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Twitter for Getting Warm Leads, Driving Traffic, And Getting Sales

teacher avatar James Woo, Skills For A Better Life

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 9m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Finding The People Who Needs Help

    • 3. Widening or Narrowing Your Search

    • 4. Real Example How I Connect

    • 5. Considerations For Your Profile

    • 6. Who Should You Follow

    • 7. What Should You Post

    • 8. How To Start And Get Into Conversations

    • 9. Adjusting Your Message

    • 10. Hashtags

    • 11. Using Analytics To Guide You

    • 12. Final Tips

    • 13. Project

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About This Class


Many people think that you need to build up a huge number of followers before you use Twitter, but that is not true.

You can use Twitter to:-

  • drive traffic to your website,
  • connect with your potential customer online,
  • give your social media articles an initial push so they rank well

And you don't have to have a large number of followers to do that.

It is a great way to look out for people who are already looking for help.

I also used this method to boost traffic with to my new website articles or my videos on YouTube.

In this class, I will teach you a simple step you can use daily even when you just starting with Twitter.

I also share how to:-

  • jump into conversations
  • use analytics to guide you when you post messages
  • adjust your message depending on what's happening to the world around.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

James Woo

Skills For A Better Life


I’ve been an engineer and a business owner. I enjoy helping people with software, videos and online tools.

My aim is to teach you how to Leverage Tech to create Greater Impact in your life. 

Over two thousand people have taken my online courses on Skillshare alone. I believe that anyone can master the tech world with some training and an open mind.

Besides my courses here, there are articles and videos on my website and my YouTube channel where you can learn how to master other software and tools to help you be more effective in your life or your business.

Feel free to connect with me too.



