guy. So we're going to start with reducing the highlights and you'll see that brings back more detail in this Claudia Yeah, on underneath trio of state there on the blue sky. Then I'm gonna move up to the shadows and I'm gonna open up the shadows or the darker parts of the image so that we could see war that's going on, depending on what you want to do here. Image on the story you're wanting to tell here. Image. It's up to you. Toe home much. You open up the image or in terms of making a greater overall, or whether you want to keep it dark and midi. So I'm just gonna just the shadows. A little book I was looking pretty good has already mentioned in the student or fees. The whites and the blacks are not something you want to play with too much. You can see that the auto has actually produced the blacks on quite so awful. But what I'm gonna do is just reset those. I'm so that kind of zero, though again it's looking pretty good. I'm not too worried about that. And then after that, I'm going to add a little bit more contrast, which will crush or clip the blacks powerful but on the treated here, but not too badly, and it just gets a bit more deaths and the grass on. Except for the late panel, you don't really need to be doing too much after that general exposure left. If you need to do that, I tend to. But I'm shouldn't with my smartphone. And you'll see the video tutorials that exposed for this guy on a for all the time and then use especially shooting raw, the shadows Slade off to bring out detail. And the four groaned. And then that we have a good mix off sky on foreground. Well, it's up to you how you want to shoot on depth you out of it, making your energies. Some people just like to quickly taken image. Quick, snap short on your done. Sofia, however, on other people like to go in a little bit slower on, actually teach your team to make the damage both absolutely faint. So we're going with that. And then in the next video, what we're gonna do is look at adjusting the color temperature off the image and also thing around with the individual colors 17. Lets Talk About RAW Image Files: If you consider the G pick to be the ready made TV done are off image for four months, then the raw file format is your individual ingredients. That means that you can do all the processing after the fight. It gives you a greater latitude and exposure. Maybe not as much as DS allows of miracles cameras. But as a greater last year in what you have in a big tens off savings wise g pic file, you can control the shadows. Met tones highlights individually. The white balance the sharp as the overall saturation off the image on you have better control. So if you're serious about making images with your smartphone, I would certainly recommend shooting raw. You may have the option for making both of row under G pig fail simultaneously and whatever up you're going to be using. I would certainly recommend using the late room mobile camera up the actual cameras stayed off things in lately Morville and for actually making images. But you've got the option there, or shooting J pig raw or the next feel for my actual talk foot, which is the newest form out on the block. And that's the heat. Former being a big factor role. The former itself is Thean G, which stands for Digital negative on that was originally developed by Adobe themselves. And then it wasn't, I would say, until around about the iPhone 7 September 2016 when he opened up the role former to be alert to be used in the actual camera that you could then use late room on shoot raw and that's been Adobe really started to champion things. Obviously, if you're going to shoot with a DSLR, are metal metal this camera as well? Then you got the option off using the one off 230 Raw image four months actually out there at the more. So that's the Ginepri six off the role. Former. It gives you full control, Andi, but you've got to be sort of aware of the fact that unless you should enroll plus GE pick with Big 10 settings are raw plus heat. Then you're going to have to do all the force processing and plate room afterwards, and that's where your presets and pull fails. Complimented plea. If you want to get quicks off, star and drop one things in terms off quickly shooting and raw put on a profile that gets you 90% of the way. They're making some faint adjustments and then exporting here for, like, seven government things like that. 18. Using The Colour Panel: there's already mentioned. What we're gonna do in this video is increase. The temperature isn't making it warmer. Helps if we go killer. He just doesn't look so good. So just a little bit more yellow into the grass, Syria and into the tree bark enough. And then we're gonna look at the vibrance. No, the auto has increased the vibrance already much gonna double top the vibrance on on and also the saturation getting back to zero. The reason why I'm doing that is because I went up the saturation pull of the image on individual color basis. So I'm going to click on account of the mix icon. And then from there, I'm going to start off with the blues. So we zoom into the blue in this guy. I'm going to increase the saturation a little bit and then dark in the blue pop. So a little bit more. You can see bills before and there's after I'm going to go to the greens, a similar situation. I'm gonna raise the green up, and then you can play with either late inning off docking darkening there and helps you. I made a seat through Harry and then one thing you'll start to notice when you're working with images, especially in light room. Is Ingrassia videos it identifying those also predominance of yellow Israelis green. Something's even orange, depending on the tape. Grass actually working so again decreased increase saturation. We're just gonna increase it ever so slightly and c bring in and around the boat. Boston we can then to say, toe late things up or dark. No, I don't think in this situation darkening works. So I'm just gonna laying off a little. But zoom Baca on that looks pretty much done. We could maybe play it over the oranges a little, but so I'm gonna play around with the luminous in the orgies that that should affect this idiot in front of the tree. So let's have a look. Yes, you heard that breaking up all over. It's a good way of just saying he come and look at me. I want a saturated Not really. I actually go the opposite. We just take some of the color road. So on the emphasis to be on this guy the blue sky on the green grass and after we've done nap, you can click done. No, If you're cheating things correctly well or is correctly as you perceive them, you shouldn't have to use 10. Unlawful War Tent is something that you would use to remove off color caste, and I'll give you an example that next for generally, you want either beacon image killer maybe went it's, ah, make it darker video killer that something or you want to berate in AARP because warmer, um, get overall balance. You've also got an option to actually select a specific area of the image. I'll go for white year. Find that will ban color correct image based upon the break this part off the image, and you can see some things it works. Sometimes it doesn't. It turned into the greens of making Killer and the Romans into the tree area. Go to Claudia Diehl. There it's okay name. Or maybe add a little World War. No. One thing seeing that germs of 10 thing in that as you can get away with adding a little bit of magenta just to sort of wretched things up a little. But in the tree, youths on putting some color on before and then nails after and thats damage pretty much done. So that's just one example of what you can use the color panel for on also used the mix option. 19. Lets Talk About HEIC Image Files: Okay, let's talk about the new kid on the block, which is the heat format heat, as in seek. You've also go of eating Over called Heath, which is a thief is a thief on stands for basically high efficiency damage according or hind image High efficiency image format. Get these things right. Basically, it's half the failed size of a normal G pig, which allergic to either see 50% of your hard lifes piece or it gives you double the minutes piece, depending in double limit of energy is dependent, which we you want to look at. Kenneth sits in the flow in the format, less things or its we better than RG pay much more flexible because it's going ability to m allow you to crop, meet changes to the image on and put off or man today. Tough. I think that also reverted back to the original. So former, and that's something I use. The iPhone create a lot. I go into a little color air sampling savings in terms of going for a black and white image . I will shoot black and wait over here along on the NFL's one particular image. I don't like and I want to bring it back to color toe corn, then fall, then do is revolted by the color on a good Elevens are blocking. But you said he was not fair. Look, anyway, I'm digressing back to this order of things. Heakes are better than G pegs, but not quite as good as Roy's. So whatever that is is one of my favorite four months for using, especially with the iPhone, because I get much more latitude of a heat file. I've got more control over that, make you make adjustments and also revealed from backs. If you want to crop the image and then go back to the original do things like that, it's getting ability to store animation for image sequence effects within it as well and probably snippets of video and things like that. So it's really, really powerful computer to G Pick is very, very