UI & Web Design with Illustrator | Florin Buzea | Skillshare

UI & Web Design with Illustrator

Florin Buzea, Full Stack Graphic Designer

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11 Lessons (1h 13m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Let's Come Up With A Story

    • 3. Customer's Identity

    • 4. Setting Up Your Guides

    • 5. Creating The Menu

    • 6. Landing Hero Section

    • 7. Design It Responsive

    • 8. Working With Iconography

    • 9. Making Progress

    • 10. Website Footer

    • 11. Exporting Assets


About This Class

Hi there, my name is Florin Buzea and together we’re going to design a website using Adobe Illustrator.

We'll start by meeting our customers, we'll learn about their objectives, we're going to create a quick identity for them and then we'll move on to Illustrator to design the website.

Along the way, I'll show you what my favorite resources are when it comes to gathering images, choosing fonts, creating a color pallet and others. I'll also show you my favorite shortcuts and other useful tips and tricks.

This course was created with beginners in mind so you won't need any previous experience with Illustrator. If you've used Illustrator in the past feel free to jump in between episodes to get whatever information you're looking for.

Sign up for the course and let’s make you a web designer.

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