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1. Introduction: Hi. My name is James. In this shot cost will show you how to use Twitter or rather, to the advanced search to look for pleads to look for ways to drive traffic to your articles or your videos or to your websites. And also champion conversation off people who are already looking for solutions to the problems. So you don't need to have a large twitter following to use this meta. In fact, you can even start your fresh to come right now and use this method and to get going and look for people who are radius leaching for help. And you can actually meet them right at the time and provide your service or your solutions . I used this method all the time to drive traffic to my new videos to my articles and also to get business. And I'm gonna show you right away. How do you do this? Okay, so let's get started 2. Finding The People Who Needs Help: now, Although you don't need to have a Twitter account to use Twitter advanced search. You actually need an account when you want to reply to people. So if you haven't had worked with content this time to release the or sighing of or on account, and if you have an existing A come, you can actually use this as well. So I really have an account. So I'm just going to look into my existing account that once you have locked in the Twitter search is at the top here. Okay, You may change a little bit to the Metin. Changes things around, so you can actually typing anything you like to search for. Okay. So as an example, let's look for Say what? Press help. Okay, so that's type this in. And this is the search. So this is the top. Such if you go down, you notice that this is a search, so people are actually tweeting. Okay, so this is what normally people would do. They would just Maybe they're promoting their business. You're promoting their service, so they were actually treat okay that they have this service. So if you are using treated this way You can also do that. Nothing wrong with that. However, What we want to do is a kid to look for conversations. All right. And to do that, what you want to do is to go to Twitter and one such. Now they're two places you can go forward to. That one search one is the three dots over here. If you click on it, you see that the I minus H comes up. So you can also click on that one such somewhere here. OK, just below that such field test. All right, so let's go and click on these are one such right now and this window pops up. Okay, Now, this is actually give you more variation Where what you want to look for, for example, you can look for all of these words and exact phrase any of these words that all this is very important because you want to either narrow. Oh, why don't your such as we go along, okay? And you cannot exclude sudden words. And whether you went toe inclusive and hash tax. All right, so and then we will go along. So let's use an example here, and let's look for they see what press help you. Now, if you are, say, a WordPress developer or your reps Your designer and you want to help people, Your target people who requires what? Press help. This is what you can do. Okay, so you send them for sex phrase. First, we're gonna use this, and then we're gonna scroll down, and this is very important. Now, what you want is to look for somebody that this has asked for help. Our recently. So today is March 11th. I am going to just such safe for about 10 days. And you can also change it, depending on whether the your system is a lot on whether your search team is not that many . So when you have a lot of such time, but you want usedto shot in that date, okay? And you do not want to such too far back, because by then, most likely the person have already found a happy need it. Okay, so let's keep clicking on such and see what? Be fine. Okay. You know, this year here, you see that the WordPress happiness is in, but the commerce and there is a date range over here, so Let's look at this New post create using WordPress, Swift and WordPress help. OK, so somebody's actually targeting. They really know people looking for what s happened. These people are creating that phrase. What? Dress? Help. Okay, so, again, this is questions, site reviews and Chet. Okay? And it is also a good way to look at competitors. Okay, So, for example, if you have a competitor who is providing a lot off information on treater and they're targeting these, then you can make actually check out the article, check out the video and to see what they are saying, Okay? And you can also jump into that conversation on the other side, give, for example, going to YouTube it etcetera. But for the purpose of this course, we will concentrate on getting this right on Twitter. So sometimes you may need to change up your question or your phrase that you under look for . So here. There's a lot of people who have targeted this because maybe they know that a lot of people are searching for what? Press help. Unless switches around. Let's see how really wordpress see. And now this is what I mean. I need some help with repress. Okay? And this is precisely what you want to reply to. If you click on this, you can see the conversation going on. So see this Bastia? All this Whoever owns we managed website Twitter. Sure. Let me know if you need any help. Okay? So you can also reply to that conversation. All right? And this is precisely the type of people that you are looking for and you can see the date This there is only about a week ago, so sometimes they have been. May have sung found a solution. Sometimes they have not. And one other thing is that doing seven topics will have maybe students or people of making simply typing things up on Twitter. Okay, maybe I say joke so you can actually have over there so far to see ready. They are serious. And you can actually have a gauge on the number or followers or tweet treats that have. So if somebody have really too many followers there, maybe that person may or may not be so what time you started. Get a feel off your target customers. All right, so let's find another freeze. Now, let's assume that you are on account accountant. That lost Look for happy the conchs, and I really maintained it did. Okay, so that's why I put it I really need help in accounts. So maybe this is somebody has some problem with this. I don't software or a site. So here is another one. I have me help me. Tunks Turkey. You can actually click on the profile to find out who they are, okay? And maybe like a mention. Sometimes these people are joking, but doesn't matter. You can actually reply to this. So, for example, I'm helping counseled this this gift or maybe it's somebody who is just making a job. But if you think that this is somebody what about to reply? Can just click on this to reply. Hey, what do you need? Help me. OK, but a question So people will get a check normal. I'm not going to treat this because I'm not an accountant and you know, so I'm just going to discuss this, but you get the idea. Okay? Now, in the next video, I'm gonna show you how to narrow decision a little bit more 3. Widening or Narrowing Your Search: right in this section here we would die deeper into advance such again. So let's click on Advanced Search again. And we're gonna use this phrase now, assuming that you are on account and you can look for something like this, and over time, you have on idea what is the best phrases to search for. Okay, so I'm not an accountant, but I know that No, this is one to freeze. You can search for accounting help. And then let's look forward. That said it did it again. And here is a key. Some languages. For example, if you're an accountant and your English base so you can actually set the language. Okay? Because, as you can see here, that languages Croatian, Czech, Danish. So if you are a certain country, or maybe you have customers lost, there's ample Danish. They could be anywhere in the world, but yet you can still target them by searching for that language. All right, so this is I'm gonna look for English, okay? And again, I'm going to set the date for this year. Like I mean, sure, we do not want to search too far back. So 1 10 days to two weeks or maybe seven days, depending on your search volume. How many searches are there you can actually target Now you can also use this even though it could be a little bit longer. For example, maybe is two weeks. Let's say, for example, for example, the searches are too low and you have to go back like two weeks or even a month. And this you can Eunice finding such term. Okay, now, if you have to go back too far, rather, you search for different such term rather than go back too far. OK, but even though you know such time is very little, you guessed you go back and sort of as an