Twitter Marketing in 2017 with Manage Flitter for Following, Unfollowing, and Scheduling Tweets! | Jerry Banfield | Skillshare

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Twitter Marketing in 2017 with Manage Flitter for Following, Unfollowing, and Scheduling Tweets!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

21 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Enroll in Twitter Marketing 2017

    • 2. Basics of using Twitter and getting engagement

    • 3. My Twitter profile picture and cover photo strategy

    • 4. The ever evolving and challenging Twitter biography

    • 5. Pinned tweets for generating leads and relationships

    • 6. Introduction to Manageflitter for Twitter

    • 7. Pricing for free, pro, and business in Manageflitter

    • 8. ManageFlitter affiliate program

    • 9. The best feature in ManageFlitter is outsourced following and unfollowing

    • 10. Pricing for adding more remote management options

    • 11. Unfollowing thousands fast with Unfollow tools

    • 12. Following back fast and finding new followers with Follow tools

    • 13. Powerpost for scheduling tweets at the best times automatically

    • 14. Using RSS feeds with PowerPost for scheduling a lot of tweets fast from a podcast or blog

    • 15. Suggested Content for a library of fresh tweets

    • 16. PowerPost Bulk Import

    • 17. Enhanced analytics showing influence score, spam probability, and times listed

    • 18. At inbox for making conversations easily

    • 19. How to get more engagement on Twitter?

    • 20. 1 month update from February 2017!

    • 21. Thank you for finishing Twitter 2017

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About This Class

Would you like to see how I am doing my Twitter marketing for 2017 using ManageFlitter to help me unfollow 70,000+ accounts at, follow with no effort every month, and schedule tweets easily using analytics showing what my best times to schedule are?  I hope watching this class will help you for using Twitter productively in 2017!

