UPDATED FOR COVID-19: The Complete Guide to Traveling to Italy (Including Italian Lessons) | Robert G | Skillshare

UPDATED FOR COVID-19: The Complete Guide to Traveling to Italy (Including Italian Lessons)

Robert G, Translator/Freelancer/Traveler

UPDATED FOR COVID-19: The Complete Guide to Traveling to Italy (Including Italian Lessons)

Robert G, Translator/Freelancer/Traveler

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43 Lessons (2h 38m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Basics

    • 3. Time to Travel

    • 4. Choice of place

    • 5. Visas

    • 6. Budgeting

    • 7. Housing

    • 8. Transportation

    • 9. Car Rental Tips

    • 10. Transportation:other

    • 11. Safety: security: scams

    • 12. Safety: security

    • 13. Money

    • 14. Money Tips

    • 15. Shopping

    • 16. Eating

    • 17. Eating 2

    • 18. Wifi

    • 19. Tips 1 Dr

    • 20. Tips 2 Luggage

    • 21. Tips 3 Festivals

    • 22. Tips 4 Aperitivo

    • 23. Tips 5 History

    • 24. Tips 6 Soccer

    • 25. Vocab: First Phrases

    • 26. Vocab: Direzioni

    • 27. Vocab: Meeting Someone New

    • 28. Vocab: Family

    • 29. Vocab: Shopping

    • 30. Vocab: Soccer

    • 31. Thank you for taking this course!

    • 32. Course: Thank you

    • 33. 40 Coronavirus Travel

    • 34. 41 Before leaving

    • 35. 42 When arriving at the airport

    • 36. 43 At the airport

    • 37. 44 Boarding

    • 38. 45 During the flight

    • 39. 46 Meals

    • 40. 47 Bathrooms

    • 41. 48 During the flight (again)

    • 42. 49 When Landing

    • 43. 50 When you get home

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About This Class

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has the Alps, it has desert, it has volcanos, it has beautiful coastlines and more ancient monuments than you can count. Home of the Roman Empire, Start of the Renaissance, it even contains two other sovereign countries within its borders! 

Italy is known for its shopping, its food, its wine, its coffee, its art, its fashion, its cars and its beautiful beautiful countryside. From the hustle and bustle of Milan, to the rolling hills of Tuscany, to the Sicilian coast and everywhere in between. 

In fact, Italy has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country in the world! 

But there can also be many problems with traveling to Italy. From being cheated at restaurants, to being literally taken for a ride by Taxi drivers, to strikes and delays and closures, to pickpocketing and petty crime, counterfeit products and plenty of reckless driving. 

This course was created so that you could enjoy the most beautiful country on earth and get the most out of your trip there. This course includes all the information you need for your trip: 

  • what to prepare before your travel
  • the best times of year to visit
  • visas and budgeting
  • housing
  • transportation
  • safety 
  • money
  • shopping
  • eating
  • internet
  • and tips and tricks

And then with a vocab section at the end, including downloadable references for vocab and expressions to use in different situations, and a native speaker pronouncing all the words for you as well. 

In short, This course will provide everything you need when traveling to Italy and when conversing with new Italian friends. It also is filled with interesting information about Italy in general. 

DECIDE when and where to Plan Your Visit

HANDLE Visas and Budgeting

CHOOSE Your Housing / Hotel

CHOOSE the best mode of transportation

DEAL with safety/scams/security

Your Guide to: SHOPPING in Italy

Your Guide to: EATING in Italy

More TIPS AND TRICKS for Traveling to Italy!

Meet Your Teacher

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Robert G



Hi there! I'm a Freelancer/Translator/Traveler/Coffee drinker. I've been working as a Freelance Translator for a number of years, and now I run an agency hiring other freelancers. I tend to work remotely (3 continents and counting with my wife), and I am in Charlotte, North Carolina, as of this writing.

My courses deal with becoming a successful freelancer, hiring freelancers and living remotely, so check them out below!

Feel free to click "Follow" on the left and you can be updated when I have a new course or new additions to my existing courses!




Connect with me! 

You can find me on Youtube, Facebook, my Amazon author page, LinkedIn and Instagram



