Kevin Kockot, Health is the highest good!


Kevin Kockot, Health is the highest good!

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About This Class

Do you want to learn more about breathing and the power of breath?

Then take a look at this course!

It will help you to understand the power of breath in dept!

As a BONUS I give you a free guided session on top to practically apply the things you learned!

Let me know how this worked for you!

Best regards


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Kevin Kockot

Health is the highest good!


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1. WELCOME TO THE COURSE! :): Hey there. My name is Kevin, and I'm happy to welcome you to this cars. So you're interested to learn how you can observe your breath in this car's Ulan? Exactly that I designed this cars to be a practical guide for observing your breath in depth that will help you in different areas off life, especially meditation. So if you're interested to Remar about that topic, just enter the cars. And in a bonus section, I'll give you a guided meditation that will help you to apply the knowledge that you just received. So if that's interesting for you, I welcome you in this cars. 2. BREATH AS AN MEDITATIONAL ANCHOR: the breath as a meditation. ALS object. So what is a meditation object? First of all, it is an object to focus your attention on to keep yourself centered. Hearing meditation that it can include chanting, mandalas or mood dress like special hand positions. Also, something like staring in the Kendall while meditating is one off many methods that can be used as a meditation. ALS object, especially for beginners. It is recommended to focus on the breath as an anger. Yes, it is in universal natural Act after body, so it is a part of life that is essential and so optimal for meditation. All objects compared to men interest or mended us. It is neutral and non religious, so that's an advantage for people that are skeptical in terms off religious routines. But nonetheless, according to the Zen tradition, the counting off breaths is a common practice. For the moment, there is toe prana yama, the breathing yoga, which is preparing the body to concentrate and meditate. Coming off single many beginners are confronted with is that they can just concentrate some seconds on a meditation, all object that is static. If the meditation object is moving, it is easier for them to keep concentrated. Nevertheless, keeping the focus on the meditation all object can be a task, so it is the best to realize that their faces off oscillation between attention and drifting away. If you practice continuously, the relations between these faces will change as the concentration can last longer on your breath. So building up a good attention span is perfect as a fundamental competence. Also for other exercises, meditation and also other areas off life, this can be achieved with the help off the meditation all object breath focusing on your breath is also connected to leading your attention inwards. You can increase this orientation to focus inside because potentially distracting influences disappear. At the same time, you will see that your capacity to realize bodily functions and reactions will increase. This is the equivalent to the first step off the five steps towards and meditation an essential reason to use meditation as an object is the connection between breathing and make a Tatis exhortation and emotions. A regular deep breath is an effective method to create inner peace and relaxation for many people. For example, the therapy off anxiety a slow breath is used as a natural way to calm down effectively. You can even measure influence off the breath on the hard and the respiratory. Sina's our mirror, which can be measured with the help off a biofeedback device or simply touching your ankle feeling a polls going down while you're breathing. Even studies show that with the help of meditation, breath slows down as a typical reaction for people. They're practicing meditation regularly. At the same time, researchers suggest that synchronizing the effects off brain harmed and also blood pressure with the help of meditation and breath has positive health benefits and can be used to treat and regulate the atomic This regulation off the body for the more. Researchers were able to show that people that are meditating regularly had more gray matter in an area of the brain that is connected to the regulation of breath and the cardiovascular system. The authors of this study suggests that the effects described are important to understand the connection between the breath with only on the cardiovascular system, but also on the emotions and immune reactions that are influenced positively and summary breathing is an ideal meditation, ALS object. Although we're breathing naturally it can be controlled and observed easily. Bite emotion off the frantic. I recommend to breathe through, denounce while meditating, especially as it is our main organ for breathing while being in a camp mode. When you focus on the sensation off the air, going into your nostrils and out again, you realize little differences for each breath you take. This is the perfect anchor for your meditation practice. 3. GUIDED EXCERCISE: BREATHING SPACE: breathing space. Instead, one off the breathing space become aware of the present moment in its fullness by deliberate Torrey adopting and direct a dignified posture, whether sitting or standing and now your eyes to close, if that's possible and appropriate in this moment. Otherwise keeping them open in either case, resting and an awareness, often inner experience opening to it and asking, What is my experience right now? What thoughts are going through the mind as best you can, noting thoughts as mental events, perhaps even becoming aware off their content and birds. Your feelings are here turning towards any sense of emotional discomfort or unpleasant feelings. What body sensations are here right now? Perhaps scanning the body off any sensations off tightness are bracing now in Step two, gathering and re directing your attention to focus off the physical sensations off the breath, breathing itself, moving in close to the sense off the breath and the Betty feeding the sensations in the abdominal wall incidents expands with each in breath and expands with each out breath, with full awareness following the breath all the way in and all the way out, using the breathing itself to anchor you in the present moment now in Step three, expanding to feel the full awareness around your breathe ing's so that in addition to the sensations off the breath, it includes a sense off the body as a whole. You're posher and your facial expression how they feel from the inside. If you become aware off any sensations off this comfort, attention or resistance, experimenting gently with breathing into them on the in breath and breathing from them on the out breath, perhaps feeding a soft inning relief ing on each out breath. And no, as best as you can, bringing this expanded more spacing and accepting awareness to the next moments off your day, whatever circumstances you find yourself in, so it continues to unfold.