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Enroll in Twitter Marketing 2017: welcome in a Twitter marketing in 2017 using manage flitter followers unfollowed owing and scheduled tweets. I'm at Jerry Banfield on Twitter. Would you please follow me If you want to get connected, make a relationship with me if you like Twitter and want to learn how to do marketing on it . Hey, the best way to do it is just see what I'm doing on my Twitter profile. I'm excited. The powerful tools I have to share with you here on manage flitter allow me to do things like automatically have them unfollowed 80,000 people for me so that I can get my followers down to a more manageable amount. Stop following fake profile spam profiles, etcetera. So there's some really powerful tools in here. I'm excited to show you ways that I can automatically go in and schedule my tweets at the optimal times automatically. And I can even pull straight from RSS feed to just start sharing all my new podcast really quickly. I think you're going toe love seeing what's possible in this course today, and I hope you enjoy it 2. Basics of using Twitter and getting engagement: thank you for getting started with the course toe. Very begin. I will show you some of the basics here to making a good Twitter account. Now I've learned these things from messing them up, over and over again. Having more followers sure is nice by having a huge people you're following. It just makes it unmanageable. I can't even really see anything from anyone in my Twitter feed, So I recommend against doing aggressive strategies to build a bunch of followers. However, I will show you the tools in this class to exactly do the same thing as I've done. If you want to have a bunch of flowers and being influential on Twitter now, one of the most basic things to do on Twitter is to make sure you tweet. Every single tweet gives you odds of being seen. So even if the tweets don't get seen that often, that one on Lee got seen four times. This one got seen 400 times, and this one this morning got seen 600 times. The link clicks aren't always accurate on it either, because in my affiliate account, it said it got like, 50 clicks, so we'll pay attention on Twitter to the actual amount of impressions you get. So my tweets have got 35,000 impressions for free in the last week. So I'm taking Twitter seriously in the sense that I'm trying to share things that I'm doing and creating on Twitter. So if you don't have anything you're doing, or creating, Twitter might motivate you to start making some things. And if you want to start making some of your own things, but you don't have anything yet managed. Flitter has some really powerful tools to share other people's content. So you see, I, I one of the basic best practices on Twitter is to consistently share and have things set up where you're consistently tweeting. One of the biggest ways you can miss out on the benefit of Twitter is simply by not tweeting. So today I'm grateful that I've learned the value of getting some tweets scheduled here that I'm able to do that very easily, and then on Twitter, you want to be able to follow people who are also following you. You want to be able to try and interact with people on Twitter. So one of the worst things I've done on Twitter is not interact with the people who are talking at me. So I've got some nice remote management that will help me now in manage flitter, to follow people automatically who have started talking about me and then have a chance to continue to build some more genuinely interested followers on Twitter. So these are some of the very basics with Twitter, and you can have conversations on Twitter. But most tweets on Twitter get very little activity. The point of using Twitter's that you can make a personal connection. So I've heard lots of celebrities like Amanda Palmer, for example. She's had a lot of interaction with her fans on Twitter. She has 1.1 million followers. She's done a lot with her followers in terms of she stays at their houses. She finds followers in everywhere she goes for help. She meets up with them. So Twitter is really powerful. Sometimes to get a hold of celebrities and to just interact and meet new people make new friends. So Twitter's got some great potential, but there you really got to put some system in place where you can use it and easily make some tweets without having to manually go schedule tweet. I've been just trying to compose tweets this way, and I find that it is frustrating when I've got things that are basically automated, like my podcast should be basically automated instead of me having to copy and paste a tweet every single time I create my podcast. Sure, that's another 30 seconds. I spend hundreds of times a year. That adds up to hours of time. I'm spending tweeting, so I'm excited. I I believe it's very helpful for Twitter to get ahold of some tools that make it a bit easier so that you can get some or automation involved in your Twitter. So thank you for getting started with this class. I hope some of these basics air helpful, and what I'll do now is show you inside the manage flitter interface, and I'm using to help manage my Twitter account. 3. My Twitter profile picture and cover photo strategy: How did I decide on my Twitter profile picture, which is right here, over on this side just above my face. This is my Twitter profile picture and then up top here I have my Twitter cover photo that you can see as I zoom in and out here. So how did I decide on these? And how did I make thes well for the cover photo? I've simply got a profile image that I took from the camera on my computer on my green screen, and I simply put that up there for my profile image. I like that because then you can clearly see my face in my tweets. So, out of all the miscellaneous random things you see in Twitter images, I think it's nice to have a face. So I've got a nice a clear picture of my face on a white background, and I encourage you. I think if you're going to have a Twitter that's personal, I think a head shot is great for having a profile picture just like this. So I think any background you want to do, But I think a nice, clean, well lit profile shot of yourself is ideal and then for the cover photo. I've got my website because I want people to go to my website. And then I've just got a few different images here of things I care about and I'm interested in and on my outlook for life. So I made this over here in Canada. Now the So I'll show you where I designed it in here and I actually used icons from the Noun Project, which is at the now project dot com. It's like $20 I get to use all the icons I want for a year with no royalties or everything . And they're in every color, which is really cool. So I found the icons on the noun project. I downloaded them into an S V G file format, which is a vector format. I then used the Create a design here on camera, and I searched for Twitter header 15 which is automatically in the right size 1500 by 500. I then made a Twitter header that looks exactly as I just showed you here, so I'll go down. You can find it here and then I just put four things that I felt like best communicate things about me. So I've got a little family icon here. There's essentially me and my wife with our daughter. So family. And then I've got a little sprouting plan which I think is a symbol of health. Then over here, I've got kind of a teaching coaching icon up here, and then over here, I've got a flying saucer to indicate my thoughts about being connected with the whole universe. We're not here alone, all of that that I'm interested in. So then I've got my website here. I feel like I like this cover image. It's fairly simple in the sense that it's just symbols. And then it's got my website. So I'm happier with my Twitter profile that I've been in a long time, and I'm really excited to be able to share exactly what I'm doing here with you about having my Twitter profile picture and my Twitter cover photo. You're so random, Jerry 4. The ever evolving and challenging Twitter biography: how to do the Twitter bile. This has been one of the things I've repeatedly come back to over and over on Twitter again throughout the years. The ever evolving bio. What do I put in my little small amount of space that accurately describes who I am and what I do? How do I set up my name and things like that? So what I've done here, I like you can actually put emojis in your name. So if you search for emojis online and simply copy and paste one, you can put an emoji in your name. I saw Mary Smith, I believe, had a m emoji after her name, and I thought, That's pretty cool. So I've stuck a smiley face after mine. That's what I'm working on, creating happier people. So