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1. Intro: It really, truly is a unique country. It's the home of the Roman Empire. It's where the Renaissance started. It contains the Vatican. Italy is known for its shopping, its food, its wine, this coffee. It's art, It's fashion, it's cars. And it's beautiful, beautiful countryside, from the hustle and bustle of Milan to the rolling hills of Tuscany to the Sicilian coast and everywhere in between. In fact, Italy has mawr, UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country in the world, and Italy even has two other sovereign countries entirely within its borders. Italy has the Alps, has volcanoes, has beautiful coastlines and more ancient monuments than you can count. But there can also be many problems with traveling to Italy from being cheated at restaurants to literally be taken for a ride by taxi drivers. Two strikes and delays and closures to pickpocketing and petty crime, counterfeit products and plenty of reckless driving. This course was created so that you could enjoy the most beautiful country on earth and get the most out of your trip there. This course includes all the information you need for your trip, from what to prepare before you travel to the best times of year to visit to visas and budgeting, toe housing, transportation, safety, money shopping, beating Internet and plenty of tips and tricks and then with a vocab section at the end. This vocab section includes downloadable references for vocabulary in different situations , and we'll also have a native speaker pronouncing all the words for you as well. In short, this course will contain everything you need for traveling to Italy. It will also help with conversing with your new Italian friends and is filled with interesting information about Italy in general. However, what this course is not about is it will not teach you about the rules of grammar and Italian, nor will help you pass your school test or anything along those lines, not for the vocab section at the end. Although in fluent in Italian, I thought, Who better to help teach this course than someone who has been teaching Italian for decades , has taught well over 1000 students and is originally from Tuscany, where the Italian language is born? So that's how I found for you. Her name is Amanda, and she just happens to be my mother as well. Now, going through this course you'll notice. Or maybe you've already noticed that I'm not a very flashy guy. You won't find a bunch of flashy things or a bunch of cool animations or anything really too eye catching here. But what you will find is a set of rules. You will find a set of tips instead of tricks and basically everything you need for your travel to Italy, whether this be tips and tricks before you're going there, once you get there, even after you get there, as well as the effort mentioned section of vocab and grammar and what not at the end of the course. In short, in this course, you'll find everything you need to make your trip to Italy the most memorable ever. 2. Basics: So let's start with some basics before you even start traveling. First of all, you should look into a couple things. Well, first of all, check your visas. Make sure that either you don't need a visa or you have the correct visa for your visit. We'll get into this a bit more later on in a section on visas. But just to bring this up right in the beginning. Also, bring cash. Once again, we'll talk about this later in the budgeting and also in the money chapters. And a credit card doesn't suffice by cash. I mean actually cash either that you can change into euros once you there or if you already have euros and obviously bring those. Also check the voltage. Once again, Italy's in Europe, which means it has a to 20 voltage and ah, it has European voltage prongs, and you can buy plugs or things to put into your plugs so they can be the right voltage and pretty much in any airport or in many different electronic stores around. So if you don't have one right now, you can just procure one, whether you, your traveling or before also prepare first aid kits. Now, obviously, you can just put in preliminary stuff, maybe emergency stuff, because there are pharmacies and there are obviously medics and doctors wherever you go. But just in general, you probably want to have a first aid kit with the basics. I usually include painkillers because you never know if you're going to be dehydrated or if , because of the time difference and jet lag or something along those lines, you just might have a headache. So I'll usually include some of those maybe also some sleeping pills or something to help you sleep and anything that you feel comfortable and you feel you should have along with you disinfectant band aids, etcetera, etcetera. 3. Time to Travel: so in terms of times to travel, this can be a little iffy, because it really depends on we're headed. Italy has Alps. It has desert. It has all types of beach and mountains and countryside and cities and all different types of climate. So it really does depend. If you're going up to the north to the Alps and you want to go skiing than obviously, winter is the best time of year. If you want to go to the beach, then you want to go when it's sunny. So take this into account where you're headed, what you want out of this visit and the general general climate of where you are, obviously, the further north you are. Things tend to be a big cooler when if you go further south and things tend to be hotter. Remember Sicily, Apulia, These places. They are pretty much as far south as you can go in Europe almost, and they're not that far from northern Africa, so it could get very hot down there. But by and large, usually spring in autumn are the best time to travel to Italy just because during the summer is very, very, very hot it's also summer is when you find the most tourists and don't forget that in August is when Italy goes on vacation and pretty much during all of August everything will be closed. Obviously, the tourist spot says in all the ah museums and the downtowns of the big cities, they'll stay open. But a lot of places will be close, including in downtown's. It will be limited, and this the same goes for any time You travel outside the big cities. It can include transportation and restaurants and bars, etcetera, etcetera. This also means that it will be full, full, full of tourists of either other Italians who are travelling or foreign tourists who are coming to Italy. August can be very, very full. The beaches will be very full of Italians. Most Italians tend to try to go to the beach during August, and so there will be full of people. But by the same token, most things on the beaches will be open because this is their busy season anyway, taking all that into account and also the fact that during the winter, even though it doesn't snow much in the north, it'll snow, but not so much in the South. It'll still be gray, rainy, dreary, so it's usually not recommended to go during the winter. Spring and autumn are the best time of year to go. However, if you can't really time it or for depends on other factors. And if you have to go during a certain time during winter during August or whatever, no worries we're gonna touch upon this later ways of beating the crowds of making sure you don't have to any tourists since he's still get the most out of your visit. 4. Choice of place: and here's some tips for your choice of place. Once again, you might have already decided that you absolutely have to go to a certain place or you're definitely headed to this in that city, and that's fine. But if you have some leeway, if you have some choice, then here's some things to keep in mind. First of all, Papa go cities are full of tourists, especially during tourist season. This goes without saying, but it bears repeating, and this includes Rome. This includes Florence. This includes Fenice that's includes Milan and and it also includes all the other major cities that you've heard it from Verona to Torino to Naples and, uh, and so on and so forth. During tourist season, these places will be full of tourists. And remember, there are also a lot of smaller cities that are very famous. I'm thinking son Jimmy on on thinking sienna and places along those lines. These will be very full of tourists, and they're also very small. And so the end result is that you hardly run into any locals. Everyone you see will be a tourist and will be very hard to get a spot at a restaurant or stuff like that, which is why I usually recommend looking for alternatives. For example, I really like Luca and Luca is a beautiful city with not nearly as many tourists. And I think you get just as much out of that. In fact, more probably than visiting Sanjay mean Yeah, no, but it's up to you. You still want to keep in mind that there are lots of tourists. If this doesn't bother you, then all the better. But otherwise maybe look around for alternatives. Even you can Google later. Look on a map for towns that maybe aren't one of the top famous top 10 most famous cities in Italy, but they're still pretty well known, and so they could give a good alternative. 5. Visas: now visas obviously depend on the country you're from when you're visiting Italy. Azzan. If you're from the States and you don't need to worry about a visa and you can go as a tourist if you're from elsewhere in the EU, Obviously this is also the case. But other cities, other countries, sorry, might need a visa. And so definitely look into it. And also see how long you could stay with your visa or even without one. Because if you're traveling without a visa, maybe you're allowed to stay for three months or six months. If you plan on staying longer than obviously, this is something you need to look into if you're just traveling as a tourist and you might be staying less than this so you don't need to worry too much. Still, look into it just to make sure that you have everything in order because otherwise is a huge hassle. If you do have a visa, though, also remember not to overstay. This could be extremely difficult. It can be such a pain. And remember also things that when that says 90 days, it means 90 days, not three months, so you need to calculate the exact number of days you need to have the visa by the 90th day . That's doesn't mean on the 90th day you can go and have it renewed its anyway. Just keep visas in mind. If this is a thing that you need to worry about, then do make sure you have it done ahead of time and you have a plan for renewing it if you have to do so or adjusting accordingly. 6. Budgeting: now budgeting budget and can be an issue when traveling, and so I'm going to try to help out as much as I can. Obviously, a lot of this depends on how long you're staying on the city's. They're going to on what you like to do when you travel and all your personal preferences, also in the time of year. So let me go through a couple things. First of all, the main things to budget are first of all, the transportation. This is more than just the plane trip. The plane trip obviously needs to be budgeted in forgetting there for returning, but you're also going to need maybe a train or a bus or cab to get from the plane to wherever you're going. You might need a cab for day today rides where you might need a train to get from city to city. So don't forget to factor all of this in accommodation is another big one. Obviously, don't forget this. We'll talk more about different types of accommodation later on as well as transportation. We'll get into more detail about all these later on, but for now, just in terms of budget, keep these in mind. Food, obviously. Italy's very big on food. So you're going to want to make sure you budget for this and again, it depends on your preferences. Maybe you'd like to eat a lot. Maybe don't like to eat a lot. Maybe knowing that you're going to Italy means that you will be quite a bit. So keep all this in mind. Obviously, entrance into museums and sites. You want to see most of them. You do have to pay for entrance. Just assume that you're gonna have to pay wherever you go. Most of the time, you won't pay more than 10 20 euros, depending on what it is. Sometimes it will be less two or five euros. It really depends, but you will have to pay some sort of feed no matter where you go. Souvenirs. You're likely to want souvenirs to bring back gifts for friends and family, or just Mementos that you can remember your trip from. So don't forget to factor that in drinks. I will get into a petty TV later on and the Zahra pere tips and drinks. And this is something that all Italians takes. But regardless, you're gonna want to have a drink, whether it be a coffee where there be alcohol. If you're on vacation, chances are drinks will come in at some point once again, Coffee as well. A snacks you. Ah, when walking around when traveling around Italy, food is a big thing, and this could include just snacks. They have a lot of sweet. Similarly a lot of different types of sweets, different types of made Indiana, they call them or different types of chocolates, different types of anyway. Factor that in. So once you have factored, once you take everything that you need to budget and you can make a detailed budget based on the number of dates and eso, depending on the number of days you have, you can come up with a budget for your entire trip and try to make it as detailed as possible so that you know the total amount of money that you have budgeted in. Once you've done all this, what I would suggest is toe add 10% we way and you add 10% leeway just because something's going to come up that you didn't factor in. So you want to keep that in mind and that 10% leeway will help out. I don't I generally don't recommend adding too much because I've talked to some people that say, Oh, just double whatever you budget and I don't want to do that because then you'll feel like, Oh, I have all this money I I budgeted way Mawr anyway, so I could live lavishly and that's not what we're trying to do here. The leeway here is in case things come up that you didn't you forgot about or you didn't know about or ah, you know they're extra costs is the tourists and they always come up. And so this 10% Lee wait will help out for that. But it's not so much that you'll think, Oh, I've budgeted form or anyway, so I can spend left and right no matter what again. Maybe you're very good at budgeting already, and so you don't feel that you need too much detail. You don't feel you need me preaching too much, but I'm just telling you what I usually do because it helps me and hopefully can help you as well. I usually want to budget everything in detail as much detail as possible. and then add the 10% leeway so it doesn't give me too much freedom. But at least I know I have a little bit of freeway. But in addition to this, I also add an emergency fund of around 30%. This emergency fund is usually kept separately, depending on however you want to do it. But this is for emergencies. If something happens and you need to go to see a doctor or you need some medication or whatever it might be thes are only for emergencies. So this is a funded that ideally, you do not touch again. You don't want to be saying Oh, I budgeted for excessive Let me splurge. And that's why, at least for me, I like to keep the emergency fund separate so I don't touch it and not tempted to touch it unless something comes up in, in which case, I have to dip into it. Last but definitely not least, always have at least some cash. You want some cash when you're going around in Italy, you really there? You know if you're in the main cities, if you're in the big cities and yes, you can use a credit card at restaurants, but otherwise, if you're in the markets, if you're in smaller towns, if you were dealing and little stores, boutique stores, stuff like that, chances are they only accept cash. So always have at least some cash around you and preferably if you're traveling as a tourist and you want most of what you're spending in cash, you want your budget in cash. Of course, you might be worried about carrying a lot of cash and about pickpockets. We'll get into that later on. Don't worry, but cash is very useful when you're buying things around Italy. 7. Housing: So let's get into housing and hotels. This isn't as obvious as you might think, because there are various options and all of them have pros and cons. So let's get into them just briefly just so you can get a general idea and be able to make your mind up. First of all, you have hotels thes air standard. You know, the hotels that you've heard about or maybe not heard about. But they're gonna have Holiday Inns. They're gonna have Hilton's they're gonna have, Ah, all these chains of hotels that you've heard of before And maybe you like to stay in these their standardized You know what you can get. You know what you're in for. If you're Hilton honors member, then you know how it works. And so you feel more comfortable. And also you get points and the points are something that are important to you. Or maybe you get to use points and stay for free. And anyway, so you know what you get with hotels and so feel free toe. Look into hotels. But you can also feel free to look into B and B's I and my wife and I. Actually, we've come to really like B and B's around Italy. I tend not to like B and B's in general and tend to avoid them. But in Italy we found them, uh, quite fun and quite useful because the owners tend to go, they want to talk to you and maybe we'll sit down with you for a coffee or a glass of wine or something. But they also really like to give local information at least the ones that we've dealt with . And they really like to talk about their area, their city, their region and eso. They're really great for local information, and so you can feel free to ask them what the blaze best places to see our how to get to this place, what they recommend doing. And, uh and I found that quite invaluable. So keep in mind bed and breakfasts Once again, these owners, however, very often will not speak English, so look into it. If you're booking and a B and B, you can always email them or call them and see if they do speak English. Someone there speaks English. Otherwise, just assume they don't and eso whatever information you're going to get will be an Italian . Another option is Airbnb. A lot of people don't think about this, but this could be very useful. I've used this, Wouldn't traveling around Italy. And we had a wonderful place in look through Airbnb. Um, you you can get your house yourself. They have Airbnb options where you share it with someone else. So look into what you get, depending on what you prefer. Uh, once again, I find the Airbnb owners can be very helpful because you have more of a personal touch, like with being bees. At least we were in touch with her even though we had the house to ourselves. We were obviously in touch with the the owner and ah, and got the keys from her. And we got to talk to the owner and you get recommendations. In fact, later on, she called us when she found out about a festival we might be interested in and stuff along those lines. So keep in mind, Airbnb and chances are you know how to look into it. But remember, you get ratings on Airbnb from other people as well, so you can see whom to trust and who not to trust, etcetera, etcetera. Another thing about Airbnb is that usually if you get a place to yourself, you get your own kitchen and we'll talk about this a bit more later on. But if you have your own kitchen means he can go grocery shopping and you can cook for yourself, which in Italy is always a treat, so you don't always have to eat out, and you can go to a local grocery