Type Design Basics: Design a Unique Decorative Grid-based Typeface

Evgeniya & Dominic Righini-Brand, Graphic Design & Photography

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13 Videos (46m)
    • Introduction & Class Overview

    • Preparation: Choosing an Image

    • Building an Image-based Grid

    • Considering Type Anatomy

    • Creating a Grid Template for Print (Optional)

    • Designing Typeface Using The Grid

    • Choosing Final Set of Glyphs

    • Cleaning Up the Paths

    • Adjusting Proportions

    • Defining Weights

    • Adding a Different Look to Your Typeface

    • Tips and Tricks for Creating Better Typographic Compositions

    • Conclusion


About This Class


Designing your own typeface might sound daunting, but it does not need to be! In this class designer Evgeniya Righini-Brand will teach you how to easily and quickly design your own decorative grid-based typeface which can be used to create cool typographic compositions for posters, t-shirt prints or logotypes.

This class is suitable for anyone interested in typography regardless of their skill level or experience. So if you are new to type design and just starting to learn about typography, this is a brilliant opportunity to boost your confidence and create something fast and without too many restrictions and practice your Adobe Illustrator skills along the way. And if you are a design pro you can use it as an opportunity to learn a new type design process and make some cool stuff.

Class structure:

1. Grid development. Choosing source images for the grid and building a grid to define your glyphs’ geometry.

2. Designing glyphs. Design development of glyphs based on your grid.

3. Finalising glyphs. Choosing from alternatives, adjusting proportions, cleaning up the paths, defining weights.

4. Customising typeface. Developing your typeface further by adding extra graphic features.

5. Typographic compositions. Tips and tricks for creating better typographic compositions.

Note: Creating a working typeface file is a different much more advanced task and is not covered in this class.

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As a beginner to Illustrator, I really appreciate all the little details and tips. Also, as someone who tends to grasp new concepts pretty quickly I also appreciate that she doesn't spend too much time on each topic. Very well-structured and I look forward to designing my own typeface!
very informative and valuable tips given!
I've been watching all your classes today, since I recently got a premium membership, and I'm crying, they're brilliant. Both for beginners or advanced people. I've been to graphic design school but these classes are so helpful for new tricks, advanced methods and more effective workflow. I wish I had a teacher like you back then!





Evgeniya & Dominic Righini-Brand

Graphic Design & Photography

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