example off passing the name cut right now, love times. People are really having accountant, okay? And you want to start off, introduce yourself. And in case somehow debt percent couldn't provide a service or that person mess up something, and then at least you are in that person to the stream and you can kind of follow up debt. All right, so it's not totally lost. If you can't find any, such is from there. OK, but let's see, here we have narrow it down to English so you can see here accounting, help, Languish English for the month. This about 11 days now. So as you scroll down, you notice that here. Accounting assignment. Help. OK, so this somebody providing a Simon helping accounting father off, the same thing happened, right? So this is I'm not sure what it means. Okay, So, again, somebody posting an article of accounting. So let's go down, Nicky on, like, horse counting helped me out. So you can see that this is not thesis searches to Why. All right, so if there's too many Okay, lets for them by seat, notice that there's lost things with homework and know that. So let's get back to let's get back to this one. Let's get back to a line such So now this time we will look for accounting help, but people minus off something. All right? None of this key was okay. We do know one. Somebody put their assignments. Okay, So you're actually happy to get to the truth that you want faster on this month? That's not for march for us. No, I'm just setting a date quickly because this is too many steps here. Okay, let's say for it. So you notice here the thing has minus assignment. Okay, so now those people who have the what assignments who have homework purity taken it off so that there isn't the streets is in Kabul is mixed, Taking much faster. Okay, so here we need your Texas done. So you save a country, you can actually change the world accounting to tax if you're a tax accountant, so you can do it at this ville. So let's changes to text help or help me Texas. Okay, retakes advice. So you notice that this person is giving a free tank of free Texas wise for coffee. Okay. So you can't you see what your competitors are using to promote their business? All right, so here again, Catholic charities are New York. I think I came here looking for volunteers to help me text. You want to have your clients, Philip. Texas and is all right, So yeah, that get happy takes having tax planning. Okay. So you can actually have a tax planning help Something of that. So all these things are actually quite remarkable. Okay, So what time you will start to find out what system works for your business and keep the people on the list so that you can save it and you can actually go to here and safe their search. And any time you want to go back to that search, you can go back to it and said for you, whenever you have time, rather than say, just reading, I'd leave for your customers and that this such is also available on your mobile phone. Anything is that there's this other such filter you can use which is near you. Okay, so what this does is now you are a local provide service provider area countin or a lawyer or whatever, but you any such on uni self people in a locality? Our kid maybes within a certain distance 100 kilometers. So you can actually look for this and use these s O that people will. You're talking people closer to where you are, so let's change it back to accounting. Help. See this? Any So that's knows such result at the moment. Okay, that's okay. 4. Real Example How I Connect: Now let me show you how I do it for myself. Do exactly the same thing. So, for example, I'm actually looking for this phrase, and I have replied to this person. Okay, so this presents a Okay, I'm considering this. This this this And this was just a few days ago. So I jump into the conversation, This person, I say, okay, besides, teacher, But I think if you can look at also this news and thing or it is a cost hosting platform and I give sort off my shot. Reason why I'm using it and see this person said Thanks. I would check it out. Okay. And in fact, I reply again, I'll treat you a link to the official Facebook group shortly. OK, so what? You want to see what you notice here? That I did it take you? Do you want to sort of develop a conversation? You know, do you do no want to come on too strongly? So imagine that maybe you are at the networking event. Or maybe you're having coffee or dinner. Some events. Somebody's home. I said Ferrari and some your somebody just say, Oh, you know, Do you know anybody who's accountant or whatever it is so say Oh, yeah, by the way. I know someday do you need some help? So what you do no want is to dump all the information and it kind off our pushes people off . So you just want to kind of reply a little bit, and it's like fishing. Okay, you under sort off are really the fishing, so to say, so to say All right, so people develop that conversation Now, when people reply back, then you give them a little bit more information. So that is actually a key to making this thing work as well. Okay, so this is one week now. I actually GM or direct message. This person and this person say, Okay, thanks. I would check it out. Okay. And I gave him a court. So for you, you can also use the same method. Maybe you can also drive. Feel it sales. You can use it to drive traffic to your article. Let's say, for example, you noticed a lot off people asking for similar question. Now, in Twitter sometimes is a little bit. Maybe it's too too long to provide a comprehensive answer. So We're going to do this in two parts. So I have actually created an article called The Best Free BDO Editor. OK, on my website. So best free video editor. All right, so what's the latest? So let me. So when it comes to article that it's more long term, you can actually go back a little bit further. Or you can just use the latest. Such for that. All right. So, for example, here, what's the best free reader editor App? Fruity. Now there's a line that replies to this. So somebody save pay for Premier Pro. Nothing is free. Okay, I'm movies and terrible. Now, what I'm gonna do is that now that's even is this to the students a little bit all February , but doesn't matter now. If I want to reply, I could just jump into the conversation and say, Okay, I have this article here. Game school, best free reader editing software. Okay. I have one entire article here on using breast free video editor. I have my video here as well. Long article. Okay, so let's say, since this person is asking for the breast free reader editor, I'm going to reply this way So let's who I have a longer right up. Put long looking. Nobody wants to read a little article. Even though he said long, I think I have a right up with the reasons why I chose them, choose them and are the alternatives. All right, So what you want exactly? Toe peak? Somebody's interest. I have a right up. Three. The reasons why I chose them. And also an idea. Alternatives as well. Okay. And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna copy the link, and I'm gonna put this into the tweet here. Okay? So this is how I would drive traffic to my website. All right, so you can see here. So any other people who are actually looking for a search term also see this? And when they go to my article here, and that's how I drive traffic to my article and this is very important, especially when you are. You have a new article. Or maybe you have a new video and you want to have given the bus so that many more people will watch TV do and get the algorithm going. All right. So you can do it with your accountant as Well, if you're a lawyer, you can do the same as well. Such for this. And use the to the advance such next. I'm going to talk a little bit about the profile and why? It is important, okay? 5. Considerations For Your Profile: in this video, we'll take a look at the profile and the importance of your profile. And what are some of the things that you may want to look out for? Eventually, people would check out your profile to see who you are before you represent. And if you are interesting person than they may want to follow us Well, now, the major decision that you need to check is whether you want to use this as a business account, which means you put instead of putting your personal name, you put your business name on it. Okay, so, for example, right now, minus James who? Okay, now you want to put your business account is also one possibility. So things to watch out for is that people tend to connect the people more than rather connecting with the business. So let me give you an example. One of the most famous person right now is Elon Musk. So he has his own personal account, and I'm sure his company, Tesla, also have their official account. So if