Two handy tips to unlock protected excel sheets and VBA code without Password | Rajan Elangovan | Skillshare

Two handy tips to unlock protected excel sheets and VBA code without Password

Rajan Elangovan, Coder- Blogger-YouTuber

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2 Videos (12m)
    • How to unlock Protected Excel VBA Project and Macro codes without password

    • How to unlock Protected Excel Sheets without Password


About This Class


In this class you're going to learn two handy simple and handy tips which help you to unlock the protected excel sheets and Excel VBA code without password. 

If you ever forgotten a password for one of your excel worksheets or Excel VBA Macro code  then you know how frustrating that can be. No needs to worry any more and in this video you'll learn how to unlock or remove password protected excel spreadsheet without using any paid Excel password recovery software, excel password remover or VBA Macro Code. 

You need only WinZip and hex editor that you can download for free from to unprotect Excel sheet and excel VBA code protected with password.Using this trick you can unlock any number of Password protected worksheets and VBA modules in an Excel Workbook. This video is purely for Educational purpose and kindly don't misuse this trick to unlock copyrighted Excel Worksheets. Before using this trick always keep a copy of workbook that you're going to unlock





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Rajan Elangovan

Coder- Blogger-YouTuber

I'm Rajan Elangovan. I do programming, blogging and researching on various different tools and technologies which inspires my interest. I have been into Software Automation Testing for over 5+ years now and my interest in learning new stuff which enables automation has never been compromised.


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