store, buy ingredients and cook food for yourself, which is always fun. So keep that in mind. Another option is extended. Stay hotels. Now, once again, this depends on your plans. How long you're staying, wherever you might be going but extended stay hotels, usually for about a week at least. But once again they're run by some of the main chain. So if you like points, that's a great way to get points, because you're going to be staying for a least a week once again. So if you like the point system, then that really works well for you. You also get your own kitchen with extended stay hotels, usually so once again, if you want to be cooking, if you want to go grocery shopping and buy food and cook for yourself. Then this could be an excellent option. Eso yeah, looking to extended stay hotels as well, and hopefully, then this gives you more or less an idea of the various options and so you don't just automatically go for will, usually hotels. That's what people go for right away. But you know there are other options, so feel free to look into them to see what your preference might be. 8. Transportation: So in terms of transportation, the various options, first of all, we're going to talk about renting a car. Obviously, when you get to Italy, once you arrive there, I would say the most popular ways of getting around. If you're going to different cities, this is it will either be car or train. And so, first of all, we'll talk about renting a car. Um, first of all, ask yourself. If you do want to rent a car, maybe you prefer taking a train in public transportation, in which case that's fine. If you're just staying and sticking to the major cities and you just want to take a train in between each one, then that's absolutely fine. But if you like to be in a bit more control than feel free to rent a car, keep a couple things in mind. You will need an international license. This is not always the case. Whenever they check, but to be safe, getting international license depending away. You are where you are. They're usually quite easy to get in the states. I know you pay 15 bucks, and then you can get an international license quite easily. But if you don't otherwise. If you're not sure, if you need. When you can always check if you're license functions as as international license. Because when I had a swift driver's license that was fine. I didn't need to get an international license, so it might depend on what type of licence you have anyway. Look into it, just to be sure. Also keep in mind the stick shift versus automatic in Italy. Most cars or stick shift. If you're renting a car, the default will be stick shift. If you want automatic, you have to ask for it ahead of time. You have to specify that you want an automatic. Most big companies most rental car rental companies, will have automatic. It's well because they know that's the nature of the beast. But if you don't specify anything, it will be stick. If you feel more comfortable with Stick or if you feel just as comfortable with stick, then go for stick. Most of your options will be stick and it will be cheaper and it'll be easier, so that's usually my recommendation. Also, keep in mind if you are driving to other countries that other countries might require highway stickers If you go to Switzerland, you need a sticker. It costs 40 Swiss francs, and you need to stick it to be able to drive on the highway there. Same. It's for Austria, and Italy does not require one. So you can drive around Italy and you don't need to buy the stick or what you do in Italy's You pay highway tolls. And I just mentioned this because a lot of people who traveled to Italy then decide if they have a car that they want to travel and visit Switzerland or Austria or Germany or other places like that. So just keep in mind the highway stickers for these countries. They're very easy to buy. By the way, if you go to Switzerland without one at the border, they'll just bring you aside and let you buy one right then and there a big thing to keep in mind when you're driving Italy zona, the traffic A limit. You're going to see these signs in cities and, ah, literally the meaning. It means limit limited traffic zone. But actually the real meaning is tourist tax, because the signs will Cesana geographically me tassel, which most foreigners won't know what it means, and so they'll keep driving. And what they do is they usually have cameras that will take a picture of your, um, license plate and or, if you park somewhere within zone, you'll find a ticket on your windshield. Regardless, you'll find a ticket and you have to pay. Once again, these are gonna be in city centres, most city centres of Italy. They have an old town and eso they Onley let local residents drive. And since you're not a local resident, you're going to get a fine for driving in there. Unless the hotel or every staying has a special dispensation for driving in this zone, then it should be fine. If you have a hotel that's in the city centre, you can always ask them, and usually they'll have some dispensation which let you go. But definitely keep this in mind. If you're driving a car in Italy, keep in mind these limited traffic zones in the city centers. Now, if you're just staying in the city the whole time, chances are you won't be driving at almost city centres. As I said, they have old towns. They're very old cities, usually from medieval times, if not earlier, and so they're very walkable. And in fact walking is usually the only the main way to get around. So if you're only staying in one city, if you're just saying in Florence for your whole visit, you absolutely do not meet a car unless you want to visit the outlying areas. And so just keep this in mind if you're just visiting one or two cities as well, and you just need a train to get from one to the other. Likewise, he probably won't need a car. All cities within themselves are walkable. You don't need to drive from one part of a city to the other. And if they are bigger, like Milan, that they'll have a subway system, which you can use as well. So don't worry about a car. If you're just staying within the city now, I'm gonna go through another tip that I have, which is renting a car. There's a website I recommend, call kayak dot com, which you might have heard of or might not have, And I usually recommend if you're renting a car in Italy to use kayak dot com because it's great and it aggregates many different car rental agencies, including the low cost ones in Italy, which I find very useful, and I'll show you a brief walk through so you can get an idea of what I mean. 9. Car Rental Tips: So here I wanted to show you quickly. The first place I go to rent a car is always kayak dot com, and I recommend using one of these websites that aggregate PSA Bunch of different choices, like kayak dot com just because you tend to get the best deals. And I recently was using it for Milan. And so I wanted to show you an example of, ah, of what will happen. So if you go to kayak dot com, you can click on hotels, flights, etcetera, etcetera. So you click on cars and, ah, and then you enter where you're going. So I put Milan Maupin. So that's the airport. And, ah, let's just put some dates. Ah, you know, I don't know. Let's put something random for a whole week. Yeah, January 10th to 17th and then let's click here and then see what pops up and right away you'll see that it gets different companies and this is Sicily by car, Cicely by car or a whole lot of these air Cicely by car. But ah, and here via something and all that on Avis and whatnot anyway. And you have to see what what they have. And as you can see here, they have some very good deals now, I reserved it for a week, and here it says $47 total, right. And in fact, they have quite a few. And this is $51 total. And Ah, and when you look at the deal, you can see what comes up. And so you can see here rental with exclusive inclusive rate 46. So six. So you can see here Now, obviously, this is not including anything else. And, ah, you know, not including any protection or anything like that. But here you can see a total price of 46 here. Even if you get the protection and other stuff, then it's probably worth it. But as you can see, they have the annoying pop ups, unfortunately, but yeah, they have quite a few. This is 51 51 51 all of these air very cheap for a week long rental. If you've ever rented a car, you know, this is very cheap, and kayak tends to do that. It has a lot of the low cost. Like Cicely by car is obviously a low cost company, and it aggravates them as well. And see, You see, you can see the total rentals 46. So six, there are a couple things that I usually try to keep track of. When I first went the car before I set foot in it or anything, videotape with my phone, you know, just everything. Just make sure I have every scratch and nook and cranny like showing their if there are scratches that marked them down in little shed, they give me and I make sure they know that I know. Then when I drop it off, I also take another video because if you do it with your phone right away, the videos, time stamped and everything, and I show everything you know is in proper order, as it should be. So anyway, and again and again that this won't happen everywhere you go. But I found just cause I rented recent from our pain son and realize they have these really good deals with companies like Sicily by car. What? Not that, um, it's just best to use one of these aggregate websites and at least from a starting point, another thing to look out for by the way. And this happened to me once I've used to sleep bicarb, assisted by car is fine. I have no problem with them. But one of the other websites I used, I think was car Delmar, that they're terrible because they didn't tell you. You have to go deep, deep into all the ah details. That's you can't drive internationally. And if you're in Europe than you do want to drive internationally, pretty sure that you're gonna be crossing some borders there. So you want to make sure about it. Frankly, at these prices, you know, it's worth reading through those couple of things that make making sure they're okay and, uh, and then click on them. Now, obviously, there are other options. If you're going to some place to rent a car, they might have some local company that's really, really local and isn't even feature on kayak dot com These I mean, you never know with these. If you have a friend who lives locally and they recommend or they say it's fine to use that company, then find use them. You know some local mom and pop shop that rents out cars and find, but if you're just doing yourself and you happen to stumble across it, you really never know, and so you might not want to risk it. And that's why I prefer using these aggregate because these are small companies. But if they're featured on here, chances are there at least pretty legit. 10. Transportation:other: so in terms of other forms of transportation. First of all, as I mentioned before, there are trains now. Trains come in all shapes and sizes in Italy, and they're very famous for having delays in trains and or for trains going on strike. But let's cover them quickly. First of all, the French chateau saw is a high speed rail. If, uh, you look up for Chado so which literally means Red Arrow, then this is the type of train that is the quickest, and in fact it's very quick if you're going from Milan to Rome or any one of the main cities. If you can look this up, then I I recommend taking this. It will be more expensive, but it's usually very comfortable and very quick. However, the French of Bianca is not the high speed rail, but it's also a very nice, uh, train line. And here you'll also be writing in comfort and, uh, and once again, it connects most of the major cities. So if the fridge shuttles that costs too much or if you know you're not in that much of a hurry. If they don't have one available, then feel free to look up the French got, which literally means white era. Both of these are arrows. One thing that you find very often is delays. So expect the delays now. I mean, they're not all the time, but they will exist. So if you expect them, you'll be better off. Worst case scenario. You'll be pleasantly surprised you won't be delayed. The main thing here is not to plan too many connections. You definitely don't want to plan Teoh. Take a train into Milan, have 10 minutes to connect to another train that goes to another city, and then you have 10 15 minutes to connect to 1/3 train that goes somewhere else because that's going to be a disaster. Um, I usually recommend if you have a connection, just plan one. And if you missed that connection, keep track of the train after that. Or maybe two trains after that, just to be sure, And that way you have all your bases covered, but it's definitely not uncommon. Toe have delays and delays can go anywhere from just a couple minutes to an hour or more. So factor that in another form transportation is taxis usually used you can use taxis. Obviously, in big cities, you can use taxis. I usually recommend using the public transportation like a subway, but very often that's that's not convenient or you don't want to do it. And you prefer to take a taxi. So and taxes are ubiquitous in most cities, you'll find them everywhere so you can take taxis no matter where you're going. Um, keep in mind. And Italy, they might. In fact, they'll likely kind of sort of take you for a ride now and buy a ride. I mean, they'll take you not directly from a to B, but kind of loop around. Debater take a bit of a longer route, something like that. If they see your a tourist, then you know they might take you for a ride A lot of times. Usually it's not that bad of a ride, but keep that in mind. What I usually recommend is to show that you kind of know yourself your way around the area . Even if you don't speak Italian rather than say, I'm going to the Hilton Hotel, maybe get to know the bar right next to it and say, I'm going to so and so bar it's on so and so road because that sounds a bit more local, or or else to say, I'm going to the Hilton Hotel on. So in Seoul Road, at least you know which road it is. They take their cues, and if you already know which road it is, or you know the direction or something along those lines, and they might get an idea that you know your way around the city again, nothing's guaranteed but usually recommend doing something along those lines. Don't be rude about it. Don't say Hey, I know my way. Don't take me for a ride or anything like that because then they'll think it's the challenge almost or something. But you also be nice about it. But if you can show you sort of northern area, then feel free to do so. 11. Safety: security: scams: Now, this brings me right along to safety, security scams and things along those lines which, unfortunately, we do need to cover because it can be a factor in Italy. So let's do this. As I mentioned before, taxis, taxis can take you for a ride. So their various things you can do once again show you know, the area. Make sure the meter is always running and take what they say with a grain of salt. If they tell you something that sounds a bit off, like we have toe exit the city to go back in or something along those lines. Remember if they sound, If here off, you can always ask them to drop you off right then and there. And then you take another cab, they might get mad about it. But what are they gonna dio? Meals? Meals can definitely be an issue. So keep this in mind. Usually in fact, usually food tends to be quite cheap. The bigger the city and the more tourist in the city, the more expensive it will be. But if you go into outlying towns, if you go to other smaller towns in the surrounding areas and villages and places like that . It's usually quite cheap, so you shouldn't expect to pay too much once again unless you're in some Michelin star bear , famous restaurant or touristy restaurant or smack dab downtown in the city. The first recommendation for meals, I would say, is to check prices, check the prices on the menu if possible. I always recommend to ask for menus in Italian. I don't think they do this much anymore, but what used to be the case was that menus in different languages have different prices. I e. The Englishmen. You had higher prices and Italian, and sometimes they had a running back in the day. They used to have Japanese menus, which had even higher prices. So I think they do a lot. I know they've been really trying to crack down on this, so you'll find less and less of this. But if possible, you might want to ask for menus in a time. Maybe if you're four of you traveling that maybe you ask for three menus in English and one in Italian. At least you get one menu with the prices just in case. However, I would be remiss not to ah mention some things that have happened. Uh, first of all, some things that were just in the news of British tourists complained over £54 of ice cream. They paid 64 year olds for four ice cream, which is ridiculous. So, uh, yeah, you want to make sure this doesn't happen to you? And this was very famous that Ah, Japanese couple in Rome got charged almost 700 euros for lunch. And this was a big thing that made the news. And in fact, the restaurant then got closed down a couple of days later because once again, people are taking this seriously. So both of these examples happened in Rome. I don't know if that says anything or not. I'm not going assume anything. However, this also shows that even though they're cutting down on it, it can still happen. So once again, keep it in mind. 12. Safety: security: so a bit more about safety, security and scams. First of all, getting into crime crime, unfortunately, is an issue. Uh, tourists are always going to be targets of various types of crime. Now, most of the crime that happens will be pickpockets or people who take your luggage. Now, you know, if you're taking a train and you keep your luggage spread around and if you fall asleep, say, or something along those lines and that could be a target. If you're in a subway and you're not paying attention to your wallets, that could be a target. If your backpack is open while you're walking around downtown, that could be a target. Things along those lines, Um, and if you're a tourist and if people can tell you're a tourist, which they usually can, then you might be a target. So just like when you're traveling in any big city, you want to keep track of your belongings, and you want to make it a little bit harder to access them so that you're less of a target . In big cities, you'll definitely find more of this than smaller towns. He go to smaller towns. You basically don't need to worry about it at all. But if you're in big cities and then it is thing you need to look out for now I'm going to get a lot of flak for this. And but I want to say it anyway because I think it's useful as a general rule. By and large, the further south you go, the more crime there will be now. There are a lot of exceptions, and there are a lot of the big cities being one of them. Obviously, big big cities in the North, like Torino or Milan, have a lot of crime, even though they're way up north. But the South is known for having mawr crime. It's also known for people being a lot nicer. Look, I love traveling in the South and I love the people there, so I really don't mind going, so just keep this in mind. However, having said all this, I really do need to reiterate that Italians are extremely hospitable, They're kind and ah, and they're very welcoming Teoh anyone who's interested in their country in their history and their culture, they're also very proud people about their history and their culture. So if you want to talk to