limited. For the cool thing about a heat is it's almost like a role for mine. Where it falls down is probably the right balance. It's kind of still beat 10 like a g pig, but again, a little more latitude for me from changes for flexible Banerjee, pick but it's not. His beauty is a role for frail former because in a rock former, as we discussed in the previous video, you can go and on You can meet Jean Jeez that you want to me, quite. Violence, sharpness highlights Mento shadows all these things on basically processed damage from scratch. But the heat former is really good. If you want to get over their mix of images on, basically, shoot your hearts contain and then quickly get the ball to Instagram and uploaded to social media on Lord that the images are looking pretty good. So it's a really good off comfort fail four months between G pig on rock, and it's one that I use most of the time unless I'm really kneeling there in a specific, stale of image of doing Ah Panorama. When I went to stitch images together, I will be in shoot raw. If I need a lot of latitude, I will shoot raw. So that's the kind of differences between in terms off. When he was created, it was fast developed or in 2013 on it was finalized. In 2000 and 50 it was introduced into the eye Ford when IOS 11 was launched in 2017 on that to a massive car fall to the food industry. Because Windows wasn't ready for makers off wasn't ready for a Neither were all there. Lots of manufacturers like Adobe intense canonical on all these people. You know, basically, if you hide that you're using the heat former on Before you had to convert Fergie pick and even know with the E ci v C, which is high efficiency video. Kordic, otherwise known as each 265 we've still got to convert that will teach 264 to export from the fourth. Those know alot, if so, latitude in terms of actually processing. If you're using something like a teardrop, if you're cooperating, fail wired to your computer. The problems on obviously do be on premium food. Pencil up. They employment rush basically can receive each to sex, find, fails and open to sex. Five fails. So that's just a soft little If I am for your cards. Well, so basically was very few manufacturers that are picked up on the former I know can, and I think with the cannon yours one D marks. Three years a record. This video is not going to have the heat format, which is great. I think other manufacturers will start that. It's a software thing, so they could actually add that I am is a form were a plea. If they want to do so, look for it from soaring from some song from Fuji, probably in the future. It certainly failed for my I really, really like in terms of which ones you want to shoot. If you really want to just go out there, make energies, not whatever poor sensing on insulin, which is probably know you want to do here watching this course. But if you do want to do that, Dane should. G pig if you want a little bit more control and also their ability to do live of things. A little snippets of animation on loop spokes, bikes that anything on the clubs use the heat performer and it gives you a greater latitude if you want to. How fuel control, Then shoot role that will give you all the latitude that you can possibly get from your image. So that's if we fail for amounts of G pigs, Roth, Aunt Heat and never going to look out what we can do with them. 20. Using Both The Light And Colour Panels (Demo): Okay, So a panoramic image here it was originally meet up or read about five different energies, which I short with my drawn at the time, which would have been the Phantom Four pro. And you can see what's going on here and again. What I'm gonna do is just tap on all talk and see what it takes me. And it's such that not too bad deals before that. Washington color lackluster and nails afterwards. So that's a good stopping point for us and then go against the color pilot. I'm going to add a little bit more war, get those yellows pumping a little bit more, Then go into the max on. I'm gonna go into the oranges. Have been it's actually up the oranges and then I'm gonna doc in the dirt ever so slightly nobody much get into the yellows. It's actually the yellows. And then again, I can play with the women in some was gonna break them up a little, but and then we're gonna go to the blues. We're gonna bring up the blues or saturation dote on the blues and then you can choose to I'm gonna choose the dark enough Attend to kind of dark and things off more than anything else. When it comes to blues and things, no. Another check I'm going to do is click done. I'm just gonna add a little a tent off magenta that just helps the green off the landscape there and those before the nails. After they're gonna go to the light panel, I'm gonna open up the shadows about more, gets more detail than here and this foreground lined and then I'm gonna increase the contrast. Oh, but and I made Rees the overall exposure ever so slightly so I'm gonna pull the highlight, Hyleas back a little. But only and then again, you can see before and then after. And then you have a very quickly processing an image in this keys are stitched panorama, which is still a role foil raw fails, combined into another role fail and then from there, processed using auto late panel on the color panel. If ever finish the whole thing off, probably back to the color panel and maybe and a little more vibrance really make things pulp, go over to my effects, get out of a quantity, and then just pull in a little over in yet, and that's me. I'm done. I'm happy. That's before. And then there was after Zuman. You can see the image there so plenty of d feeling, not forego India. The magenta is helping poor clear the greens. I can see a little fairy book coming across from they owned. That's a peninsula. Beautiful clothes on the lovely blue waters, easily processed, using light color on the auto button. 21. Using The Optics Panel: OK, in this video, we're gonna take a look at the optics panel on. This is a simple one for you. It does two things. The first thing it does which I'm gonna click on is the bottom option, which is enable lens corrections. If you're shooting with a murderer's camera or DSLR and you're using wide angle lenses, you probably notice a greater deficits. You also make notice a difference if you're using images from lates with corporal or from a drone of that. But basically, if you top the little slating switch, it will meet any corrections needed to balance out the image. In other words, if your lands hires a natural bottle or pin cushion distortion, it should train correct up for you. And if you can see, I'm just going to click it on and off. I think so. You can just see a slight movement, all my image, which is a night for 11 image. The next thing that the optics panel does is if I zoom in, you can see just above the age of the building of soft white line up years. No, that's actually chromatic aberration. Now, I got a funny feeling that in the processing, or has he failed? Apple actually are starting to review of the chromatic aberration already because normally disappears off purple or green French on it. Where is it is Remo? You don't really see anything because it's wait. What chromatic aberration is fault in the lanes and being able to resolve all the color information on so focus and correct point so that it could have works on looks correct. Higher quality lanes, these lights of cannons L Glass or Sunnis G My Star Wars X lenses not have much less chance of chromatic aberration compared to last quality cheap, probably NZ's. But the glass it's actually more smartphones these days is pretty good. But not being said the sensor itself has been very small on their floor is more liable to chromatic aberration. So if you tap that, it will do its best to remove any fringing, which will be a purple or green color, although on the iPhone 11 and you can see from resuming and it's just mawr white line than anything else, so it doesn't really do it awful walk correct. But it is really taking it energy and feeling myself. If you've got the option, and that's kind of it for the optics pile. You don't really need to do anything else. I think this off top. These tourism market, of course, on in Late Room Classic have actually gotten dialling to my preset. From when I import energies, it automatically applies any. Bolin's connections are removed chromatic aberration at the same time. So it's what doing? But if you forget it, don't worry about it. I it's not gonna be the be all and end all off your image. 