why not have that little emoji in with my name? So I've just tried that recently, and you can do that just at your profile. You copy and paste the emoji, and it should load in there. Now I think having it done by your name that way it never changes. I think that's by far the best way to do it, So I have this is Jerry Banfield, and then I have add Jerry Banfield, and then that should never need to change. I should be able to use this for 50 or 100 years. If Twitter is around that long, and if this body stays around that long, I should. Whatever I do, I should be able to keep sharing it on here. Which is good because people most like to follow other people. Following companies is something people are willing to do in some cases, but mostly people want to follow other people. So I suggest being a person, there's tons of just spam company Twitter profiles. And unless you've got a big business, then I would recommend. And even then, people might want to follow the CEO or CEO or the janitor at the big business versus trying to follow the business themselves. And then what do you put in here? What I've decided to do is bring my bio up into two distinct parts. Number one are the roles I play, and number two is a ask. I ask if you went and came all the way to my profile. Five worked so hard to get you over here as one of these 9000 profile views. If I've worked that hard to get you over here, then if you read my profile, I like this. Ask, would you follow me today? Ah, clear. Call the action to what? Stick with me. So I've got to call that action. Would you follow me today? And then I just simply list my rolls here husband and these things I list in the order, I think of them. So I think of my rolls husband, father, friend, coach, author, entrepreneur, youtuber, podcaster and alcoholic. And I even put alcoholic in there because I communicate my what you might call my assets. That things I do really well. And then I put alcoholic in there to show my limitations. These are my weaknesses. I can't take one drink without risking my entire life and the lives of those around me. So and I go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings every day. I say I'm an alcoholic in a meeting every day when I go to a So I think a key part of sharing who I am and something that I work on every day that should be in my profile. I feel like this opportunity to change the world comes through not necessarily trying to make these big things, but doing little things like honestly, sharing. One of you might say your biggest limitations. And this way, then people who get to know me and follow me. No, I'm alcoholic. I don't get offered a whole lot of drinks then, which is really nice, cause I just put it out there. If you don't like that, I'm alcoholic, then I encourage you not to follow me, for example. So I put those kinds of things up there. And then if someone searches so if someone searches Twitter for something like an alcohol alcoholic entrepreneur, father, then if someone searches for these exact things, I don't know if I will come up per se. It says that one's a little bit weird, so I might have spelled something wrong. My foot. That there. See, if you search for alcoholic entrepreneur and father than Jerry Banfield is the only one that comes up right there. So I think that that's really cool. You look at their zone. If there's alcoholic husband and father. Yeah, there's one. Nope. I'm the Onley alcoholic husband, Father on Twitter. So I think that's a great way to do your biography. I'm very happy with that. That's what I'm doing today. Does it mean that's what's writer? That's what's the very best I don't know. This is what I'm doing today. So I appreciate you watching this in sharing this experience with May. I hope this has been useful for you and looking at and thinking about how to do it your biography on your Twitter profile. 5. Pinned tweets for generating leads and relationships: What do I do with my pinned tweet? What is a pin tweet? And how do I think the best way to use it a pin to tweet is the tweet that you can choose to intentionally put up at the top of your profile. So if you have something you want to advertise, for example, putting the pin to tweet up the top to show off whatever the main offer you're making is the best way to do it for me. I have this free courses page, and you can take this as well. You can use this page if you would like to. Its that Jerry Banfield slash free courses. This is the main thing I want to promote because this is the best value offer I'm making. This is the offer I'm using, too. Get new leads essentially and to generate sales and to generate loyal lifetime followers and where I'm putting my new class on a daily basis. So when someone visits my profile page, this is kind of the main thing. I want them to do so for this I used a screenshot of the video I did, and then I have a link to the free courses page. And then, when someone first views my profile, this tweet comes up top, along with a request to visit the specific You are Ellen, What's there? So I think making a pin to tweet at the top of your profile can really help, because when you work so hard to get people actually visit your profile, you'll see out of 243,000 impressions, I got 9000 visits to the actual profile page. So when I've worked so hard to get people to the profile page, I want people to see this pin to tweet right here, because then when they go to this page, that's when I have the best opportunity to start building a relationship. That's my lead collection magnet. That's my email list collection. That's my sales. That's my Philip. Marketing is all built into my free courses page, so if you don't have anything like this yet, I have found for my business is good to have one landing page. Essentially, that does as many things as possible in it that has the most terrible value. So I'm grateful this has got a retweet. I just put this up there five days ago. So this if I look at the analytics on this over here, I clicked down here on this little analytics. I can see this has 1800 impressions for 13 people have actually clicked on the link with them. So when I scroll down here, look at another one, for example. That is about 10 times as much as the average tweet gets. So this tweet is the 1st 1 people are seeing. When everyone comes to my profile page, they have a good shot at seeing this. So I highly recommend thinking about what your very best offer is having a system or a website. Something you can do to generate leads and sales and to build a long term relationship and entrance to your funnel and preferably the whole way down, all built in the one. So I'll show you the actual free courses pays to show you this isn't some squeeze page. I'm asking for an email. This is what it is. I have free coupons toe all 68 of my courses that are open for enrollment right here on skill share. And the nice thing is, if someone has a premium membership. These will actually earn me minutes watch. And if someone signs up for skill share for 99 cents, I get $10. So this has an incredible amount of and lead generation built in When someone enrolls in my class, then I can email them unless they disabled that option and skill share every time I have a new class. So this page is getting people all over the world to sign up and take my skill share classes and then not only my classes, but I've collaborated with members of my Facebook group to get more class on here. My friend Joe Paris, my friend Michelle guard he's got his costs is on here. Then I've even gotten adsense and on here and then I've got even more free coupons to a bunch more classes on here. And then I've got my podcast and the sales pitch to my mastermind group and a contact form down here that does not go to me but goes toe Michelle. So this one pin to tweet has the opportunity to do some amazing things in terms of for every single person who's actually went and viewed that page. I have the chance to build a deep relationship from there. There's a lot of depth on that page, and there's opportunity for people to share it. And if you have a tweet, you been advertising. That's got a lot of social proof on it. That might be a good tweet. To put right up here at the top is well, so thank you very much for learning about this pin. Tweet with me. I hope this is helpful for you as a part of this class. 