people if you want to. I asked him about this city, their region and their people are their dialect or their food or anything along those lines . By and large, Italians love talking about it. And the vast majority of the times you meet are very nice and very friendly. And to be honest, even if they're the ones who pickpocketed you, they'll be very friendly about it. And if you have an appreciation for the culture in the country, if you show that you appreciate it, that you want to learn more, that you know something about it and that you're putting in the effort, that goes a long way with a lot of Italians and they really like the fact that you're not just coming there to snap some pictures and head back home. But you actually, you know, have an appreciation. And if they they love to wax lyrical about their specific region or their area, and if you're listening attentively and you're interested in it, then that really can go a long way 13. Money: so with money. Now I have another course how to move and live abroad where I discussed some tips and tricks that I have for money. So I'm going to defer to this other course. And the reason for this is if you're coming to Italy as a tourist and you're just staying for, I don't know, a week or two something along those lines. You're just gonna be using cash and a credit card every now and then and that's it. But if you're staying longer, if you want other options, I'm gonna include this information just in case, because there are other option. This will pertain to UME or for staying long term and not so much if you're just there visiting for a week or two. But it's something to keep in mind on the less 14. Money Tips: So here. Just a couple of quick tips about the money situation when you arrive in a new place, I should say right away that these can be very different depending on the currency that you're starting off with in your home country and the current senior target country. Whether the currency is stronger, where this weaker, how the variation is a fluctuation in the options, etcetera, etcetera anyway, but just really broadly generalizing. Let me just give a couple quick tips that can hopefully help you out. First of all, I usually recommend exchanging money as soon as you arrive. If you have dollars and you're going to whatever country might be than, ah, you know, say you're going to Japan, then assumes he arrived. Just exchange some dollars, you know, a couple 100 or whatever might be into Japanese yen that way you have it right off the bat . As soon as you step off the airport, you have some cash just in case. However, usually when you exchange cash, you know you get a certain rate and they have the rates displayed and all that. However, if you can use an A t m, you usually get a better rate and you get a marginally better rate. And depending on how much you change, then it can be better. However, remember that you might get charged a fee for using an international account in your bank account back home will probably charge a fee as well, and so it really depends on how much you take out and what the fees are and how they work. But the raid itself that you get will usually be marginally better. However, using a credit card usually gives you an even better rate. And again, this could be situations where you're just paying for something. And so you want to use a credit card just to pay for it at the store, or else when you eat with some friends, then maybe you can offer to pay for everything and everyone pays you their portion in cash . So if the whole thing ends up costing, say, 100 bucks and therefore of you, you'll say, I'll pay all of this with my card and you guys each pay me 25 bucks in cash, and that way you don't have to worry about exchange rate fees or something like that. But regardless, the credit card rate is usually a better rates than what you get at the. However, getting your own bank account locally is obviously the best. And this is because the rate that you get with a bank to bank transfer is usually better. Now. There are a lot of different rates and, you know, with cash usually being the worst and the interbank rate usually being the best you know between different banks. This is why if you can find a way to open a local bank account and then just transfer all the money you'll need during your stay, then even taking into account the fees, it will usually be a better rate. Of course, open your own bank account very often isn't as easy as it sounds, and so you kind of need to look into that and evaluate what your options are on what's best . But as I mentioned before, and probably have your tired of hearing me saying, this really does depend on situations, so check into what your local situation is. Check with your local Facebook groups or with other people in the area and tried to get a feel for this Another thing to keep in mind is, Do not try to play the exchange rate game. A lot of people I've seen will say, Oh, I want to exchange money but I really feel like the dollar is going to go up next month or whatever local currency is gonna go down. Try to ah, be smarter than the market. Don't do that. It's never been worth it from everything I've seen, and usually what I've found works best is just to assume that you're going to lose out. Assume that something's gonna happen and the exchange rate will not be in your favor. So usually what that ends up doing is that you just don't take the exchange rate into account, but you take the fees into account. Now, if you assume you're going to lose out with the exchange rate, that usually means that 50% of the time you'll be pleasantly surprised because 50% of the time you'll probably win out because it exchange rate. But you're not gonna outsmart the market if that's not your industry, and ah just adds a different layer of complication onto what you're already doing, which is starting a new life in a new place, and that's complicated enough 15. Shopping: so shopping in Italy now shopping Italy is a big thing. And well, first of all, there's acute fact that I want to mention when you're shopping, when you're going to grocery stores, shopping centers and even a gas stations, you're gonna find certain things. First of all, you're going to find a lot of mid. Indeed, as I mentioned before the mid Indiana are the sweets. You find these little sweets, these pastries and stuff like that pretty much everywhere. Italians love their their sweets and pastries and cookies and stuff like that. You're also going to find a pasta. I'll it goes without saying. Pasta is very big in Italy, final different types of pasta. And this is very regional as well. If you go Teoh, different types of the of the country, they're gonna have different types of pasta. So it's interesting Teoh. See what types of pasta they have. You'll also usually find different types of salamis and prosciutto, toes and different types of meats and cuts. Once again, it can vary a lot, depending on the region. If you're planning on doing online shopping, then do it ahead of time. If you're just traveling as a tourist. I don't see why you will be doing too much online shopping, but I thought I would just include that. It's not very prevalent. It's not very big in Italy yet definitely not as much as many other places. Uh, not as much as the state's, Not as much as in East Asia. I've seen, you know, it's very common, but in Italy it's not that much. So don't expect too much from shopping online if that's something you are looking out for. But on the other hand, look for shopping centers. If you are looking to shop, whether be groceries or other things, they have these big shopping centers. You can look for the main names. They could be regional, depending on where you are. But by and large have coop. They have Esa Luna. They have called, not they have Ben net then. Anyway, they have a bunch of other names. You can look for them. These air tend to be shopping centers. They have groceries, but they also have other things to shop for, and so they could be quite useful. Um, what I like to do and what I usually recommend, is to look for markets. Every town, every city has its own local markets, and this these tend to be quite local. Obviously, if you're going to the markets in downtown Florence, they're gonna have a lot of tourists, and those will usually be around every day. But they'll have markets that appear for only one day a week or two days a week. And these tend to be more local because the locals know when they pop up, and they're also a lot of fun. So if the town that you have has a market going on, then try to find out their schedule because I usually recommend going, you got to meet some local fish vendors, fruit vendors, stuff along those lines and you, ah, get to interact a bit more like a local. Keep in mind. Also in Italy, butchers and bakers and local artisans, stuff like that are still very prevalent. I know many other places. You don't find them very often anymore, but you're definitely doing Italy. So if you are buying um food that you want to cook yourself, then check out. The butcher's most shopping centers will have their own Butcher is, by the way, so you know they'll have it included. If you want pastries, stuff like that, then I recommend the Bakers, which, you know, cook all the stuff themselves rather than going to a corner store or kiosk or shopping center. To get the pre made stuff, try to find a bakery and see what they can do. Also, keep in mind whenever you're shopping at any one of these shopping centers or grocery stores or anything along those lines, you're gonna pay for your shopping bags. This is usually always the case, so it's not that much. But you will have to pay a little something, or you can take your own bag and, uh, just put the stuff there now, once again as a general recommendation that I usually give out is not go shopping in Milan . Um, now, obviously, if you want to go shopping along, go shopping Milan. A lot of people want to go just because you can say you went shopping in Milan. They want to go to be a Montana party alone, and they want to, ah, visit all the high end shops and get the whole experience. That's fine. If you want to do that that's absolutely fine. Just don't expect to get any good deals. Don't expect to ah, get anything that for a good price, just know what you're getting before you go there. I usually recommend to check out outlets. This is especially if you have a car than check out places. Some of the more famous ones, at least that I know are few dance about betting on the mujahideen low late chill. But every town, every city, every area has its own outlet malls. And so if you have a car, if you have access to a car for the day or something like that, then that's probably where you want to do most. Your shopping they're gonna have all the big brands are gonna have all the main stores there, but it's definitely gonna be cheaper than shopping in the city centre. Definitely cheaper than shopping. A city sent him a lot, and at the end you can check out the vocab section for terms and expressions that have to do is shopping once again. This is the second part of this course where I have all the vocab, all the terms and expressions and ah and we have Mawr of an Italian lesson per se, and we're gonna cover shopping because it's a whole section dedicated to shopping there. 16. Eating: eating. Eating is a huge thing in Italy and I think you guys don't need to be told that head of time because you already know it. But eating is very big, so let me just stayed a couple of things. First of all, it's very regional eating it. Italy could be very different depending on where you are once again from the result of the Rechy to pizza to patina. Ah, if Europe North, you're gonna have a lot more result or e cheating to be around. Julia pizza Pizza nowadays is everywhere. But don't forget It originally came from Naples in that area Godina. Now you usually find in many places, but this one comes from a media ammonia, which is another region. And so, if you go to a media item on your if you're passing through, that's probably what you want to try in that area regardless. Either way, every area has its own ah, its own food, and they're very proud of their own food and eso you might want to look into it. If you're in Venice, it's gonna be very different food as compared to Florence as compared to ah Lombardi or General a or anything like that. So, uh, definitely keep in mind the region that you're in and try to taste some local cuisine Course is also work differently in Italy. And ah, lot of people will complain about this will say either I way too much, and I didn't know it or the courses air so small. How can they have that? And that's because they're They're a bit different, so usually it starts with an anti hostile. This is an appetizer, and you have this in many different places, and you know, so far, so good, then usually have a first course. The first course or the utopia is usually a type of pasta. So that's why when you get a pasta, it'll be It won't be the big, huge dish that you get in a lot of places, especially in the States you know the like. You get in, my John knows, or something like that is gonna be first course of possible usually be ah, bit smaller. Then after that, you get the entree. The entree will be a meat dish, fish dish something along those lines, and then later you get dessert and or cheese, usually or cheese. Now, this doesn't mean you have to have all of these. Of course, if you just want pasta, you can just have pasta just to keep in mind. This is usually how things are structured in terms of tips. Tips are not required, but they are appreciated now. If you're in touristy areas, they might include the tip already in the bill. So look into this, Um, and see if it's already included and see how much they've included because you want to make sure it's a normal amount. In general, you can use the round up now. This can mean different things, so I'll leave it to your discretion. Obviously, if you have a bill that's 468 euros and you round up to 470 it's not that nice there. You might wonder if you're gonna tip a bit more than just that. People who come from the states usually are used to tipping, say, 20%. You don't have to do that on uh, and here it really does depend on the service. If if they do have good service, it's not, you know, just based on a percentage of the total bill and, uh, but if they have good service, feel free to Tim. Or if not, don't tip. It's up to you. And, as I reiterated quite a few times. Check out the vocab section firm or on eating, because there is quite a bit to do with eating in terms off food in general, which is always big in Italy. So check out the vocab section, which can help you once here in the restaurant, especially if they don't speak English. 17. Eating 2: a couple other tips for eating in Italy and just to keep in mind with eating and food and general gamble and drink a cappuccino. Usually cappuccinos are very common in Italy, but there are breakfast thing. There are mourning thing. You drink them before 10:30 a.m. Obviously, if you want to have a cappuccino after 10:30 a.m. you're absolutely free to do so. No one will give you a penalty or ah, fine for having one. But keep this in mind. Locals usually only have cappuccino before 10:30 a.m. Some waiters or some local friends might chide you a bit, and they'll say, Oh, you're only supposed to have that in the morning. But sure, if you want to have it later, absolutely have it. Later they will always offer. They will ask if you want cheese on your pasta. Even if its seafood, you don't put cheese on seafood pasta. I don't know why they really offer. I mean, it just doesn't go with it and any any Italian will know that you don't do that. I know I've seen quite a few tourists who do that, I think just cause they assume that cheese is always supposed to go on pasta. But keep that in mind so you don't look like too much of a tourist. Also, keep in mind it's pronounced bruschetta if you want to get brisket and ah, these are these little pieces of bread that usually have something on top of them tomatoes or little things that you eat before your meal is an appetizer, Um, or is an imperative with the drink. We'll cover that later on on these air called bruschetta. And so if you order bruschetta percent something like that, they probably won't know what you're talking about. So you'll have to point at it. It's called Biscuit that Bruce get something like that. Then they will understand you once again, and I mentioned this before. But if you can ask for an Italian man, you just in case. Also, Italians don't use a spoon for pasta. This is something that I think that we always learn to that the Germans do it. But I've seen a lot of Brits do it, and I think Americans as well uh, you don't use a spoon for pasta if you have pasta and you want to circle it around your fork, then you can use the edge of the plate or the bottom of the plate. But using a spoon is a sure sign that you're not from your not a local in your not from there. Once again, if you want to use a spoon. Absolutely, here's a spoon, but just know that you're not gonna look like a local, so you can keep that in mind now, as I mentioned before, briefly buying food and grocery stores always nice in Italy. To most food in ah, grocery stores is quite local, and it tends to be quite fresh. Italians take their food very seriously, and so it tends to be pretty decent quality. And so if you want to buy food and grocery store, and if you have access to your own kitchen and want to cook your own thing, then yeah, feel free to do so. It's an experience in itself. It can be cheaper, and, uh, and you can get a taste of it by trying your hand at cooking something yourself. Now maybe you don't want to sit down in a restaurant and eat something. You just want something off the street so typical street food that you find our panini now a panino or floor open any means sandwich. That's all it means. I know very often now outside Italy money, and it can mean the pressed sandwiches or a certain type of sandwich. But in Italian, it just means sandwich. It doesn't mean you'll get the press thing. In fact, usually you won't. It just means you'll get a sandwich. That's all it means, But they're very prevalent and you'll find them in bars and cafes, and then sometimes it just stands on the street. And, uh, you can feel free to get stuff with cheese with certain types of meat inside. And they tend to be pretty good. So you can feel free to look up money and you just for street food. Another thing that you find all over Italy, it's Pasadena. Godina are great. Once again, they're from a media Romania, which is a certain region, but you'll find them all over Italy and ah, they're a bit different. So if you're looking for street food and you want to try something, that tends to be quite good and ah, more local than try api, Adina now another issue. Unfortunately, when eating around Italy is that stuff might not be open, restaurants will be open from, say, noon until two. And then they called down until 5 30 or 6 30 or something like that. So but maybe because of jetlag or for other reasons, you really want to eat something at three or four. So what are you going to do? It can be hard to find options. Usually, bars are open, so once again you can get your sandwiches, your panini and stuff like that. But if you can't really find anything open and you're not sure what to eat, then I usually recommend finding a kebab. You have kebabs been pretty much every town in Italy, and, uh, they're always at least I found the whole lease to be quite good and their street food, and they're usually run by immigrants from either