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Typography: Learn the Foundation and Designs

teacher avatar Jestoni Esteban, Graphic Designer • Online Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

28 Lessons (2h 19m)
    • 1. Course Overview

    • 2. What is typography and why it's important

    • 3. Typeface vs Font

    • 4. Anatomy of a Typeface

    • 5. Terminology

    • 6. Serif and Sans Serif

    • 7. Serif Type Styles

    • 8. Sans Serif Type Styles

    • 9. Script and Decorative Type Styles

    • 10. Hierarchy

    • 11. How to choose a perfect font for a project

    • 12. Tips on combining typefaces

    • 13. Set-up workspace

    • 14. Common Tools - Part 1

    • 15. Common Tools - Part 2

    • 16. Type Layer

    • 17. Masking

    • 18. Warp and Distort

    • 19. Type on a path

    • 20. Planning

    • 21. Design Process - Part 1

    • 22. Design Process - Part 2

    • 23. Intro/Links

    • 24. Design Process

    • 25. Intro

    • 26. Design Process

    • 27. Intro

    • 28. Design Process

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About This Class

Typography is an art. Learn typography design and you're halfway to become a great designer.

I will show you my techniques and styles to use and choose best typeface for projects. After this you will no longer make any mistake in choosing typeface.

You will receive my ebook, for free, to help to become a successful graphic designer

You may be new or seasoned designer, I am sure that you will benefit from taking this course. You can start with no knowledge of design, finish with new skill in type design. At the end of the course you will be able to distinguish typeface and select proper fonts to level-up your designs

  • You Can Use either Mac or Windows
  • No Prior Experience
  • Type Design From Scratch in Photoshop
  • No design or Photoshop knowledge necessary because I will teach you that
  • Logo design in Illustrator
  • Free ebook!