6. Introduction to Manageflitter for Twitter: what is managed flitter, and why am I using it? Manage Flitter is a website where you are able to use advanced features to manage your Twitter account. If you want to follow lots of people or unfollowed, lots of people are. Schedule your tweets or see deeper analytics manage. Flitter offers some awesome options. Some of the things I love already managed flitter allows you to put in post to recycle, to use them over and over. It allows you to actually get remote assistance with getting people unfollowed or followed to build your followers or to clean up your account. My account. I've used another website to build my following in my unfollowed or my followers. So what I need to do now is clean up my account. Manage flitter as awesome options to do that. So it has a Twitter bio search you can see I chose manage flitter over other programs because they have a great blawg. They have simple pricing and the remote assistance so you can manage multiple counts. You can grow your business. They have good analytics power post. To me, this is one of the easiest options I've seen to schedule tweets I realize there's other programs out there for it. I view some of them. I wasn't very happy with them. What? I love the manage flitter interface. Now what sold me and manage flitter being legit was the fact they haven't outstanding blog's. So if you go over here to their blawg, you'll see they've got consistent articles, the writing new things. So to me, what makes a company really worth my service is having ah, bloggers one of those key conversion factors for me. So that's why I chose manage flitter instead of I saw several other websites and services that appeared to offer similar services. But manage flitter to me seems like one of the best. I like this power post option. You can put your tweets up. It literally helps you see exactly what time you should tweet. You can schedule your tweets out in advance. It's got great analytics, and the UN follow options are incredibly deep. With manage flitter managed Flitter allows me to see Deep analytics and then to use those analytics to get remote assistance toe unfollowed people. It's an amazing system, and you can even if you want to steadily try and follow people and get them to follow you back over time. Twitter specifically says in the terms it doesn't like churn back and forth in your account . I'm guessing that might have been part of the reason they didn't verify my account with all of my follower churn. So what I'm I You can use this by recommend. Use it responsibly. Use it delicately. Don't use it as aggressively as I did. Because now I have an aggressive problem to clean up. You can do outstanding search in here, and then you I'll show you the inside here of everything you can dio. So this is why I chose manage flitter. And I'm excited You're learning more about it here. I think this is one of the best options for 2017 to use to manage Twitter and to get more out of Twitter 7. Pricing for free, pro, and business in Manageflitter: How much does manage flitter cost? Obviously, this a key consideration if you want to use it. So here are the different plans I'm using the business plan, which is $49 a month. I think this is a fantastic value out of the things I have services I've seen online. I think this is an amazing value. Why you get a count clean up. You can do things like unfollowed. A lot of people, very easily remote account management. This is one of the best features I really like about manage flitter. They just unfollowed thousands of people for me today, and you get 10,000 remote management credits every month. So, for example, if you've got 100,000 followers like I do over a 10 month period, they would literally included in the cost of my subscription unfollowed all of them for me , if that's how I set it up. I actually bought more to get it done faster, but they've got analytics and reporting. There's deep tweeting and engagement features, plus some business features. Now that's $49 a month. The pro version. You get access to the remote account management and you get some limited analytics and limited features. I'm gonna show you the full features, and I'll try and be aware of areas where their limited. They also have a free account. You can use some of the basic features for free and give it a try, so you can also request a 14 day trial off the business plan. So for me, people ask you what do you spend money on what's worth it? I think services that are fantastically powerful and comprehensive, it doing what they do are worth it. So I think for $49 a month, this will help me really make a worthwhile time of Twitter. Twitter's got some fantastic power. I continue to hear over and over and books and see the power of Twitter. So the question is, am I willing to spend $49 a month and get help with my Twitter in order to agree, do a great job on it? Is it worth $49 a month for your business to do a great job and have some help on Twitter? I think it is. If you've been doing a lot on Twitter already, it might not be necessary if you're just getting started. But if you use if you want the features in here, it might be really nice to use them from the beginning instead of integrating them in. As I've been on Twitter now for since 2000 and 12. So I've been on Twitter quite a while, and I'm just starting to get a hold of some of these features. So I appreciate you watching this. I hope this is helpful for you. 8. ManageFlitter affiliate program: the cool thing about managed flutters that it has a nice, simple affiliate program you'll see on the resource is page on my website, where I linked directly to manage flitter there. If you're interested in signing up for a paid plan with manage flitter, would you please use my link because then I will get credited as shown here below. So, you see, if I get a $12 manage flitter pro, I get $11 back. If I get the level I signed up at, it's worth $40. So I appreciate you learning about manage flitter. If you want the affiliate program, you just go to the dashboard here and then you click on affiliate program and they give you this right away. You get a link where you can then share it, and then you can have even do these custom landing pages. You can go straight to plans and pricing features and sign up now. Obviously, if you're using this to manage your Twitter account, a great thing to do is simply put it out on your Twitter. So I just put this up here. I just signed up for manage flitter to get my Twitter account under control. I put this under here, and this got me 57 link clicks within just a few hours after posting. So if you do your own affiliate link once you get signed up, then you're able to If you share this consistently on your Twitter account, I would imagine there's a good way to monetize through the affiliate program. So I'm happy that manage Flitter has such a simple and straightforward affiliate program, and then to get paid with it, they'll send you your payment when you cross $50 and you have to have a papal email address for. So this is all simple. The affiliate program is, and I'm excited to share this with you as a part of the course. 9. The best feature in ManageFlitter is outsourced following and unfollowing: one of the best parts about manage flitter, especially on the business plan, is the option to do remote management. If you've been looking for help to get following and unfollowed owing done for you and outsource, this is the most easy way I've ever found. So let me show you how this works. This is over here in the manage tab up here you go down to the managed tab, you go to remote management and then what you'll find you'll see these remote management rules. Now, the really cool thing about this is that when you've got remote management rules, then you'll have a person on the Manage footer team who will go through and do the things you ask them to do. So, for example, I've got an unfollowed rule down here. I've got ah 100 let's see. What is it right now? 120,000 people I'm following and I want to reduce that. So I've made a rule right here, toe unfollowed. People who are not verified, not saved for processing, not mentioned me before and have, ah likely a spam account. So I've done a lot of following and unfollowed owing to build my following up and I've got Now, according to this rule, 78,000 people that match this criteria 78,000 Twitter accounts. They are not likely to represent that many people. So I can now outsource all these unfollowed is so imagine how long it take to click unfollowed 78,000 times. Well, as I show in a minute, you can actually get all of these kind of actions done for you very easily in the remote management. So this is sweet. I've got 80,000 remote actions. That's 80,000 clicks someone else is going to do for me. And I bought that at a much easier price. Without the complexity of hiring a freelancer to do it or having anyone access my Twitter account, they just take care of it for me. So all I have to do is set rules up and what I can do now, as I've set rules up that I have rules that automatically are doing things