22. Two Examples of How To Use Geometry Panel : let me show you two different, please off how the geometry panel works now. Those but fortified different options for working the German geometry panel. You have got a lot of automated features here on a gated set up, but let's just look at the completely manual way, which is adjusting the different X Y vertical horizontal rotation access. So, for example, distortion wise, you could push it into a bottle, distortion a pool into panic. Asian, if you're camera lands, has the effect that you can. Counselor. You can play with the very articles, like so you can believe the horrors on tools twist things that aren't that way, so you can rotate the image if you want to straighten things up that way, you can also play with the aspect or issue. Stretch on compresses the image, which I don't recommend. You really don't. You can skill into the image. Just quit up a normal well, eventually cropping. And then you can also move the image of Buddha on its X offset, which is what is one Klay. And then the Y offset, which is open, does practically like so, But that's not the sort of useful way off working. This probably the best option in nationally is to go into auto and see what Adobe sensi on the late room due for you. So I'm just gonna click or toe and you can see it's actually made no about job. It's what it's done is connected, developed course. If I press, you'll see before where everything's gonna sloping back, which is what you get with a general weight angle lens. And then everything straightened up about have it does. This is it looks at the image and work. So what the based lanes to choose are so some things that can work. Some things cannot look absolutely awful. For example, if I reach, say things back on a place full, you can see it does. This were Sof stretching her thing going on here, and then if it top constrained crop, it makes it look even worse. So I don't recommend doing that were possible. You've got You can teach your team with this, too, and just use Experian Lee. So it's always worth going or two if you don't like what I was doing and trying some of the other options. For example, if you want it to be very article top practical, and you can see it hasn't constrained the crop year because I'm a tap that button again. But it's doing it again. Or by job. No, if you wanted to retain as much off the building in terms of this is blowing council, by the way, which is about eight email. So that for a nice day in the West Coast of Scotland and used for many, many films movies including The Queen With Hail and Metal and Stuff Now, although it's been in the Lords and loads of movies generally, and this couple here got married here on If I want to routine the whole off the building, including the chimney stacks or right at the top up here, then it's probably best to a manual crop, so we could correctly go to the crop panel on crop from their cereal crop. We have to if it's locked, unlock and make free crop and then just pull in the SAIDs. So your routine as much information as possible on the image tap the plus on the bottom, and there we have a crop damage but still retaining detail with ours. If I go back again and go back to geometry. I can then try the like, Sof auto. Is he here? Auto chops off the chimney off the top. We can. I don't want that. I want to retain that of possible and then we can try level. See, What level does we have? Will just give a slight tongue? You could do level and then you could maybe do a gay deed option. And that's the next option. Appeared even, though is the first option. You could call the article if you wanted to. Again. You're back to cropping manually, but I don't mean that Onda. You've also got the full one, which assured you which cannot meet all warped, ballistic looking gated, every click on gated. What this does is it allows you to draw it specific lanes to see hate. That should be street, and this is how it should look. So, for example, if a tackle plus symbol below the world up, brain on, then zoom in. If I need to talk again because it was ready to go and then I draw a Lehner, you can see I can reposition things. Let's just take that one away move over, get a whole leaned up and again. It's pretty tricky to use that she end up Sof using this speeding Lee again. Just make an alteration to the top. Another one coming in Very cool. Go to top the middle and play with it. So if you don't like what you thought, just close using the trash night corn and then draw another one. Let's go again. It looks better during the age of the building here. We're seeing he want not to be that street. Then if you move over Andi, I go for another one. Since there you can know, see ifit's Imo. That's what it's doing to the buildings. You can manually use the gated option you get out of thought one. And if you wanted to. You see there and it's telling me it's uninvolved gates, so you can just get rid of it. So it's not needing it like so and then once it's done, click done and then you can go back into your crop toe. You can, of course, use constrain, crop, magic, etc. Jobs the couple of So it's better to do a manual crop in the skis. It's going to that go to crop to which would be doing in the video next on and just summing things and remove the white and then pressing it up. But look, tick auction on you can know. See your wedding couple there on the buildings, looking an awful lot street than it was before sales before what other things could not leaning back after that, Everything straightened up somewhere. Well, the bad thing about doing this with a traditionally built buildings castles going so back to 300 years is that always street in the frost police so they can look street. But they're not always street, so you got it. Cannot choose your battles and decide what you want damage to look. So it's up to you whether for just reset the image. But to reset all adjustments back into geometry, if you choose probably felt tickle, and then you got good balance, awful everything that's going on. So you can either use a gated option, the tapping a legate option or choosing gated here. Or you can choose one off the preset options or individually play around with the image. So, for example, I could just go in on tweak things a little, but like so and they constrain the crop just to get rid of that barter in the bottom, you can see those before after that's that's cropped in good stuff. So thank you. Urinate, You know, forever out with that. And that's the first week or using the Geo mystery panel. Okay, let me show you the other week off using the gay deed geometry options, which is also I should mention coiled transform and light room Classic. For some reason, they just don't have the same names, but they do the same things. So I've got this flatly off some girl fish on our part, afraid of 100% sure. I can't remember. I think it was grilled on. What I'm gonna do is just going to the edge, click on the gate adoption and then draw Elaine along the bottom. And then one along was say, eat the street is possible. You could see pulling out one along the talk, just keeping it panel. And then that may need to delete it. But we'll see. And then just wondering the other seed which looks pretty good. Click done. And then I fight press on the screen is before you could see pulls out in streets up for after. So if you're doing things like flatly shorts, especially for food for overhead stuff, planned stuff, then plan of. You should see the good thing about using the geometry option as if you are slightly off angle and not quite flat horizontally. A camera don't agree. Then that's him. She straightened things up, and I use this a lot in my food photography, so that gives you an idea or using the geometry panel, you can use it for buildings or use it for things like Flatley's was also that a face you could probably get away with using Israel. But, General, these are the two options I have. Flatley's or overhead plan view shorts on straightening up buildings. 23. How & When To Use The Crop Panel : okay, it's time to talk about cropping images. No, this is one of my iPhone images. I'm just gonna quickly process up. So for example, we will. But we're called into what's going to the Mex Go to the blues. Such it was blues about up such yellows. Prince, actually the order. Jeez, that's looking pretty good. It's been done on not warm things up over. Oh, increasing vibrance on. We're going to effect from there, attaining a little bit more quantity that work d he's you see here that deepens things there by the light that mawr recovery off the highlights and the sun itself shadows. We're looking key, and then we go to the crop to crop pile on. We click on. So let's talk about the crop panel. Know if you're shooting with a smart Ford, you may be lucky enough that you're working with 2030 40 mega pictures, but at the end of the the sense or signs over a smartphone is pretty. Small is smaller than the one in sensor. You get important shoot cameras on. It's definitely small, smaller than a DSLR and things like that. So you haven't got what megapixels to play with. Generally speaking, you want to keep your eye eso of donors Lewis possible on depending on what you're shooting on, how you're managing your camera. In other words, if it's gonna try port or something, and you want to keep your shutter speed as fast as possible. So generally working and good like favorables working with a smartphone. But it's an iPhone or an android phone. They iPhones are a little bit bigger pixels, the most smartphones, but they still are only 12 megapixels. So when you're cropping, you have to really think about how much of a chop off a damage. And I really suggest that you actually crop in Cameron of what mean. But, as is basically when you're making image, were possible, filled the frame with everything that you want to be there rather than the subject or the point of interest being quite small in the image, and you got to crop until you don't have the megapixels to basically plea with cropping. In that fashion, it's no are 36 or 50 megapixel DSLR medalis camera enemy starting on the left, you call this off. Traditional aspect issues this off to the 18th cannot go for are either 54 which gives you a self traditional Tanny Leo. But she consoled balance off to like. So for if we go back into 1 to 1 square, which is something that I tend to use for my social media Instagram not, I think so. Square or fight before. Sometimes if I'm feeling so pretty, I'll make you a 16 by nine. Or I may just go into a custom