Middle East or Northern Africa, and so they tend to be quite authentic. I tend to like kebabs. If you can't find any restaurant open, then it's usually Ah, good, tasty, cheap alternative along the lines of eating once again Here, something's not to expect, just in case you're used to eating Italian a certain way, wherever you're from. First of all, iced water. This is for you, Americans and Canadians, that you always get ice water with your meals or you get tap water. Something like that. You won't get this in nearly. You'll probably have to pay for any What do you get, whether it's bubbly, whether it's still or anything along those lines. If you want water, you're gonna pay for it. You can't ask for tap water, but very often they might not even have it available. Or they'll just charge you for that as well. Spaghetti and meatballs. This is not a sing in Italy now, so what they do have is in southern Italy, their spaghetti with the pulpit that they call them, which is an Italian type of meatball. But if you're outside of Sicily, really, I don't think you'll really find this in any restaurants, and even in Cicely, you won't find it everywhere. So don't go to a restaurant and expect to find spaghetti and meatballs anywhere. Garlic bread is another thing. Italians love bread. Times also love garlic, and they put that in the meals, but you won't find garlic bread, So don't expect garlic bread on the menu or being served to you. What you will have at the beginning of a meal is a lot of bread. This will be this will be fresh bread. It will be cooked locally and, uh, many times on the spot. It's the type of bread that you find all over Italy. Also, don't expect bottomless anything. Ah, lot of places get a bottomless salad or you could get bottomless. Ah, whatever it might be on. I'm thinking of these chains that you find once again in North America, like my John knows, or olive garden or whatever that might be. You don't get this in Italy. You won't get bottomless anything. You're gonna pay for anything you eat. So if you keep ordering more of this more of this more of this, you're paying for everything you order 18. Wifi: So why fire Wireless connection? This is something for, ah, people traveling. If you're not sure about how you're going to get your wireless connection, there's also because they don't have, ah, coffee shops like Starbucks. As I speak, they are in the process of possibly maybe opening the first Starbucks in Milan. But don't expect these types of coffee shops with WiFi to be prevalent. So if you want a WiFi connection while you're traveling around, you can usually get a device at the airports. These are very convenient and easy to get. Ah, y find my fight, whatever you want to call him, these air your personal WiFi devices, personal wireless devices that you could just carry around with you and they give you, ah, wireless Internet while you're traveling around. The main thing to make sure of is if you're leaving from the same airport that you can drop it off there. If you're leaving from a different airport there, they'll usually have a deal where you can drop it off at a different airport anyway. They make it very easy, so you can always get those at the airport. Jesse, you have wireless connection, no matter where you go, you can also buy a prepaid SIM card. Now, this depends on if you want to make phone calls. If you want to have a local number or anything along those lines, but you can usually go to any phone shop and ah, and buy a prepaid SIM card. It will come with its own number. It'll come prepaid with, say, 20 euros on it or something like that. And ah, and then you're good to go. And so you can put this SIM card into your phone and ah, and use it. Unless, of course, you are from the States because most American phones are locked. I'm not sure about Canadian phones, but I know most US phones are locked because of the carriers and stuff like that. I'm not sure, so there it might be an issue with your phone. Your phone might not be able to use that SIM card, but if you're from most other places, you know you can usually just put the same card into, ah, into your phone and the Italian prepaid SIM card, and it'll work fine. 19. Tips 1 Dr: so here a couple of tips and tricks that I want to talk about. Ah, when traveling to Italy, many of them are when traveling in general. But I thought they might be useful. Now, this is something that I do myself, and I tend to recommend You can do it or not, depending on what you want. When I make reservations at hotels I usually use the term doctor, you know, gives you the option when you when you do it online. When you reserve online, you could put Mr Mrs Miss whatever might be. And also Dr I usually put Doctor, the main reason for this is and it might all just be my head of might be a placebo effect. But I feel that when I make a reservation using Doctor, I tend to get the chances are I'll get a quieter floor. Maybe they'll give me something higher up. You know, the still assume I'm out there to party and be rowdy. And if I make a reservation with Doctor, I feel like I'm getting better service. It might be completely all in my head, remember, Doctor could mean anyone with a Ph. D. I'm not saying that I'm a medical doctor. Anything along those lines, All I'm saying is, Dr in front of my name, I could have a PhD in linguistics. And being doctor, it makes me sound a bit more serious. So it makes me feel better when I make reservations. So if you have an online reservation that you're making for your car for your hotel or something like that, then, yeah, try going, doctor, see if it makes any difference. 20. Tips 2 Luggage: So here's some tips dealing with luggage. At least these are some personal tips and recommendations that I give when dealing with luggage and traveling internationally. First of all, as I've mentioned before, I think if you're doing a move abroad for 36 months, a year, whatever it might be, I think you should use this as an opportunity to get rid of everything. You know that ever everything you can write and ah so I'm talking your big screen TV and stuff like this. Quite frankly, you don't want to take in your luggage. And I already mentioned before a kind of don't recommend just shipping a whole bunch of stuff. So if you can sell it for a certain price, sell it. If you want, you can put in storage, but I think you should just find a way to get rid of it. Maybe sell it, make some extra bucks, and then when you get to your new country, can evaluate if you want to buy a TV or what you want to do and how you want to do with it anyway, at the end of the day, you get rid of what you can you're obviously you're still gonna have luggage. In fact, you're gonna have quite a bit of it. And by the way, if you are more interested in ah de cluttering and getting rid of things, I highly recommend you look up a book by Maria Condo. And the book is called The Life Changing Magic of tidying things up. It's a bit odd in some places, but it is very interesting if you're interested in de cluttering in terms of the philosophy , in terms of the methods and manners, of being able to get rid of things that are just cluttering up in taking up space, a different type of way of looking at things and a different type of mentality in terms, off ownership and possessions. Anyway, I obviously have no affiliation with this book myself. I just found it an interesting read. Anyway, getting back to luggage, Of course, No matter what you do, you're going to end up having luggage. In fact, you're gonna end up having quite a bit of it, so there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First of all, on international flights, you will have a maximum baggage allowance and This is for your checked in luggage is one or two bags. This will depend on the airline usually and on the destination. And most of the time, the bags will have a maximum weight of 23 kilos or £50 each. And once again, it will be one or two bags. So check what airline you plan on using. Are you thinking of using this? Keep this in mind when you are booking your airline. Ideally, you can fit all of your belongings into one suitcase or for the two of you. Then you know into two suitcases. But if they do allow two bags each than you could bring more. In case you haven't heard this before, you probably have when you check in your luggage. Don't put any electron ICS inside. Just don't. The only two times that I've had issues with luggage have been when I had electron ICS one time, I had ah had a digital camera. This was a long time ago and I didn't know any better. Another time I had a a cell phone. It was an old cellphone, but I had it in. And my look, the whole luggage just got lost, and I'm pretty sure it's because they saw the cell phone, by the way, both times What's flying through France? I don't know if that says anything or not. But anyway, it was flying through Charles DeGaulle Airport. Regardless, don't put any electron ICS. And the reason for electron ICS is that it really shows up right away when they go through the X ray machines and people are going to see them right away. So don't put any electron ICS you have you should carry in. Your carry on for me usually ends up being my laptop and my external hard drive. But iPad laptop, obviously, cellphone stuff like that just having in your carry on do not check it in. Having said that, I do think you should try to check in as much as possible. I know a lot of people don't like check in luggage, and in fact, I remember I was coming back from Japan with a friend of mine, Ah, old classmate of mine, And he had this huge duffel bag that for some reason he was able to squeeze into the carry on allowance thing, and he preferred to carry that this huge duffel bag that weighed so much rather than checking it in because he prefers to have his luggage with him And to me, that seems crazy still. Now, whenever I check in my luggage, I first of all, take pictures of my luggage, you know, open. And then once I close my suitcase, I take pictures of my suitcase because if you do lose your luggage for doesn't show up, you always have to describe the suitcase and they have to enter all this information. If you have a picture, then they have all the information right away. You don't need to worry, so I always take pictures. What has happened a couple times is my luggage isn't there, and I just find out that my luggage didn't make the flight. So I will give in my information. And then the next day my luggage gets delivered to my doorstep. You can also use a luggage tracker. Now, I had this and I used it a couple times, and lately I haven't been using it. But you can find quite a few types of luggage trackers, and these are things that you put in your luggage and then later through your phone through an app on your phone, you can just keep track of where they are. And so if they put your luggage in the wrong place and it ends up going to the wrong airport, then the GPS on the APP will track it, and, ah, and then right away with your phone, you'll you'll know where it is as a bonus, and this really will not pertain to anyone unless they're flying out of Seoul. And even then, I think you have to be fine with with a Korean Airlines. So a Jeon Airlines Air, Korean air or one of those change aware some like that. Anyway, if you're flying out of Seoul, you can actually check in at the train station and check in means you can get your boarding pass. You can check your luggage in so you don't have to deal with that anymore. And you can go through immigration from the train station to take the high speed train right to the airport, and then they send you straight through the quick the diplomat line so you don't have to, uh, go again through the long line for the X ray and for immigration and what not? But you get to go straight through the quick line, and then they see that you already got checked by immigration before and so that kind of just waving through once again. It's very specific flying out of Seoul. But you might also want to check other airports because, for all I know, other airports have a same or the similar deal. So, you know, look into it because it really makes your life a lot more comfortable if you can take advantage of, ah, something like that. 21. Tips 3 Festivals: so another tip that I tend to give people when they tried to at least to look into festivals. Check the whatever time you're going to, especially if it's a small town. But even if it's a big town, see if they have any local festivals, any saint stays or any processions value. Oh, they might call them. And ah, because remember, a lot of most of these towns air from the medieval times. And so they have these traditions that they like to carry on. And it happened to me. You know, obviously, in Florence, I've been, Ah, I go very often to Florence. But, you know, we were there for the historical soccer. And so we got to see the historical soccer players have a procession around town. This is very different from what we call soccer or football. Now it's the historical thing is from the medieval times, and it's very different. But they also have, you know, the value, and CNN is very famous. I've been to Al about during the Truffle festival, which is when all the different parts of the town dressing there they put the flags of their local different neighborhoods, and they dress in their different garb. They serve the local food from their different neighborhoods, and anyway, there are a lot of fun and check the surrounding towns as well. This is especially if you have a car, because each little town will have its own little thing. So if you're staying in some town in the middle of a media Roman USA and there's nothing in that town, look at the surrounding towns and chances are some of the towns you know, one of the towns will have something, and then it might be worth going to and just checking it out. Now, speaking of smaller towns and I touched on this before, but it bears repeating. Well known towns will be swarming with tourists on dime thinking. Once again, I'm more used to Tuscany. So Sanjay Mignon or peace. Ah, these are very famous places, and they're swarming with tourists. So if you're planning on traveling to these areas, I recommend not staying in a place like pizza, especially if you have a car. You're gonna be having to deal with tourists all the times things will cost more. It'll be less authentic. But look for other options if people are going to peace. I usually recommend Luca. Look, guys, another town very close to pizza. It's a lot smaller, a lot fewer tourists. I mean, actually, Sorry it's not. It's not smaller at all. It's the same size, but a lot fewer tourists. And so a lot more Easy toe walk around navigate. It's a beautiful town has always city walls intact so you can walk on the city walls, in fact, that you can circumnavigate the whole city. And from there it's a short car ride to pizza, where you can see the Leaning tower and anything else you want to see in peace. And then you come back to Lucca. So just keep this in mind that tourism, really I feel, is a big issue, and it really detracts from having the local feel of the town. And eso. If there is a chance for this, tried to look into smaller towns and see if you can swing staying in there rather than staying in the big, famous touristy town 22. Tips 4 Aperitivo: Another thing is a petty TV. The deputy Tebow is Ah, it's something I like a lot, and it's basically predinner drinks, and you find this all over Italy and most Italian starting, say, 66 30. Ah, once they get off work or whatever might be, they're going to go into the piazza. They're going to go into the bars. They're going to go and having a penny people, which usually means a drink and, if possible, it weather permitting. They're going to sit outside it times. Love to sit outside, because then they can. People watch people. Watching is a national pastime in Italy. You sit there and watch people, and I recommend if you're visiting Italy to sit there and watch people because it's great, it's relaxing. And then at the end of the day, 66 dirty. Just sit down and order a drink order. Imperative. The drink of choice these days, more and more every year is sprints. Spritz originally comes from, I think, comes from around Verona or that area. Either way, northeast Italy and but now spread all over the place, and everywhere you go you'll find people drinking these orange ready drinks And if you see them in the evening drinking these orangey drinks that spritz otherwise there are plenty of other drinks you could have. Campari is very popular. Or Prosecco or martini. I mean, any one of these drinks. It's fine. Once again, you don't get points detracted for drinking something different. But just to give you an explanation what the locals drink. 23. Tips 5 History: Another trick that can be very useful is to know the local history Now, by local history. I mean, once again, Italy is very, very regional. So the history of a certain city does not necessarily go in tandem with the history of the whole country. Remember, Italy only became a country in 18 61. So people feel very attached to their local area, and many times they'll feel their mawr, Florentine or Roman or Venetian than Italian. So if you know the local history, if you know things about the local cuisine, the local dialect, the local culture, the local, whatever it might be, this can Congar in a lot of appreciation from the locals. But it also helps you enjoy the region more, and this is once again because everything is very regional. Also, the accents. Every region has its own dialect, its own accent, and, uh, and if you speak Italian that maybe you can pick up on this while you're traveling around and you'll notice it. And maybe you can ask some locals. They love teaching you their own dialects and their own words. They have different slang. They have different things like that. So if you're times at that level, start asking about local accents and dialects because people love to talk about these. 