This course is designed to teach you about typography and doing type and logo designs. In this course you will learn not only about doing designs but also the proper steps in designing. I will teach you how to maximize your talent and build your confidence.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. Course Overview: hello and welcome toe topography Learned the foundation and designs many name is Stone is deben. I'm a graphic designer and I will be your instructor in this wonderful journey. Let me show you first what you will get when you enrolled to discuss what you enroll. You will receive my e book for free. A successful guide topographic saying career This contains a lot of information about freelancing. Some tips and advice is, and also including tons of links that I collected over the years. Then inside the course will start with the basics off topography from anatomy off typeface , toe terminology to know more about topography will go on with classifications off my place also, we'll talk about the best practices in typography design. No more bad selections and combinations off my pace. You will learn here how to choose the right typeface for your projects. And then I will show you some type effects inside the adobe fortune. And finally we will do some projects. You will apply all the knowledge we learn in the course to create some cool designs. A vintage typographic poster design. Some logos will do this in 40 shop and one retro logo design in Adobe Illustrator and finish it in fourth shop. I will show you how to blend your logo Design in text your image. So which ever program use. I'm sure you will benefit from the scores. If you want to learn more about topography or you are a new designer, then this is the right course for you. I hope you're excited that I am. If you haven't told, click that button. Take this course now and let's start. 2. What is typography and why it's important: welcome. In this first lesson of the course, we will know the meaning off typography before we start on doing anything like design. We need to know first. What is typography? Typography is the art and technique off arranging type to make written language legible, readable and appealing when displayed. Topography is also an art form that has been around for thousands of years. For antics are all around us every day and everything we do every piece off type. You see, somebody has considered how the letters, sentences and paragraphs will look in order for it to be read by us or make us feel a certain way when we look at him. Topography is considered as one of the most important part of design. It's definitely among the most important elements off any design project. And yet it's open the part off a design that's left for last or barely considered that all the signers are often intimidated by topography, which can result in bland typographical design or a designer always using one or two places in their designs. That's what for this video. See you next time 3. Typeface vs Font: Welcome back in this short video will talk about the too confusing terms. The typeface and font. Most designers have problems determining this, too, as they are both when used terms for the same thing. A tie, please is a set of fonts are family off once, such as mirriad regular period light period booth cetera. But on the other hand, a phone is one weight on your style within a die, please. Family like mirriad regular. Now you know the difference off the door. Let's continue on the next letter. 4. Anatomy of a Typeface: come back in this video, you will learn the anatomy off a light face. You don't have to memorize all of this, but it's good to know and it will help you more about typography. The first part is Dick up high, the ICT off capital letters. Next baseline is where the type seats X height, the height off the lower case letters. Next Ascender, part of the letters that extends above the X height descend er, the part of the letters that extends, you know, the baseline and his here. A small stroke extending from the upper right side like liturgy, loathe the enclosed or partially enclosed counter below the baseline arm the arm off. A later is the horizontal stroke on some characters that does not connect toe to a stroke or state. And finally re an de stem. The stem demean, usually vertical stroke off a letter for Don't worry. If you don't remember it all, I will put a copy of this on JP type in the resources tab for you to download. See you in the next video 5. Terminology: and welcome. Today we will learn the basic terminologies used in designing topography. Let's start with size decisis, the most used term. It basically measures the height for X hype off a my face. All the faces are not created equal, some are thin or fat, and some are small or right. So words said in different typefaces can take up a very different amount of space on the page. Remember that one inch is equal. Does expect us, and six bikers is equal to 72 points. Next is turning. Turning describes the act off adjusting this peace between characters. Great, a harmonious fearing you can see in the example the difference between the two takes. One is with learning and the other without obviously doesn't look good. Tracking similar toe turning but not us the same struggling. This relates to the spacing off characters. The next is leading the vertical space between each line off type scored, leading throw type and open type at the front file extensions he stole to your computer designed by Microsoft and adobe up in time to the modern type and more versatile than throw type and for scripts, funds up in type store thousands off character. So when you're looking for a for a typeface to download, if it's open, like the ability of the East with which one letter form can be distinguished from the next , the ability refers. How easy the block of text skin scanned or read by and finally way have ligature the conjoined, but not identical. Get your whole two forms together to produce a your belief, a singular that makes back up a point. A letter number, punctuation mark or even aiding. But that's all for this video. I'll be doing something so your next time. 6. Serif and Sans Serif: Welcome back in this video, we're going to talk about the common classifications of typeface. Later, in the section will talk about the sub classifications. The 1st 1 is that if they are distinguished by a short line for finishing stroke on the end off character strokes and stems, I put a corner on the diagram so you can see them. This type at the more traditional ones compared to sensory serif typefaces are more often used for body off a book or a happy in printed documents. Because it's easier to read San Serif typefaces without a stroke line on the end off a character sense. Myths without in French sensory faces are modern in appearance that city, they are more used for Web, tex or screen viewing. That's all for this video. If you have any questions, feel free to post in the discussion board. See you next time 7. Serif Type Styles: and welcome. Let's continue talking about the classifications off my face. Today we will discuss the four sub categories or types off. Sheriff. I think our design work can only improve when we become more aware off the different categories off. Once their characteristics and similarities that start with Einstein this type of service or regionally created between the late 15th and mid 18th centuries, as well as type pieces pattern after those designed in this earlier period. Styles are always angered, and if you draw a line through the Penis parts off the letters, you will see that the stress is the agonal or it's 10 typefaces are considered to be the best type for a ledge, amounts of bad it takes on paper. That's why you'll find them used heavily in newspapers, magazines and books. Some examples are Dodi Past Loan Government in the Popular Times, New Roman, the Next East Transitional. This type style was established by English typographer John Baskerville in the mid 18th century. This type basis represent the decision between old style and the classical designs and incorporate some characteristics of each. The thing strokes off each character are at the top and the bottom rather than at the England. There is also a significant contrast between the thick and thin strokes. Good examples off the situation. Serif typefaces are Basket of Eden, Georgia Americana and Century. The third city type is called the Don't, also known as moderate. This points are noticeable by their thing. Don't horizontal spirits and look that thing transitions in the stripes. The stress is vertical and there is no explained on the letters. This type is good for a big sizes like titles, but not idea for body takes, either for paint or red. Our example for this is Badani and the dough. The last one is slab serif typefaces. It became popular in the 19th century for advertising display. This type places are very heavy service with minimal or no bracketing or square type. Our example Faces are rock when I d see globally in Sarepta. Now you have an idea What and the other types of Sorry if I open used these types very well on your own project. We're not done yet. In the next video, when we see the other types off since serif typefaces 8. Sans Serif Type Styles: Theo Video. We talked about the types off. Sorry typefaces. Today we're going to continue our lesson with sensory types. There are three types, and it starts with grotesque. This is style typeface with the first sensitive face designed it Contras in stroke. Wait. It's most apparent in this instance. There is a slight squared quality toe, many off the girls. Our example for this are very Tica, the most popular grotesque universe, and use Gothic. The next one is humanist. This type has the person off classical Roman letters. The stroke contrasts off a humanist typeface, leaves it a more organic cartographic than others and said it faces Humanae Sensory. Please say good for body copy. For Web example. Typefaces are mirriad footage er and you sense the final type we have is geometric. Geometric typefaces are geometric. Of course. They can be circular, rectangular, elliptical or Wrangler strokes have the appearance of being strict underlings and done. A thorough shapes are made up off geometric forms. Our examples are a veneer, fedora and century. Got that's all for this video In the next debt on, we're going to wrap up the section off gasification off high places 9. Script and Decorative Type Styles: and welcome. Today, we're going to finish the ratification off type pace. Actually, this last two are the sub categories. The 1st 1 is script, and it has four types. First, its formal script. This typefaces are derived from 17th century formal writing. Stein's many characters sub strokes that joined them to other letters. The next is calligraphy. This is scripts mimic carry graphic writing. They can be connecting or non connecting in design. Many appear have