like follow new people. So if someone tweets at Jerry Banfield, I've got a rule toe automatically follow them. So I activate and then the rule will be processed within the next hour and then on this one I hit Activate on this one. And then on this rule I hit Activate on this one. So all of these rules I've got are all set up. So now whenever someone follows me, someone on the manage flitter team will go in and actually do the click to follow them. So I don't have to hire anyone anymore. Outsource simple things that I can set up in rules. So, for example, I can go in here and add a follow rule and I'll zoom out here. So now I can go do all different kinds of rules in here. I can pick, I can pick. For example, if I wanted user following a different account, I could put them in. Like if I wanted to do Tony Robbins, for example, I could put that in, and then I can preview matches to see how many I'm times I'm able to How many accounts I could do that. So it looks like Twitter already pulled that manage. Flitter already pulled my data once, so it has to wait in order to do it again so you can go through and find and make all different kinds of following rules. Now you want to respect the limits that they recommend on the so they have limits they recommend. For example, you can click at it rate limit to see your limits. They have limits, they recommend based on this, for example, they recommend and don't follow more than 100 accounts in a 24 hour period. So you can set the limit. For example, I've set 5000 for a daily unfollowed limit, and then the nice thing they'll go in and unfollowed 5000 people a day for me, and then I won't have to do that. It just gets done as it stated over here. So you go back over here, check this out. It says it'll take about 17 days toe unfollowed these 80,000 Twitter accounts that I've got set up and now I've got it set up toe unfollowed people who are not following me. So now it'll automatically go through and unfollowed anyone that is not following me back. So that's a really sweet system. This is one of the things that got me to sign up for. Manage flitter. Is this remote management? This is what got me to actually pay and sign up. Because this remote management is an amazing feature. It allows me. Then, if I do want to have my friend or hire someone to work on my Twitter, it allows the very easiest, most time consuming things to be outsourced. And if that's not enough on the business plan, you get 10,000 actions a month for free, so I get 10,000 actions automatically every month. That's plenty to make, like simple rules to follow new people of tweeted about me or to follow. People have tweeted about Jerry Band Filled, for example. It's or unfollowed people who unfollowed me. It's enough to set up the basic automation tax I need, but without having to actually do it or pay someone to do it. I get that for free every month. So this is an amazing feature. This is why I, like manage flitter, and I hope you're excited to see this presentation of this 10. Pricing for adding more remote management options: How much does it cost in manage flitter to get MAWR actions on your account? And how Maney did I buy? Here's the pricing page, which, you can see is that account dash management slash balance and I bought. I just bought this $500 option here. You could see I have 128,000 actions because on my Twitter account, I've got hundreds of thousands of followers I need to process, many of which need to be unfollowed. So I'd like to get that done at a consistent rate over the next month. I'd like to get all these followers that I shouldn't be following Unfollowed to essentially clean up my Twitter account after having went through and following back and forth. So if you want more actions, I think the pricing for the South standing you can just grab about 10 or 20 or $50. If you want some help with a few 1000 things, or if you've got your account in really deep and you've got three or 400,000 followers, it's fairly straightforward to just spend some money and get it cleaned up, which is nice if you've spent that much time and energy should have an account that's worth something. So these are the pricing, and the beautiful thing is, with a business plan, you get a complimentary 10,000 actions a month, which is worth about $50 now. At that rate, it would take me, ah, year to get Mayan followers under control, which is why I've invested $500 to get Mayan followers cleaned up. So this is how much it costs to get some more account balance and here, so if you want some more, this is a current pricing. 11. Unfollowing thousands fast with Unfollow tools: manage. Flitter has some powerful unfollowed owing tools that you can use to really narrow down exactly who you want to unfollowed for having like 100,000 followers here and trying to clean this up. I think this is an outstanding set of tools, so I'll show you how to do these. Now, the basic things. You can go do this whole process manually. But if you have the remote management than you can actually set up rules for this So what? I'm showing you how to do in the unfollowed you can basically duplicate to go through and do with remote management. So I've discovered 1800 people who I'm following who aren't following me back. So what I can do, I can go through and I can unfollowed the people who are following me back. So I've got I've got certain filters on here so that I can exclude various accounts if I want to. So, for example, if a verified account, if I am following them but they're not following me back then I can exclude that. So if I followed someone on purpose, so to speak and they're not following me back, I can exclude them. I can also exclude popular accounts. And then I'd make a list of people to never on follow. For example, if I follow my friends, I can put them in the never unfollowed group. And then no matter what rules I set later, they won't be unfollowed. So then I've got a list of all the followers down here that I'm working that I've got here So I can go through and then unfollowed all these accounts if I want to. Then so I've got I can actually select all the accounts here and then I can do something like unfollowed them later so I can go through and hit. I can manually process thes and go forward and do on Follow all these later or what I can dio if I turn batch, select off. So Batch Select allows me to do things like do some bulk task I could if I wanted to. I could add all these to my people and never follow or never unfollowed I could put him on a list, but more basically than it gives me a button down here where I can just keep clicking in the same spot I can just keep clicking in the same spot here, and I can unfollowed a whole bunch of people. So if you don't want or don't need the remote management, you can go in here and then I can just you see how fast I'm just unfollowed owing all these people in here really quickly. So then how many do I have? No. How many did I just unfold? So that that I already unfollowed nearly 100 people that fast. So I can just keep clicking down here, and you can watch the counter drop. So for on following, this is a fantastic tool. But if you've got a ton of people and you don't want to actually do all those clicks like, I don't want to do 80,000 clicks to unfollowed all these accounts So this is really fast that you can do all these unfollowed is in here. And then there's things you can do, like you can select based on profile image, so I can do who have not set their accounts. I can do things like exclude accounts following you and I. These are already I've got this set up. So if they don't have a profile image. Then I have an easy way right here. I can just go forward and unfollowed all them right here with just the click of a button. I can go forward and unfollowed all of them right here very easily. So I've got some really powerful tools in here. For example, if I want to unfollowed people whose primary language is not English, that I've ended up following or it can go through here and click inactive so I can. There's 47,000 followers who haven't tweeted in the last 30 days. I could easily go on follow their Now The tools continue to get deeper here so I can go down the fake followers. It believes that these 4757 accounts are spam, so I can. They followed May. Now what I want to do is go over to fake following. So I've got over here. I've got 300,000 fake accounts that I follow, so I can just click and unfollowed these today. So if you're trying to use this to reduce your followers, there's some really powerful tools in here that you can use now. If you've got fake accounts that are following you. You can also block these accounts from following you so you can go block all these accounts so that they get kicked out of following me essentially and then that allows me to have control over my Twitter account. You can even do things like a high ratio. Here you can go with a low ratio. You can even do influence. Like, for example, I'm following 1575 people who are highly influential. 