24. Tips 6 Soccer: so no guide to Italy will be complete without talking about soccer or football, if you will. It doesn't matter if you call it soccer or football, because in Italy you don't use either word. Use Kochel. Gotcha is the Italian word for soccer or football. Now, uh, in the vocab list, you'll see MAWR dealing with soccer. Dealing with vocab deals with all the intricacies of watching a soccer game of ah, of following soccer and of following the leagues and stuff like that. Because Italians take this very seriously. It's not just something you do for fun very often. Whatever team you root for is quite a serious thing in terms of patriotism and in terms of pride. So along these lines, usually unfortunately, I tend to recommend to avoid sports bars and possibly avoid going to the games altogether. This is because unfortunately, hooligans or their equivalent in Italy have can be a very serious issue Now. This will really depend on which game which teams are playing and and you know which city you're in and who they root for and stuff like that. But as a general rule, maybe just avoid them just to be sure, if you're there with the local or you know local people can can guide you and help you out with this, then, yeah, feel free to trust them because they'll know best. But otherwise, if you're really not sure that maybe one avoid it, because if you go to sports bars, people will get rowdy and they'll get mad and you know they'll get angry if they're losing , or if the people from two different teams they might get into a fight. And this is same a games again, it really depends on the teams. But there, too, you'll have usually soccer games operate where you have one side, has the locals and the other side has the visiting teams. And I mean, this is for fans, not for the players, for fans. They try to put all the locals on one side and the visiting and the other because they don't want them to get into fights. So if you're supporting the local team and unwittingly going to the opposite side and find yourself surrounded by fans of the other side, then it could be an issue. Both these sides very often are separated by gate, so they can't even access each other society if they want to. It definitely doesn't always get this bad, but just keep this in mind. Usually, soccer games are not family affairs. You don't bring little kids. They're like you do in many other places and many other countries and unfortunately so soccer is wonderful. It's beautiful to watch. And if you go with the local who can tell you what's what what to do and what not to do that absolutely do it. But if you're there on your own, take it with a grain of salt and keep this in mind. 25. Vocab: First Phrases: So these were some of the first phrases, some of the main phrases, some of preliminary phrases for when you go traveling to Italy and you'll find these probably to be the most useful and phrases and words that you can learn and that can help you along with your journey, whether you're walking around or if you need help from someone or anything along those lines so we'll start off with Hello one. Does you know one juror? No. One job, you know? Or if it's speaking informally, then will be town. How oh, goodbye are really they're cheap. I believe in their tea. Whatever. They're cheap and child for the informal, you can say child for both Hello and goodbye. So if you're talking to friends, you can say, child, whether you're greeting them or whether you're leaving either way works. It's nice to meet you formal. He attended Chicano. Sharla Yeah, Cherry. You're very difficult on Sheila. If you want to say it's nice to meet you, but informally you share a Chicano Shirky. Yes, Syria Deco no shit. Yeah, charity, you know should be. Then how are you once again? Formal call. Mr. Go, Mr. Come iStar. And how are you informal, calmest? I Gomes die calmest. I Yes, see? See. Sit. No, no, no, no, please Bear February bedded February Good for voting. Thank you. Good out here. Good at sea it Good active. Good morning. One juror No one juror? No. When Joe don't know. Good night. Wana Sierra Wanna see it when I see it? What time is it killed? So no Korso No curious Onal, What's your name? First with a formal coma. Sick Yama Co may seek Yama committed Yama. And once again what is your name but informal comet economy? Call me Sammy. Commit Takami Then let me introduce myself. Me prison Don't me present we presento My name is me Gammel Me camel me cama. And then you say your name right after I don't understand Known copy school Known copies Go No Capi school. Happy birthday! One complaint born complain and no one complain. Merry Christmas. One night. Early one. Natalie. One of value. Happy New Year one Amnon waffle one on non wobble. One unknown walk. Where is dr dot Do they dopa? No, there. I need help off Pizzonia. The uto Pizzonia be you so obvious Zona, Utah. I don't speak Italian. Known Parlow Italiana known Parlow Italiano. No Parle Italiano. I speak a little Italian. Barlow Ample. Italiano, Barlow Italiano, Caroline, Body Italiana. A lot. She wanted Vitaliano ever. Um, do you speak English? Parla in glaze e Once again, this is formal part a lot in Lazy darling Glaser. And then the informal hardly inlays fairly in crazy puddling. Glaser. Where is the restroom? Do they Il Banyu? No, but he'd buy new develop Banyu. I would like a glass of water beret MBA Care that one for Ray Hubie Care it boardroom bigger. That one. I'm not well, as in I'm not feeling well. No. Me Santo Bennett? No, me Centobie in it. No, me Sente Bennett. I live in the United States. Avital maybe study unity. Habito Daily study only arbitrarily started me. I live in Canada. Are we doing kind of it? A beetle in Canada? I've become Canada. I am on vacation, So no in cancer. So no in like answer son in the council, I am lost. If you're male. Misano pair so miso No better. So I am lost if you're a female. Miss o Donnell, persa me so no bad when the Misano pair So Oh, Misano pairs up. I can't find my passport Known Travel ill Me a possible toe known travel in meal pasa Barto No problem about support. Taxi, Taxi, taxi, Taxi bus or the bus booth Booth Wolf Train Gray. No, today? No. You know, airplane. I really I feel I do car La maquina la maquina a makina. Where can I catch a taxi though? The possible And the room? Taxi. No way for suffering. The rate in taxi does the possible rendering taxi. So the following section is how to say numbers in Italian numbers are the most basic set of words in any language. And we were lying number so much every day that sometimes we don't realize how important they are on a day to day basis. So knowing the basics can really help you. And this is whether you're shopping where they're communicating whether you're asking for directions or anything along those lines. So let's get started One. Oh, no! Oh no! Oh no! To do away. Do it! Do it! Three. Okay. Did it today. Four Wow Through Why? Wow! Through five Jean quit Jean, quit jingling six se se se seven. So good said there. So eight. Uh, do I don't Oh, don't nine No. No way. No 10. Yeah. Cheap. Yeah. See? Yeah. 20 Vanke Venti thanki 30 Drink train that getting 40. Rhonda Qahtan What? 50 Jim Quanta. Jean Quan, Do you want 60 System, sis and, uh, system 70. Sit down the sit on that. Sit down 80 But then look down. 19 No Vonta, no one No one got 100 gentle Gento. Thank you. 1000 me. Let me let me let the following section is how to say the days of the week In Italian Monday No. Maybe unity. No Navy Tuesday matter baby Mad Day The market Wednesday Mayor Kohli B May I call it the Merkel Libby Thursday Joe Baby Joe Baby Joe Maybe Friday they never be They never the many of you Saturday, Sabato, Sabato Sabako Sunday domain Icka Domain Ika Dominica and I will go through the months of the year in Italian January. Jenna, you deny you, Jenna? You February But you February you But I march Matter matter So math April up Really a really happening. May my job. My job My duke June Junior Junior Junior July No, you lurigio. No, you August I go stop, I go store, I go stop September. Sit them, but sit them. But September October Oh, Taubira, what a little bit October, November, November, November, day, November, December de chambre the table. But it did you angry? Italians, as you probably know, take their food very seriously. So you will hear these phrases from this file quite often in Italian restaurants, some of them, such as waiter and a beer will be familiar to you, while others such as, ah, the just evil or fizzy water might be a bit less. So please know the difference between formal and informal tenses. If you're ever in doubt between the two, by the way, you should just use formal to be safe. There will also be some differences between ah whether you are male or female, and we'll note those as we go along. And once again this file can be downloaded under the under the files to be downloaded under resource is and so you can read along with this or print it out and keep it as a reference . What would you like? Formal tents cause of Wally cause of Wally? Because I'm warning Please note that you you will also hear cause a dizzy did, uh, cause a busy data. And you might also here because operating today because Apprendi all of these mean what would you like? And you're just is likely to hear any one of them when you go to a restaurant. What would you like? Informal? Because a bully cause a boy cause Apprendi maybe because a dizzy dairy, because a dizzy dairy So here to you will hear the different versions I would like vory beret. Okay, Water that. What? A beer. Una beer. We'll be there when I hear that A bottle of una about Ilya the Nabatiye The what about ready? Red wine? The narrow. So we know So be not also white wine Vino be uncle We dont be uncle. You know the uncle the dish of the day If pacto del giorno he told the journal It battle juror No fish the ship. Maybe she spaceship meet car in the god me Got a minute? Vegetables? They do it we're doing They do that the bill or the check? Goingto you could go. We'll contact Excuse me formal tents, Miss Cuzzi. Me schools E Miss Cuzzi. Excuse me. Informal schools that schools that schools that How much does something cost? How much is one taco stuff? Quanta Costa. Santa Costa. Ah, vegetarian dish. Own gateau. Vegetarian. Oh, whom Gateau? Vegetarian? You know, Get the an appetizer on anti Pasto. One anti Pasto one Anti Pasto. The first course, usually a pasta dish. The movie actor Pretty Moby Acto. A move? Yeah, the main course or entrees. Uh, second Secondo, Pia Toe Secondo Pia the fruit Love Ruta Laugh Ruta left. Look the cheese ill for my job, even for man Joe, you for my job. Dessert does it. This is or indulge it So an alcoholic drink after dinner and after dinner. Alcoholic drink own digits people Kundi. Just evil on the just people. And it's called this because it's supposed to help you Digest. Yes. Excuse. Methinks gives us, um a napkin. Junta value. Allah. A coffee once again. Usually an espresso. Okay, I think Cafe the tip Lemon, lemon, lemon. And once again you can refer back to the lessons. Usually you don't tip, but you can tip and round up if you like. the service. But I talk more about this in the regular lessons. I don't eat meat. No Munch of carnage. Don't Mandel Carney. No man took Army. Waiter come in here. Committee ate it. Committee at it. A parrot ifs a very TV. A very TV up. Any TV fork? Forget that. Forget that. Forget that knife. Cold, low. Cool 10. Look, they know spoon. Who got you? Cookie? Are you got you plate? Yeah. Don't. Yeah, Well, yeah. Don't. Fizzy water or bubbly water? I What? Freed them? A quack three. Done freedom. By the way, this can also be called. Ah, acquittal. Gas quagga. Satya. Anything else? No, I welcome. Got so I could guess out this year. I think that still water. I want nothing like Juan Mata. Rally what? Nothing. Aquinnah to rally can be equity canela, which means it comes from the tap or a quality bhatia which comes from the bottle. So aqua Amina Ali Natu rally will mean still water from a bottle. A criminal Alfred Santee Women fizzy water from a bottle. So just keep these variations in mind. If you don't specify that you want from canela, they'll usually bring you bottled water spicy began began They become I'm super hungry If you are male Shana Tomato, Tomato shown a tomato And if you're a female so know that so no summer at that senate. Samata, I'm hungry. Oh, family So far Me a family foodie, as in I'm a foodie. First of all, if you are a male gonna go Golos Oh God also! And if you're a female goal, sir! Golos that Toloza Ah, I'm so full as in a quite a bit. So no again? No. So, no, you know, Santa piano. And if you're a female so Nepean that so No Piana, some of the ana What a nice smell as in the food Smells good. Okay, so for me No. Okay, well, for me, you know, paper for me. No, it burns as in something's hot and it burns you scope that it's got that sculptor 26. Vocab: Direzioni: a time. Cities tend not to be very big, but they're quite easy to get lost in, since many date back to ancient Roman times and so they don't follow any greater pattern or anything along those lines. And furthermore, strikes are quite a common occurrence in Italy. So bear this in mind when you're taking public transportation or even taking taxis there wandering around the city. Having said that, directions can be very useful any time you want to make your way around any Italian city and find your way. Excuse me. Formal Miss Cuzzi. Me schools e many schools E where is dot, dot dot Does this Sea Rover? Do they see Rafa? Don't miss it. Over. Where am I? Dove it so No dove it so no, no, I sell No the map. LA mamma latte map that. No, my that Right Deaths Desta Best that left. See Ni Ska. See Niece track. See me, Stella Strength, Dearie Deary talk. They don't Back in the through in the metro India Over there De la the last Do you like over here, Dequan de quack stoplight. Say my photo. Say my photo. Semi little a plaza. Be a yet? Yeah. So this means plot size in square. Or like Count Square is something along those lines. ST So bad strata stood Abba restaurant restore around the restore on the restore on subway May throw police Don Metropolitana metropolitana bus Al Troubles out Oh, balls Babeu's or boosts as well. Alka Boof Taxi backs it. Taxi! That's it! Car Makina Makina Mac in it by car in Mackin Up in makina in marking up by foot Be a Yeah, he a bed hotel. I better go. I'll better go. Albergo Is it far away? A long panel? A long time? No Ellen panel address in De Wreak. So indeed so in doing so north. No, that Nord not that South Super food Soon he's first us West. All list All the rest All this strike sharp. Pero sharp Beddoe shop. It'll station stuff. Theo! Nate, stat! Seal on it. Stop doing it! Airport, I hope for I hope or toe at a Porto And now we'll go through some expressions I'm lost if you're male. Me Sana Pair So me so no fair so missile affair So I'm lost if you're a female. Me, Shana, Pair me so no we felt it best. Is there a strike? Yunel Sharp. It'll jet who don't shop it all. Total shop. It'll hitchhike out. Stop outdoor Stop out the Stoke. I think hitchhiking is illegal now, right? I think so. I'm not so sure. Either way, it's not recommended. Could you take me to dot, dot dot First we'll start with the formal tense. Okay, me a bit. Be portrait Bayport, Ari. We put them apart Are aroma that's Could you take me to Rome and then the informal tents People trace people tired, huh? People, there is steeper carry. We put the seaport batter Roma and that's it. And once again, you'll be able to download all this material in the resource is section so that you can print it out and you can have it handy whenever needed. 27. Vocab: Meeting Someone New: Italians are known for being friendly people and this generalization becomes more true the further south you go. So don't be surprised If in Italian sits next to on the bus or on the train and just starts talking to you even if there is plenty of space elsewhere, here are some preliminary phrases you will hear and that you may want to use when meeting someone in Italy. Once again this file will be available in the list of Resource is so you can print it out and have it available for reference Hello or good day when you're you know, But you're no one Good. It's a pleasure. As in, it's a pleasure to meet you. Yes city Yeah, charity. You said it. My name is Meet Gammel. Meet Jamel, me camel. And then you put your name right after that. As in me Comodo bet or something like that. What is your name? Kuhlmann. Kiki on me Go make me coming to kill me. Where you from? The dull they say the dove it say you don't say. Are you Italian? Se Italiano Se Italiano? So you know. And if you're talking to ah woman, you would say say Italiana Steliana, I am American. So no American, No. Oh, I may become now still no americano for male or so no Americana for female. So no americano. So no Americana. I am English. So no English, is it? So no English, is it? I am Australian. So no, Australia, No. Oh, Australia on that. So no ouster Italiano for a male or for a female. So no Steliana. So in Australia, in Australia, I am Canadian. So no kind of easy Solano gonna days a So what kind of these? It and this again is the same for both male and female. Do you speak English? First with the formal tense parla in Lazy Carla in Crazy Langley's an informal, tense Harley English finally in lazy bilingualism I like Italy Me, Tanya Me PRT little Yeah, we got in Ghana. I am studying Italian stops to the under Italiano stops till the Ando Italiano stuff together Italiana stuff to younger Italiano. Excuse me? Formal me schools e me schools e the school's e. Excuse me. Informal schools that schools that schools that could you repeat formal Well, refectory well repaid today, but it beheaded. Could you repeat informal. Whoa! We repainted it. Why repair today? Where everybody get it? Can you translate formal? Well, you're a What do I do? Really? What do you say? Can you translate Informal boy Radu Rey, Why do we if I could do it today more slowly You Linda mean if you let time in que Linda mean Mr Senior Senor Senior. And then you can put someone's last name right after the same with Mrs Siniora Senior Siniora, Miss Senior Arena Senior Arena Signorina A male friend Amico Amico Amico A female friend. Um Ika Amiga Amigo How do you say? Dot, dot dot In Italian comments City in Italiano CD chip in Italiano promises Italiano What does that mean? Cause up Sini FICA Because at sea me figure cause it's significa See you tomorrow Domani I don't mind me I feel Miami See you later Dobel got dough Pull a global May I come in? Both so in variety Fossil in Draddy Plus in karate. It was a pleasure as in it was a pleasure meeting you A startle home Petithory A stack all whom Ph area I starting pitcher. I hope to see you again. Formal Spare the relay their luck spare Oh, the reveal Their lack Spare the vivid era. And I hope to see you again in formal spare The really their key Spare the really there Special delivery here. T Thank you very much. Grasset mean that's it. Me. Let got to mean now for some expressions. I love Italy. Um Alitalia? Um, a little. Yeah, I'm only value. I love you. The Amell de Hamel. Yeah. Here's Solu pick Ching ching subtlety or teen teen saluted. I think. Tim, I'm coming in. This is an expression when you enter someone's home just to announce that you're coming in and make sure it's OK, Let me. So we're mess. So where may so and for hi and bye as we mentioned once before, if you're using the informal tense, that's the same word for hello and goodbye. Tell cow down and once again, all this information can be downloaded in the resource is section 28. Vocab: Family: the family is a cornerstone. And it's a very important part of Italian life. Family needs or desires will usually take precedence over work or friends. Now, this isn't to say that fights don't occur within families. They happen. And when they do, they can get quite ugly In terms of within the family, parents, especially mothers, are considered to be very important to Italians. Also, if you're introduced to an Italian person's family members is usually a sign of close friendship. Once again, we're going to go through the phrases now. And these are available for downloading. The resource is section mother moderate, my today, moderate Father Battery five. Today. We should also specify that if you want to say mom or Dad, then you can use words like Mama and Papa. Yeah, Mama and Papa. Sister. So a lot. Zarrella. So, uh, brother for a low low, right? I Look, son, feel you feel you fear daughter feet? Yeah. Feet. Yeah. Yeah. Grandmother. None Not Not No. No. Grandfather, No, no. None. No, no, no family for me. Yeah. From me? Yeah. How many do you get, Friend Amico, I meet Cool Amico. This is for a male friend and a female friend. I meet that I mean God Amiga cousin, a male cousin Gugino. Gugino. Good. You know, female cousin Who? Gene Lugina. Lugina, Uncle Deal, Deal, Deal. And via the, uh Yeah. Husband Marie toe marry toe burrito wife Milly More yet, knowing it. Stepfather. But during new but renew Not really new stepmother. My dream? Yeah, my dream. Yeah, methylene yet grandson, New people, people they people with it. And it's the same word for granddaughter. Actually boyfriend, right, so or feed in Seattle. Yeah, feed on Sata literally means fiance. But you here used a lot for