Typography Basics : Take your layouts from good to great!

Gary Van Zyl, Design Intelligence

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About This Class

Typography is one of the best ways to make your designs and layout look super professional and help them to be more effective. By getting the basics right you can go from good to great! In this short course, we look at the key ingredients to great typography that will take your design skills to the next level!


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Briefly, clearly, understandably and everything you said I applied in 15 minutes and my text is much improved . Thank you, Gary!!!
That font size guideline was a great pointer!!!!
This is an essential course for any typographic enthusiast. The most valuable part of this course was how to properly justify text because you can know the efficiency of a designer by his body copy. This really polishes up the fundamentals once you know a bit of them.
Vidit Agarwal

I design and stuff.





Gary Van Zyl

Design Intelligence

My name is Gary van Zyl.

I have had 18 consecutive years in agencies working on brands from the smallest enterprises to the largest, ranging from tiny to massive budgets. I have also had the privilege of working side-by-side with multi-award winning Creative Directors, Top Strategists, Marketing Directors and so on.

I am currently working on primarily international brands based in Israel, the UK and the USA with an internationally-based partner.

My exposure to great ...

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