your company is big, then you may want to have both accounts. Okay, so it is not the issue of either or you can have both. And however, for your personal account, it becomes more like a personal time off connection. So as a business owner, especially if you are sport business owner, my suggestion is to go with a personal profile and personal name. That way, people can connect you when your business gross larger. Okay, when I say maybe there 20 people, 50 people, then you may consider having two accounts one for your business, which reflects your company's announcements and connections. And personally, it could be a personal account. But by and large, whenever you're online on social media, you should treat your personal things as business as well, in a sense that you do know want to be too negative and bring in a sense bad reputation back to your company. Okay, although you can put a disclaimer and say that this is all personal, so people tend to link up. But a business owner, Andy and business So, for example, although desist on social media some years ago, there was a company that does hosting it does provide hosting, and the owner is an avid hunter. So he went to an African safari. Now, obviously they didn't go so well with the animal lovers and there was caused to boycott and all those kind of things. So there's an example off where even your individual that thing says you do us an injury individual may affect us business or no. Okay, so that's about posting things. All right, So, back to the profile, the important thing is toe put a decent picture for yourself. So depending on your industry and the type off emissions, Conway, you may want to have a more professional chicken photo. Some basis is off course. If you're more relaxed, kind then you can choose a photo. There is more. Relax. OK, so it is up to you, depending on where you are at no business. Your genius of visas Owner. OK, off course, a person that is well known and famous. He can practically put any photo as long as his face is recognizable. People don't care what you wear, okay. However, if your business is smaller, or maybe you target a certain type of business and the expectation is that you dress properly, then maybe you need to have a professionally taken photo and make sure that photo is looking straight no. You know, high halfway halfway. All right. So that is actually give a mysterious kind off look or feel again. It depends. I've seen musicians and people who are in the arts and I so they can actually do something like that. They can't even put the local logo off their maybe their artwork. And so it works for them. But for for individual, it may not work so well. So it depends. So you need to test it out. If you're not sure going to go look at your competitors for far and have her idea, and then you can actually choose one of it. And later on, you can assume Treat it. Okay. So if I am not sure, go with a more professional image first. And then later on you can Tony down. Souchard your image next. Exactly day Twitter header here. So this Peter Heather here You can change the photo or changing emissions. Sorry. And for me, I put the tag line over there for you. You could be photo that is reflecting reflects your business. You can be a photo you can do or something similar where you have either your tag line or give people an idea what you do. Okay. And this one, I'm also gonna change it out. It looks a little small on the phone, so you have to be careful as well. Sometimes people have the twitter app on your phone and you can look a little bit small. So these other things to ah, watch out for in your for far. So the next thing exactly coming back to the color scheme. Now, if you already have a color scheme for your business, then you can you should It would be a good idea to follow the similar color scheme. If you don't have, then it is up to you what you want to post up. What you want to make sure is that if you have words or text on this image, people can read it easily. All right, and one final tape. If you're not quite sure what color to truth, then maybe you can go to certain websites. They have a color palette where their designers that capital chosen certain colors that can you can use it for your business. OK, so we are not going into the branding so much and color so much about. Haven't be careful about your profile and the next second user name. You can actually change the user name by going to your going to more. Okay, But I'm going to settings and privacy. So here is a user name. So my suggestion is that you don't change your user named so often. Stick to it. So, like my chosen James will basically was chosen some time ago. Eso I'm not gonna change it because all over my social media platforms used this eso truth one, if you can, that if you can choose your name is good. If not, you can use things like the rial James who are games who online, as in the example, or they really something, eh? So you can actually get some ideas from other the Twitter accounts as well, so you can put their their right there. James who? Ok, so these are some waste. And I have also seen people put I say, for example, if you're a lawyer and see James Law, okay, or maybe games Who lawyer is after you try to keep the shot and you don't make it too long and play around there. Just do a search on some of the Twitter accounts. And I use the name so you can choose one that suits you. And then after that, I tried to stick with it, okay? 6. Who Should You Follow: in this video, I'm gonna talk about how to actually expand your to you so you can start to use it as a social media platform on expand the use be beyond just, say, doing advance Such. You also want to sort of use Twitter to expand your network and grow your connections and have conversations which we will cover going forward in the next few videos. So first off now, when you are new to Twitter on, just signed up normally, veto actually give you some suggestions off people to follow. And some of those follows had thousands or maybe even millions off followers and ready and those likely very top for top influences. So, depending on your background when you can, so those suggestions will come up, you can actually follow some of those to take a look. However, that is likely not a very effectively, because those people maybe follow. Okay, The reason why I say that is that when you follow people, you tend to see what they're posting, and you want to sort of emulate them. Now those follow those are counts. We'd say hundreds or thousands of followers, they can practically treat anything in people will follow them because they have retrieved beauty of followers, probably on Twitter or even from a different background, even a social platform, and brought them onto Twitter. Now, for you who are new into this, But these are some of the types off all the words that you want to follow and sort of your relationship or set off. Listen and build the fall off a feel of how to use Twitter. And I'm gonna show you how, how and who to follow. So the first type off people that you want to follow Easter. If you have friends who are in the same industry, you want to follow them first. Now why do you want to follow them? If they are active on Twitter, you have to see their conversation. What they're posting. Okay, so that's the first thing now beyond that, you also want to have a Gish because when you have a friend, it is very easy for friend to re treat your things off for you to retrieve your your friends things and you start off like colleagues or something like that, so that make the east are using to be so much easier okay is quite hot, in a sense that it is a little bit more difficult to save your relationships with a total stranger. So look out for those first, okay? Yeah, your peers and your colleagues. Now, if you have so call our competitors and then you also want to follow them and see what they are posting. Sometimes they have more information. And the reason why you want to follow your competitors is that if they pull some things that you few that okay, you can also post to your followers, then you. That's the reason why you want toe follow them. However, now you do know what to post exactly what the pose. I mean, after that, after that, you could become a copycat. But what you want to do is to maybe put your twist into posting a similar topic your way or framing it. Okay? Your way off, say, adding your comments, your thoughts of that. So you so following your competitors is allowing you to keep abreast of what's happening. Okay, Now that thing is a key to follow. Obviously, your potential customers. So how do you do that now If you are doing at Twitter as a business. So, for example, if your accountant and they may be some