boyfriend as well, so I got so feed on Sato regard. So we don't girlfriend? Yeah, we'll feed intact that I got feed. Answer that that you don't see that godfather But Reno bad that he you know, But really, Godmother my arena Madalina Marina Acquaintance Cool Houshang co notion Gonna shame family dinner. Tina beat for me? Yeah, Jana The family? Yeah, Kennedy family. Yeah, Greats. Grandmother B is none these non. It is known that great grandfather there is no no, he's not know is no housewife Castle. Inga castling got Castle Inga with O Vedova Vedova made over Widower Very Dobel Vedova made a will Parents Janey Story Janey Torrey Jenny Authority Relatives I think the but a the but I d now some expressions. Mom! Mommy! Mommy! Dearest member Mama! My mom. So Mommy dearest or away that maybe kids might call their mother. Mamina Mamina Daddy! But but my book a pack or Bob Book Papa Bamboo The expression Oh my! This does not necessarily have to do with the mother. Mamma mia! Mamma mia! Mamma mia! You probably know this expression from the musical or the movie Mother's Day. First the llama mama first that the llama Mama First of the lamb. Um, Father's Day first that they'll Papa Festa del Papa. First of all, Papa, Once again, you can find all this information for downloading the resource is section 29. Vocab: Shopping: shopping in Italy can be an experience the designer stores in Yemen, Montana, polio and in Milan, or light years away from the little markets you confined in small towns where haggling is the norm. So these are some of the expressions you will hear and that you'll find useful when you're navigating your way through these stores and markets. And when you're trying to buy stuff or go shopping in general once again, this will be available for downloading. The resource is section so you can download it and keep it for your own reference shopping Father, Let's face it. Fired its music goddess pays it Discount Skonto. It's goingto school sale sound or re basso Salado or re bus so so or so close this Bt Best E T STD shoes. Scott Bit, Scott Bit Scott Expensive Khost Ozo go stores or lift ozone. Or if the word is a feminine word, it will be costal. Is that because those that cheap one minute cattle one Med Cotto Obama Cotto department repair toe repaired toe groceries January Element, January 11 Daddy, Generally men tired shopping cart, Carella. They last paisa. Chiarello. The last space can run over the last things up Present regar Low ray guy Look, regard Oh, this obviously is a present as in the present, you would give someone How much is Oneto Costa Guan Toe Gosta Tentacles there Women's section repaired toe Dona a three part Oh, don't not reporter don't men section repaired the wall Move! Rip Arto war more My part of the woman men suits I repeat that Wal Mart, our bt that warmer I believe that woman make up luego Don't go Don't go Wallet for tough on you that for you. But if all you could you help me, please Formal tents meet But rebel Are you sorry? Me, But I bet you thought it. We put it by you, Toddy. An informal me Patrice Key. Are you Terry? People touristy? Are you tired? You put they say you toddy. Where can I find duvet? Also provide Dubay fossil throw body. Don't post it provided I like that. Me the acid, Meet the Arctic plants. I don't like no me. Gatun known me Piaget? No, Maybe that's it. What time does it open? Okay, Order! Operative. Okay, Order. Thank you. Goodbye. I river there she I really their key are very itchy. Do you have of a a V a t. I hate it. Small, big color we go. Hello. Medium made. You made you my radio. Large grand grand Grundy size as in size of clothes. Yeah, yeah. Or Missouri or missile? That means it has used more for shoes. The check out Lhasa la casa Let us so and not for some expressions. I'm only browsing Start. So no word on the start. Solo garden Still somewhere down. What a rip off! Okay, Frega Bhura. Okay. Frega tura que three Gotta give me a discount from me, You know, school in tow from me, you know school. Come in the home toe. Can I pay with my card? Both So pagar bustle Bagaric I don't want it. None Low value? None lot by your none of all you once again all this information is available for download on the resource is section 30. Vocab: Soccer: Italians take their sports very seriously and none more so than soccer. Every Italians grown up with it, and it's surrounded by it so much that any time anything was referred to as the baloney or of the ball literally, that means it's pertained to soccer. So Paseana, that Polona is the passion for soccer or Margalit Polona is a will, a wizard at soccer, such as someone who is very good at playing soccer. And many soccer terms are also used for everyday life as well. So being familiar with them can help. No matter what your interest in the sport is. Once again, all of these will be available for downloading. The resource is section soccer or football. Can you Cal Joe, come to soccer ball alone in that kind of bologna? That culture alone in that go for the goal. But that or going but go goalie for Kerry for theory. But get it soccer field. Campbell, We can't you Campell, because Joe company culture to kick here our own culture erotic did. I don't college a corner kick culture dango salchow dango kind to them Go penalty kick cultural. The re gory got to be re gory culture. Very good referee are be true. I would be dro yellow card Alina John Cartel Lino J Lo Catalina John Luke Red card Carta Lena Rose So got Lino Rose. So cartel in a row so foul I look file No look Poll Hello by law Hello, Coach Ali Natori Ali! Not to worry, Alina Tory score as in score a goal Cynara Gold Senior Ari Gold Cindy I don't go Team Squad that squad that squad to send off the field I'm money, Your Honor. I'm more Niedzielan A I'm money, Tony, but throw in re Mesa Love it on me Re mesa laterally. What do you mean, selling Luckett on it? Stadium got you start deal that you friends p full. Is he the full a Z? People will see hooligans or fanatical fans with that Look that up a match or a game. But I eat that, but I eat that But be that soccer shoes or cleats? Scarlett that culture scars That guy Joe Scarpetta Culture defense De Fayza The phase that the phaser offense Oh, phase up! Oh, phase that Oh Fayza Striker, after counting at that can day at that found it team Jersey Molla the squad My Yeah, The squad money of this class locker room. Spoil your toe, you sport Yeah, toyou Spoleto Leo, Substitute Reser Ba He's there. What is that bench funky now? Bank Tina, Tina. And not for some expressions go as in CLO team for I thought it, sir. I thought so. And you can say farsighted. Yeah, so far your team name and a typical stadium chance that literally gets translated as whoever is not jumping is, uh And then you say the opposing team fan name He knows Santa Luna key non Salta a moon Kim il South alone And then either the opposing team name or an insult. I mean, the team of your heart last Quadra Bill Quarter la squadra del quarry. That's father, they quarry. This obviously means the team that you root for. World Champions Camp Yoni del Mondo, Camp Uni del Mondo Camp Unit Belmondo and the Italian team. This is a name for the Italian team. Literally. It means the light blues, which is their color blue. But this what? When people refer to the Italian soccer team, this is what they call them. He adds, Uri, he adds, or e Yes, Hillary. And once again, all of these are available. Your resource is section for download 31. Thank you for taking this course!: thank you very much for taking my course. I really do hope you find these lessons useful, and I hope that you're able to make use of them in your future endeavors along those lines . I would really appreciate it if you could leave a positive review thumbs up alike, because it really helps. It's not much effort on your part, but it really helps a lot with with my course, I really would appreciate it. On the other hand, if there's anything in these lessons that you think should be changed, if there was anything you didn't like or you think that I should add, or that I should take out or you have any sort of constructive criticism at all, I really would appreciate if you could let me know. You can just email me at this email address. It should be appearing right here and just let me know whatever it might be because I really want to improve all my courses as much as I can. But thank you for watching my course. Thank you for taking my course and for watching my lectures, and I'll see in the next sports. Hopefully thanks, bye 32. Course: Thank you: thank you very much for taking my course, and I really hope you find it useful. And please feel free to check out any of the other courses I offer as well. As you may know, I'm a freelance translator, and I also run my own translation agency. So if you are a translator, keep in mind that I offer reviewing services for resumes and CVS as well as online profiles . I also offer one on one consulting. You can access either one of these services by going to the length that you see on your screen now or also by checking them out of the resource document you'll find at the end of this course. I also have a book called How to Be a Successful Freelance Translator, and the third edition is available now on Amazon. You can access it at this link here, and this as well will be available in the resource document. Otherwise, thank you so much once again for taking the course, and I would love to hear any feedback that you might have 33. 40 Coronavirus Travel: now, seeing as how this course has to do with traveling, I thought it would be wise to include some updates dealing with the Corona virus with Kobe 19. Because these are the times we're living in. Now. All this information will be as of mid summer, 2020. Obviously, a lot of things are changing and will change. But as of now, traveling is obviously very different from what it was before. And so these were just a couple of the updates. Obviously, I'm not an expert, not a physician. I'm not a doctor, anything along those lines. But these are just some general recommendations in terms of traveling in general that you can probably find useful for during these times. First of all, I would say that it's better to be safe than sorry. This is kind of just the attitude. You should take it old times. And obviously this also means that you should not be travelling unless you have to. You shouldn't be like, Well, I just miss traveling, so I want to travel again. So I'm just gonna ignore what everything that's going on and just keep in mind. Safety first. It's always better to be safe than sorry. Another way to put it is ah, the way not seem to let put it now seemed to lead. Is the author off quite a few books? You might know the Black Swan or anti fragile or books like that. And he This was back in February, by the way, and he came out very strongly against well, against the coronavirus, you know, in terms of protecting yourself from the Corona virus and saying that it would be an extremely huge event and that it would affect many, many people. And so we had to be careful. And here, in fact, he said, when paranoid, you could be wrong 1000 times and you will survive. It's not paranoid. All you need to do is be wrong once, and you, your genes and the rest of your group are done. What do you mean by this means that you can be too paranoid, like maybe you're wearing a mask or gloves and you don't need to, but it doesn't matter. You could be wrong 1000 times and you'll still survive. It doesn't matter. There no bad consequences. But if you're not paranoid enough, all you have to do is be wrong once, and that's it came over right? And so it's He's just saying it's pays to be paranoid when events like this, when you're dealing with things with a systemic risk along the lines of this pandemic. And so this is also the general advice that I'm going to give throughout these tips and tricks in terms of traveling with Corona virus. 34. 41 Before leaving: So let's take this step by step now, first of all, before leaving now, before you're leaving, their a couple things you should prepare. First of all is old clothes. I recommend preparing old clothes and wearing these old clothes during the trip. I would say preferably close that you can throw away once you're done with the trip because you don't want to a mess around or whispered it. So if you do have some old clothes that you've been thinking, that is probably time to donate them or throw them away or something. And you know you think they're presentable for the flight, then absolutely, by all means where these clothes, I would say preferably something with long sleeves as well. This could come in handy every now and then, for door handles their stuff when you need to touch stuff, and you might not have gloves handy or available, and also they just cover more of your body. And so if you do have something with long sleeves, this could be very useful as well. Another thing is to wear glasses. If you do have glasses, prescription glasses, that's great. Sunglasses might be a bit iffy. Also because people very often want to see your face, especially for identification purposes, etcetera. So you might find yourself taking them off and on more than just wearing them. And every time you take them off and on, it can be risky as well. But if you have normal glasses, that's fine. If you if you have more guts seeking wear goggles. I've seen people wear goggles, but I know a lot of people are scared, You know, don't want to be seen in public wearing goggles or something, but anything that covers your eyes can make it safer. Another thing, obviously, is to wear a mask. Now there. I won't get into the whole argument about masks, but yes, where a mask. I would say if you have a couple to bring a couple so you have them for the flight, and regardless, you should be wearing a mask at all times unless you're eating or drinking or whatever. But otherwise, pretty much just keep the mask on at all times. You should bring gloves as well. These could be either disposable or non. If you bring disposable, I would bring more than one pair, but you should bring gloves. Just have them available for your whole trip. You should also bring wipes these air disinfectant wipes because you will be wiping down quite a bit of stuff during your flights. And we'll get into this as well. You should bring hand sanitizer that you plan to use liberally. Don't be stingy with the hand sanitizer. I know sometimes they can make your hands dry. Here is something like that for this for the flight. Don't worry about all that. Just use it as much as you can. In fact, you know, make it a goal that you finish the hand sanitizer by the time you arrive. Because you ah, you really want to use as much of it as he can because it can help you. You can bring a hat if you want to. It wouldn't hurt. Let's say to bring at its ah extra bit of covering an enemy just covers your hair or what not? But why not? It wouldn't hurt if you have one hand here, You like traveling with a hat or don't mind it. Another thing is a water bottle. Obviously, you're gonna have to empty out the water. Ah, when you go through security. But if you even have a tumbler or just a bottle, you can always refill it. After security, they usually have water fountains and most airports, and ah, and so then you can have your own water, and you don't need to worry about buying water or being served water by other people, and you can have your own bottle. And you don't need to worry about that along those lines. Your own dried food, if possible. If you can bring your own food so you don't have to eat any food in the terminal or on the plane. That would be best if you have your own drying food that you trust, and ah, and that's good enough for you on the flight, then by all means bring it. If this means that you won't be eating on the flight now, if you're gonna be eating on the flight anyway, even if you bring your own dried food, then that kind of defeats the purpose. But ah, you know it can be that much safer just to have your own food instead of instead of eating what dates over the airplane. Although I will cover how to eat the food that you receive on the airplane later on. Now, a couple of things to remember as well Before you leave, uh, keep in mind that jerks or more dangerous than anything else what do this mean? This means that most of the laws and rules that they've put in place are actually pretty good. You know, they say you need to keep six feet distance or two meters distance from other people, and you need to keep your social distance. Need to make sure that you wash your hands all the time. Everyone else seems to make sure they wash your hands, and everyone else will have masks and protection and stuff like that. And so technically, if everyone follow these rules, everything should be okay When you need to worry about are the jerks and you have these a bit everywhere. I know in the States they have a lot of them who just decided that that they don't want to follow these rules, and in fact they want to make fun and put down and bully people who do follow these rules. And these are the people you need to worry about because they'll come around and they will be flaunting all the rules. They won't keep social distance. They'll they won't care about other people's safety. And look, a lot of people almost don't even do it on purpose they But that's kind of just the way they are. So be careful of these quote unquote jerks. I'm calling them jerks because that's what they've been called around. I know in New York they have this thing called fear of jerks where people don't want to go out. Not so much because they're scared. Ah, in general of the rules but the skin of the jerks who will not obey the rules. So just remember to keep him behind the jerks while you're traveling, because these people can be more dangerous. Another thing to keep in mind is at the airport terminal. It's probably more dangerous than the flight at the airport terminal. You'll be stuck inside a closed space and probably around a lot around a lot of other people, and this can be a dangerous situation. And one year in the airplane, airplanes actually have very good circulation. The airport terminal can be just as dangerous, if not more dangerous than the flight. It's also more dangerous because a lot of people don't pay attention to the airport while on the flight. They're very conscious of where they're touching, where they're looking, where they're breathing in the airport terminal, they might be a lot less conscious. And so just keep this in mind one your traveling that the airport terminal is actually quite a dangerous place. 35. 42 When arriving at the airport: along those lines. What do you do when you arrive at the airport? So when you arrive at the airport, you should be wearing your mask when you're checking in. Gloves might be a bit difficult because you need to hand over your documents you to receive them. You might need to sign stuff and stuff along those lines, but keep your mask on. You might need to lower it just for identification purposes, but otherwise try to keep it on and by and large throughout the whole process, just be conscience conscious. Sorry of your hands. Be conscious of where your hands are, what they're touching and where they're going. And then once you're done with checking in as soon as you're done, just spray hand sanitizer on your hands and anywhere else you feel, because you will have touched a lot of stuff. Probably pens, probably papers, the counter etcetera, etcetera. And, um, I would say as soon as you put your ticket and passport away spray hand sanitizer. Do not touch your passport and ticket again until you get to the flight. A lot of people like Teoh keep them in their hand or put them back and forth. You see a lot of people with putting a ticket in their mouth as well, their passport in their mouth to keep their hands free. So just be very conscious of this. If you can, you can try to wipe down your passport and ticket. But, you know, then you might risk ruining one or the other. And frankly, I would just say, Put it in a pocket and don't touch it until the flight, and then just use hand sanitizer right away and wash your hands thoroughly with the hand sanitizer. 