been written with that deep writing instrument. The third is Black Letter. This typefaces are patterned on manuscript lettering prior to the invention of a movable type. The next one is cash one scream. These type places are designed suggest informality and sometimes handwriting. The other subcategory is display. This is the largest category and also the most, the first rarely used for lengthy blocks of text. The creative typefaces are popular for signage headlines, and seems little situations were a strong We're a strong typographic statement is decided. That's all for this video. I suggest that you watch this section again not to memorize, but get yourself used toe different types of classifications because you complained this. It's easier to select a typeface for your project. See you in the next video 10. Hierarchy: hi and welcome to the new chapter of Discourse, where we'll talk about the best practices in typography design. In this video, we will discuss the importance off hierarchy in design or in Web happy, the first its size. This is the most important of all when it comes to typographic hierarchy. The bigger type, the quicker the A U will be drawn to it. Type sizing should correlate to the order off importance in reading the techs, the next scholar and in colder two letters that typically do not have color, creates specific and immediate interest. This effect can work in any 11 of thanks, but should be deliberate as to net trade aid, ability, concerns or confusion. The final one is the position of type. Where Takes is located on canvas can establish hierarchy as well, in this example, even the same size in front, we can distinguish and establish heroic e centering how tight feel aligned in a big picture in improve your overall design. So you in the next video 11. How to choose a perfect font for a project: Hello. One of the major problems of a designer is how to choose a perfect fun for a project when I was starting. This is type of the process always gives me a headache, but after this video, I hope you want experience the same experience that I went through choosing the right phone . It's not easy. It may make or break your design, so always be careful when choosing one. The first thing you need to put into concentration is the theme off. You're the same as yourself. What kind of industry is this? Our type of business, a serious business doesn't need a comic sense pond. You won't see a loaf him with a script or decorative for under plate for a simple reason. It want much. There are several categories. There are serious, funny, and for kids, the fun should be invite category. The next is by remembering the families in and the acronym If TMS three This he stands for geometry, each for your money. Oh, for all style. Defour transitional him for Modern and s for slab series when deciding what tent of 90 days you will lose. Remember this because every category has his own use. The 3rd 1 is combining the sensitive and very ones. Always give your design some flavors by using different typefaces or families. Don't get lock up with single one. Combining these two classifications will give your design some versatility. The final one is always Explorer, not be afraid to use what you think is best typeface for your design. Trust your gut feeling. With this in mind, I'm sure it will get you on selecting a good fund. Let me know your thoughts about this bay posting in the discussion, but see you next time. 12. Tips on combining typefaces: Hello and welcome to the last lesson of the section where we'll talk about how to combine funds before you use different typefaces and combine them. You better know this funerals or guides knowing this guides will make your design better. We will start with opposite class when choosing typefaces to combine. Always Cilic, once a reef and one sensitive. This is the good foundation of combining fronts. In the example, we can see the heady in serif and sans serif in subheading. Next is avoid using seems. Therefore, it's The idea here is that they don't so much contrast here, and we can see that in our example, don't use almost same Lansbury or sensory. Just they don't do well. Next. Issues fronts from the same family. You think typefaces from the same family. It's always a good idea simply because they were created to work together. Look for families that come with a range of options. Different tweets, times pieces To ensure that you have enough variation for your part, possess use Contest contrast can be achieved in different off ways, including through style, size, weight spacing and colder, among others. In our example, a bold, chunky phone despaired with thin ones and finally definitely funds to use in your design. The idea is to but not more than three. Imagine a design used so much fun. Obviously not great even used the nicest scope. Like any guides, you can make it and explore what you think. It's right for your design, but always remember this to help you in your decision making European There's something and see you in the next section of the course. 13. Set-up workspace: Hello and welcome to this lesson. My name's Tony and I'm your instructor and greater off discovers. Today I'm going to show you how to say that your workspace in this course I'm going to use a double for two shops. Easy. It's OK if you're POTUS Shop is older like, say, five or six or even under. Like, say, sport on the actions and going to do in the scores are pretty basic, and you can do it in any versions, so that start when you open up your foot ship. This is what it looks like here on the left side and the tools. We will talk about more of this in the coming in. Essence on the top. Our options for selected tools and menu command. Just one click to show the options on the right side. These are controlled planets. If you click this double arrow, it relied and show the abundance. You can also click the icon when they want to show it. You can customize your panels by dragging it and combine on the panels we need, like color and swatches. Drug it and snap it on the bottom release. When you see the blue life. Another important Bannon is properties. You can snap it on the bottom or on the side. Now click and drag the top of Daniel Panel duck and put it on this side. When the blue light came out, Rennes it here we will join them on so we would have a bigger working space. Just click and run. Next, we will make a new document or 10 of us going to file on the right side of the court case for the press. It just Web. The only thing we would like to change here from time to time are with. And I set resolution for 72 color mode for RGB hit or gay. Now we have a kind of us. In case you don't see the Bannon you're looking for, just goto window and click there. If you don't see your ruler like mine, just control our to save our workspace. Just click this essential select new workspace and enter your name in case you already said a cable. Jurica, click it and click Enter the city for today's lesson and I hope you learned something. See you in the next lesson 14. Common Tools - Part 1: Hello and welcome again. And this Tony in this video, we're going to talk about the common tools in Adobe Quarter shop for Web design. For those new in using this program, this is your chance to learn the basics. And for those already using this for quite a while, this is a good refresher photo shop, pics based or restaurant graphics program. If you zoom in more than 100% you can see the pixels in the photograph. Those scores are going pick, since they will talk about the tools Bannon that located here. That was that 80% chance we're going to use in design of a project top in an image. The fastest way is the drug and drop it over here. The other way to open it is to go to file and open or control. Go in the giver. The first thing you need to know about 40 copies about layers. Right now we have one layer where our image sits. For example, if I add the shape in the canvas, it will make another layer, another shape, another layer or anything we put in the canvas. It will make a new layer. In short, about layers. If you put something on top, it will cover the object underneath. Get the motel RV in your keyboard and lock the layer by clicking this icon. Now we can move this image below. Our image is nothing. It's inspiring. Let's make another squares get the most tool again. To move an object in our canvas is to select a layer first, because if you don't say like, even put our point out to the ship, it would not move. So we have to select the layer first and that you can see the control options they reject. This we can move on object now without licking the layer. But for me, I prefer this and check so I can accidentally move on. Object to select. Just hold control in your keyboard. You receive the layer changed. Select multiple layers by holding shift, evidently billeted to make a group. Just click this icon. What it does is to grow the layers that are related. If there's one thing I'd like you to learn, that is to have unorganized layers by using groups, the greater shape just click and drug. The new layer is now inside the folder because the folder is selected. Many shapes will be part of this group when great, because they were inside a pit. When doing it, we can hide the layers in this group, and if I click this I it will hide its appearance. Next is direct, angular market one a technique and hold. You will see the other tools underneath the portal keyboard shortcut, the same to cycle through just controlling and then in the chamber. Marquee tool is also a selection toe. You only see like the small person you create using it. If we say, like the image we can remove these portion. We can add more selection by holding ships when drugging. Just alky in your Gibbard. We can also move this selection. Elliptical market works the same. Just hold Shipped to constrain a perfect circle controlled the toe de select the selection . The next tool is crapped on. You think this tool we can drop our canvas hit? Enter or click this on. Do it several times. Select the ruler here. The stone lets us measure the distance between the objects. This is your painting tools has tried in new layer select type of brush. There are soft and hard. Brush the little layer by dragging it to the brushland. Next, the gradient tool. Make a new layer. We can change the color by clicking this foreground and background. Just double click the foreground and go window will appear. How the gradient works is by click and drug went market told works by just one, and the color will spread in the canvas. Make a new layer and applied. The big brother did that layer mental works by clicking and dragging. You can choose if you want to create the path or shape. Here, you can add or subtract points using the other tools. When you add the point you Canadian. Your shape convert point is to adjust the position of a point or appearance of a ship. It's continuing the laser in the next video. 