so free crop and make it more panoramic. Is that a long Reza powerful? But you get the idea so you got the option off the custom settings Original aspect issue or find 4 11 5 The report forever should see some 5 to 43 16 by nine. Or you can just lock it down to a specific shape that you want to work with. And then that will keep to that sheep. Make it free stretch. Just bring up a little, but you've also got the option to ST things up. No, that should happen automatically. TNT faint doesn't work very well, So just be aware that you may have to go in and manually straighten things up. You've also got the option to flip your image on the left or right on flipping horizontally or flipping built. You use these of less than any of the others, but if you're shitting flatly, sometimes the camera can't be saved. What's going to be up, down, left or right? Sometimes you've got to repeat, so that's when you do that on the crop to. So just to recap, crop as little as possible. If you're gonna crop for the lakes of square, it's good to do. And the lights of late room on an export square at the highest resolution possible that we instagram or Facebook or Twitter is going to destroy less off the image. Realize if you actually crop and instagram, it can actually just basically destroy the quality of your image even more so, just be aware off you get ability to lock ability to straighten things up on. Also, repeating left and right are flipping horizontally or vertically, and that's the crop to very simple to use. Just use it sparingly 24. Using The Heal Panel to Both Clone And Heal Images: Okay, let's talk about the healing brush now. The one thing I will say about the healing brush before we get really started diving into is that sometimes it what's great and other times it's low Z, so use it sparingly for a possible. If you want to use in another booby out that's free. Then going to 40 Shop Express, I find the Clinton and healing options and not all those similar. It's easier to use on work a little bit better with a little bit more control. Other than that, you can download on up cold retouch for IOS. And I believe Andre as well on a little that are features, not our peed. It's worth gating because it gives you much more control and also was more e. I automation in terms of removing and replacing whole sections of energies. A nuts on are fighting to use for my 50 60 work when I want to remove myself from the center off the image and then to your point. So let's take a look. It killing. First of all, just below the corn stamp auction, you've got the signs of the brush. If you move your sweet popping. Don't you can increase or decrease the science and the same way that you can increase or decrease the feather tend to keep the feathering identifying the 80% that could sweet sport . After that, it's the moment of capacity. Generally, that's 100 then you get the trash. Can I corn. If you make an adjustment, you don't like it, you want to get rid of it. So, for example, I want to get rid of this little bit Fleer, which I assume is fully or and if it's not clear thinking, maybe captured you here for what's about real denim. So we do. It's just paint over. The talk of late name will be saved with its sampling from on. It removes it like so. So if you don't like what you're done, top the trash can on go again. No sample from a different sport. And if you like what you've done quick tap. So plus symbol missed a little. But so back into healing Type one again. Get rid of the and then we'll just do a larger circle without Andi. That's how it works. If you want to, you can also just do a little taps and it will create circles. So if you want us off circular and clone stamp or healing brush in, just tap points and you get a circle. Get rid of that. Just tap all key and that's it. No vanished. So that's the first look at the two African of this image. Just gonna go into this little image. Here was women to these leaves. And let's see, I don't want this lever, Brecher, but would so many grantee healing? We'll look at the clone stamp too. So if we it's a healing, is a man on. So we first of all applying the healing brush Then if you wish, switch to clone stamp that then gives you the option to the in control where you want to sample from and I'm gonna sample next. So the healing brush works first. And then the corn stamp you Kaname tap on work to or you could go back to healing and lent the artificial intelligence. Don't be saying see, basically working for you, tap. OK, you can see it blends and quite nicely. So Corbyn stamp is a direct selection that you tend to choose. You can if you want going to healing? Tap one. The option on the move around yourself. It's still obviously going to sample the idea that you want, but it's going to do a better max or metal and shadow or highlight detail on texture on the healing option rather than the clean stamps electorally stamping on a Korpi and pieced and affect. So just be aware of which one you're using. One is useful in some situations and other just for another situations, like removing lines or blaming she's and portrait's and think that that's something that you want to be using healing and other times you just want to do street up. Colin Stop, and that's pretty much up. It's a simple is not to use things on as the sea if you I don't want to use the lakes off. Wait remote bail for healing. You got the option of using touch retouch. You can then go in to see what s image short the week I've zoom up. Let's see, I want todo object removal. Talk on object removal. Zuman. Select the object. I went touch that it moved Clinton Gore, and while it vanishes, that post. If I want to just do a brief, quick reappear. Just select the ideals I want to get rid off and it just works like the healing brush on. Get rid off. What? You don't want German just there faster or working to see late room doesn't work for you in the retouching healing, including options being trying, touch, retouch on sea have you going with that? 25. Lets Talk About Lightroom Mobile For iPad: I just want to give you a quick overview off late room mobile in a pod. This is the home panel, as you can see here, look at your tortures from other great photographers. Your recently added to my poppy Heidi up there. And then if we click on that reliably itself, it should be pretty much leader, as you can see, and therefore it's just get more spreader. And you've obviously that the image is doing the right hand seat, something that's ah, honey thing in itself. Then from there, if you actually go into edit a natural image, just tap there. The cool thing is you got from kneels down the bottom. So if you are using light room for commercial purposes in terms of shooting weddings, portrait's that can think you can go through and quickly process images or select images and edit them up that I think and very, very quickly get obviously top that we've this little like doing Here you go all your different panels going from top to bottom rather than from left to right. It just gives you more room effectively to meet adjustments. So, for example, if I this tire Porto and we'll see what happens with the cement. Not an awful lot then. From there, I'm gonna pull the highlights than a little, but reached the shadows. Um, going to the color, maybe make a little bit warmer, but more vibrance. We're going to effects on other people, de here. Just be but more corn trustee dealing, and then I'm gonna and yet it there. So that just gives you an overall view. So it says slightly. Definitely. Andi, I just thought I would give you a quick beef demonstration. You shouldn't know obviously what everything is in relation to hope. Watson. Like mobile. Obviously you just a little bit more breathing space if you're using on the iPod. So certainly, if you're using it from a professional point of view on, you're going to go out and shouldn't baby food travel late, Stale, Innocent, where Those multiples off some of that energies. And you want to process the mall and edit really, really quickly. You can do so in late room mobile for iPod and all for what? Quicker than you can in the forum. Although I'm a greet believer and using late rim on the forum because it's with you all the time, and it's fast as well, but you've got the time you want to sit there on process. Loads of images lately, more bail for the iPod, it's probably the best before work. 26. Using The Selective Panel: selection is probably the most creative part off. Using lightly mobile on the selection option and selective option is right over here on the left hand side. Before we do that for a match, they're just going to click What one? This image and see what it takes me says Before, after it was proven this guy, Let's see if we can improve even further. So you top on this leg of the final auction. And then from there, mink draws are up here in the assembled top left. So we tap on their three ways or working a selection. You know, Pinto moderately, which gives you ultimate control over who actually support. It's a complete apply the selection and then you go radio selections, which probably my fever on greedy in selections, which equally probably my favor. But I prefer retails in terms of the control and the ability to create Spotlight's off like So war. She's so they do festival one of the rain, which is the ingredient and what we want to do is meet the Sky Papa. But more so what? You're gonna draw the region. Keep the line where possible, Potter Lou, to the actual horizon, just economic. It bounced three lanes going when