36. 43 At the airport: now, while you're at the airport. Now, while you're at the airport there a couple things to keep in mind already said at the airport terminal. It can be quite dangerous. So the first thing is that you want to touch as little as possible. Find someplace that's far away from other people, like wherever you're going to sit down or spend the rest of your time and try to touch as little as possible. By this, I mean handrails. I mean doors. I mean, you know, seats along the way or whatever it might be just trying not to touch things, if at all possible. And when you're sitting down, make sure that they're not too many people around, usually because people will congregate around their gate and though usually wait for their flight there. But if you're gay is really full of people. Try to sit somewhere else around an empty gate where there fewer people, and that way it's that much safer, right, because you'll hear it when you're playing. When your flight gets colder, you'll know what time it is and so you you can always get ready in time, but wherever you're sitting down and spending your time while you're waiting. It's quite important. So try to make it a place that doesn't have too many people around. Once again, use hand sanitizer as much as possible. And I won't stop saying this. Ah, but just use it liberally and keep using hand sanitizer whenever you think of it. Obviously, after you touch something before you touch something or just randomly here and there. Now, if you are going to order food from any of the stalls or any of the places where you can order food in the terminal, I would recommend to Well, first of all, you order it, then you receive it. Take it to wherever you're going to eat, where you're going to sit down and then wipe it all down. So wipe down all the containers and everything that you know that it could be the paper bag . It could be the wrapping or the box that is contained in, or the cups or whatever it might be. Wipe all of that down with one of your disinfectant wipes. And that way you know that all the continues you'll be touching will be fine. Then use hand sanitizer again. Why not, And then you can start eating. And once again I would recommend to eat cooked food. There have been no known food transmissions to date, and this is from mid summer 2020 again. Another time that I'm that I'm saying this, but the WHL recommends not to eat raw food in general. If you wish, you could go to this website where they have publications, apparently in 50 different languages and with the W. H O has its own recommendations for travelers on how to handle traveling in general. But they also talk about well, they mainly talk about food. This is a food safety section for travelers. But one thing they do recommend is not to have raw food. So have food that's cooked. And I would recommend that for the whole flight the whole trip. He If you're going to eat food that you haven't prepared beforehand yourself, then try to eat food that is cooked and not raw. Another thing I recommend is to place everything for your flight in a plastic bag. Now, this can be whatever you know, your iPad. Ah, book a pen. Whatever you plan on carrying in the flight, including of course, your hand sanitizer and stuff like that, placing it all in a plastic bag. Now the reason for this is that later you can put this plastic bag in front in the seat pocket in front of you, and that way you your hands never have toe touch the actual see pocket. As soon as you put the plastic bag inside there, every time you want to reach for something, you just need to put your hand inside the plastic bag and then take it out. And ah, that way it's that much cleaner in general. And ah, and also you can have everything ready in your plastic bags so you don't have to get up and go to your bag and maybe get it from the overhead compartment, or try to reach for it or something along those lines. If we have everything already inside a plastic bag that you can then put inside the pocket in front of you, then it will be a lot easier and a lot mawr sanitary for you and once again, of course, include disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer inside this plastic bag because he will be needing those during the flight 37. 44 Boarding: now when boarding There a couple of things to keep in mind. So first of all, you want to wear all your gear and you want to prepare your disinfectant wipes. So this means all your gear means your mask, your gloves, your glasses or goggles, hat, whatever it might be. Make sure you're all covered your all prepared and prepare your wipes. Make sure they're handy. Ideally in that plastic bag you've prepared ahead of time. Um and you're just gonna need these because you're gonna be using them as soon as you get onto the flight. When you board, I would recommend to board as early as possible. The main reason for this is that you can prepare your seat as you need to without having a bunch of people bumping into you are already sitting down all over the place. A lot of people like toe wait before they board, but I would recommend boarding early. Jesse, you can kind of stake your position and and have your seat and your location already assumed possible. So what does this involve? Getting already well, wiped down everything around your seat. As soon as you get there. What do I mean, I mean everything that you're going to touch. Arm rests the screen in front of you. There are more control. You used to Ah, to control the screen, your head rest your table, obviously. And, uh and and and then your seat as well. Why not? You know, And before you throw away that this infected wipe wipe your seat down as well in the back. Basically everything in your little area that you can touch, wipe it all down. Um, And make sure you've wiped it as soon as you get there because, you know, they're supposed to clean in between travelers, but might as well just wipe it all down yourself. Just to be sure at this point, I'd recommend then to place your plastic bag in your front pocket right in front of you. Ideally, you complacent in without touching the pocket at all. Or if you do touch you just be conscious about it and put the plastic bag in. And then once once you're done, you can use hand sanitizer to ah, wipe your hands so that even if you touch the pocket, you know that you're clean once again. Another thing is that you might wish to move if there if you're next to people and are there quite a few people around you? And you know it's that it's quite empty flight, and these days, especially international flights, tend to be quite empty. Then you can always ask the flight attendant to move. I would not be. And I hate to say this, but don't worry about being rude, and I hate to say this because there already, enough rude travelers. But don't worry. Don't think that the person next to you is gonna be offended. In fact, chances are they'll prefer to be socially distant from hell as well. So if you notice that there is extra space anywhere else, you can always ask the flight attendants say, Hey, are those areas empty? Do you think I could move there just to distance ourselves a bit more? Most airlines will try to do a good job of distancing people automatically, but this is something to keep in mind. You can always ask to move if you wish. It doesn't hurt to ask. Let's just put it that way 38. 45 During the flight: now during the flights. Finally, we are, We are in flight. After all this, you're you're on the flight and you've prepared most of the things I should say. Most of the stuff is in the preparation of the beginning, and as long as he prepared well. And if you've prepped it all, well, then that goes a long way toward being safe during already during the flight. But there a couple of things to keep in mind during the flight as well. The first thing is to keep your mask on at all times, as I mentioned before. Obviously, when you're not eating or drinking, but otherwise just keep your mask on all the time, because why not? Right? And it's you never know who's walking by you. And while they're walking by, they could cough or laugh or shout or just breathe to harder. I don't know any way. Just keep your mask on at all times and and that's best if you want. I know now seem toe Levitt to mention him again. He said that he wears two masks when traveling, and he wrote an analysis on mask wearing, which I won't link to because it's very, very technical, but I found it quite interesting. If you wish you could let me know, and then I can I can just send a link. I can add it to the discussion topics if you want, but anyway, just wear a mask. That's all you need to keep in mind for now, just where it a tall times while you're traveling. Ah, if at all possible, keep your glasses on to If you have glasses or if you have goggles or whatever they are, just keep them on during the flight because it's that much extra safety. So you might as well just keep those on as well and keep using hand sanitizer. I know I sound like a broken record, but like I said, I'm gonna keep saying this. So keep using hand sanitizer when you touch something before you took something after you touch something, or just randomly during the flight 39. 46 Meals: so a couple things during meals. First of all, hopefully if you brought your own meal, then don't just say you're not interested in the meal and you don't want that. I know it comes automatic to accept the meal when the flight attendants come down the aisle and, uh, and say, Do you want to meet our pasta or whatever it might be? But I would if you've prepared your own thing. Just say no, thank you. I'm fine. And then just eat your own stuff because your own stuff, it stuff you've already touched yourself and prepared and no one else has touched it. And so you know it's that much safer. And so this way you can avoid also all the issues that might come up with having to eat the airline food, which quite famously isn't the best food anyway. However, if you are going to accept airline food, then there a couple of things that I will keep in mind. First of all, wipe down all the containers of food and and all the rapping like the Civil War wrapping the cutlery, wrapping and stuff like that. Wipe all of that down first, Um, you know anything that you need to touch to open it and all that. Wipe it all down for us. You obviously cannot wipe down the food itself, but all the wrappings and everything, you can wipe them down. So wipe those down first. Spray yourself with hand sanitizer, maybe once again, just to be sure and then open everything that you're eating. And once again, if I were you, I would only eat the cooked food if possible. So if they have cooked pasta or meat or chicken or whatever it might be, eat that. But very often they have other raw food that's there. And, ah, you know, it's just that much more risky. I know it's less healthy, but it is only during the flight. So just eat the cooked food and I maybe leave that salad until after you've landed. You know, 40. 47 Bathrooms: bathrooms. Now we should cover bathrooms as well, because bathrooms can be a dangerous place. Bathrooms are very closed. It's a very closed environment. And, ah, there a lot of things to touch in there. In fact, it's very hard not to touch things when you're in an airplane bathroom. And so this is something you should keep in mind. First of all, when you're walking in, I would once again where mask and glasses and hat, whatever you need to cover yourself. Go all in when you're going to the bathroom. Okay, because this is kind of your mission to keep healthy while you're in the bathroom. So look at it as a mission operation bathroom, Right? So where the mask? Where the glasses. Where? The hat. Now, when you get to the door, I would actually open the door and try waving a bit, because this just helps to circulate the air, which, unfortunately, the bathroom, since always has the door closed the air. Now, as I said, the airplane has very good circulation, but still it's stays closed more than the rest of the plane. So especially if people have already been going in and out of the bathroom, I would open the door and try waving at a bit. Wave it open and close, you know, wave it open and shot a bit like you would do to kind of spread out a smell like if it smells a bit too much. Do the same thing because this helps the air circulate a bit more. Once again, it might not be needed, but why not? So just try waving the door a little bit before you go in. When you're in. Once again, be very conscious of what you're touching. Be conscious of where you put your hands and what you touch with them. It will be impossible not to touch something. And so, but just be conscious of what you're touching and how many other people have been touching that. If you're wearing gloves, then that's great. But you can still put your gloves to your face later. It's something like that. But just be conscious about this, and once you're done, wash your hands. Now wash your hands in the sink. Obviously, it's a bit tricky to wash your hands, as you know in an airport bathroom, because airplane bathroom, because you still have to touch the sink. You have to touch this, that Spencer, you have to touch the false. You know, you have to touch a lot of things. And either way, I would say still, wash your hands and then dry your hands and then use hand this if the user disinfectant to disinfect your hands. But you still have to keep something in mind. After all that, you still have to open the door. And so, uh, there several ways to do this. If you have long sleeves and maybe use your sleeve if possible, to open the door so you don't have to touch anything. Another way will be to take out another napkin or paper towel. But then you have to throw away the paper, tell when you're done, and so if you're able to do that without actually touching anything. And sometimes you can do that, depending on the structure of the of the trash or whatever it is, then fine do that, but otherwise just be very conscious about it. Usually, I will try to either use my sleeve or I'll use a paper towel, try to for it away without touching. But then, as soon as I'm out of the bathroom. Once again, I use hand sanitizer just to be that much more sure. And it's just a question of being conscious of where your hands they're going and what they're touching at all times. And the bathroom is a tricky place, so you need to be that much more alert when you're going to the bathroom. 41. 48 During the flight (again): now another thing during the flight. Keep using that hand sanitizer. And, uh, I know I've been repeating myself, but I'm trying to sort of make you sick of this because I really want to drill it in. Just keep using it. Just keep using it seriously, if it makes your hands dry or even irritated, you can deal with that after you land. But, you know, while you're flying, just use it. 42. 49 When Landing: when landing once again Here, there a couple of things to keep in mind. And also because this can sort of become a funnel of people. And so it can be sort of a dangerous moment, So just keep some things in mind. First of all, if there many people that are exiting the plane when you're exiting, I would not stand up too early. A lot of people like to stand up right away, so they're ready to go. But this usually means that you're standing up there for, like, 5 10 minutes waiting for their plane to taxi, waiting for them to open the door, cross check this done in the other. And then finally they let you go outside. During all this time, it might be better. Just stay seated it in your in your chair, especially because he can keep that much more distance from everyone else. Right? Especially if your seat is not exactly on the isle and you're a bit off, then all the better. And so just stay sitting down if you can, and then wait until there's actual movement than people are exiting before you get up. Especially if you're not in a hurry. Why not? Then, once you're in your terminal, once you get out of the plane, you're in the terminal. I would head straight to the bathroom and wash your hands thoroughly. When you're in the terminal, the bathrooms are a bit better because he can go in and out without actually touching anything. Usually you just need to walk in on walking, wash hands extremely thoroughly because even using disinfected this whole time. But you haven't been washing her hands. So just wash your hands very thoroughly and as soon as you land, and once again, though, you're in a terminal, so you should be conscious of other people as you were when the terminal when you were leaving. And so just be conscious of where the other people are, what they're doing, how close they are from you and just follow common sense while you're navigating around the terminal and then go outside as soon as possible. You probably have a passport check. You have to pick up your luggage or whatever it might be. But even when you're waiting for your luggage, if you want, step outside especially sometimes they could take quite a while for the luggage to arrive, and if it's right next to an exit step outside. Remember, being outside is always healthier than being inside, So as soon as you can just step outside, you don't want to be sitting inside waiting for your ride or the tax here that uber but you want to go outside as soon as possible. 43. 50 When you get home: So we're almost done because you've traveled, You've prepared. You've gone to the airport terminal. You've taken the flight. Now you've landed and at the arrival terminal and now you have gone home. Once you get home, there's still a couple last things to do. First thing I would do is wiped on your luggage. All the exteriors take out of this infected wife. Now your home before your luggage. Too many people touch your luggage. Luggage touches too many things or whatever might be. Just wipe it down once again. Why not just take all the exterior of your luggage and just wipe it down once with a disinfectant, wipe and then shower right away. I would step in the shower and wash off everything from you. I look in general every time I fly. I like to shower right after I get home anyway, just because I don't like having that feeling of airplane all over me and now even more so , I would say I recommend to shower right away as soon as you get home and make sure that you wash off everything off of you, shower thoroughly so you feel a lot fresher and better and this goes back to what I mentioned before about having old clothes. If you're traveling with old clothes, if you're traveling with old clothes, throw those away as soon as possible. You know as soon as you arrive at your home, just throw those clothes away. If they're old, you're not gonna wear them anymore. Just throw them away. Ah, if you they are close that you want to keep, however, just put them straight into the wash. You don't want to keep wearing them. You don't want to leave them lying around or anything. Just throw them into the wash. Once again, this might be overly cautious, but once again, why not just you throw them away or throw them in the wash. That way, you don't need to worry about it again.