89,000 people have very low influence. And then I have lists off people that never unfollowed. So there's Ah ah, very powerful set of tools in here and to manage flitter. It's a lot faster than trying to go in and do these things manually in Twitter. That's why they have this tool. So I'm grateful you've learned about this here with me today, and I hope it's helpful for you to see the tools available in manage flitter 12. Following back fast and finding new followers with Follow tools : the tools for following our Justus powerful as the tools for unfollowed. So one of the best ways, one of the way I've been able to build so many follower the best way to get more followers is to naturally asked people to follow you and get people who are genuinely interested in following you so and to follow other people to build a relationship. So that is that works much better in the sense that you have an accurate count of your followers. Now, I tried to shortcut in game the system, as I've done with almost everything else in my business everywhere. Guess what now? I followed and unfollowed hundreds of thousands of people, and now I've got a mess and thankfully manage flutters helping me clean that up. I've got all kinds of spam accounts I'm following at all kinds of people. I have no interest in following so what you can do if you want to do the same thing. If you want to just build your followers up and look popular and like I did build all these follows up and have a chance at getting some people to follow you, then what you can Dio you can use the following functions in here to try and find a new follower. So what you can do? For example, I just searched for Tony Robbins, so it grabbed 5000 of his followers. So it grabbed 5000 of Tony Robbins. Is followers kind of at random here? And what I could do then is go forward and just hit. Follow. Now, I don't want to do this anymore, but you could you could just go through here and just follow. Now the best practices recommend doing 100 followers a day at most. I've done up to 1000 a day, and I don't know if that contributed to my Twitter account. Not getting verified or not, but I am, I don't know. So if you I recommend if you want to do this, do about 100 people a day, you're looking at 3000 month, and then you go back and unfollowed the people who don't follow you back so you can copy the followers from someone you can copy. You can copy the followers, or you can go copy the following so you can you can copy from the people following So if you wanted to copy my followers, you could just put in the user name and go search there. So you could you could also, if you've got a list of user names you know to follow, for example, you've got a source. If you people so used twitter and your business, somehow, when people give you their twitter, you could put a list to go follow in here, then you can go look over here and see. For example, I'm not following 12,000 people who follow me. So then I can go through here and automatically just click, follow and run through their or I can do batch select. I can select all accounts, and I can try and do things. I can put them on a list to follow later. So what you can do, you can use this batch. Select over here on the left if you find all 5000 accounts you want to follow, but you realize you can't follow them all at once. You can save them to a follow later list, and then you can go back through and follow a few of them every day. You could go look at thes verified accounts of for example, there's one verified account who follows me that I don't follow back. So I'll click on this. And now I've got a there. I followed them. So this follow the following tools are very powerful in here. I can go forward into people who have mentioned me. So for example, these people have mentioned me. And then I can I have filters on here? I can exclude accounts that aren't following me if I want to. And where I can turn that back off to see everyone. And it's it's the same. So then what I'm setting up to do automatically. I'm setting it up automatically now to follow people back. So it this way I don't have to go hit this. But now these people are following me. They've mentioned me also. So these air good mutual followers toe have and have back. So all these people have mentioned me, so I can just easily follow them. And now I can go click down here and follow them all back now. I accidentally just hit Unfollowed on that one. That's okay. So I've got all these people I can then follow back now. the thing is the way I've got my remote management set up, I could theoretically follow people like, If I follow this guy with no profile picture, he'll get removed by one of my unfollowed rules. So the better you aim and do your followers on an intentional basis, try and doom, or followers of better quality, I would recommend versus just dumping thousands in every day and trying to churn them. Twitter doesn't like that, and I can tell you it's had its downsides for me as well. So I hope this is a good look into these powerful following tools that manage flitter has and how easy they make it, too. Just, for example, go copy followers on someone like if I want to just copy Tony Robbins followers here, I can just go very quickly and copy these if I want to. So thank you very much for watching this, and I hope this is helpful for you. 13. Powerpost for scheduling tweets at the best times automatically: another outstanding feature in manage flutters. The ability to use power post now Power Post allows me to automatically schedule my tweets at the best time. It's so fast and easy you can even sync up Facebook and linked in to do them at the same time also, So what this does, it allows me to just put in a tweet. And then I hit schedule post, and then it's schedules it automatically at the times it sees that most of my followers air on Twitter. So what you can do, you can click the add data to timeline and see your options. For example, you can add the timeline show one all of your followers on Twitter, and I've added to show when my top 100 followers air on Twitter. So then whenever I schedule a tweet, it automatically puts a little hot spot on there. Now, the nice thing with this data is also I can go schedule a tweet in here manually just by clicking over on the line. So I've got this over here. I can just click on a different point. I can get a message typed in, and then I can click on this, so you'll see if I want to schedule it at 10 p.m. Today, then I just click on it here. If I decide I want to schedule it at a different time, I just go over and click seven PM I can schedule it at 3 a.m. And it's very easy to schedule tweets now. You can also, you can also import other ways to make this even faster. But for now, I'll just show you how to do this Manually, you go in and schedule whatever tweet you want to schedule, and then you just click on the time. Now, if you want to schedule days ahead, you can just add days to timeline, and this will allow you to go forward and schedule several days. Now, what you see is that when you just schedule the tweets automatically without clicking the timeline, then it goes and schedules them in proximity to peak hours. So you'll see it scheduled these tweets automatically at the times it thinks my audiences online the most. So right when most of my Twitter followers air on its schedules, the tweets all on that hump there. So if I want to just tell it to do something different. I can just manually click over here and then I can tell it to choose right here and just hit schedule Post. So that's a really nice way. And you can see I did that with this one here. I made it schedule a tweet at eight. PM here. So if you've got your tweets from somewhere to copy and paste, this is a really fast way to do it. And the nice thing is, with this power post, you can then easily get a lot of tweets scheduled at what it says according to your data are the peak times automatically. And then you don't have to think about when to tweet or anything. You just give it the tweets and it goes and puts them up. So this power post is a really sweet feature here that allows me to very quickly schedule tweets scheduled tons of tweets. The company days I I scheduled 56 tweets in a really short period of time, so I'm going to show you another trick that when you combine this with power, post is makes scheduling tweets really fast. 14. Using RSS feeds with PowerPost for scheduling a lot of