you're that's basically talk plain. One ingredient is we are the effect decided strongest The medal. Wayne Ismet Point where the effect is not its strongest, but it's still being applied. And then the bottom line, which in stretcher compressed is basically where the greeting starts to fall off digital and you don't get effects. Talk. The effect could be anything color, fixed detail, anything like that or late. I'm gonna do here as I'm gonna going to fix. I'm going apply D he's. And as you can see, that meets this guy, Retro. I'm gonna go when I'm going to add a little bit cool blue and just decrease temperature. And to the blues, you can see it's happening there. And if I want to, I can actually increase the saturation off. But I get Ain't going to the late option on I can play with The highlights, for example, could bring them down a little bit just deep in those clothes, even father into the shadows. Just maybe, in pop a little bit more. I never went to jacket breaking things up. What I could. Dark things. You're right to be there. I'm just gonna go with the opposite me and just like things up and topple key. And that's adjustments need to. This guy could see before and then after I got a little So I normally going on here, which I think may have been from the rotors from the court. I'm not percent. Your best way to get rid of that is to go in on actually just crawl panels. But like so and then from there, I make street with ends up about. It's looking better. And then there we go. So that's the first option, which is applying greeting selection. If we look out the next option, which is a radio. What that salute me to do is to draw emphasis on place. And I like to help me sort fiddled greedy INTs or other radios so that, for example, mental light on, I think you stick supported a little up just to see this is greater. I want to look at us. I can look up what you highly is too much. Increase the shadows, just about more information, and then if I wanted to back into fix on this team, but increase the clarity I'm not so super sharpness splits the building itself on the and if you get to color I had by yellow and then a little bit more saturation. They pressed the tick. You can see those before and there's after no fight back into effect You don't mind getting just drawn above in yet to play with the midpoint All play with feather blend in a bit more and t the overall effect of achieving here Gonna fix and German. This is creaky Harris by the Reaction College here. This used to be creating colleges new part of University west of Scotland. That's a lovely discussing. The green blue building binder is absolutely new. Yet Academy, which they built a couple of years ago So essentially beautiful idiots allow be around enemy I digress. Creek in the background is part of you. So legal is two of the options for applying green. On the next part of the video. I'm gonna show you how to do ah more manual painted faith for selections. Okay, so let's see. I go into the selective panel way. Go for painted Orson. This time I want to keep the feather around 50%. I don't want to heart too soft on edge bra sizes, probable rate. But just from laying there in a little bit so I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna paint the landscape foreground like soup on quickly do that. And then from there I'm gonna go into the late I'm going to play with the whites. Just break things up. It'll be a little bit more contrast into color. I can maybe going to the blues away Jean Physical, rich in the greens, obtainable but more saturation And then in the effects I'm gonna increase the quantity some more. You see, that's given the foreground landscape a little bit war so detail in terms of the deaths over because of M and Hans the shadow. If I go back into late, completed the whites about more, just play with the highly. But there are shadows, but yeah, no more contrast. And then talk. Never do before this before, and it looks good, but dollars, beta. And then again, I can go back into the selective partner top. Plus go for a greedy int on this thing. We could do something a little bit working. Funky color beginning to your color rainbow, Dona, we can so wait a bond or color. So, for example, if you go for us off the ground and then what could do from that is just that a little bit of contrast. I mean effects. But he's Do you trust this guy? Press costs against Crete. Graduated focus. Don't know. See effectively. Do graduated neutral density filters as well, especially if you're walking on for Rafael. So as before, it's a good looking image, but there's more color, more dance on you get more creative control with the selective panel. 27. Lets Put All This Knowledge Together (Demo): okay. As we get towards the end of the course, let's put all of this knowledge and all these tutorials things that we've been learning together. So starting out auto trade Sorto, See what happens. It's entries, the greatness, but the color socks. So from there I'm going to go on into color, and I'm gonna kill things off somewhat bringing in court membership down on taking this micro short on a Justin that worked. So towns of realism I'm then going to my next options. Gonna look a yellows. I'm gonna de saturated them a little bit again. Just shortening all the colors, making a little bit more monochromatic, Maurin Disappointing by to late, we can see from the we That order was addressed. It brought down the highlights for I want to do is maybe more peace. The highlights in terms with strength. Lesson one Trust. I think so. Then from there I'm gonna go in. I do selected gonna do read your selection so well I'm gonna do here is just apply of quality to the metal a little bit more, brah. Rightness. Just draw your right center, you know, from trance efforts to slightly over saturation just give me place. Plus, I think we're gonna crop things up. Uh, make it square. We're gonna do 1 to 1 square, just violence. And then from there, I think that's done. But let's take a quick look. Any optic options from UCLA, chromatic aberration and correct a lens. Um, one's corrections from there. I'm going. We have yet to see maybe too much. No worse. Jim talkin yet. I believe the point that's looking pretty good, drawing your toe to toe which have deliberately meat off, See from their final thing you're gonna do It's what we just did one previous tutorials, which is Ziman on a quiet A little Scharping So t hey, little elements didn't move aswell, so I went to healing. Just do a little bit of hell are not but the does anything else floating around Pretty good . Just not one here. Okay, top one up. Zimmer And they were pretty much done again. I could teach the center for two short expressive. I wanted to continue to apply more than what effects or I could just export ready for social media, an instagram or printed. But that is just taking all the options that got here. There's before and then there's often on a plane and you can see there's little dot marks at the bottom of each pile to show you what you actually want, which is very hard indeed. So finally, we could also look at profiles. So, for example, there's one more done profile decreased a little bit out of a color back in. We could do that as well again nails before and those are that's not making any great changes to the effects. And then if I want to be really lucky, going a little bit more and shadow Leanness, just open up the information on the shadows because it's a floor and you want to be nice. Make it go in to fix and we could have a little bit of texture. She planted the texture and the true petals, and that's what's so at stake in politics Studios planning. It's a simple micro image, which was short with the moment Macro lens Mason course up on Difficult. So gonna finish you off with final thoughts for you on one last project for you to work on . I don't catch in the next with you 28. Going Beyond Lightroom Mobile With Photoshop Express: Okay, let's get off late room. And do we have do that? Going into another up is for the Shop Express. So I'm going up to the shit option I'm gonna share too. So rental the image I can name return to my ship panel and you'll see a girl PS expressed in here. Top on that. There's gonna important to PS express. This gives you other options that are this off basic controls you've got within late room some things. But you've also got things like a fixed so we can look, for example, at Booker fix different late options. We can have grown and graphics, that kind of thing. Just drop it there. Green drops of who went to Daddy Read drops things a little bit more midi can I think so that are more optioned. And as I mentioned in a previous video, you can also go on. He'll things some more. I just actually back things up somewhat so but a lot more options in here. Plus, you'll notice that you go effectively a basically or stay up. And if you're got subject in the image, then it will isolate that subject. Even one fool subject or the background and these were calling those specific ideas. So the stuff in options in here, for example, we could color we can, you know, justice vibrance, decrease, increase the vibrance. We've got facts over here again. D he's being Vasco things that feed which is really instagram e I think green like so going on all toe hue saturation eliminates You could do split thorns. You could do blood or face. You gonna do more specific Vignes on you've got some other options And there as a well so lots to play with Andi, I would recommend itself only going on on having a go at