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Twitter marketing strategy

Juri Fab, Digital Marketing Strategy

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10 Videos (32m)
    • Twitter marketing my strategy (How I promote ClickBank)

    • Intro; Profile optimization

    • How to increase Trust and Followers for your Twitter profile

    • How to Tweet automatically, auto marketing using Twitter online services

    • Know your audience top interests and sell them things what they are ready to buy

    • Key to my strategy

    • You have 2500 Tweets daily Try to make at least half a day and see results!

    • Amazing online tool what I`m using to save my work time for Twitter Marketing

    • Viral marketing how to find content for your tweets

    • Online Automation Tools for Auto Tweets!


About This Class

Learn Twitter Marketing! This is my personal strategy what i`m using every day to promote my Affiliate Links, ClickBank products and my hotels-travel website. As well I`m doing sponsored tweets. This strategy brings me stable income every month and my Twittеr account growing every day and I`m really happy with this. I`m always working to improve my results so this why I want to share with my Twittеr Marketing strategy with community! In this course I will talk about: How to optimize your twitter profile How to receive huge followers base Why and How you should use Viral Marketing Tools and Online services what i`m using to automate all my work process How to promote your Affiliate links and ClickBank products Why you should use Twitter Analytics






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Juri Fab

Digital Marketing Strategy

Working full time as an Affiliate Marketer. I'm creating niche websites and rank them in Google. I have created many successful projects already what bring passive online income. I have tested many marketing strategies and know what works best. Here on SkillShare I share my ideas and strategies in order to help other people become successful in digital marketing.

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