business you want to target, okay? And you're bringing know who they are? Maybe you know the CEO for company. Maybe he's somebody else. I need to be lower, and you want to start off, secure their business. So you follow that percent. All right. So such for you on Twitter, you can use a treatise such or maybe just such for their names. All right, you can use a Google search to search for such people for all right, or maybe even linked in and whatever else you can final information about, then and then you have to follow them on Twitter and then state postings up. You want to kind off of your relationship to the with them, and I'm gonna talk more in the next few readers down. But as you follow them, you can actually reply to their treats. And your thoughts give your so called two cents off worth in. Okay, So what time, Aziz, They see that you are commenting on the opposed Okay, whether your support. If, whether you are adding to the conversation, then the relationships build from there. Now, if you can find any of those, another idea is likely to look for books. Right? For example, what are the type of books that your potential customer will read? So if let's say, your target audience or your potential people that you want to follow our CEO's, then you kind of figure. Okay, what sort of values they like, what our books resonate with them, for example, Maybe some. If you are targeting people who are very much into D i y, then he's kind of thing. What? How books do a D i Y person read. Okay, Now, if you're talking staggering people who are mawr, they prefer everything done for them. And what our books and what books they returned to read about our values Did they hope sometimes your own values. Actually, you know your audience very well. For example, you won't refer to what with a certain type of clientele. Then you start off kind of finding out our food on what off values they hope where they hang out in the real life but have car, they drive. Okay, what hobbies. So this is another area that you can actually expand on. For example, You like fishing, okay? Or maybe you're into carcel it of it. So who are the owners who are also into fishing area business owners into fishing? So what are the things they are posting? So because you and they have similar hobbies, you can actually go into the conversation, which is the best fishing spots and are on a fishing gear so it not necessarily have to be , but solely business all the time. So you kind of want to mix up, mix your post a little bit mixed treats up a little bit. All right, so that's how you build a relationship. Because in real life, in a sense, in the physical world, this how relationships form, imagine when you meet somebody and then maybe they're in the city came from the same state on the same hometown area. Maybe they have the same hobbies, maybe a generator around the same age. You have the family background. So because you also have maybe fit that profile, so you have a lot off other things to talk about beyond just say business. So what is happening in real life is actually carried true onto social media platforms as well just that want to kind of ease into building discount relationships. Now, one very important percent of follow is your existing customer. If you have existing customers were a radio on Twitter, this other idea people, because normally your customers will also have friends. Maybe there in, say, business networking sort off groups. Maybe they have friends who are also in business so they can potentially refer people to you. Okay, So don't forget your existing customers. Don't forget your customers that you are prospecting in real life. Maybe you have prospects. Who are you contacting by phone on from other means. So what you want is likely to have as much contact as you can. Are we such people? However, you do no want to go about and start to feel that you are sparking people, right? And what I mean is there when every time people post you kind of like their pose every time you have to reply. So I'm gonna cover and need to be more in the next week in another video about posting, but have the sense that no, If you associate using social media and you put yourself as the receiving in Israel. So they know you. Somebody is doing something a little bit creepy. You know, maybe it's like every pose. Or maybe he is. Ah, she whoever this is. Ah, replying. Saying good things and maybe I think exactly Think good, good, good. No. Very good tips. Good idea. Good idea. So you kind of fuel a little bit uneasy. All right. Now, if somebody does that to you, you feel uneasy then does not do the same thing to other people. So that is actually one idea and one tip to actually constantly remember. All right, when you come to use social media, these are some ideas for you on how to who are the people to follow as a beginning. And then as you grow into this, never Then you start to follow new people and people will start to follow you. And that's what you want. OK, 7. What Should You Post : now, Why should you post on Twitter? Okay, Earlier on much earlier in the cost. I show you about doing such and you're actually not posting anything now, However, they will come to a time that you need to pull something up as well. Sort off building your reputation and expertise on social media online. Okay. Now, obviously, you want to post something about your business, your service end about yourself. Okay on. And then you want to kind of mix things up a bit. And the other point is also to postings that's happening currently. OK? And see, what is the hot topic off the time? All right. However, you do no want to get too deep into it, especially on sitting on occasions. However, we are in this time when Cove in 19 is happening. So this is actually, consider a special time. All right? This is really a special time. Extraordinary times. Okay, so, first off, posting your own thing, for example, here I post. And when you post your things, remember two postings that are helpful. They're just some somebody something. OK? Your potential customers teach something. So then they did something valuable. All right, Now, For example, if you're an accountant and a lawyer when I wear this obviously, for example, an accountant. Tax law sometimes change accounting. Maybe you want to posted reminders about time to sign your tags or something along those length. Okay. Oh, changes like, for example, some years ago, there wasa gsd being implemented in my country. So what you want to do is actually to update your customers about such things along that Mr known right now. Beyond that, you want to also treat off some of your other material. So for me, I used Twitter to promote my, for example, my YouTube channel. Okay, so I know the YouTube channel. So I posted here as well. So s so what? I'm doing that here. Exactly. Employees find my message. I'm driving traffic to my YouTube channel, and my YouTube channel will drive traffic to my business. Okay, so I thought here is an example of me posting my material now. I also in might for me, my audiences, people who create video people who are ongoing cost creators. So part of the challenges, For example, we make video Tom neos and they can be time consuming. So here I wish people there. Okay? I'm just gonna grab a frame from the video and that become my Tommy. Oh, I'm actually teaching people something. And let's take a look at the analytics. Just a quick look. Okay, I'm gonna cover, and then it takes in another video. So there's 205 impressions. That's also one Engagement engagements means maybe somebody have click on the picture or things like that. Okay, so that's off my engagement and that this is a key either for this mean sharing that video . I mean, the link to the video. Our axle here got trough engagements. I think there are some people Food check. Did they check my profile as well? This one, Maybe another one. Okay. So I'm not gonna go so deep in tow. Analytics at the moment you're gonna cover that in the next video. Okay, Now, what else do you post? Okay, so for example, eyes because Corona virus started in in another sometime in January. Else in China. Okay, but I was reading the news, so people are starting to take precautions, so I posted this. Okay. And you actually got quite a good views as well for this. So this is talking about Corona Various. Okay. So lately I have actually posted quite a lot of things on a Corona virus, and I want to share with you no type of post that you want. Okay. Now, one of the things that you want to avoid is to be too are too negative. Okay? You don't want to come across. Has been complaining the government into this. This doesn't do that. So then people start to see that you are kind off a complainer and you end up bringing