tweets fast from a podcast or blog: if you want to be able to schedule tweets really fast and you've got a place where you're consistently putting out new content, for example, have a podcast. I put out episodes every day and it comes with an R S s feed. So if you have a WORDPRESS website that's got an RSS feed, if you've got somewhere you published articles or videos, you may be able to get RSS feed for that and then just tweet everything at once like I'm about to show you. So I hit copy right here to grab my RSS feed and then over here on the side next to Power post it has R S s feed. So if I'm under here to get to this, I go to power post and then I go down to RSS feeds, and then I go put the I paced the RSS feed in and I click. Add on it and what it does, it goes through and pulls up all the different podcast episodes I've got right in my feet. So then all I have to do to schedule them. I just rolled down here and hit queue. So that is what I did to schedule. Ah, bunch of these tweets are ready if you go back over here and you see down here on these post I scheduled a ton of tweets very quickly using this strategy and the nice thing This is so much faster, then trying to go put them in manually or copy and paste them. So I've I've got it set up and it says they're planning on making the ability soon to get this done on automated basis. So they're hoping soon for RSS feeds to be able to pull these automatically so you can see coming soon automatically poster to your Twitter account from RSS feeds, and you may even be able to do other things in there to combine the power of that. So if you want to be able to just real quickly put up all your new blawg posts, all you need to do would be to put in your RSV SS feed, go through once a week, hit Q on all of them, and then you can see I've got tweets. It's Wednesday, January 4th. I have tweets scheduled all the way out to January 16th. Now, one of the worst things I've done consistently is just not tweet at all. You'll see if you look back on my profile. Others often days, Sometimes weeks go by where the only things I get are automated tweets from YouTube. So I've hosted very few tweets. So this power post, especially combined with RSS feed, is an outstanding way to get some more tweets posted to get the things you're creating shared out there in the world. So when I'm doing my podcast, I've noticed the episodes. I've tweeted have gotten a lot more in terms of listens and plays. So I'm grateful for the chance to have learned this and to show you how you can use your RSS feeds to rapidly post many different tweets automatically at the right time with minimal effort. 15. Suggested Content for a library of fresh tweets: on Ah, manage flitter. You can easily queue up a bunch of suggested content, quits tweets in addition to what you use with power post. So one of the most confusing things for me to learn you starting off with manage flitter is the difference between power Post and then this posting schedule and Q fee. So what this is you've got a Q over here that's separate from your power post, so your cue allows you to post suggested content. So what is suggested content? Suggested content is basically things other people are sharing, so you can very easily just go queue up a bunch of suggested post. You can pick categories like you can pick entrepreneurship and startups here, and then you can cue up your post very quickly and easy from here. Now, I am not going to do this right now, because why would I bother to share things to my followers unless I'm actually reading them ? So if you go through and actually read these articles and you really like them, then I think that's good to do. I think it's a big mistake to just share a bunch of things other people have created with your audience on Twitter unless you've personally found it really helpful. Now, the nice thing is that if you just don't have anything at all this year, then you can go through and do some of these items here and have something to share. You can then edit them in the posting schedule. Now, this Onley works for the suggested content. It doesn't interact with the power post or R s s feed. So everything you've got in the queue here, you can if you go back to your cue here, you'll see this on Lee works with the suggested content tweets. So this was really confusing to get started with. So I hope I've made it a little easier for you by sharing here exactly how I've learned. Teoh, just ignore the suggested content basically, and you stick with the power posting RSS feeds 16. PowerPost Bulk Import: in power post. You also have the option to do a bulk import. So if you use something else and you want to make a bulk import into a bunch of tweets, all scheduled all at once, you can do that. You can get your tweets scheduling out exactly with a time and have them all off a spreadsheet. So if you're used to doing that somewhere else, you've got these options right here. You can just go into your bulk import, which you get to by clicking power post, and then you can just put it straight in the bulk import right here. Now it expects the tweets in this format. So if you don't have them in this format, if you don't have the time set up, this could be kind of annoying to deal with, because then you need to go put them all in there. Now, if you can get a spreadsheet set up that will do things like automatically add to the times , then you can make it easy. You could just literally copy and paste and have, like, 1000 different tweets and automatically increment the times and then you would have the ability to put this in here and schedule a whole lot of tweets at once, so you might like doing that better than going through and doing the post automatically. So that's an option that is available here in manage Flitter. 17. Enhanced analytics showing influence score, spam probability, and times listed: manage Flitter offers some great account analytics that you can use to track your account on a daily basis toe. Be able to manage and see how many things you have all in one place. Now, Sure, you can look on Twitter very quickly and see some of the same data. The nice thing is, it has this influence score, spam, probability and times listed that aren't very easily available right away on Twitter. So it's got some additional data and then what? It it has the option for me to then show what I'm doing. Overtime. So now, today, I've just got this first data point here, but the longer I'm a user, it will show me how things like my influence and spam probability go up and down. So the analytics give me some enhanced features over using just Twitter itself. And then there's a nice thing in here called Tweet Analytics where I can actually track the tweets on my name. So, for example, if people are talking about Jerry Banfield without using at, then I'm able to monitor that so you could only monitor one keyword at once on the basic business plan I've got here There's no reason than to You don't need to monitor your ad because I've already got all of these at's right here. So I've already got all the at tweets in here, so there's no reason for me to go through and post all these things in here. So now I'm grateful that I've got I have the chance here to show you how this works on the inside that I've got my tweet analytics set up here. And now I've got my account analytics, which will help me track my progress over time. For example, I started off with 126,000 followers today. I've already dropped 6000 here by using managed flitter today. And the best part, I didn't hardly click any of them. So my account should drop over time and followers greatly, and I'll get to see that progress in here 18. At inbox for making conversations easily: if you get at tweets, so someone tweets, I'll show you an example. Here, here's a new tweet that just came up. If you get a lot of tweets like this, then there's an at inbox. So if you go up here to engagement, you go to your at inbox, then manage flitter as a really nice system to see exactly who is tweeting at you. So you see that Ah, these tweets today just came out at three different tweets on this one video, and then you can see this is kind of like you can see the conversations in here that you're having. You can see people go back and forth, you can go down and look and see exactly what tweets you have, and then it's really easy. There's a nice retweet button you can hit reply right here if you want to. You can get your at m box managed easier, I think, than using this cause basically on Twitter. Then you've got This is what you have to use on Twitter. So you have to look through all the replies and then hit the reply button and I find this whole process is is very annoying. So, like, you see