15. Common Tools - Part 2: Let's continue our lesson. Type one. The temperature can is on top. You would see the controls for the student. Just click the drop down arrow to see the other options. There are two ways to use the studio. One is point text. Just clicking. Start typing. The other one is paragraph takes. It will make a box turn. All your checks will be inside of that bounding box. When you use the student, your takes will create another layer. Click this change a corner. Make sure the right lady selected to play the older hold chief and click the layers you want to grow and control G in your keyboard to grow them. Disarm your shapes. The shortcut issue. Just click and drag to draw. This is your ship properties. You can change the garden of a juice off your shape. Let's say 50 points and you can see the corner changed. Technically, this it will, unlike the cornice, meaning we can edit on your one corner. Make it zero. And there we have a corner point. Nice. Also Andhra shaped tool. We have custom ship here on top. You will see the premium chips on your 40 shop don't below. I don't know that this arrows, you may not see it on your foot ship. In case you don't know that, that's when some costume shape. You can know them here, and it's tried this mother flight Bigger, cooler square change in the corner because it was selected. Click and drug in the gun vous when all the ships to constrain the perfect shape. This also next they handle it allows you to move the canvas. If resumed. Click this to get back the foreground and background to its efforts, setting luck and right or just the keyboard. Just x Martin in the program and back on Cooler. Let's see this history pending adoptions. We did record that year so we can get back to it. These are the adjustments. It affects the image, just something to Eddie. We can make our image lighter or darker. We can add several adjustments to our layer. Now the very states there are many of them. You can also down with Stein's. It's tripe on the square. Just click this time to apply it. Wake unaided. They starts by double clicking the layer, not the name. No window will appear. These are the options for these days. Click this arrow toe the styles in making clean layer. That's it for this video. You'll be learned something. See you next time. 16. Type Layer: Hello and welcome to this section of the cars where I will show you the basics off like tool. In the other videos, we will see the same point effects for typography design. But today, in this video, I will show you how to use the type tool I'm using 40 shops. Easy 2015 version. But you can use any version like, say, five or six in discourse, because the actions that I will be performing are pretty simple and basic, and you can give that even using the lover versions off 40 shop. So let's start first. Let's making your document by going toe file and here click New. You can see the shortcuts on the right side. We can put a name on our document that state type now document tight. There are many options here and changes in 2015 at the art board so you can see so many of them. But we're not going toe. Discuss that. So let's select custom, and I would just leave everything here. You can copy my 2100 for with 1500 RGB colder white and just leave it everything like that s 30 GB or color profile and click OK, and now this hour document. So we have one layer for our background and to access the type told, you can type P on your keyboard or going so this D and click that when we click it again. And on that up you can see the different options here to change the status or the front of your checks. We have the point, Stein, and when you press and hold, you will see the other tools here inside the type tool on the Civic, the title and there are two types of them. Let's start with the going by and you can see I can type now here state design And there are several ways toe commit. This takes options on the top. You can see they can sell and this check for to commit to commit attacks, and the other one is by clicking this move tool. But let's go click district and no, the photograph takes and you can see the burger. So when we type here, for example, and it's ah, design, you can see the next word would be on the bottom because there's a boundary off your and it's called Paragraph Tex. So let's commit that bay clicking this move tool. And no, we have to separate layers. The type players. We can hide it by clicking the icon, and you can see there's a name on it. It will show the name off the thanks. We can rename it by double clicking that, and in case we want to change the appearance off our techs, weaken goto window and open the character panel. It's the character in the other when this paragraph you can see the option on top are gun because we're using the move toe. So let's put it on. Decide. Now let's click that. Make sure you select the right layer and we can change now, being that piece, I can sit Nick anything here and say this one and also the foreign style. Make it regular. Begin close down. Lost that a, uh, breaking this. Now we can delete one of this layers by drugging to the trash bin. Let's say this one and dropped that Flashman, and now it's a gun, so they get the type to again publicly to select call and on the options you can see here again Because we're using the type tool. We can use any alignment and change the golden as well. So but yes. Click that and select one on the corner. Bigger. Commit that. Make clicking this check And in case you want toe deletes, um, out of it. Of course you can't. As you can see in the, uh, Icahn and it will show these they must be restaurant. So let's click. Ok? And now we condemn some of these sticks, but unfortunately we can begin at ah and the takes because we make it last race Insurgency . So and it's ah, remove that and do several times We can move this type buying by not going to remove tool. So that silly called the text And you can see when I move away the point there it turns into a move total. So you can see I can move it anywhere in the document. Now it say it's anything and it that x read the sign. No, begin moved again. Even it's not highlighted. My moving away, my pointer, something good toe. Take note. No, that's like another takes here, Anglin. Thanks. Design again and again. See it puts the name off the layer and it's commit that. And we can I are Show the type player. Let's move it down here again It's Ah Justo Recap what we have learned. I can type the phones that I'm looking for the this time from a failure in another options here on the gun up there. Bannon. You can play along with this one. So many options. It's close enough again. And now let's change the corner of this getting the capital and click this closer. How in the color picker frequent and click. OK, let's add on FX here may double clicking this layer this empty there. I mean the, uh not the name because it it will change the name. So this is the new version. If the changes in the 2015 all the plastic glass sign, it means that you can add another stroke, for example, and here we can play along with different this settings. Still the same in satisfied or CF seeks the changes is that you can add another style several times. So here you again put some region and you can see I'm going to add another one. I mean Yes, None. An extension. Disturb order first. I mean, like this blast sane and it adds another stroke. So distinction to gold or so we can see it clearly. Make it thread and then make it inside and you can see You can see here the 2/4 No to a stroke. So you can play along with this in your own project. That's a good thing about the before shop cc 2015 version and split this. Okay, and it's still creditable. So you can see I will click here. And I the word, the sign it stayed unbeatable and just commit ticks here. Something good in the other barefoot ship, it thinks next sported here for being see closely. Now we can copy or the effects that what we did on the first floor design, all you have to do is just hold out and then drug. So this layer and it the place CNC on. Do it again, all your alky and then drug this layer and it will apply there. You can remove that by dragging again, so the trash bin. And if you want to copy all the effects or you have to do just click and, uh, hold and then drug down to the layer and it will apply all the FX on the on the other layer . So are you. Remember that? And then now, in its um but it back again here and the last thing that I went toe show you is the orientation off the dicks. Make sure you're on the right layer. So up in the character, repugnant again. Then click. This one change takes orientation and you can see it's no very together without going the title here you can access it here. Vertical title that state, for example, that state design again and more of it. Don't I forgot again the letter s control A does like all the checks the mean the or the characters now reducing by holding control shift and then less than I can without going on this stop so you can see I'm performing it. How you can also reduce eat here the spices and extension that the original horizontal orientation changed the color Something new and it's commit that and closeness. And one more thing. You can add a preset style when your picks so let's change disperse. Make sure you select the right layer and then just click here on the East Times. If you don't have it, goto window and the stains so you can click and drag here the safe. It's like this one you can drug and you can see it applies or the effects. Or you can click, Just click wants and what they fix with a play. All right, that's it for this video. I hope you learned something and for you next time. 17. Masking: hello in May. Come back in this video. I'm going to show you how to use the clipping Must to make a to make an awesome effect using the title. Okay, so when you press hold, you can see different tools here also. And this one is horizontal type Must old and it's actually it's not really good. So if the image that we're going to use you can download it, you've seen the link flexibly that come. It's free so you can use it anywhere. Okay, so you get the horizontal that must own minutely even see this red. It missed the masking. So it's type U. S. A. So it's morbid in the center and then click district. So what we have right now if the marching ants and it means the selection so we can move this if you're not satisfied, so you can see my cursor there now, make sure that you're position it nicely whenever you want. Now you can see in the layer. There's no type player here. It's just a selection anyway. So let's click this layer mask. Make sure on the night layer. Click that and now we have these election and One drawback of this is that you can't you can edit it. You know, you get that the type, whatever you do, it's already there. So let's see again selected. So it's really by the idea to use that. So it's, uh, move up. I I'm sure you have this one is not even moving the images that I mean the image. It's not really moving at all. So it's, uh, do that. And now let's start again. So let's get the horizontal type one and then and be using the, uh, area. So the flattered, the front, the better that I face him in. Now, in this type, you say you and this position it nicely. Let's commit that. And no, this type should be in the below the image because we're going toe perform the clipping mask. Now it's about time toe clip this that are, types all your out and then click in the middle of the two layers so you will see the girls are changed. So I just click that and the image covers the ticks, so it means that it applies knee litmus and it's adaptable. That's why I loved this, uh, where you off clipping must type musk so And when we select the type you can see, we can put it in anywhere of the image so we can put it here. The person that's picks in this one, we can even select the image and move that you can see. We can show any part of the image we want. It's like a window. You know, the takes part begins, we can hide some parts of it. Now let's add some states. So it's a dark shadow and we can play along with this one again. Change the angle. 