solutions to the problem. Okay? You want to pose things that is half full, positive, encouraging. And you also want to generate conversations. Remember eso you want toe sometimes phrase your post in tow. A question. What do you think about this? Okay, what do you think about that? How do you find that? Okay, so those are on the tone and the methods that you want to treat because they're regenerates conversation. Okay? No, I like I said, this is a here extraordinary time. So I posted that. Not now, not this portion, which I just did today. It I was ago. This is actually a combination off using what's happening at the current Situation Cove in 19 and Mel molding it to my topic. Okay? And posting my content. Okay, So yourself mixing the two things that now you know, just doing one or the other. I mean, that means using posting things totally about myself or the cov 19. But remember I said that you want to teach people something, encourage people. Right? So here what? I posted waas ok, Today is day. And they ate again. Though I noticed that at the moment people making v locks on say OK, they want off the lock down the two or tree. Okay, so I picked up on the idea. That's why I said, you know, you have to kind of follow and see what's happening. Okay, Pick up the idea and then a post that say OK, what I expected. Okay. I expected the internet to be slower. I expect that this long done will be extended. Why? Didn't expect was YouTube used to go up so much and so much so what? I have actually treat thirties. I did a screen capture off my YouTube statistics, OK? And then, uh, I want to have encouraged people to also use social media assess the new, their marketing used. I want to encourage people to view YouTube channel. So that's why I posted it. Okay. And then off course, I used the Hatch Tech. Okay, that is applicable to what's happening right now. So you actually got in quite good views, all right? For example, Now I'm actually killing a few bus speeds from stone over here. People who see my post will see that. Okay, maybe James knows a little bit about making videos on YouTube. Maybe James knows a little bit about marketing on YouTube, using YouTube to market. And, uh uh. So this is what I mean by combining two things at one time. Okay, so that way you come across, you gonna come across as being to brag E or to show off. Okay. But you're actually just like stating the fact is, what's happening? Okay. And being real and being transferred off transparent with people. Okay. So just can you just take a quick look at the statistics here? All right, So I have hundreds or impressions. The impressions means Hominy treat was shown. The people are covered. This a little bit engagements, details. Okay, so this is on the details. All right? Now, some of the post actually have people checking on the profile, and that's what you want. You want these two things You want people to see your post? You want people to engage with you and want people to check out your profile because they see Okay. For example, the many see my profile. They see that. Okay. I am cost creator. Okay. What is he teaching? Okay if they see the U. N. Accountant. Okay. Were you located? What have service you provide? So that is how this social media and the two girls using teeter social media works, right? 8. How To Start And Get Into Conversations: in this video, I'm to talk about how Anna Curiel example of how our conversation can take place on Twitter . Okay. And these conversations sometimes happens sometimes doesn't. So if you happens, is great. And what you want is likely to gain a follower. And so let me show you an example. What happened? So you just a few days ago, us a new person, follow me by the name off A but and ah, I mean, somebody follows you. You don't want to just feel happy about it. But you want to kind of follow and find out why this person follow you. Okay, so you can actually replied by direct message on Twitter and say hi, you know, thanks for following cook, but I share is useful because if somebody is following you naturally, whatever you have treated out as actually peak their interest and that's why they follow you now. By asking such questions, then you kind of know what you are doing, right? Okay. The reason that people follow you. And once you find out that I have a few more this, then you kind off No, and do more of it so than what you would get more for the US. Okay, So first, whoever follows you, you first of all, what you want to do is actually to direct message them, thank them for following you and, you know, kind off. I tell them that. Okay? Whatever. You should. No, it is useful to them. Okay, So maybe that's why they follow you and then have Bean conversationally asked what made you decide to follow me? Okay, so I asked this person, but a few days ago and that this is a reply that came back. Now, sometimes people are very concise like for this person. Sometimes they are not so concise. But there's a matter that's just use this as an example. So this person say there's a few reasons or few different, Impetuous James. Right? So one day I came across a few of your reason. Post regarding Kobe 19. Okay. Respected my reason tone to I have a good meal. A friend. Now, I live in Malaysia s o this personnel, but has a family friend here A tree. I follow this person by the name of James Al Teacher who is Water Sonata and four. Hey, look briefly a one off my YouTube videos. So therefore reasons why he followed me. Okay, Now, this is a new important point now in in sales According to research, most people think that it takes about seven contact points. Okay, Seven different points of contact before person maker buying decision now in today because off media being bombed by the all kinds of everything Isman on Facebook or YouTube in the Citroen or Lion off. Like some experts and studies have shown, you may take up to 14 different time off contact points. Okay, so every time you have a conversation on Twitter or anywhere else, that is considered one contact point, OK? And the more contact point it actually abusive relationship and helps you to a secure sell your service, sell your product. Okay, so here is likely some proof of it in a sense that this 44 things that this personally stood down, I have to say here exactly, quite precise. So I took advantage off the current situation. There's a lot of news on Cove in 19. So although my my twitter feed is I'm I am not doctor, I'm not medical. Nothing to do with that. I have actually used the opportunity to support some of the medical personnel in my country and sort of encouraged them. OK, so I that advantage. So I'm gonna talk a little bit more about posting, adjusting your messaging in another video. But this is something that you want to pay attention to. Okay? What is the current situation that you can use to support what you are treating? Okay, now, the second thing is OK, I was kind of lucky because he has a friend here. Number three. I follow somebody, and he also followed the same percent. Okay, so this would mean by having conversation, because I was actually replying to this auto James L teacher. He saw my replies and he started following me because of these few reasons. So this is one of the ways that you need to build your grow your social media platform on Twitter or anywhere else, because it is not just about one treat. Now, these things have been treating to James l teacher. Not that long is just this recent few days because although I follow James teacher for some time, I even have his book. But when he kind of replied to him because off this cove in 19 thing, All right, Because the viewpoints from America way out teacher stays. This is in Asia is different. So I thought I wanted to give my point of view and, uh, the news from my sight and how I see things. Okay, so how this how again? For lower? So another thing is that this person was actually inspired by somebody else. Gary Vaynerchuk mentions another famous influenced lying to make stories. So he kind off interested to have some making video, and I happened to create Just puts up a video. It's my own material about the select A topic for making YouTube videos. All right, so those few reasons caught him to follow me. No. So that is this how you build our conversation now it's not necessary like that, right? So let me show you another another treat. And at this time, it is another person. That's again a few days ago. So this was actually a student from one of my courses, and he treat me okay. And basically he needed some help. OK, So my causes, I wonder the platforms in because in the face changes, I hear do the cost. This very cost. And you're watching because the interface change. He tweeted out to me and say, Okay, he couldn't locate