Two Dimensional Needle Felting For Beginners | Adrienne Brown | Skillshare

Two Dimensional Needle Felting For Beginners

Adrienne Brown, Mixed Media Artist/ Felting Goddess

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14 Videos (1h 10m)
    • Trailer

    • Supplies

    • Getting Acquainted with your Felting Needles

    • Practice Project Part 1

    • Practice Project Part 2

    • Finding Inspiration

    • Drawing Your Butterfly

    • Tracing the Pattern

    • Laying the Foundation

    • Adding Colour Part 1

    • Adding Colour Part 2

    • Adding Detail Part 1

    • Adding Detail Part 2

    • Finishing your Project


About This Class

This class will give you an introduction to needle felting in it’s simplest form.

Needle felting is essentially sculpting with wool and it requires very little in the means of supplies, what you really need are wool, felting needles, a foam mat or sponge and time.

We will be experimenting with the different sizes of needles and their purposes, getting comfortable with using the needles and using them correctly to prevent hurting yourself and breaking them.

You will learn all of the supplies needed to needle felt as well as what types and breeds of wool are best suited for this particular medium.

We will create two projects, the first using a cookie cutter to get comfortable with the techniques and to make a fun quick project.

The second project will be a two dimensional butterfly needle felted on fabric or wool blend felt. This technique can be applied to many things including clothing, bags, hats, etc.

This class is for beginners and felting enthusiasts looking to dive into the medium with the easiest  technique.

You can use the information covered in this class to make handmade ornaments, decorations or even dress up a well loved sweater or knit item from mittens to hats to blankets.

Please go to the Class Project Section to download your handout as well as the butterfly template.






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Adrienne Brown

Mixed Media Artist/ Felting Goddess

My name is Adrienne Brown.

I am a felter, yarn spinner, doll maker, weaver, knitter, crocheter and now amateur watercolour painter.

I love to learn new mediums and experimenting to achieve unique results. I am a bit of a art-aholic, I have a unquenchable thirst for knowledge which I don't think will ever be satisfied. And so I continue to learn new skills and I apply them to all sorts of art.

I have taught felting in its many forms locally for almost three years and I ...

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