the different options that available to you, for example, you're gonna do people you could apply people affected over more subtle Someone will see it's got some people, takes it onboard, do us all a part on effect swirls. You get the idea. Wouldn't you done this? How do you get it back in the late room? Go to the shit option again and you'll see down here you got no option to send till you them tap one and that will mean received the image. Just doing one of the people options on it on your images and received toe. Leave him on from there. We can then go back until late room on the original images still protected, conceived. But if we go all the way back into our albums and folders, you will see we've got 40 Shop Express and there is our image with the people effect applied so you can actually go from Link room to Foot Shop Express and then from 40 shopping stress back to late room as long as you have a creative clothes. And I think that's really, really useful for during for their healing, including and also applying effects, borders and all sorts of things that going on for the Shop Express. But this is a late room class, no official express class, something looking into any death on that one. 29. Getting Sharper Images With The Detail Panel: to the last panel that I way for lost is the detail pile and the reason why I've left it last it Because it should be the last thing you do with your image before you're a supporter. No, en leg room classic. You got the option to apply sharpening, appoint export automatically, but like more pale gonna do can a little bit more manually. So, for example, we've got charting the release of the sharpness of detail masking which pushes the sharpening towards ages or the image things like the edges of the board. You can see here the shot or really and then you've got no adoption. So the first thing you gotta do is increase the sharpening You want Zuma, you can actually see before and after, and you complete with this shopping you might have read. IUs don't tend to move that much. I didn't keep it between wanting to sometimes or bring up to rent a boat 1.2 or one for somewhat not, but never too dramatic. You should be almost sharp enough detail wines. You can see if Sharpton gets applied across the board and then probably one of the more useful Slater's is masking. This pushes the shark towards the edges, and it's something that every community do that we're not over sharpening your image, not Scharping. But you don't need to sharpen quick, so I want to. So play with us around about 40 50 mark. You can see those before men after before, after. After that, one of them was powerful. Options is a noise reduction now, because Europe smartphone, right food sensor that capital. The link is such a small, itty bitty thing. And it's not one incense or full frame sensors begin a medalis or DSL. Oh, you're gonna have to play a noise reduction unless you're working between I s 0 100 or less on 400 year ended back in a good light. You should apply, knows reduction. If you're beyond ice or 400 then you're gonna have to apply some noise, adoptions, even sort of shorts that that's I would go in and I would apply a lot of noise reduction play with the detail and the contrast and all that does soften all Smith things over. So in combination was sharply. You just play with those same things and get a good violence. It's looking pretty good. Like so, so sharp is the last thing you do. You get two different types of Sean Ingle. You've got shopping for screen. So for instagram social media like nothing and you get Scharping for print, it could well be charming for screen. You would maybe apply a little bit more heavily shopping for print less, or it depends on the printer. You're using a little shopping built in the printer. End of things, Andi basically the tape of people or no, because if you're using a parchment people and get people inkjet printing, then it doesn't need to be sharp was it would be for a glossing. So just keep that in mind when you're actually playing things. So that's the last option. Detail is something you don't do first do last. If you're doing it first, then that means chances are your image is focus or has got movement on it. You can't really do anything about by sharpening up in the first place, so try and capture where possible. Nice, well focused crust images. I mean, just a little about sharpening at the back end before you export. No keeping remained that other applications make a play sharpening a swell. So if that's the keys, then what a place, what, shopping in late room and let those other applications apply the shopping for you. 30. Final Thoughts: Well, let's has come to the end off course. Now you've enjoyed it. I will be about one lane for the community part off the sculpture, of course. So if you go through the projects, I will certainly given through and feedback to anybody who was used to get it on. Of course, any future updates too late room and things like last year extravagant use to the course to competency for any new features. So actual taking part on I'll see your minutes course. 31. Guido Chill (BONUS): way, way. 32. (Update) Introduction To New Videos: Hi guys, I'm Steve, and welcome back to CDs of update videos for labor. Since recording my original course, Lightroom has been updated, but the guys of it will be. And there's a few new features and also a few features. I think the whereabout when I recorded the original course back in December 2019, in early January 2020. And I just hadn't really looked at them mainly because I think it was a little bit dismissive of Lightroom online through your browser, which I'm no starting to kinda love a little bit more. Quite the same power as the late rim mobile app on the iPad or the iPhone or even Lightroom classes. But it has got some useful benefits. I'm gonna take you through some of the updates and Lightroom Mobile. And I'm also going to look at some of the features on labor him on length. And we will just see what the geyser Adobe have been up to. So hopefully, you'll join me for the next few videos. 33. (Update) Using Best Photos: Okay, starting with lifelong online. One of the features I want to take a look at is a thing called best photos are sneaking suspicion. This was probably available on, I recall that the original course, but I was just too private. Maybe I've looked at it as no afflicted Luka. And it's something that I think could be a cool feature, especially for students who are new to photography. So for any to do is obviously need to have an album available and of short-term images and put them in. That album is based at as point naught two have flanked or any of your images, you want them pretty much straight of your iPhone. You'll then see up in the corner here the three little dots. If you tap on that one and then good enters and coal-based photos. If we tap on, you'll never see your photos are being analyzed. And you can best photos and other photos. And especially good if you, even if you've been shouldn't quite a lot of images. And you struggle with editing though in your own work. Not gonna see is the be-all, end-all of perfection in terms of editing. That basically Adobe's sensei AI technology goes through your photos and edits for you. Now, you can, if you wish, control the ranking threshold. And you've got the option to ignore my ratings, which I would recommend and then recalculate, loads. It then equals the other photos which is rejected. No, I went to any point desk the other photos and put them down as being bad. But I would certainly flag all the good photos and the ones that the EI have said, yes. These are definitely something you want to be interested in. Why we then go through the other photos. Be a little bit more selective and actually choosing them is a good way of putting it. So it's basically tapping into the sense EI and allowing to edit your photos. I'd like a cool thing. It's not for everybody in obviously, if you're shooting professionally, you should be a stage in your career. Even if you first started. She built the edit to your own work is interesting and I've tried to over quite a few images and I'll just do it with us. So survival and images here if I can't, because there's not enough. Let's try this one. It's got to best sentiment of photos for that to work. And then we tap best photos, then analyzes them. So Founder, interesting, playing a boat with us just to see what works and what doesn't work. And obviously, it's basing its choices over probably millions of photographs that are available through Adobe Stock. And just do creative cloud itself that is analyzed probably. So it's certainly an interesting piece of technology that you can use to help you edit and analyze your photographs. But I wouldn't take it 100% seriously because there may be the OID gem that you photographed that the AI has not come across yet, or you have an emotional reason for wanting that photograph or a specific idea. And main way certainly helps you if you struggle with editing to have a starting point. I think that's important. And then from there you'll learn what works and what doesn't work. And you'll probably very soon be able to edit your own images if you're new to photography. Last, banks Faso will tip and technique in terms of light room on lane. And I think it's a good one. So I'll catch you in the next video. 