these at Tweets, people have made you have to scroll down. If you've done a bunch of tweets already, it could be difficulty even find them. So I'm scrolling down here like where these tweets at? I don't even see them so it can be annoying to try and go through and figure out exactly what's happened so you can go over to notifications. Then you get all these so you could go over here and manually schedule each one to reply. Or I think it's a lot easier to just you've got them on the in box. You can reply to everyone at once. You can do something like think you for liking the video video. Would you follow me on Twitter for new videos? And there we go. So I've got reply. So I get reply and it goes out to everyone, right? Like that. So this is a nice way to make several at Tweets at once, and I could have even put the message at the end. So, for example, I could go over here and copy and paste this real quick and then I see all these videos here so then I can go just like that and paste go paste My message over here. Right? I guess I didn't copy that one. Quite right. So I go up here and I click. I go over here and it won't let me copy right away. Let's try that again. So I get it selected copy right here. And then I can go back down over all these ones here, and I can just paste now. There's too many people in here to do it once. So then I can just cut some of these out like that, or I can cut it right at the last moment, like there, so I can reply. And then I've said to several people if they'd follow me, and then when I can do is just the ones that I had to cut off. I can then paste another one and send another reply like that. So this is very easy to handle multiple replies at once. And that way I've got a simple system I can use in here to manage all of these different at tweets. Now, if you add that to the remote management, I can then follow anyone. So I've followed them, and I'm asking them to follow. So that's something you have to do manually. But if you combine these two, I'm excited to see how this will do for getting some more followers. And it's nice. You can see, then the tweets within the conversation that I've done in here. So I know which ones I've done already. So I appreciate you watching this. I hope this is useful for you in managing your Twitter account. 19. How to get more engagement on Twitter?: What's a great way to build engagements on Twitter? When you start posting tweets, you may be disappointed to find hardly anyone sees them. Well, what I've tried is working with some of the people who I already am collaborating within my Facebook group. In fact, I've paid several people in my Facebook group to go forward and retweet some of their favorite tweets of mine in during the month of February. So if you look what was the best engagement I got in the analytics on Twitter? It says the top mention I got earned 17 engagements was from a retweet or from a tweet mentioned by my friend Jason Clay, who is a member of my Facebook group. So one of the nice ways you can get more impressions. It's to try and find natural collaborations with other people just like you. Now most of us. What we want to do is look up all the time. How do I get somebody with a 1,000,000 followers to re tweet me? What I've found instead works the best in my businesses. Toe. Look beside me to look at the other guys and gals working alongside me online or even you might say Blow me, who have just a few followers on Twitter and to say, Look, would you share my treats? Because then that has the opportunity for me to reach people who then can talk about me. You see, if some random person I don't know with a 1,000,000 followers retweets me and their audience asks them about me, they wouldn't have much to say. But say, Jason, if someone says a Jason, who's this Jerry Banfield guy you just did a tweet about? He can say I'm in his Facebook group. He makes these video tutorials. I like Jason has the chance to make a good referral for me then and to get someone who's genuinely interested in my tweets. You see, I have 100,000 followers on Twitter, but there's not a lot of genuine interest in my tweets because I've just done follow follow back with people. I haven't made Twitter a priority throughout my business. I haven't done much to give my followers quality tweets before the last couple months, and this course has been a key part of that. What helps is to have people who really care about we have to say what's kind of a waste is toe have what I was doing before where I was following 120,000 people, and then I couldn't hardly see anything using Twitter. I couldn't use Twitter as a regular user. So I think if you want to increase your reach, using relationships with your friends and business colleagues and even paying them just a little bit or doing retweet for Retweet, you retweet what they're doing. They re treat what you're doing. If you don't want to retweet what you're doing, they're doing. Or, for example, than one of you could just pay the other one. I've I ran into people locally, and they've said some of the best advertising they've done is to pay other local blog's. So, for example, they have. In the one case I'm remembering it was my wedding planner, and she said that some of the best advertising he'd ever done was paying other local blog's to put ads for her on their website, which worked out really good because she was local in the blog's were local on the blog's didn't ask for very much money. Now just spending money on Twitter ads So far, I've been very disappointed with the results, tons of just negative comments and people saying spam and not getting any kind of good reaction. So to me, this is an ideal opportunity. To collaborate is to just work with the people who are already following you. Ho. You've already gotten your life. Collaborate with them to just build your network and this done repeatedly over time as the chance, I think, to bring a lot better return on investment than what I I just did building up a ton of followers on my account, very few of which have a genuine interest in what I'm doing. So thank you for sharing this time with me, and I hope this is helpful for you in considering strategies to get more people to engage with your tweets. 20. 1 month update from February 2017!: How my feeling about manage flitter A month later, I filmed this class in January 2017. It's now February 2017 and I'm feeling really good. Look at this following count. When I started the course, I had 120 plus 1000 people. I was following. My Twitter feed was completely unmanageable. Something I couldn't use it all to try and actually follow anyone that I cared about following. And now manage flutters unfollowed More than 118,000 people for me. Within a month at a maximum of 5000 day. They've done an amazing job. And using the payment, I showed you to get my followers back to a manageable level. Now the other thing. I'm really happy with my friend Alberts. Been running this system, my tweet impressions. 243,000 impressions for my tweets in the last 28 days. That's outstanding. That's one of my best sources of organic reach online. Even though I've lost 9000 followers from people who are unfollowed me likely because I'm on following them and they were only doing follow and follow back with me. So I'm very excited profile visits are up 18%. My tweets, as you can see using this new system, are up 50%. So I'm extremely happy. Managed flitter helped me solve what seemed like an unimaginable problem. Unfollowed 120,000 people. And now I'm grateful that I'm consistently able through my friends, Alberts help to keep making new tweets on a regular basis. We had one problem with manage flitter in a month. For some reason, when Albert was going to schedule tweets, it broke for like five days and contacting manage flitter support. They went in and fixed it. And now it's working great again. So I'm very grateful. I found manage flitter. I've tried several other systems before this, and I'm happiest with manage litter now. 21. Thank you for finishing Twitter 2017: thank you very much for finishing this class. I'm amazed you got all the way to the end of it. If you've got to the end of it and liked it, would you please leave a review? Because I'm feeling a little insecure. Honestly, today I feel like this was just a crap class that wasn't even helpful. So if you really like the class, would you please leave a review toe? Let me know that you enjoyed it. If you are thinking the class was awful and then I really shouldn't bother making anything else like this. Police leave a review also or post in the discussions to give me some feedback. Help me do better in the future. I hope you've enjoyed watching this class and I hope to see you again soon.