90 degrees and it's some stuff here. You can play along with this. So good thing, toe practice. Here we can experiment on the decisions and stuff like that. So let's put some distance, but put it to 90 and then they That's OK. Now let's put the stroke. Changing the size total in their past team. Yes, on 92%. All right, the sites for big sell setting. That one is good, So click OK and it's done. We're done naturally and just I just want to show you this kind off FX in ago before shop you can do a lot of great stuff here using the sleeping must in the type mask. So after this video, I'm going to see your design and posted in the discussion board. I hope to see you next time. Yeah, take care. 18. Warp and Distort: Hello and welcome back in this video, I will show you another type effect, an effect that is very common in typographic design. Which is the work, Tex. This is the preview of what we're going to do. So let's start first, get your type Tory or feisty on your keyboard and the front or type piece that we're going to use this area. Duck. So place on the canvas and I work and its position in here so it won't overlap. Now Nestle, this work takes you can see on the icon like that, and now we can select any stays here. Move it up. Let's move it up so we can see everything in the style. You can see different kind off stays. Here it's select one, the Orrick, and in the bend we can move it left or right toe, adjust the bend off that takes. Now let's elect another one. So it's always here on the bend option when we can edit. But the later I'm sure you that you can actually go to the horizontal distortion and here we can distort our type, and even in we're in the bulge, it's actually it's not working so it's kinda weird here. We can see like anything there, but it's not going toe work on the horizontal distortion. It's only for the bend. So it's what it's here again. Now let's try the official I So, like I said, here on the bend, it works. But on the horizontal distortion, it's not vertical on, so it work not related to die style. If you can see it's not even fish eye at all. Yes. Ah, just, you know, take note of that. Horizontal and vertical distortion will now work separately. So this would be put here positive. 50. So I get there and click. OK, don't play that. And next, let's duplicated Hold your alky and then move it down. No duplicate. So I brought it here. Get the title or pressed E on your keyboard and I next. Then it's, um, like this again. Work takes. Now let's make it negative. 50. So the distortion will put on the other side. All right, and then click. OK, and no, As you can see, it's not actually, you know, the same or the same with they're not. They're actually different, so we need toe, adjust it, get the guides here. Put it here on the left side. Let me remove this guide for a 2nd May dog eat the roller. You can open your rulers by going toe. Control the hour when you're gay, but are in the view and also the Snapple. And then with another one here on this right side No, you can see I wear Thanks. It's kinda short control t to show the transform tool and then drag it to the left side and also to the right side. All right. And then click that check to commit. I'm using my keyboard adults, huh? And you can see the space here. It's really not ideal. It's not really good looking. So I'm going toe control key again. And old may control key. You will see that the change of the course or I go on and see the when I hold May control. And now I can distort it. Begin distort guns again. Here to reduce the spacing here. You think that's okay, I guess. Move it to the left side. All right, so that's basically the idea off distortion and the work tool marked effect in a double pawnshop. Let's put some styles on it, but the color overlay here and again Just anything here just to show you it's adaptable. You know, again, you can add anything here. It didn't that takes if you want, so has nothing to look. Good. So let me change that again. This one would be okay. Oh, that's click. OK, and that's basically the idea. All right. We can get that everyone. And that's what I want you dio I'll see you next time. 19. Type on a path: Hi. And welcome back in this video and show you how to make a type on Ah, Sirrah, Gail or path. This is what we're going to do. This effect is very popular in no go or much design. So first and makes them guides. So our design would be the same size. Like on the left side. I will drug a guide from this guide and put it here. If you don't see your ruler when go to view and click this rulers. And also this is not You need to create that as well. So one more time for the bottom. It really snap automatically when it hits something. Our, our an object. Okay with this one for the center. So let's get this Sturgill and then and many. One more guy idea. So this drug, another one. It will be the center center point for hours here again, all right. And then just click and drug and then hold your alky to making the center and then shift key. And then I will make it like something like this. All right. And then the strength the color to Ah, something like this one. You can change. You can use any quarter. Next on, make another one another circle for the type, so this one will be smaller. And this we're going toe type our texts or get your type tool and make it in the center, the front typeface, that I'm going to use this area and that it'll points so you can see that my quarter become . There's a small line there. It means that you can type no on a path. So I've been type, high quality design, want to relate to select or latex and then get your their extraction tools and then like that and you will see the course. Or there's a left and right arrow. It means that you can move it and it seems OK, data, so we need toe type another one. The fourth Shop, 2015. So get the title again, and first make sure you're on the circle on the lips layer so you can type and then you can see my course or their sideline there. Well, not really a line, but it's like that and ah, their plane. Now get the derrick selection done, and then you wouldn't see the quarter again. There's a left and right, Derek arrows This. Move it here and you can see that the six goes inside and we need it from the outside. Made it going out. So open your character panel or if you don't go to window and character Now we've seen it. The baseline. So said the baseline ship. I will drug pregnancy if I had, it goes inside more. And then we need the negative. So negative between the poor points looks OK, right during the four points. Negative. Doing the four points? No, we can hide the circle because we don't need anymore. So that's a the other one. The high quality. Make it four points aren't three. Yeah, No, we can. I did so that's our type on it, but it's actually very easy. All you have to do is just aided the baseline ship until you get to a two wanted position for your text. So the street easy. And now let's Cappie or the elements off this design. Dude, if and now let's find this flower design costume design in these up, I said custom shapes and year and this start from the center, hold their health and then shift and then drug. And then you get the desired shape. And next next, double, click this change the corner, the white thing click. Ok, so this hour flower shape there and we're going toe copy this been a gun and also the star sounded me in a moment that goods and select this again. Hold your control and shift. No. And just this. I guess I selected the whole group. So I have to change the option there to layer and molding may control So I can set the right icon as you can see and Andrea control and then shift to select both. And okay, here again, another one control and ship key. So begin, cynic those or three and then drug my holding the alky to duplicate it. All right And now it's under the group So let's move it up from the top And they're this hour the same. And I hope you practiced doing the type on a circle or on a path, because it's really useful and it's fun. So I hope you enjoy this lesson. Say, next time 20. Planning: Hello, guys. In this video, I'm going to show you how I came up with this typography poster design. It's actually very simple. First, we need a coat. Of course. While liner will be fine, it doesn't have to be so long. I actually got mine from this side. Rainy coat that come. And here it is. Now we have that. It's about time to highlight the words you want to focus on here. I selected the words thoughts, change and world a position The takes According to what I was thinking. My idea here is that even I look at it from far The words still make sense. Even we remove some words. Weaken Stanley C. It still makes sense. Thoughts change world don't just Celik words to highlight just it carefully. So even even if you look at it from far, it still makes sense. And the wording still readable for the typeface. What I did, I selected one set if one sensitive and script, you can just as many as you want, especially if you're working on a typographic art. But just remember the lesson we have for to think that basis I advise you to do the same in any project you have. Don't just take in in Adobe Fort Ship. Make a plan How the outcome designed we look like or it will look better. And before you move onto the next video, we're going toe design and this type poster a better download first, the finest we need This error free made sure off that. So you can follow along with me. This one is from the vent Are a texture saying this one hour getting done one from the front that come You can just click this down And the other one from Google phones. We need E. Uh, we need railway frontier. Please watch the video that I created. How? Toe download and store these. Just click this collection. Okay. And another front we need from front fabric that come. It's ah restaurant. It's a free fund. Yes. Okay. This button it went down. All right, so I hope you download all off Fine screening for the for this typographic poster. So I hope you are excited as I am. See you in the next video. 