34. (Update) Using Adobe Portfolio: And next discovery through late room on lane is atomic portfolio. If you haven't used it will be portfolio before. It wouldn't shock me is not something Adobe really show about podocytes, that peripheral. We'll website creation tool that they've got going essentially so powerful that I would see it, but give Squarespace and Greg's a run for its money. Maybe it doesn't have quite the amount of applications. Talk them through websites and things like that. Certainly if you're using a Squarespace site to the woman and figure out what saw when he did therapy dollars, twenty pounds a month for that. Then this is something you get for free through your Adobe subscription. So if you put the Photoshop Lightroom subscription, you get us included. And if I just go to edit site and we launched it, I built myself a nice little website effectively. And it's very simple in terms of what's going on here. But it's powerful, all the same. And the Carlson you can do, for example, I go back to Lightroom online as you can take photos that are already an album. So for example, a cannot sell canopies. Yup, that is actually the camera haven't done any tweets to these whatsoever. But I'm gonna just gonna show you that if I tap on those little three dots again, I can send to portfolio. And if I tap on that, it will NC connect album to Adobe portfolio. Yes, we want to do that. And I automatically connects an album that we've got here first. And then we can go to Adobe portfolio. You'll know see a phi once again and see to it, say. So. We can then look at the canopies gallery over here. And it's there. And you can make further changes. You can design the Leo over. You can change all manner of things related to the actual site itself. And I'm not going to update the life stages now because I'm actually not open thickness on my portfolio page, but you get the general idea of what you can and can't do with that. So what I'm gonna do is click on here. And I'm just going to build the page so that it will get too confused. What's going on? And we go back to pages. And there, for example, is my normal portfolio page. With images I've shown over the past few years. Sickness. I enjoy photographing and obviously money from you can see. So getting back to L1 line, this is a fast way of getting images up onto your website, especially if you show up a lot of things and you want to refresh your portfolio. And if you could go into the corner, you can see there's the portfolio album. I've got the images that you can see directly in my portfolio website. Now you don't want to confuse this with having the Gallery option, which we will look at another video of the basically the Gallery option number two is more client-facing in terms of you can have it so that clients can look at the images, may comment peck images like in a blank. And then from there, once the boat your images, you can then share the ones with them that they went before by giving them a download link. So is two things that do the same thing, but for completely different purposes. Portfolio option for showing off images and the Gallery option is for effectively sending images to clients and for approval and then for them to download. 35. (Update) Using Shared Galleries: As I mentioned in the last video, the difference between portfolio in galleries, and let's take a look in gallery and late remodeling. So again, what you gotta do is this tapestry, two dots, that top right hand corner of your page and made you not the three dots above that are actually part of the browser and from their share and gallery, when should deny, I'll tell you this album has been added your gallery, and how do you find your gallery? Well, you recall rate what's the left-hand side to the people icon? And you'll see your gallery up top, and you'll see you've got some options here. Galaxies obviously that enabled. You've got a URL link which you can copy to clipboard. And from there, you can also say up the food to settings or showing metadata, show location, downloads. You've then got the actual content which happens to be the andrea fear leads lobster. And for those of you who do know who Andrew fairly was, I say was because shuttling died a year or so ago from Council. He had a 100 fairly restaurant at clinicals. Empty starts a hair off the, off the rather and Scala. And he was an amazing chef. And what will be learned. It also held a thing, two Michelin stars. The guy was a genius now really humble and read blogs. And I really enjoyed photographing has filled. So I just wanted to mention as an aside. So once you've got that, you can then just call up a new page and paste and go. And that will then launch you less view of your gallery, which is slightly different. The hurt loops, normal weight room mobile. You can then tap one, the main picture and the Azure gallery for clients to the end point MDGs and review. And you can swipe left and right, leave comments and thanks a lot. But obviously once the clients pectin bought their images, you can activate a low downloads and that will then give them the ability to then would damages. And so that's the Lightroom one lane version. And if we then go over to late room itself, you will see you've got the option to share and invite. If you tap on that, you get the optional invade swimming or make it, make it available to absolutely anybody. You can get a shareable link. So you'll see it's a so badly style Adobe length. You could options for link settings. And this is again, where you can allow for JPEG downloads or showing metadata and location and for which is useful for some client. And or people that want to know exactly where you photograph things. Difficult pack. You can also customize the display and here seeking for the title, the author, you can choose it differently. For example, if you do a column grid, we can have it dark, probably is simple and effective. Bar at works. Not to me. It's like so we'll go what we need there. And we'll just go back into low sake. And because I will, for natural link itself, you'll know C is a slightly different view before THE Street and the gallery. Rather than specifically to light room. One line. So I actually prefer the sphere some more. Rather than going to this other view, we can see other galleries and things. So it's personal preference where you went to work. I tend to only one client. Some things maybe to online at anyone time sort of whatever it too much. But that's getting your images into GAL80 to basically share with family or friends, or share with a client who then says what they want to buy from you. 36. (Update) Using Image Versions: The next feature I'm going to show you is called versions. And this is probably the closest thing you'll get to preheating. Virtual copy, then layering flavor motel, which can be handy. So if I do something dramatic to this edge, for example, we will make it black and white. And we go and then we'll get the adjustments. More contrasty world, the sharpening level but softened all WE per vignette. Then from there you tap on the versions which is those of clock reverse icon. And I know you've got to do is create version. We'll just call it black. Obstacle it what you want. And then click Apply. Nagel has been applied. But that means that if you want to go back to the original, we can apply that and you can click on a few different versions. I don't think there's any great limits to it. And it's a cool way of effectively creating different styles of the same image. Potentially show client for also effectively brought to Cauchy's as well. So I just thought I'd show you that quickly. And so cracking new feature that I really, really like. Hope you'll enjoy it too. 37. (Update) Sharing Edits [Beta]: Another new feature and I actually really liked is when you go to the shared option, you'll see there's the option down here to edit and it's in beta at the moment. And to do that, you've obviously got to create an edit. So let's do that. Right now. We've got as beautiful. Thank It's chord from the chef, Michelin star chef or should say, clear smiled. And I went to just the highlights. Then compared again to fix. And we will see that increases the saturation. So let's go. He's dial down the violence because it's a very vibrant dashes. And then I may actually go into the specific oranges. Just ever so slightly, it's in the reds. And this is a rather specific yet, but I will upload the image for YouTube flavor as to what else do we want to do with the detail? Sharpen things up a little, maybe even add color. And these can actually increase the violence again because it took all away before the MOOC separately. I think, uh, crops involved. So we will go for a 5-4 crop, going a little bit fades from the food and only slightly more over to the left-hand side. Once we'd done my ADA and he's close-up of the food. So I'm going to do is tap here. She, edata and Daesh by insulin. And gets with you only get so many characters foci, what dish by clear spot. You should wear. Smiles and sure she's with her and I mean, it's not a right. This Fabian process where you buy the edited processes a farewell. Boost this image too. Most of the colors with them. Push dash. Subject, laptop puts food object method. Again. It was at an event on the final subject, Martha. Ok, so I used a macro lens enable save as a pisa. Maybe I'll do that and we're gonna include location info. And then from there I'm going to click save. Not staying going to submit my results. What I shall do is copy the link and you guys can go and play with that. And I'll put a specific image upon the Lightroom course as a resource for you to download and have a playlist and scope. They go just a quick view over the sheer edits, option, feedback. The other image. 