Twitter basics for business: learn to craft winning tweets & make Twitter work for your business

Sue Keogh, Director and agency owner, Sookio

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11 Lessons (1h 14m)
    • 1. Introduction to Twitter basics for business

    • 2. What can Twitter do for your business

    • 3. Let's talk Twitter terms

    • 4. Tending your Twitter garden How to create an appealing profile

    • 5. Engage! How to write a (brilliant) tweet

    • 6. The power of visuals in your tweets

    • 7. Using images in your tweets

    • 8. Get visual: Using Gifs

    • 9. Get visual: Using video

    • 10. Promote your tweets to reach your customers

    • 11. What's in your Twitter toolkit


About This Class

Twitter has 126 millions daily active users and a huge number of them can be found in your very community or looking to buy the services and products you offer. But you have to learn to stand out on the busy platform and create an engaged and loyal fan base. I want to give you the confidence to make Twitter work for your business. 

I'll teach you all my insider tips and tricks from running a digital agency to increase your engagement, make your profile stand out and start making real sales, both organically and through advertising. 

In this courses you'll learn...

  • How to write a brilliant tweet – and add eyecatching images and video to bring it to life
  • How to make your profile really sparkle
  • The tools to use to save you time
  • I'll get you to grips with advertising on Twitter too
  • I'll also make sure you're familiar with all the different terms you come across

In addition, I've highlighted lots of brilliant people and businesses who are using Twitter like masters so you can learn from them and take some of that inspiration for your own profiles. 

PS: Look out for our advanced course, coming soon, which is all about strategy – planning content, dealing with complaints and generally using Twitter like a pro!

Who is this course for?

This is for you if you want to get to grips with the basics of using Twitter. 

It's also a great skills sharpener for teams. We walk you through Twitter advertising and give you a heap of tips on making your tweets more engaging - more comments, more likes, more shares. That's what we all want!

What are your next steps?

1. Before you start, do set up your Twitter account. So if you haven’t already, please register an account first.

2. Join the Sookio School community on Facebook to get support from your peers.

3. Start tweeting like a pro!