21. Design Process - Part 1: I n welcome. I hope you're ready to learn new tips and tricks in this 40 shop tutorial. Please download on the needed typefaces before you start and when ready, open. Now you're a fortune. This is what we're going to do. This typographic poster design. It's simple and easy and good for first time users off 40 shop I will use for two ships Easy 2015 version. But don't worry or the actions that I'm going to perform are also applicable to lower versions off fortune. If I do something here that you can't, I will tell you the other way how to do it. So let's start making no document by going toe file and then click new or control in your Gibbard. And then let's type they both there. So our name. And then let's select custom 1300 pixels and for 1150 for a solution in 72. Argue because her and leave everything as it is and click OK, and now this hour canvas. Now let's create a new guide, big going toe of you and, frankly, no guide. Enter 340 make sure it's vertical in. Click. Ok, now that's great Way can actually create another game by measuring it. So this is how you do it? Get your marketable and then drug here, put another one year, and then get your ruler. Make sure your Roeder is available. Control, fire, if not toe show you. All right. So I hope you have two guys right now. So let me to sit my character. So I will start from start. You can open your character planet by going here in window and great character. All right, so get your title. Now. When I start things, you're control a cynical, the techs. And then I will sell it. Carrington regular. Now let's make it bigger. Will drag it to the right side. Let's make it 97 points. All right, And then make it center. Now, let's clean. This work takes changed work. And this ender 18% here and click. Ok, it's changing the store. 90 plane. All right. Seems okay. There. So next I stayed another thoughts on and then position it. Hear me? If one is western based on regular. All right, let me say that this here and next, that's Ah, some talking here. Always had some talking or spacing your takes on Make it 30. There it looks good. It's not going close to each other so publicly, that layer to show the layer style. And then I will put some stroke inside. And for the color is white. I let another one cooler is and three pixels and make it outside. All right, so we show you how to do it in the number of version This new version of the report ship so I can show you That's mother. What? The sizes Her hoping your document and then here design make it smaller by dragging to the left side. And now So the effect when click one position is in the inside and pixels don't make it outside. And then white corner duplicate that Bay Control J and then on the layer, select the lower decks if they the the size is should be bigger, fight big cells and make it dark. So you can see here the effect that we have just the thing that I have just duplicate that takes and but the stop. All right. I hope you do the same thing. And now here we're going toe the let me and it looks small 97 right? And then this work that takes said the art lower then make it negative. Actually, there are other ways to do it. And I will show you how the other one where we can edit the higher the high end over off the ark. So right, click and then select Convert to smart object and no control t toe transform to show the transform and then click this one. And now we can edit the sites off. This takes way. You can put it here. So this another guide so we can see how low the arch are the high how are you and just click this check and the good thing about it It's adaptable because it's smart object. We can edit the takes there. So the next thing that we're going to do Oh, let's see here that and you. So the front year the typeface year dispersed is really way So I select the I mean and then make it smother. Make it center here. All right, 40 points and let's make it our arch Upper Pass it in 20% Anglican. Okay. And for the talking. Make it something like this 100 then and like that check to commit. And now that's our 1st 3 lines here. This one and we're going toe to make it blunder. Semi bond. Alright, commit that. Thanks. And next, get the custom shape. We're going towards, um decor here. Immigration. You seem like something like this. So I know you will have this on your machine when your adobe afford ship. And now just click. Hold your ship and drug and it's a good red color block on and then shift and drug that are right side the duplicate. All right. And next, getting the square or a triangle just click and drag to the right side when you are satisfied releasing the mouse all right. And then getting the type total are the younger keyboard and then exchanged the Actually the fun. It's ready way typeface. It's like change. Make it bigger. But first, let's change these to extrapolate the style. And then 91 did see that if it fits here tension, the gold or the white and now the driving. And they said in that door 310 for that and a size Trento seems OK under two points and commit that. Make it center in hours in our tangle. All right, now let's duplicate this one. Select this layer and you. First, let's make this group so we don't have crowded layers. Its name change. Look, that's clean up first, because later we will have so many layers. And it's really hard to find the right layers that were looking for. So okay, now in the Senate, this layer control Jada to duplicate, and it's dragged this down. Oh, it's, uh no, miss your yes, I did that. It's not end in CR all right? No. Can I add more talking here to get more space and let's make it Seattle Okay, there. And I mean, it's a more points made, bigger 44 points. All right, all right. Next we're going toe and another day go here. The stars on this left side get the custom shape told and then send it a star icon on this one. Click and drag again. Continue your satisfied with the height, all right? And it's drug it up. I'm using my giver keyboard arrows. Adul duplicated order out and then drunk did right to the left side. I mean, let's make it smaller control T. And then it's drug down something like this one during the five points and another one is duplicated control key again and make it smaller. Let's continue in another video. 22. Design Process - Part 2: Let's continue the tutorial. Let's find all these stars and see that here. Select three older, shifty and click on the top Select All Control G to make a group and then, normally the name to edit. Make it starts. We're going to duplicate it. So control J coming a copy or holder on a key drug and run to the right side control again . And then right click here. Fully Risen does all right. It's like a mirror Hoen. It's more. Let's see in this PC Seems OK, so next it's, uh, doesn't get this one. It seems it's already smart objects. I mean, type another one here. I would think word select the right type Place west on regular. Make it bigger and 100. It seems okay. 102 points are maybe when in the bar. All right. And then it's coming that make it center and next duplicated that controlling J and then select the number layer your original one thing the pattern overlay. Select this one. I know you have this this right, they're gonna line it's available on all the on all the four ship version. So I'm more on the right side using the keyboard Arrows. You can see it's moving there now and it's at a stroke. So make it toe pick sense, R C one about one. Let's make it a big sense. And then week Okay, that's our leaders Effect there. One hour takes warned. All right. And this group, this one, this world druggie, they weren't. And the next thing that we're going to do is playing up our dicks. Make it this Meet the little center and all right, we're not done with the text. Of course this First, the some decoration. This You can use anything from here, but I will use from the from the victors. I don't know that I mean, happy can go back to your shop and control v paste. Click the smart object and click OK, and it will base here. Really, Old chief was making making it bigger. Get the move tool and position it on that You think Maki, but battles toe. And now the other one on the bottom de lane. So when it's not here here, this one went to see and then going back. Toe foot Ship control V paste. Yes, press enter and it's our immigration here Order shifty and and both it somewhere here. All right. If we don't have adobe Portia, I mean, under administrator toe, open the GPS. Try to open your Adam a four shop and see if it's going toe. Okay. Under Make me take smaller, like 20 points and select me. Really? Really my place. I will take the name of the the the person who quoted this. It's Norman Vincent. Me in a moment that thanks, Vincent. So you can use any boots or phrases. See one, and then it's ended. The tracking toe seems 100 nineties. Okay, position it here. It's anything but familiar. So 170. All right, I've been clean up being there so quickly and position that X All right here. You can see I'm past forwarding the video. Um, making sure that all the thanks are in balance themselves. It's beefing. Okay, so right. And now this had some another immigration on this side. So this Saad Christmas frame digger just basic here and click OK, it's more of it. Here, make it smaller. My holding this corner in the shift key and there s okay there. And then it's duplicate that control J drug right side and control T right. Click and flip vertical. You need toe. Flip it again. Flip horizontally. All right, then it's said it Here. Nothing makes keyboard arrows I design. All right. And now it's about time door, Get the take store, so make it looks like, uh, vintage poster. Listen to our canvas. If it's short on D Army control T and then drug the right side on press enter in here, let's select. You can naturally experiment here, which I very want and mine. I will sell it. Linger, burn and number down the field to 80%. All right, press center there. Let's duplicate that troj and for this one and make it more to play for they feel may 100% all right in this our design. And you can actually aided some of it if you want. I think I forget something here. Yeah, the effects for the word Let me and this first make it bold and click district. So you are free to edit your design on The good thing about it is you You know how how toe make it this toe vintage and old. So you are free to do it. Person is, uh this? No. So let's find our folder. It's here. Right? Click here and again convert to a smart object and now control our first show. Our guides contort e. It's, uh okay, Exposition in first in the end of the