38. (Update) Using Export As...: This brings me to my next feature I want to show you, which is back and the sheer option. And that is, you've got the option has normal to export camera roll, export to files, and you don't go to the Share Edit. If also got export as an S kinda brings Lightroom Mobile pretty much to the same standard as late Rome classic layer. So if we tap on that, you can see you can change your failed type jpeg, tiff, DNG unless occasion I wanted to change it to DAG because I don't want anything else the harm to the image. I want to give you the raw image to play with. So we tap on that, then shows the photo. Take a few seconds and then it can decide where it needs to go. In this case, I'm going to pop it into my files. And then to the folders that I've set up for this. And we will call this 01 score all capitalized. For example. Let me go, let me go. Usually capitalize on this occasion it Susan. And then we see that. So you've got your usual export fails, export, the camera roll pretty much tika as us just do that. And i files it straight to your photos app. But it's really cool to be able to go to export as choose. For example, at the peg, set, custom size of the largest available dimensions, set the image quality. In sweat, join your watermark. You can go in and customize your watermark. I need to update because it says 2019 fissure often I use the watermarking. And this. You can also go to more options and include metadata Cameron for location and full. And you can change the file naming, you can output sharpening, and you can change the color space as well. And that's us. So there we go. As export eyes. 39. (Update) Using Photoshop Integration: Okay, for my next new feature we'll take a look at is the integrated, finally, Adobe Photoshop for iPad into Lightroom. So you can kind of look around. And from Lightroom to Photoshop, Bakelite room. Let me show you that. So if we edit and Photoshop, so you can look to, to render. And then once useful to show up for you. And looks up the PSD between the second and the Azure image. And for those of you who know me and follow my YouTube channel, I have been very vocal. Define that Photoshop for iPad bring frankly, sucks really bad. You can do some things. It's quite good for compositing and basically touching. Thanks. But there are better apps at the moment. There are Studio Pro as one I use extensively and it feels like just using traditional desktop Photoshop as a lot more power. But there's a couple of tricks that it does. Oh, I'll look up the probably worth a small course as an introduction to Photoshop enough, looking at doing that, especially when it comes to things like making selections, can select the subject. It's going to probably make a mess of this solo. That's not too bad. Selecting what things could be the subject. Anyway, it works better on humans. So I've tended to be using, I'm Photoshop for is literally just quick read touch options, which you can see. It's still not the best. But you get the general idea. Again of better options out there. No, I mean, necessary thing with photography. And the New York technologies, like the iPod and the iPhone was an app called Touch retouched. And it was a much cleaner job of retouching energies. But that's there's no point for Quicksort sporting job or if you want to do about and color grading in terms of BAM, hand darkening and late in different parts, dodging and burning effectively. Those things in here that really, really frustrated me about food too short, but it's a work in progress. My view as though they were under pressure to release it. And I think the real estate in the last year and they released it too early. I mean, those features in here that just, you know, available at the moment, which is quite frustrating. But for example, if we didn't their natural look. And then there's other features like adding a new adjustment layer or adding a group or adding a new layer. This kinda tucked away. So not the best, not the worst. But I think it's going to dramatically improve. Can't believe the legal last forever. I think we're gonna see a lot of improvements and wanted improvements is obviously integration with Lightroom. So again, you can send to Lightroom. I did not want to a vote to snow. It will do when star probably just leave it. So I think it's going to get better. And there we go. Late room receives the image back and not sit there with a little removed. So from that aspect it works criteria. But that being said, I cannot actually export an image to RStudio pro and have it come back into Lightroom. Relatively easy. And I think there's one more step which is a half to go to my all photos. And then from there, drag-and-drop or move it to the library. So it's not a big deal on a bit doing that anyway. But having integration with Photoshop, especially if you're gonna be compositing is a good step. It's just a very crippled version of Photoshop with more by do think we'll see some significant increases in terms of features and things like that. Sometime before the end of the year. 40. (Update) Using Raw Defaults: And the new features just keep on common. This next one is something I haven't used yet, but I can see the value and using a data one-point user and Lightroom Classic. And that's the go to level three dots in Settings and then go to import. Then at the bottom here, you got the option to change the rod default settings, which basically means to choose the default settings that you want to apply to unedited raw images when you import them until later. And I think for the portrait photographers and event photographers, thus could be interesting new feature. So you basically go Adobe default, color, natural, name, UC, all sorts of options for presets. And thankful that I don't use pieces that much. But I'm just having a solo player boat here. Also the camera settings and then there will be default. But you can see the sort of general options that you go on the go. And I'm just click might color natural. And that's kind of how bringing my image is n to the rod default and thickness this default setting. And so if you have, if you have a studio and you're doing similar stale shorts that family shorts nine similar by drones. Or even if you change up backgrounds that are similar to them all the time. And you could set up a few different default options and then change the mover and a foreign M4. And it's up to you how you do that Abaci bus as simple as possible. But if you do, shoot them, let images again and again and again. And events or something was Spore, where a basic set of corrections can be made, then that's something to look at. As the row defaults is something like that. Use Lightroom classic originally. It also do classic as an important dialogue with you choose a preset. There's a little bit more flexible because we are importing that you could effectively jump between different presets I had of sexual seven on the Golden point. So that's an human as well as Roddy falls for a crack, if you think that will be useful for you. 41. (Update) Using Fine Color Adjustments: The last feature I got for you today is local color adjustments for fine tuning color adjustments. You go to your radio gradient or pin adjustments. And this case embedded choose greeting and can affect the sky area. Go began to color. You'll see an option for fine color adjustments. Use final judgment that will then allow you to go in and play very subtle color adjustments. I'm going to exaggerate mover here, but you get the general idea. And this is another great way of adding subtle gradient grad filter effects. And and then what they've done. And it's as simple as that. If you want to obviously go in and correct and go on, reselect. And you'll note that it's kind of move back over to the bottom corner. You can make an overall adjustment. If fine adjustment is switched off. And it gives you a heavy duty look. And we'll just go back from that and go or you can then already. Two when B fine adjustment then becomes more subtle. And that's available for the radio and also the paintbrush. And as well as a gradient. We can keep it subtle like I have done here. You can make a little bit stronger. So it's just a good way of adjusting color or adding color into photo. And I'm ij. And that you want to just give a little bit more depth and vibe to different style as well. So that's the last of the features, and I will catch you on the next video. 42. (Update) A New Project & My Final Thoughts: Okay, this wouldn't be so sure if we did do a little bit of a project is to kind of get your creative juices going. So let me as really simple, I want you to try out with your iPad or your iPhone. The sheer edit option, as you can see here, is my edit. Cho, who stolen four and see all the different changes going on. So what we need to do is choose an image you really like and share the edit posted publicly and then share in the discussion section for the other students to have a goal because there's often a 170 or, you know. So, you know, those quite a few guys that are in here, again until a room and a bad way. But let's see what you can do with it. And I will catch you on the next flight, Room a. And just very, very quickly at the end, shameless plug. I've also created a couple of new courses. One of which is editing video using the luma fusion are again on iPad and also color grading, the art of cinematic color gradients or cables courses or Israel. Now speeches.