Syrian things. Okay, so I can reply him and give him some help. And he started to weigh, Have have a conversation. And I think it started to follow me as well. Okay, so doesn't I This how conversation starts and what you want to do, and east to not go too strong, but kind off like fishing, right? You want to like a reply a little bit before the other person to reply. Then you kind of reply a little bit and then let the come formalization get going. And in order to have a conversation, it s so good to give a reply and ask questions. Okay. Is not all about you giving the correct answer all the time, But it's also about asking questions. All right, so that's how you build conversations on Twitter. Just similar to in real life is just that it happens in less characters and you want to kind of be sort of cool about this means you know what to come onto strongly, slowly, slowly build that relationship 9. Adjusting Your Message: in this video to talk about adjusting your messaging, going with times. Okay, now there are certain times when things are normal that you can post your normal message on Twitter on any social media. However, for example, right now it's like you have a fantastic example what's happening and on example, where you need to adjust your messaging. Okay, now, in a normal time, for example, maybe another woman's times is attacks. Or maybe he'll represent a Web designer or photograph or waiting for the rougher. Okay, then you tend to, let's say, post tweets about save waiting for the Raffi tapes. Or maybe, OK, you know you're having awful us for your Web design business or whatever else. All right, maybe reminders. So those are the so called general message. No. W will have things that ups and down, for example, maybe holidays, maybe special Valentine's Day. So you kind of adjust your message to feet those special events. All right, however, because this is Cove in 19 and it is something very, very different, and you also applies to other different types off disaster. Okay, for example, some months ago there's an Australian fire, so if you are business this Australia or somehow related, You do know what to come across as uncaring. You do no want to people to see you as very so business minder and you don't care about anything else. So that is not the image that you want to portray in that few words that you put up on Twitter. Okay? And also, you're subsequent tease because for some things, before people follow you, they actually check of your sequence off treats, right while the things that you are posting. So you want to adjust your messaging to suit at that time? Okay, so let's say, for example, let's say you have customers were affected by the Australian fire, for example. Okay, then you want to kind off show yours, show a tone that is sympathetic and encouraging, you know? So, for example, you know that there's a lot of firefighters, people who lose their homes, then you have final news. That's a foreign government assistance. Then you want to say okay now to that news that government assistance helped is in this end , and these are the financial it given. Okay, So you're emphasizing the message off it that the government is giving. You want to emphasize that? Okay, you're you're together with those people who have lost their homes or things like that. Okay, Businesses affected. And you also want to, like, give advice. Okay. How can you if you're in a culture, right? How can you help those business restructure? Maybe some deaths off some loans or some options? All right, so that's how you want to approach it. Okay, So you want to adjust that now? This thes coffee 19 thing Rose would change. Okay, so right now we are deep into the middle of it, So the message ings there will be different. Now, let's see the social ASL s. It was the tail end of this save and business start to pick up. And then what you want to do is get the spot opportunities again. Going to be encouraging you want to is kind of like see opportunities, how you can use your expertise and a melded together into the message and then posted up ok and doesn't have to be all the time. You can even put some things that are funny. Okay. For example, sometimes you don't need to even retrieve something. Your comment just retreated. For example, in every country there would be some comedian, right? A professional comedian poking fun off politicians. Okay, maybe they make mistakes here, make mistakes in there. You can just retrieve this without adding anything. OK, so their way people talk like okay. They do not know whether you are supporting the comedian or you're not. So depends. Okay, You have to be sensitive to that. Sensitive to the few off the people, okay? And share something like this. So it becomes a funny. Yet at the same time, it is somebody else s passing them. I said he just not you. Okay. But you have to be careful not to would do this can backfire on you. So my rule is that if you're not quite sure, then don't do it. All right? It is better to just miss out on something. And on that they go rather than having to backpedal, Okay? Having to make a big mistake and then apologize. All right, so that's that's not what you want. And as you go into preterm or and see, what are the people posting? So have the awareness and see OK is these things positive we could get you into trouble with your customers, Your authorities. Ah, new standing firm on certain things. So, uh, you want to do that? And as you become more more mature user than you can Actually Bickmore so called Reese. OK, but always do not be very careful not to touch on things that are religious things that are ratio. Those are actually no, no, no matter what. Okay, So which one is actually to portray your values as you post things up? OK, and imagine if you are the business. If I say whatever you post up, if it ends up on the front page of a newspaper Good. A bet how your customers see that. Okay, no, no matter what you do, ocasion there, leaving me make some tiny mistake. So hopefully your mistakes will be small. And if you make mistakes, then be a man, okay? Not being up to the mystics and apologize. It is okay, toe apologize. But by and large, use this carefully, all right? And so that you don't get into that much trouble 10. Hashtags: in this video, we were talking about Twitter hash texts. So hash taxes, the one with the this one. Okay, that looks like a number of sign. So there's a few strategies when it comes to using hashtags in your post on your tweets. So first off course is what's happening. What's trending at the moment. Okay, so, for example, besides Cove in 19 the other Trans is like proof. Provide the leader. So I'm not sure what is it? Their music that is trending the other trans that's happening or why you can go to show more and see what's happening. Okay, now it's good idea. Toe, check out some of the trans s happening and you want to be part of that trend, Okay, as you create your tweets, so there's 22 path two ways of looking in it. One of it is actually beyond. Besides using the trend, you can I suppose you know more things. So when it comes to using hashtags, you do not want to use too many or too used to little and basically, when you use a hashtag, you're just signaling Teoh that Okay, that post is related. Something related to on that topic. And you want to use hashtags carefully so that you attract the right type of people to your post into your profound. All right, you just don't want to attract any Tom, Dick and Harry. It is not just about spreading your message White fire. Right, but to have people look at your profile and you want again customers here. Okay, You know, after a popularity contest. Okay, so let me show you how ah hashtag works, Okay? For example, right now, that's a lot of people who are working from home so you can settle. I jump onto the site trend, okay. Doesn't have to be virus of coronavirus all the time. You want to pay attention to what issues people are facing, and one of it is work from home. So you can make a post. And if you're a business like, say, a lawyer on a counter, nor trainer or whatever it is you can always us how is looking? How is work from home working up from you? All right, so then you want to have a hashtag now the hashtag exactly ws hitch work from home. So if you type a hashtag there, you see their days or so suggestions. Okay, so you may want to include a photo in your post so that your hitch feel all right. So if you're a business owner, you can share tips about your success working from home or your fields working from home, and that way you can actually help others. At the same time, you're actually drawing attention to your business as well. For example, you can put up with post and you say, Okay, we have 20 