letters. Alright, control key. And then click this one. No, let's drug it up here. I feel better using it. Compared to the lower I will put a drug. I mean, put the guns here and then but something here and then witness to commit hide. The guides may control us and colon moovit town on. It'll be also here, moving down. All right. Seems okay. And that's all for this video, I open them something and feel free to post your design in the discussion board. And I hope you learned something quite useful for from this video from this tutorial. So see you next time 23. Intro/Links: Hi. And when come my name is D Stony. I'm your instructor in discourse. So for our next project, we're going toe design a logo here in Adobe 40 shop. So this is what we're going to do. A lot of people think that you can design a logo in 40 because it speaks in, but actually, it's not true. You know, you can design a logo because the type and shapes here in port shop are vector, so you can actually design in a literal sense, you know? So this what we're going to do, I used a tow phones here. Toe typeface, The thesis one for the it word. I used junk five. And it's available for free, so you can download it. Just take out the resources stub on the right side of this video and for this creative agency and great and proud used still fish from the front dot com. So please check out the name that I put in the in this video. So before you start installed that and they start So see you in the next video 24. Design Process: hi and welcome again. So if that decided, we're going to do And if you're ready and let's start so open your adobe Air Force ship. All right, so this design is actually actually very easy. Don't goto file you. And then let's put a name on it. Elite foreign document types and custom again with East 1300 pixels for height and turning 150 pixels. 72 for a solution. And RG because her background has changed in the background block a second. See on my design like okay and called color profile Select that it's rgb like okay. And this our new canvas. So get the title or p on your keyboard, and then you can make a guy, dear, No, but the centuries in here, all right. And then I mean, just click here. The typeface that we're going to is he's chunk young five Roman If three point. So this type attention to call your toe, right? Like okay. And let's drag to the right side door. Make me fun. Sexy, bigger. The sported here above the line. Horizontal line or something. Get them in. All right, that's our dicks. So next hopes let me cancel that next thing. Meaning door disk rating agency. Okay, so I mean, type here at me. Never done first e fun size for the part points Change the typeface toe stint, fish. It's also free typeface. You can download it on the link that I provided, so I mean looks at me a bit now. So on just number that thing in the layer to make that layer at the 80 agency. If you don't see your character pendant goto window and this So let's add some cracking here. 420 points. It's OK there on Let's make it 340. It's on the way here. No, that's some affects their warp saying the Ark and then make it. It means so Kor get going to fight our 22 years. 22% Thank Click. OK, let's commit that. And now it's and the circle on the Now. First listen to the star first custom custom shape told then find the letter. I'm in the star shape that's here somewhere in the middle and then drug and hold your shift key was train a perfect star shape attention to call your white. I want this star to make it on the type of letter I That's a look centred, but, uh, on D c. C say it's not centered. So you have to do something here making that sander. So I guess we need dough. Ended me. The star bought it on the left side. And maybe you begin on summer talking here. All right, Maybe during the day in the point singers, Same cell gate for me. Now get the islets. Stool were going toe. Make a circle here. Extension to call her and its position it nicely. We're goingto duplicate it all your health and then drunk. Then using May keyboard arrows. All right. And then next on the bottom goingto and the design here, Victor ornament. So I opened the GPS on my adobe illustrator. So this the victor said that I don't know that. Please see Durling on the description of this video or the the other video. I mean, the first thing we do happy and basic on our adobe fort shop and then and make it bigger as longer as our any word etc. The, uh it seems okay. It's a little bit shorter. Let's change the guard or the white legal day, right? It seems OK. Actually, it's a little bit short, shorter? You can just stayed like that. You know, you don't have to read it if you want. If you've been told about India edited control deed again, then all right then it's about it here. I mean, anything Dallas mother. Right. That's okay. And then next, it's another tagline here in the front size. Got the win points again. Select the still fish fish face. I will take great and proud control. It's like that. And let's put some talking here. 100 points Seems OK, so our maybe we can add more 160 or just leave it. All right, control a Get your move, tool. We're going to center it. All right, then. Control detail the select. And then we're going toe. Select all the layers and then chief to select all control G toe, make it a group and then control t transform and hear What? Your control key. You can see my control when I hold my control. The point that changed and now move it up so we can distort our techs. Or you can door me up there are over. It's up to you. Here. You can play along with this. Saturday is a good idea doing that. So here you can I d actually d hide the vertical. So let's make it negative. Nine. Uh, this number seems okay in this design. So that's basically especially our logo it here in a dummy fortune. And you can edit it as well. Everything here. Everything here he's so here we can add some effects year like Depp shadow If you want just to show you, You know, let me But some fix here, huh? The stones first lists ended the blend moon make it normal in here. You can see that done starting size and you can see it's really cool, You know, you can pay along with this. Yes, toe See your sign How it will look good and waken capping the effects here, hold the salt and then ground down to another type. So let's see if we had our men your text. Really? And it seems that nothing looking we need that. Well, all right, So And I will show you how you can use a uh if you want to use that Victor, you can remove the background. So let's say it's in this one if you don't have a state or you can do this just for practice, you know, and we're going to remove the background that ornament. So get your magic one tool and nature. You're on right layer like this and hit your Dicky in your neighbor and you see it's a gun . So although you need some work here like the other parts, yes, click and press delete in your keyboard. Really not a good idea, but I guess there's some free ornament that you can download for 40 shop. And here you can see, although it's not good that like the vector. But just for fun, you can practice it. All right. That's a lot for this video. Help you learn something new in the police. Practice a lot. Put in tow, practice what you have learned. So next time 25. Intro : hello and welcome again for our third project. This what we're going to do? Another logo design here in Adobe 40. So pissed down the the typeface that we're going to use here, this one for the award Grand. It's great Lakes from different that room. You can get that. Don't worry. I will post the thing again and for this World Hotel and use Carrington also for this date Year 1942. So for this design, we're going to use the work tool. And another thing. Here is the effects that mostly you can see. You can see in the retro or vintage design, and we'll put a simple ornament. It's pretty simple. Simplicity's the best. So seeing the next video, how are we going? Toe? Do this. So see you there. Your next time. Bye. 26. Design Process: Hi and welcome. So this isn't a design that we're going to do. Feel free toe, post the video toe follow alone. So let's start first. Making your document by going to the file menu and then no. And this type a name here h for Hotel Grand and the costume. You can see so many of the document type, but I will just custom so for the with that center 1003 100 exits and for the ICT 950 big size solution is 72 just RGB and my throne. His wife holder fighting select Working RGB. Okay, so let's click. Ok, And here this hour canvas first, let's make a your guide. So I dragged here. Make sure that you open your guide by control are to show that and then I will drag another one in the center. You can see it's, uh, it snaps. Make sure it's also available All right, you know, get the type told the typeface is great lakes and if regular So just click here and I will die Grand hopes are the caps grand all right, And then just drag it to the right side. Made bigger, had some more points trying maybe 190 points and then they this check to commit. That's our techs and controlled a select all I'm in the document and then this position. It makes centuries you can see year make clicking on the top option. It may center, but the one something here because because I really had some designs on the bottom later on . Next, select politics and quickness torp that select the no ver going toe make it negative. Maybe thing at the doing the toe seems OK. Remove the tracking in your character opponent. And if you don't see your counterpart and go to window and pick your character, all right, and now we're going door duplicated. So first, let's commit this. And that's, um, designs here. So when Troy J to duplicate that and the number there were like that, then exchanged the colder toe right commitment using your keyboard arrows, right? Arrow, press knee times to the right side and two times the downside, and then duplicate that select the lower. Thanks again. Make it blood, Rick. Okay. And now, using the keyboard arrows again two times right, and two times again to die down. So you can see the effect here on our tanks. Z really cool. So now it's at the other elements off our logo here to get the Ellipse story. Regan, can I start anywhere? I would start here, control on your ship and control. I mean, you're Schiff out. I mean, and then something like here it will cover all the covered, the whole word Go to our sitting that used to go out of it. Seems that okay, so that's it Be, but it contact way Don't see the cooler because our blending is actually on the hard mix. So we're going toe and that make it normal. Okay. And now So we're going toe cut some part of this city, Gail, by making another circle rectangle. But first, let's add some guys here on top of the word, I can see some nature's part of the latest there, so get their entangled tool and then click here some top from shape. All right? And make sure you're on the right layer. I