accountants less. If his employer form is large. We have 20 accountings working from home, and this is how we do it. All right, So you can share tip that could lead back to your company. If you have, let's say a block. I say. Okay, so you have a block post about that, or you can also even see ask questions. We have 50 or you have 20 accountants working from home. This is what we learn. Us, us, anything. Okay, so again, you want to generate the conversation going from Truther. So you may have people who could be similar accountants. You could be people who are customers. We begin to find your success and I think that didn't work and they become part of that conversation. Okay, so this is just one example. Okay, So it's for example, here is WFP huge set up. So there are many ways to, uh, think creatively and think out of the box and think laterally so that you can attract people to your post, attract people to your profile. So that's your hashtag strategy that you can employ. One of it is ensured to follow the trends. That one off course is also to three things that you normally treat about your business. For example, tax tips against we can hashtag attack tips, text tips. Sorry, you can hashtag location. So let me give an example what I did. So this is what I treated today and this is because in my country people doing treaty printing So my hashtag waas a few things. So Malaysia a stay at home. Maybe I should have stayed three d printing as well and we fight Corona and off course. Let me see. How are the kids doing this today? Okay, So you all the engagements there Some people who click on my profile as well, So this is Ah, an example off using hash tax. OK, so I think literally tried to see who are the people who are using creative hashtag. And then you can also employ them in your process now or your treats. 11. Using Analytics To Guide You: in this video, we will take a look at the analytics in a Twitter. And the reason why you want to look at analytics is to see whatever you're posting is effective. Is it getting the results that you want? OK, If it's not, then you want to adjust your posts and you want to see whether actually treater, is it a suitable background are sort of platform for your business. OK, so to go to the analytics on more go to analytics so you can see that now, even at the bottom off each post, you can also see different kind off analytics. So the recent post, you can see that my profile visits had gone up 200% over the last 28 days. Impressions have gone up significantly. 200% mentions have gone 350%. So this is in effect off using the current affairs or current situations in the war to use used twitter. Okay, you can also take advantage of it, but so you may not get this town opportunity all the time, But there are options. Neither come. OK, so these are the analytics, the basic ones. A case of for example, each other top tweets impressions engagements. So let's go and click on real all activity. So the first thing that you want to look at is actually to understand that this treat things okay first, exactly the impression impression means the number of times somebody saw the treat, whatever you to how many times somebody saw it means to terrifically Shoni toe other people that you don't even know. Okay, maybe they are based on the algorithm that could be looking for some hash. Taxi comes up second, things like engagement. Now this is important metrics. It's roast a total number of times a user has interacted with your treats, including clicks miss Medically on your tweets may click on the link that technology. They click on the picture on the right, click on your user name and you re treats and etcetera OK, so the bottom metric is likely engagement, and this is what you're looking for. And the next one is, of course, your profile. So here the impressions not so high, but engagement is quite high. So this is just a engagement rate, which is the number of clicks divide about number impression. So this Is this somebody right by this? Okay, so, uh, so this one has to to Okay, so this one is again? No. Right now is stay home. People know staying at home. So everybody is talking about stay at home. So I took things and retreated. Other things about staying at home. Okay, but this is my treat or treated something. That's my material on the YouTube video that I mentioned. Okay, so this is my YouTube how to target a topic on YouTube. So I'm using treated to promote my other social media channel. Now he could be promoting. If you have a website, you could be a promoting an article on your website is works the same. What you want is that you drive traffic to that article. Okay, so there's trough engagements for this Pretty. All right, So s so that is actually the analytics. So what you want is actually, for example, some of this doesn't get so many impressions. Eso You know, that truth is not showing that tree toe other people, so you impressions are in a sense, important as well. But that is actually Lashley. Ah, function off the hashtag that you are using. And also that Trita Arboretum. More important, is actually the the Englishman. Okay, So, for example, here I posted at this one, So the sun doesn't seem to resonate eso well, with the current situation some talking about okay to do business in the time like this. So I say it's OK because right, doing their part. So whatever business, you're also doing your part. So this one got no Englishman. All right. So means people are still not happy. All right? And I understand that because there is feared people lost their jobs, so there's our messaging. Might not be so have full. So you are looking at your analytics, then You kind of see Okay, I need to quickly, just again. All right? I just messaging so that you don't continue to pose a long lease and then lose your followers and annoy some other people. So Okay, so that's what's the purpose off the analytics. And over here is the other part where you can actually see people who check out your profile. All right, so this is a different off analytics here. You can see things a little bit different. Okay? Like for example, three people click on my profile and keep in Hashtags and likes. Okay, so that's all about the Simple Tutor Analytics. 12. Final Tips: you come to the end of the cost. I hope that this costs have benefited you in some ways, and you will be able to apply it to gain more leads and prospects and customers for your business. Whatever your business is doing now, one of the things is that learning from this course will change anything until you apply. I'm sure you know about this already. And the great thing about using dissect with the search strategies that you don't have to personally do it for yourself. You can actually get an assistant or somebody of secretary or anyone to actually have to do this such maybe two or three times a day, depending on your such terms. Whether is very quick than there are lots off people asking for help, or if they say there's not that many. You can reduce the frequency off doing this search. Now all you need to do is just show you assistant discourse as well, and train this person to sort of answer in your voice so that when your reply to your customer or potential customer, it sounds as if it is coming from you. Obviously you're doing technical subject or whether there is some more difficult terminology. Then you need to also let your assistant no. And you can also create some sort off can responses means you have some preset notice that , uh, the person can just plug in on your behalf. Alternatively, the percent can search for the trees and ministries high like it to you so that you can reply those treat yourself and make it more personable. So I hope that this costs will help you and I look forward if you want to see more of my courses and how to leverage tech to happen business so that you can do things I really met this and no waste time on other arrest that is less productive. This is James. Thanks for watching this cost and all the best in whatever you and there was 13. Project: okay for the exercise, but I want you to do is to use the search function and search for a treat or a topic. The edges related either to your business or resource that you want to share and reply to someone as I've shown you in the earlier video. And what I would like you to do is to take a screenshot. If that person replied to your tweet, write me something that says either. Thank you. Oh, let me even just like your tweet, right? So and what you have taken a screen shop or screen capture uploaded to the Project gallery and you may actually blank out some of the information should you choose not to show it to the public. That's okay, but I just want you to see something like that, all right?