will start from the side. That's the point of my guns here. So release. And then we cut the part of the city together, so it's gonna naturally but it's still indictable. Of course. Bear guide that and you can hide and show your guides. Not here. Here. All right, So does where you can see and hide yourself. Your guides next reclaimed door. Position it nice and young and give some space on our word. So I'm not here because you can see her again. Anchor some text there. I mean, select a guy, please. Going on have been type hotel on Make it smaller me 11 size and I get here its mother. It's changed the color white so we can see okay. And satisfied that to commit the thanks. Now you see my keyboard arrows again and finally on top. I mean, you some, uh, ornament the slick out drown something that if you don't see yours, you can click here all and the angry upend Go out there. Okay, so I mean ornament number five. I know you will have this, Rosa. It's a preset from adobe a foot ship, click and drug. And it's changed the tour right and controlled. They conceded marching ants again. They can select this one. Make it center lingo, result centers the things our or hotel in the ornaments. Nat'l. Really? Okay there. So I will. Okay, I told the toe. Select that selection. Now, finally, we're going to make our own reborn here, so get the stand tall again. Just show your guys start from the center. You're out and then ship. I don't have told your ship, Shefki. Just that's a change. The caller toe up and smoke it down. That's a little bit so we can see what we're doing. Seems winning some bigger tangle. Okay, so get the technology here. Not in the tangle. It was if you type there, make a on a bus. So here, make fun. Smaller 33 points Seems OK, but that's seater 21 OK, so you can type any you, everyone here and now the other part of the ribbon. So I will start. Decide 32 pixels for wheat and 40 43 for high. Exchanged a volatile block and zoom in control Z in your Gibbard. He will add another anchor point here. So first get the that extraction tool and then click that and get the Bendel had four point older. So click here, Make it in the same there. So let's get the ruler make some guide here. It will snap in the same there. So great that and then here in the center get the convert point all. And that means that a straight lying sequencing. And then let's get the tangle and the speaker combined ships really click and drug here, another shape to our ribbon style. So I haven't really stuck. And it will. It will be one ship only. The only thing that we can add it here is by using Derek selection tool. Click That and minuto cynical D points here. All this four points. Make sure you hold your shift key to select. And another one? Yes, yes, yes, they're so became inevitable. All right, now let's get here way. Do this because toe have a cold fx here on our reborn and control J duplicate that our order out and drug toe duplicate as well control t to transform and then flick horizontal. And now this something here all right. Seems okay. Seems on the right place so you can go to snap snap everything there. All right? Don't forget that. Also the roller when you're doing something and that's basically our design, I hope you learn something at least something useful that you can use in your own design. So now it's about time to clean up our our insane our lives as well. Make it in the sender. Okay, So control G great toe group that I mean And that's all for this video. Actually, I can clean up, make it, uh, no group. Every related designs created elements here. So, like this one and that's it for this video. I plan something. So you next time. 27. Intro: Hi. And when come my name is D Stony. I'm your instructor in discourse. So for our next project, we're going toe design a logo here in Adobe 40 shop. So this is what we're going to do. A lot of people think that you can design a logo in 40 because it speaks in, but actually, it's not true. You know, you can design a logo because the type and shapes here in port shop are vector, so you can actually design in a literal sense, you know? So this what we're going to do, I used a tow phones here. Toe typeface, The thesis one for the it word. I used junk five. And it's available for free, so you can download it. Just take out the resources stub on the right side of this video and for this creative agency and great and proud used still fish from the front dot com. So please check out the name that I put in the in this video. So before you start installed that and they start So see you in the next video 28. Design Process: Hello and welcome back in this video, we're going toe design our logo in Adobe Illustrator using the lips and putting some effects on Adobe Fort Shop. Later, it's making your document so you can use anything here on your letter. So this is the week and I doing tap in mind. And if you want more, more advance, we can take the call a boat having choose RGB for screen 780 p p I and click OK, so this is our canvas letter sized control age toe Hide the art bird Now get type told and we're going to type vintage against first nous change the typeface Streetwear. I hope you don't know that a swell one type of India in turn a and then control greater than to make it bigger and now character. So actually you can end it the tracking if you want. I mean that another 30 points there and now going toe up in the lift here on window window and let's find the type. Let's see what it is somewhere here, down below. And then that's blips and you will see different types off licks here. The excess part of the attacks. I mean, the letters different. I stands on the letters. So I'm saying this battery and then click this alternates for current. You can select anything here, select this one on the, uh, bigger a swoosh effect. And then I'm inside this letter t and so many alternatives for this one. You can see some many. It's really cool. Actually, it's a very nice face. I mean, like this one. The things take on my lover's wish. Okay, Basically, our techs logo here and no, select that and go toe type. I mean, the object. We're going to expand it and just click OK here using the, uh, their ex election. That's cynic, this two points on the social and hold your shift key and drug somewhere. Not more than that. Like on this one thesis here. Okay, then release the mouse closeness panel. It's up in the color. First, let's make a a circle back round circle. So getting the circle, they live stolen, and then create somewhere in the middle of the tea and then hold your and then shifty and drunk outside. Maybe think something like this. Ok, so this what we're goingto stop Edie color hex code. So here you can copy. What's the video? I'm in control. See, then I'm going toe Bassitt here. Don't look like this. And v based break. Okay. I was put here on the, uh, off our takes. Get the moved on. Does he have the same? So the next corner cautioning its and some decoration here in the first the star. So you're a shifty. Also constraining. Perfect trying. It's copy decoder, not green color hopes. I don't think this is the color you can. Cappy. Nine control. See concerned up and going toe double the here. Control V paste. All right, then in Vento. Put it back here forever Power takes. Let me that, then meaning the more stars here. So we're going to duplicate it. Control C and control F toe based in France. Then on your shift key, we're goingto shrink it, make it smaller than a little bit and then going to duplicate that. Let's let me some in first. Let's send this to start saying move it little bit here. Now, this selective smaller control, see? And then, I mean, they're out in duplicate, and then I'm just using my keyboard arrows. Let me know seeing control f And then it's rugged, holding your shifty toe aligning perfectly. All right then, next thing his hour. Let's see here our design dicks on the bottom. I use verdana frontier e Think every computer has that design. I mean, has the fun pace. So let's make it smaller. First on your, uh, then shift. And I think it and things get you in this one so goingto sent across these three stars and position nicely and make it smaller as well on your shift and then and put it somewhere here in the middle. Now state design, obviously our texts to being so controlled and shifty and never done. Now let's change the face toe Verdana and let's put it on the bottom of our text. Vintage takes still too big. So never think that to select and then make it smaller control shift and then never done. Never done size lower than signed. I mean, we can add the talking 100 seems OK then. I'm just using me Cubanos, All right. And then I'm going to change the color orange. The caller is he 77 Toto four. I'm going to copy and basic. Let's select this. Experts control v paste and then click. OK, wait to duplicate this one. Now let's select this vintage Tex. Move it to the left side a little bit. I'm just adding the design here to see if it's in the center. Troisi and Control F pace in front. Now in a cynic, the number layer below a layer double. Click that, and it stinks the color to block. And now it's moving to the movie, using my giver Taro's Alright, thanks. OK, so that's basically our design. The next thing that we need to do is tow. Put it on our adobe and don't be 1/4 ship. So let's Celik all of this control see on, and it's actually that decide that we're going to go. So that's first up in the thinks. You're on our fourth shop, so it's dragged here. I'm going toe base it here, control V paste and then it's already in the past form. So just make it bigger when it's so getting its press it press enter, all right, and then next we need toe make blend to our texture would take store. So what? We're going to go and, yes, get here underlying layer and you can see it's actually working now. And they fading effect on the branch that I should pick here your toe that it's later and then moving to the right side this one toe. Make it more, uh, make the thanks. You're believable. You can see, and you can adjust it on our thanks to your canvas. All right, now we're going to duplicate this layer on Troj and then it's moving on the top off the Slayer Stop extension! The bending mode toe multiply. And for that, I feel make it somewhere, Uh, 59 seems OK and we can still read it. Of course, toe make the affects are believable there. So it's number down. Feel all right in a Did this well, Or we can add a see first Nice one. Editing the underlying underlying there. See the effect? It's really okay. All right. Now we can double click that again and let's see if we had some stroke that c the size started by pixels Way can play with the capacity if we wanted and you can see it's really cool. Actually, that extra screen here with any ace nearly bending our vintage logo design on our Dexter. So that's it. That's it for this video to learn something, something useful that you can use on your own design. So see you next time.